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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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the me ah, me the taliban sweeps through large ponds and i've got this stone and captured its 9th provincial capital in another setback for the african government. also the fighting continues to full hundreds of thousands from their homes and many have no support whatsoever. ah, hello, hello rob and you're watching owners. they were like, we're headquartered here in the hall coming up in the next 30 minutes. a cold worms from his prime minister as he urged civilians to join the fight against rebels in
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the know the best way i can help now is if i step aside a neil governor resign. sandra came a face day number of sexual harassment allegations. ah, welcome to the prego. we begin in august on where the telephones advance shows no signs of slowing. the groups captured. it's 9 provincial capital. on tuesday alone, they captured pfizer bad and the bully home re both in the north and fought our city in the southwest. the group has also made gains in traditionally anti taliban provinces, and the u. official told reuters news agency, the group don controls 65 percent of the country emergency talks and are being held in doha between the african government and the taliban. it's all about spokesman says that they don't want negotiations to collapse. the us envoy has also warned
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the armed group that any government which comes to power through 4th will be isolated from the rest of the world. the un says more than 240000 people have been internally displaced since the taliban offensive began in may in the wake of the u . s. troop withdrawal and its human rights commission, michelle bachelor, says there is a climate of fear and dread across the country. sharla bellis is in cobble with the law on the latest taliban advances. taliban taking 3 provinces. justin tuesday. evening of s gonna sons 34. they just picked up, the provincial capital finds a bad that symbolic shawn in the north east of this kind of stuff. it's actually the 1st time that the group has held back shawn in the history of the movement. they also picked up the provincial capital, political murray, which has been battling up to 2 days of heavy fighting. that is quite significant because it's the gateway to the north from cobble. so definitively managed to cut
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off most of the north from cobble. now they also picked up far a city the provincial capital, far in the south waste. this tonight we're picking up these 3 provincial capital have now got 9. and to put that into context, the last time they held a provincial capital was in 2016, and they only held it briefly because us forces managed to push them out of condos, which they took at that time to, to pick up 9 over less than a week now incredibly significant and showing the amount of momentum they have across the country in the north, the city of missouri sharif, which is the 4th biggest city in the country, is now essentially under siege. it is an island of government control, but they are also clash is going on beer and we understand the taliban a pushing very hard for that city. also. not clashes happening, not just in the north, but also we understand. on tuesday evening, there was heavy fighting in daphne in god's ears and also ferrier,
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so another 3 provinces that the taliban are managing to tackle simultaneously. early today we met with people who escaped. some of the fighting him come to cobble and they had her refix stories of what have been happening in these remote provinces with communication is often communication as well from weak. and it is hard to to find out exactly what is happening on the ground day. but some horrific stories about the casualties and the cost that civilians are paying as this flight and continues the last few hours. the us president has defended his decision to pull us forces from of ms. von to biden says he doesn't regret the move and that can lead as need to come together. his comments come as emergency talks, aren't away in the could hurry capital aimed at holding the violence. i'm a jim, jim has the latest on those tools here in bo. a long 1st day of talk here in doha about the situation in afghan ascentis ended without any statement being issued and with a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly is supposed to happen next. now,
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throughout the day, you had the us special envoy for afghanistan's. i'll make a little of that as well as envoys from the u. k. e. you the you, when china pakistan was becca stan and copper all assembled here. first, they met with a delegation from the afghanistan government led by doctor de la de la. he's the head of the national reconciliation council for afghanistan. those meetings lasted for about 2 hours. not too long. after that, you had a separate meeting between the envoys who are assembled here and a delegation from the taliban. it's not clear what was discussed in those meetings, but if you look at a statement that was issued by all make a little before he arrived here and don't have which stated in several planned rounds of meetings over 3 days, representatives from countries in the region and beyond as well as for multilateral organizations, will press for a reduction of violence and cease fire and the commitment not to recognize
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a government imposed by force. that statement seems to indicate that all the assembled parties here were trying to convey a message to the taliban that it will be no international recognition of any government that is seized by force by the taliban in afghanistan. as i said, it's unclear what exactly is going to play out over the next 2 days. there was a huge impetus here to try to get something done to get the intra african piece process and dialogue back on track. there was a huge push here to respond in a joint fashion, to what is happening in afghanistan to a very rapidly deteriorating situation. many of the diplomats here they are not yet speaking on the record. they are not yet speaking on camera. they're not yet sure how exactly this is all going to play out, but there is a huge push to try to get something done so that the situation on the ground in afghanistan can improve. well, chris alexander served as the canadian ambassador to have got a song from 2003 to 2005. he says global powers need to take action against
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pakistan in order to stifle the taliban. most pakistani do not know what their own country's policy has been pursuing in afghanistan over the last 40 years. they're not many supporters of the taliban in pakistan. but the fact of the matter is if you were hinting that pakistan's military and specifically it's intelligence service, the inter services intelligent created the taliban. they put them into play in the ninety's, brought them to power for 6 years before 911. and they've been quietly and then ever more openly maneuvering them back towards what's happening today. another military offensive, an attempt to take power in trouble. is that in pakistan's interest? no, because it would destabilize the country, the country's already experiencing serious economic set back. but for the army, this the small group of strategists who are committed to really an ideology of dominating
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afghanistan and central asia. it, it is the holy grail. and so the question becomes, what will the international community do in respond if this was happening in any other part of the world? one country invading another, using proxies or otherwise, there would be a stiff reaction when vladimir putin invaded ukraine. there were sanction when the soviet invaded afghanistan in 979, there was a stern reaction and sanction. if we want to prevent the worst, perhaps going to stand that needs to be the approach. today we need to look at chapter 7 of the charter. and sanctions, and other options the international community could take against pakistan, which is the real aggressor, the real belligerent rosie mentioned earlier, the escalation in fighting has led to hundreds of thousands of people being false from their homes. charlotte balance has been out and about income, where many internally displaced atkins, have arrived to find little support. thousands of people have arrived at this
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cowboy hall majority had come from northern afghanistan, predominantly the provinces of ha ha, and conduce both of which the provincial capital fell to the telephone over the weekend. people here tell us that they were bothered with strikes with some fire and they rugged to find a way to deal with fighting one bullet. but the government forces were fighting hundreds of them what i had. and then i said to my wife and just leave everything and just run out here. you had destroyed people who are running fuss, dead bodies, and not stopping people here have told us it was a real challenge even just to reach because they really struggled to try and transfer to get them from the more they had to take the seats out of bosses to cut more people and they said it took them about 10 to 12 hours to reach cargo and they had to come back and were there is a big battle between the government and tell me like i said, when i started to when i was leaving the city, i noticed the families were gone from their homes. they look their doors there will
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women on the streets running and there were lots of strikes. i saw one woman who was hurt and injured, maybe with a motor. when i saw that i cried for hours to commit to the capital. she's going to show when the taliban came, they looted everything they burned to house and we just ran. we left our clothes and left the front door open and just run. now we live in this 10, so please help us. the government is offering some handout. people in cars are offering donations also. but as you can see, there is very little support, shelter, food or for the people arriving here. are you in this situation is not surely. may say that in the 1st week of august they have counted 70000 people who have led to harness use a conflict and are in need their support. they also say 30000 people fleeing the country every week. charlotte bellis. just there are the days of the nice now and dpi, his prime minister, all of it, is edging what he calls all capable civilians to join the fight against rebels into
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guy the government laws offensive in the northern region last year. but the rebel group has continued to make gains pushing into surrounding areas. but the fight integration has forced more than 2000000 people from their homes. more than 50000 to fled into neighboring sit on. while violence broke out in november, when prime minister belma sent troops to fight to be to grow people's liberation frontal known as the t p. alas, now the group dominated national politics before abbey came to power by the end of november, the government to the forces of taking control of 2 guys regional capital mckelly. but conflict took a stunning turn in june when the degree in forces took by mckelly and government soldiers withdrew. since the rebels of preston to a far region in the east. and i'm hotter in the south displacing more than 250000 people. samuel gadgetry is an independent journalist in ethiopia. he says, prime minister about his under pressure to do more to resolve the conflict. it said
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to pig just statement he released on his social media page including twitter. choosing the t p level, once again being a terrorist. that's colliding with enemies, he called them internal and external. without being specific. he said this fight has nothing to do with the people have to guy, but has everything to do as p p i left. so this comes as p p n that says no just in fighting within its own borders, but also going as far as capturing the historic city of molly by, which was a significant achievement to them. and the children government was really under pressure to you know, the pricing starts in november. the prime minister said is going to be short lived . the mission is going to be accomplished faster than expected. but this is pushing to the 1st year, which is in november a year since the conflict begun november 3rd to be specific. thousands of people
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have been uptake that, you know, the conflict is not just within the region. it's in the far as you mentioned, 250000 people are being displaced. so this is really becoming a nationwide company with. busy issues and resolved in a country that has been limited resources to help this many people. but the conflict again, it's becoming in the national conflict. no longer a conflict that was just within the gray region when when it's begun. the new covenant recovery has resigned a week after the inquiry found he sexually harass several women. investigate to say that he groped, kissed, or made suggestive comments to current and former government workers. kristen salumi has moved from new york in a hastily arranged a dress after a combative defense of his behavior. a surprise announcement from new york's
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governor. i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. and therefore that's what i'll do. allegations against andrew cuomo 1st came in march from this woman, a former aid named lindsey boylen, who accused cuomo of making unwelcome advances. that led to more accusations from 11 women and todo. the governor has apologized, but to this day denies his signs of affection or harassment. in my mind, i've never crossed the line with any one. reaction has been swift, including from marianne wang, an attorney for 2 of cuomo, accusers, she said, my clients steal both vindicated and relieved that cuomo will no longer be in a position of power over any one. a 5 month investigation concluded last week
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found he created a hostile working environment for women. governor cuomo, sexually arrest multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging and unwanted groping kisses, hugging and by making inappropriate comments. a top aid stepped down amid accusations her team retaliated against at least one of his accusers and state lawmakers, including democrats, once seen as allies launched impeachment proceedings against him, adding to the already growing cause for chrome of resignation. are you calling on him to resign? yes, it's a dramatic fall from grace for a man who last year was being talked about as a possible presidential candidate. while as response to coven was widely praised by democrats, the f b i is now investigating claims homeless administration covered up the number of coven deaths in nursing homes. i don't see how formal, fully recovers politically from this. the report is long. it includes very damaging
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details. there is a potential criminal investigation on top of that. and your call the resignation goes into effect in 2 weeks time with the threat of criminal misdemeanor charges still hanging over his head. it will make his 2nd in command, kathy hoko, the 1st woman in history to serve as the state governor, kristen salumi al jazeera new york, will still ahead hill out there from greece to l. j. area to the u. s. by the destroying forest and devastating the lives of millions. also, the little messy makes his move the foam above the star arrived in the french capital to join having some drama on a 2 year deal. this story after the break. ah, the
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here's her weather report for the americas and we're going to start and south america. we're in the popular tourist region. crisco. we've got wildfires, bernie, more than 500 firefighters trying to tame the flames. and this is not threatening much you peach. you at this time now the other story across south america is it's called friends. so punch it across southern areas of brazil. so we go in for a closer look. look at these temperatures, rio de janeiro, 24, just the other day. you were in the low thirty's. we got to talk about this disturbance we have in the caribbean. see, moving through puerto rico now his spend your on it's been fuel by warm sea surface temperatures. not a major rainmaker we'll expect about a 100 millimeters, maybe a 150 toward the top. and, you know, for mexico, we've got subdued rain across the country, but still keeping it toward that pacific coast unsettled for the yucatan peninsula . and we've got persistent rein. costa rica into panama on wednesday for the u. s.
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heat alert says we head toward the west and also the east now for new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. but let's talk about that act of whether rolling through the great lakes the midwest submitted by a tick rate down to texas. houston a high of 34 degrees on wednesday. see soon the when a military coup over through chiles marx's president, one stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one man publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode for football rebels, explode the life of carlos castelli, the football whose personal stories swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n day on al jazeera. oh,
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the me book about kill watching over there with nice a whole rom, the reminder. voluntary stories the taliban has taken another 3 provincial capitals in. it's going to stand 9 in under a week and writes, she says the violent defensive has left a climate of fear and dread. across the country is prime minister. it is calling on all capable civilians to join the fight against rebels into the government forces have been quite a bit to guy in the people's liberation front for 9 months, but the group has continued to make gains in the know the region. neil governor, under kevin has resigned a week after the inquiry found that he's actually harassed several women denies the
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charges, but to apologize for sending his accuses us wildfire season is all the pace to become the worst ever. and then he just begun that he 900 homes and the buildings have been destroyed and thousands will remain at risk 200 talk to fest responders at the dixie fi in northern california about the commitment that keeps them going after a record breaking 2020 wildfire seizing american firefighters are battling more and bigger places this year, and it's taking a toll. a lot of times we're on the lines, we're very stressed there, but we don't realize when we're back home, we haven't had a chance to really process about 26000 firefighters are battling more than a 100 blazes. in 14 states, many of those fighting northern california dixie fire, the largest active blaze in the us live and sleep in its dense smoke often intense,
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but this isn't a typical you get to go home, sleep in your own bed kind of deal. the very challenging and rewarding career, but it is also very strenuous and tough job. and it is not something that everybody can do. and the people that do it really commit themselves and their families to do it, which smoke, sometimes grounding the planes and helicopters that drop water and flame retardant . the men and women on the ground often have to go it alone, driving through fire and battling the flames. it does take a special kind of person who, who runs to the fire, you know, been away. and, you know, those are the types of heroes that we meet. they can't save every town. fires fuel by high winds, turn greenville into a char ghost town overnight. there are 5000 people battling the dixie fire. they come from federal, state and local fire department near and far. some were 24 hours shifts and they
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live in this parking lot. it's a rugged lifestyle, but the ones we've talked to say they have no complaints. you're away from your family for quite a few days. and it's a lot of hard work. we love doing this, so really, it's something we love doing. the dixie fire his burned for 4 weeks and is now only about one 3rd contained 1st responders say they expect to have it fully contained by august 20th when they can let it burn out in battle. the next blaze in a fire season that can last through november, john henderson, al jazeera quincy, california, was also benny and jerry, where are these 42 people have been killed? prime minister aimen been up don't money. so $25.00 soldiers died during a rescue operation in the mountains of b, jaya and cheesy, who's who? the government says it believes also so responsible residents have been using tree branches and hunting water from plastic containers onto those fires. well,
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lauren gifford is a human environment. geographer and research associates at the university of i was in a join, be now live from bar harbor in main. good. have you with us that miss given the program? di warnings ready from the united nations over climate change? we heard what the report said 24 hours ago, the really, what mincing words, many governments endorsed positively the report. but what they really do is we had towards the us meeting in glasgow. it's the next cop meeting and hopefully some results are right. absolutely. so yesterday morning, the apc report was released. there's actually nothing new in the report. we know what the sciences, but the science was telling us that catastrophic climate change is happening and it's happening very quickly, more quickly than we had anticipated previously. so the i p c. c report is not policy prescriptive, it's essentially a lit review that aggregates all the, the scientific knowledge on this topic. so we go to the u. n. and all the countries come together and they are working to come up with unfortunately non binding,
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but non binding actions that countries can take to draw down atmosphere, a carbon concentrations to move to a renewable energy future and to address climate. and just broadly across the globe, let's talk about renewable energy because practical steps. obviously what people want to see governments talk about rail and road transport, turning away from petrol and moving to electric, more use of wind and solar despite the fact that many experts tend to think that any a fraction of that power actually has any sort of impact on countries that need it most, where should we be looking for the biggest changes in some of societal movements when it comes to fossil fuels or renewables? i mean it's time to stop talking and to actually act and moving away from fossil fuel use. it's the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels that have brought us climate change and continue to exacerbate climate change. we also know that renewables now are affordable. we have the technology,
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we have the capabilities. there are fossil fuel subsidies in many countries, including the united states where i am that make fossil fuels cheap and prohibit the uptake of renewable technologies. but, but we have, we have the capability and it's time to act what, what do you say to a country like india, for example. it yesterday 24 hours ago said that the report was a clarion coal to the more industrialized countries get india for example, i'm not just picking on india, but it is a great example. they thought it to continue to use fossil fuels. they've started to mine more coal sell more coal. whereas the opposite has happened in a place like australia. you know, there are deep injustices. there are places like australia, places in the global north. the u. s. western europe developed very rapidly and cheap coal and cheap fossil fuel production and fossil fuel energy. so there is an injustice to say to a country like india. you, you can't do that, you know,
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part of our wealth and accumulated wealth that are, that these western countries have, comes from it's dependency. it's early dependency on fossil fuels. so we understand that countries like india are, we understand why they're using it right. they want rapid development, but they are also so much more progressive on the uptake of renewable. busy solar in particular, throughout india. so i actually think while we, you know, some, some folks are criticizing these developing and bricks countries. we call them middle developing countries for using fossil fuels. we also need to acknowledge how progressive they are with renewables. yeah, i agree the i seen a lot of the renewable technology used in india. it's good to have your input to as an independent contributor to our program. lauren gifted, thanks so much for joining us. thank you very much for having me. me
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up to 1000000 bikers of began gathering in the us state of south dakota for the annual sturgess motorcycle rally the 10 day of and kicked all fin on friday. a surgeon cove in 1900 cases driven by the delta vary but last year. raleigh became a super spreader event with round 250-0000, attending april elizondo, travel to south skated to experience the festival for himself. well, welcome to main street in the town of sturgis, south dakota, and welcome to the sturges motorcycle rally. as you can see, i mean there are motorcycles, for as far as the i can see if there's any sort of motorcycle that was ever made. it's year and sturges over the next 10 days. they're expecting $700000.00 participants this year. that's a record. and they come from all over the united states and even a couple other countries as well. it's a huge event that goes for several blocks in a small town,
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a small town that is only has a population of about $8000.00 people. but for 10 days, every august, since 940, this rally has been held here. it's a little after noon right now. you can see how busy it is already. and this goes on through the evening. there's people that are writing through town, there's brought concerts at night, people go out to eat, there's all sorts of different venues. there are no sort of social distances or any restrictions in place whatsoever. here is you can probably tell a lot of people here say that they're not so worried because at least now with outdoor events, a lot of them that reduces the risk that they're here to celebrate and celebrate with like minded people that are into motorcycles. and if you're into that, there's no other place to be in the world. been right here, right now. your searches in south dakota, about a nightclub turned into a vaccination sensitive, encourage young people to get the job. the clubs are
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closed due to the virus restrictions, but this will up at the next best thing that seen on the disco lights to the sound of techno and called it the long nights of the nation. well, it's official, lionel messy has signed for perry sounds, ma'am, the french signed her. i'll see you on twitter page a short time ago, posting the word a new diamond in paris, accompanied by this video showing the audience huntsville wearing the number 30 shirts. and he's joined the on a 2 year deal with the option of a 3rd. the club will hold a news conference a wednesday with messy will address the media and the full boss, the captain and elliot passed his medical before arriving at his house. the french capital, where the fans were waiting to welcome. then you signing messy. had this to say about the move and we quote, i am excited to begin a new chapter of my career in paris sanjay amount every think about the club much
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is my football ambitions. massey was also given a warm welcome. when he touched down in from on tuesday morning, with friends gathering at la bush, a apple to greet him when he arrived. now he made the journey with his wife and 3 son. and of course, she's been one of the stories that we're covering may be focused on what's going on . and if it's done on a web site that is there a dot com, it's updated 24 hours today. ah, what she'll just bear with me. so robin in the hall reminder of our top stories, the taliban have taken another 3 french capitals and have got a stone that's 9 and under a week the you and right, you and human rights chiefs.


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