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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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some say a shadow of its former self but its rebirth cautious inevitably still coated conscious. there is a real sense of childish excitement. there's the audience and it's giving them a lovely piece to the future. hopefully they'll not call anybody and make base when they go. but it's giving them an insight as to how to where entities to the future that the festival it's performed. most companies, sponsors and supporters can now turn the show must always go on. and so it is jona whole al jazeera, edinburgh. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories so far. the taliban has taken another 3 provincial capitals in afghanistan, the 9 in under a week. the you and human rights chief says it's violent offensive, has left
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a climate of fear and dread across the country. emergency talks on ra, underway into ha, aimed at stopping the fighting canadas prime minister just intruder has condemned what he's calling the unacceptable and unjust jailing of a canadian business man. michael space by court in china is sentenced him to 11 years in prison after finding him guilty of spying, spain was detained alongside another canadian and 2018 ottawa sees their cases as beijing's retribution. over the rest of the top. chinese tech executive, mon, one joe, that same year, katrina, you has this from paging. were getting some more details from this verdict, but was handed down from a court in dundas city, which is on the chinese north korea border west. pavel lived and operated his travel and cultural exchange business for many years now it says that he was found guilty of providing state secrets and thus sentence to 11 years in prison, the confiscation of his personal property and deportation. now it didn't say when
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he would be deported, the canadian government says that this is most likely that he will be deported after serving his 11 years of sentence. but we do know that in the past, china has deported foreigners before serving the entire prison sentences. so this could be potentially a bargaining chip for aging. in the future, brazil's congress has voted against a return to paper balance that next year's presidential election and some major blow for president julia bolton, aro, he's been pushing to end electronic voting, claiming it's open to fraud without providing any evidence. well, scenarios threatening to reject. next year's result, unless the system is changed, the new governor and requirement has resigned the week after an inquiry found he sexually harris several women. he denies the charges but has apologized for quotes, offending his accuses up next, his rewind after that. a quick summary of world news here on out to 0 of you that something was going to change has anything really changed?
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this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance. no one said we are all say we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line when i was just aram, i ah hello and welcome to re wines. this week we are re wanting to 2011 and an episode of 11 east, which had secured unique access to north korea of elite screen academy. a school where young active was trained and how best to extol the virtues of the country.
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then dear leader kim jong il here is north korea cinema of dream. the what do you see when you go, you went to the money. i'm not in the middle of the media and you'll log into those means on when i use on jason you're gone on has on word you don't know. and so, you know, there's a ton of i asked, what do you mean to please you seem to go,
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i was using only things humans i guess. oh, only they get it's a clear summer day on the banks of the tate and river gang north korea. these young students from the country's elite film academy are attending at l to a lecture. how are you? good for something, can we put on previous non one group you had on all these all this afternoon was, you know, was on because you got it got into 20. this was to see if i didn't filming this encounter a single session. last in just a few hours, has taken us an entire year to arrange what it was in 2008. when we 1st off the permission to make a documentary about north korea is aspiring film workers as a call here. months of negotiations followed, but the answer was always the same. the pyongyang university of cinematic and
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dramatic arts was closed for renovations. but then in mid 2009, we received word that we could meet the students outside the campus. can young and young and move on the go when you, when he was chunk of attrition and everything i don't want to crease from went to go. so yeah, i was going to be interesting in the don't go into don't you, when you're in trouble getting into the race among other day, forget and you know, i don't know if you're on time when you went to the question. i don't want to think of what you meant and so then can we give you this? along with tome, your letters elias knew that i was talking to you. it gets a little over
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a month also he says and then that so it goes 10 years. i was, how does the civil, how, when it gets all, all problems that i come to you? well, that sounds to me on another 100. it has to go to congress when we was in young once i was in google. so during the, during this, all of it's a tiny window into a closed off world. but that's all we're allowed to film on this visit. it would be more than 6 months before we see in bombs. and you, me, again,
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we're now to return to north korea in june 2010. but our quest to film inside the university has again been turned down instead were given permission to go in an outing with and bomb menu and me. she knew me was about it's, i don't want you to watch and reading, but i can do, i don't really understand when you get that and would not get those whom you will, you will not get to whom you had someone could give me a thought in when i get through the dns gets so passionate to team, when i get to looking for a tradition, it doesn't mean it's a boy that and people and have someone bargaining with a new plan. i mean and will be done. it will pull you julia cruz. i mean, what do you mean to do in order to get back emotional? not to get her to go good, good muscles i would have hung on an immediate opportunity to, to shift we didn't time when you made on, on your day. what would you call them? the new factory more, do you want to get a vehicle or not?
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this is perhaps one of the most unusual museums in the world. a shrine to the man north koreans revere as a genius of cinema theater and the circus. the deer leader, kim jong il. we follow the students on their tour, but afterwards guides inform us that we've committed a grave error and ask us to delete the bulk of footage. this is because the north koreans have a strict rule for filming and photography. as a mark of respect or portraits of their leader, kim jong il and all his words of wisdom must be filmed like this in their entirety, with no camera movement and no parts of the image cut off. it's
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a tall order. photograph of the deer leader line, the museum wolves. it's hard to move the camera without breaking the golden rule. it feels like a wasted trip. but afterwards, a surprise, just as we're about to interview, but i'm not expected visitor arrives when mother very famous actors and the total is a need to visit it should keep me posted. indeed, content i want to be a patrick for an actor. was the difference between the patrick and an actor cotton's got mad at that as a peer with whom you done that. i had included you
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only my son aberdeen that i cuz i said i was not i had to take that. i took it online and was not good for go to stay somewhere, stay in continuum to come to an end of the thing and they will be in today. it's 6 months later, in freezing when we next turn outside the country, the world is on the edge as north and south korea trade. bob over the recent shelling of your pill island here until younger is hardly mentioned of the incident . if people are concerned, no one is saying, so life goes on as usual. 2 years and negotiations, appointment paid up to the university of law
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were the 1st born crew ever allowed to film. here for nearly 6 decades, this institution has existed for one purpose to train film workers for the states propaganda machine. you and me and a bomb. and now in the 3rd year oh, i played a football kid. okay. did you, how much interested in possibly can i change my local tim, fitted on to thought and it was an issue at all times. i mean and pick it up, but i knew we don't know was i can go to that we get given and i'm going to just
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need a new ways. okay. own in, in gunboat chris and other towns on and us that was going to go, that was the best thing i didn't have to put in in an area. you need to go to your why you and some tools i'm interested. i get to sit down and you've been with the students that did regularly here want to see if there's no denying his influences everywhere. oh, the b b i
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you hello love the motor home have it. how do i know i me ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, later the news and there's a duns plus you and me is the working one another film project and haven't practiced a month. she struggled to keep up the . 7 moon putting
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down that citizen any longer from the home of the total is the end of a long day at school. time to head home. in north korea, housing is free and allocated by the state. you and me lives on this street. and one of the newest and smartest apartment blocks in pyongyang, we been given permission to visit her home. oh, oh oh, oh oh.
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good it sooner than i, somebody only in the car came down your toddler, who was working. we'll hang on over to look at tigers. in the mic. oh, i was pillow i
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it's clear she leaves a privileged life. ah, me, this apartment is a reflection of the family status in north korean society. i was evil. little in our school and the tongue tongue his whole will. i will go to heaven and i will. ready have it this honey gone to log in, i am more things have done or when you do to pan gone up. cuz obviously when you go through the numbers are going to cause him to
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do and to me because if the woman has she me to you, mrs. lee told me to call you she can, you can the notion even to wants him. ringback to choose mid week bowman, me start work on a new project. director park when young is an exacting taskmaster or but usually with them, i don't count them on my lucas,
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you can go to what are the so you're going to do it, a simple scene extolling the virtues of the countries health care system. but here in north korea, even comedy, so the higher purpose, one of the mini chairs, you have to have a mission and having no one meetings. so we so we want to turn our group it's bitingly cold. the next day minus 6 degrees celsius in the sun. and we don't on said it's also freezing. most of the crew are in thick winter clothing. but for obama, you and me and the fellow actors, there's no such luxury. they're dressed for their parts cold,
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but ready to start such men. but then a power outage, one of several, during our time here, mom due to you to see the trinity to do so. they fumble in the dog for a while. and then it's business as usual on sounds in which all together when you continue working, despite the blackouts and you do not actually like them. and then you get my own them to either call you to that said, when you get upset, the actors went through the scene you and me takes the opportunity to figure out how new prop when
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i get home office now or in the dark, they're about to give up and call it a day when the power comes back on or show up or show you, show them learn through us. most of the synagogue one young get straight back to work with one another, a power outage. the problem going to be on the video and you've got those in march and what are we doing? so low miss something about them into
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the hospital we just spent a week with some of the countries most privileged young people. they've shown us a tiny slice of their life, but we're acutely aware that there's much more we've not seem to mostly just pull it. okay. it has to hit takes over so you can see what you need. okay. the only thing i can go ahead and tell you didn't approve your team, constitutes just gonna tell you that it some guy so you know when you that you were
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given some good they use it and they don't the completion of the message. we've heard many times throughout the week the message they're trained to convey to their countrymen the belief they exist in a perfect world. a place to really the stuff in the me i use
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. i mean, when i was growing up in the 90s in north korea, that's when there was curious, economy was collapsing, and there were stop providing the food and the pub ration to us. so people had to find their ways to survive, which means engaging in black markets, that through brown market, the people was able to getting this small go to black d v d 's from china. so i was, you know, i was lucky to able to access this, also the information. and i remember for the 1st time watching movies, titanic, and as a young girl watching titanic, it was a complete shock that i just couldn't believe why anyone in his word, in omega movie, out of such
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a shame for story is school. i do not learn about william you in jewel it. everything that i learned in government was being revolutionary and dying for the regime. and suddenly you, you see a movie made out by this chain for story and at the end, oh man, by for the woman. and i never seen anything like that. and that's a nice party to really fear that maybe in the outside world is not the monstrous and scary place and are so maybe, you know, god is humanity that the human being and maybe that's freedom. i watch in garlands a made films was sold is boring, and it was so that it didn't come leg to read. and my schuman fillings are, even though you know i, i wasn't going to be no coach. oh,
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where they were. she laugh like in the west, but still love is such a human nature. when i was told and listening, it's like a foreign dvds and movies and songs. everything goes songs all the all about she miss truckers, human feelings, love and something that humans daily experience. but the things that made by the government in north korea, it was really very a lot relevant to how i felt as a human being. so was say, no, i really tasted this. i grew for information. i could only connect to this, they propose that fillings. of course i couldn't say this because if i did, i was going to be executed and $3.00 and so my family was going to be wiped out. i 25 millions of north koreans are trapped in this hermit kingdom. and only a few may did,
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and i am one of those few people was so lucky to be able to stay in this living this freedom. so i am working with a lot of groups in south korea and america to get information the i'll said information that the labor in my mind. so we are getting the same formation smuggling through china to north korea. and these information are, it is actually just a hidden revolution. i. the biggest thing with north korea is that on to the diesel. also the information came in that we did not know they, we were oppressed. and imagine that if you don't know you are pressed that you don't know your slave. how do you fight to be free? and this information they're going in to north korea are telling us koreans that they are pressed, and they are in slaves. and they can be freed on they too. so this information i
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believe is the only hope that will change north korea. repeat my people. i in 2011 out. they were reported from tanzania on the sinister trade in the body. parts of l. b knows. this is where they put it right here and on the spot rewind, revisit the survivor. mutilated to service, the rituals of witchcraft. when you go to rewind, spell of the l. b. no, on our 0. the native need. the brakes north of doing the best job you can, we've seen one water pay 2 teen at wells far further. with detail covering the government says the taliban is relying on human shields and losing people shot them
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home from around the world. the price actually toko games have officially felt $15000000000.00 that already the most expensive summer games ever stage. the. ready hello, i'm peter. don't be here until the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban has taken another 3 provincial capital in afghanistan at 9 in less than a week. the un human rights chief says it's violent offensive has left a climate of fear and dread across the country. emergency talks are on the way in doha aimed at stopping the fighting. charlotte bellis reports from cobble. the taliban have certainly picked up a lot of terror trade. most people say that they have more than half of the country, territorial.


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