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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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short is people have died because of the vaccine, so we will not get the vaccine. and if we get the shot, who will take care of our kids, the pandemic has already exposed the socio economic inequities in india. now, the fact, millions of homeless people are not being vaccinated is threatening to hamper the fight against corona virus. park, new middle al jazeera new delhi. ah . top stories are now to 0. a. u. s. defense official warns the taliban could surround afghanistan's capital cobble in 30 days and take it in just 90. the group receives control of 9 provincial capitals in the past week and an army headquarters on wednesday is estimated to be in control of 2 sides of the country. with government forces fighting on multiple fronts to try to stand the groups advance to more provincial capitals on the direct threat. to 0 is charlotte. venice
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spoke to kinda sounds, interior minister who promised to push back taliban gains, but as the group to pursue piece them to do i know last i'm asking the taliban to stop their brutality. leave killing. sit down with love and we should find solutions. i'm asking them not to destroy buildings or are chief ma'am. let's come and sit together and make a coalition government one that would be acceptable to all sides of the sooner we do this. the better keys are on the italian island officially, his recorded to europe hottest ever temperature, 48.8 degrees. the heat wave is fueling 5 in the south of italy, homes, animals, on crops in sicily, matter near mountains have been destroyed by wildfires in recent days. also fears blazes, notting in spain and portugal, where temperatures could reach the low fourties the death toll from 5, rob gina, jerry, as mountains and villages as climb to 65 jewelry and red crimson says
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a 1000 people have been injured and all the 600 families left homeless, the president declared a 3 day morning period to own a lives lost, which include 28 soldiers. canada has acute china of hostage diplomacy, following the trailing of a canadian man for espionage. michael bravo was sentenced to 11 years in prison for sharing state secrets. prime minister just intruders said the decision was unjust and lacked transparency. a 2nd, canadian man on similar charges is still waiting sentencing. sexual violence has been systematically used as a weapon of war in if you use to grow region. according to report by amnesty international, it says hundreds of women and girls have been raped by many european and are trained soldiers or some were subjected to sexual slavery. and neutralization you say with us, the stream is up next one years after that for me,
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ah ah, ah, the hi michelle carrie filling in for me. okay. and you are in the stream today. how is the indian government changing indian administered cashmere? we'll discuss current conditions in the countries. only muslim majority state. 2 years after new delhi strip the region of its semi autonomy status by revoking article 370. and if you have a comment or question, i'm sure many of you do, if you want to put that to the panel, just go to our youtube chat, we will monitor those comments and you will be part of today's conversation with me. so let's meet our guests to day
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in new delhi, hiena bought a member of the d, j, p, and vice chairperson of the cutting village industries. and trying to gar, or galani, a journalist, and author of the book, cashmere reach, and recent, also ensuring gar said, equal hate, a historian and political analysts. thank you all for joining us in the stream for this conversation. gore, i want to start with you. how would you characterize life in indian administer? cashmere, 2 years on oh, well, you know, because me has actually slipped back into the darker ages. you know, that has been suspension of civil liberties and various, you know, deli based groups itself, like human rights for him or the concerned citizens group. have prepared scathing reports about how civil liberties have been suspended. how media has been gagged and how the political space has actually been suspended. also apart from the fact
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that, you know, there is tremendous fear that has been weaponized to stifle different and you know, that, you know, everything was done in the name of development. but if you see on the ground, there's the report bakery meet chamber of commerce and industry, which said that more than $500000.00 people, including boys and girls, have actually lost their jobs. so on every index that you want to analyze because me has actually slipped backwards and it's like, you know, kind of, you have, you have your surviving just to kind of tell the tale. it's very, very difficult situation. and there are risks and the security situation also according to contribute to human rights for them at delhi based organization, has actually worse and in the last 2 years. so of course that report that you're referencing actually i have some notes from that report. human rights forum is what
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it's called. as you said, they said that close to a 1000 people are still in prison including minors and elected legislators, legislators as well that that's a 1000 people. is that something that is talked about in the media or journalists allow to, to discuss this depress for answers on why this is happening. unfortunately, there has never been such a crackdown on media as has been prevalent in the last 2 years. since the ship has to be sort of institutionalized and the journalism has been criminalized, there is this draconian media policy which came into being last year. it's referred to as media policy 2020, which actually empowered a bureaucrat or a clerk in the department of information and public relations to declare any journalist, any report or prop writer editor as you know, his or her report and di, national, ortho dishes or even feet and then initiate a legal action against the said individual,
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we have had more than $43.00 journalists who have been someone to police stations, cyber police stations, and have been questioned, humiliated, and you know, to are arrested already. you know, there is, are 6 will tons case for the last more than 2 or 2 years. there was god the shipley, who faced 9 month long detention and both arrested at 2nd time around. and there are, you know, more than a dozen journalists, how cases under draconian law. this happens on an almost a daily basis that journalists are someone to police stations. it is a like that is, there is no freedom before expression. there is no freedom of expression and there is no freedom after expert. so i want to, i want to, i'm assuming that you have a different perspective. how would you describe what the current atmosphere is in need administered cashmere 2 years since article 370 was revoked? i think my can god were elaborated. so i would
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understand that article 370 was the sentiment what fish media had, would we really need to understand that article 370 was just the shell left and it was to be remote. it was to be aggregated. the situation, if you talk about both 5 august abnegation of article 370 i would say that god, what is very much aware that there has been no casualty. it's least every slide be what we would face. our loved ones would die in protest that has stopped, i would say, what is more important than lives or the political scenario, what we had since decades. i think for the 1st time since i'm born and bought up and i see situation in kush me, that has been minimal casualties. but let me just let me put the
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question to you though. but at what cost, what you're describing is perhaps on the surface a more peaceful situation. but what goers describing it is journalists being thrown in jail. we also have someone on, on twitter who sent us a comment that described indian administer cashmere is an open air prison with so many checkpoints, constant harassment by police constant traffic stop. so what cost is this piece that you're describing? it is not today. if we just put everything after abrogation of by 5 august, it is not today. it has been there since decades. i think since i'm born and i have seen the situation, the situation was always been there. that is a moral where that is a militancy that bed is killing every day. security has to be that. and unfortunately it is chosen to be push me and i myself,
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am like i see other parts of the country where we see so much peace. but in our got in our place, you're going to meet, you see police everywhere to get the forces everywhere, but they have their duty to do otherwise, what the changes we have seen decrees been military the see decree as a storm balloting decrees. and so many things are dead and we have ok after that there are changes. let me bring sedate, can take what is your analysis of the current situation and ended administer cashmere. i mean, i would go operate everything that go hers that i think that the but i think another thing that needs to be looked at is that why is the situation prevailing as it is and, and i think that's one. but the other thing that i would like to point to is the future and the future looks very grim. the future looks grand because despite
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a very brutal crack down on the 5th of august, 2019, the central government has not achieved any of its seems. i mean the central government of india. and one of them was, for example, to bring a government that would be even more complicit with you know, the wishes of the government in delhi. and that's not happened. another problem is that was made was that there would be great development and that has not happened then of course, you know, the ultimate was that the people would be much happier. and i think that if you know anybody coming here would quickly conclude that that's not the case. i mean, in a most the vast majority. so i think that the analysis of the past and present i
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think we've gone through, i think the future looks great and i think that that's something that we need to put our focus on. so it looks grim just a problem, cuz you, you brought up a point that we actually have we actually have a sound bite from, from someone who says, basically it kind of backing up what you said, that this was all done under the guise of development. and being better for the region, but that actually some people are just very skeptical of that. so let's go ahead and listen to a miss by reggie and see what she has to say. no question of the fact that the argument of development was over diffuse for larger political motives. in fact, of the 5th august 2019 with the complete locked down movement in communication. black because media economy was completely devastated. but what has increased and
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changed since 2019 is that there's an increase on surveillance on bush movies, both in the region and outside, arguing against the indian government. the complete distribution of space was it was as id groups to exist. and there is a consisting of that i defeated speech and expression. in fact, stringent idea laws are being used arbitrarily on excess of the against media in the region. and so there's a lot that she cover there. and some of this we've already discussed, but specifically the president of the kashmir chamber of commerce and industry said that the regions economy is actually suffered. losses worth $7000000000.00 in 2 consecutive walk downs 1st due to the bad 3 article $370.00 being revoked. and then obviously due to the pandemic as well. so basically he know people are saying that the promises that, that the government made for why they were, they were doing this actually just have not been true. i would like to make it very
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clear. yes. unfortunately, the clamp down after 5th august and then more unfortunate was the co ed. it has been since decades issue, which one cannot just change it with a magical when that situation, what the present government, the present governance is doing. we have declared the market for decades and i ping what i can see a change off goes your says yours. that's in downtown area that shops are open now every day in week. instead like every friday would be morning. i know the death of another friday or the previous friday. so this thing has stopped. and how did the economy has been hit? hit by like everybody is saying, yes, of course, when there is the term wine in the state that is the militancy that is the hoodie
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of calls of locked down and shut down. and that is the call that new employees can go. he has to can tell that both of both other co panelists want to get in here. i'm just trying to decide who's going to go 1st go or thank you. i just want to make up look point one is, you know, she talked about, you know, talked about down down a street. no good downtown. i would like to inform her that 402 fridays for the last, more than 2 years. the central mosque of 3 no go, has been closed, and prayers have not been allowed there for 100 and to friday, and that is more than 2 to yes. so point number one, point number 2, that all of this was done in the name of development, actually the former chief minister of human kashmir, mister omar of the law, who is also vice president of the oldest political party national conference, which is the pro india political party actually said that even before 2019 in an
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interview with an indian television general times now he said on every human a single human development index, a gene one could meet about way, way better, better than fancy states of india, like good drought on a literacy on g, d p on, you know, book, capital, income, etc. but, you know, even if there was development done and then civil liberties suspended, media, gag, political space, and middle ground obliterated. you know, you can't praise saying, you know, you can't forget the holocaust. you can't forget the persecution of the jews and say, mr. hitler, big a great autobahn, the movies, you know, the argument is good, and i also want to inform me, but that her own video is incidentally on the you do a reading. she mentioned that if article $370.00 was abrogated by her own political party, she would be the 1st female to pick up the gun. i don't want, we did, we don't want anyone to pick up the gun. but probably it was, it was a rhetorical statement or compulsion. so i think these arguments do not hold any
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want to so they can go ahead city, god, i, you know, it's very curious, but should say that, you know, all this has been going on. and so you can expect it to go on number one, because the government, i mean the party that she belongs to, which is also a headed heading government in delhi for the last 7 years, has been saying that they will turn things around in kashmir. and they let less turnaround, you know, the other thing is that i think it's a rather specious argument to say that, you know, it's going to take a lot longer for everything to turn around it because of decades of turmoil. when in point of fact, the heard on leaders of her own party were saying that things
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will turn around immediately after august, 19th. i mean, august 2019. so, you know, i mean these are just very difficult propaganda to get over. and it's very painful to hear somebody talking about it. so you know, 1st side of the, i mean, i think i feel that that needs to be stressed. you know, what would you, what, what would you say to 2 people? there are 2 muslims living in indian administered kashmir who say that they feel like 2nd class citizens. ah, i don't believe and i don't, except that we are living as 2nd class citizens. i absolutely disagree with this. i have seen a change in the one kush me. we do, i have studied and lived across the country, but the change is seen in every corner of the system,
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the corruption, the gob of the cut option. yes. the people who are getting effected the people will, but i want, i want to, i want to read a comment for when i talk about 2nd class citizens. we have a comment from someone on youtube who said, our solewala, who said, i hope i'm saying that right says, what is the point of democracy if the voting rights of the populace to elect a chief minister is taken away in favor of what you're saying says is a central pseudo dictatorship people feel disempowered government of india has been worse awaiting and they have been pushing all the regional parties, political parties there for elections. but they have been denying to participate in elections. they have been new parties, political parties. ok, let it. so yes, she paused to let one of the one being she, she paused. so you want to come to you who wants to pick that up?
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for dick i heard the lie just go, i just wanted to remind ms. but that the people who the one set of elections, which was somewhat of a surprise to all of us because it was a, a, for the level of governance that was introduced. you know, rather arbitrarily and, and is not part of the structure. but in any rate, you know that the heard the party, the b g be calculated that the others would not participate. they participated and the b p was beaten. so i don't know, i mean, despite the fact that that, that layer of governance had no, we just called that. i think the district development did the high for local, whatever, you know. yeah. sort of and no development has taken place the election. so have taken place but also you know, from a structural point of view it. 3 was
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a level of government that had no power whatsoever. i mean, you know, so what are we talking about? you know, pulling the why have, why i just want to. yeah, i just want to point out that these elections have been dr. 70 years. why when a really be important is it's very, you know, i need to understand you need to understand the structure. that was no ddc. it was created by no. why not order? yeah, we'll be, we'll hold, hold on, hold on, let letter letter speak. i act. so, but he know what of that, what it, what is it? is it possible that i think what he's saying is these elections were just to make it seem like things were going back to normal and they weren't really substantive in any way as c plus to important point. what i want to make out head is b, d p was, it was not important that b, j. p will win the election. if you look into the election and the candidate,
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there are new faces. there are new people, young boys and girls who have participated in elections, and this was the election. what was always never happened in the history of june when gosh me and why not? when that is the block, devlin meant counsellor, there's been the blog. then the area dad left. how can you just say that nothing. it would just happen just m b b j b r. ok? let me go ahead and for a minute. absolutely. yeah. i just, i just want to go from a report by concerned citizens group, the tabby, the who have been coming to me, you know, for the last 5 years. and it was the 9th report and i'm reading from the executive summary. and it says that the arbitrary detentions in german could be to continue unabated. censorship has been institutionalized. it said that the, you know,
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the large sections of population in and died. human could be including the gallantly feel threatened about their demographic. and with this new di, limitation of assembly constituencies. and also it says, the bureaucratic rule actually is supreme and the read has been badly hit. so this is not going to dig thing. this is the net new delhi based group come and, and i earlier go to another report human. but 11 more important point which i want to make about that lot of talk about the doc get it late. and now, you know, it was actually an assault on the diversity of gym. would cause me to buy by forgetting doc and germany beat into 2 different you know, 33 to be controlled federally by new delhi. and now people of lee and got to have come together and actually moved the supreme court of india to challenge the abrogation of article $37.00. so ok, i want to get in and a couple of comments from you to one from
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a non saying who says that he has. he has talked to local people and they say that they want peace, so the tourism will grow again, adults should be or put this question to us. why doesn't the united nations take action against india and actually do have that question to, to either either us today or go her go? or were you surprised that it seemed that the international response was somewhat muted and has been over the last couple of years to deep? well, i actually rochelle, the international response has been very hard. wow. cherry from the u. s. was just go ahead. no, let, let me finish. i think that it has been very hard, but it is not, you know, acknowledged and understood. for example, immediately after august, 5th, 2019. the whole kashmir issue was internationalized to an extent that we couldn't
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even dream about, you know, and, and it was internationalized because of the fact that, you know, the government of the people's republic of china responded by saying that now they were part of it because it involved del tree, that of gen gate, which is in, in, you know, occupied in part by china. and similarly, i think that over the years, i mean, and about a year ago, or a little over a year ago, or little more than a year ago. there was skirmish which turned out to be very serious and now india has a problem all the way from that up to the eastern side and other notches visa me, you know, confrontations with china. so i think that the international community has responded,
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you know, it does not perhaps students wonder the way that we would like it to in, in catch me regarding, you know, the various issues that are local, etc. but that have sort of deepened the security problem in south asia, as you know, it has more than i think in a long time. gore, i'm curious, what are, what is your take been on what the international communities response has been? i think i. 6 will add to what mr. dick said, i think in the last 2 years that have been scathing reports by the united nations. back to back reports in fact. and then have also been if you look closely at the v dom institute report and also the freedom house report. yes, i agree with doctors a deep that it's not enough or it's not. you know, as the people have someone could meet would have wanted. but there are other
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concerns, and as you rightly pointed out that now this, what was done internally, hill is sort of, you know, it was said that it's an internal matter. but it had geopolitical consequences as the pointed out earlier. and now there are in the an analyst, defense analysts saying that there's a possibility of 2 of the 2 and a half french law, one with a little bit pockets done in china and then in the hinterland. so this has actually gone too far, you know, maybe they had done a lot of homework to stifle layer. but it is beyond that, you're saying, i think that perhaps it had an intended consequences and that will have to be that will have to be the last word he no, but gore galani and sedate. what he thank you so much for the conversation. we appreciate it very much and that is all the time we have for now. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you soon. ah,
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and it goes straight into the coffers of leadership a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, 39 cache for kim park. 2 on a jesse the, how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the, there are, you will regulation to own a tiger than their, our own a dog. how can this be happening, your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. with more than 200000000 cases of covered 19 worldwide government backing to fight fresh wave of the virus and newberry. and that has been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from human call to the political and economic pool out. i'll just bring you the latest on the pandemic . this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home to think because they think that there is a risk to democracy,
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special coverage on i'll just there for me. you want to help save the world, sneeze into your own. ah ah, with. ready not tendering under the top stories era. the u. s. defense official warms the taliban could surround afghanistan's capital cobble in 30 days and take it in. just 90 group has seized control of 9 provincial capitals in the past week and an army headquarters on wednesday. it's estimated to be in control of 2 thirds of the country with government forces fighting on multiple fronts to try to stand the groups advance to more provincial capital or under direct threat. violence has


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