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with my life, let us love one. love doesn't close ones and makes your heart happier. my heart happy. he doesn't bring any last foot into a symbol. let us practice this. i this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm have him speak of this is the news i live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, gaining more ground, the thought about sees another provincial capital and fighting intensifies for afghan, astound 2nd largest city, fears they'll be silence. the worry for afghan media as the taliban advance
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hundreds of forth from their homes is flooding tears through turkeys northern province. his help is on the way, the huge effort to get supplies to people, left homeless in algeria. wow fun and i'm we hard with all of your sport. chelsea claim the you if a super cup on penalties plus little messy waste, no time getting to know his new teammates. the argent time was put through his paces at his 1st training session with p. s. g ah, hello, fighting is intensifying for afghan, astounds 2nd largest city kandahar as the top bon gain more ground across the country. earlier the group captured another major provincial city as, as any which is just a couple of hours drive from the national capital. it confirms us officials concerns that cobble could fall to the taller bon within 90 days. and as he is
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strategically located on the main road between kandahar cobble it means the taliban has taken 10 provincial capitals in the past week, including fully comedy and fears about in norse and fun city in the south. while fighting continues to control kandahar and to other provincial capitals, head up and lash, got a got a shot, a ballast is in cobble force. she says there's been heavy fighting in afghanistan. major cities outside cobbler pull the taliban. have just we had that they have taken kandahar city. we don't understand that to be entirely true, but we do understand that there is intense fighting happening in kandahar city right now. there have been videos starting to see the out on, on social media, but cell phones down in the city. this is the 2nd biggest city in afghanistan and it is the birthplace of the taliban. they have been fighting for it for
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a number of months. the government has st. special forces there to protect the city . it is a huge asset for the government and a huge priority for the government to hold onto that city. hundreds of thousands of people live via cell phones. when down there earlier today, we understand that the, the telephone had been pushing, but it's only just now that we've started to hear little bits of information about the tell about being in the heart of the city. hey, be fighting ongoing, some videos of convoys of security forces coming out on social media, showing them exiting the city. so there's a lot happening there, the telephone claiming it. but as far as we are aware, there was still a heavy fighting ongoing via so this is incredibly significant. the 2nd biggest city and it's going to stand the 3rd biggest city in afghanistan on the heavy attack as we speak with taliban seem in the center of those cities. we understand that there are special forces in kandahar, but we understand that they are at the airport and it's unclear what kind of
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experiences they may be trying to mount at this point. has been a 3rd day of talks in cut out involving the taliban and representatives from afghanistan government. the u. s. envoy has met diplomats from china, pakistan and russia. other meetings with diplomats from the u. s. u india and also taking place us get more on the talks now with my jim jim who is life for us in the hallway. those talks are taking place. so mm hm. a day, 3 of 3. any progress made so far has and there been no official statements that have been made thus far today with regard to all the delicate diplomacy that has been going on. it is unclear what exactly is being discussed. these are closed sessions that are happening just behind my left shoulder down that hallway. that is where the meeting is currently going on between the delegation of the taliban and the various special envoys that have assembled
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here, including us special envoy for afghanistan, all my lives at and the pottery, special envoy, doctor butler and bonnie. now, what we do know thus far today is that just a few hours ago, there was a meeting between the african government delegation and the envoys that are here. that meeting lasted about an hour and a half, as it was expected to the meeting. that has been going on between the taliban and the envoys has now just surpassed the 2 hour mark. we are trying to find out exactly what is being discussed. but many of the diplomats that have been here have been load to speak on the record just yet. what we do know is there is a great push here to try to come up with some sort of consensus, some sort of an international planning to not just deal with the situation, the rapidly deteriorating situation on the ground in afghanistan, but also to try to formulate a way forward for the intro afghan piece process that dialogue has been taking
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place in durham since this past september. and if you'll see, actually just now, right behind me, that's members of the taliban delegation. they have just emerged from that meeting with us special envoy. so i'll make those out as well as the other envoys that have assembled and we are going to try to find out exactly what was discussed in that meeting. so that meeting just lasted a little over 2 hours when we reached out to the taller bond earlier in the day to try to find out what their position was for. they have not given out any details. they have not given out any information. we did get a statement earlier in the day from dr. de la de la. he is the head of the supreme council for national reconciliation in afghanistan, and he is leading the african government delegation. he put out a statement saying that yesterday his delegation had met with the had met with the extended troika, the extend a truck as a group of countries. it includes the u. s. russia, china, and pockets. and it is
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a moscow back initiative that has tried to facilitate the intro afghan negotiations . the last time they met was here. and at the end of april of this year, and in that statement, dr. abdullah said that they had presented a plan to the whole country of these talks doctor, as well as to the troika countries essentially proposing what they believe would be a solution for the crisis in afghanistan. and in that statement, it also included the fact that doctor de la had said that the african government delegation believes that a mediator could perhaps play a facilitating role in any negotiations going forward. what the response might be from the taliban. with regard to this proposal, we just don't know yet, it's been a real open question mark hovering over this process as to what exactly can be achieved at such a delicate time. this is a critical time for us kind of start, especially at a time when it's all a bond seems to have so much more meant them as they're taking over more and more parts of afghanistan. and that's really one of the reasons diplomats are privately
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so concerned because they don't feel as though they have much leverage as far as to try to get the taliban back to the negotiating table. but everybody involved here wants to see that interaction piece, process back contract. the question is going to be how exactly will that be achieved? has a very fluid situation or wrap them and how much am june live for their indoor? now william pay t is a former british ambassador to afghanistan. he is not convinced the taliban are willing to negotiate seriously. considering their recent gains, telephone were willing to engage in meaningful talk to the government of afghanistan, where even before the us had decided to withdraw the troops, they've got what they wanted from the doha process. they've got us to withdraw me the nature of truth with ro. i can't see why they would at this stage compromise. they think they can take africa stand by force, and that's what they're going to try and do over the next few months. is they
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resist the talk to many years when i was enough kind this down, we try to engage the taliban. and in meaningful talks we, we knew that they represented a constituency in afghanistan. places by helmand and kandahar and other places were always contested by the telephone. so there was an effort to bring them into talks, but they seemed to they were resistant. even then when we had 100000 troops in the country. so i don't see when they're made such dramatic great gains of the past few months. they're going to call a halt at this stage as they will, they will try and negotiate if a toe, the only way that negotiated the get that fought to a stalemate. uncertainty is growing within afghanistan's media, as the conflict intensifies of radio station manager and a journalist were killed by suspect to taliban fighters this week. now there are plans to move others to safe countries of diplomat to get it to jane's base reports . ah,
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this is going to stop the top rated tv network. tolo media was one of the successes of the country in the last 2 decades are over 200 tv outlet. so over 400 radio stations and over a 1000 newspapers and magazines, but work is getting harder every day is the conflict intensifies. talos needs director la fuller and i have his order holds his morning meeting to decide on the channels coverage. he tells me the safety of his team must come 1st. our number one priority is to make sure our colleagues are safe. and then, you know, they're able to go out and do their job. it's all of the journalists. they are showing the most level of bravery and the commitment the network that runs tall. i was now a thriving business, but it started as a single radio station. we spoke to the morning
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d. j. masoud san jose, 15 years ago, he'd previously had a very different life. the young news reader on state radio when the taliban were in control. i've never wanted to go out of afghanistan. the only place i have been was to buy, and that was the 1st of mine out of hopkinson fee. if i go out, if other young people go out, if the other educated people glass or who's building this country, so we have to work hard to get this country like dubai. that's my dream, really. when we spoke you 15 years ago, you seemed optimistic about the future of afghanistan. are you optimistic now? unfortunately, i would say no. because the 200675. i would say we were seeing off canister differently. there were no tele bond. there were no fighting's, there were a lot of money in the market. there were a lot of, i think energy in the country for the progress, which is not anymore. when the taliban ran the country in the 1900000000 tis
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watching television or holding a musical performance like this was strictly banned. stop here or understand to be why not just about the future, but about this safety right now. the sun is without doubt. one of the most dangerous places in the world to be journalists or media work in this network tolo . last in one year in 201-6118 saw a series of attacks africa photographer. fatima has seine has been working to document the lives of when in the country. she told me of her daily concerns. i got so many like messages on my tutor, instagram, and someone else, like the talk about members started following me and send me messages. what are you doing and why you are showing them and like did african women are 9 like this? and especially like my gender and my city, make me double target the media sector in afghanistan once
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a success story, now faces an uncertain and dangerous future. james bay's al jazeera called alright, plenty more ahead on this news. a tie race expected. so the top job in zambia voting is underway and presidential and parliamentary elections between the worst economic crisis in decades plus the us military service finding out obligations in iraq and on. but inside us, troops continue to later or i'll try to secure that high. so why does our research and it was a great gesture of olympic sportsmanship, cutters, whatever. but she talks about, he shared golden mom. i all that's going to add the 1st
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a new wave of floods and land slides of sweat through turkeys, northern black sea region. at least 11 people have died while hundreds of others have been forced to leave their homes. russell said the ripples. turkey is still bothering natural disasters. if so was 154 weeks. now the note is on the water a to they don't for has taken hold of the black, the region. amount of the floats and lance lice killed 6 people in the area. almost a dozen people have now being forced from their homes, actually running as if we couldn't understand what was happening. came in a rush, took everything and went away. now we don't have any belongings or anything. below the water is swept away vehicles and record many homes and businesses. search and rescue crews were immediately sent to help the standard. but some of them were hampered by roads and police have already called out, you know,
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be visit because we are fighting another natural disaster. we are in sanofi, which is lost is connecting road in 5 locations. we have also received bad news from testimonial. bartender. we are trying intensely to open the road, shows. the worst hid province is custom one where several people were killed. every woman in nearby barton is also reported. missing. rescue helicopter is now tried to succeed, where land vehicles have failed. but the material ages have warned the region to brace for more rainfall. right now, nature rat is felt all over turkey and more so by those who have lost every team rescue said that i'll just stumble. a heavy rain has caused landslides, in southern china, several cars were buried under a slope which collapsed near a highway in union county. the drive is escaped on hom. torrential rain has also last china's hu bay province trapping. people in flooded buildings. a call. the
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ship has broken into off the coast of japan, causing an oil spill for several kilometers. the panamanian flag vessel broke in half after running a ground now warry in japan's ne. it was carrying wood ships from thailand. all 21 crew members were rescued by helicopter on wednesday evening. 30 se efforts are underway to contain the oil leak. jury is observing 3 days of morning after 69 people were killed in wildfires that the government has appealed for. international help to tackle the blazes. gillian wolf has more on this story. as deary continues to battle, these raging wildfires and a lot of ration is underway on the ground and from the skies. we are watching the fire to try to prevent it from spreading further. but it seems to be impossible and now reached al zone. emergency crews and villagers are doing
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everything they can with what little they have to use in buckets of water, hoses, and branches. the desperation is clear as people raise to save more homes from burning to the ground and prevent further loss of life. people have died, schools and houses down the villages of lift their homes and take refuge in communal hold on. the hardest hit area is a mountainous region of ca beale, east of the syrian capital, as many as 18 provinces and total are affected. and if you go there is a lot of damage. some of lost their homes, lots of things. nature will not recover soon. given that the people here live off their olive groves, this is only the beginning of the disaster. the government has deployed the army, but dozens of soldiers were among those who died during a rescue operation. and the government is now calling for international help. the european union is lending its plains that were used to battle the wildfires in greece. algeria prime minister has visited to the issue one of the effected regions
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announcing the president's plans to compensate those who have been affected as a country enters 3 days of national morning. post disaster relief operations are already underway, the residence, healing of charity organizations, to collect necessities for those that are injured, and the hundreds of families left homeless that we responded to an announcement asking to collect donations and medicines. and that's what we did. but i make here in another urgent announcement to all pharmacies and algeria, we need medicine. here. algeria is just one of several nations battling wildfires. as record breaking temperatures spark widespread devastation. but authorities here believe many of the flames were deliberately lift julian wolf. i'll just the round of the great prime minister says the recent wildfires, his country's biggest ecological catastrophe. in decades, the government is placed billions of dollars in aid for people hit by the fires,
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and those who lost homes will get cash payouts and tax exemptions was amos. robbie is live for us in athens zane, so greek lead is a spoken today. what did they say? well, how's him? as you said, worst ecological disaster. this country is based in decades. he said there needs to be a serious strategy formed about how to move forward and how to address the climate change realities that they're facing. now he says that there need to be a fundamental shift and how not only the government, but individuals carry on with the day to day life of living under these new climate circumstances. he said also warning his gentlemen that the danger is not done yet. the wildfires have been going on for almost 2 weeks now and he said the wildfires season is not over yet. the threat from fires remains across the country and he
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also crucially doubled down and defended himself where, where it comes to a controversial policy of mass evacuations. of mandatory evacuation of communities that have been affected by these fires to government come under serious criticism for using evacuation as, as simply a blanket solution and for not doing enough to save homes and properties. he said in this press conference, there was nothing for it, but for the government to prioritize human life over everything else, infrastructure, homes and businesses as well as the environment itself. human life had to come 1st . now we've gone all across the fire zone in the north of athens on the island, one of the worst hit areas, the worst area of grief from forest fires. and people we spoke to you there said is noble, a stance that might be, it doesn't, it's not a complete solution. it hasn't been a complete solution. because so much of what we've seen so much of the destruction . we've seen. people say that simply letting their properties burn has created
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a new crisis of its own. and many people are very critical or firefighting cruise for the government, for not being prepared well enough in advance, and for not doing enough to try to save. not only their homes but their livelihood, these people have no way to earn a living. now, many of them in those communities live and work locally in those areas and now they don't have to leave. and there's been a math displacement of community all over the country. and a lot of the people we spoke to said, all these promises are fine. when a catastrophe of this magnitude is fresh. but a lot of politicians simply don't keep their promises in the long term. so a trust deficit there as well, that greek politicians will have to contend with. and the price isn't even over yet . named is robbie live 1st there in athens sank thanks thing. more than 100 watt fires burning through the vast forests of south east siberia. nearly 4000000
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hectares of land had been damaged by the flames. hundreds of villages and 9 cities in the courts. and you could hear regions have been covered in smoke. forecasts as in east and sicily reported a temperature of $48.00 degrees as her wave worse since fires in the north, which have destroyed homes and crops. if confirmed it will be the highest temperature ever recorded in europe. lebanon's caretaker government is to hold an emergency cabin, a meeting to discuss a dispute with the central bank about fuel subsidies. central banks governor is refusing to use reserve funds to continue the subsidy, saying the law prevents him from doing so. he says he was new legislation was needed a year ago. the loss of fuel subsidies could deepen lebanon's economic crisis. currency is loss and 90 percent of its value since 2019 and half the population now live in poverty. voting is underway in zambia as presidential and parliamentary
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elections. president edgar longer is expected to face a strong challenge from his opposition rival, who is facing him for the 3rd time soaring unemployment and corruption among voters biggest concerns. how do casa, has the latest from the polling station in lusaka? usually with elections when pointing stations open, you see lines getting shorter and shorter and shorter. but this one seems difference at this falling say, the other polling physically seen in lusaka, people still keep dreaming. in most people who register to vote in the selection are young people, people under the age of about those before no more than 7000000 people have races devoted mis elation. the last lecture you're looking at about 4000000 people. so they seem to be some more kind of interest in the killer polls. now people of course are voting for different candidates based on what they think of the interest . for example, those are supporting the opposition either in the dilemma, say that he's a business card, super false, a 1000000
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a they think he knows the thing was who about finances and maybe he's the right man who could turn around this economy. that's heavily in debt. those are the ports, the governing party, the patriotic front bay that they support present with pro pul policies, the fact that he wants to lower taxes. the fact that he wants to put in place policies that could help the poor more not the rich. the fact that they say that he put a lot of time and even rossi is trying to develop infrastructure in them via that's why when you move around, you see in someplace the sub, for example, nice road, my bridges, public hospitals are going up power sessions. people feel that that is a good thing. one thing people asking was a solution that is going to be free and the opposition support is offer straight to they say that when they were trying to campaign, they couldn't do it effectively. the general bad outcome was general ban
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campaigning in them. be a part of the coven 19, but the opposition say the government used it as an excuse to try to live with them we, when they couldn't campaign effectively. they also say that while they're supportive were beaten, injured and some of them were killed. the governor parties is what hang on a minute dream clashes. we also had our support from the ruling party. also killed and beaten. written results are expected, maybe friday afternoon, maybe friday evening, but i was also only be announced in a few days time people and now wondering, of course, if we have a lose you listen is going to accept the results. and they're concerned about political violence and the way forward for the countries affiliate head on i just americans are choosing cool and dogs over corona virus concerns of this use state festivals. despite a sharp rise in cases, no one is above the law. so say you a police who are reviewing allegations against prince andrew,
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accused of sexually abusing a teenager, a field of dreamers. if you build it, they will come major league baseball is set to take over a field of dreams. ah hello, you know how the story goes for the middle east talk sunshine and high temperature is so we take a look at some of them right now. tater, on 38 degrees. that is actually above average. so it's going for closer look and see what exactly is average. okay, there you go. 33 and a half degrees. you're up to 38, plenty of sun and a nice breeze from the south. next for pakistan, i want to put this on your radar. we're going to see the winds pick up toward the south impacts in places like karachi, we could see them with up to about 50 kilometers per hour and we've got
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a major weather disturbance hope for the black sea. so i want to give you a wide look right now because it's attaching to moister north of st. petersburg and you know, for this southeast corner of russia, we have seen 200 millimeters of rain heavy rain for georgia as well, but for turkeys, northeastern black c region. you are also getting hammered with this rain. throwing it toward our hobby on friday was just a few weeks ago. more than 200 people workforce from their homes because of flooding there, through the tropics of africa, will really see our storms flare up, especially toward the afternoon when we get that intensification from daytime, heating and toward the south. it's unsettled for the suit to durban, and as we head towards southern areas of most and be on friday that sure weather see soon. the news. if you were looking at this from the outside, you would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this? is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism on our obsession
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with economic growth. this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limit. i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bake as well as smaller and smaller. we don't want to be so realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing pay on al jazeera. the hype of english football lies analytic market for the rich and powerful. what are the leading specialist? under cover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held something like one in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen. the men who so football on i was just ah
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ah, logan, you're watching. i just reminder of our top stories this out. atalla bon is claiming control of afghanistan's 2nd biggest city kandahar heavy fighting has been going on for weeks earlier. the group captured me 10 provincial capital, the fallen in the past week. at least 9 people have died in floods in turkey's northern black sea provinces. the area has been hit hard by heavy rain this week, demolishing homes and bridges, and sweeping cars away. algeria is observing 3 days of morning after the number of people killed him, wildfires rose to at least 69000 people have been injured and hundreds of families are homeless. a man had resolved, he is a journalist in the province of to the was who he's been covering. the forest fires
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there. i see a bunch of trucks here of young men and young women with shovel water tanks, dirt, anything they can put on the 1st message that will continue the fight or the next 3 or 4 days, both through airplanes. but the french government are sending over it will also be here help and put all the slayers with the capacity. 6000 meters of the can mix with retards and salt water to help with the fire builder and military have also put some helicopters than the population disposal. both have a specialty of 1000 meters source is going to be fighting as far as as much as possible. unfortunately for the rest of the week, what needs to be in the forty's with your perfect just a facilitation. so i'm not looking good. i've never seen anything like this. there are really whole valleys, whole slots of land that are completely christian. they're carbonated, never seen anything like this. i've never heard of wildfires.


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