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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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sions here in the united kingdom, in new york, and also on a private island owned by jeffrey epstein, the disgraced by nancy, who took his own life in prison. in 2019 a man who prince. andrew is alleged to have had a close friendship with grade. and finally, the lawyer for pump sa brittany spears and says her father has agreed to step down as the conservator of her estate. jamie's b, as is controlled, much of his daughter the 1st since she suffered a mental health breakdown in 2008. the american thing has been in illegal basle to end the arrangement, calling it mediating and abusive. okay. spot the global free brittany campaign and the debates. i have a potential abuse is fine. big guy. ah, how about the our announces are these are the headlines local sources telling us the taliban has now seized control of another 2 provincial capitals in the south.
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the fall of laska gar kandahar would be the most significant gains for the group since the latest defensive began, more from robbing bride and cobble. this is the fast changing dynamic. it has been changing throughout the hours of darkness. thursday coming into friday and i've kind of stand is waking up this friday morning to i can completely change dynamic, especially down in the south of the country. local officials are being quoted by various wire agencies confirming the kandahar now is in control that the talent and all of these developments started happening late 1st day. here with reports of taliban fighters breaching the defenses of kandahar driving through to the center of the city. intense fighting their claims from the taliban, that the governor and his staff had had left the that compound. as a result of all this, the u. s. and u. k. a sending at least 3600 trips into campbell to help pull out empathy stuff
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and local interpreters, but washington and see if it's not a full evacuation and the empathy will remain open. at the headlines, samsung's vice chairman's been released from prison in south korea to been granted parole. j. y lee with living a 2 and a half year sentence for bribery critic say his release reflect the culture of lenient. see, the corporate bosses boats have been counted, van b as presidential and parliamentary elections. president edgarland who is taking a controversial 3rd term and what is thought to be an extremely tight, right. the italian health ministries issued warning for 8 that he's the heat wave sweets, the country on thursday. the temperature hit 40 degrees celsius in rome, and the latest us census data shows the white population is shrunk for the 1st time in history. fewer than 60 percent of people now identifies white, a change driven by increasing diversity. as you headlines, witnesses next? is the country about to collapse before the kind of reform you're talking about can
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take place. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. why are we not in the best situation? why has that money been squandered? how did it happen? counting the cost on al jazeera earl is, who was the old school goes, but the one that came out when i was a oh, i was show new jersey now was your age when use my age you know, it's all about her to do it. i mean, he me this we
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oh, you know you hours your 5 go 5 to would august august night. learn about august. real soon. something else happened august and i was born. tell you. the august 9th, on august 9th, on august the 9th 18 year old michael brown was gunned down. police officer in focus and her husband white police are shot john r y. yeah.
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the little boy is a way to reach people about the make up a little over my city. they represented the one with me re body. look today left to go walk right into gunbar. i say jewish yes me ah, the s u t r a
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me me in the system wasn't at all and i'm just not willing to accept this, but on the same hand i is tough. you fighting against the entire system. if we have 163 representatives, if we have 117 of them that are from one particular party that don't understand my community and not willing to sometime way substantial legislation. can i get the room that's going to speak to a major need for mock?
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thank you, mr. cher, members of the committee, bruce franks from 70 a district in the city of st. louis, current bill and house concurrent resolution 70 this bill speak to a couple different things. firstly, identified to youth violence as a public health damage. last year, we are $200.00 over 51 percent of the murders. the victims were between the ages of 16 through 24, and that is a public health epidemic, especially when we talk about communities, we lack resources last for them on bill excuse me. good. like i just buried it this my last time bringing this bill. it identifies june 7th as christopher harris day and
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1991 chris for hairs. oh my brother was killed at 9 years old while outside playing the ripple effect of violence when it comes to youth, violence as a whole is stretches far. why me? i spend a lot of time talking to people in a lot of times it seems like people listen when they benefit them. when you come people listening, given i shouldn't have to become talking about racism. but i do realize that folks may not come from where i come from. like out i wish i paid to the right on an average of 12 hours sent us
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a check when it comes to a lot of people to print out and never missed a day to get 5543. well go as we get missouri, paul is a total of legislation right now this week florida based on the veterans bill rivers in frank, you had an amendment to us about it. so i had a stand alone bill that i file. i understand that we don't, i bill is whenever people, as we buy, bruce, i'm a why true? you're really raising the trailer down. the republican always been about when he ran he let me be a friend. there are jokes. i don't tell. there are jobs. i don't laugh that there are things i don't do and say, because i'm friends with bruce ranks and i a why republican from the sticks is a better person because he let me be his friend that i said a lot and i couldn't be more than 2
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so this is 6 week 8 everyone hangs on will graduate on august 24th on friday night. just really exciting others. so i want to give the opportunity to come in to show which groups, you know, somebody that's kind of been down the road that we've been down and what i've learned is day tell your story is going to help some but i'm from 4300. it gives my hood don't look no different than any other good out here around for around the west side. know where the common denominator was was pull. we didn't have resources, we didn't have those beautiful buildings. police didn't show up fast when we call
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back in 1990. 1 to me was arguing we was outside plant based my big brother, chris, where you now years ago, one of the guys put out a gun, the one shot my brother was killed. my dad 65 percent of my life and do my little brother, my best friend. rog, just got home last year. got locked up when he is 14. he just got out he 31. if you were to told me on august a 20144 years ago, that obvious state representative, i'll probably cost you about 3 different line dam. i work with keel. those my were, i saw me. i saw my son in 15 years. i saw all the youth that i met on the ground and i felt like, you know, at this my time to spend 123,
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the why, why why doesn't work. and then as lou would think about it, you know, with the problem in just waiting, i know is a do. yeah. and given all jobs and you just say what matters. but as far as when we got a better person to go right back to the hood, like i did indeed come meet with me. call me with me, let me bring them at a time when you step back as i live in a state rep and the exact same thing. when i get ready for battle,
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i don't necessarily pay attention to that particular artist up attention to what the artist might say. the same way when you are present legislation, you want to know what the folks who oppose what kind of fight they're going to put on there. you want to be able to move that battle. it was a cookie ball. in fact, the whole thing to do preparation is the same. so being a legislator is the exact same thing as being a bad rap, probably bad rap and pay the, you know, we, we got to return to the bit. you know what it is now? the me they
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did you say the band does everything the big no matter how many movements are when you make you still work with them? like they don't even want to divert the apple to list any more no link. but i think a you have to give them a warning rate. now, why not only want to give them black? oh, let's get on to the
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black on black planning. i went and put 5500000 to know who so you address it in you that i'm wondering like a police quite go right now the looking to do the have. i mean, you just make it on break, you know, like what was going to the like the to do if you want to do anything wrong with don't, don't know if that would make sense. yeah, the. 7 only way to answer. all thing will not be the thought. put all
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they don't want to make up like this is necessary. everybody claims they cool. they get found that affects them with their on the right bull that reveal the, the me the me in
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ah, i, i, i if you bring your deal with your school, you know, you are not. i mean, a lot of people say are you free from birth? yeah, and he always see me say, i'm not afraid when
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we live here. peace cl number, pray for him all the time. i pray for my kids. you say i'm doing what i love, and i'm doing this to change where i'm doing this to help people. so don't worry about me. and some demos happened to me. i did it because i want to change was happening the violence. and i'm doing it for my teeth when daddy grew up, this always been like open like this. and we used to play football diesels like kids or football. we
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had to do mooney, sales on like marquee. really have video. that's why the guy to me and came out the house i was put out of the building. i don't put out again, i'll go and pick my brother used him this to block him from the shop and he was a murderer back and my brother got a q i was so young. i think those were hearst the most because i have a lot, i mean i remember they told me on
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a plane and tendo and i remember when my dad bought this bike 1st, we were small dish and member hands. what he look like. kaski the latter games i don't think anybody ever recover from or ever with me on the the. ringback in the i going to memorials or candle
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life. i've been to 167 channels. you know there. and finally starting to get to me mentally. ah, just so confused on what to do and i got met this. i don't know, we're close to screen me. me now sleep at a dream. in my dream, you can re play funerals. i have been to
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our no sweat and are you there hard? and i set up in a and dodd's crime. and then i started to do it again, i start playing each from my brother into their point. the fact that i remember so many details about not only the feelings but the way that folks die where i was, how i felt it seemed like it are just stacked on top of each other. you know we don't mean the
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dog i wanted to know but the me ah
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not pushing on working i'm are sacrificial legislation today for your family so let's make it a mission the i. ready wilma black rights and black
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body that you know how important it is to me. i want to thank my colleagues last year on the floor. they show me low and when i walked into the chambers of the senate, my brothers deal with her. this is something that we work so hard on us, and we finally got it through the job where we want to get a king is the sponge and the soaks and everything just the reality of being black and growing up in a black and the different account is that he'll have whether it's police, whether it's as plainly, right?
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i would never try to protect him from him because it's gonna happen. he's going to see him and i read him, be prepared for it. for it to hit him by surprise. ah ah ah ah ah oh yeah, no, no, we will. when i know we will wanna
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make sure he's ready to income, which is coming up will be 5. ah ah ah ah, i'll talk to chris is going to release like getting it in like i know statue, but this is symbolization like this deal my big ah ah
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ah, ah me, i little bit of happiness. i have the sacrifice everything ah in um ah, [000:00:00;00]
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i in, ah, ah, the jewish passions, the elephant conservation colleagues have become friends. but with civil war defending famous now protect themselves, escaping deep into the rain forest back to the western world. for the elephant surviving the poachers is
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a lifelong challenge. now to them without loss or revel militia elephant part, a witness documentary on out to 0. there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake. i'll just there are really invest in that, and that's the privilege. as a journalist, ah, $600.00 gmc on al jazeera, come all santa maria, and these are the headlines. local sources have told us the taliban is now seized control of another to prevent capitals and the self befalls of logic. regard and kandahar would be the most significant gains for the group since it's recent offensive began. rub mcbride with one out from cobble. this is the fast changing dynamic. it has been changing throughout the hours of darkness thursday coming into


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