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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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to carry a different passport, say contact him in the money this year, and it goes straight into the coffers of leadership. a to park, people in power investigation bureau, 39 cache for kim park to on a jazzy into the local sources in afghanistan. say 2 more provincial capitals have been taken by the taliban. the 2nd largest city can the alaska gong plus. so we believe that this is not only the right thing to do, but it's the right time to do it. american and british troops heads, afghan is found to evacuate embassy staff, and others from cobble ah,
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on hasn't. this is edge, is it alive from the also coming up? vote so being counted in zambia as the election, the president controversially seeking a 3rd term and bangladesh is seen deforestation at nearly doubling the global average. look at the impact of having on villages and animals. ah. hello, the taliban claims to have made its most significant gains yet in its efforts to take over afghan territory as foreign forces withdraw. local sources of toll dodge is here to the taliban. a seized 2 more provincial capitals. one of them kandahar afghans on 2nd biggest city and the arm groups birthplace. the other is laska god, the capital of hellman province in the south of canister. government hasn't confirmed this on the diplomat take front
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a 3rd day of emergency talks in the hall between the afghan government and the taliban ended in deadlock. and as the taller bomb presses its advance, the u. s. and u. k. are dispatching more than 3 and a half 1000 troops to cobble to help with the evacuation of embassy staff and others. let's speak now to rob mcbride, who is live in cobble force. so rob 1st will tell us more about those operations in kandahar and laska go. that's right. from the government's point of view this friday morning, a quickly deteriorating situation with the apparent loss of both candor and alaska. now these are the 2 most important cities in the south kandahar in particular. being based in kandahar province is really almost like a fortress while much of kandahar province was being taken back by the taliban. the government has been committed to defending at all costs. kandahar had some of the
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better military units there was able to call and asked support to in fact, including us as strikes as a way of trying to keep the taliban at bay. but it seems that overnight said that they breached the defenses of the city. we got increasing reports about fighting in the center of the city claims by the taliban that they taken the governor's resident's. the police had quoted indeed, backed up by video showing apparent to taliban fighters walking around the residence. we got confirmation that the governor and his officials had had left and also the menu, the military units that had pulled back into what is a very big military base at the side of kandahar. so, but if it's, if the remains to be lost by the government, if it cannot re take this, then that is a very big blow. but he joined a number of other places during the night to the full them to fell during the night . this is a very major city over in the west of that had been under siege. i neighboring province. that bad guess also fell. that's
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a small province. but with that it means that all of the west of the country has now basically gone to the taliban. and if these losses are confirmed and sustained that they don't call wind back, laska got all, all kinds of her in the south, then the south to it would seem, well for the moments at least is lost to the government. and what, let me throw another day much you while, while, while away here, low god, that is another province. now that province is borders cobble to the south. it's very close to here. we know from reports reaching here that there is fierce fighting going on around the governance residence in the provincial capital of lau god. that is just 70 kilometers away. so with each hour it seems almost that fighting gets closer to cobble itself. and a lot of people will be wondering, rub, what is the afghan government doing a battle? this, how do they plan to respond? you get the sense at times that the government here is to some extent reeling under
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the ferocity the, the speed with which all of this has happened with all of these prevention. capitals falling there are there is talk constantly from the government about counter attack that has plans. it will put plans into place. we hear this from the north where basically the government has lost most of its strongholds there. apart from research that is a very strong outpost. but is basically the last outpost of the government that the keep we keep hearing about counter attacks. but in other provinces what you're left now, it seems all sort of remnants that yes, there are some of the special units the commando unit to a still committed to fighting. but they are frankly exhausted. it seems that with trying to stem the advance of the taliban other units we've heard about have simply given up the weapons or in other areas we u. k. reports about units are changing sides. the taliban keeps broadcasting the messages it advances that come and join us brothers. we're on the ascendancy and
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you have to look at the picture and say it's difficult to contradict them on that. they do seem to have built up this momentum and just quickly when they make these advances, of course they are gaining. if they're not just more personnel, maybe people switching sides or factions and military units who now plates their religion to the taliban. but also vast amounts of material equipment vehicles. we see video coming to us from her rach, for example, in the west of the country that now fall into the taliban. there were reports that simply after days of the pints of days of trying to fight off the taliban, they simply gave up in the end. or they, the defense is collapsed very quickly. with the taliban taking over whole police stations full of police vehicles and all the rest which, which almost makes them to them mental and it's momentum of the surge, which seems more and more directed towards here in the center in couple thanks for
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that. rob rob mcbride live 1st in cobble. as you said, the american and british troops are on their way to cobble to help embassy staff and local interpreters leave the country. the us says it is not a full evacuation, and the embassy will remain open. my can of course it was just a month ago that the top us general and i've gone is don returned to the united states. his mission apparently over me since then the taliban has made huge gains throughout. have gone, is done. and now the us is read deploying troops to assist in the evacuation of american nationals and afghans who worked with the us. this is a temporary mission with a narrow focus, as will all deployments of our troops into harm's way. our commanders have the inherent right of self defense in any attack on them can and will be met with a forceful and an appropriate response. $3000.00 troops on arrive at couple airport in the next 24 to 48 hours. a support team of another 1000 is being sent
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a cutter to process the single immigrant pieces that are being given to african personnel. yet another brigade is being deployed to kuwait to operate as a quick reaction force. should the u. s. embassy and trouble come under threat, but the state department dismisses reports at the embassy make close. my response to that is, that's not true. this is not a full evacuation. un secretary general, the new york has expressed great concern about the situation, but still holds out hope for a diplomatic resolution. we are continuing to engage with the taliban. in doha, i mean we are continuing to believe that there is a political solution that can be had. this doesn't mean that we also blind to what is going on in the, on the ground. we are not blind to the suffering of the civilians. we're calling cross fire in in urban environments and the u. s. president insist it's f guns
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who must deal with a situation saying he does not regret his decision to withdraw us forces african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation. but i radically, with the latest deployments. the american presence will be back to the same level as it was for the past 2 years. of the u. s is longest running war my kind of audience era. washington border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has reopened, following a fight between gods and people waiting to cross early a hundreds of afghans waiting to re enter the country. 3 stones of security forces, who responded with tear gas. people were angry after an afghan traveller died while waiting to return home. why the spin bolduc crossing?
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it was at kennestone 2nd busiest entry point before the taliban closed it last week . a samson's vice chairman has been released from prison in south korea after being granted parole. j y lee was serving a 2 and a half years sentence, bribing a friend of the for president over a merger deal. it is unclear if he can return to work. could explain his release, reflects a culture of leniency for corporate bosses. li offered an apology as he left the prison. i have caused too much concern to the people. i'm really sorry. the heard, i don't, i'm listening carefully to your warriors, criticism, concerns, and high expectations about me. i will do my best a 6 people have been killed in a mass shooting in the english city of plymouth. the suspected gunman is among the dead, as well as the young child. police officers were called on thursday evening after
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reports of gunshots in a residential area near the cities. docs witnesses have told british media, the shooter kicked in the door of the house and started shooting at random. the votes being counted in zambia as presidential and parliamentary elections. president ed galandes is seeking a controversial 3rd term in was for to be an extremely tied race. i don't want tessa has more from the sucker. the more than 7000000 people were registered to vote in zambia as presidential and parliamentary elections. they were long keys and the high turn not pulling stations in the capital, lusaka, and other parts of the country in an election unless they will be very close at the high cost of living poverty and unemployment. a big concerns for many voters. we all want to be ready with breathing, just son. everything else to come and under the houston port so that we should be head if you are not working,
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it's quite difficult to cope with the standard of life now years everything has become very expensive. so it's quite challenging. there are 16 presidential candidates, but the main content is, are the incumbent president, it go longer. and this plan opposition leader has i, in the layman, who's challenging longer at the post for the majority of registered voters in this election, a young people in the last 5 years or so. the people of them have seen life get more difficult. jobs are more difficult to obtain. business is more difficult to do, has been the contraction of economic activity and the contraction of opportunities for young people. so this, it appears that the youth have been putting a lot more time and energy to coming, registering as vote to them coming to vote, because they want to be able to vote for the future that they think will be driven by the candidates that they choose the president is accused of borrowing from
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international creditors to find various building projects. and critic said that is unsustainable. zambia was more than $12000000000.00, takes dental companies and linda president, it was counting on winning based on the floor plan infrastructure projects, including road and power station, but its main rival, beautiful and had a good track record in finance and its confidence. he can attract investment and better manage the economy. zambian electoral commission, people official results are expected by sunday if there are no delays. but what happens after that? that has many people worried. how to my daughter algebra. the sucker fell ahead on i just we don't have water for example, and i have to make the dishes lebanon's crisis is getting worse. we hear from one mother who can't make ends meet ends with 3 months to go before the 26 climate
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conference in glasgow on jonah whole here in edinburgh with the creative arts just emerging from the pandemic. a turning their attention towards the next big crisis of our times. ah hello there, it's all about the extreme heat across southern europe and northern parts of africa and with those hot and dry conditions and high temperatures, those wild fires are continuing to burn across the region. now we've had reco temperatures across southern parts of it, and those are going to continue over the next few days. but up in the north, it is looking cooler and wet or if we take a closer that we, temperatures here, where we expect them to be is wet and windy weather for the british isles on the weekend. it's going to get particularly heavy that rain in ireland as we go into
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saturday. march of scandinavia, it's going to be a cooler and wet picture since severe thunderstorms affecting parts of western russia and the baltic states. but for the really wet weather, we have to move to the black sea. we've got severe thunder was rolling in across southwestern areas of russia, georgia, and parts of turkey. we have seen flash flooding, we could see more of that. things looking hotter and dryer down in the south, and it's a similar story. as we move across the iberian peninsula, we are seeing the heat build here. temperatures are going to climb. and as we go into saturday, we could see a temperature record set in quarter, but as those temperatures rise up above the mid forties, that's the weather. the long before the cold crisis broke the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the lockdown
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examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took upon demick to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things, we would tell him a complete impulse suddenly become connected. the wake up call that can't be ignored on our job. oh, the me. you're watching, i just 0 mind of our top stories this local sources say the taliban has seized control of another 2 provincial capitals in the south of afghanistan, full of lasker gone and kandahar, which the government has not confirmed would be the most significant games for the
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on group, since it's offensive began, the u. s. and u. k. are sending more than 3 and a half 1000 troops to cobble to help with the evacuation of embassy staff and local and tough to us state farm. it says it's embassy will remain open to being counted in zambia as presidential and parliamentary elections. president edgar longer seeking a controversial 3rd term in what is a very close race of 22 people have been arrested in now. jury a suspected being behind many of the countries devastating wildfires. the government has been struggling to contain the fires and have appealed for international assistance. 3 days of national mormonism has been announced to honor, the 69 people killed and the wave of floods and land slides has swept through turkeys, northern black sea region. at least 27 people have died there, while hundreds of others had been forced to leave their homes. russell set the
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reports. turkey is still bothering natural disasters. if so was 154 weeks. now the note is on the water. at 2, they don't for has taken hold of the black, the region amount of the floats and lance lice killed 6 people in the area. almost a dozen people have now been forced from their homes actually running as if we couldn't understand what was happening. came in, a rush, took everything and went away. now we don't have any belongings or anything. below the waters swept away vehicles and records, many homes and businesses. search and rescue crews were immediately sent to help the standard. but some of them were hampered by roads and police that have already called out, you know, be the cause. we are fighting another natural disaster. we are in sanofi, which is lost, it's connecting roads and 5 locations. we have also received bad news from testimonial and bartender. we are trying intensely to open the road show as much as
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the worst hid province is custom on where several people were killed. everyman in nearby barton is also reported. missing. rescue helicopter is now tried to succeed, was land vehicles have failed, but the material ages have warned the region to brace for more rainfall. right now, nature, rat is felt all over turkey and more so by those who have lost everything. rescue said that i'll just stumble. torrential rain in japan has triggered a mudslide that in gulf 2 houses in the city of london in nagasaki. prefecture for people were swept away. one was found dead and 2 others are still missing. heavy, rain and mudslide. warnings have also been issued for some parts of the southern main island of que shoe, and hiroshima. in western japan, some areas have been told to prepare for evacuation and a cargo ship has been spilling oil into japanese waters. after breaking and half
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the crimson polaris ran aground while sailing inside had she no port. it managed to free itself, but a crack later widened and split the ship into all $21.00. chinese and filipino crew members have been rescued. crews are trying to contain you will still south korea's prime minister is pleading with the public to minimize travel, not meet in groups and work from home as covert. 19 infection serge countries reported around 2000 new cases for 3 days in a row. a 4th wave of infections is being driven by the highly contagious delta vary and which is now the dominant strain of the virus in the country. prime minister kim view kim says the country must come together to control of ours. the latest us census shows the proportion of the population, identifying as white has shrunk for the 1st time, and the country's history. fewer than 60 percent of people now identify as white
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changes being driven by increasing diversity. multi racial, hispanic and asian populations have grown significantly in the u. s. of the past decades. and the us says agents at the border with mexico registered a record 212000 people arriving in july, us secretary of homeland security alejandro my yoke. us says about half the migrants a single adults at passes a previous record of $188000.00 in june. many of those arriving from central america, fleeing crime and poverty worsened by natural disasters. fell lavelle is in macallan, texas. with more on the crisis, you know, the figures that we've not seen here for more than 20 years. in fact, the average now every day, some 1800 migrants making that crossing. this goes completely against. well, joe biden said, not so long ago when he told people that this was a seasonal issue,
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the come the summer, those numbers. what dwindle? now the reason he said, thought is because that typically is what happens. you know, it's hot here in texas. it's hot in mexico, there's a huge desert in between the rio grande, it's not the kind of place that people want to get stuck in. but these people are still making this trip as i say, 1800 a day. and they are making it on the male turning up, and then they are either being arrested by customs and border patrol, or they giving themselves up in the hope that they can claim asylum. what happens then is that they get put onto the buses. they are transported to places like, hey, a mckellar, where they have nothing more than they close on that back, that have work to show that they have a case pending. they go into the care of local charities as well, where people are given shelter. they give him somewhere to stay, but these places con cope either they say they are running out of manpower. they're running out of money. they absolutely being hampered by cove it and it is getting out of control even for them. this is a situation that is being pushed to the very edge and then it's being pushed even further along
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a bangladesh is seen the destruction of its tropical rain forest increase every year. illegal logging, industrial developments, and commercial agriculture being blamed can re, chandry, has this report from other poor in bangladesh. the motor performance was once a bangladesh of the largest range home to indigenous tribal people and habitat for diverse varieties of wild life. but for years now, the forest has been facing destruction. so like, i'm wrong who represents one indigenous group, say so much has been lost. i'm. i did wanted, they also de gus. we are no longer able to find out traditional medicinal plans, through trees and many other vegetation we used to live off. even the wild animals have lost their food falls in the forest. we don't want social afforestation, but prefer preservation of the natural forest. according to the us food and agriculture organization than will deforestation rate in bangladesh. at 2.6 percent
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is almost doubled. the global average a large number of the indigenous guerrero and coach tribal people live in clustered villages inside the mother forest. but the traditional way of life has been threatened in recent years by the depletion of the forest. so illegal logging, land grabbing and commercial projects. and there are concerns. deforestation is only adding to climate change problems. they were listening among others increasing . they did a really and there, so they shut on forest is laid on every time. land is important and costly then forgotten the people and the maximum people they play to indian said the forest industrialized voting because just rope and meetings still. we tell you a little ways to protect our forest. the show their bonds is the world's largest mangrove forest unesco. well heritage site in a delta farm by 3 major rivers in the bale. bang go. it's under threat. so to the
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mix ever green forest in the hills. this fights protest by environmental groups. the government is allowing the building of the coal fired power plant and other industries to set up next to the mangrove, 4th state of the next forest. in addition to the very precarious and we have a total of 17 percent of our land as ordered. but the florida discovery is only 9 percent. most of the next year forests are subject to and coachman overall. the situation is actually very sad and video environmental experts, one that overpopulation rapid industrialization, agricultural expansion and illegal logging will continue to degrade forest resources adversely affecting the natural legal system. and the climate time v shodmurray. i'll just data model poor
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a performance at the world's largest arts festival shining a light on one of the great crises of our time, climate change, john hall reports from the edinburgh fringe in scotland. i you ok. i got to be gone when a deadly wave in gulf, the city of dublin, 2 friends must try to survive and reckon with the field trapped on the top floor of a city skyscraper, denial world, powerful renewable resource afloat is an online production co written and starring even a corner at this he has pared down edinburgh festival fringe. i'm not sure if ours in and of itself can absolutely change the world. but it can start really interesting conversation. dublin lost forever, and we never appreciated. while we had, you know, in a way this is a call to arms. i would hope a call for us to organize on math. and rather than sitting at home feeling diseases,
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the pandemic may have eclipsed climate change as the wills number one threat, but only briefly with the next big climate conference happening in glasgow in november. it's perhaps fitting that art and artists themselves emerging from months of locked down, turn their attention now towards that other great crisis of our time. turning stuff on there was some symptoms for the 1000000 or please try this storyline. it's about species of aliens that have come from that planet. it's been destroyed by the climate. so we've come to this planet, come to, to help people make a change in making us better. but we're trying to put it across in a very positive, joyful way rather than keep people down about it. so trying to convey a very important message, but that people li, feeling like uplifted like i'm going to make a change and it be exciting. and it be helping the planet with it that we're living
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on rather than, you know, telling someone else about it. world leaders are gathering here in november and glove. got solving claimant crisis. it was good to say like, a fun way to engage about environment. i hope something happens in november when you know they will meet here to talk about the future of our planet. i've never seen anything like it and i really like the connection with united nations and cope 26. that's great. follow up action and show. i wish i could just go back. so call to action on festival stages, both real and virtual. as the performing arts make us come back, the message is it's not too late for the earth to bounce back to giotto al jazeera edinburgh lebanon's worsening financial crisis, has thrown more than half the population into poverty. the currency value crushed basics have only become more expensive and now fuel subsidies may be lost as well.
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i just need a spoke to a mother of 3, the struggles she and her family face. and a man who has, i am human and has a mother of 3. i am a school teacher in abilene on a contest and knocked out of philadelphia. i used to feel that my job had meaning today. and with all due respect, i feel very unworthy lebanese citizen, my salary is very low. i get paid and have a nice balance. today, it only covers the few basics at the supermarket. they found a lot, well they found since 2019 life had dramatically changed my shit and i, our salary is only cover water expenses, gas, and fuel burns in. now we don't have water for example, and i have to make the dishes. why did i have to get water,
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which my son brought up? my can she can she life has changed dramatically. we can not even secure the basics for that yet, and i'm not that i'm along. yeah. i see this is a laundry. it's been in the machine since yesterday. i can't wash because the one our electricity we get does not cover the washing cycle. this is the fridge where we are putting the food that doesn't go bad. the bloom at the will, of course, i believe the government and the leaders, all of them means all of them and see that i've been and we're all tired, but pick hi, this is how we live. we have nothing to offer them. we're not well used to the situation, but my daughter bit my heart and the movie other i was like i cannot provide for her like before. ah.


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