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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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regional role today ah, allow common al jazeera as a, you know, ah, local sources in afghanistan say 2 more provincial capitals have been taken by the taliban. the 2nd largest city kandahar and laska golf club. so we believe that this is not only the right thing to do, but this is the right time to do with american and british troops had to afghanistan to evacuate. embassy staff and others from cobbled ah,
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law hasn't speak of this is just alive from the house or coming up. samsung's vice chairman j y lee walked out of a south korean prison released early from a sentence for bribery and embezzled. choosing corn dogs over koran a virus worries, one of the largest annual gatherings has opened in the us. me the taliban claims to have made its most significant gains yet in its efforts to take over african territory as foreign forces withdraw. local sources of hold of the taliban has seized 2 more provincial capitals, kandahar and laska. god have canister. the government hasn't confirmed this. it will take the total number of provincial capital seized by the taliban. over the past week to 13. a kandahar is the country's 2nd biggest city and the arm groups, birthplace, laska. god is the capital of hell man, province in the south,
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and has been the focus of heavy fighting in the last week of the recent gains for the taliban. include head out in the west, which is fallen in recent hours while has me was captured on thursday. let's speak now to rog mcbride, who's live in cobble. so rob, tell us more. first of all about the kandahar and laska go that's right. this is a huge blow for the government. the apparent loss of both cities laska has been the defenses that were breach some time ago. there's been fighting in the city going on pretty intensively for a few days now. but kandahar thus far had managed to resist attempts to breach the . a breach into the city around the defenses. h. as said, the 2nd city and dennis stand, it has some of the better units there. it has been able to call up as supported as strikes. but then over night, really very quickly,
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the city was overwhelmed. the defenses were breached, we started to learn about intense fighting in the center of the city, reports of the governor's resident's falling and also the police headquarters of the governor and the officials having to leave the city. now we understand that military units have withdrawn to what is a very big military base outside can to ha, and also we understand that the government forces are still in charge of the pool. there is no flights at the moment, but overnight we've also heard about other significant losses that the government just sustained over in the west. the city of had us has fallen and also joining had another province in the, in the west by gifts. this is a small a province, but with the loss of that these 2 provincial capital, that means that the whole of the west of the country is now in the hands of the taliban. and the position of the military and the government in the south of the country is extremely powerless. you'd have to say,
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there's also another problem that has come up on the radar lo guy. this is the problems we haven't heard of much so far. but in the past few hours we've been learning about a lot of fighting that's been going on around the governor's resident's now interesting guy a joins the probably joins cobble itself. it's just to the south of here and the governor's resident's is just 70 kilometers away from cobbles, city center. so with each of these developments, the fighting it seems, gets closer to cobble itself. so what's the, the afghan government doing about all this? rub how they plan to respond. you'd have to say that at the moment that the government, the military, a ready seems to be reeling as everybody else. every everyone seems to be stunned by the speed with which this advance is happens in which way by which the provincial capital is a poll. it also says that in many places the defenses have crumbled,
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that sudden some cases units have simply surrendered or given, given up to drop their weapons and walked away. in some cases, actually switching sides. and now, as the taliban has been urging that possibly joining that, cause there is still a large sections of the military outside of the provinces, which is committed, committed to fighting some of the better trained units. the commandos, special forces backed up by what remaining power they got air force can provide that's still very much committed to fighting the taliban where wherever the taliban arises. but you have to be said that after weeks, in some cases, months of fighting, these forces really are now exhausted. and we keep hearing about the possibility of counter attacks from the government. for example, in bizarre should be the last remaining stronghold of africa and government up in the north. that is still has considerable forces that we hear about counter attacks being plans. and yet we still haven't seen them. and,
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and with each of these games by the taliban, they seem to be getting more equipment more vehicles. we see pictures, for example, from hair right in the west of whole police station taken over still with brand new police vehicles there and other equipment, other weapons which all then feeds into this growing. but many of the taliban, this growing search, a search that seems increasing the directed from the north, the west, and now the south. all that the center here in cobble, rob, thanks for that. rub mcbride in cobble. now, american and british troops are on their way to cobble to help embassy staff and local in churches. they leave the country. but the us says it is not a full evacuation, and the embassy will remain open. my can are reports, it was just a month ago that the top us general and i've gone is don returned to the united states. his mission apparently over me since then the taliban has made huge gains
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throughout. have gone is done. and now be with is read deploying troops to assist in the evacuation of american nationals and afghans who worked with the us. this is a temporary mission with a narrow focus, as will all deployments of our troops into harm's way. our commanders have the inherent right of self defense in any attack on them can and will be met with a forceful and an appropriate response. $3000.00 troops on arrive at couple airport in the next 24 to 48 hours. a support team of another 1000 is being sent a cutter to process the single immigrant visas that are being given to african personnel. yet another brigade is being deployed to kuwait, to operate as a quick reaction force. should the u. s. embassy and couple come under the threat, but the state department dismisses reports at the embassy may close my response to that is, that's not true. this is not a full evacuation. un secretary general, the new york has expressed great concern about the situation,
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but still holds out hope for a diplomatic resolution. we are continuing to engage with the taliban. in doha, i mean we are continuing to believe that there is a political solution that can be had. this doesn't mean that we also blind to what is going on in the, on the ground. we are not blind to the suffering of the civilians. we're calling cross fire in in urban environments, and the us president insist it's f guns who must deal with a situation saying he does not regret his decision to withdraw us forces. african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death in injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation, but i radically, with the latest deployments, the american presence will be back to the same level as it was for the past 2 years
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. of the u. s. is longest running war. my kinda arches, era washington border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan as reopened. following a fight between guns and people waiting to cross earlier hundreds of afghans waiting to re enter, the country threw stones at security forces, who responded with tear gas. people were angry after an afghan traveller died while waiting to return home via the spin bold deck crossing. come on high to is following the story force from is islamabad. so come out what happened here? where your manger and there was trouble. border crossing yesterday when and i've been desk chair and died of a hotter day after radio angry scene. but we've been told that as of this morning, 8 am local time. the boarded now officially opened and traffic flowing and board
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directions, including pedestrian. now it should be under 3rd that both sides have did not close the borders. so there is a lot of ambiguity as to who close the border. but they said, indeed, the crew showed supply line for people living in the south in the city of gun doff . just to give you an idea about a 1000 truck garage in board direction on a daily basis for edwards hurting the trader, the business community. and obviously the white did afford stock charts, suppliers go run out and gandalf, which is all ready and seeing a lot of trouble. so indeed, the border opening now it's going to be from 8 am local time to 4 pm. that road, one of the minds of the business community, the local tribes, will depend on cross border trade and the government of gods. now saying that border is open, come out. thanks for that cannot hide a life in a slum of a samsung's vice chairman has been released from prison in south
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korea after being granted parole. j y lee was subbing a 2 and a half years sentence for driving a friend of the former president over a merger deal. it is unclear if he can return to work. it could excite his release, reflects a culture of leniency for corporate bosses. li offered an apology, as he left the prison. i have caused too much concern to the people. i'm really sorry, the heard. no, i'm listening carefully to your warriors, criticism, concerns, and high expectations about me. i will do my best to wrench rain in japan has triggered a mudslide that engulfed 2 houses in the city of wounds and in nagasaki. prefecture for people was swept away. one was found dead, and 2 others are still missing. heavy, rain and mudslide. warnings have also been issued for some parts of the southern
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main island of que shoes, and hiroshima. in western japan, people in some areas have been told to prepare for evacuation. a cargo ship is spilling oil into japanese waters after breaking in half the crimson palarez ran aground while sailing inside had she no port. it managed to free itself, but then suffered a crack which split the ship into all $21.00. chinese and filipino crew members have been rescued. official say that trying to contain the oil spill are still ahead on edge. is it a how the proportion of the population in the u. s. identifying as white has shrunk, and i'm very travel in the diary and gap with come here to talk to the migrants, to the thousands of migrants that are crossing through this dangerous jungle to make it to north america. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello. that is more exceptional heats on the way for southern areas of europe. and we want you to see more seemed like this as spain sweltering under another heat wave that's expected to last for the next 4 days. so on friday and saturday, we've got heat alerts out for southern parts of italy and southern parts of spain. but up in the north, it is looking wet and windier. we've got a weather system bringing the cooler wet weather to the british isles, to scandinavia, the baltics and to western parts of russia. but it's down in the southeast. we are seeing some unusual weather. we've seen torrential rain cause flash flooding in northern parts of turkey. that's after $41.00 millimeters fell in 24 hours. and that thanks to this weather system that seems to be a tropical storm sort of these conditions. and those are expected to continue over
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the next few days, affecting ga as well, but down in the south, it is looking hotter and dryer. and as we move over to the iberian peninsula, we're expecting a lot of heat come through in the next few days. here just here, all going to touch up into the high forty's, we could see a national record set in spain and talking about records to nicea set, a possible highest record as temperature is edged up to 50 degrees on thursday and that heat is going to continue sponsor, cut on airways joined the debate. you do not have back scenes reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community how an array of different story know topic it off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursday for new voices. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah,
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ah ah, hello again, you're watching. i just need a reminder of the top stories. the south samsung's vice chairman has been released from prison in south korea. after being granted pro j y lee was $72.00 and a half sentenced bribery. local sources said a ton of fun has seized control of another 2 provincial capitals in the south of afghanistan, all of lush and candle. the government is not concerned will be the most significant gains for the on group since it's offensive begin. the u. s. u. k. are sending more than 3 and
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a half 1000 troops to cobble to help with the evacuation embassy staff, and local interpreters, state us state department says it's embassy will remain in the national envoys at talks in doha, have released the final statement, encouraging the taliban and the african government to build trust and accelerate the peace process. how much am june has more? after the conclusion of 3 days of african talks here in doha, a final statement was issued by the envoys from the us. copper, china, pakistan, and other countries in attendance. and it said that the peace process in afghanistan must be accelerated as a matter of great urgency. now, the envoys also reaffirmed that they will not recognize any government in afghanistan that is imposed through the use of military force. over the course of 3 days. the envoys here in doha met separately with both the delegations of the
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afghan government as well as the taliban delegation. this was difficult and delicate diplomacy. very few concrete details emerged from the meetings that were all held behind closed doors. and many of the diplomats who were present were load to speak on the record to the press about exactly what had transpired during those meetings. there was a lot of concern that the participants had about trying to formulate some type of path forward for afghanistan at such a critical time for the country. and there was a lot of concern about how exactly the countries might have leverage over the taliban at a time when the taliban is taking over so much territory throughout the country of afghanistan. a 22 we will have been arrested in algeria suspected of being behind many of the countries, devastating wildfires. the government's been struggling to contain the fires and have appeal for international assistance. 3 days of national morning has been
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announced to of the 69 people killed. the number of people killed in floods in northern turkey has risen to 27. the black sea provinces were hit hard by heavy range this week. several homes have been destroyed and vehicles were swept away, doesn't have been injured. 6 people were killed in a mass shooting in the english city of plymouth. suspected gunman is among the dead as well as a young child. police officers were called on thursday evening after reports of gunshots in a residential area near the city, docks. witnesses of tow british media. the shooter kicked in the door of a house and started shooting at random. in south korea, as prime minister is pleading with the public to minimize travel, not meeting groups,
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and work from home as coven 19 infection. serge countries reported around 2000 new cases for 3 days. in a row. a 4th wave of infections is being driven by the highly can tell just take contagious. delta vary, which is now a dominant strain of the virus, and the country. prime minister kimball kim says the country must come together to control the vars. argentina has begun distributing its 1st batch of locally made sputnik corona vice vaccines. more than a 1000000 doses of the russian jab have been shipped to vaccination centers. around 6000000 people are waiting to receive a 2nd dose. argentina was the 1st country in the region to approve the vaccine. one of the biggest annual gatherings in the us has open, despite concerns about rising cobra. 1900 cases that thousands of people are expected at the iowa state fair. which more than a 1000000 people attended in 2019 people are not required to be vaccinated or where
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masks. gabriel is under reports. it's an american tradition. the state fair and nowhere do they do it bigger or better than in iowa stock. it's opening day at the iowa state fair, and it's pool of rides. and who do want a giant turkey leg? this is the place and there are plenty of big midwest farming trucks on display. kathy green, he has been coming here all her life. i have been coming since i was born, and i have been to this fair for 66 years here. it's all fun and games, but the truth be told i was going through a surgeon corona virus cases just last week alone. more than 60000 confirmed cases, a 50 percent increase from the week before hospitalizations and deaths also trending sharply upwards. so outside these fair grounds, it's not about what ride to go on or what food to eat. that concerns are much more
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serious. here at the biggest medical facility in de moines, they're so concerned about the delta variant and the surgeon corona virus cases that the childrens hospital has decided to cancel all elective surgeries, including biopsies for children that could have cancer organizers in state elected leaders, refused to cancel this year, masks are not required. social distancing, and temperature checks aren't happening. fair gore's have mixed feelings about safety. i was concerned about it. i vaccinated she's vaccinated. but i still think the mask is a safe thing because we're very close to people doubts about coming. did you kind of talk about or was never any we all but especially where we're going to bring our grandchildren in. is that no, it's not where we weren't gonna bring that the young kid to because of course they can't be vaccinated. other health experts say that many of the people attending the fair this year are doing so with a false sense of security. it is the perfect mixing pot for people to gather
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together bread, coven, 19. and especially the delta via various take it back home and cause even further outbreaks. we actually have one model that came out of polk county public health department that shows the bill be about $600.00 people who are walking around positive for cobit 19 each day of the fair with affairs spreading the fun, but also possibly the virus. gabriel sancho al jazeera de moines iowa. the latest us census shows the proportion of the population identifying as white has shrunk for the 1st time in the country's history. fewer than 60 percent of people now identify as why the change is being driven by increasing diversity. multi racial, hispanic and asian populations have grown significantly in the u. s. over the past decade. the number of migrants being detained at the us border with mexico has hit a record high. more than 212000 people tried to cross in july alone. as
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a 13 percent increase from june, phil macallan, phil laval rather is in macallan, texas, with more on the crisis. this is the migrant front line in texas. it's called 10 city. they're the lucky ones. if you can call them that, who have not been immediately deported, awaiting a hearing and crowded conditions, but in the us at last. and that's what matters. the smiles say at all and come in the way the travel here was very stressful. the city of macallan is a gateway to a new life of people like elsa. she left guatemala, left at 2 sons, made it through mexico and smuggled herself and her daughter across the border. i went on, but i was hungry. i walked for 18 hours. officials decided she can stay to plead a case, so she's taking a bus to florida. now me or i have a friend and she's going to take me in and help me find a job there. so i can give more to my kids,
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because there is nothing in guatemala for me. there is no job. there is nothing for them. i want them to have a better life migrates. arrivals along the southern border have rocketed lately, managing them all increasingly impossible. we've done a great deal and we need to do more promises again from the home secretary who flew in to texas. but the numbers don't lie and the police from the top do not come on working june. so a 180000 apprehensions, july, smashing that number with 212000 the highest for 20 years every day, around 1800, making it across. now, once the migrants have been processed at the border, they are put on the buses and they dropped off the bus station like this one and downtown macallan. often with nothing more than the clothes on their back and an envelope full of papers, i have to keep hold off ahead of their asylum. hearing that is where they enter the cur of local charities. there are lots of these places around that will give them food and shelter and water, but even they are struggling to cope with manpower with resources and kind of it is
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not helping at all. this is a system that has been pushed right to the edge and then a little bit further. nearby, there's free food. these volunteers dropping off meals to the thousands in those temper camps. since the end of march, we've served over 250000 meal to migrants in macallan. we've been supporting just because that's just macallan for the migrants you've traveled so far. there is another challenge, some conservative voices, claiming them for spreading cobit or bringing new versions in, though doctors disagree. are these false bringing variance that don't occur here, like the alpha lambda or the delta? and the answer is no. what we're seeing in our community and those that have been admitted from their committee, which is quite small, is that they're all delta variance for elsa. that was the least of her worries. me, her 1000000 things got, i made it and my family and i don't have cove it as she heads off on a 20 hour bus journey. it'll be the most comfortable trip she's made in weeks one where she finally has some hope. been lavelle al jazeera macallan,
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texas of this week, we've been following some of the thousands of migrants making the treacherous journey from columbia northern border to panama. many hoping to reach the united states, the crossing a dangerous jungle region known as the dairy and gap. theresa ball reports from one of the communities in panama, thats receiving them. i ride through the to quite the river. deep in the jungle in panama shows how thousands are fleeing poverty in south america. boats filled mostly with patients, cubans and venezuelan migrants follow one after the other. heading to the united states on the arrive in columbia, across to panama, through the daring gap. the arrived thirsty hungry and walk with difficulty robledo from venezuela travel with his wife and 3 children. he still recovering from the journey book, the book, the boy,
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whatever i can say is small compared to what we saw in one. there was a dead child and in another tent, 2 people drowning in the river and left hanging on trees. i counted at least 8 and i'm sure they were more i don't know. this is the worst i've ever lived with me take. i mean, amanda thought his wife, florida says she struggled climbing the mountains and the cliffs in the jungle was because it's horrible because i felt i couldn't any more. before i arrived here, i felt weak. we hadn't eaten in days. my feet were injured and i was thinking of my children. i thought my baby was not going to make it. florida says they were faulted. a woman from her group was raped and she had to cover herself in mud to protect herself. and g, o se, rape has become the norm. most of the people we have spoken to that arrived to this comes our desperate. most of them have lost all their belongings,
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they have no clothes for their children. this group is from venezuela. they say the only thing left are there expired passport. the all arrive at the indigenous village of the hotel quito, where there is not enough food and water to help them recover from the trip. dress has just arrived here from haiti. her 4 month old baby is dehydrated and has a fever. look whether or not i left, she lay because we don't have papers. the government doesn't want to give us papers . so we're going to mexico. around 16 percent of those here are children. they survive the journey. but unicef says most of them are traumatized. but this gets o'neil's. children are very young and they come with serious health issues like everybody else because of the trip to see diarrhea form. it's but also their effect to technologically because they go through to magic experiences. in some cases, they get lost from their parents, so it's very difficult. the countries in the region are struggling to cope with the
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thousands of migrants heading towards north america. they're trying to implement quarters, but this is unlikely to work for now. in spite of the risks, migrants continue to arrive. this is only a part of the journey, but most of them say it has left ones that will mark them for life. there is, i will, i'll just eat that in panama. an influential newspaper in nicaragua has accused the government of president daniel ortega of trying to hide the truth. that's off the customs officials refused to release paper imported for la prensa forcing the suspension of the newspapers print edition from friday. obligation has been critical of the president, he's been cracking down on his opponents before seeking a 4th consecutive term in november's election. candidates prime minister is expected to call a federal election on sunday voting day will reportedly be on september 20th,
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making the shortest election campaign committed just intruder is hoping to turn his minority government into majority riding on the success of canada's high vaccination rates of the lawyer for pop star britney spears says her father has agreed to step down as conservator of her state jamie spears has controlled much of his daughter's affairs. since she suffered a mental health breakdown in 2008. the american thing has been in a legal battle to end the arrangement, calling it humiliating and abusive the case spock the global free brittany campaign and debate on potential abuses by legal guardians. ah, this is agitated, let's get a round up of the top stories. local sources say the taliban has seized control of another to.


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