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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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of these because we definitely got tested effects, weaknesses in the existing legislations. experts warn but unless countries like serial yawn, take further steps to stop unrestrained development. their population will continue to be exposed to disasters similar to the mudslide of 2017. how may i decrease? i'll do that freetown ah, on money side and all the headlines on their cities close to the afghan council cub who have fallen to the taliban, which now controls 20 to 34 provincial capitals off to taking monet sharif the north of the country. the government has been reduced to the capital couple and part of the east. the taliban says it's now moving to july bud. i've got the stones, 5th largest city, and the president asked have gone
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a pledge not to give up on gains made over the past 20 years. the u. s. is sending thousands of its troops. stuff got us down to support the ongoing, pull out and help evacuate american diplomatic personnel as a tell about advance continues like canada has more. and that tells us that the bite and administration did not count on this happening. the massive tele bomb advance. it was only 2 days ago that the initial band of reinforcements with an ounce some 3000 and forces to go in to secure a couple airport and help help with the evacuation. they are joining $1000.00 troops already there, but in addition, as well, we've now in the course of the day, another $1000.00 troops from the 2nd airborne division of being sent into couple that brings the total to 5000 more than 300 people have been killed in haiti off the country was struck by a magnitude 7.2 quake hundreds more injured or missing. the sensor was about
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a 160 kilometers west of the cap. so a prime minister has declared a state of emergency and says that's been enormous damage. san b as opposition leader. okay, in the dilemma has taken a lead and his 6th attempt to become the country's president. the incumbent leader gallagher is trailing after voting, finished on friday with final results not expected until sunday. at the earliest, the president's opponent has criticized his management of the economy, which was badly hit by the pandemic. the ivory coast is reporting its 1st case of the boat of virus in more than 25 years. patient being treated in hospital, the commercial capital of abi john tested positive after arriving from guinea on thursday. the peasant travelled by road medical staff trying to determine if the case is linked to nevada outbreak in guinea earlier this year. and he's continues here after witness on counting the call europe p fun to fight terrorism and counter
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china and russia in africa. activists say they'll provide weapons to dictate the climate emergency costing billions, placing millions counting the call on now just the girl is who was the old school goes, but the one that came out when i was a oh, i was still in new jersey now. was your age when use my age? being you know was over. i heard it. i mean, he we we
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oh, you know, you know it's 5 though. yeah. 5 to would august august 9th. don't learn about august 9th, through something else happened august and i was born. tell you august 9th, on august night august the 9th 18 year old michael brown was gunned down. police officer in ferguson and her husband in white police are shot on our black jeannie.
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the little boy is a way to reach people about the michael political over my city. a representative on the one it would be a re body. look today. let you go walk right into gun. my i catch you wish me use s u t r a
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me in the system was for at and under is not willing to accept it. but on the same hand like is tough like you fighting against the entire system. if we have 163 representatives, if we have 117 of them that are from one particular party that don't understand my community and not willing to sometimes weigh substantial legislation. can i get the room that's going to speak to a major need for my community?
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thank you, mr. cher, members of the committee, bruce franks from 70 a district in the city of st. louis, current bill and house concurrent resolution 70. this bill speaks to a couple different things, 1st identified to use violence as a public health damage. last year, we are to marcus over 51 percent of the murders. the victims were between the ages of 16 through 24, and that is a public health epidemic, especially when we talk about communities with lack of resources. last quarter. my bill excuse me. good. like i just buried at this my last time bringing this bill. it identifies june 7th as christopher harris day and
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1991 christ for hairs. oh my brother was killed at 9 years old while outside playing the ripple effect of violence when it comes to youth. violence as a whole is stretches far. why me? i spend a lot of time talking to people in a lot of terms. it seems like people listen when they benefit them. when you come, people listening. now, given i shouldn't have to become talking about racism. but i do realize that folks may not come from where i come from. like, oh, i wish i paid to the right on an average of 12 hours. um i would say
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that the check when it comes to a lot of people to print out and never missed a day to get a 5543. well go as we get missouri. paul is a total of legislation right now. this week florida based on the veterans bill was in frank. you had an amendment to us about it. so i had a stand alone bill that i file i am stating that we go i bill is whenever people, as we have every time why you're really raising the trailer down as republican always been when he ran he let me be his friend. there are jokes, i don't tell their jobs, i don't laugh that there are things i don't do and say, because i'm friends with bruce ranks, and i a why republican from the sticks is a better person because he let me be his friend that i said a lot and i couldn't be more
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so this is a this if everyone hangs on will graduate on august 20 course on friday night, just really excited. i want to give an opportunity to the rules company and show which you know, somebody does kind of been down the road that we've been down. and what i've learned today telling your story is going to help somebody i'm from 4300. it gives my hood don't look no different than any other good out here around for around the west side and know where the common denominator was. we was pull, we didn't have resources. we didn't have a beautiful building where the police didn't show up fast when we call back in
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1991 to me i was arguing we was outside plant based my big brother, chris we use now years ago. one of the guys put out a gun, one shot and my brother was killed. my dad meant 65 percent of my life and do my little brother, my best friend. rog, just got home last year. got locked up when he was 14, he just got out he 31. if you were to told me on august a 20144 years ago. that obvious state representative. i'll probably cost you about 3 different lines. but damn, i work with keel. those might, i saw me, i saw my son in 15 years. i saw all the youth that i met on the ground. and i felt like, you know, at this my time to spend one to 3, call me in
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the morning while i'm working on stuff that i'm working on. right? absolutely. what think about you know what the problem is? we know what to do. yeah. and given all jobs and you just say, what matters. we got what better person to go right back to the who would you like to meet with me? call me with me, let me bring them to the tiny step back as i live in a state rep and in about the exact same thing. when i get ready for a battle,
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i don't necessarily pay attention to that particular artist. i pay attention to what the artist might say the same way when you are present legislation. you want to know what the folks who oppose what kind of fight they're going to put on there . you want to be able to get that back, but it was atrocious. crooked ball and stuff all the young to do preparation. so the latest load is the exact same thing as being a bad rap, probably about a rapid pace, but the normally we, we got to return the you know, what it is now the me,
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and they say you don't say the band with the, the big that i no matter how many movements are when you make you still work with them like the i don't want to divert me any more. no link, but i think you have to give them a warning rate. now the white guy only would give them black. oh, live uses on the black
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on black planning, i went and put 5500000 to know who so you address it in you that i'm what i'm going to police quite know what now the looking to do the have to i mean you just make it on break, you know, like when i go into the like the me to do if you want to do anything, what was done. i don't know if that would make it. yeah, the. 7 only way. so we're going to apple sigmund marketing. these are not put old.
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i don't what we got big got like this is necessary. everybody claim they cool. they get found that affects them with their on the right board. right? because the, the the me in
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ah, i, i, i if you bring your deal with your school, you know, you are not then, i mean, a lot of people say are you free from birth? yeah, and he always see me see, and i'm not afraid. well
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we live here peace, the little house. remember me, pray for him all the time. i pray for my kids. he said, i'm doing what i love and i'm doing is to change where i'm doing is to help people . so don't worry about me enough. some demos happened to me. i did it because i want to change was happening the violence. and i'm doing it for my teeth. basically dad, he grew up. does this always been like open like this? we used to play football. these those. the kids are football dental,
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we had to do mooney sales on like marquis we have video. that's why the guy who man came out the house i was put out or doing ill and i don't put out again. i don't pick my brother, use him this to block him from the guy back and my brother got q i was so young, i think. does what hearst the most because i have a lot, i mean i remember they told me on
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a plane and and i remember when my dad bought his bike 1st, we were small dis member him. but he look like the lifetime gauge. i don't think anybody ever recover from or ever with me on the. ringback in the game, i go into memorials or candle
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life. i've been to 167 channels and finally starting to get to me mentally. ah just so confused on what to do and i got met this i don't know where are pledge to scream me asleep. dream. my dream in cannery play. i have been to so i will
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go swim for you there. hard. and i set up in a and dodd's crime, and then i started to do it again. i started playing each piano from my brother into their point. the fact that i remember so many details about not only the fios but the way that folks die. where i was how i felt it seemed like it are just stacked on top each other you mean the
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dog oh. ringback boy, the me, ah,
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not pushing on working. i'm on our side visual legislation today for your family so let's make it a mission the . ready news, wilma black rights and black or white one the only
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thing person everybody knows how important it is to me. i want to thank my colleagues. last year on the floor. they showed me low. and when i walked into the chamber, where my brothers deal with her, that this is something that we work so hard on us. and we finally got it through a job where you wanna get a king is a sponge and the soaks and everything just the reality of being black and growing up and black and the different encounters that he'll have. whether it's police, whether rich people just plainly, right. i would never try to protect them from him because this
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happened. he's going to see, and i read him, be prepared for it for to hit him by surprise. ah ah ah ah ah oh yeah, no, no, we will when no. oh no we will the just want to make sure he's ready to income,
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which is coming up will be 5. ah ah ah. ah, i'll talk to chris is, can my just a relief like getting it out? and like i know statue this just symbolization like distill my big ah, ah
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ah, ah me, i little bit of happiness. i have had the sacrifice everything. ah ah me, ah, i
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me, i the jewish passions, elephant conservation colleagues have become friends, but with civil war defending famous now protect themselves, escaping deep into the rain forest back to the western world. the elephant surviving the poachers is a lifelong challenge. now to them without loss or revel militia elephant pot,
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a witness documentary on out to 0. ah, ah, ah, ah, all cities continue to fall as a taliban consolidates its control over more and more. i've got this done. i hello money side. this is al jazeera life from so coming up and he's 3 engine people are killed off to magnitude 7. point 2, ask way strikes haiti, pace rise among opposition. supporters in some.


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