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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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died after the finish invasion in the 1500. president lopez operate all calls it and on the mitigated failure is to assess city this disaster data, clear some data, scruffy, whatever you want to call. it allows us to argue that the congress, with the founding failure, the most, we remember the fall of the great, the not an offer forgiveness, the victims, the catastrophic gospel, the spanish military occupational missile america, and the rest of the current mexican republican ah, my money inside but the headlines on al jazeera cities close to the afghan capital couple have fallen to the taliban. on saturday, the key northern city of missouri sharif was overrun by the fighters. that means to tell about now, controls all of northern afghanistan. the government has been reduced to the capital couple and some areas in the east. and here's charlotte bellis with reports
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of even more gains by the faces. we're hearing this morning reports that they have taken. nangle. ha, the provincial capital of july le bad. and the east there are taliban report saying that but then also residents a saying that they have taken over major government assets in that city. july. that is a large city. it's one of the 5th biggest cities in afghanistan. and it is incredibly significant because it is east of afghanistan on the road to pakistan, which means they've essentially cut off couples access east now and to talk and crossing which was the biggest crossing and f dennis done. and where they had a major source of revenue through customs and border control. meanwhile, the u. s. ascending thousands of its troops job got a sound to support the ongoing pullouts and help evacuate american diplomatic pass . now, as the tell about advance continues,
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more than 300 people have been killed and hazy and to the country was struck by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake. hundreds more injured or missing. the epicenter was about a $160.00 closes west of the capital. haiti's prime minister declared a state of emergency b as opposition leader k. in day he dilemma has taken a lead and his 6 attempts to become the country's president. income lead a go linger is trailing off voting finished on friday with final results not expected until sunday. the red cross says it's at least 20 people have been killed in the explosion in northern lebanon. it happened that a fuel storage facility in i call region dozens have been injured. i've been taken to the lebanese city of tripoli for treatment. those are your headlines coming up next is where you are in tons near. on counting the call,
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europe pete fund to fight terrorism and counter china and russia in africa. activists say it will provide weapons to big cases, but climate emergency costing billions, displacing 1000000 counting the costs. well now i just i i, i hello and welcome to rewind of the film that you're about to see today is just as relevant. now as it wasn't at 1st that back in 2011. that's what i'll do is africa investigate. he went undercover intends in a document,
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a sinister trade in body parts from children with albinism for youth in witchcraft . and later we'll find out how the situation has changed in times since all cameras left but fast his spell of the i'll be no, and i should warn you that you may find some of the images disturbing. the mean, i mean time i got one, i got 30 gone and yeah. now what is it, can you tell me that you need one more? yeah. why do we go? i'd like to do the work on one minute. she didn't get me me and i said why? and anyway, by doing, i mean, you know,
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my name is mia, i'm as i am and i'm the cover report and i will help. i suck me just so i never reveal my fees because my anonymity is an important point in my wake. we want to raise awareness about the pledge of our being those in terms we want to should have fraud of witchcraft and expose the creamy mouse behind it. i'll be nobody to treat but 1st i will stay in the background and leave my son to lead a fact finding mission with the members of the me and i'll be and also site. we also joined by rich had my gum back look gentle is who has went on this story before. rich had news from his own experience. why i'll be at risk. when i grew up by the child, i was told i'll be not, don't die. the medical paula, whenever they grew, they will just disappear at this point. so we've kind of believe last the out little believe engineered by which dr is created. the booming business for,
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for the demand albino pot. it's very sad, 50 years of independence in my country. we still believe we can to each other to make money. we can kill a fresh at that just happened. we can go near gate the in northern pennsylvania the favorite fernando study. one. i'm with it to you. he was a couple more panda. by monday, she woke up when you, when you're ready to pull up your renewal, we talked to her. i went in for
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a phone number again a bad day. if you could please. quite yet, each end of what was going on with her to go football. i need to know if i decided we're going to be heading back to school and then you said you can just come in. i think, you know, if you went back, if you didn't talk to
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the level of i think he really did good enough just to do that. he would be easier or walker, who would be more than one who will be going on with what we want to move me know when we knew that it will be one
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happy moment way a we will. we will not really generally in e n a because of where does he know what a yearly kids are going to show who would you mind going with them? but i he mentioned that got the bias and them. well, i'm going on money. wally, you money. he is that we should be as a buyer. money isn't there. i mean, let's see what the police have to say about adam's keys. they have already locked up several suspect in their cells in the background and female police who pretend done by lucas. a bible agreed to brief delegation about his latest findings to them . and when he was
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one of them, a little busy doing now and up in the 1st moment when i was wondering what do you do room with these mark? amani we can use was betty
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a mock um this is the 1st court here in adams case. so far as 3 suspect, it is good to see that the police are moving fast with this investigation. our next submission is a trip to adams village to have a look at the crime scene. my lady got one video game. it was, it gave me the welcome. you got me every day and you know we had about 3. we stopped us being rest of this morning opened by up to about one of them was the father. but i'm going to give the book go got called jesus language. you know, no one is amanda, found the visa ending with that name because of the believe to wait for minute miserable powers and believable. and then we have the, we are called is
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a very be huge, visited several times what he may be and also what you say. we have to find the witnesses, restore them on the day he was on top. we are lucky, we have found adam's brother faleen when i'm good at selling was seen at the grandmother's plea. now he wants to show as a crime scene, and there are, mom was wondering what her active will probably because like if the grandmother above this is somebody will talk to you about us. we're going to this is where the where sitting for dinner on the
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day when i've done a talk, as i talked him when it was waning, they moved to fry. seek a place where there is no rate was he wanted to get a to come come at this. this is where they put a number finger and chopped thing and cut them off here. they put in the right hand and stop all the spot. so this is a mark that remains the why does it go higher? while the clue band, we will tell you when you let, you know, i cannot remember by dialing somebody they might as well. yep. i was like, we're not, we're not on the face time. that's fine. yeah. was seen here. he had what would you give me? would he owe her to me? well, what the hell need i need to you got new though. yeah. one
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dennis? yeah. who do you think it was? apple and hungry? gave me the do that, and i'm not also on my mom when you have like ginger noodle, kidney randall mine. she had to go right out at ethan yogi. norfolk, can i get home in a clean and i didn't quit your home? we're going to do so at the window or she will need it will be when i although sheila ha
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maybe yeah, you can we can pick our fan club. i love know, and i was i got rudy technical cut and i if you maybe don't have yak, trend to county d b i can i i thought their money was about what brought the lack, what we do on there come up with up. what is he time like? i'm coming to argue how do you like me? he was going to talk to me please. yes. i did get his medical group. he will need to go who went to cook. he got a check for that one. okay, cool. cool. the check is how i want to get a job moral. you're going by. yeah,
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i will plan to go daddy and i'm not, your godaddy will get there. normally we cut allows me to clunky to cooper. and now, i mean, i know high. i mean, you know, if you get a new quin class, i'm apple watch invite you. i don't like when i hear from but it to me you know, when i me have you waiting for them? yeah. yeah. yeah. when i me come get my budget can invite him to and i move bumbled to and i'm football. be known about the
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job when you quit out anyway, very quick. why? why we are not. oh, judge valuable. that's all right. now you don't miss out even though we we still do more. yeah. when you're putting my you're in it might have done more. i said i needed no one to add them gun my the suspect? look good. mine is behind the be nobody pad st. unfortunately, adams attack is not unusual. the attacks against albinos clearly on the rice since 2008 tons counted 62 venus who were killed. 16 who had limped amputated and a buddy of 12, albinos where exuberant our next mission is to confront a witch doctor who is linked to these crank. it's the start of our and the cover
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investigation and it's time to get involved myself. i almost feel like to be approved and it should start right now. but says i have to prepare my beat specially designed to trap. i'll be, you know, hunting so this is, i'm gonna fuck jennifer. very, very close to reality. and the top of hand now being little quaid was dropped off to real as special effects company. prepare disprove static. and i want to use it to scale which doc this and prove that the only talking nonsense, wendy tried to sell the albino auction is so sad that you see children who are there ways would have a bright future. have india limbs dropped off? i can leave out in humans and people can
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oh me less she what i sent to see about my mission. ah ah, i haven't yet told him about the fig. and i can't wait to see his reactions. my plan is how about going to meet that which doctor was willing to do to confirm that i would love my how do you feel about me? i think it looks real quickly here do. ready you need to be willing to use for the plan
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because the you, when they are great, it's great to see. i'm a nature surprise. i sat if you think this is real, i should be in a position to new the which to into my trust me. ready plays with my film and we should that would, you know and criminal charlotte abuse in the rush of war and on that you keep that people and driving at times on i'll be most in this county. i said, gives me the contact for which doctor who is suspected of being involved in the i'll be, you know, treat i pause as a customer who wants to become rich and wish dog that demands
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a bank note to start his settlement of money and he's going to continue to have fun, talking about cases, black magic and the need of special medicine to lose my luck and success. at this point, i started to ask specifically about the i'll be no. does he be no pets already? if you will be no more than others, he's a mom. we know we know what the woman who put you with that being a man. it's easy to know you over the world and end up. not mom, any, as you can get up and get in a minute and then he will more than time over the weekend and i soak was right. this is one of the which looked as who is who will in the i'll be nobody pad straight.
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he wants to sell me a portion for about $70.00. new from the metal to weigh out the noble ways. it's michelle giving you the balance. you said the crash to to be noble. what is it? is it a young albino all pulled up? isn't another none of them. feel them as much? was a young a like a child? that thing is stamped his came with my tell him i brought him at present stick ticket. tickets. you want to live a ticket ticket? dick. what
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a ticket ticket. are you afraid? he says what, what, what sort of forward, sorry for what is this being too loud beatles for a ticket ticket. something. so why did mean that he this what would you stop this thing and still bring it, bring my hand as we go him, it will not be just this one. we are going round picking them one by one to ensure that put them behind bus, that atrocity study, arbitration doors, albinos nothing,
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much stupid. they have to stay in prison and keep the society safe. he cause it. when they invented that, when nekisha changed, please give me a call when you would have to wait for any new jersey and leave me a thank you. well, to update you on this story, we went back to hans and to find out i'm faro,
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the full year old boy you saw in the film and to speak to the organization under the same sun, which is helping him. i'm all those like can recover the find that out of in the hospital and gave it years ago. i said to what do you want out of like, what can i do for you? how can i help you? and he said, i only want 2 things. one of the all to go school, i want to go home again. i want to say phone sell through some connections over canada and got some for the major reconstructive surgery done. and they told us on the plan and reconstructing his hands subsidy a hold of him. i felt like a parent to sign this form before i went into surgery saying, you know, every surgery to speak and his blood, he could die. and you take legal responsibility for this decision for to have this child have a surgery and i did. it was very traumatic experience for him. actually had surgery because it brought back the memories of the attack. but he got through it. he persevered, it's remarkable to see the progress he made in
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to florida oh. 6 i mean, i can read now i want, i want to couple no appleton
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a symbol come up way to go to this number in the when there is a higher degree of public awareness of the issue. we run public learners campaigns pretty steadily since 2011 in terms radio, television, and particularly understanding albinism seminars in the rural areas. and that has really contributed toward a general shift and thinking do you want to stop? yeah, and so i'm going to extend a challenge to you that you will be just to be able to get to know one area that i'm still really troubled about is a lack of prosecution is over about 90 percent of the cases of attacks and killings that have occurred since let's say 2008 only 10 percent of those cases have gone in the court system and hand it to the point of conviction. the
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adams particular case, perpetrators have not been convicted. so there's lots of massive people. families have watch children to murder or survivors who was limbs, who not have their day in court. for me, that's a travesty of justice. that's a big concern. ah, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah . the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist, determined to report the truth. your government is full of nacley. she said, that's how the article should start. 60 a zone we revisit, the report is still risking their lives being another outbreak. violence of more versus rewind, the deadly beat on algebra. the us is holding the loss of its true alphabet gun after a 20 year old war to the conflicts off and the taliban is only offensive, claiming proven. were housed by the afghan government, despite international mediation. if it's,
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what does the future hold special coverage or no, you are you dealing, you can a 3rd risk of extinction in bishop plan to read the nation. if the president said them one of the best guys on out to me in canada and find his mother sharif, gotten government loved may just stronghold in the north and there is fear and panic in capital as government falls has crumbled. the last remaining cities on the capital now look dangerously within reach ah, wanna don't wanna come all santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera,


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