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a college man just have a little look at to al jazeera dot com for your website, and right at the top that you see next to the home like afghanistan, we'll click on that. it takes you through to here. all of our kind of stuff. content is aggregated there, the breaking news, live blogs, video on demand, of course reports from the likes of charlotte, bella, and rob mcbride, who are reporting from they keep an eye out for map, as well and interact as which will help explain the situation. ah. will take you through the headlines and those kind of developments now though taliban fighters are captured july, the bad, the collapse of that eastern city leaving only cobble as the major city under government control. the group has also seen one of the largest border crossings with pakistan. that's the talk come crossing. and that means that taliban now controls all of that kind of stones, major border pose. before all of that, just
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a few hours before the groups fight has seized a hugely important commercial hub and government bastion that is missouri sharif. giving the taliban control, complete control of the north of going to stun. cobble itself is not dangerously within reach of the group. more from charlotte bellis in council. for him is the most important border crossing that the government had been clinging onto the main supply route, chicago. most goods come and go from pakistan from talking and then through those provinces, lockman and then go into cobble. and the taliban had taken both of those provinces and the crossing which puts cobble and a very difficult position in terms of getting supplies in and out. we understand that government forces flayed to come crossing around midnight and then they were not sure where they went to, but they abandoned the posts and then the telephone and now claiming they are in control of it. i looked at some other headline search and rescue teams or trying to
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find survivors after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in haiti. well, the 300 people have been killed. haiti's prime minister declared a state of emergency that there is enormous damage. the red cross is reporting at least 20 people killed in an explosion in northern lebanon. this is a fuel storage facility and region. dozens of been injured have been taken to tripoli for treatment due to a lack of medical facilities in the area flooding and northern turkeys killed. more than 44 people, volunteers, and emergency work as a rushing to supply aid to people affected dozens of bridges and roads have been destroyed. and more than 105 burning across the northeast in siberia, russia's president, calling it an unprecedented situation. the can to your region has experienced months of record breaking temperatures. you're up to date with the news once again here on out just the euro. the latest addition of people and power is coming up next. talk to al jazeera, we roam,
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did you want the un to take and who stopped you? we listen. you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra ah, how was north korea? one of the poorest countries in the world managed to evade un sanctions and pay for each nuclear weapons program? the answer is through a secretive government organization in this bureau, 39, which obtains foreign exchange fund, kim jones regime in the 2nd of to investigations. how insurance scans, computer fraud and illegal sales keep the money rolling in the
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in north korea like game of thrones, that without the dragon's is a harris socratic society, and capitalists. and everything is geared to make sure that there's as much cash for kim as, as possible soon. told you not a good day, tony about getting a shit out or yeah, guess you got in bureau 39 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. selling arms smuggling of drugs, conser feeding off us bills. this is about hundreds of millions of dollars a year to tie it and everything hadn't didn't
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make dollars. the and the germany until a few years ago, the north korean state insurance company k and i see had a branch in an innocuous looking apartment block here fix. north korean officials may deals with major european insurance companies. at home. we have all the talk to one more tangible tall one and then told me that on target on them yet, it was all helical come to russia to hit a thought a my a got some of her hired somebody that on his or her
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whole with me that is all head table. mendoza? lloyd, the younger lloyd all nissan. and they told me, campbell moved in there has a ping you guys him or, or can you call me or more the last you can say that i need those to me going down there, hoping the parish kevin guy coverage. you'd have been guy. so the helicopter cough so that in an evening, month to month was one case. among many in 2015, the european union put the north korean insurance company on their sanctions list. the accusation co financing of the nuclear weapons program through bureau. $39.00 experts estimate that with crashed helicopters and similar tricks, the kim regime and several $100000000.00. but how does the kim regime
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manage to transfer the millions it makes to pyongyang? the answer is simple. through diplomatic channels grew up and it shows how much it was. you don't get to know. i don't know why he's had a little who, who gave is triple a poll your subsequent to your one or 3. you know, korea uses, it's worldwide network of embassies to ferry money, back to pyongyang, and north korean officials, enjoying diplomatic community. carried money in cash. and that's like baggage, a simple but efficient way to ensure the cash flow doesn't stop nursing. the embassies have a different ethic function that, that's often mainly ceremonial. but their to function is financial. it's also illegal, mainly know screen diplomats are basically cast carriers for kim their into,
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for their, their businessman. they may be direct lawrence and maybe weapon smugglers, but they carry a different passport, say contacts and berlin. right in the middle of the city, like the north korean embassy. the north koreans have been renting out one of the buildings as a hostile for tourists. they've been earnings, $38000.00 euros per month in rent, using embassy grounds for such activities is against diplomatic practices and contravenes un and you sanctions like any other country. the main goal of the embassies is to serve the state in the north korean states priorities in particular . so the cold sanctions are so comprehensive. now, much of the activities conducted in these embassies may be prohibited providing
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military supplies, training, and much of that has been done through north korea's embassies, particularly in africa and the middle east side of all the countries in the middle east. currently, syria and our republic has the greatest levels of prohibited cooperation with north korean military entities have his ascent. the father of the current theory and death point and can assume we're friends from the 1900 sixty's own back. then the north koreans helped the syrians during the war against israel and supplied them with weapons and ammunition. an important source of income, right up to day. using tactics similar to those of 18th century pirates bureau, $39.00 runs ships under full flags and fate names. according to the un, north korea has dust managed to send large numbers of weapons to syria.
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between 20122017, at least 40 shipments from north korea passed through the suez canal. but in 2018, the us managed to have one of them intercepted. so we found something called go on its way to syria. these were acid resistant tiles, involves which could be used in chemical weapons development. but also missile fuel is highly corrosive and such tiles could be used for ballistic missile program as well. the bill of lading clearly gave has an address in syria established from the company for syria scientific studies research center. the s s l c, which is responsible for a serious ballistic missile chemical weapons development program. the russians did
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in the chemical weapons produced in these lavar trees, who have been used by serious dictator against his own people for years and many of those who died in agony, foaming up a little known fact was that the syrian chemical weapons program we've created with the help of north korean technicians and the scientists, some of these sites with armed by the united states. the purpose or actions today, is to establish a strong deterrent against the production spread and use of chemical weapons. when the, the american bomb d m, the chemical laboratories day bob to north korea, or whether they knew their bombing of trains, i don't know, but they did s screen. the process in syria is really much and their report sandra, appreciated me, one 3rd of all buildings and syria has been destroyed, attract a and
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a business opportunity. the theory and regime hopes for billions from international donors for the reconstruction of the country, the necessary work brigades to come from north korea. the 2 countries signed a contract at a meeting in june 2019. deals between death bought the money this early to buy off a $39.00, it goes straight into the coffers to leadership. it is used on the one hand to provide for luxury items. it is used to pay for them. and the mercedes benz car stats somehow found their way into the korea despite the sanctions. but it also, it is also used and this is probably more important to deliver the best hackers. you can, you can train as early estimate, eighty's came and young, ill started training the most talent of children to become cyber hackers. they're
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also good money earners. ransomware, like the one across fires, for example, is considered to come from the north koreans. it is the biggest cyber attack the world has ever seen. hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in about $150.00 countries rendered useless. now the u. s. government is publicly placing the blame for that cyber assault, uniquely dubbed, want to cry squarely, and kim jong owns army of hackers in so computer specialists, a hot on the heels of north korean hackers. simon, choice works as a consultant for south korean intelligence agencies. could the washing and a quarter to know what i'm going to talk to, connie june and then move to the bank and then we'll pack it up to them and then we'll go keep 100 if i want to buy the king or sunday on each. so yandell the turn in some quantity experts estimate that between 61300
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hackers works for kim or pills over or can you corner king on a team? so they get a little daughter attending on tuesday. i assume you guys have to con it out us or not. when we come in and do that and can you call it out to me? when i come by log in, i wanna know she got to pay way sick. what i would, should experts estimate that up to $2000000000.00 have been stolen by young, highly trained north korean hackers. north korea has developed an efficient education system for its upper middle class. here at the young young middle school, the children who will later be computer specialist, scientists and engineers, a train to shape the future of the country. everybody has to meet your highly and i'm sure i want to get this thing. the chinese,
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i guess, rather the students also learn how to use computers. they have access to a very limited north korean version of the internet. uncensored variety is strictly forbidden. north korea's rulers know that once the doors to the digital world have been thrown open, they can never be shot again. but despite all precautions in 27, north korea face the 1st digital data leak in its history. the data of pyongyang, municipal registry with more than 2000000 entries. professor brighter obtained a copy and is currently analyzing it using special software. we never had this kind of up to date information effort. if you want to understand the system, the regime to party, you can actually go about analyzing and mapping chung for 1st time and we're no
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longer dependent. and it goes on people who tell us where, where all the buildings are. we can actually now she whose inside 2 buildings with companies, there are departments there are and re, should locate him the day to prove the main building. if bureau, 39 is close to the seat of power, right in the middle of the piano and just a stone's throw away from the headquarters of the workers party. it's divided into 6 main departments and employ several 1000 people and young young alone. they have their own fleet vehicles, kindergartens, a golf course, an ostrich farm, and even their own bank. these 6 main departments are in turn responsible for hundreds of individual companies throughout north korea. they control iron or, and diamond mines, jewelry,
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factories and textile companies. they're mainly specialized in exporting good to broad other companies in the bureau and foreign exchange to force labor smuggling and insurance fraud. but one rule applies to all the name bureau. 39 is never mentioned outside north korea. busy so it remains invisible, impossible for un sanctions monitors to detect me. oh, i have already a kind of general idea for you when you will know what you call those. you do your homes here and i was with all around horror as we get to go on the ground to the high schools. you guys read, you know,
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by hung from we'll come police a mr. milton, with his own no longer the on him on the turn, the tires and everything on your honeymoon make dollars. i know korea is changing. an impoverished socialist state has turned into a country with a highly flexible shadow economy. in many ways north career is run like a commercial company. all that matters is cashed, came the workers here and no longer slaving away for the revolution. but for the wealth of dan, nita and his cronies, the gap between rich and poor is widening. while the population in pyongyang enjoys are constantly growing prosperity, 40 percent of the rural population still suffer from the nutrition. what
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a database shows beyond any doubt, instead of asserting, i know the only excess. now we can prove what it does. it owns companies, it operates these companies and act for us, all kinds of things. and that is actually quite and an important development in understanding how north korea managers to earn money above. we know, know exactly through what kind of companies office 39 dust is. qindzhong silk folks spinning mill, named after kim jong owns grandmother. a model factory. 1600 workers are employed here. most of them women. they sought process and boil the cartoons of the soap worms to obtain the precious yon. the soap worms come from a province south of pyongyang, about $200.00 tons of phil could produce cheer every year. a luxury product
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expensive and labor intensive, the factories entire production is intended for export abroad. but the supervisors are unwilling to disclose who the foreign customers are. i'm not sure any more. who suffers under those ations? it's a hassle, i'm sure for their friends, but i do find ways around it. why does the pros is at night or china, nor russia is, is helping and enforcing the sanctions chromosomes close it. it's and say to don't see the tail is going on and ends on day crow. cool in general. so you guys keep on to doesn't move shebaway till my mom sit on it. what are you going to mission, mom? working number one moment ma'am, because you he had to come in to t o. sometimes you know when people are people common factory textiles. the
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2nd most important north korean export product after code, all calls will be showing up at the theodore home. now the thing is she bought 2 in then you were to happen who was in she will need them both of them in the go for one that was hold on and on china, north korea gateway to the world and a symbol of how few child the you end efforts are to dry out can sources of cash.
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ready the final korean friendship, french across the yahoo river. it's one of the few ways to enter or leave north korea every day, trucks. q in front of the custom's checkpoint smugglers traders and also the agents and entrepreneurs of bureau, $39.00. they're all hoping for a quick deal here. china is by far north korea is most important trading partner. financial experts estimate that 90 percent of north korea's exports go to its powerful neighbor in the north. thousands of north koreans are said to work in textile factories in the region disguised as businessmen and equipped with hidden cameras. we film in one of the factories, chinese textile companies higher north koreans, because their wages are lower than those of chinese workers. these seamstresses
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work day and night, and often sleep on the company premises. they're likely to be locked up for years, far away and their families together with a team of labor, lawyers, trade x data specialists, ramco broker tries to find out whether european brands work with chinese companies that directly or indirectly employ. north koreans managed to prove the existence of a significant amount of north spring slave labor in the supply chain of some of the rules leading clothing companies. but more than that, chinese factories outsource to north korean centuries in north korea, basically in europe and in the u. s, we've come to an agreement that we no longer wish to find slave labor or child labor in our supply chains. but if you look closer at some of these producers, you find that sometimes up to 90 percent or for production does not take place in
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china. it does not take place in the factories where the european and the american auditors come to check whether working conditions are decent. yes, they are in those factories, but that's only worth 10 percent of the products are snape. the other 19 percent comes from north korea. brightest team investigated one chinese textile company more closely. it's called von dest. their list of customers rates like a who's who, of international fashion brands. the website features a man's jacket next to it, it says korea and imported the buttons, carry a label, a mani genes using trade databases, brokers, teen analyzed, long desks, business relations between 2013 and 20. 19 the databases use customs data showing which good sent back and forth between companies in different countries. china sense the material to make certain types of clothes,
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to north korea. one love or the ship beck in the same container. and then you have finished loss. most close are again, shipped to say, to netherlands, or to germany, or to america. and from there, they're distributed into our source between 2013 and december, 2016, long dest sent around $10000000.00 worth of fabrics and raw materials to north korea. during the same period, phone desk received finished, garments worth almost $25000000.00 from north korea, who's customs classified textiles by so called h. s. coats. we take a closer look at h. s. code 62. 0 one. it stands for mens anoraks and jackets like, via money jacket on the website. between 2013 and december 2016 von dest imported garments with $12000000.00. with this code from north korea. the
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same code is also used for deliveries from von desk to europe, and the us among the customers. a money, a money jacket that look exactly like the one on bone dest website can also be bought in europe. this one costs 219 euros. it can't be proven beyond doubt whether garments like this one are made in north korea. but can it be rolled out? we asked for fashion brands a money right. we confirmed that phone desk is one of our suppliers, and as such is regularly subject to checks and inspections. the result of these checks being the no finished products on manufactured in north korea. like all our suppliers, it's also required to declare which sub contract is it, use it, and where these are concerned. it's also the case that none are in north korea.
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we've also contacted von dest in writing. the company offered no explanation as to why and to what extent it trades with north korea. in one thing can be sent for certain, well known fashion brands have their goods manufactured by a chinese company that co operates with north korea. a country where workers have no rights where human life counts for nothing. broaches investigation shows that this is not an isolated incident. for years and years we've heard testimony from north korean escapees who were in concentration came today have been forced to produce textile for the export market. and i think for the 1st time i've been able to corroborate that through an external source. i'm not through a testimony in the same database. i found the department of bureaucratic department that is responsible for managing the production of textiles for one of the
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concentration camps. aside from that, it means that we not only by close, produced by forest laborers, maybe even slave labor. we may even buy clothes all through europe in america that was made in concentration. camps by people never see the light of day. again, these are the kinds of camps that you don't leaf until your death. that is just to fix, to, to put in worse. and we're complacent. ah, hundreds of thousands of men and women secretly ensure the survival of the dictatorship. their futures sacrificed for the luxury of the regime and for our prosperity, qindzhong own bands, his country like company. his bureau, 39, does business with everything. and everyone, including,
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ah, bo guerria, the poorest nation, the europe in union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in the aim of our ruling class was to get the 1st 3 repeal money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from the area at the crossroads on a what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here as we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. you and you can
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a 3rd risk of extinction in bishop plan to read the nation. and if the president sites one at any events, the guy who's i $600.00, g m t, here on out there on come all santa maria with the headlines and taliban fighters that captured the city of july about the capital of manga ha province. this is one of the 2 remaining government strongholds, just a few hours drive away from campbell. it's come up that mean. so all of the country, major cities, except cabella now and the government control groups also see one of the largest border crossings with pakistan that the tor come crossing, which means that held by now also controls all of afghan sounds, major border pipes,
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or the late us now from couple with shaneka pull from is the most important border crossing that the government had been clinging onto the.


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