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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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for the global ecosystem, there is no going back. climate threat is now a cost of doing business. that is here to stay. zane basra b o 0 on greece's area island. thousands of people are being told to leave their homes in the us state of utah. as a fast moving wildfire burns north of salt lake city, the so called polly's canyon fire, burned across more than 1000 texas. up to 8000 homes are in danger. ah, just gone 1430 g m t your top stories of canister hands president. as ref, ghani has left the country as taliban leaders pushed for a transfer of power in campbell. it happened hours after he delivered a televised message, promising to take responsibility for the security of the people of koppel. robert bride has more now from common, expecting all day to see developments with regard to this transition of power. the
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. the story has been so far that he has been held up in the presidential palace busy in negotiations with his own people. and of course, with the negotiating teams, including the taliban in dough hire about acceptable transition, which everybody i think by now, except that would not necessarily involve him being involved. certainly the taliban wouldn't want to do to be a part of any you would ministration with us. ref, county, but the shock has come that he has actually left the country altogether and is now entire jakey's done. so it does beg the question, where is this transition agreements up to the taliban is offering reassurance is about the kinds of governments it'll lead to says women's rights will be respected and those people who worked for the government will be offered an amnesty. foreign embassies have continued evacuating their staff with helicopter seem going between those buildings and the airport. us diplomatic officials have now started working from cobbler airport. nathan says several e u staff have moved to
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a safer undisclosed location inside the capital. and other news haitians are scrambling to pull survivors from collapse buildings after a powerful earthquake, more than 300 people and known to have died. but that number has been climbing quicker. sandy as opposition leader hecky in day each, lima has taken the lead in his 6th attempt to become president, the incumbent, and google is trading behind by hundreds of thousands of votes. the final results of thursdays presidential election are expected in the next few days. results from rural areas will take longer to arrive. at least 20 people have been killed in a fuel explosion in northern lebanon. it happened near the syrian border. angry residents have been gathering at the scene in echo, they set fire to a number of vehicles. those are your headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera. after rewind, jaila has a news for you from 15 g, 60 minutes of news and comment. all the latest out of cobble will season for the moment. how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms
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race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their, our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and i see and that's the bottom line. ah, ah, hello, and welcome to rewind of the film that you're about to see today is just as relevant . now as it wasn't at 1st, that back in 2011. that's what i'll do is africa investigate. he went on the cover and hands in a document,
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a sinister trade and body parts from children with albinism for youth in witchcraft . and later we'll find out how the situation has changed in times since all cameras left. but fast his spell of the i'll be no, i should warn you that you may find some of the images disturbing. the oh, i mean, i mean i got one of my friends. i thought it gone and yeah, an idea of what days are you trying to read a new one or more? yeah. why if we go watch like your duty cannot walk in black, when i got my money out, she didn't get me and i said, why any why? by doing i mean, which i don't know. my name is unless,
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unless i am and cover report and i will help i suck, make this. i never reveal my fees because my anonymity is an important point in my wake. we want to raise awareness about the pledge of being those we want to should have fraud of witchcraft and expose the criminal behind the i'll be nobody to treat but 1st i was day in the background and lead to lead a fact finding mission with the members of the site we also joined by rich had my gum back look gentle, is who has went on this story before. rich had news from his own experience. why i'll be at risk. when i grew up by the child, i was told i'll be not, don't die. now, the magical power whenever they grew, they will just disappear and visit endpoint. so we've kind of believe last our little believe engineered by which dr is created. the booming business for,
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for the demand albino pot, it's very side 50 years of independence in my country. we still believe we can to each other to make money. we can kill a fresh i just happened a week ago, near the in northern tanzania. the favorite united study one, i'm with it to you. he was capital my panda. by monday, she kinda broke up when you will be out by now, can you pull up your renewal? we talked for me, when you
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have quoted you on the bus, the people with bad credit you who do you have a picture of what was going on with that to go to go football. i need to know if i were calling because last time i mean if i could just come in i i went in and talked to like
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i said he would just give me a clue who would no one who can you know when i went to what would be the one to read to me that i know you had come up with a new new one and it will be one happy moment when
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we when we laugh. so i'm not really generally in e n a because of where does he know what a unique kids are going to show? who would you mind going to try them? but i he mentioned neck of the bias and them, well i'm going money clearly you money. he is that we should get out of the figures that might pop by to somebody is going to be less about what they're going to let's see what the police have to say about adam's key. they have already locked up several suspects in their cells in the background and female police who pretend on pilot his bible agreed to brief delegation about his latest findings to remove them,
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they can be sure that you won't be able to do it now and up in the mental it is a moment with the gym, the window november to please. and i wonder what you can do to me with these mark? i'm on betty. i'm awesome.
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this is the 1st court here in adams case. so far as 3 suspect. it is good to see that the police are moving fast with this investigation. our next submission is a trip to adams village to have a look at the crime scene. record. the one box video game. it was, it gave me. nobody knew i didn't get any welcome. you got me every day and you know we had about 3. we stopped us being rest of this morning opened by up to about. one of them was the father of. the 2nd is the book that we got called jesus in local language. you know? no one is amanda. they found abuse and then they would baptize that name because of the believe the way for minute miserable power and believable. and then we we are
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called as a very huge crowd visiting several time for me. and also what you think of we up to find the weakness that we're still on the day he was on top. we are lucky. we have found adams pulled up rather faleen when i don't good at selling. we're staying at the grandmother's place. now he wants to show as a crime scene, there are mom was wondering what have to come. we got him is the grandmother above somebody for talking to you about us. we're going to class. this is where the where sitting for dinner on
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today. when i talk as i talk to him, when it was waning, they moved to try seek a place where there is no rate it was he wanted to get if i know that to come come at this, this is where they put another finger and shop thing and cut them off here, they put in the right hand and saw all the spots. so this is a mark that remains the why didn't go higher. why? all the clue what we tell you when you collect and i cannot remember by dialing somebody when i was like we're not welcome. yeah, that's the 1st time that was seen here. what you could give me would he owe her to me? i don't need any new though. she
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wouldn't damage. yeah. do you think it was apple and hungry and again, she need to do that. and i'm i'm not also on my mom when you have like ginger. know to me handle my head cardiac haga gold? roger. and ethan yogi, know what time i get home in i will clean and i can put your whole thing. we're going to get a little so at the window or she will need it will be when i can either sheila, ha me me,
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me piano you can we can pick our son by law. no, no way though. i got rudy technical cut in a navy don't have yak, trend it to go any be i can i i thought their money was about the lack of what we do. come out when up. what is the time i get? i'm come when i can however, you can give me a call or, and i will need to talk with you when you can please, please give me a call. you will need one. go who key when you get a chance, please call the school the coolie, jackie, how are you want to get
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a job morial? you come by? yeah, i will plan to walk in and i'm and i'm not, your godaddy will get there. now my lovely lovely car allow me okay. cool. and i mean i know, i mean, you know, if you get a new quin class on apple watch invite you know when i hear from but to me you know when i me are you waiting for my when and i will give them vitamin when i move bumble to be normal,
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but when you quit out anyway, then wait while we are going over. but oh, judge valuable. that's right. equivalent. now you said even though we did more. yeah. when you're putting your in on it might have done a lot. i said as a mug present needed. oh no wonder adam's done mother suspects. look how good mine is behind to be nobody pad st. unfortunately, adams attack is not unusual. the attacks against albinos clearly on the rice since 2008 tons accounted 62 venus who were killed 16 who had lives amputated and the bodies of 12, albinos where exuberant our next mission is to confront a witch doctor who is linked to these crimes it's the start of our undercover
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investigation and it's time to get involved in myself. i almost feel like to be approved and it should start right now. but says i have to prepare my be specially designed to drop. i'll be you know, hunting so this is jennifer jennifer very, very close to reality. and if the top of hand i'll be look quaid was dropped off to real as special effect company. prepare this food static. and i want to use it to scale which doctors and prove that the only talking nonsense when they try to sell the i'll be in auction. it's so sad that you see children who are there ways would have a bright future. having the limbs dropped off. i can leave out in humans and people can oh,
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me less she what has to see about my mission? the i haven't yet told him about defeat. and i can't wait to see his reactions. my plan is how about going to meet that which doctor? what i'm willing to do is to confirm that might be, you know, how do you feel about me? i think it looks real quickly here do. ready any of that, but this is so we are going to use for the plan
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we do to the you when it's great to see i money to surprise i sat if you things this is real, i should be in a position to you, which is my me. ready ready please, what i mean if i lose my film and we should at which doctors and criminal abuse in the us of war and on that you keep that people and driving attacks on i'll be in this county. i said, gives me the contact for which doctor who is suspected of being involved in the i'll be no treat. i pause as a customer who wants to become rich and wish dog that demands
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a bank remote to start his ceremony boundary and get them out of money. and he's going to continue to have fun talking about cases, black magic and the need of special medicine to lose my luck and success. at this point, i started to ask specifically about the i'll be no. com. does he already know if you will be no more? he's a mom the be no. we know the woman who put you without being she amenities, you know, you over the world and end up not mom any and then get into mention that human more than food and we didn't know that and i suck was right. this is one of the which looked as who is, who will in the,
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i'll be nobody but street. he wants to sell me a portion for about $70.00. none you friend does the metal to way the noble way is it to myself, i guess you balance you said the crash to to be noble. is it? is it a young albino or didn't know that the field was like a town that think it stamped his came with my tell him i brought him at present 6 ticket tickets. one's life a ticket ticket? tick. wow. what
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a ticket ticket. what are you afraid? he says, what someone who's like wonderful, what, sorry for what is this brings up too loud. beetles came for a ticket ticket from why i didn't mean that he's what you would do. stop this thing and still bring it, bring my hand as we go. it will not be just this one. we are going round picking them one by one to ensure that put them behind the atrocity steady
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arbitration doors being was nothing much stupid. they have to stay in prison and keep the society safe. e, cause he went to bed and said that when makisha ginger not please give me a 2nd. let me show you. can you spell that for me when you would have to wait for the new tv show? well, you gotta wait for me. i thank you. well, to update you on this story, we went back to hans and to find adam faro,
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the told year old boy you saw in the film and to speak to the organization under the same son which is helping him. i'm all those like can recover the find that out of in the hospital and gave it years ago. i said, what do you want out of like, what can i do for you? how can i help you? and he said, i only want 2 things. one of you all to go to school. i want to go home again. i want to say phone. so through some connections i haven't hoover canada got some for the major me construct a surgery done. they told us on the implant and reconstructing his hand subsidy a hold of him. i felt like a parent to sign this form before he went into the surgery saying that, you know, every surgery to speak of his blood, he could die. and you take legal responsibility for this decision for to have this child have a surgery and i did it was very traumatic experience for him. actually had a surgery because it brought back the memory. but he got through it. he persevered, it's remarkable to see the progress he made. the
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one or 2 folders oh. 6 i can do that. i can now sure do you want me to put in, you know and put in
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a sample come up with this number. if there is a higher degree of public awareness of the issue, we run public learners campaigns pretty steadily since 2011 in terms of radio television, and particularly understanding albinism seminars in the rural areas. and that has really contributed toward general shift and thinking you want to stop. yeah. and so i'm going to extend a challenge to you that you would reach out to be using to get to know one area that i'm still really troubled about is a lack of prosecution is over about 90 percent of the cases of attacks and killings that have occurred since let's say 2008 only 10 percent of those cases have gone in the court system. attendance to the point of conviction. the
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adams particular case, perpetrators have not been convicted. so there's lots of lots of people. families have watch children to murder or survivors who lost limbs, who not have their day in court. for me, that's a travesty of justice. that's a big concern. ah, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, in the grim consequences of mexico, bloody drug watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north me. she said, that's how the article should start 60 years on we revisit the report is still risking their lives late. may bring another outbreak of violence of more versus rewind, the deadly beat on our era. when the great caliber has taken a handful of border crossing sounds, nor will with exclusive interviews and in depth report,
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my son baldwin is full of hope. had on the ground. there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more reward, winning documentaries, and lied needs on air and online. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello. hello, hey dean and this is b l. just the renews are coming to live from to han, coming up in the next 60 minutes from president touches. connie has left the country soon after assuring citizens of their safety in the face of


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