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love me held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you lord, the man who still was on al jazeera ah how fast they are. i can, i'll centenary with another look at the headlines and all flights out of afghanistan, capital campbell have been cancelled as people try to flee a day after fell to the taliban at cobbled international airport, there were scenes of panic in desperation of thousands of people trying to get out more than 60 countries around the world, according to the safe passage of all foreign nationals and afghans who want to leave the country. president sharp county has already done this is out to the african government fell on sunday and the capital was taken over by the taliban
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beyond group has control of the abandoned presidential palace. with a theme of the fight is rolling up the national flag. and then, posing for pictures behind president gun his desk, are the below him appointed him miss mila rough manner of him. we have come to our victory. i would like to assure our residence names have been given to us. we would like to ensure the security of the people. your secretary said antony blink, and i says his country has achieved its mission and denise don and he rejects comparisons to the war. let's take a step back. this is manifestly not saigon. the fact the matter is this, we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind, and that was to deal with the people who attacked us on 911. and that mission has been successful. we brought in loudon to justice a decade ago, al k to the group that attacked us has been vastly diminished. its capacity to attack us again from afghanistan has been right now. does not exist. and we're going to make sure that we keep in place in the region, the capacity,
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the forces necessary to see any reemergence of the terrorist threat and to be able to deal with it. so in terms of what we set out to do and f canister and we've done it, some of the headlines rescue teams in haiti erasing to search for survivors after saturdays, devastating earthquake as a tropical storm now head towards the country. so far, almost 1300 people are confirmed dead off the magnitude 7.2 quick. and they have to be after the opposition leader, hockey, and lemma secured. a landslide victory and last week presidential election. the business tycoon defeated president edgarland goodbye imaginative. nearly $1000000.00 votes it lemme now faces the task of turning around zambia, struggling economy. all right, you're up to date with the headlines once again on al jazeera, sammy se, dan is with you for the next few hours to take you through the latest developments out of afghanistan. next, though, it is all hail the lockdown. where in the midst of a global emergency,
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it is made people sick and killed on a mass scale. it is d, stabilize local economies and overwhelmed poor countries. it is disrupted societies and nations. the world in fact. but there are still people who dismiss scientific expertise on its causes and severity. media outlets on sending push notifications to assign a loading us to every new development. and a shocking number of governments remained resistant to the kind of radical action the situation demand. that's because the crisis on referring to isn't the corona virus. if the ecological breakdown about planet the the on the little of march 2020, the world health organization announced we have rung the alarm bell loud and clear
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. we were in the grid of the curve in 1900 pandemic. we cannot say these loudly enough or clearly enough or often enough. all countries can still change the course of the spot and make the global reaction that a scale wave rarely seen before. governance responded with a mix of chaotic politics and politicized camps. with only some countries managing to put a method to the madness. regardless of how they got a significant number of countries went into look down with some cities and regions being put into actual florentine. it was funny how such a wide range and policy measures were brought into effect in such a short space of time. especially when you consider that a decade. so it's been a much bigger, more threatening, more long running crisis needing urgent global action. the 1st thing i'd say
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is that the climate crisis is such that it makes the cobra 19. really, george mon beer is a british journalist and activist whose focus is on the state of the client and is so much bigger. it is so much more threatening to us of i know lease because it threatens our food supplies. this is something we're discussing thought to listen. but besides, it's pretty clear that between 3 and 4 degrees centigrade of global heating about pre industrial levels, we go into massive net food deficit, structural i mean, where crucial bread baskets can turn into dust phones. this is genuinely threatening to the survival of humanity. and if we think people fighting the toilet paper in, in the supermarkets look ugly, you know, i really,
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really hope we don't need to witness people fighting over food. since the pandemic was announced in lockdown to began, george has been pointing out the connection between the climate crisis and the jew health and economic crises that we are facing right now. one of the main link points is the subject. he came back to repeatedly during our interview capitalism. i think there are 3 fundamental problems that are not compatible with the long term survival of p relative. one is that it relies for the parents as fast on economic growth, which would be fine. it's kind of growing at the same rate, but if we were to follow the prescriptions of the world, bank of the o e c. d, where we maintain a steady track of 3 percent growth doesn't sound like very much. that means it doubles in just 24 years and then doubles again and 48. yes. for all ready. we've
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gone beyond the limits the planet can pay. the 2nd problem is this extraordinary belief that the numbers in your bank account are quite to a right to natural. well, what possible connection is that between those numbers in a bank account and the right to an attractive land or a private jet that's going to pollute a certain amount of atmosphere or to buy blueprint units to she'll to handle your for home in mahogany. because in all those cases, you are taking away natural well from someone else. and the 3rd one is that capitalism promise. this is all private luxury. that's why you go along with it. because one day we'll get to where all temporarily embarrassed millionaires and they can't possibly fulfill it. if it did, you would trash our entire life support systems. the all sustainable exploitation of nature has a direct connection to the health crisis when our facing just mounts into the
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lockdown officials from the u. n. w h o and world wildlife fund. all stated that the legal wildlife trade and deforestation were driving forces behind the increasing number of so called the nordic diseases, illnesses like the current of ours that have leaped from wildlife to human. seems they staged from what we know to have sprayed as a result of the wildlife trained as a result of people mopping up rad wildlife. from around the world, you brought humans into contact. close contact with species had never been in close contact before. i 1st became aware of this 30 years ago when i lived in the amazon and every so often they'd be an outbreak of rabies always deforested enters. and the reason for that was that the vampire bats should be feeding on close to monkeys . in the tree, tops in the canopy came down to us, and the trees were found started feeding on people instead. and people terrified
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the outbreaks. rabies rampaging trays without proper health care, and so large sums of diet, and that piqued my interest in how the destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. george isn't exaggerating here. according to recent reports from the world wildlife fund, approximately 60 to 70 percent of the new diseases that have emerged in humans over the past 30 years, have had to do nordic origin. h. i. the in speaker emerged from primates, a bowler and saws from bats. this was traced back to camels, and in the case of bird flu, will the answers in the name. the birds are primarily industrial, farmed, poultry. all of these diseases spread to humans from animal populations under conditions of considerable environmental pressure. ileana broom is a brazilian generalist and filmmaker who lives in the heart of the amazon in brazil . the finance branch made which month when things were stamped. my are looking a fab. any my school with mercedes,
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medical i don't think they see the following school, but i'm just going to put you to the flip car. it is no. they kept the fast because we're going to do you know, with a man to pin greg c. l views. no, no l food. the rule message is clear, glycerin left to nature, the more environmental problems including you did leave. the nurses there will be but alien is focus is not just on the plant and animal life that has been destroyed . her point is there are communities of people who can have a net positive effect on the world. and even those people are at risk from an economic ideology of relentless growth. and the destruction associated with it is to provide to do is get bashed different food, asked to flip the bill versus the why didn't
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it, don't make any mind middle name, no matter what stuff, what after that and most of the modeling them, i think a lot 50 which be for me. he suspense and capital ellis straw just released back to this the human economy is a subsystem of the natural ecos here. and the only thing that enables it to grow is it's continuous capacity to extract resources and energy from the rest of the sphere. ill means is a professor of human ecology. he has a compelling way of describing the human takeover of the planet. if we went back 10000 years of the dawn of agriculture, the bio mass,
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sure weight of human beings constituted far less than one percent of the total bio massive mammals on earth. today, humans are now 32 percent or 34 percent. but if we had our mystic animals cattle, sheep springs and so on, that's another 60 plus percent. so in total owners today, human beings and their domestic stock are somewhere between $95.98 and a half percent of the total mammalian. so wild nature has been displaced to the tiny fringes. one of the markers of the human impact on the planet is something with come to know as carbon footprints the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions . however, there's also something known as the ecological footprint. a concept co developed by bill that compares the total natural resources consumed by an individual group against the planets ability to renew it. if you look at the ecological footprint of any advanced, highly populated rich country, they are in
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a state of ecological. so if everyone live with people do would require the capacity of, say, 3 plan of or if everyone live the way we do on average a candidate. we need about the past 4 or 5 senators and we don't have them. we can only live this way because we are effectively x over exploding in the global common europe included a century ago has not been for the capacity to import resources. ready and from the colonies, the ecological footprints rich, very rich and thousands of times greater than the average. we can have great public for improvements and public tennis courts and public art galleries and museums and playgrounds and parks. but if everybody tries to do it for themselves, then in my country london recover off of england, england would cover half of europe and you're covered are well, they wouldn't even be physical room for everybody to live,
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let alone the ecological space. being able to measure environmental impact has been crucial, not only to help identify which human activities, communities, and countries bear, the biggest responsibility for climate hom, but also to understand the populations that bear the biggest brunt to the do. a paper published in the science and medical journal, the lancet in september 2020. so to want to find national responsibility for climate breakdown. the findings indicated that high income countries, most of them, among the most industrialized nations in the global north, were responsible for 90 percent of exits, emissions. thing. we got 2 teeth. keep battery between monica and you have gone to the main feature in nazi well, ask emigration each you will keep last mill the my mind would keep down by keep you if you sample bluff. so that
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shows you that will be the margin is look, who is the what key would be to ship boston? may she'll be to andy. so you know i half sister mosse. i'm also looking at is it? well, they might not. i mean it could be yeah. sister don't, was my law, but if you've made some live a tv. yes, the biggest will medical directly module at the they will die to the covey. back in march, as the enormity of the closet crisis was becoming clear. i for this tweet from a climate change activist, it said if the media covered the climate crisis, the way they cover in corona virus, constantly and thoroughly, than the public would be awake to the crisis and the whole world would be mobilizing to stop it. like folks have said,
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climate change needs to hire could 19th publicist. i asked georgian elliana what they thought of this. it's really interesting thought and credit, clever and cheeky, ready to put it. it has to be said 1st off, all the governments, communication and credit viruses be really, really bad. really minister going to a bit of a model when asked to explain what he's new laws actually was. it's it's, it's 6 in 6 in the data t, but as i understand is not the current of ours kind of does its own communication issues, its own warnings and says, right, you've got to wash your hands, you've got to practice physical distance thing. you've got to do all the things which this virus demands and it becomes an imperative topical, no edgy, edgy march, and way too fast. they also had dark a little hand. quad dice can call me
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when the school in the call. you know, it's a great film. can't get him, do is know based on what he is. no. i think if you lose, which john long can keep in mind that academically much government have been forced to step up and have been forced to tell us what to do. and i think now they need to tell us what to do with comic right now. it's all very well saying, right, we're building new, we're apples, but please don't fly. and we encourage you to know me. please minimize your material footprint. i mean, the messages are just so confused, all you end up with it's cognitive, just the drastic response demanded by close it inadvertently gave us
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a glimpse of what we thought serious and somewhat sustain change could look like. as the virus spread around the world and travel ground to a halt, car trips was significantly cut back industrial manufacturing dipped. and yet daughter in june revealed only a 5 percent lower emissions rate than at the same point in 2019, even though normal activity has not yet fully restarted the target, we need to hit to that the climate catastrophe predicted by the u. n. back in 2018 is an emissions reduction of 7.6 percent. so our unexpected experiment in reducing our ecological impacts has revealed the sheer extent of the changes that have to be made for the health of the planet. but as governments, the directly economic fall out of the pandemic, environmental laws and regulations across many countries have been weakened or torn down at an alarming speed. this was particularly evident in the united states when limits on pollution and carbon emissions were lifted. and in brazil, where there was a surgery,
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the executive acts by president jabal scenario. not just but you will from out of the need to talk to check. did you feel she's kind of so now she's trying to fit it out. she's kind of still demanding. y'all, miss fame. i'm fine. lace that any image of the book is lot of the error, but my protege as well plus finding bakovich is much it will make it simple enough. thing was gonna be some flat but on the floor as though just the door is not finding home or if you think of what's been happening in brazil, the destruction of the amazon, the abandonment of environmental regulations increased before a station of the one of the most vile, diverse habits on the planet. it's a travesty against all human time. but it's not that much different from what goes
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on in every other capital on earth, where governments are beholden to this. we're going to build this economy back bigger, better, stronger we're backing business to get through this to come out the other side and to grow in the future. and we want to make sure that we get the economy going strongly. we want to get consumer spending again, what everyone talks and we're getting back to normal. you talking about getting back to the to percent annual growth. minimally acceptable, international basis. the 3 percent growth is literally acceptable for the world as a whole. those prescriptions for the continuous scouring. but if you insist on doing that, you will destroyed the very basis of your own existence. in fact, this historical data does show that often after a significant different emissions comes to spike, the st. the international climate and environment research and tracks emissions and as documented house since tonight in sixty's,
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key events that have resulted in emissions falling to all crises. the dissolution of the soviet union, the 1990 s agent financial crisis, and the 2008 financial crush. there came a period of growing emissions in the after columbia that i, when i went up the off a sample dropping for much less snow. but if you will know, song cat, i like to blame the white goods my job. bam. was 3 kids up to the scene. now suddenly, fees youth saw sample just thought i give them know from re usable shopping bags to energy efficient home systems. and even then the tooth brushes over the past decade. also, there's been a surge in individual efforts around the world to live more so called eco friendly lives. while this unmistakable power in the collective action of many individuals,
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giant corporations can render these efforts irrelevant, simply because their actions are many orders of magnitude more impactful on the planet. just take a look at the breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions since $988100.00 companies alone are responsible for an astonishing 71 percent. there is literally nothing individual action can achieve if big businesses do not make fundamental changes. so why is this mythology of individual green transformation pushed so aggressively as a viable solution to this global climate crisis? world is vested interests. of course, fossil fuel companies, big manufacturers, the airline corporations, intensive, industrial agriculture. all these giant industries spend billions to lobby policymakers and to shape messaging, so they can pursue their business. shifting the uniform to individuals takes the heat off them. an essential element of neoliberalism is the individuation of play.
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you don't have any money. well, let's because you're lazy and feckless never mind the massive inequality and now distribution, well, you want to protect the environment. well, stop buying faster. awesome. never mind the fact that the fossil fuel companies have, i've got the clause into the homeless rates of gum, and it's all about passing on playing from structural factors on to individual people. so part of the kind of meal liberal growth mythology is that technology will solve our problems. so your current changes a big deal, but it's caused by say, the burning fossil fuel. so we need to do shift to move green energy people to i don't have to worry about climate change anymore because technology has softball and plants capture seo to ah, what other kinds of plans captured it to if these industrial plants had technology
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to capture carbon 13, we could help lower emissions. so think about if you truly believe and we teach the summer business schools all over the. ready planet that through rows, we can create the welsh needed, theresa technologies needed to replace nature if you really are so ethical centric . so self centered on the success of ours. then this guy happened to them as long as they can still make huge fortunes of the system. they'll resist any effort to redesigning the system before close on so. so now it's beginning. so, and that's what we can moscow much isn't going shipping sub doughty cheese and wild talk in market script only from one of the log in they can make out. yeah, let me see if we can find him now. based on my system pass you to keep going to
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feel. so when we produce biofuel, from sugarcane in brazil, we use the best practice international standard to help protect workers. and the environment. last cannot premiums as total major samantha don't mean to kill straw collapse. the key was his name. elsie sent me down. am i see? would it be for me to keep them based on it? the miller told them or not what they're going to do to whom i think he'll need me to see the dog wonders ange boston kwan may as mister twitch be some man to commit more stock. he will straw see much
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fail to the splendid nice season of the past few months have begun to stretch our collective imagination in directions. we wouldn't have contemplated before. and as we take stock of everything with land from the panoramic, we need to apply it to the much bigger, ongoing emergency of the environmental crisis. after all, that is the biggest health problem we will ever have to collectively face time for the pendulum to swing back toward a greater sense amount. not only in the relationship, some nations have been the relationships between human crime and the rest of nikos . whereby as a species, as a global civilization, we can live more equitably within the bio productive means of the system. now that seems perhaps a bit of a stretch from it, but it is merely symptomatic. the gradient balances that currently exist, hoping well not by any means, the last of them will be more if you stay on the contract. you feel funny.
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we've been figuring out can you please call me back. i thought i was trying to move up too much. i imagine now massa city out when we want to, we can mobilize your sausage very, very quickly. we can totally change of behavior. we can totally change a structural politics and the way that is offerings, all these things we, the total complete, impossible suddenly become possible because her face with an emergency. now we have to recognize that breaks as an emergency. we need now to mobilize on a massive scale to ensure that our lives are not sacrifice on the altar of money.
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trust is fundamental to all our relationships. we trust banks without money, doctors, without really personal information. what happens to truck in a world driven by algorithms as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex people? because the question that comes back is inevitable. can we trust algorithm in the 1st of a 5 part series alley read questions, the neutrality of digital deductions. trust me, i'm an algorithm on a jessina, excuse me. hello there for the middle east and live and it remains very hot and dry picture. however, temperatures have come down slightly across iraq am to 8, and that's thanks to a small wind that's blowing down and kicking up quite a bit of dust for q weight for guitar and pots of saudi arabia. so we are seeing some hazy sunshine temperatures dipping down over the next few days. we've also got
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a bit of a wind kicking into the western parts of saudi arabia, bringing temperatures down here. and the south westerly wind blowing across coastal areas of oman and yemen with a few showers across the mountainous region in the west. and those join up with the heavy showers that we're seeing across the central band of africa. they are looking pretty heavy across parts of ethiopia, but much of those heavy thunderstorms we're going to find in nigeria and nija. we are expecting more flooding as those rains pick up, especially around areas of cameroon. come choose day, no farther south. the wet weather can be found in mozambique, edging into eastern parts of zimbabwe before south africa does dry up. they'll be sunshine for cape town on monday. but as we go to choose day, the wet weather is on the way by the time we get into wednesday. we'll see plenty of showers. the
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the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to work with on here. and i'll just do this very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah, ah, desperation a car lab hold people attempt to climb on both planes off is autonomy, bond, takeover. now all flights have been canceled. also they take over cobble taught bon lasers and says people have nothing to fear. ah, i'm families. this is just here alive from the hall. so coming up.


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