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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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aren't as empty as one would imagine. during the lockdown, more businesses are allowed to operate, and more people are out and about. but health department officials say it could take weeks before the impact of this walk down as spelt barn to below. i'll just hear manila. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines for us as temporarily suspended evacuation flights of ghana, son after cale some couples, airports, sizes of people rushed onto the tarmac, desperate to escape taliban rule. us forced to say they shot 2 gunman dead after taking form. but with pride has more from cargo. the taliban, we know, has set up a code and try to stop more people from getting into the terminal day was we know have been using warning shots to try to keep people away. similarly,
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the u. s. continued the military, contingent of it's a very large force inside the airport itself, as they continue to conduct this evacuation exercise of embassy personnel. the families also the us citizen, they have been using their weapons. in fact, it's been confirmed by the pentagon, that there was an exchange of gunfire early monday to demand as they describe them, were killed. ambassadors at the united nations of earth, the taliban so onerous promise to respect human rights. the african envoy called on the world to pressure the group to form and inclusive governments, china and russia. so they were ready to work with the taliban. the taliban is promising to form an inclusive government. the death toll from saturday's powerful earthquake in hazy has jumped to the 1300. rescue teams are digging through the vote to search for survivors. they are undergoing pressure with a tropical storm approaches. thousands of people are injured,
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leaving hospitals overwhelms. a funeral has been house for one of for palestinians . cubans during the rates by israeli forces in the o key point west bank. police say they were attacked during the operation to arrest the suspect links to hamas in the city of jeanine. 3 other palestinians were injured in the exchange of far the 2nd time in recent weeks. and it's really arrest operation has led to death. the zombie is going leader, a gun go, has conceded the seats and congratulated his successor. ok. and he should lima defeated lingo by a margin of nearly 1000000 volts. that pushed past the 50 percent threshold, needed to avoid 8 run off. and that showed states keep it here on al jazeera inside story is next news.
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news. news. news austin nearly 20 years. the telephone is back in power done. it says it was that his mom existed that's compatible with society for me. the millions of africa and how will power reacting to this development? this is inside the ah hello. welcome to the program. i'm kim vanelle. i've gone the stone is now under the full control of the town of bomb. it took the armed group less than 10 days to
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sweep across every province and all the way to the presidential palace in the capital campbell. its leadership says at once peace and an inclusive government that's compatible with islamic law, that many africans are skeptical. observe as worried after scenes of panic and desperation that campbell's international airport. on monday, thousands of afghans have been trying to leave the country since the fall of government a day earlier, but all commercial flights have been cancelled until further notice. the telephone has tried to reassure people they have nothing to fear. in the us, the rapid fall of the afghan government appeared to come as a surprise for some white house officials. president joe biden is facing criticism for sticking to the plan initiated by his predecessor donald trump. to end the u. s . military mission. the factory of state and the lincoln insists, washington hasn't changed its goals and i've gone a storm. let's take a step back. this is manifestly not saigon. the fact the matter is this. we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind, and that was the deal with the people who attacked us on 911. and that mission has
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been successful. we brought a lot to justice a decade ago, our k to the group that attacked us has been vastly diminished. its capacity to attack us again from afghanistan has been right now, does not exist. and we're going to make sure that we keep in place in the region, the capacity, the forces necessary to see any re emergence of the terrorist threat and to be able to deal with it. so in terms of what we set out to do and f canister we've done it, taliban is holding talks to form what it calls an open, inclusive islamic government. it's on a clear what that will look like, but a spokesman says certain policies have already been agreed. the group says the rights of women will be respected. they'll have access to education and will be allowed to work. as long as they were the he job. people will be able to criticize whoever they want media freedoms. we tolerated spot with limits on quote, character assassination. and the taliban says criminal punishments will be decided
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by the courts will bring in guests in just a moment. but 1st robert bride has this update from cobble, chaotic and tragic scenes continuing to unfold cabals, international airport with thousands of people still desperate to get out of afghanistan. as the taliban secured its control of cobble. all of this began when it was realized that the government here was collapsing, there was a surge of people to ward the apple. they have completely taken over the terminal with many people spilling onto the runway clambering to get onto across that were part. they're also clambering to get onto u. s. military aircraft, as they were attacked, seeing for take off there of also been some clips, tragically, of people clinging to wings and then falling to their deaths as the planes were taking off that has been to some extent a certain amount of order has attempted it being restored with the taliban,
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putting a cord and around the terminal to stop any more people getting in. and the us forces, of course, as they continue their evacuation of embassy personnel and other us citizens have their own cordon. but still, there are thousands of people between those 2 cordons, desperate to find any flights as the flight or commercial flights at least remain cancelled at this stage in cobble itself as things remain fairly calm and quiet on the streets. but there is a fairly, a real feel about this 1st day of a taliban rule. here with many people, cobble residents coming out for the 1st time to see a taliban fighters now taking over a check points where once there were a soldiers and police who again seem to have disappeared, melted away as the taliban gets to grips with the governing of this country, but it is fairly surreal with many cobble residents, talking for the 1st time to the taliban who arrived in the midst here in cobble as
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they get to grips of this new reality. many of them taking cell fees, shaking hands as we move forward into the unknown as the taliban takes control. and we see what this new taliban rule will look like. rub mcbride a cobble for inside story. ah. okay, let's bring it out. guests in washington dc, we have ship a condom form, a deputy senior advisor to former president of connie and former senior advisor to nato, enough cornerstone and doha. we have on both alarms, i have a founding member of the cannibal and former taliban ambassador to pakistan in new things. and won't we have peter galbraith, a former deputy united nation special envoy to afghanistan, a variable? welcome to you. all. i'd like to begin with you mr. phillips. i, if you all one of the founding members of the taliban, tell me, is this going to be what we see now? is it going to be the taliban role of old or have things changed?
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has the group changed? i think and i know this is worry, foster justice, although i think we should do this now because there are believe in the come the notion are not sufficient for the carbon before that time fund was coming up and yesterday was suppose to the time to buy will not enter to carbon 10. there the negation is coming to go ha, sitting with the bomb in discussing how to come to crop and how to be part of the power in copper and how that would be coming in into the problem. but unfortunately, navient. com, some stuff, some possible security problems
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investigating the task the time for the best care. can you repeat this one? i'm sure some, some, some people come inside the app and decided bunch particular sparks because there is no security for the top and there is no spots one for about. ok, i think that student there are both. there are some how can they are waiting that came when it was supposed to come today, but i didn't know to try to. okay. they went to discussing. sure. sure. we didn't know what, what would be the next position of probably about an hour and if anything would be
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okay, we will talk a little bit later in the program about those talks in doha and what a future governance might look like. but so someone to come to you should be come down. you were an advisor to the former president. i guess i shop gaudy. what's your take on developments? does the taliban have legitimacy? no, not at all. so far. you know they do have the charge. they do control a lot of the country, but in order to have legitimacy daddy quiet, it avoids an endorsement or whatever you call it from the often people. so for that, i think it's required that immediately paula, on have to call for a lawyer agenda. we actually presented that often people get together and they decide about the future if i'm going to suffer, get the olive on how to clean repeatedly. and they're standing on this saying that they're about fighting for power. they're fighting for position. and now they're have to cool because you know,
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they have all the 200 over on the line. they have for support in troops to meet up on the sun. so now they have to proven action what they have changed. so if even think of this as often people have to choose elect or vote for paula bon, that's absolutely fine. but for a ton of on the immediate thing is to have this legit to me see internally then they can appeal to the global or whereas community for their the commission. but 1st the 1st have to have 1st. 6 mission with the african peoples, and this is immediately needed because there's a back from a policy back about that just to me see redo how, you know, institutions. we do have a government that needs to be. meanwhile, we do have diplomatic presentation across the globe that they have to be accountable to somebody and have to be officially the present. the present thing i've done is i think about have more to do now than they were getting all of them.
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they had to do why they were fighting. ok, peter galbraith. if you accept as chef a condom, posit say that the taliban doesn't have the g. missy did ashcroft gone? it has to missy, did the afghan government have judy missy? well, that is the question that and that i think the lack of legitimacy explains why the whole, how can government mit mit? a military collapsed and in a matter of days gone, he was in office as a result of 2 consecutive massively fraudulent elections. his predecessor harmon cars, i one obtained a 2nd term as a result of a massively fraudulent election. and they, the trouble was that when you come into office, by having corrupt power brokers put you in power, it makes you, it makes it almost impossible to deal with the problem in afghanistan, which was massive corruption. and you could see this in the,
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in the military where soldiers weren't paid, where they weren't resupplied, where afghans felt that the, the institutions didn't serve them. you know, the roads were built to allow for subsistence farmers to, to be market farmers. and then a corrupt police would set up checkpoints and basically robbed them. so this was the, the larger, larger problem was a lack of legitimacy by the previous government. and frankly, if soldiers weren't willing to defend it, even though they were vastly better armed than the, than the tele bond and more numerous. ok? until salanza, if not, come back to you. we're talking about the way that the taliban has has taken over. often it was able to come through taking over many districts, seemingly without a fight, but human rights watch says they have also been instances that the taliban has executed soldiers and even civilians who have ties to the african government. what
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are you hearing? i, i do not need because my far away when i was giving you something were happy and something was happening. but this was not compatible with this one because you know, i was not was done before and this month and we're working hard to get hopping. but it's $150.00. i found out they were trying to hire some hoary did something wrong. enjoy the hill been right about initial on my way home from some some protocol i guess the problem. okay. should be time down. your family
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is in of gone. it's done, you're in washington dc, but your family is there. how are they feeling? how are you feeling? ah, it depends. you know, i do feel very bad because, you know, i'm worried about this safety and security and they punish you. they are not about security anyway. because it wasn't secured before this, but there would you like for my mother who's teaching goes if she can continue teaching. and for my sister who has studied stomach, she is she's graduate of college in actually i took her during paula on the gene to secret school. and now gladly she's a graduate of college. can she continue on work? and my brother who's that computer science, it's another brother who's an engineer and then other, other result of the nation with the, for the ability knowledge and beyond. i think, you know, now i shopped any has gone. there's another,
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another monday placing correct. but what about the woman cabinet members? women, parliamentarians, politicians, you know, i know taliban has claimed that they have been changed and i'm looking and observing. i hope it's true and i have seen some signs of changes as well. but they do not have the capacity to replace the one that they do not have invested on woman . you know, you have the paula now to come in the face for what so called the. busy g, or whatever you call us by the fall about me. so i'm afraid if womans are not included or excluded from the political decision making body, especially from the other this, especially from judicial system, then i think we will return back to before 2000 or 2001. so my suggestion and i think college for the way that the world and asking people to see how much they have changed, how much tolerance do they have against minority again, you know,
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different ethnicity groups. these are the things that we still have to observe and see the changes what the fall of on her brain so far. i'm the salon life. what are you hearing from the taliban? this is because this is a big question for a lot of women. will they have access to education and girls will they be allowed to work. 6 which i'm hearing, i know i hear from the partner, but they would want me to walk to school and then through the study and started to study. and i'm sort of walk through what are the products to general job on the, on the algorithm before they would be not against anyone. but i think the condition will change is about the right one in guys up one do was you not run this down there and to do and to do study was not changing. ok,
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pity galbraith. we heard earlier from the secretary of state to who said that american interests or objectives rather have been achieved, but this is also been described as a colossal humiliation for the us once you will take well, it's a catastrophic failure. the united states was in afghanistan for 20 years, twice as long as the soviet union. it spend around 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 dead. it spent hundreds of billions on the afghan military and police and a programs. and the thing collapsed in days. you know, when the, with my 1st trip to afghanistan was february 14th, 1989 with the major dean. and that was the day the soviets withdrew. the soviet installed regime lasted more than 2 years and even out last,
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at the soviet union itself. whereas this collapse took place before the american said even finished their withdrawal. so, so it's really stunning. and i, i want to say a couple of points. first i feel for shopping condos, family. busy and the families of my friends who are in cobble this is a time of terrible uncertainty. speaking to some today, you know, there are people going door to door calabasas, or maybe just robbers, people dress like cal abad, so it's terrifying. and, and the other point i want to make is there is the problem of in addition to women and girls, which courses enormous. there is the problem of the sorrow. who are she? and if you look at the map, that's the part of afghanistan, the taliban. busy have not taken or not yet taken. and when the telephone were last to power, there were massacres of shiites and something that began to look like,
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genocide. so, and of course the tell a bond or a cell teacher, hottie group who abuse she, it's as a pos staged. so what's going to happen to that community is 15 percent of afghanistan's population. this, this is something that ought to be a major concern to the international community. in addition to the concern about the future of women and girls. ok, you make you make it very interesting point. i want to put that to you. both alarms i use, i mean, is that something that the international community should be concerned about? hi, michelle, this is not the issue of concern. i'm not problem of the station to come in. and that's our initial problem is it is all there is nothing can last time buy
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a new and fun down. watson is in this kind of issue. and i really wanted to know about the fact that was what i will show. and i take the time to find out what is what company publish and. a then will not do the same mistake we've done before. hallmark we want to know the importance of our brand is found under the import or you understand the importance of the community on there are thinking about they are discussing. they are aware the new thinking, the stand up between jobs. are some family,
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not the one to 2 weeks on the going to come up in america. did they are in problem that, that showing what was, what the people, what, what were the people on the, for the people there's my security and stability think i think this is one of the 4th and then the kids come in all possible discuss law. 8 i hear what you're saying, i hear what you're saying. i hear what you're saying. i want to put exactly that to condom. because if we look forward and we need to look forward now, the former president, how? because i is forming a coordinating council to, to try and manage a peaceful transfer of power. how do you think that is going to go? what discussions will be being had behind closed doors? now that's absolutely legitimate. body has no legitimacy and no power and no the commission because you know, the,
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the people and this correlation, the 3 individuals can mark the present up on the sun and off can people. there are also fail leaders that even they have never, ever truly received the majority missy odin documents on the back end people. so how there will be able to transfer a power that has no, you know, existence anymore, and how they would transfer the power to somebody who all the d n power. so i think that's beyond discussion and it's up to the african people to the african nation to decide how they will form their future governments and all of our facilities, as i mentioned before, that's, that's going to be dependent on. sure. but let's not, let's not allow individuals to think and nor to decide on behalf of african people . we have experience a massive failure of prison gunny, mainly because he tried to to prevent the nation,
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but he wasn't through the preventative of the people. so it's all about has to be also careful if they want to get this legitimacy endorsement that have to return to the people and must not include and believe in individuals who have been part of enough on the what been, you know, committing and no one that's why criminals and atrocities? so if again, these people are involved in the form of the government and power, i don't see any difference. and i don't see any reason for us to say, hey we, we are here with a change. ok, i, we're it, when they're in the end of the program. peter galbraith allowed to come back to you . do you foresee a future in which the u. s. will form diplomatic relations with the telephone? well, personally, i think the united states should diplomatic recognition does not apply imply approval. it simply is a recognition of the fact that the taliban are in fact the government of
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afghanistan, they have seized power. that is a fact. and so the question is, will the united states be better able to accomplish its objectives in afghanistan? which include of making sure that the terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis do not re established themselves there. and being able to do something to promote the rights of women girls. busy to protect the has ours and the ethnic minority and to facilitate the exit from afghanistan. of, of the people who supported the international coalition. not just interpreters and people worked for the embassies to the military, but also people who worked for the united nations and for the n g. i hope many of them will be able to stay, but clearly many of them will want to go. and for all those reasons,
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it makes sense to have a continued diplomatic presence, not like what we had, maybe quite a small embassy, but to be engaged with the, the new government which we of course wish wasn't there. but in fact, is there, all right, we have to leave it there for time. so much more we could talk about it. thank you very much for joining us here on the program. should come down of the salon and peter galbraith. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, algebra dot com, and have other discussion go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle as a inside story, or you can message me directly at kimbell for me and hope to hear the news. news.
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