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who sign the no matter where it takes a police fin here, guys? empowering impulsion. we tell your story, we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. oh, i me. i will not repeat the mistakes we've made in the past. american president doubles down on his decision to withdraw. troops were left kind of on. but inside couple chaos range desperate africans attempt to capture flight to freedom. after the taliban takes control. ah, this is their life and also coming up the scramble to find earthquake survivors
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before another natural disaster strikes haiti and alongside victory for some years, new president managers to win an election after standing for 6th time. ah. despite the unfolding crisis in the canister, the us president is strongly defended. his decision to pull out of the country, joe biden made his 1st public appearance more than a day or 2. the taliban seized control of the capital cobble in a live televised addressed. biden said there was never a good time to withdraw and endless military deployments were not the solution. i didn't conceited, however, that event quicker than expected. although he blamed afghan leaders for the collapse, development should have taken place. i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. that's why we're still there. we
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were clear eyed about the risk. we planned for every contingency, but i always promised the american people. i'll be straight with you. the truth is, this did on fall more quickly than we had anticipated. so what's happened? have ghana stan political leaders gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed sometime without trying to fight. if anything, the developments of the past week reinforce that any u. s. military involvement of gas and now was the right decision. the mixture of cannot and should not be friday, you know, or, and dine in a war that afghan forces not willing to fight for themselves. she ever turns
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is in washington, dc for us. so she had an unapologetic tone from president biden. how's it going down there? i've got funded medical fundamental problem, but has been seen everywhere there, which is that the biden keep saying the buck stops with me, but then he's blaming afghans. he's naming everyone else for the chaos that we've been seeing over the last few days. but what he was trying to do that quite clearly was keep the american public opinion on the big picture. yes, sean's in recent days have been gut wrenching. but did you want us to stay? that seems to be the message quite, quite clearly. and, in fact, he's using the argument about the cables. he's using the pictures that we've been saying to suggest that's all the more reason why we have to get out of i am the president who's finally going to do it. the implication being brock obama was elected on a promise of withdrawing us troops from an unpopular failed war. he did not,
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donald trump was elected all the same problems. he did not, although the framework of the withdrawal was signed by donald trump. it was joe biden who extended it and changed that framework, but he's saying, look in the end, no matter what we're seeing right now, where you have to remember that this war was a failure and we have to get out. and i am going to finally do that, so that's what they're, what they are hoping for. if they keep say, well, it will, it will happen a bit quicker than we'd expected. and that's a gray area which no administration spokes person is truly addressing. because even as biking is making the case that they now have the intelligence capabilities to deal with any threat, it got us on the fact remains that they didn't have the intelligence capabilities even what was going to happen and cobble as soon as they, as soon as they were, they were beginning to leave the leave all mass. the final troops will begin to evacuate mass, the final troops, embassy stuff,
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so that these are the contradictions that are being that the now being highlighted by critics of the president. having said that, those critics that have a plan either and many of those critics, the ones who said, despite public opinion, despite of knowing what a failure the african mission has been for the us. and we have the ask amazon papers that were leaks in 2019, which were the internal cables from administration offered ministration, which said, quite clearly that come the rebuilding afghanistan and, and all the, all the great advances in africa and that you were basically complete nonsense. and they were knowingly lying to the american population and the world at large about 5 . but anyway, many of these folks who are criticizing biting has to be said didn't have a plan oliver, for how the u. s. could leave in an orderly manner. and in fact, many of them have long said that they wanted a long term presence without garrison in perpetuity, and that's what biden has on his side. and he's, i said also that if the taliban data tracking troops that,
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that have to carry out the evacuation the, the response would be swift. you have to imagine that the thinking is it simply would not be able to tell about best interest to hamper or impede the evacuation now because they do not want they want. but how about have one, why would they want to escalate, escalate the situation and cobble now? i mean that presumably is what the administration is banking on. but the problem then comes with the thousands and thousands of afghans who need to be evacuated. and well, actually we saw there was a shelter in place order for the remaining us citizens. it, i've got a son to, to, to, to not move anywhere. how do you evacuate all these people, especially of a little action necessarily in the vicinity of the u. s. embassy and cobble one of the plans moving forward that i think that's going to be a very, a very key issue now. and again, you're seeing, you're seeing the narrative off the u. s. once again, we haven't seen so many failed interventions, leaving their allies behind. she ever times you thank you very much. earlier i
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was gonna say knocked its 1st full day under the rule of a reinvigorated taliban. as that reality struck the scenes of desperation, as we've heard at cavil airport reports of injuries and at least to death as huge numbers of people tried to board any flights in attempts to flee the country. runways were chaotic because hundreds of people ran alongside a u. s. military aircraft, some cleaning the size of the plane. as it tried to take us troops fired into the air in an effort to stop people trying to pull the jet just outside the airport. taliban fighters also and try to control crowds rushing towards the top. mag. many people tried scaling rules, talked with bob was secured by the us entry on sunday school civilian and military thought in and out of cobbler court then hotel. but the court has now in reopened
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chart bennett. the us has hosted all evacuation flights and what one us official told me has been an absolute disaster of an evacuation. it has been scenes of chaos that cobble international airport ever since president gonna go on a plane like on sunday afternoon. since then, thousands of people have overwhelmed the course. they have overwhelmed security and they have made the way onto the runway. they breached atomic. and it has been unable to secure it seems african civilians. they've been chase to see 17 on the wrong way. they climbed onto the wing before the plane took off in another video receive what appears to be a person falling from a playing. now the americans have been using a couple of apache helicopters to clear the wrong way to try and make space for
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their planes. but they have decided to hold these evacuation flight school. they try to get the situation under control. they are using us running to the departure term, and we know that about 6000 us troops from america that have been here be here trying to secure at this time. so these evacuation flights can restart. in the meantime, on the curious the telephone say they are trying to secure the airport. they have been firing sean, this entity to try to disperse the crowd. and yet people still climb the fences and making their way onto the runway. the us under a load of pressure to get people out and get them out quickly. there are thousands of americans currently at cobble international airport waiting for these evacuation flights on military plains. not to mention thousands of other foreign and were also waiting to get out on military plains from their respective countries. but in the
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meantime, there are still thousands of africans on the tarmac and no playing. can those charlotte bellis jazeera cobble. that took the time under 10 days to reclaim control of afghanistan and emotions, arranging from astonishment to fear of what lies ahead on the streets of the capital taliban fighters are everywhere, including the checkpoints, which used to be official police or military barricades. but bride has more from couple the city of cobble has experience so much up here for decades. and this is another change to get used to. and one that's far from easy to go. most of all of our customers get most of the got the situation from now. it's not. no one can say what's happening at all. the people just lost and confused. in the space of one romantic day, life on the streets feels completely different. this is one of the most obvious signs of the transformation that taken place in literally overnight. the whole of
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the center of cobbled is protected by these 45 checkpoints. concrete blocks barriers normally guards carrying automatic weapons and armor humvees with heavy machine guns. on this morning, nothing people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity. as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads of a child to know yet i don't know the law. what ever used to fear us, they've now seen them. would you hi, dean and we are from the soil. we don't want to get down to be destroyed. but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like. on . many businesses and shops remain closed that the raw signs of life returning to normal money. how about if this piece, then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls. despite
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assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishment is for certain crimes. but many still remember life unto the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part of the vote on me was evil. everybody will be faith. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again around with the, with a sudden collapse of the afghan government, the people of cobble, the new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now get together that feeling that way forward into their new reality. robert bride al jazeera cobble coming up on out to 0. still in the driving seat. why malaysia's prime minister is staying in charge despite coming and resignation. hospital treatment on the street desperate measures in the philippines as cobra was overwhelmed. ah
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hello, good to be with you, your weather story for asia coming up in a moment. but 1st, would you say we start in australia because there's not a whole lot to talk about high pressure really the driver of the school bus here, a bit of instability toward that se, portion, and hope are still shelly at 12 degrees. fresh air in play on talk about fresh and chilly and cold air head to new zealand. look at this mess here. the white is the snow toward the southern lp. you know, we could see winds up to a 130 kilometers per hour for the capitol region, whipping up the surf. and that could potentially cause some damage. rainfall amounts, a 130 through the southern outs in the foothills, but soggy. nonetheless, for both islands. and snow $2.00 to $5.00 centimeters, about 700 meters and higher round the summit. $15.00 to $30.00 centimeters can be expected. the philippines, ourselves, west monsoon,
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not is active. so the rain starting to back off a bit here. but still some heavier pulses around devout on tuesday. and, you know, for indo, china will get some dry spells across. so bangkok and mix of sun and cloud over the next few days. but folks are going to tell you this is not looking good for southern japan once again. getting this plume of moisture pushing for q shoes, chicago, and hunt you on tuesday that your weather update season, the bulgaria, the poorest nation, the european union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the country's political in aim of our ruling class. was to get access to money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from the carrier at the crossroads
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on a o . a reminder of the top stories algebra where the taliban back in control of afghanistan, us president joe biden has strongly defended his decision to pull out troops saying an endless military deployment is not the solution. the u. s. has reopened cobble app or talk to cale 16 for temporary suspension of evacuation slide. thousands of people rushed on to potomac. desperate to escape tele by move. begun the process of forming a new government, taking control of the presidential palace in congo. a group captured nearly all
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major cities in the past 10 days. former african prime minister group in marcia says you'll travel to doha. on tuesday to hold talks with taliban representatives, will be joined by former president. i'm it cause i am the head of the reconciliation council of dora to let it matches as the meeting is about power transition and forming a new government. the u. s. as it will let me recognize taliban government in afghanistan. if it respects the rights of women and shuns groups like al qaeda, that's bringing that rosa jordan, the state department in washington. so it wasn't state department giving details of how the evacuations going to happen. but also this issue of what they do with a ton of, i don't know how they treat the taliban and in future that's right. what the taliban has to do, according to the u. s. government is trying to form a government that is inclusive, that respects human rights that respects the rights of women and girls to advance
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their full potential. and that does not try to put harm on other people, whether within afghanistan or in neighboring countries. that's a fancy way of saying don't harbor terrorists. now, certainly, while the u. s. government is still trying to manage what it calls a transition in the political situation in afghanistan, there was also this comment from net price, the state department spokes person. there has not been a formal transfer out there has not been a formal i guess, who does the united states recognize as a leader of jennifer. so this is something that we are working again with the international community. you saw in this statement from the you in a clear consensus, a merge that a political settlement will be in everyone's interests and it's worth pointing out that the special envoy all make how little thought is still in doing
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with his fellow american team. working on the political settlement with representatives of the tall bond as well as with the representative of the former government of ashcroft on the former afghan president. but it's really important to note at this point that this is a situation that is changing very quickly. and it's really hard to say from one day to the next, who actually is in charge person jordan, thank you very much indeed. in other news today, a tropical storm is heading for haiti is the search for the earthquake. survivors continues within 1400 people and are known to have died. in fact, this is aster, gillian wolf reports. in haiti it appears death is never too far away. saturdays, devastating earthquake has pushed the demand for coffins. and if that weren't enough, haitians are now preparing for another potential disaster. tropical storm
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grace is said to make landfall. bringing with it the risk of flash floods, landslides, and further complicating efforts to find survivors. we are briefing for tropical storm grease that is coming. so we have to have a convention, so we can address the people that are out of fear, the out of the houses and sleep out on the streets. the magnitude 7.2 earthquake has added to the list of crises. haitians had been dealing with from gang violence that has affected every aspect of life for many to last month. assassination of president jovan elma, we and of course, the cooper 19 pandemic. here in columbia and all out effort is underway. as regional nations send desperately needed aid. the scale of damage becomes clear from above. but this is seen on the ground. stretch your beds,
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a mattresses sprawled among the rubble under the shade of trees. the lack of medical resources is clear with thousands need of care doctors are left to treat patients outside. hospital wards are overwhelmed with health care workers struggling to cope. haiti's prime minister flew to the sea front town of lake high in the nation, south west an area which had been worst effected by the quick. we're going room then even on food. when i arrived in the south of the country, resorted destruction. many houses on steroids rescue teams are working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected but resilience, they fight, survive. on the streets of lake high locals line up to feed their families. but this is far from business as usual. football field sprawled with survivors, forced to shelter the few belongings. they have left well debbie earthquake,
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i didn't feel well where the football field our home was destroyed. we can drink the water and many people are staying here. many here are still traumatized by the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people near the capital port france. for many the only safe place to sleep for now is on the street. but the looming tropical storm brings with it more risk. leading haitians feeling hopeless with no place to go wondering when things will get better feeling wolf al jazeera. malaysia's prime minister has quit alta just 17 months in power saying he lost his majority in parliament. where your genius seen held his last cabinet meeting on monday before going to the palace to attend to his resignation to the king. turned louis reports from quantum pl. no longer prime minister, but we didn't. yes, it gets to be in the driver's seat for
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a bit longer. the king has accepted his resignation, but appointed him as caretaker, prime minister until the successor is found. so she got up this board said la, during my audience with the king, i submitted my resignation as prime minister and on behalf of the ty cabinet under article $43.00 sub section 4 of the federal constitution. because i have lost the confidence of the majority of parliament. there had been questions about we didn't legitimacy from the song. he became premier in march 2020. when he and several members of parliament switched sides and brought down the reformers to government that route for less than 2 year. it's also allowed the united malays national organization or a party that was voted out in 2018, but largely because of a multi $1000000000.00 financial scandal to return to power. since then, the alliance known as pre got are not, you know, has been plagued by in fighting. partly because some i'm,
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no politicians felt they were being sideline, despite being part of the biggest party in government. we didn't, has also been under pressure because of his administration's handling of the pandemic. in january, he advised the king to declare a state of emergency and suspend parliament. in june, he placed the country under locked down. yet malaysia has been reporting record high corona virus cases and death. last month, hundreds of people gathered on the streets of wireless port demanding lead in resign. now that's happened, there are concerns. the country will face a period of political uncertainty. the king can decide on a new leader, one who he believes is likely to command the confidence of the majority in parliament. but there is no obvious success which may pave the way for you alliance is. i think these will push don't but this and then they need to talk with each other and also pick up the national. maybe they need to talk because do
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something that are not good, not only for the economy, but also for dependent me. the palace also said in a statement on monday, said holding elections now is not feasible because of the corona virus epidemic in the country. florence louis al jazeera qual import. now he's tried and failed 5 times before, but i'm in business tycoon again. he lemme has finally won the presidency. he beat edgarland who in a landslide, but now as the tough task of living up to his promises, especially regarding the economy. hello tessa has more from your soccer and football vision of this. is it how we use the final edition in an address to the nation president interlude except and he last last week selection to opposition. nita has i in the lemme recon glow will consume provision for this is transition style.
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i would like to make it to my rather than to live his excellency's in the months for becoming sentence incumbent president, he to lima, his one of his priorities will be cackling, zambia did crisis the country of more than $12000000000.00 to external companies. and linda, our message, linda is very simple. come to the table. did we have is an sustainable some of it was a crude, wrongly incompetent li. but we are descent. people will descend t o l m. i defeated by more than a 1000000 votes. in the 6th attempt at winning the presidency is the 3rd time power
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has shifted peacefully from a governing party to the opposition. suzanne gained the payments from britain in 1900. 64 president was criticized for human rights to be massive. unemployment and corruption, president elect has a into his lemme know how to manage expectations. meanings, ambien want him to do think differently. the, the president, it is promising to turn around the country, fortunes saying your 5 year term in office will be a new chapter for them. the non meaning here was to see if you will deliver on promises when i pass out. because iran who's hit record number of daily cove 19 death, just as new restrictions are being imposed. 655 deaths have been reported over the past 24 hours. with about 41000 new positive cases, all non essential businesses and are closed for
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a week. and domestic travel bond is in place for 2 weeks. it has the highest number of kevin 900 cases in the middle east estate home order in the philippines doesn't appear to have helped reduce current of virus infections. health workers reporting over $14000.00 cases on sunday and hospitals are running out of space on a below reports for a minute. the hence have sprung up in hospital grounds all over manila and its surrounding suburbs. patients and their relatives are having to wait under the heat to get into emergency room or dirt days in big ship towards providence teen is back with a vengeance. it is pushing hospitals in the philippines to their limit the philippines general hospital, the country's largest public health institution has stopped accepting don corbett, 19 patients of the problem, if we have a lot of non corporate patients who also are filling up our bed. and so that will
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demand more nurses and doctors to take care of them. so this rapid increase in the number of cobra did missions made us realize that we can serve both the situation at the philippine general hospital reflects what the health department has been reporting daily infections of more than 12000 where nearly a week it more people die more than half way through a 2 week lockdown and it's capitol region. the philippines continues to see if, like in coven 19 cases. but this current wave of the virus isn't limited to manila . elsewhere in the country. the number of infections is rising as well. area we need doug. least family lives in chasm properties more than 100 kilometers south of manila. his father tested positive for covey 19 before there was even talk of locked down. yet they say it took the 3 days to find him. a hospital that had a bed in one of the hospitals. my dad was just in the parking lot. the hospital
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staff probably does to just leave the hospital premises and may be try the provincial hospital when we arrived there. the triads, dr. surprisingly discouraged us to even try or lost their dudley's father survived. but had he waited a few more days to be admitted? does we says the story might have turned out differently. but tough experts, warry, the situation could get worse. it seems like it's not slowing down at all in the past when you do a lockdown or a c q, maybe about a week later you'll see some slowing down, but we have not felt that manila streets aren't as empty as one would imagine. during the lockdown. more businesses are allowed to operate and more people are out and about. but health department officials say it could take weeks before the
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impact of this walk down is spelt the barn to below. i'll just hear manila and reminder that you can catch up any time with all stories we're reporting on, including of course, we'll events in afghanistan by checking out our website. the address for that is our 0 dot com. and you can also watches live by clicking on the orange live icon. audi 0 dot com ah, the top stories aloud to 0. despite the unfolding crisis in afghanistan, the u. s. president has strongly defended his decision to pull out of the country. joe biden made his 1st public appearance more than a day off to the taliban seized control of the capital campbell in a live televised address and said there was never a good time to withdraw and, and just military deployments were not the solution. developments.


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