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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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an out there ah, the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to what is on here and it's very good at bringing the news to the world from here. the. ready news joe biden sounds his ground the u. s. president. in 5th, it was the right call to pull troops from afghanistan. mixture of cannot and should not be fighting war and dining war. and afghan forces not willing to fight for themselves. ah, hello, money inside. this is al jazeera lie from doha,
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also coming up by the statement comes hours off to scenes a couple airport that have shocked the world. as guns clung desperately to the side of us, played in all the news. haiti struggles with the aftermath of an earthquake as a major storm approaches. ah. has been another day of false moving and dramatic developments in afghanistan as the taliban consolidate. they hold on the afghan capital. they have been scenes of utter chaos. cobbles, international airport. it's now the only part of the capital that is an under taliban control, and thousands of afghans have fled or tried to flee. that desperate to get out of the country. in one instance, people clung to the outside of the us military plain as ready for take off. several
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fell to the death once it was born, where us president joe bought and called the pictures from couple gut wrenching, but has defended his decision to withdraw american forces from the country. we gave them every tool they could need repaid their salaries provided for the maintenance of their force. something the tale bon doesn't have tolerable, does not have an air force. we provide a close air support. we gave them every chance to determine their own future. we could not provide them was the will to fight for that future. some very brave and capable afghans, special forces, units, and soldiers of afghanistan is unable to mount any real resistance and the tale bond. now, there is no chance that one year, one more year,
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5 more years or 20 more years, the us military boots in the ground would have made any difference. well bought in blame the government of the outgoing president asked rough gone and failing to make peace with a taliban and promised that us soldiers that will work to secure the horse and top he was general, has held talks with taliban representatives. he in doha, shad baton c joins us now live from washington. d. c. a very defined speech from biden, the, defending his decision to withdraw from us. i've got to stop. how is it gone down too early for opinion bose for the you know, the u. s. general public at large, however, certainly the opinion polls conducted up to joe biden, speech would suggest that he was making an argument that should resonate, oppose a long shot. the majority of americans say it is time for the us troops to come home. and in fact, we have president obama president trump,
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who rattled those promises and did not manage to do so. jo biden's message is look, yes, these are gut wrenching scenes, but do you want us to stay? and clearly, the also has long been from the american public know now what he didn't address. that was why this has been so chaotic. why joe biden and his ministration didn't understand how swiftly cobble would fall about is a bit of a problem. when you look at the arguments that he was making in the speech, which is don't worry, we have the intelligence capability to sort out any threat that now happens. and we have over the horizon capabilities because clearly they didn't have under the horizon capabilities when it came to understanding what the situation was on the ground while they were enough kind of on. so that's something which certainly biden's opponents are seizing upon. having said that there, when you look at what many of biden's opponents actually believe in it is for a long term presence in perpetuity. and i've got a son about is still not what the american people want. so he does have that on his side. that is the decision,
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the bite and ministration made was to come out swing and say, all right, we messed up. what i mean, he didn't that's, that's the problem. he didn't really say we met. somebody did say that they were taken by surprise. and so there is a little bit of a debate now and as to whether there will be an accountability. lot of focus now on jake sullivan, the national security advisor, for example, others, you know, maybe will there be some accountability at the moment? it doesn't seem say that holding strong because perhaps it would seem they feel that the chaos of the last few days will be forgotten. and what the important thing that will be remembered is joe biden was the commander in chief who bought america's longest war to it. and it's interesting, he mentioned the chaos because we've all seen those desperate pictures of the apples in cobbled people trying to escape. did we hear any more about how the americans intend to get out all the vulnerable afghans were still left behind? non joe biden speech and actually that's another criticism we are beginning to hear is that wasn't as much empathy for afghans as might have expected. there was
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a great criticism for afghans and africa. members of the africa military who buys and teddy was expecting to defend a government in which they had no faith. i mean, it's easy for him to say all this and, and it is a little pops. bizarre, given so many of the assessments we've had over the years about the strength of the cancels and again that they didn't realize just how weak the african military fighting machine was. but we did get further information from the pentagon shortly after back and spoke, which said that the man with a 2500 troops and cobble which have arrived in the last 2 hours. that's the number . and by the end of monday, they expect building $3.35 troops on the ground. like a bay out of their responsibility will not just be to secure the airport, but also to help the evacuation of afghan citizens who are, you know, who have special immigration visas. we have the $700.00 special immigration visa applicants left in the last 48 hours, bringing the total to almost 2000, but constantly both the state department spokesman now the pentagon spokesman, we're aust,
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how are you going to get all these africans now to the airport you know, you're barely getting people from the embassy to the app, or if i know a nearby embassy, if any other possible else on how you're going to do that. and also we just do not get money. thanks for that. she had profound. see that for us in washington? d. c. i'll does. there is got to correspondence in cobble at the moment charlotte bellis fall. this report as the day's events unfolded at the airport. the us has hosted all evacuation flights and what one us official told me has been an absolute disaster of an evacuation has been scenes of chaos accountable international airport ever since president gunning, going on a plane on sunday afternoon since then, thousands of people have overwhelmed the air force, they have overwhelmed security, and they have made their way onto the runway. they breached the tarmac and the us has been unable to secure it seems african civilians they've been chased to c 17 on
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the wrong way. they kind onto the wing, all the playing took off in another video, see what appears to be a person falling from a playing. now the americans have been using a couple of apache helicopters to clear the wrong way to try make space to their planes. but they have decided to hold these evacuation slides. well, they tried to get the situation under control. they are using us running through the departure term. and we know about 6000 us troops from america that have been here year, but been trying to secure the at this time. so these evacuation like can restart in the meantime on the curious the telephone say they are trying to secure the airport . they have been firing shot entity to try to disperse the crowd, and yet people still climb the fences and making their way onto the runway.
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the us under a load of pressure to get the people out and get them out quickly. there are thousands of americans currently at cobble international airport waiting for these evacuation flights on military plains. not to mention thousands of other foreigners were also waiting to get out on military plains from their respective countries. but the time, there are still thousands of africans on the tarmac and no claims can move charlotte bellis out 0 carbon while on the streets of the capital arm taliban fighters on now irregular side alger there is rob mcbride has more than that. the city of cobble has experience so much up here for decades, and this is another change to get used to. and one that's far from easy to go. most of all of our customers, cuz most of the got the situation for now. no one can say what's happening at all. the people are just lost and confused. in the space of one romantic day life on the
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streets feels completely different. states is one of the most obvious signs of the transformation that taken place in literally over night. the whole of the center of cobbled is protected by these 45 checkpoints, concrete blocks, barriers, normally god carrying automatic weapons, and ahmed humvees with heavy machine guns on this morning. nothing. the people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity. as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads of a child to know yet i don't know the law or whatever used to fear us. you know, seen them. would you? hygiene and that we are from the soil. i don't want to get down to be destroyed, but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like . on. many businesses and shops remain closed that the raw signs of life returning to normal money. how about if this piece,
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then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers? there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic frights, in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about a return to cruel punishment for certain crimes. but many still remember life under the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part, one of the board only was everybody will be, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for rent. with the, with a sudden collapse of the afghan government, the people have cobbled, and new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now together that feeling that way forward into the new reality. rob mcbride, al jazeera couple. let's get more on this because speech anatole leven, who was the senior research fellow, the quincy street for responsible state cross. he joined us from london on zoom.
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you are of course, a war janice, for many years, covering pockets on afghanistan in the mid 19 eighties. many thanks for joining the program. once he will take on the events of the last few days and weeks has america abandoned afghanistan and africa. people will have to agree with president by the african army would not fight to defend the stage. then in the long run, americans could not do it for them. i sympathize with ordinary african soldiers. he didn't want to die for this can states and, but unfortunately very corrupt commanders about the fact remains that if indeed this state had so little, real support and legitimacy, then it was going to collapse in relation it's collapsed much sooner than anybody expected, including me. but it was going to collapse, and america was going to have to get out. it's, as i say,
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just happened sooner and in an even more chaotic way than i expected. what do you make of the desperate scenes at the airport? the scramble to get people out. is it a failure of intelligence or planning that has led to what is happening at the moment? well, it's clearly a tremendous failure of intelligence. but then, you know, i include my cell phone that ever be expected this, this government to stagger on for a few months. at least, you know, giving time for a more orderly evacuation. it's been a no secret, but some pull the, the western embassies and organizations were going to either pack up completely or reduce enormously in the months to come. they thought that they had months that they only had days. but i mean, it's was notion in all the blame is falling on by. well, you know, the ca and the pentagon have been there for 20 years. if their intelligence has
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been so awful, somebody should have to take responsibility for that. i suppose the most heartbreaking part of this is the girls and the women who in the last 20 years have grown up with this expectation that they had a future. and that they can go to schools that they can work. where does this leave them? and what is the responsibility of the international community and the us to them? well, i think 1st it must be noted that we're talking about a minority of women here in the cities. and of course, certainly some, some in the countryside. i'm afraid nothing much has changed and the taliban doesn't change anything in the country side. you know, most to have kind of some is and has always been a very conservative place with unfortunately very oppressive traditions. as far as
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women are concerned. of course, for middle class women, this is all risks being a terrible step backward. i mean, i think the answer is that the only way of shaping taliban behavior is to is through aid. and also to make clear to, to make clear to the taliban that continue that international age, at least from the west, depends on them, respecting certain women's rights as the rights of ethnic minorities. and also telling the taliban and hoping they understand that if they want to create we create some kind of working afghan states, which it does seem that some of them do. they will need modern, educated people to do that. and they're not going to keep modern education,
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people in cargo, if they behave the way they did, you know, but up to 2001. yeah, let me pick you up on that because do you see that as now one of the risks to the collapse of the afghan state as it was people trying to leave? absolutely. if there is a complete hemorrhage of the asked and educated classes, then the taliban will simply not have the people they need to run the state in an effective fashion. the question is whether, whether that will worry them. you know, in other words, how many of them actually have an interest in trying to create working stays and how many of them are perfectly happy, you know, essentially to live in the middle ages. we know that over the years the have been some taliban leaders of mine. so for example, he was killed by the american back. he, it appears was somebody who understood,
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you know, these needs of creating a modern stays. but whether the presently to ship really does, we need some of them do from what they've been saying. but whether they all do, how many of them do? i'm afraid we just cannot be sure of. we will have to see what happens briefly, psychologically. how motivating will this taliban take over be extreme as groups elsewhere hidden groups that we know exist in central asia? we know many of them dormant. will this now motivate them? to perhaps carry out something in the future may be, but remember, this is an american defeat. russia proved to be a great deal tougher in chechnya. and also, i mean, undoubtedly this will stimulate isn't, is extreme,
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this bumps the ton about her promise not to support this. and i think, you know, if the taliban all leaned on over that by pakistan, which the promise to do said that, of course isis threatened by china by russia, by iran, by america. then. unless the taliban leadership are completely insane, which i don't think they will ideally believe that you will see support for international terrorism coming out to the taliban regime in afghanistan. i think that's at least we can be pretty sure or really interesting to get your thoughts on it. so leven, a speaking to us from london, senior research fellow quincy institute for responsible state crossed still ahead on al jazeera, a change of god in zombie of winning an election. not at 6 attempts, the new president elect lays out his vision.
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ah hello, good to be with you, a lot of tropical activity to talk about. so let's get right into it with grace as it impacted his spend your life now into jamaica and knocking on the door of cuba. the darker the color, the more intense the rain is, and the biggest threat with this will be rain induced mud slides. ok, an update on fred right now is that push through the florida panhandle on the border right there with alabama and georgia, some heavy pulses of rain. and the biggest script for fred is that storm surge of about a meter high, the ocean being picked up and shoved into the shore line there. the desert says west, we still have flo flash flood watches in play for mon sooner moisture. of course, arizona has been hit hard as of late. you know, the ne, straight down to the deep south continues to be unsettled with bouts of what, whether to be expected on tuesday. here's your weather story for south america.
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we've got our heavy rains through coastal areas of ecuador columbia, into southern venezuela on tuesday, but you know, for us on the, on it's been weather whiplash. look at this, her temperature shoots up all the way to 35 on tuesday, and i think we'll keep it going up to 38 on thursday, getting pretty close to your august temperature record of 39 degrees and plenty of sun in the forecast. that's a snapshot of your weather. the news as the research and taliban retakes up again, it's dawn. female activists, journalists and even school goes on to threats. one on one east investigate the fight for it's kind of stones women on algebra o l g 0 i. as
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a use all me ah ah, you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this our b u. s. has reopen cobble port of the cale 16 for the temporary suspension of evacuation flights. of people rushed onto the tarmac desperate to escape. taliban bull. us president joe biden, how strongly defended his decision to pull out troops saying, and endless military deployment is no solution. you will think that the us troops should not be expected to fight when were unwilling to do so. and so the taliban
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has begun the process of forming a new government after taking control of the presidential pilots and couple group captured nearly major cities in the past 10 days. let's get some of the news. the death toll from a devastating earthquake in haiti has risen to more than 1400. as a tropical storm barrels towards the caribbean nation rescue workers have been desperately trying to save any one who might still be buried alive in jeopardy. on the thousands, left homeless face, another major concern, the spread of water born diseases, steady and wolf reports. in haiti, it appears death is never too far away. saturdays, devastating earthquake has pushed the demand for coffins. and if that weren't enough, haitians are now preparing for another potential disaster. tropical storm grace is said to make landfall, bringing with it the risk of flash floods,
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landslides, and further complicating efforts to find survivors. we are briefing for tropical storm grease that is coming. so we have to have an engine, so we can address the people that are out of fear, the out of the houses and sleep out on the streets. the magnitude 7 point to earthquake has added to the list of crises haitians had been dealing with from gang violence that has affected every aspect of life for many to last month. assassination of president jovan elma week. and of course, the cooper 19 pandemic. here in columbia and all out effort is underway. as regional nations send desperately needed aid. the scale of damage becomes clear from above. but this is the scene on the ground. stretch your beds, a mattresses sprawled among the rubble under the shade of trees. the lack of medical resources is clear with thousands need of care,
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doctors are left to treat. patients outside the hospital wards are overwhelmed with health care workers struggling to cope. haiti's prime minister flew to the sea front town of lic high in the nation, south west. an area which had been worst effected by the quick. we're going room. then even on food. when i arrived in the south country, we saw the destruction many houses on straw to rescue teams or working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected book resilience, they fight survive. and the streets of lake high locals line up to feed their families. but this is far from business as usual. football fields sprawled with survivors, forced to shelter the few belongings. they have left well debbie, earthquake, i didn't feel well when the football field our home was destroyed. we can drink the
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water and many people are staying here. many here are still traumatized by the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people near the capital port. for many, the only safe place to sleep for now is on the street. but the looming tropical storm brings with it more rays. leading haitians feeling hopeless with no place to go wondering when things will get better feeling wolf, al jazeera, malaysia's prime minister movie dean. yes, he has resigned after losing majority support in parliament. it comes after months of political instability, fueled by in fighting in his coalition. and what has been malaysians deadly as covered 19 outbreak, florence louis reports now from call and on for no longer prime minister. but we didn't. yes, it gets to be in the driver's seat for a bit longer. the king has accepted his resignation, but appointed him as
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a caretaker, prime minister until the successor is found. so she got up this board said bla, during my audience with the king. i submitted my resignation as prime minister, and on behalf of the entire cabinet. under article 43 sub section 4 of the federal constitution, because i have lost the confidence of the majority of parliament. there had been questions about we didn't legitimacy from the song. he became premier in march 2020 . when he and several members of parliament switched sides and brought down the reformers to governments route for less than 2 year. this also allowed the united malays national organization or a party that was voted out in 2018, but largely because of a multi $1000000000.00 financial scandal to return to power. since then, the alliance known as pre got are not, you know, has been plagued by in fighting. partly because some, no politicians felt they were being sideline, despite being part of the biggest party in government. we did has also been under
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pressure because of his administration's handling of the pandemic. in january, he advised the king to declare a state of emergency and suspend parliament. in june, he placed the country under locked down, yet malaysia has been reporting record high current of ours cases and death. last month, hundreds of people gathered on the streets of wireless port demanding we didn't resign. now that happened there are concerns. the country will face a period of political uncertainty. the king can decide on a new leader, one who he believes is likely to come on the confidence of the majority in parliament. but there is no obvious success which may pave the way for a new alliance is i think these will push don't position hot up and they need to talk with each other and also pick up the national. maybe they need to talk because the, the, something that i'm not good, not only for the economy,
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but also for dependent me. the palace also said in a statement on monday that holding elections now is not feasible because of the corona, virus epidemic in the country. florence louis al jazeera kuala lumpur. san being president aguilar gu conceded defeat on monday after landslide election when by opposition leader. hi, kinda heat. lemme now faces the challenge of reviving economy and turmoil heroic matessa has more from the capitalist sucka and preparation moves. i'm good. how we use the final edition in an address to the nation president it except and he last last week selection to opposition. nita, how kind lemme room glow. we look through a provision flip. this is transition stuff i would like to make it my brother didn't live his
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excellency's in the months for becoming cylinder and coming time president he to lima, his one of his priorities will be tackling zambia, did crisis, the country of more than $12000000000.00 to external companies and linda, our message, linda is very simple. come to the table. did we have is an sustainable some of it was a crude, wrongly incompetent li. but we are descent. people will descend t o, hugely. my defeat is longer by more than a 1000000 votes in a 6th attempt at winning the presidency is the 3rd time power has shifted peacefully from a governing party. the opposition can be gained as the payments from britain in
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1964, president. evelyn was criticized for human rights to be massive. unemployment and corruption, president elect has his lemme know how to manage expectations. many zambian want him to do think differently. the, the president elect is promising to turn around the country, fortunes saying it's 5 year term and often will be a new chapter as ambia. now, i mean the here was to see if you will deliver on his promises how to toss out there. c ah, on money side, with the headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. has reopen couple airport, chaotic scenes for the temporary suspension of evacuation slides. at one point, many afghans desperate to get out clung.


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