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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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people here all of the migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is the risk to democracy, special coverage. and i'll just, sarah. ah, this is al jazeera ah, they're on the clock. this is a new life coming up in the next 60 minutes, the taliban towards amnesty and says that once women in government, people adjusted life with the group in charge. evacuation flights resume a couple airports a day off to thousands of people tried to flee the taliban take over. j bite new stands his ground, the u. s. president and says he was, it was the right call to pull treats from afghanistan. i am president of the united states america. the buck stops with me and deeply
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saddened by the facts you now face. when i do not regret my decision, make shift shelters a shattered people in earthquake hit haiti. and now facing flash floods brought on by a tropical storm. i'm sure i guess you're off or including not giving up hope african sounds 1st female power. lincoln still wants to compete in toe chair, despite being close to the turmoil in couple ah, so the telephones trying to ease fears in afghanistan a day off to thousands showed up at capella, forth in a desperate attempt to flee. things seem to be relatively calm. now and military evacuation, flight or resuming the grief is declared an amnesty across the country. and as women to join the government, dummy of one is thunder. kamali. men on the atlantic,
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emerald of have gone on with full dignity and honesty, has announced a complete amnesty for all of garrison, especially those who are with the opposition or support of the occupiers for years . and even recently that in the 2nd is we repeatedly said that even those individuals who are a minister's advisor and members of parliament, that if they accept the slavic system and want to live under its rule, they have complete amnesty. well meanwhile, the e u is calling for europe to create humanitarian corridors, to avoid the risk of refugees attempting the dangerous journey to the region. on monday, hundreds of afghans ran onto the tarmac some clinging to the under carriage of a u. s. c. 17 ami, plain. well present, joe biden has strongly defended his decision to pull out his troops. se in endless military deployment is no solution. he also said american troops should not be expected to fight when afghan forces were unwilling to do so themselves. or at
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least a now, from a nature actually general jen. stoughton beg, he's live holding a press conference in brussels to offer a meeting of nato ambassadors. and i would like to thank them. let me also thank the military forces on $8.00 in particular turkey, united states, and in the kingdom for the vital role in securing the airport. operations at the airport on our graduate is zooming and doing today's meeting allies announced that they're sending additional what airplanes were also maintains our diplomatic presence, our senior civilian at present that if i'm bust upon cornwall and his team had been working closely with allies on the rest of the national committee to coordinate and facilitate the evacuation. and we remain committed to complete thing of
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a gracious, including over ask and colleagues as soon as possible. the taller bomb must respect and facilitate the safe departure or all those who wish to leap. the airport as well as roads and border crossing crossings must build them all, ask young men, women and children to sure to live in safety in safety and dignity. there must be a peaceful transfer, transfer a power to an inclusive government with no revenge or retribution. a government that doesn't respect the fundamental rights of all our guns and reinstates the rain of fear, risks in national isolation. united states
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agreed with a tolerable last year that us troops would withdraw by may. and after many rounds of consultations, all ice agreed to follow the u. s. decision ending our military mission was not easy. we were faced with the see this dilemma either leave and risk seeing the taller bon regain control or stay and risk when you'd attacks and an open ended combat mission. we never intended to stay enough. gone as done forever or the past 2 years from over, 100000 troops went down to less than 10000 and now to 0. but what we have seen in the last few weeks was a military and political collapse at the speed which had not been anticipated.
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parcelled, ask unsecured to forces, fought bravely. but they were unable to secure the country. because ultimately, the african political leadership failed to stand up to the taller bomb and to achieve the peaceful solution that afghans desperate they wanted. this failure or ask, i need to ship lead to the tied to, gee, we are witnessing today. at the same time, we need to have an honest, clear eyed assessment of naples own engagement in afghanistan despite our considerable investment and sacrifice over 2 decades. the collapse was swift and sudden. there are many lessons to be learned.
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but we should also recognise the gainesville maids, they draw some partners went off on the stone, often on the 11th to prevent the country for serving us, a safe haven bring national terrorist to attack us in the last 2 decades. that have been noticed. the attack on allied soil organized from of johnstone. those now taking power have the responsibility to ensure that in national terrace do not re gain a foothold. allies have the capabilities and the vigilance to address future toes. the threats from, of almost all due to our military presence on the support of the national committee and new generation are men and women have grown up in you. i've gone on able to get education, take part in the political process,
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run their own businesses and the joy of vibrant media seem to days of calling. this song is very different to the calling this donald to tell us on one. so dos gains cannot be easily reversed, the world will be watching and must continue to support a stable and peaceful of constant without. i'm ready to take some questions. ok. now for the 1st question, we'll go to lawn cook from associated press yes, secretary general, i hope you can hear me well worn cook associated press. you mentioned that your own surprise at the speed of the collapse of the security forces. wonder if you can tell us how much to that training if it costs about 18 years. why should euro p in an american taxpayers allow their money to be spent on training and other countries, which nato does when? when this happened after up to several years of nato, if we didn't have kennesaw,
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and can you guarantee that there's going to be an official inquiry or some kind of study to learn the lessons of the failure that we've seen here. there are lessons to be learned, of course, when we have been there for 20 years, invested the billions of us said dollars and also sacrificed the life of our own soldiers. then of course, we need to examine, to look into those lessons because we need to continue to fight in national terrorism. on the we also know that sometimes nature has to deploy a combat troops in big combat operations, as we did often on 11 enough calling the song and also have done elsewhere. but in the long run, we strongly believe that it's better to build local capacity to train local forces us and done in the balkans as we do in iraq and also also done in afghanistan.
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but the big question we have to ask in a almost on the, on the clear, odd way is why didn't the forces we trained and equipped and supported over so many years, why we're not able to stand up against taller bomb and the stronger and better way down that they did, we, we will always aware of the risks that taller bond could regain control. that was stated clearly when you made the decision to and our military presence. but it was a surprise, the speed of the collapse and how swiftly that happened. so, an international terrorism remains a challenge on the set, many places in the world, therefore they don't needs to stay vigilant to stay at the forefront all the fight against impartial terrorism. but there are lessons that need to be learned from us on the, on, on the we will do that. but the main focus today is to get people out of i've
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gotten this on out from the airport. and then we will draw that essence and examine the lessons learned off that application south has been finalized. laila must had it from brussels morning. thanks. please. thank you about my secretary general hor i would like to do especially about maybe in a gun if need to. if not only us, don't you think that that agent that's you or may thought thought it was wrong. how, you know, how do you respond for that and how many more friends policy will be follow with be for a worker by one. what will be implemented that plans because
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when we saw the ration, i've got a woman like normal, i've got 50. you see the situation is really all and there are how on the low month or really don't know for the future, what is going gone and what should happen on them. and they were always, i think, what does it mean to when you may, to what the old international community is going to bring back? i thought that we were all the place i would like to hi, how that could be by the us. and you were the top of the vision, i'm in the work of great them not be them i, she's them, i'm in for them. but after the 2nd world war and made to and you john union with the all this big intelligence and they are not out. but
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for defense order only a group of solid one and then you are doing everything again. oh, that's 20 assets. how do we would see you cher, and i would like to add the woman please. no risk of my m r a is let me fall a bond without any conditions, unlike big agreement, which is fine between dollar one and the governmental from by then all the way through is following the don't drink good one. and again the racial. thank you very much. it was extremely difficult to make the decision to end the nato mentor presence enough columnist on on it was difficult because i share your pain. i understand your frustration. i will say, promise to norway back in 2001 when we decided to send her the troops for the 1st
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time to i've gone the song on the not, i'm sick, the general all night to responsible for our prison stair and the ending of our military mission on all these years. i've been many times enough on this don. i met people i met and noticed a lot of women standing out those strong leaders with a strong voice. and i've seen that social and economic progress. you have been able to make enough gone is done over these years, and therefore we will continue to support will, will continue to watch and will continue to hold the new rulers accountable for living up to a full mentally human rights, including of course, right? so women on it is, it is a challenge, gee, what we now see taking place in afghanistan. at the same time, there has been games and we all need to make all efforts are trying to preserve
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those gains, including the fact that the generations over men and women, but in particular, women are not educated. they are now taking part over in political processes and it will not be easy for a new rulers to remove, to take away all those gains. so i, i understand the anger but i also have the responsibility to convey the message to the plan, the intent whenever to stay in the cornerstone forever to the panels, to build an african state and african secured to force to take responsibility for the future of gone the storm on the, on the tragedy will start off the 20 years. we saw of a sudden collapse of african leadership politically. and militarily that led to the
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advances of a tolerable office. i was from a radio free europe doris section. please. thank you very much, mr. 60 general, which nato countries specifically are involved in the evacuation efforts of africans who are at risk and for tissues aside, watch all they planning to do to get those africans out. and my 2nd question is, what's your message to the taliban now that they are in control of cobbled, thank you very much. nato's main focus now is to get people out. of course our own staff. but we will remain but to detain,
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so critical as to off at the airport to be able to run the airport, air traffic control fuel and so on. and to get our own stuff out to get to stop from near dollar countries out. people who worked for native, but also afghans who have worked on supported a nate to and dollars over all these years. and we are working hard on that 247 on the, on the we are older and seen some different things off, but also some local employers. africans have been evacuated out of gone this dom we're working to speed that up to get more planes in. and the more pens out with the, with people leaving them. the sol nathan allies have also stated that they will not only focus on and provide support to those africans who worked for us all these years. but also other afghans who are vulnerable or in the
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difficult position. and we have seen public announcements by the several nato allies about the precondition for getting also these older afghans out is of course to have the airport up and running under. and we have now many in a darlise and helping to ensure exactly that we have do not the states, they are deploying more troops to secure the airport. we have turkey who has been at the airport for many, many years. we have in norway running the hospital at the airport. we have not the kingdom on the older law. so also helping and supporting and doing the meeting of the north atlantic council today. several allies announce they're sending in airplanes to the region to be able to build a bridge average to get the ball out. so there is a huge effort by many allies to keep the airport open on to help to evacuate. and
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the sol as olsen and so they're ready to support and also provide the resettlement of although of hon atkins for the next question will go to politico and david's head that is made a 2nd general dens bolton bag briefing press off the nature basset is have been meeting in brussels that saying that the main focus of nato at this moment is getting people out of afghanistan. he said that the military and political collapse happened in afghanistan at a speed that was not anticipating said that the big question is, why did the african forces not stand up to the taliban, given the $1000000000.00 of investment in troops and equipment. and he said that the political leadership had failed. its people will get more from mike kinda in washington, dc in just a moment. but 1st let's cross over to couple where we've got correspond robert, bright and robin sultan back acknowledging the speed of collapse. if not,
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the failure of the mission. yeah, absolutely. and the quite interesting stuff back there saying that it was a failure of leadership that many of the afghan forces had full bravely. i think that was a distinction that may be joe biden didn't quite come in. i may have missed something, but joe biden, that the president united states in his estimation, his, his conclusions with was saying that this is a failure on the part of all the african military rather than just being the leadership. and i'm sure there's a lot of soldiers full but soldiers now because they've mostly been off a lot of them and simply discarded their uniforms. who would be quite hurt by what? by and said they're not. they're not got the recognition that they deserve, that there are no awful lot of african soldiers now for the soldiers who fought very bravely who lost literally thousands of comrades in the fight against the
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taliban. and didn't want to give up that fight in the end. and so i think that was the recognition by jen stultz and beg that maybe it would go some way to to giving some comfort to some of those that former soldiers. because of course, you know, the things that you have to bear it is. yes, it was a failure. i was surprised by the speed of the collapse, but you have to remember that there was an awful lot of failure in the leadership, but the corruption that was involved, the mismanagement, the misdirection of salary. so you had lots of soldiers who hadn't been paid for weeks, months, hadn't been supply properly, a lot of the provincial basis and yet still continue to fight. so i think that is still keenly felt here in afghanistan and rob, but as i say, so talking about the main focus of nato. right at this moment is getting people out is the ongoing evacuation process. what, what's the latest that the apple things that back up and running a day, but it remains extremely volatile. i mean,
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compared with where we were sunday and monday things are a lot better. there is at least an establishment of some kind of order that the people have been moved off the runway that had been moved out of the terminal. what about teams? is that early a tuesday and reported very few people, just small groups of people at the entrance of the terminal taliban, keeping them back occasionally firing the shot. later in the day, one of the teams of colleagues from algae, there, arabic went along with a far more people and it was far more volatile. and there were a lot of the font. the emotions were really running high. a lot of people tried to get into the terminal and the taliban having to be fire a lot more shots in the to get people back. it was a lot scarier. so it does. it is a volatile situation. i think part of the problem seems to be the anticipation that maybe commercial flights might start now. with people have been seed entering the terminal. we know that the terminal is being cleaned up. also, airline stuff,
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ground stuff have been seen going into the terminal, which is lead. many people to believe may be commercial flights will start to get. there's been no announcement. there's no expectation. there's going to be any time soon. but this is a kind of place with so many people, so desperate to get house that it doesn't take very much for people to hear something, maybe a half or half a rumor that then gets passed out to somebody else. and suddenly you get people go to the apple again. so it is very volatile colleagues without asking many of those people, do you have a passport? do you have any kind of plane ticket for the most part of a lot of the people, simply don't you just simply to get that. we do know that on the military side where the united states, a contingency is now being reinforced with a 1000 extra troops there. evacuation process has now resume that have been evacuation flights throughout the day and not only their flights, but for other miller trees and other charter flights been organized by other
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nationalities just quickly on the streets of cobble itself. day too. of what is technically taliban rule, again, relatively calm on the streets, but there is a tension. we're seeing fall of taliban on the streets this tuesday. they really have become again, quite large numbers from, from beyond the city limits and you see them riding around on the, on the street so far more taliban out on the street. also though, a return of the traffic policeman cobble now on sunday evening when the government collapsed. a lot of soldiers, police simply got rid of that uniforms, put stability and clothes on and melted away. we have see that's the this tuesday return of traffic. police that quite distinctive here they are part of the street. see they stand intersections direct, the traffics. and so there's been a lot of chapter on social media here on cobble that, the policemen up back at the intersections, which i think for many people is something very familiar. it gives them a bit of comfort. and this is a population that could do with any kind of comfort at all right now. or i rob,
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thanks for that. several mcbride and couple let's switch over to washington dc. my kinda is standing by for us there and mike rob talking about joe biden's address yesterday. and this whole event has been described as a humiliation for the united states, but biden was, was keen to emphasize the pluses. yes, it's important to know to a subtle difference and approached by nato. we heard that from the secretary general, and what president biden said in justifying his decision to continue with the withdraw. president biden said, didn't acknowledging the fact that his administration was taken aback by the speed of the taliban at bonds. he also made very clear his belief that the mission of gun this done was one of narrow focus. it was not primarily about nation building, it was about destroying a terrorist threat to the united states. that mission,
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president biden says, has been accomplished. he's no longer prepared to preside over yet another us will the president to do so. and he insist if he will be the last but president by didn't, insisting that there was a failure by the can force is also a failure of political leadership. now what is happening at the moment is that the department of defense says confirm that there are at least 3 us spaces being set up to start coping with the afghans who worked for us forces within afghanistan to process them in the united states. they expect to move out more than $20000.00 death guns. there's also a base at cutter in doha, with a 1000 us soldiers have been sent to process single immigrant visas there. now, but the o. d also says that it will be able to move out some 5 to 9000 people a day out of the couple airport us troops are continuing to arrive there within the
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next 24 hours. that will be some $6000.00 troops securing that particular airport. remembering to there are some 3000 on stand by in kuwait as a quick reaction force. but this is what the de spokesmen had to say. we remain committed to completing this draw down in a safe and orderly way and doing what we can to get as many of our american citizens out, as well as, as many of those interpreters and translators who helped you do your jobs on the battlefield. were committed, we know we have an obligation to them and we're going to work really hard in the coming weeks to get as many of them out of the country as we can. well, president biden has come under a huge amount of domestic criticism from both republicans and democrats, democrats. so arguing that to the former president, donald trump holds equal blame as he was the one who concluded that peace still with taliban last may. he had decided that us troops would leave by may this year
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president by the extended that, but republicans in particular shop the critical of president biden. democrats and republicans alike. despite the positions on the us with prisons in a gun is done, agree that the administration was ill prepared, that withdraw has been an absolute shambles. or mike, my kind of in washington dc. thanks a lot. we'll talk in greece fair, being at the forefront of another refugee crisis has thousands of afghans look to flee taliban rule. turkey is already building a wall along the border with iran to stop people cross illegally. while greece has said it cannot become a gateway into the european union for africans. greece was on the front line of years, migration crisis, of course in 2015. when nearly a 1000000 people fleeing conflicts in syria and iraq and enough chemist on landed on its islands, let's cross to london, john hope standing by there in china. as we heard from the native secretary general, a sultan bag. this failure to hold back the taliban could present untold challenges
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like human rights issues and of course migration crisis. yes, i mean, i think there is a deep feeling of unease across europe at the moment on that very question of refugees. it is clear that this could spark an exodus. it is equally clear that most of the people who might choose to leave afghanistan probably won't want to languish in camps in places like pakistan or the turkey. they will be trying and hoping to get to europe and the theories of a repeat of what happened in 2015 angle americans open door policy. that attracted over a 1000000 people to europe. most of them fleeing civil war in syria and governments will be very much on their god for that. at the moment. of course, the focus is on getting people out of afghanistan. both are nationals and africa support stop. some countries are going further than that. germany, for instance, adding human rights activists, lawyers,
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other people that they deem to be at risk from the taliban to their evacuees list. the british are coming up with an emergency resettlement plan that we hope to hear more about today sensitively aimed at people in the most need, like women and girls. but you know, a lot of countries are simply not going to be keen to help or step in, in any form we've heard from greece. they had an awful experience. they don't want to be on the front line. again, this is a gateway country into europe. there are countries like australia who are still even now semantic plans for the deportation of failed afghan asylum seekers. back to afghanistan as a means of deterring future arrival. so this is a.


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