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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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blame that kind of sounds, collapsed government for failing to fight the taliban. the 3 lines, his european members, instructions a repeat of the refugee flux. that shook the e u in 2015 turner hall false among nato allies in europe. there is a feeling of deja vu, the looming threat of an afghan exodus recalls the influx of more than a 1000000 refugees in 2015 most flea and war in serious many, even then from afghanistan it was a movement of people that reverberated politically strengthening right wing support across the continent. direst consequence of the taliban takeover of the county sent for europe. now, would be a repeat this to be the sort of getting stories, again, destabilization of afghanistan risk is causing a regular migration to europe. france, as i've said, has and will continue to do its duty for those who are most threatening to the minute, but afghans in times to come, will need to muster their strength in europe cannot shoulder the consequences alone
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calls for humanitarian corridors and a coordinated european response by the likes of emanuel micron and the outgoing german chancellor anglo merkle are likely to meet resistance from some countries. greece has warned against, again becoming the gateway to europe. austria plans to continue deporting, failed asylum seekers. back to afghanistan. you foreign ministers meeting to discuss the crisis are nowhere near consensus. second, we have to issue a new political situation created to not going to stand by the return or the tele, lance does not lead to a larger scale. migratory movement over much will depend on the willingness of transit countries like turkey to contain the flow as it eventually did in 2016. after a deal that cost the e u $3.00 and a half $1000000000.00, whether afghans state or flee in far greater numbers will depend on the taliban.
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and i would like to ask the woman, please don't recognize em or a dollar bond without any condition. and again, the thank you, rachel. thank you very much. says precious little. any one else can do. it was extremely difficult to make the decision to end the night to mentor persons in afghanistan. and it was difficult because i share your pain nato's 20 emission enough counties 10 has ended in failure. european alliance members can do little more now than watch and wait for what comes next. jo, how al jazeera david ryan is a professor of anthropology at the american university. he's also a contributor for the costs of war project, which focuses on the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan joins us live from oakland in california. just within the last couple minutes we heard from the u. k. government to on the was to up to 20000 guns, could be resettled in the u. k. long term. and we, we had to report that,
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that debate about how many might be held, what, what you view on, on the, the, the requirement to resettle afghans as a result of a list. sorry, we think of a problem. it just though a problem with a sound with our guests, we're just gonna see if we can sort that out. i'm not sure if you can. if we can get david going back, let me just check with that. ah, there we are. i think we got you back david one. so if we can, if i can start again that we couldn't hear you what see what you thought about. so that the kind of numbers that european countries in the u. s. and others ought to be taking a for african refugees. i apologize, but i think the 20000 number that you cited seems to me is far, far too little for britain and even even farther off the mark still for the united
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states, the united states and its closed balance like britain bear, overwhelming responsibility for the disaster the last 20 years of war and represented and including the displacement of 5900000 people, 5900000 people in this place in the last 20 years. and i think beginning with the united states, we have the ability to resettle far, far more and i'm calling for the need ministration to announce that united states will read that a 1w1w african refugees if necessary. the us resettle roughly the same number after the end of its war and vietnam and southeast asia and can do still. when should do so again, come in, administration though the bottom ministration that has said recently to people coming from central america don't come. do you really think that it's going to agree to the kind of numbers that you're talking about? and similarly, republicans, i've taken an anti migration line in recently. so on you being unrealistic. no,
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no, i don't think so, and there are some good signs the by the administration has already pledged half a $1000000000.00, which is too little. but just in the, in the past 24 hours or so. so it's, it's refugees and other displays. people buy him, it has been a shift from the company ministration hardline policy on preventing any refugee from entering the united states. and again, the united states has done this before. countries in, in europe to beginning with germany, of course, accepted more than a 1000000 people in 20152016. but the united states, almost a 1000000 people from southeast asia, were welcome into the united states after the end of the us war and vietnam and lau from campbell, cambodia. we can and really must do it again. we have a responsibility to do so because we bear again, overwhelming responsibility for having such destruction in afghanistan,
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again in including and beginning with the people who the hundreds of thousands of died and literally millions who been injured and the 5900000 have been displaced over the last 20 years. okay. what about the taliban? i mean they've promised in a news conference today that they're going to respect women's rights, not attack those who worked with the government or, or foreign forces. do you believe that they will honor those promises? it's of course, very difficult to know. i think, you know, those are better than the alternative. i think people in afghanistan have real reason to be afraid given the taliban rule more than 20 years ago now. but these are encouraging science, and i think there are people in afghanistan including african women who were protesting in cobble and as 24 hours, demanding that their rights be respected. and we need to support those demands. so i think we need to hold the taliban to their, their promises and ensure that, that the end of the war in afghanistan is an end with the little violence as
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possible. i mean, you talked about the need to provide to an attorney assistance. i suppose one of the, the problems that people will have is, is whether they're handing over money to, to the taliban, who may then not spend it in the way that people want it to be spent. what, what's, you know, how do you get round that particular issue? what communitarian assistance can be provided in the range of ways to, to now the taliban appears to be allowing humanitarian organizations international humanitarian organizations to operate freely in afghanistan. we have to hope that that continues and money can be funneled through through them, as well as through the us refugee agency. you and hcr. again, the u. s. government need to dedicate far larger sums to protecting and assisting african refugees. another display of people, both to reset them in the united states and to provide assistance wherever they may
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be immediately and to provide with element in other countries like britain, which bears very serious responsibility along with the united states. and of course, to help afghans return to their homes when conditions allow which we can only hope that conditions do allow people to go back to their homes, which in most cases, people just want to go home. david vine, thank you very much indeed for donors. thank you alice, you and yes, as it is concerned, better rouge, the president will open a migration route for afghans fleeing taliban rule. thousands of migrants and refugees have recently entered you. countries from batteries and the european union will reportedly offer more money and border officers to stop the surge. at the end of may better, russian president, alexander lucas shameka, said he wouldn't stop migrants from entering the e u after brussels. impose sanctions christian because government has been targeted
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for cracking down on descent after last year's disputed election. since then, he's been accused of flying in migrants and transporting them to areas bordering su in yet latvia and poland was in 4000 asylum seekers. most of them, iraqi have crossed until a few in year from valerie this year. hundreds of others have been detained in latvia and poland. they're often captain camps with squalid conditions and face violence from border guards and local residence. steadfast reports from las, you in your border with better bruce promise, easy way into europe and pay $200.00 thousands of dollars. all 3 that was on facebook and on social media says like the border is free now of garcia. you can cross it or something together with his relative 17 year old alley. yes. him from iraq is detained in a capitalist way. after crossing the border from barrels, they were picked up with thousands of orders by border guards in recent month. they
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tell us how they could easily enter better route and received help to regionally the way in border gateway into the european union. every people had tried to very sought children and they be and this is in europe, and they were woman coming here with children. but it is the reason why because you're coming here because you want to live this way. now. recently started to push people who showed the better will be turned the russian troops stop them from entering on this footage, released by lithuanian border guards, a group of 35 iraqi site. lisa wayne eventually allowed the migrant in an accused bella russians from illegally crossing its border. the the playing deadly games with the human rise lives is unacceptable
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and has to be condemned. unfortunately, the people whom we consider to be victims in that situation. i used by lucca shanker regime as the tool as a weapon against the european union in general. and particularly sienna, because of its very strong political position in an effort to stop the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. lithuania has been constructing a barrier on it. 670 kilometer long border with barrows. these are desperate people who have become victims of political conflict. far away from home. their presence here, this gateway into europe shows how vulnerable the strict use fans on asylum seekers and migrants has become. the e u. s. had more than 100 boarded troops and pledge 37000000 euros to helpless away near that usually only sees a fraction of these arrivals. to deal with the crisis, bella russian opposition latest atlanta to north sky. i was living in exile in lithuania, or just
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a you not to give in to local shanker what the regime is doing is mailing european union with this gratian situation. and the answer should be even stronger. you can't be blackmailed by regime. the number of migrants arriving at the board has decreased since iraq stopped it slides to barrows. but the situation we main stance warning shots have been hurt from the batter, wish and site steadfast and al jazeera vilios lithuania. for the 1st time, the u. s. is declared a water shortage at its largest reservoir, triggering mandatory cuts to some western states. lake made on the colorado river serves 40000000 people. farmers in arizona expected to see the biggest drop in supply. the region is struggling with a drought and record high temperatures. reynolds is up the hoover dam in arizona with more. so what, what does it look like where you will well, it is about the 38 degrees centigrade with a hot, dry,
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gusty wind blowing. lauren and we are standing in a spot which gives you an incredible idea of the effects of 20 years and more of punishing drought in climate change and how they have impacted the western united states. let's take a look over here to hoover dam. this was built in the 1900 thirty's. it is an amazing piece of 20th century engineering and construction. but take a look at the shoreline. this is lake mead. it's the largest reservoir in the united states, and it's essential for tens of millions of people who live in the west. let's see that, that light colored sort of bath tub ring around the edge of the lake. that's how far the water has fallen over the past. couple of decades, it's now at its lowest level in history. ever since the dam was built,
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scientists say it's about 35 percent of its capacity. so the government has started to announce these cutbacks. they will not immediately affect people living in cities like las vegas v next to san and los angeles. but they will effect farmers in places like arizona where i am right now, which despite being in the middle of the desert, grows a lot of water intensive crops like cotton and l falco. and so the not the amount of water that they will get next year will be just, it will be cut by one 5th. so we have that impact year and what scientists are saying from the government and from private academia is that the the problem is climate change. there is because of high temperatures, there is less precipitation falling on the rocky mountains as snow. so less of it
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melts in the spring to feed the rivers, the streams and the lakes. in addition, there has been a drought underway for more than 20 years. and in some scientist who studies such things say there is not been as severe a mega drought as they're calling it's 1200 years. and the reason for that raises a lot of questions and a lot of dust in my eyes at the moment. but it also raises a lot of questions as to sustainability of how to mitigate the impact of these climate changes going forward. and as time passes over an alternate dramatic surroundings at diamond, arizona. thank you very much indeed for joining us. i don't out 0 pilgrim is and the panoramic cupboard 19. and the threat of attacks a complicated one of iraq's largest religious commemoration will tell you how the teams line out the door for the africa couple of nations with jemma.
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ah the news with me
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ah. ah, the preparations had begun in the rocky city of kabbalah to mock assure a sheer muslim commemoration. he was started heading to the city despite concerns about security and co. 19 governor is the 2nd most significant religious place for she is after mecca in saudi arabia, hold up their head reports from the streets of bella. have been decorated people here are getting ready to mark the day of our sure the city which is central
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for she has in iraq is no the destination for millions to marketed. this over the amendment has seen, measured, says he came all the way from the emerald city near the border with iran, to visit the man, the shrine. and millions of others young muslims are expected to arrive here, despite the risk of coven 19. i have been taking the same tougher journey every year since the past 23 years in some parts of the walk on foot for long distance. and with groups attacked the visitors in the area in the past. so security measures have been tightened on the cities outskirts iraqi security officials have set up explosive detectors and criminal investigation inspectors conduct identity verification. people on cars are checked before proceeding further. corolla is
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getting cases of the gun man killed. it's me last week. but security officials say it's an individual criminal act and not likely linked to a bigger plot. they belong to the campaign to prevent any attacks. become legitimate as to how about how are we doing through intelligence, operations, and air surveillance? we've apprehended dozens of suspects in all administrative borders. the car below are also secured by the army and the popular mobilization forces. as crowds, stream towards the shrines, volunteers are sanitizing them. while others get ready to prepare leah's hayden work, he says his father and other family members have been providing meals to the visitors for many years. this charity was started in 1947 to feed the visitors of the shrines. and later it was also finance to buy some donors.
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more ration continues until this day and with that issue of the lot to us pan p in the past. some of these motors have been sleeping here for days in this sure. up without any incident moved up the car. but jim is here with all sport. thank you. lauren, afghanistan's 1st female parlin peon has not given up type of competing intake here later this month, after spite being stuck in cobble because of the turmoil in her country 23 year old . hi quando fighter. that can't cute it that it was meant to present of kind of some of the games that she and track athlete wholesale. rusty really did not make that flight to the japanese capital. on monday, mac has been asked. i request from you all, i am an african woman and on behalf of all african women helped me. my intention is
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to participate in the took your 2020 paralympic games. please help me. please are request all of you, especially all the women from around the globe to not get the right for female citizen of a kind of some. and apparently the movement to be taken away so easily. afghanistan's shaft emission for the pattern picks spike to i'll just area out just there earlier . she's bleeding for help, appealing to all woman there on the globe for health. and she said that she moved from city of iraq, where she's originally from to cobble. and she's, she's in the state of shock and state of fear and watch, and we haven't had any agency to come forward to offer help. i wasn't aware that the interested then she came to participate. she 2000 last hope. i'm still hopeful . please help me add to compete. this is my dream. don't lead the telephone to take
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my basic right away from me. i'm a pyre, limpy in woman in afghanistan, work so hard. i struggled in my life to get where i am. and i just want to compete, she's feeling for help and as a shift emotional paralympic up going to spawn. now that i know that she's still hopeful, i would like to request the, the, you know, the whoever, whoever he in the country that's coming forward to help maybe to get the athletes and the coaches, allow them to compete in tokyo. 2020. i mean, i can only tell you from the past experience that we have had the future was bleak, especially for female for the pile m p. and then again on the paralympics, what wasn't had during the talent era for them where and but they're looking forward in the future. i don't think you will look any better because we have struggled through the 20, the 2 decades to get where we are. but now we're back in the square one. i don't think that the taliban will have the media should capacity and to, to you know,
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to run the country to govern the country, especially for those forms because we don't know which male sport will be allowed. which females will be along with a few will be allowed the tool. so the future's looking bleak other than the rule has been made for the great stage of the africa, cup of nations, legends, da da drug. but samuel ethel and john took part in the ceremony. and camry, which is where the torment will take place in january and february. it should have been how the ship was delayed by the current of ours pandemic, heis and 5 time when his cameras are engraved with keener fasfa, e. c, p, a, and cape bird. while in greek bay in senegal, zimbabwe, guinea and malawi, are gone of commerce and capital and make up creep. see, no country has wanted more than egypt with 7 titles. with my g area, sudan, and guinea bas out and greet fee. and it's creepy with the defending champions, algeria applicant, sierra equitorial,
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guinea and ivory coast and finding she knew the molly mauritania and gambia all the teams in great f. louise on how says the netherlands have made the right choice, appointing him for 3rd time as national coach. the 70 wrote as managed barcelona by munich and manchester united. his 1st bell is dutch coach ended when he failed to get them into the 2002 world cup the 2nd time around. he led them to a 3rd place finish and 2014. now his job is to qualify for the world cup in cattle . give all died all saddam with nails of low. i've always done everything to help dutch football. and i think if i'd been in the position of the dutch football association, i would also have chosen me so yes, that's why i've said yes. argentina's giants, boca genius of sax, that coach miguel am how rousseau has been let go after a poor runner results. he made it happy in these archives pictures, but they've not one yet this season and they sit 3rd from bottom in the table.
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they've also been knocked out the coffee leverage flores by me to come on the germans supercop for the 9th time they be, bruce here, don't linda. 31 with rob, 11th street, getting to go. and thomas, the other is the 1st when if a new coach read in novels in on a fitting tribute to pub legend miller, who died on sunday at the age of 75 tennis thought maybe a soccer broke down in tears at her 1st press conference since withdrawing from the french open at for mental health reasons, ahead of the cincinnati me office. she suggested instead of players being fined for escaping media conferences, they should perhaps be allowed to take sick days. but it was this question that seemed to upset you're not crazy about dealing with with, with us, especially in its format. yet you have a lot of outside interests that are, that are served by having a media platform. i guess my question is, how do you balance the 2? i can't really help that there are some things that i tweak or some things that i
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say that kind of create a lot of news articles or things like that. i'm not really sure how to balance or to like, i'm figuring it out at the same time as you are. i would say. okay, i think we're just going to take a quick break just. we'll be back in one moment. man, god, number 3, stephanie fits. apostle for playing cincinnati and says he won't get the code 900 vaccine unless it becomes compulsory. the a t p t o has publicly encouraged players to get the job or just federal and ra founded have had it was number one, never joke, which has declined to talk about his vaccination status. and clearly, several others have reservations, including no one has made it a mandatory thing to be vaccinated. so far. i mean at some point i will have to like, i'm pretty sure about it. but so far it hasn't been mandatory to convey. so i
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haven't, i haven't done it. no. of course yes. or thirty's and families have introduced new rules requiring fans to our mosque that large outdoor sporting events that includes baseball and nfl games which attract more than $10000.00 people. everyone got regardless of their vaccination faces and the world's talk, go for john. rob is convinced he didn't have coded 19 despite a positive test, forcing him to mr. take your lympics. the spanish 2 did half the virus in june, says he had several negative results ahead of the games, followed by a positive one and then he tested negative again a day later, with no symptoms. very confusing that one is an thanks very much jim. hey, wendy can catch up with sport, and of course all the news recovering on our website. just so that is our 0 dot comments, which is live by clicking on the orange live icon. a fit camino inside of this new
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job. i'll be here in a minute with more news like searching. ah, me, news, news, news, news, news, violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many of them in india. a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause of february 2000 and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality ah, the snake charmer. on the con,
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witnessed on a janita bulgaria, the poorest nation, the europe in union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in the aim of our ruling class was to get the 1st 3 repeal money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from a guerria at the crossroads on a it's the case biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, the taliban stages. it's 1st news conference, promising women's rights media freedom and amnesty for government officials. evacuation flights review met cobble airports a day off to thousands of people tried to flee the taliban takeover. ah, this is their life and what's coming up. sheltering on the makeshift cover. now people in earthquake hidden, hey t.


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