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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 2:00am-2:30am AST

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like the city we say we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, ah . the taliban promises women's rives may be afraid him and amnesty of the government officials in its 1st news conference after taking charge of cobbled evacuation plans to resume after chaotic stains. on monday the us says the taliban agreed to allow the safe passage to the airport. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from joe. how also coming up anger and frustration in haiti of heavy rain
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from the storm hampers the response to the earthquake. it's claimed nearly 2000 lives and fewer shortages live in on has left many going hungry, and hospitals are in critical condition. ah, the taliban has bound to respect women's rights to give those who fought against it . and insure afghanistan doesn't become a haven for other armed groups. it made the promises in its 1st news conference in seizing control of the entire country. but that's being met with skepticism from afghans and world ladies who feel a return to the televisions hash rule of 20 years ago. shall at bellis begins our coverage from cobbled after years in the shadows, the telephone spokes and face was finally revealed. w. hula moved your head
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fronting for the 1st telephone press conference in 20 years. and 7000 us forces scrambled to evacuate americans on military plains. the telephone coded and historic movement. as the club actually been taken to freedom is the right of all nations. the outcome people by using their legal rights after 20 years of war were able to take the freedom to clean the country, or the patient occupiers. while the group could not reveal who lead the country much ahead, sid talk the ongoing for an inclusive political system. and promised all afghans rights will be respected. there's a lot of concern about whether women will be allowed to work. that girls can still go to school. what assurances can you give to women and girls that their rights will be protected without his stomach? emerett is committed to the right of women within the framework of sharia,
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or we may have the same rights that going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. we want to assured international community that will be not as cumulation against women, but of course we think our religious framework but after use a for trust is hard to come by on day 2 of taliban rule and cobble. there were few women on the streets as a woman. should i be scared of the telephone? not, i don't know what that is. no. why should you be scared of us? you should never be afraid of us. to tell, yvonne has asked everyone in carville to continue their lives as usual, and keep going to work. it is also declared an amnesty for all those who are younger, a list given and the embassies and foreign nationals should feel. the telephone has sought to portray itself is more moderate than during it's in 1900 ninety's rule. yet people are wondering if this really is the telephone 2.0. what's the
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situation in capital is really good. now, the taliban, here we have taken control of security and we will hold it until the end of the telephone have made a number of statements that on the surface, the reassuring. but that actions so speak t d for the word submit. it's very early now, it's very fluid. it's very hard to say what is happening exactly. the taliban are in high spirits and defiant as gonna stones days as a battlefield over your head city. hope people start fleeing and state to the assets for the nation. the mobile phone. we have pardon everyone, all those who have fought against us. we don't want to repeat of war. we want to do away with the factors of conflict for this law, make me read off. i've got it done. does not have any conflict with anybody. we
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want fighting to end. would you had stated journalists should remain free and independent to critique the group so it can improve. oh, go ahead. one journalist off. you say you can forgive everyone. what do you think the victims catholic is you? the africans on all sides. there is a lot of healing. charlotte palace to 0 cobble. the us says the taliban has agreed to allow safe passage for civilian struggling to get a lifted from cobble. but president, jo biden's, national security advisor did acknowledge reports. some africans were being turned away or even base and by the taliban botton and the u. k. prime minister bars johnson have agreed to hold a virtual g 7 meeting next week to discuss a common strategy on afghanistan. mike, hannah reports from washington dacy evacuation operations are once again underway at couple airport. the nato partners of the us scaling up their presence and the u
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. s. department of defense. as within the next 24 hours, there will be up to $6000.00 us soldiers in place to maintain airport security. the pentagon insisting that order has been restored. right now. we're looking at one aircraft per hour in and out of h kaya re predicted our best effort could look like 50029000 passengers departing per day. we have had no ha style interactions, no attack, and no threat by the taliban. the deadline for complete withdrawal of forces and civilians is still the end of the month, a date set by president biden. earlier this year, the commander in chief made it very clear that we were to complete this draw down by august 31st. and that which now includes the drop down of american cities pulling out of american citizens and drop down over embassy personnel. so that's what we're focused on,
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that's the timeline we're on. and it's the secretary made clear to to leaders even as recent is this morning. time is of the essence. and we all, we all share a sense of urgency here. the bite and administration continues to defend the decision to go ahead with the withdrawal. arguing that the alternative was escalating us involvement in another countries civil war was unfolded over the past month. has proven decisively that it would have taken a significant american true presence multiple times greater than what president biden was handed to stop a taliban onslaught. and we would have taken casualties. american men and women would have been fighting and dying once again in afghan. stan, both republicans and democrats, subbing highly critical of the manner in which the withdrawal is being conducted. arguing that the chaos that has ensued constitutes a huge failure of intelligence. their sharp criticism to the president's decision
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to resume his vacation, spending only a few hours at the white house to address the american people before returning to camp. david, thanks so much everyone. the criticism and the questions are likely to continue for months to come. my cannot jazeera washington survivors of a powerful worth quaking haiti. and now having to cope with a tropical storm. heavy rain lashed, make shift shelters in the southern city of la caine. one of the worsted areas, nearly 3000 people were killed in saturdays, quite thousands more, have been left homeless and many say they are still waiting for 8 from the government to arrive. i got 5 more now, ma'am. it's not good here. my home was destroyed. i have nothing my home yesterday, they distributed aid, but i wasn't able to get anything. it rained last night. we couldn't sleep, we have nothing to eat. lithuania says it's concerned. valerie says president will
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open a migration route for afghans playing the taliban. thousands of my grims and refugees have recently entered a you countries from bell roof and the european union will reportedly offer more money and border offices. just stop the search. at the end of may bell, russian president, alexander lucas shanker, said he wouldn't stop migrant from entering the you after brussels. impose sanctions because shank is government has been targeted for cracking down on the since last year's disputed election since then. he's been accused of transporting migrants to areas bordering lithuania, lapierre and poland. well than 4000 asylum seekers, most of them are rocky, have crossed into lithuania from bella. ruth, this year, hundreds of others have been detained in last year in poland. they are often kept in camps with squalid conditions and face violence from border gods and local residents that fastened travel to the border between lithuania and bella. for this
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report, they were promised to easy way into europe and paid hundreds of even thousands of dollars for a dream that quickly it was on facebook and on social media. says like the border is free know of garcia. you can process or something together with his relative 17 year old alley. yes. him from iraq is detained in a capitalist way. nia. after crossing the border from barrows, they were picked up with thousands of orders by border guards and recent month they tell us how they could easily enter battles and received help to regionally the wayne and border the gateway into the european union. every people had charge, very sought children, and baby and woman. this is in europe and they were woman coming here with children, bridges. and the reason why because you come in here because you want it alive.
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lithuania recently started to push people who showed up at the board, back to barrows in return, that russian troops stopped them from entering on this footage, released by lithuanian border guards. a group of 35 iraqis are seen stuck between the 2 sites. lithuania eventually allowed the migrants in an accused, bella russians from illegally crossing. it's border, the, the playing deadly games with the human rise lives is an acceptable and has to be condemned. unfortunately, people whom we consider to be victims in that situation. i used by lucas shanker regime as the tool as a weapon against the european union in general. and particularly sienna, because of its very strong political position in an effort to stop the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. lithuania has been constructing
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a barrier on its 670 kilometer long border with barrows. these are desperate people who have become victims of political conflict. far away from home. their presence here, this gateway into europe, shows how vulnerable district you stance on asylum seekers and migrants has become . the e u. s. had more than 100 board of troops and pledge 37000000 euros to helpless away. and yet that usually only sees a fraction of these arrivals to deal with the crisis. bella, russian opposition leaders, atlanta taken off guy, i was living in exile in lithuania, or just the you not to give in to look was shanker, what regime is doing is blake mailing european union with this migration situation . and the answer should be even strong, but you can't be blackmailed by regime. the number of migrants arriving at the board has decreased since iraq stopped it slides to barrows. but the situation remained. stands warning, shots have been hurt from the bad wish. in sight, steadfast and al jazeera vilios lithuania. go ahead on al jazeera as part of the us
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health care system, buckle under the number of carbon 19 patients. we live from louisiana, one of the day. a hello. thank you for tuning in. here's an update on grace it did re intensify into a tropical storm. so we see it after it pushed away from haiti into jamaica. but i want to take this out a few days now, so it's going to pass over the yucatan peninsula. the beta can peachy. here we are late friday into saturday. and this potentially could make landfall toward the east coast, the mexico as a category one hurricane. also got to talk about fred, it made landfall toward the florida panhandle. we see scenes like this really roads
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and parking lots turned into rivers and we knew that storm surge would be a big problem. the ocean being picked up and shoved into the shoreline there. so the remnants of fred now racing up the eastern seaboard knocking on the door of washington d. c. on wednesday. now take you to the desert southwest and it is still getting pummeled with some strong storms, particularly for arizona. so the risk of flash flooding is certainly here. after canada we go and we've had some storms roll across the prairies. you can tell this is a cold front, right? 18 degrees in regina, 31 in winnipeg. but this is bringing much needed relief to fight some of the wildfires burning there. a sophie on 38 degrees on wednesday by thursday. we could have you up to 40 and that could be record breaking that. sure whether c su ah, the frank assessments, by way it is a lesson against freedom suppression, informed opinions. what you saw happening in march. there was 42. there was also
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petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between gold and any other conference here between the years rather than to give them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh a hello your what she now to 0. i'm emily ang, when a reminder of our top stories, the sound in its 1st press conference since taking over afghanistan, the taliban says it will respect women's rights. and forgive those who fought against the claims that being matched with skepticism. from many with fear,
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returned to the harsh rule of 20 years ago. the us says the taliban has agreed to allow safe passage for civilians struggling to get flooring out of cobble evacuation have review day after chaos seems on the runway. ladies have also agreed to hold a virtual g 7 meeting to discuss a common strategy for chemist. survive is a saturday quick in haiti, and now having to come up with a tropical storm, heavy rain lashed, make shift to shelters, and the sudden look high. one of the worst. his hair is so far, nearly 2000 people have done in the number of americans admitted into intensive care has raged levels last name during the winter wave woman half a year ago. the search in new corona virus cases has been fueled by the more
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infectious delta strain. light has government data shows, 20 percent of hospitals have nearly all of the i, c. u beds occupied. one of the worst effected states's, louisiana in the south, which is reporting the highest number of hospitalizations since the onset of the pandemic. let's cross live to heidi ger castro who is in the regional capital baton rouge. hello there, heidi you've been speaking to local say, and why do you think people are so resistant to getting vaccinated? right, emily, it is a number of factors here. as much of the u. s. south would be where you're seeing the vaccination numbers lagging across the country. there are still more than a quarter of american adults who have not even received one dose of the vaccine. that even as a white house is expected to announce this week, that american should get a booster dove. but here in louisiana, the hospitals are filling and this state governor has warned that the state health
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care system may be approaching a major failure. political 62 year old bobby burdette has just emerged from the covey intensive care unit at our lady of the lake hospital in baton rouge, louisiana staff have nicknamed him there miracle patient. most havent been leaving the i see you alive. i feel really well. maam, breathing has really gotten under control. burdette was never vaccinated and says he still has no regrets. his wife also tested positive. they're part of a dramatic surgeon code cases in louisiana. only 39 percent of the state is fully vaccinated. strictly individual decision, the government's an aide, anybody else? but there's, according to the louisiana health department, the unvaccinated make up more than 90 percent of hospitalized covert patients.
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nurse laurie douglas has been caring for them, many of whom are young and otherwise healthy. she says most do tell her they wish they'd gotten. the vaccine is to know that this was preventable and that this didn't need to happen. and that, you know, there is a girl who without her mother any more than a man doesn't have his brother any longer. so big brother to turn to and times like not a heart wrenching with coven patient billing, hospital beds. major hospitals in louisiana are no longer accepting transfers. emergency rooms are seeing ways of up to 10 hours and patients with other emergency conditions, even heart attacks have sometimes been turned away. we're already rationing care every day. we continue to admit the same amount of people, if not more. so we'll get to a point where we are unable to patch it together. a federal disaster team is working with states hospitals to relieve the strain, but doctors say what they also need are more people getting the vaccine. a recent
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uptick in vaccinations as promising but not enough. every person who comes into the hospital and is not vaccinated is a failure. on our part. it is our job as medical professionals to educate people and we haven't gotten our education out. and in the absence of that, there's misinformation, misinformation, distrust in government and misplaced confidence. are all hurdles to getting the vaccine among louisiana fiercely independent population. as for burdette and his wife, even a near death experience in the hospital, hasn't convinced them to get the shots. for now, they'll focus on recovery kit will eventually get to where mommy and systems up to where i can start seeing people hug the heck margaret time left with family. a gift denied to some 700 people with de who continue to die of cove. it in the us and it's not just in louisiana there. we're seeing these
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dire scenes in other states like alabama, the hospital association, their reports just to i see you beds available for the entire state. in florida, there are more than 5000 children who are either in quarantine or isolation, dude. exposure in the school system and across the country. emily, we're still seeing new average number of cases per day as over a 140000 high, frightening statistics. thank you. for that update, heidi drug castro in baton rouge. louisiana for new cases of corona virus have been confirmed in new zealand as the country begins as snaps rate locked down. it brings the total number of cases to 5, all confirmed to be the delta vary and the case that triggered the lockdown was detected in oakland. and the government is working to trace its origins. you zealand has closed its borders to travelers. its last lock down was more than
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a year ago. we have made decisions on the basis that it is, be sure to start high and go down levels rather than start to load not contain the virus and see it move quickly. we've seen the die consequences of taking too long to act, and other countries, not least our neighbors. just as we successfully stayed home and save lives last year. i'm asking the team of 5000000 to unite once more to defeat what is likely to be this more dangerous and transmissible variant of the virus. the humans health agency suspects they might be a 2nd case of a bowl in the ivory coast. after confirming its 1st infection in 25 years, the country's health minister confirmed a woman who travelled from neighboring guinea was infected. she's believed have been in contact with 9 people. the 18 year old has been hospitalized in the capital . the world health organization has sent a ball a vaccines to the ivory coast,
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labored on fuel shortages, endangering patients and hospital struggle to cope. businesses have been forced to scale back or shut down as the country goes through its worst economic crisis. invoicing use, santa holder has moved from by roche. there is bread only when there is fuel a resource that is no scarce lebanon's economic crisis is getting worse. the state barely provides electricity. many bakeries that can't afford the rising cost to power generators have have to close that bins in them. is it? there is no bread, few diesel electricity, no madison, but the official 2 are fighting for their interests. live in homes that are live there. generators are working, they have humiliated to people. a lack of fuel means there are difficulties pumping water and distributing it. every aspect of life is affected by what is being
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described as living, where the financial and political crisis. but there is no work in the country. you work one day and sell couple of things that as other days we sell nothing and nearly bankrupt state, it's failing to secure people's basic needs. there isn't enough imported fuel and a corrupt system is blamed for allowing what is available to be smuggled across the border into syria. even hospitals rely on generators. a few days ago, they almost ran out of fuel further stretching the little medicine and resources. they have patients' lives are at risk if machines stop working, make sure that we have identified 3300 critical items that are critical for life saving and 25 percent were out of stock and the country. and we
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cannot find any of those items in the country. we cannot treat people without energy. we cannot 3 people if we don't give them the right medication. what is happening now is totally unacceptable and unbelievable. businesses in factories have also been affected. luffy got about sometimes there's no diesels or private generators, so we can't work. and when the diesel, we only get 3 hours of electricity today with the united nation says at least 78 percent of the $6000000.00 people are now poor. the economy has all but collapse, so have basic services yet politicians continue to struggle for power 11 on has been without a function in government for more than a year. oh, there is pressure to address the financial collapse. people have started to attack officials, homes, incidents of violence are becoming more common. as lebanon's tragedy continues to unfold. the fear is worsening. conditions could lead to
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a security breakdown that they're elses ita bailed. preparations are underway in the iraqi city of kabbalah, to mark a surer as she am with them commemoration. on wednesday, people have started heading to the city despite concerns about security in cove. at 19 cappella is the 2nd most significant religious place for sheer after mecca in saudi arabia, mahmud abdel wyatt is there. the streets of karbala have been decorated. people here are getting ready to mark the day of assuring. the city which is central for she has in iraq is no the destination for millions to marketed this over the murmur. her scene measured says he came all the way from there morrow city near the border with iran to visit the man, the shrines, and millions of others. young muslims are expected to arrive here. display the risk
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of coven 19. i have been taking the same tougher journey every year since the past 23 years. in some part we walk on foot for long distance on groups attack the visitors in the area in the past. so security measures have been tightened on the cities outskirts iraqi security officials have set up explosive detectors, and criminal investigation inspectors conduct identity verification. people of course, are checked before proceeding further. corolla is getting cases of the gun man killed. it's me last week. but security officials say it's an individual criminal act and not likely linked to a bigger plot. they belong to the campaign to prevent any attacks from legitimate as to how bought he whose are we doing through intelligence, operations, and air surveillance, we've apprehended dozens of suspects and all administrative borders of carbo law
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are also secured by the army and the popular mobilization forces as crowd dream towards the shrines, volunteers are sanitizing them while others get ready to prepare leaders who have what he says. his father and other family members have been providing meals to the visitors for many years. is this charity was started in 1947 to feed the visitors of the shrines and later it was also financed by some donors. recommendation continues until tuesday and with that issue over the last 2 s p. in the past. some of these motors have been sleeping here for days. in this. sure up we'll pack without any incident more dr. cut about french president menu. alma crohn says 5 fighters have stabilized
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wildfires that devastated parts of the country south field by strong winds. vast areas of forest along the french riviera was scorched. thousands were forced to flay their homes after the flames broke out on monday in the coastal city of saloon and emergency workers in spain have managed to bring wildfires, they're largely under control. 5 who have been battling dozens of flies is in saturday. the central province of villa is the worst effected area. the flames triggered by reco, breaking hate wave and strong winds will than 12000 hector's of land has been scorched, and hundreds have had to flee behind his farm. and his dad has resigned less than a month after the new president, pedro. his steer was sworn in hectic, hair, quit, and mid range. the comments he made about an armed group that killed tens of thousands of people during the 1980s in 1919. during protests on sunday,
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opposition support is also called for the president to resign. they say he's cabinet is full of inexperienced ministers. castillo is back at. the cabinet represents the marsh lines to pull the japanese man behind the popular numbers. game, sudoku has died. he was 69 marquis kaji had retired as ceo of puzzle magazines. nicole lee in july me had been battling cancer. although the origins of the game said, oak, who are unclear, koji has been credited as the bickerson to popularize. it became a global phenomenon after it was published in the london times in 2004. ah.


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