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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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we are victims as well, but they were the worst off. i have a chance to be alive, even though i'm injured. thanks to god, we didn't get badly hurt so we could help out. the others. local authorities and international organizations have commented on the resilience of these people, but there's a sense of disbelief over the long series of misfortunes to many the question comes when we'll have to get a break, john home and i'll just like i, i it is easy to get around ok now of our top stories. the taliban has promised to respect women's rights. give amnesty to those who fought against it and make sure afghan astound doesn't become a safe ground for our groups. but afghans and world leaders are skeptical. the us says the taliban has agreed to allow safe passage for civilians struggling to leave
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campbell. the american military has flown out 2200 people so far. the u. k says it will accept up to 20000 afghan refugees in the coming years. hearing cobble itself, that continues to be calm on the streets, but there is a certain level of tension that you sense. but there is also you see signed on the street to more stores opening more restaurants or more people out on the street also more taliban. it has to be said in the last couple of days or so we've seen far more taliban fighters come again on the pickup trucks, on motor bikes, all flying the flags, toting weapons, et cetera. coming onto the streets. i but remain fairly tense. but com for the taliban co founder and political chief has returned to afghanistan. of the ronnie bought a dog right to a crowd of supporters in kandahar the birthplace of the tyler bon bonded. led the groups negotiators in talks with the u. s. and afghan government. he was freed from
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the prison in pakistan at the request of the u. s. 3 years ago in haiti, heavy rains brought on by a tropical storm of complicated search and rescue missions. on saturdays, earthquake officials have warned damage. buildings could collapse. nearly 2000 people were killed in the tremor. after months of being virus free, more cases of coal with 19 have been confirmed in new zealand. that brings the total to 10. all are of the delta very into the virus. the 1st case triggered a 3 day lockdown starting on tuesday. the government says the infection is linked to an outbreak in australia. another town in northern california has been destroyed by the biggest wildfire in the u. s. is the community of grizzly flats home to 1200 people, so called dixie fire, now dangerously close to the city of susan vill of the rocky city of karbala. he's mocking the 1st day of our schuler,
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shia muslim religious holiday. people have been heading to the city. it is by concerns about security and code. 19 corolla is the 2nd most important religious place for she is after mecca in saudi arabia, moda. and then we had reports now from carnival on the streets of could have been decorated people here are getting ready to mark the day of actually the city which is central for she has in iraq is no the destination for millions to marketed this over the murmur. her scene measured says he came all the way from there morrow city near the border with iran to visit the man, the shrines, and millions of others. young muslims are expected to arrive here despite the risk of coven 19. i have been taking the same tougher journey every year since the past
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23 years in some parts to be walk on foot for long distance on groups attack the visitors in the area in the past. so security measures have been tightened on the cities outskirts iraqi security officials have set up. it's supposed to detectors, and criminal investigation in inspectors conduct identity, verification, people and cars are checked before proceeding further. corolla is getting cases of the gun man killed it's made last week. but security officials say it's an individual criminal act and not likely linked to a bigger plot. they belong to the campaign to prevent any attacks from legitimate as to who bought he whose are we doing through intelligence, operations, and air surveillance, we've apprehended dozens of suspects and all administrative borders of carbo law are also secured by the army and the popular mobilization forces as crowd dream
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towards the shrines, volunteers are sanitizing them while others get ready to prepare leaders who have what he says. his father and other family members have been providing meals to the visitors for many years. this charity was started in 1947 to feed the visitors of the shrines and later it was also financed by some donors. recommendation continues until tuesday and with that issue over the last 2 s p. in the past. some of these motors have been sleeping here for days. this is sure up we'll pack without any incident more dr. la cut about a peruse, foreign minister, has resigned less than a month after the new president federal castillo was sworn in, hector,
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be hard. quit made outrage of a comments he made about an arm group to kill tens of thousands of people during the 1900 eighty's and ninety's during close on sunday. opposition support is also called for the president to resign. they say the cabinet is full of inexperienced ministers. cast. we're going to take you live now to learn whether you say parliament is being recalled to talk about the developments in afghanistan after the tyler bonds, takeover british prime minister boris johnson about to make a statement. we're just hearing now from the speaker of the house of commons, british prime minister johnson, making this statement as he opens a debate there on the lake to situation in afghanistan. let's listen and now a reason to be here. i will remind the house that the provisions which are low for the hybrid participation the chamber no longer in place. all contributions to proceedings will once again be made problem within this chamber. i remind members
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that if they participate in that they should be present throat most if not all of that debate and certainly at least the opening speeches on to speeches fall into contribution here for the wind. the speeches keep the house divided today, members should enter. both love is from the members love a hand, the chamber door keepers will be on come to assist. members participate in division . i will instruct the door's locked 10 minutes after we started the division. i'd also like to say thank you to all the stuff about this made today. birch od. breaking the holidays to ensure this important debate goes. we know come to motion the wall relating to the cities of the house, administer to move, move, move. the question is us on the all the papers, many of the other pin who say i comes, you know, i think the salvage, we know,
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come to motion number 2 on business of the host. i wish to inform the house of selected a manuscript amendment. this motion the amendment is in the name of the right total member holton price and holden, and the new member for welding. with this as follows, outline 3 lea vote 230 and insert 5 pm. i call the minister to move the notion this week. i'm delighted with the nation into inform the how much government is willing to accept the manuscript elementary men amendment to my own, like hon. friendship with completely my toes, the settings i think i think the lead to the host of off. so i think that's important. so the original question that dives today, the question is that the amendments has been accepted. i think we can all agree on not just like roll up and not ready to get on with the debate so that we are a lot of access to that. we know come to motion number 3 in the name of the prime minister. i will call the prime minister to move the motion. prime minister.
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yeah. because i beg to move and i begin by thanking you and all the parliamentary stuff for labeling us to meet this morning. before i turn to the days debate, i'm sure the house who wanted to join you this is because i me and send the our condenses to the family and friends they killed in the appalling shooting in plymouth last week. investigations or of course continuing. but we will learn every possible lesson from this tragedy. this is because i know that members across the house share my concern about the situation in afghanistan, issues it raises for insecurity. and the fears of many remaining in that country, especially when and children the sacrifice enough down is done is seared into a national consciousness with 150000 people. serving that from across the length and breadth of the united kingdom. including
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a number of members on all sides of the house whose voices will be particularly important today and say absolutely right, that we should come together for this debate. and this is because yes, i will certainly give way to my friend. i thank the prime minister giving way as someone who opposed this nation building intervention. it now brings its responsibilities in addition to getting on national out, safely, and in offering a generous welcome to the many refugees. well, the prime minister assure me that all necessary resources are given to the afghans and others who have helped the british counsel in its work, including the promotion of women's rights. because many are in fear of the lives of retribution from the taliban. the arab scheme is slow moving at the movement will commit necessary result because the window of opportunity is narrow and noble and
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must be left. the ha got look. ready what cannot just remind people if you're going to be, you've got to be sure if you're in to be more than twice and understand why you've gone down the list. if there was one prime minister. yeah. i think my, when i should, i can, i can assure him that i and i will be saying in just a few moments we will be supporting doing everything we can support those who have helped the u. k. mission in afghanistan and investing everything that we can to support the, the why the area around afghanistan. and to do everything we can to avert a humanitarian crisis. just because it's almost 20 years since the united states suffered the most catastrophic attack on its people. since the 2nd world war, in which 67 produced citizens also lost their lives at the hands of murderous terrorist groups incubated in afghanistan in response. so invoked article
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5. it's tricky for the 1st and only time in its history and the united kingdom, amongst others, joined america in going into afghanistan on a mission to x, paid out in that country and to do whatever we could to stabilize afghanistan. in spite of all the difficulties and challenges we knew that we would face, and we succeeded in that core mission and yes, i will give way to my friend. i'm grateful, mr. speaker, but he agree that we are actually seating back the country to the very insurgency that we went into defeat in the 1st place and the reputation of the west to support democracy across the world has suffered. there are so many lessons to be learned. what happened to the last 20 years? will you now agree to an independent, formal inquiry into the conduct and i've kind of miss it because i said in the
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house just a few weeks ago, there was an extensive defense review about deaf down a mission after the combat mission ended in 2014 and i believe that most of the key questions have already been extensively got into an important business because we in this house should today be able to scrutinize events. they unfold what i was saying, mr. speaker. we succeeded in that commission and the training camp in the mountain ranges of afghanistan were destroyed outside a plot against his country were foiled because our service men and women were there a new successful terrorist attack against the west had been mounted from afghan soil to happen to give, wait, am i running with the minister? can i just take him back to his remarks in the house of july, the 8th, when he referred to the assessment that he made this clearly been a catastrophic failure of our intelligence or our to the intelligence. because of
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the speed that this is a quarter on a where's can the promise to set out for the house? how we may assure ourselves that in future years we can make sure there are no future terrorist attacks of put together in afghanistan that take place here in the united kingdom. because i think you'd be fair to say that the events you're not going to start of unfolding the collapse has been given the, the taliban themselves predict what is not true. say that you can't, government was unprepared and did not foresee this because it was certainly part of our planning of pitting. the very difficult logistical operation for the withdrawal of u. k. national has been on the preparation for many months mister speaker. i can tell the house that the decision to commission the emergency handling center at the commissioning of that said that took place a 2 weeks ago, misses b. so if i,
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if i can just does make a little bit more progress, mrs. speaking, if i will. certainly wait a minute. own side. this cool mission. we worked for a better future for the people of afghanistan and the heroism and tal. it's one of our armed forces contributed to national elections as well as the promotion and protection of human rights and qualities in a way that many in our janice dawn had not previously known. whereas could years ago, you know, goes, went to school and women were banned from positions of governance. now, 3600000 go have been into this year. and women polled over a quarter of the seats. and if you have done but mister speak up, we must be honest. and except that huge difficulties were encountered at each turn
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. and some of these progress is fragile. i will give way to the honorable gentleman . why take tribute to our back to the magic team in the grant you have been evacuating people in extraordinary circumstances. but one of the consequences, the rapidity of the collapse of people is that many people have been left track, unable to access the app. unable to evacuate, many of those who should be coming to this country be served as bravely in that country. and many women who are particularly at risk, many of us across has experience chaos. in the last 2414 has been communicating information through to the grants, get some of those people out to the country. so can the promise to give us some assurances about how we can get that information through so that we can get those bright people active that including many at risk with their lives right now in community where he raises exactly the right question. i click this morning to ambassador laurie bristo's, well as to brigadier dan blanchard,
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who is handling the the evacuation and the situation has stabilized since the weekend, but it remains a precarious and the u. k. officials on the ground doing everything that they can to expedite the movement of people, those that need to come out, whether from the arab scheme or the eligible persons to get from cargo to to the airport. in the moment it would be fair to say that the taliban, ah, allowing that evacuation to go ahead. but the most important, the most important thing is that we get this done in an expeditious a fashion as we can. and that's what we are doing. and i may say that i'm grateful and not just to the u. k. forces who are hoping to stabilize the airport, but also to the us forces as well as if i did want to make some,
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some progress with the speaker off the combat phase of our mission ended in 2040. when we brought the vast majority of our true term and handed over responsibility for security to the afghans themselves, and we continued to support their efforts. even at that stage, we should remember that conflict was continuous. and that in spite of the bravery and sacrifice of the act dental, we should never forget the 69000 of those on the troops have given the line. and they told significant part of the country remained contested or under taliban control. and so went off to, to dictate the americans prepared to take the long predicted and well trailed step of a final extraction of their forces. when we look at many options, mrs. speaker, including the potential for staying longer ourself, finding new partners,
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or even increasing our presence. i'll give way, my friend, the prime. i think the prime minister giving way share with the house what assessment you can intelligence services made of the relative find thing capacity currently of the african army and the taliban. and what he does, what representations the u. k. government made to us on laws with regard to the time table withdraw from advantage them. a great photographer and i think will be when he asked for a cobra show and the respect committed tree potential power of the taliban and the afghan forces it's, it's pretty clear from what has happened that the collapse of the afghan forces has been much faster than expected and as, as to the, on the terror allies now lies around the world when it came for us to look at the, the options that this country might have in view of the american decision to
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withdraw. which is because we came up against this hard reality that since 2009 america has deployed 98 percent of all weapons released from day to aircraft in afghanistan. and at the peak of the operation, when there were 132000 troops on the ground, 90000 of them. this is because we're america. the west could not continue. this us lead mission, i mission conceived, executed in support and defense of america. without american logistics, without us power and without the american mind. and i do not believe my logical friend giving way. i know to the point that he is making about the importance of american support for our,
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for not honest on those of our eyes. but will he please when he 1st spoke personally to young dalton, secretary general of nato, to discuss with him the possibility of putting together an alliance of other forces in order to replace the american sport enough. i have to agree who is going to rather will print. i'd like to take that in the the other day about continuing row and i don't, but i really think that i really think that it is an illusion to believe that there is appetite among any of our partners for a continued military presence or all over a military solution imposed by nato and i've kind of thought of that idea ended with the comb back mission in 2014. and i do not believe that today. i do not believe that deploying tens of thousands of british troops to fight the
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taliban is an option. when they're not a high, sincerely people may i have the cases. i appreciate that sincerity, but i do not believe that that is an option that would commend itself either to the british people or to this this is because we must deal with the position as it now is accepting what we have achieved. and we have not achieved, i will give way to the right. i thank the prime minister for giving way. he seemed to be making an argument on tessa. painted something similar to what went on by having the rapid response force ready and waiting. why then, what can the foreign secretary, both on the holidays when the because the government would be working round the clock to deal with the unfolding
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situation that we must deal with women deal with the world as it is accepting what we've achieved. and what we have not achieved, the u. k, will work with our international partners on a shared plan to support the people of afghanistan and to contribute to regional stability. there will be 5 pos speaker to this approach. first, our immediate focus in adjustment. our immediate focus on helping those to whom we have direct obligations by evacuating u. k. nationals, together with those i dance. who have a $50.00 effort over the past 20. yeah. and i know the whole house join me and paying tribute to the bravery and commitment of our ambassador sonority. bridge a way to the all right, thank you. primary, or for giving way. i'm a particular point. he will be aware that there are $220.00 it missionaries in
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afghanistan currently under sentence of death. those missionaries need to be taken out of afghanistan. of course, there are tens of thousands of others who are under sentence of death unfair for their life. will the prime minister share the heis that every effort will be me it to bring back to see if he, even people whose lives are under threat as a result of the catastrophe and foreign policy episode has gone on and not contract . i think the right on which i hook raising the very need to case that he doesn't. i'm sure the colleagues across the house, literally every, every member would imagine has received messages from people who, who know someone who needs to get out of, of afghanistan. and i can tell there, i don't remember that we are doing everything we can to help out of that country. those people who we speak are a debt of obligation. and on that point, i want to repeat my phone's not just to laurie brisco, but also to the commander on the ground brigadier don blanche and the entire
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british team in cobb. i can tell the highest that we have. so i'm going to make some progress. mississippi, we have a prosecutor, the safe return, a 360 k nationals, and 2050 to ask dan nationals as part of our resettlement program. with a further $2000.00 application completed and the more being process k officials are working round the clock to keep the door open in the most difficult circumstances and actively seeking those we believe, eligible as yet registered. and i give way to the honorable gentleman, a thankful for a government in explaining how many people are eligible for relocation and to say, you know, doing everything the con, to get these people. so what does everything the kind mean, how to find these people create not official or 8 and hayden and fitted a life?
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that's why this is because it's been so important that we maintain a presence that called the airport. and that's why we've been getting the message out because we want people to become crude. as i said mister secret, earlier on, it is important for everybody to understand that at the moment in the days that we have ahead of us, which may be short. but at the moment, this is an environment in which the taliban ultimately this documentation to take place. this is speaker. these are interpreted, they are locally engaged in stock and others who have writ sterilized, supporting our military efforts and seeking to secure new freedoms for their country. we are proud to bring these brave afghans to our shows and we continue to appeal for more to come for life away with grateful. i'm very grateful to the prime minister home sex tonight this morning 20 times and that the u. k. will be
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taking $20000.00 refugees from afghanistan, but that only $5000.00 will be able to come this year. what are the 15000 men today around and wait until they've been executed? ahead. this is because that's the, the 5000 on who was been 200000000 to bring your further 5000 on top of the i think you'll be 10000 all together that we bring in under the, the iris and other programs. we will, we will be increasing that number over the over the coming is to, as i said, to, to 20000. but the bulk of the, they just been listening that to pretty bars johnson opening a special debate in the u. k. parliament. on the capture of afghanistan by the taliban, m. p. 's returning to parliament for their summer break for this session. emergency sitting 3 days after the have kind of stance. capital fell to tyler bond on sunday
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. he was saying that he was doing everything he could to avert humanitarian crisis in the country. and events unfolded faster than expected. more on this, at the top of the hour, with all the other top stories they were ah bulgaria, the poorest nation, the european union, rock allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in the aim of our bruno class was to get access to money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from the carrier at the crossroads on a as a resurgent taliban retakes up on female activists, journalists and even school goals under threats. 11 east investigate the fight for
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it's kind of stones women on out there or when the news breaks, telephone has taken a handful of border crossings and that's kind of sounds north with exclusive entities and in depth report, mice and baldwin is full of hope. you had on the ground, there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more reward, winning documentaries, and live on air and online. ah, al jazeera every ah no doubt. very challenging place to work from. as a journalist, we're always pushing boundaries,
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part of the center of must always under love. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where auto media go go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. me the news promises of respecting human rights on a shows, safety for everyone, off taking control of afghan, but many remain unconvinced. ah, i'm think this is just a life and also coming up british prime minister boys johnson opening a debate in the u. k. parliament after the tyler bonds capture of the country and
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taliban allows safe passage for thousands of american citizens and africans as us forces complete the polar.


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