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painting iran best interest in negotiations, but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises the revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threat to our planet on al jazeera. ah, i gotta find out about those. shots fired in easton afghan city of july of bad during a protest against the taliban take over. the incident comes despite tyler bond assurances, the people are safe under its rule including women. as a woman, should i be scared of the telephone? not possible. no one. no, why should you be scared of us? you should never be afraid of us. i
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haven't think of this is just alive from da. also coming up the heroes home coming for the co founder of the column on the focus, shift to the arm groups. political leaders, anger and frustration and haiti, a storm compounds the problems for survivors of a devastating earthquake. ah, a day after the caught on tried to reassure the world, the people will be safe. under its rule, its fighters have reportedly opened fire on protest. we have on confirmed reports have been casualties at the demonstration against the groups takeover in the eastern african city of july. but people were marching in the streets, chancing and carrying, ask and flag,
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let's get more honest from charlotte bellis in cobble. charlotte? well those proteins have actually expanded to not just yellow, but across manga how province whole province and logmein. problem food, people, very out. 6 that the republic of s. kennesaw, the former governments flag which was red, green and black has been taken down and that the taliban flag has been raised in its place. we understand 2 people cold and about 12 people injured in those protests. now those that isn't the only flash point here in afghanistan today, there is ongoing and chaos at the airport around the perimeter, with a telephone, a still trying to hold people off from breaching the security perimeter. and having a repeat of what happened on monday with thousands of people made their way onto the tarmac and disrupted evacuation slides. we understand that there's hundreds of families gathered around the round about right outside where you would in to go
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into the departure area. and there's almost an, it's been a flow. 1 of searches of people trying to make their way towards the departure area and then the telephone pushing them back by firing into the air and quite forcefully. pushing them back and a lot of people, big injured and a lot of kind of chaos the today. now the taliban are really trying to show that they are in control by securing this room. and also having quite a heavy presence on the streets. they've also how the 1st press conference we were there last night. take a look. after years in the shadows, the taliban smokes and face was finally revealed. w hold much ahead fronting for the 1st telephone press conference in 20 years. and 7000 us forces scrambled to evacuate americans on military plains. the taliban coded and historic movement. as the club has been taken to freedom is the right of all nations, the outcome people by using their legal rights after 20 years of war were able to
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take the freedom to clean the country or the patient occupiers. while the group could not reveal who lead the country much ahead, sid talk the ongoing for an inclusive political system and promised all afghans rights will be respected. there's a lot of concern about whether women will be allowed to work. that girls can still go to school. what assurances can you give to women and girls that their rights will be protected without his stomach m. red is committed to the right of women within the framework of sharia, or we may have the same rights that going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. we want to assured international community that will be not as cumulation against women, but of course we think of a religious framework. but after use a for trust is hard to come by. on day 2 of taliban rule and cobble. there were few women on the streets as a woman. should i be scared of the telephone?
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not know what it is? no. why should you be scared of us? you should never be afraid of us. to tell him on his asked everyone and cobble to continue their lives as usual, and keep going to work. it is also declared an amnesty for all those who are younger angel is forgiven, and the embassies and foreign nationals should feel the telephone has sought to portray itself is more moderate than during its $990.00 s rule. yet people are wondering if this really is the television to point out what the situation in capital is really good. now, the taliban, here we have taken control of security and we will hold it until the end of the telephone have made a number of statements that on the surface, the reassuring. but that actions speak the deeper the word, submit it very early. now it's very fluid. it's very hard to say. what
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is happening exactly? you to tell a bonner in high spirits and defiant afghan ostomy days as a battlefield over much ahead city hope people start fleeing and state to the assets for the nation. the mobile phone. we have pardon everyone, all those who have fought against us. we don't want to repeat of war. we want to do away with the factors of conflict for this law, make me read off. i've got it done. does not have any conflict with anybody. we want fighting to end. would you had stated journalists should remain free and independent to critique the group so it can improve. oh, go ahead. one journalist off. you say you can forgive everyone. what do you think the victims catholic is you? the africans on all sides, there is a lot of healing. i hate to show what do we know at this point?
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what else do we know about what this new tal oblong government is going to look like? well, in the press conference last night, they were quite defiant that they did want an inclusive political system this morning that made some steps towards that enough to connie who is in the political commission, he was part of the negotiations that were all going and don't ha, he has met with a number of high level former government people, including the former president harman cars. i the former c or a biller dealer and a senior figure. kennesaw who do you know where he has promised that he will look after the security, both of their security and they appear to have had talks about how to fold some of these people from the government and, and come up with some type of system that will work for all. now his older brother it is worth noticing is the tele bonds deputy leader. his name is surgeon connie. he has never been seen in public before. and we understand he's on his way to
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cobble now from eastern afghanistan, charlotte dallas life 1st there in cobbler. i shall. now latan are gay. lonnie is the chair person for the afghans at kennestone women council. she says the collar bon should explain what version of a lemon law it plans to apply as soon as possible. i am not afraid from natasha, but, but i want from that time on to beat him soon as possible. she could pease call the walk in a thought for the african woman is very, very important for us to stop the war in killing if she could and begun the talent should to explain which kind of shelly d bringing up on stuff because people get woman did a muslim, we are a 100 muslims. we are not a face any more show up. but we want to be sure. what do you say about womans right?
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we want to, she can now just talking about woman's life, but nicely they currently. but we want to see what you are doing, what is the program for the future for the african woman? i'm not actually, i'm fighting. i won't be fighting for peace for democracy, for woman. it's like for you my right foot, i am a good woman. i was more did for the record for my country did want to say now is nice about one month i i, i try to believe i stay with the whole we are working. we are just working for p days more and after taking power in cobble, the african taliban is now in talk with the pakistani government come hider has more on that from the top border crossing a sunnier of won delegation comprising of he knew of our leaders in august on at
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the moment. they've already had an important round of dogs with the country's military leadership. they've met debugging on the prime minister buckets on his dressing on the point that has to be an inclusive government. the taliban have already signaled that david tolerate other religious minorities, as well as admitted written down to varman inclusive government. it is going to be important to see what kind of progress will be made and reaching a political settlement and meantime to budget on your foreign minister planning to witness turkey and also whole consultation red, but different stage such as iran. the minutes dawn are the biggest on g, gets on, and also read the chinese down to barge buckets on has played a lead role. and facilitating that dog between the $1.00 bond and the united states . it is acting as a facilitator. and of course what happens head, and if lama bots will be crucial,
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but it's also important to know that buckets on it, watching cautiously. the moves inside varnished on the signs, a good defender force diamond decades, that the people of granite does have a rail, volpe. and reaching a political settlement to the one conflict, the british prime minister says the u. k. will do all it can to avert the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan, the vice johnson says he doesn't believe that military action against the taliban is an option. they made the comments while addressing the british parliament recalled early to discuss the taliban takeover of afghanistan. think it be fair to say that the events you're not going to start to unfold in the claps has been part, wasn't given the the taliban themselves predicted. what is not true said the u. k. government was unprepared or did not foresee this because it was certainly part of our planning of pitting. the very difficult logistical operation for the withdrawal of
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u. k. national has been under preparation for many months. mister speaker. i can tell the house that the decision to commission the emergency handling center at the airport, the commissioning of that said that took place a 2 weeks ago, mrs. b o, gena holly's in london and reports the u. k. parliament is grappling with exactly how to respond to the tyler bond. take over and get it done. there's a debate guy go now last for 5 or 6 hours through the rest of the day, mr. johnson, talking about how i've got to stand is see it on the national consciousness, talking about the 150000 british citizens who served there in 20 years. 457 at military personnel who lost their lives and saying that the government will do everything it can to support all those who helped that you can. you can mission in . i've got to, well, that mind what the rest of the house thought of that outside parliament, i can tell you there's a small protest group of guns living in the u. k. some of them,
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former african support staff inside afghanistan working for the u. k. mission. some of them with families still don't have enough kind of stand who fulfilled those roles. who said very clearly, the government has absolutely not done enough to help those people. and that, you know, reiterating what we know that there are a large number of these people, former african support staff, who in recent weeks been denied. the ability to come here because they don't meet this country's very strict asylum rules. and that group of people simply don't believe johnson's words, that all of that is simply going to be swept aside so that up to $10000.00 people according to the home secretary will be allowed in with pretty much immediate effect. that's just one of the issues going on inside parliament. the questions that the government will have to face involve it's preparedness, readiness for what happened with johnson and foreign secretary, dominic rob were on holiday when these events began to unfold towards the end of last week. questions about the failure of u. k. intelligence and western intelligence generally to predict the swift fall of
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i've got this done to the taliban. and of course, whether enough was done quite enough to try and assemble a sort of coalition of the willing to stay on in afghanistan after the us left. a feller head on, i just had a woman coming here with children, but it's in their present. why do you closes ranks with lithuania, refugees from a dentist on an iraq entering through bellows last respite. widespread vaccine access parts of the us health care system are buckling under the high number of cobra. 900 patients. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello. nice to see you. we're going to start with asia pacific and the persistent
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rains that we have been seen towards the southern islands. another 80 millimeters of rain picked up and this will continue on thursday. these heavy falls concentrated once again over the same area. it's been raining non stop for about a week and a half now. so no surprise, we still got these landside alerts in play covering q shoes, coke. who and hans you. but in the days to come, the rain will light up. so for example, in tokyo, maybe even some peaks of sun and your temperature is above average, but we do have a breezy south wind to contend with the next stop. we're going to go a bit further to the south and we've got some pulses of energy here that we've picked up toward a se portions of china, anywhere from 50 to a 100 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours for the philippines still locked into that weather but also the humidity. so manila 29, but it will feel about 40 degrees on thursday. i want to take you to the bay have been calling our heaviest mon sooner. rain will be once again up toward the himalayas, but we've dropped many of our amber weather alerts for the northeast because the
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rain is just winding down a bit. and, you know, eventually the rain will pull back into new delhi in the days to come. that sure weather update. sponsor cut on airways. frank assessments. the spyware is one thing. again, freedom suppression informed opinions. what you saw happening is from market to it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate here. it's not between any other conference here between at that point 6 years, re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera oh,
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the log in you are watching. i just need a reminder of our top stories. a day after the taliban tried to reassure the world, people will be safe under its rule, shots have been fine. a protest in the eastern african city of july above me and confirm report have been casualties. kind of on said it will form an inclusive government, a member of the tyler bond political office, and that's connie was pictured meeting national reconciliation chairman on de la de la and the former president had caused by cobb british prime ministers, told its parliament the new case will do all it can to avert the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan, johnson says he doesn't believe military action against the taliban is an option of a few a nina says it is concerned. the president, a bell roost, will open
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a migration route for african fleeing the collar bond. at the end of may volition, president alexander lucas shameka said he would not stop my goods from entering the you after brussels. impose sanctions. is government has been targeted for cracking down on descent after last year's disputed election offense, and he's been accused of transporting migrants to areas bordering lithuania, latvia, and poland. more than 4000 asylum seekers. most of them rocky have crossed into lithuania from bella luce this year. and they are often kept in camps with squalid conditions and face violence, from border guards and local people, step verse, and travel to the border between lithuania and bella, luce and has this report. they were promised to easy way into europe and paid hundreds of even thousands of dollars for a dream that quickly was on facebook and on social media says like the board or the free now of garcia. you can cross it or something
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together with his relative 17 year old alley. yes. him from iraq as detained in a campbell luther wayne ya. after crossing the border from barrows, they were picked up with thousands of orders by border guards in recent month. they tell us how they could easily enter battles and received help to regionally the wayne and border the gateway into the european union. every people had charge, very sought children, and baby and woman. this is in europe and a woman coming here with children. but it's in the sense why because you're coming here because you weren't alive. lithuania recently started to push people who showed up at the board, back to barrows in return. the russian troops stopped them from entering on this footage, released by lithuanian border guards. a group of 35 iraqis are seen stuck between the 2 sites. lisa wayne eventually allowed the migrant in an accused bella russians
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from illegally crossing its border the the playing deadly games with the human rise lives is an acceptable and has to be condemned. unfortunately, people whom we consider to be victims in that situation. i used by lucas shanker regime as the tool as a weapon against the european union in general. and particularly sienna, because of its very strong political position in an effort to stop the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. lithuania has been constructing a barrier on its 670 kilometer long border with barrows. these are desperate people who have become victims of political conflict. far away from home. their presence here, this gateway into europe, shows how vulnerable district use fans on asylum seekers and migrants has become. the e u. s. had more than 100 border troops and pledge 37000000 euros to helpless away
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near that usually only sees a fraction of these arrivals. to deal with the crisis, bella, russian opposition leaders, atlanta to north guy. i was living in exile in lithuania, or just the you not to give in to local shanker what the regime is doing is mailing european union with this gracious situation. and the answer should be even stronger . you can't be blackmailed by regime. the number of migrants arriving at the board has decreased since iraq stopped its flight to bellows, but the situation remained. stands warning shots have been hurt from the bad wish. in sight, steadfast and al jazeera vilios lithuania of the largest. while fi in the u. s. has destroyed a town in northern california, fires ravaged the community of grizzly flats home to 1200 people. houses were reduced to smouldering ash with few left standing, so called dixie, far as now dangerously close to the city of susan's strong winds. a hampering
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efforts containing in haiti, heavy rains brought on by a tropical storm of complicated the search and rescue mission. off the saturday earthquake, nearly 2000 people were killed and thousands more. been left homeless with many still waiting to help john home and report from lake chi, one of the worst effect and cities the aftermath of storm grace in the south. west of haiti down pool wasn't quite as bad as fit, but some spent that they bailing out their houses and getting the water out because this is the only space we have to do everything. we can't live in water when we feel after shocks, we have to be able to move out of the house quickly. those were the ones who still handhelds. others had spent the night in the field in the rain, victims of saturday's earthquake 1st above the earthquake, then this, and i can't even get a tar poland. i asked god to take my life. there still there. still more in
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hospital. the quake left more than 9000 injured. this young man was in too much pain to talk. murray was with her young daughter. with her leg got sworn up, but not broken. i've been with her. she's saturday. yesterday she was going to be operated on, but they wanted to amputate the lake. i don't want that. if there was a government, she wouldn't be suffering the way she is. she's talking about the late president assassinated in july, a political crisis. the proceeded to quake. it came at the worst possible time, international aid organizations trying to help national authorities with the relief effort now. but it's been hard to get a m personnel to the earthquake zone. that's because a stretch of the only road into the area is being fought over by gangs in the
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same way again, helping way, way and coming by can only reduce the flow of simple for the softer areas. and how is needed at the rubble of one of the main hotels in town. a crowd of people gathered reuben, some victories telling me that in the 2010 of quake block felt and permanently injured his hand. in this latest one, he says his house fell down. these 2 brothers helped to try and pull people out of the rubble, despite the fact that their house to have been destroyed, saving the victims as well. but they were the worst off. i have a chance to be alive, even though i'm injured. thanks to god. we didn't get back badly hurt. so we could help out. the other local authorities and international organizations have commented on the resilience of these people. but there's a sense of disbelief over the long series of misfortunes to many, the question comes when we'll have to get a break john home, and i'll just get
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a located in new zealand has reported 9 new cases of code 19 taking a total to 10. the government announced a 3 day lockdown from tuesday when the 1st case was announced before this week that been no local infections for nearly 6 months. all the new cases, often the delta variant and have been linked to an outbreak in australia. i need everyone to think about what it would be like to receive a call. if you do, we need you to be at home, not out putting others at risk. we very unfortunately need only to look at new south wells who today have reported 633 cases. 92 were active in the community while inflicted level 4 restrictions. the to protect everyone. australian officials are warning corona virus cases have not yet peaked in the city of sydney and say people should braced themselves for more depth.
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several areas have experienced the surgeon infections, driven by the delta vary state of new south wales reported a reco daily increase of more than $630.00 cases. in the past 24 hours, governments announce heavy fines and more policing to enforce a lockdown in place since june. according to the data we have, every person who has the virus is spreading it to at least more than mumford. now for us to know that we've reached out peak, that can't continue. so what the daughter is telling us in the last few days is that we haven't seen the worst of it. and the way that we stop these is by everybody staying at home. the governor of the us state of texas has tested positive for code 19, but it's not showing any symptoms. greg, gavin made the announcement a day after addressing republican supporters indoors without wearing a mock. he's been staunchly against mars,
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mending. quite the rapid search in you cases driven by the delta variance the united states is battling a search in cupboard 19 cases, particularly in southern states with low vaccination rates. the governor of louisiana has warned the states health care system is approaching breaking point with the number of corona bars, patients in hospitals, which in record highs. heidi ho, castro reports from baton rouge, louisiana, one of the worst effected areas. let's go to set up a little bit 62 year old bobby burdette has just emerged from the covey intensive care unit at our lady of the lake hospital in baton rouge, louisiana staff have nicknamed him there miracle patient. most havent been leaving the i see you alive. i feel really well. maam, breathing has really gotten under control. burdette was never vaccinated and says he still has no regrets. his wife also tested positive. they're part of
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a dramatic surgeon co good cases in louisiana. only 39 percent of the state is fully vaccinated. strictly individual policies and the governments and ain't anybody else. but there's, according to the louisiana health department, the unvaccinated make up more than 90 percent of hospitalized cove with patients. i'm a nurse, laurie douglas has been caring for them, many of whom are young and otherwise healthy. she says, most do tell her they wish they'd gotten. the vaccine is to know that this was preventable and that this didn't need to happen. and that, you know, there is a girl who without her mother any more than a man doesn't have his brother any longer. so big brother to turn to and tries. i thought a heart wrenching with coven patient billing hospital beds. major hospitals in louisiana are no longer accepting transfers. emergency rooms are seeing ways of up to 10 hours, and patients with other emergency conditions,
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even heart attacks have sometimes been turned away. we're already rationing care every day. we continue to admit the same amount of people, if not more. so we'll get to a point where we are unable to patch it together. a federal disaster team is working with states hospitals to relieve the strain. the doctors say what they also need are more people getting the vaccine. a recent uptick in vaccinations as promising, but not enough. every person who comes into the hospital and is not vaccinated is a failure. on our part. it is our job as medical professionals to educate people and we haven't gotten our education out. and in the absence of that, there's misinformation, misinformation, distrust and government and misplaced confidence are all heard to getting the vaccine among louisiana fiercely independent population. as for burdette and his wife, even a near death experience in the hospital, hasn't convinced them to get the shots. for now,
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they'll focus on recovery kit will eventually get to where mommy and systems up to where i can start seeing people and hugged the heck, i'm a great time left with family. a gift denied to some 700 people with day who continued to die of cove. it in the us. hydrogen castro al jazeera baton rouge, louisiana. ah . alright, let's get a round up of the top stories on edge. is it a shots have been fired at a protest in eastern africa and 15 july, but a day after the taliban tried to reassure the world. people would be safe under its rule. with an confirmed report there have been casualties. the people were marching in the streets chanting and carrying the afghan flag. sharla bellis has the latest from common. well, those protests have actually expanded, not just july about,
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but across manga how province hosts, province, and logmein. province's people very upset that the republic of s.


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