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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, and al jazeera, what ever you ah, ah, the 1st signs of resistance against taliban rule that these 3 people reported that after shop the fire of the protest in eastern afghanistan, ah, hello again on peter w, watching al jazeera alive from the also,
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i had this chaos a cobbled international airport as taliban faces and us led forces try to disperse the crowds. the former afghan president actually have gone. he's in the united arab emirates. the country says he's been taken in on humanitarian grounds and buildings, stronger ties. but turkish presidents welcomes b, e. c o p, and prime minister ah, a day after the taliban reassured the world that people will be safe under its rule . that fighters have reportedly opened fire on protest as the 3 people have been killed at the demonstration against the groups takeover, eastern african city of jalal about people were marching in the streets chanting and carrying the afghan flag. video of the event later showed telephone fights is
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firing into the air and his protested with sticks. the gunfire has also been heard during protest in the eastern city of coast that had been no immediate reports of any injuries. their demonstrators raised the afghan national flag over road in the city. taliban fighters were then seen chasing the crowds away. the meanwhile, cobble airports us lead troops spied into the air to disperse people who are gathering, trying to leave the country. rub, mcbride has more for us from cobble i think it's being seen is really, since the taliban just assume power a couple of days ago as the 1st major active defined against them as july the by the very important city, it is east of here towards the border with pakistan and this protest began over the national flag. now since the taliban have taken power,
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they have very consciously been removing the afghan national flag and replacing it with the taliban flag. we've seen that a lot here in the capital cobble. it's left a lot of people, very upset, but people are by and large put up with specially here in cobble. well, it seems in july, the bad people have not put up with that has been a protest. people kicked back and pushed back against this several 100 people took to the streets proudly waving the afghan flag. they marched on a square apparently and put the flag back up after he had been removed by the taliban. this resulted in a clash with the taliban themselves. initially we understand taliban fighters began firing in the ad trying to disperse the protesters, then it seemed the firing was more directive to the crowd resulting in death and injury. so it is a very serious incident. there was another protest over the same issue, the removal of the national flag in the province of costs, that it again involves several $100.00 people. so it is the motive issue here and
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it does come at a sensitive time. this is the eve of afghanistan's independence day. when we might expected that well, feelings are running high, there is a possibility of more protests than the possibility of more questions. now, immediate aftermath of the taliban takeover there was a surgeon hospitalizations in the afghan capital cobble. some of the patients have come from cobble international airport where they were shot while trying to reach the departures area. charlotte bellis went to a hospital in cobble with some of the patients a being treated this 10 year old from s gonna stands eastern province of talk to you. it was shot on saturday. it took his family hours to reach emergency hospital and central cobble. my been, he was in bad shape. this is the 1st intensive care unit in afghanistan. doctor say they witnessed the surgeon patients after the telephone took over cobble on sunday
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. they said most were the victims of clashes criminals and chaos at the airport. politic situation, unfortunately causes many, many of the people by bullets by phone. so today's the hospital was slowing. they added extra beds. all admissions were from gunshot wounds. the hospital says it has received about 20 patients from cobble international airport since monday for have died and the rest of being treated for gunshot wounds after the taliban and us forces tried to disperse, crowns that breach the perimeter. be to see if the patient from around bug off they are going to spend most of most of them the ability to do the chest and hate. this hospital is run by emergency in g o, an international humanitarian organization with the taliban in charge. they say the
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operations have continued on uninterrupted. they say the minister of health has remain the same. and fighters have introduced themselves. i, as will say so far out of 20 years that we are in the country. we always, we able to work and everybody respect off nobody for the last few. that was not just a big part of the patient. the view brahman is 12 years old and the telephone took over his province of host. on sunday he ran out to meet them. he was his government, and now the child died and he is now paralyzed me at 18 or 19 years of war. and in the last 10 minutes he was injured. at least he is alive and he will be ok. i can suffer and tolerate this if there is teeth. that is after michelle. the war may be over in afghanistan, the healing will take a long time. charlotte bellis? osha's era? cobble? the former president of afghanistan ref ghani is now in the united arab emirates.
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there had been confusion about his whereabouts since he left the country on sunday . he says he's been taken in with his family on humanitarian grounds. he is expected to speak to the people of afghanistan via his facebook page. in the next few minutes will carry that life for you here on our to 0. now while the taliban had taken charge of the country was still waiting to hear the makeup of any future government. the taliban says it will be inclusive on weapons. a member of the taliban political office. i'm a connie was pictured meeting national reconciliation chairman abdullah, abdullah and the former president hammock cause i didn't cobble the counterbalance co founder and political chief has returned to afghanistan. abdul ghani brodder arrived to a crowd of supporters in kandahar the birthplace of the taliban, brought to lead the groups negotiators and talks with the us and the afghan government. he was free from
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a prison in pakistan at the request of the united states 3 years ago. when after taking part in cobble, the afghan taliban is now and talks with the pakistani government come out. hydro has more on that aspect from the town of tour come in pakistan. a sunnier of delegation comprising of his, of our leaders in august on, at the moment. they've already had an important round of dogs with the country's military leadership. they have met the bugs on the prime minister. bog. it's gone is stretching on the point that has to be an inclusive government. the taliban have already signaled that they will tolerate other religious minorities as well as admitted written down to varman inclusive government. it is going to be important to see what kind of progress will be made and reaching a political settlement. and meantime to budget on your foreign minister is planning to witness turkey and also a whole consultation red bra, different stage such as iran. the minutes dawn with bacon on budget gets on and
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also read the chinese down to barge buckets on has played a lead role. and facilitating that dog between the $1.00 bond and the united states . it is acting as a facilitator. and of course what happens head, and if lama bots will be crucial, but it's also important to know that buckets on it, watching cautiously, the moves inside of vanished on the signs, a good defender force diamond decades. that the people of granite don have a rail volpe and reaching a political settlement to the one conflict. the british prime minister boris johnson says the u. k. will do all it can to earth humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. however, mr. johnson says he doesn't believe that military action against the taliban is an option. made the comments when addressing the british parliament, which was recalled early from its summer recess, discussed the taliban takeover in afghanistan. if you'd be fed, say that the events you're not going to start on told in the claps has been passed,
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wasn't given the, the taliban themselves predicted. what is not true? said u. k. government was unprepared and did not foresee this because it was certainly part of our planning of pitting. the very difficult logistical operation for the withdrawal of u. k. national has been on the preparation for many months mister speaker. i can tell the house that the decision to commission the emergency handling center at the airport, the commissioning of that said that took place a 2 weeks ago. mrs. b, u. k. is position labor party calling on the government not to kept the number of refugees from afghanistan protests as gathered in front of the parliament today to oppose proposed limits. the home office says that welcome up to 5000 atkins from the 1st year at the new resettlement program. however, opponent say, limiting help for women and minorities facing persecution is unacceptable to
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those trying to get out of afghanistan, who are at risk of those work for the occupying forces that work to the government . those that have worked is contract employed by the government and those particularly prominent women. and so i think we're all very, very vulnerable. and very serious today the idea of a capital in the numbers coming in to any one country is really young, thinkable, unacceptable journal has more on that story from london. this is a country deeply invested in afghanistan up to 20 years of that nature. mission that you can go state 2nd, senior partner in the nato alliance after the u. s. it was an opportunity for mt to have their say to discuss what has happened to talk about what little this country can perhaps now contribute to help. in the aftermath, we've seen some extremely moving point in, sometimes bitter and angry interventions from empties. some of them veterans of that campaign in afghanistan that we've seen strong questions off of the government
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about it's preparedness for all of this. post johnson and his foreign secretary were on holiday, as these events unfolded and escalated towards the end of last week. we've had questions about the failures of western intelligence to be able to predict what would happen and questions about where the more could be done to form some kind of a coalition without the united states to stand strong enough to stand and head off prevent. what in effect happened? the government has tried to talk up the positives, the successes they have been they have been offered by the government of a double, the annual amount of international humanitarian aid going into afghanistan, despite cuts elsewhere, $300000000.00. it is set aside not to be given to the taliban, of course, but to be given to humanitarian organizations under un bars. johnson has asked for the un to lead a humanitarian mission in the region. this talk of resettling refugees to talk about bringing back afghan support stuff, double the number now they're hoping to bring back 10000 at a rate of around
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a 1000 a day. according to the home secretaries, the taliban has made repeated pledges to respect african women's rights, but many are skeptical. on tuesday, the group said women's freedoms would be respected under its interpretation of islamic law. the taliban period empower more than 2 decades ago. so women shot out of public life and brutally punished for breaking the rules. many now fear a return to the past. i think it's just the farm on. i don't know. they're trying to foolish. they're trying to confirm and to modernity. but i think i personally think that it's just something that they're trying to fool as read and i don't trust them. photonics maloney is the chairperson for the grindstone women's council. she says the taliban should explain which version of islamic law it plans to apply as soon as possible. i am not afraid from top to bottom,
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but i want from that time on to beat him soon as possible. she could pease call the war in a thought for the african woman is very, very important for us to stop the war in killing is she could be and sick on the on should to explain which kind of share your d, r, bringing up on stuff because people get woman muslims when we are at home to live, we are not a face any more. show up, but we want to be sure. what do you say about womans right? we want to, she can now just talking about woman's life very nicely, but it currently but we want to see what you are doing. what does program for the future for the african woman? i'm not actually, i'm fighting. i want to speak to liking for peace for democracy,
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for woman. like for you my right foot, i am a good woman. i what more did for becky, for my country did thought fit now is nice about one month i i, i try to believe i still would hope we're leaving that interview a little early after i've gone a the former gun president talking to the people of his country indeed, the broader region, indeed, the world, all the countries have had a strategic interest in his country via his facebook life page. let's listen in somebody saying and that was the main purpose of the goal at was developing took place very fast. the goal. what purpose was to work with the taliban to reach a conclusion for comprehensive government through negotiation. so when you to
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pave the way for such a transition, derek compatriots. warner. see that without too bad. i would like to speak to you, especially about the recent developments katie action before multiple claims on sunday, on monday i was just following that i want to change the schedule and that's how i was working on or the discipline for a couple months. the data part, rosalyn line was community officials, they are, he advised me to get away from those circumstances basically to be away from the office to keep it that was a while. so i was and we can get the message down. why is it good for says,
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you know what could took everything kinda hands under control how, what? you're my 1st where? sure i have it would be way too high. if i stayed what i would have been witnessing brought it in. columns is a call it just found. unfortunately, the voice is breaking up must be, should my mission was going to be called the way what will be cover for power see king where man accomplish should not be turned into another. you know, syria that caused a bad man. my minutes after i was forced to leave you better one have shredded more than i would then was. there were number of people who in
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prison who could not even speak our national languages. they were looking for them to find me on shipping, some kinds of echo, show what it's what top and 25 years ago. enough kind of some of those going to take place again. yeah. yeah. and showing that was not something that needed to be coffee. why did a shameful my development like nobody got away on that. but for afghan astounding market, where you're going to spend was important for me. there's a man that was going to be insured. so i had to leave afghanistan, order to prevent my wife. she should probably have an order in order to get to that point to make sure that the huge
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disaster is present at the bottom. but maybe that was the fact that they didn't just yesterday. there are many details that of course need to be provided because i wanted to get him out of the doors. the thing that i have for the country that my message is what i saw, what more people that you should not judge if you do not have that information and details outcomes. i mean that's one of our newer made up their mind. han how that leaders also have to leave and go to kandahar or other places might be off by the way, there's going to be another stage and that is up tomorrow. what
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about the fact that yours to say that your presence told you? i'm fred, but that's not craig towards the nails there way i live scan just on that plan that was such a pain satellite and that you could talk. that's what i thought. i had to leave a moment. don't know if my box, which actually are may, what are my main assets, mommy and how, cuz i had to work on it, but that's my hate. there was some, but i documented confidential documents that actually unfortunately the ones that were left when they're down there. now i'm the hands of others. i'm not doing anything with me on with them, but yeah,
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i was just with the one shadow on kelly and one way. so i had to leave the country for the rest. okay. mother chefs. up where shani these days to bar the nation personalities, nation of my personality. depression has been going on saying that i have a king of picking money with that dual, completely baseless out your liason. we're back what that fish not from that up little debris. i'm going to be you can actually find out from the customs official mother thought it is because they were baseless . the private equity will show up in order to avoid disorder and but she does have to be doctor to get upset
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medical coverage. she the negotiation that had when i was upon by the law post quest i support them. liter commercial, william trying security and defense forces. that's what i'm asking, what that will affect what it did. but when it comes to the political leadership of the taller than that it was, it was a failure on their part on a failure, on our part, the negotiations did not lead to anything to the gen, eat that this process should lead to the end of last become pay the kid because they want to buy some ministration. be what
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actually i'm to survey to jail will be that the gross ations among staff can should be african living. i was caught recall that all american you probably know what has been done. one last mistakes model. currently i'm in the u a. e. so that disasters are avoided. i'm in consultation with content return on and on to so that i could continue my efforts for justice for the african and to achieve the chief mr. real slow make. i'm national achievement, the people don't have scanners and the flight for them to be there. thank you very much. well, for all the messages that you sent them.
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thank you very much. love the long live have scanners on probably just for very, but shauna sweets address the via his facebook life page from us. rap ghani, the format now president of afghanistan. let's just take you through what he had to say. he was talking for what may be 10 minutes, i guess just a little over 10 minutes, a very, very personal address to the people of afghanistan, the broader region, the international community, talking about just that immediate time that period of time when he decided to leave the countries that events took place very fast. my purpose had been to pave away for transition as ups in sunday, working on order for cobble, his security people advised him to get away. if he stayed, he would have witness bloodshed in couple of people cobble of witness bloodshed because there has been bloodshed in cobbled a city. of course he didn't say that that's me saying that and in the, the province of cobble as well. he said he was forced to leave what took place
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before was going to happen again. he said, referring to the events of, i guess the 198900 ninety's up to the point when the taliban will banish many details need to be provided. and i guess he's teasing us a little bit there. he said he had to leave his main assets and confidential documents. he described the process going on around him. now as a personality fascination, he said it's baseless. he said he thanked the defense forces, political leadership of the taliban, and the political leadership of afghanistan failed the people of afghanistan, listening to all of that for us as ever, was our diplomat to get. it's a james base james, no message to the people of afghanistan, no reading or no kind of descriptive language as if he seems to understand or not the enormity of what's happening. just his justification for why he left and why he fled afghanistan. he actually said that i
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didn't flee afghan a storm, but every one is aware. that's exactly what happened. also trying to justify how he left. because remember that been numerous allegations that he left with suitcases full of cash. in fact, the african embassy and touchy cust on, as they were taking down his picture in the embassy were demanding interpol arrest him. there been demands. also, the russians special special adviser on afghanistan, as a said recently above the cobble of perhaps the african people should put ash rough connie on trial. and i think he's trying to defend himself. he said certainly that he did. he only went because he was forced by his security officials and then he claimed that as soon as he left people actually came to the presidential palace looking for him. there's nothing that we can find. i think at this stage to support that claim. certainly we understand that he left with to close officials with hand i'm dilemma. he who is his national security advisor and fossil finally,
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who is the director or administrative affairs in the presidential palace? very, but 2 people very close to 100 cars. i but peter, it's worth telling you that most of the others in the government, sorry, you're close to shop gunny. it's worth telling you that most of the others in the presidential palace and among the cabinet are really despising the former president now. and it was, i think, pretty true even a couple of weeks ago was, you know, i was in cobble a couple of weeks ago. i spent a little bit of time in the presidential palace. i spoke to the senior members of the ghani government to follow ministers as well. and there wasn't really much of a good word to be said about a chef, connie, and clearly, the way he's held in afghanistan has got worse since the way he departed. i've got a son, he of course denying that he took suitcases of cash saying he just took his show. welcome ease his additional afghan robes. and i've gone shirt and left. cobble.
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he's turned up we believe in the united arab emirates. we think in dubai. will we hear anything more from a shop, connie? i think it seems very unlikely despite he says, there'll be another episode that he's going to play any important role in the future of afghanistan. now is he also slightly misinterpreting the events that took place over the past? what, particularly the last week, james, maybe the last 2 weeks and he said, what happened should have led to an end to the war. because whilst yes, it was being labeled, particularly where you are by some of the american networks as being a war. another war and i've got a storm, they were large areas where it was actually more of a drive by shooting on the part of the taliban because the african security apparatus was turning tail and running. it was taking off its uniforms or it was even being kind of subscript it if you will, or subscribe into being part of the tongue about absolutely such surprising events and such speed to all of that. he may have been referring to
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that. i think he's also possible he was referring to what should have happened to the p steel, because remember the u. s. did sign a piece deal did did sign a piece deal with the taliban. and there was supposed to be a negotiated settlement between the government of afghanistan and the taliban. and of course it didn't. and like that, it ended in a military way with the taliban taking control of the situation on the ground in cobble. he's certainly not the president now, and even his vice president who still enough got to stop. he says he is now the caretaker, president of afghanistan and interesting, the umbrella solid, the vice president is in penn share. that's a small province of i've got install just a little finger of territory, but it's the one little bit of afghanistan that hasn't at this stage been properly controlled by the taliban rule. a solid who i don't think was in a sort of tactical coalition with our shop gunny,
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but i don't think will be described is one of these close allies says he's going to continue fighting against the taliban. for now though, pretty clear who is in pretty much total control of most of the country, and that is the taliban, james, as ever, plasm anything. sir james bay's diplomatic editor there at the un in new york, astro ghani, the former president of f canister on saying as well, i am proud of what we have done. i'm in the u. e. so disasters are avoided. we are in consultations with others. i want to achieve real achievements. for accounting, donnie said, ah, $1730.00 g. your top stories, as we've been on air this half hour, the former president of afghanistan ash ref. connie has just spoken to the afghan people via his facebook life page from where he's staying right now. the united arab emirates there had been confusion about his whereabouts since he left the


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