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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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in this film, we go back over the last 500 years of all money history of the tribes born rebellion and colonization, and explore how and why man still plays an important regional role today. ah, former office president, donnie speaks from exile in the united arab emirates. he says he left of lloyd bloodshed and the u. s. can't provide security beyond travel airport as i've gone seeking to escape are forced to navigate taliban checkpoint. ah. you know that there are light from a headquarters in ohio, getting not gays are also a heads. tension grows and hey,
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t over the slow pace of aid efforts following an earthquake. the prime minister vows not to repeat the story of management. and the fallout for farmers in java after is really strikes the story crops on materials and years of painstaking work . ah. hello, donna stanz, former president of johnny has spoken from the united arab emirates in his 1st appearance and incredible he defended who's this, isn't to leave the taliban, pushed toward the capital, saying it was to avoid violence. he also denied rumors that he fled with suitcases full of cash. the way he says johnny has been taken in with his family on humanitarian grounds, must get the document disaster and they should include. if i stayed, i would have witness bloodshed and couple, couple should not be turned into another yemen or syria over power struggles. so i
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forced to leave i left with just a waste coat and some clothes. the personality assassination against me has been ongoing, saying i have taken money with me. the accusations are people's lives, but you can even ask customs officials, they are based back enough gone as dawn taliban fighters have opened fire on crowds . protestors. the 3 people are reported to have been chilled at a demonstration against the group to take over the eastern city of july. the bad people were marching in the streets chanting and tearing the john flag video of the event later. so taliban fighters firing into the air and hitting processors with sticks. the gunfire has also been heard during protest in the eastern city of coast. there had been no immediate report of injury . demonstrators raised the afghan national flag over road and the city taliban fighters were seen chasing crowds awake. rob mcbride has the latest from travel on
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the protests across the country. i think it's being seen is really since the taliban just assume power a couple of days ago as the 1st major active defined against them. as john by this very important city, it is east of here towards the border with pakistan. and this protest began over the national flag. now since the taliban have taken power, they have very consciously been removing the gun national flag and replacing it with the taliban flag. we've seen that a lot here in the capital cobble. it's left a lot of people. i very upset, but people have by and large, put up with especially here in cobble. well, it seems in july, the bad people have not put up with that. they've had, has been a protest. people kicked back and pushed back against this several 100 people took to the streets proudly waving the afghan flag. they marched on a square apparently and put the flag back up after he had been removed by the
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taliban. this resulted in a clash with the taliban themselves. initially we understand taliban fighters began firing in the trying to disperse the protesters, then it seemed the firing was more directive to the crowd resulting in death and injury. so it is very serious incident. there was another protest over the same issue, the, the removal of the national flag in the province of costs, that it again involves several $100.00 people. so it is the motive issue here, and it does come at a sensitive time. this is the eve of afghanistan's independence day when we might expected that well, feelings are running high and there is a possibility of more protests than the possibility of more questions. meanwhile, a couple airport us lead troops of fired into the air to disperse people. they were gathering, as they tried to leave the country, governments are rushing to bring home their citizens as well as newly approved
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african immigrant. the us secretary of defense says american troops don't have the capacity to operate beyond the capital airport perimeter. the top american military commanders have been speaking for the 1st time since the fall of cobble. they defended their actions saying they had no intelligence, that the afghan military would collapse so quickly. particle, hey, how's the latest from the pentagon? the top military leaders in the us faced the press and make promises, and we are the united states military. and we fully intend to successfully evacuate all american citizens who want to get out of afghanistan. all american citizens who want to get out of afghanistan, they are a priority number one, but then these leaders admit, they can only do that if the taliban let them. and right now there are widespread reports of people being denied access to the airport. we don't have the capability go out and collect up large numbers of people from barth. they. so they are
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negotiating with the taliban to allow americans and credentialed afghans to pass. but say the number of us troops there means they can only focus on keeping the airport safe and was another 2000 people evacuated on tuesday. there are still tens of thousands of us citizens and we need to get out. how did this happen? the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says no one saw this coming the timeframe of a rapid collapse that was widely estimated in range from weeks to months and even years following our departure. there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army in this government in 11 days. the consistent line from the pentagon has been this is not the time to look at what went wrong, but instead to focus on the mission. but with growing outrage from both republicans and democrats, it's likely congressional hearings could start as early as next week for many or calling a humiliating,
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catastrophic failure. particle hang al jazeera at the pentagon. when the immediate aftermath of the taliban take over, there was a he, there was a surgeon hospitalizations and have gone, astounds capital capital. some of the casualties have come from the international airport where they were shot, trying to reach the departures area. charlotte bellis visited a hospital in cobble where some patients, including children, are being treated this 10 year old from the scanner stones eastern province of talk to you was shot on saturday. it took his family hours to reach emergency hospital and central cobble by been, he was in bad shape. this is the 1st intensive care unit in afghanistan, doctor say they witnessed a surgeon patients after the telephone took over cobble on sunday. they said most were the victims of armed clashes, criminals and chaos at the airport. politic situation that
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unfortunately causes many, many of the people by bullets by phone. so 2 days the hospital was slowing. they added extra beds. all admissions were from gunshot wounds. the hospital says it has received about 20 patients from cobble international airport since monday for have died and the rest of being treated for gunshot wounds after the taliban and us forces tried to disperse, crowns that breach the perimeter. be the chief, the patient from around bug off they are going to spend most of most of them the ability to do the chest and hate. this hospital is run by emergency in g o, an international humanitarian organization with the taliban in charge. they say the operations have continued on uninterrupted. they say the minister of health has remain the same. and fighters have introduced themselves. i, as will say so far out of 20 years that we are in the country. we always,
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we able to work and everybody respect. nobody false about nothing. that was not just the big thought of the vision. the view brahman is 12 years old and the telephone took over his province of host on sunday he ran out to meet them. he was his government. and now the child died and he is now paralyzed me at 18 or 19 years of war. and in the last 10 minutes he was injured. at least he is alive and he will be okay, i can suffer and tolerate this. if there is teeth, that is after michelle, the war may be over in afghanistan, the healing will take a long time. charlotte bellis, osha? 0. cobble. at least 47 people in brick in a foster had been killed in an attack on a convoy. it happened near the town of r. binda. civilian john security forces are among those killed. the government says its troops killed at least $100.00, excuse me,
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50 fighters during classes. this whole region has seen regular attacks by arm groups linked to isolate and i'll cater the number of people who died in haiti's magnitude. 7.2. earthquake has risen to 2189. some aid has arrived in the hard had city, la k, but survivors are desperate and help isn't getting to disaster zones fast enough. and as john home and reports, whole communities have been raised to the ground and rural areas, closer to the center of the quake. this is the as yet little known center of haiti's dissolves design to i was from the city that captured attention following subsidies, earthquake things, a worse. we drove through 10 kilometers of countryside in which most of the houses were simply destroyed. we stopped when we saw this building in the village of florida. how's the communities, hospital, church and school for 50 for years on saturday. in a heartbeat it was gone on
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a sunday fellow. now we're trying to find to at least find a 10th to help the kids back to school. so they don't miss the year for the for on district chief says 98 percent of the houses have went down to. judith was washing clothes just like when we met her, when her house collapsed behind her i saw the us moving and we started running. there were 2 people inside. fortunately they managed to get out. now she and her family of 9, a homeless just like most of the community here. some lives have been lost to rahman and so been son was out in the fields with his dad when he was killed by a landslide, set off. by the way. i feel terrible. every time i'm taking care of the animals, i think of him because he enjoyed doing that. yesterday would have been, he's 14th birthday. they showed us
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a photo of him and abruptly it caused an outpouring of grief. we continued the villages wanting to shows all they've lost. i asked the nice cast stone by the ruin of her house if the community got any international aid. no, no, vocal origins. there's many a teams flying into haiti and heading to this region. but it seems the help has yet to filter down to here, and it's needed. you go from house to house in this community. there's 123, and $4.00, and then mostly destroyed. and what people here are telling us is that this time round, they're unable to help each other because they're victims. the district head is very clear about what floor own requires and then stop pulling water and food. what a 10 for the most important thing. he says that he's already talked to the prime minister, who asked him to wait. meanwhile,
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fresh off the shots continue through the town. a powerful one while we visited is frightening crowd into the street. they already have little left apart from each other, john home and i'll just either thrown hates it for the head on our 0 british prime minister boys johnson faces harsh criticism over his response to a potential humanitarian crisis gone. it's done. we meet a former child, so you're a soldier now trying to comfort your own sick. young serge briefing money to save life. ah hello. come with me. we'll talk about the weather story across the middle east and, you know, i gotta tell you, some of these temperatures are below average. we don't say that too often do we?
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so for example, re add $41.00 degrees and q $844.00. there is a reason for this think you age and that's because of the small wind, but the wind will be switching direction toward the south east. so that's a breeze coming off the golf. so it's going to ramp up that humidity. you're going to feel it big time as it bumps in and your temperature will now job a bit. now, through pockets found were seen the return of mon sooner moisture toward the north, mostly up against the foothills of the himalayas on thursday, up to the mediterranean, with the focus on turkey, mostly dry, but a run of rain passing through the bus route. so that will impact the stumble with a high of 30 degrees. i can about the rain and storm through the tropics of africa, pretty much anywhere from western kenya rate through to gabon and camera room. we will see those storms flare up on thursday that further toward the south. it's unsettled for both the western and eastern cape. we'll talk about those winds in a 2nd. but 1st, let's focus on the positive johannesburg wall to wall sunshine with the hiv $21.00
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degrees and promise you we would talk about the winds for the eastern cape. got seen up to 55 kilometers per hour, and now you're up to date season. the if you were looking at this from the outside, you would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism on our obsession with economic growth. this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limit, i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bake in the world, smaller and smaller. we don't want to be realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al jazeera. oh,
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the me. on the top stories on altered 0. speaking from the united arab emirates up jonathan's former president, austria johnny, has defended his decision to leave capital. he says he left to avoid violence from denies. rumors that he fled with suitcases full of cash. us defense, secretary has admitted evacuations from capital, haven't met their targets. boyd also says american troops don't have the capacity to extend beyond the airport perimeter to help get more people out of i've done the damage to rural, have the following saturdays. magnitude 7.2 worth craig is becoming clear. entire communities have been raised in rural areas near the epa center. 2189 people are known to have died with both rescue efforts hampered by bad weather. returning to
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our top story and the united nation says about a 3rd of its $300.00 strong staff will be leaving. i've gone on due to the volatile situation there. that's the spike growing cause for the un to step up its diplomatic efforts. some believe there may be a window of opportunity to influence the taliban, but war in that time is of the essence. our diplomatic editor james base has more. the un has had an active mission in afghanistan for over 30 years, with only a handful of embassies now operational in cobble, and the us and its allies, all of the airport handling evacuation flights. the international organization is perhaps the best place to step in the taliban spokesman. viola merch ahead has promised the new government that is inclusive. but at the same time governed by law, diplomat say the un needs to try to broaden that pledge veteran mediator lacked abra. he me was the only un official to ever meet the taliban found a mullah,
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omar. he led the bon process in 2001 that chose hamad cause i enter him president, that he told me the us now needs to step up. do you have to be there? definitely. i mean, nothing can be done internationally without the un and the u. s. has been absent a little bit too long. they should really, you know, raise their profile very, very much. yes, it is time for the romance. and again, i'm strong player them out when they get out. if they won't do they come tomorrow, declared a government. you know, they'll be all right for one week or 2 weeks, one months later yet. but if you don't have a really aggressive government, then you know the, the data or saga i've gone on for 40 years, 50 years actually will when your mom was contin diplomats and even some senior un
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insiders have told me the united nations should show more energy urgency and ambition when dealing with afghanistan, there's a feeling that there's a narrow window for diplomacy, but it might not last much longer. james bays al jazeera at the united nations. the british prime minister burrows johnson says the u. k. will do all it can to avert a humanitarian crisis and have gone it's done. but critics, including the opposition say he's already falling short for the home office restricting the number of afghans allowed in. there were protests outside. parliament is angry. m p. 's inside reckoned with the cost of the u. k. 's mission . and i've gone to san jose hall reports from london. the collective anguish of parliament in peace brought back from some a recess to debate. the failure of a mission that claimed 457 british lives make bars. johnson described what the u. k . would do. in the aftermath, our efforts,
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the focus on supporting young can people in the region itself, particularly those play in conflict, or the threat of violence. we therefore call on the united nations to lead a new humanitarian effort. in this region. the government has announced a new refugee resettlement scheme, instantly called an ambitious by critics that aims to bring 20000 of those most in need to britain over the next few years. and despite promises to evacuate up to 10000 people who worked with the u. k mission afghans, resident in the u. k protested outside. we just want some things to put them on do for our families, back home for them for last 20 years. and they can't leave them behind this picture speaks for everything. do you feel the government is doing enough to help the people who helped know back in the house among questions about the failure of u. k. intelligence and the prime minister's absence on holiday as the crisis
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unfolded last week. there was a powerful indictment of the west's withdraw from a military veteran on the government's own back bench. nation is mobilized and must up. nations determine and have patience. and here we've demonstrated, sadly that we, the western united kingdom does not know this is a harsh lesson for all of us. i mean, sometimes emotional interventions, bye and fees. and despite the government's best efforts to talk up some of the successes of the past 20 years in afghanistan, there was no disguising the fact that it simply hadn't foreseen or been prepared for the speed with which i've gone to stan fell to the taliban. and that in fact, this was all around the grand scale humiliation the leader of a leading member of the nato alliance, forced to admit to parliament here that its nationals and support staff were only able to leave cobble at all because the taliban was allowing them to in the end,
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the debate a simple motion that this house consider the situation in afghanistan could achieve little more than that. jonah how al jazeera london, he was president says he disagrees with the world health organizations warning against giving for a virus booster shots. joe biden says his government is capable of looking after its own citizens and helping the world at the same time. his comments come off to the white house, unveiled plans to offer booster jobs from mid september. people will be eligible, 8 months after receiving their 2nd job. notice some world leaders who say america shouldn't get a 3rd shot until other countries got their 1st shot. i disagree. we can take care of america and help the world the same time. in june and july, america administered 50000000 shots here in the united states. and we donated
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a 100000000 shots to other countries. that means that america is donated more vaccine to other countries than every other country in the world. combined. new zealand has reported 11 new cases of co, with 1900, taking its total to $21.00. the government announced the 3 day lockdown from tuesday when the 1st case was announced before this week. new zealand had seen no local infections for almost 6 months. all the new cases or the delta variance and have been linked to an outbreak in australia. many farms in gaza were destroyed by israel during the recent conflict. and the cost is estimated at more than $200000000.00. it's let to job losses and as pushing up food prices, you must say a report from gaza as he inspects what's left of his life project up to lab halima finds himself speechless. this was the hydroponics form
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built by his family who's worked in agriculture, hearing gaza for 25 years. it allowed them to grow everything from seeds, fruits and vegetables, even when they were not in season. it was all but destroyed during israel's latest bombing, nearly 3 months ago. so had the importance of this project lies in providing food in the off season, increasing production. this project supports 12 family, including mine. these families have now lost their livelihood after the bombing of the farm. upper harley mas projects which coast approximately $120000.00 to build covers in area of 3700 square meters. it provides agriculture, dennis t and a crop p l that usually requires 3 times the area needed in conventional agriculture. the, these really bobbing in may destroyed more than 80 percent of abraham is project. he says he hasn't been able to obtain the air popping devices that he needs because
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of puerto restrictions, but as a result of the bombing the pipes, as you can see me are completely broken or have holes in them. it's lead to the crops to die. farmers in the gaza strip to leave these really a cause patient is deliberately targeting and destroying the lance in order to force the stress to import vegetables and fruits from israel. an employment traits here exceed 70 percent and agriculture remains one of the most important sources of income and life. the hood for many palestinian families, godless ministry of agriculture, save hundreds of factories of vegetable forms in greenhouses have been destroyed. this has happened as a result of direct targeting or through the interruption of irrigation water, as well as the annual submerging of lands by sewage water when her that of course stays really patient in the stabilizer. security in the gaza strip the economy and
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increase and deepen the siege imposed in the gaza strip. the international committee of the red cross and other international organizations have been working for many years to assist farmers in gaza despite the challenges posed by the israeli occupation. there are innovation a project for, for young farmers or young engineers who are interested in bringing in new techniques like the hydroponics technique. and this is the beauty about the diverse expertise of, of the population. and farmers in this area. the i, c, r. c, c's. it's done all it can to help the farmers here, including replacing solar panels, especially in paltry farms. but for farmers like up a halima, it will take a lot more to repair and replace his families, life's work, and one day bring back their crucial social income. human, a seed al jazeera, gaza,
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at least 5 people have reportedly been killed and fighting in northern siri. on wednesday, the curtis led syrian democratic forces say a women and child died when turkey bacteria fighters showed the area of a boat in kurdish fighters. later shelled the northern town of offering killing 3 people. this is all according to the u. k. bay, syria, and observatory for human re. tens of thousands of protesters have rallied in argentina to demand work for the unemployed and better living conditions. crowds brought traffic to a standstill in central bonus, i read, organize or say more than 70000 people to part across a 100 locations. they want to pressure the government to do more in tackling raising poverty. the country is struggling with the economic downturn made worse by the current of virus pandemic. a project led by a former child soldier during sierra leone civil war is now helping save the lives of children with life threatening illnesses. the project raises money to send kids
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abroad for treatments. after the jury smacked some of the volunteers on the streets a free time. the bowling tears from the sick picking project working this pizza free town looking for help. 3 times a week, they hit the st. visit wash centers, bus stations, and market, soliciting donations to help be the medical bills of children or cbs element was conditions cannot be treated by local hospitals. the project is co founded by a former child soldier for fort jordan several years civil war. this condition that requires a minimum of $15000.00 united fit dollars in a country where average income, you know, on a very, very low, less than a $100.00. a lot of my colleagues was for less than $100.00. and so you can imagine, if you have to raise a $150000000.00 in the union amount,
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which is $2000.00, it will require a very long time. he admits that raising funds for the children was hard and at personal cost for many volunteers. here his team is trying to raise $16000.00 to fly out 9 year old janet coloma. janet is suffering from many gilmer, a slow growing tumor that threaten him to cover her face and head. the child's mother is delighted, but how for her daughter could just be month away after so many years. good mother, good to go. although her siblings go to school, my janet doesn't. we pulled her out because we realized she's subjected to taunts and bullying by other schoolmates because of her condition. and she can't walk that far. in the past 4 years, more than 60 children have been flown abroad for treatment by the fundraisers. one
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of the success stories is to yet or id bussey was had to cardiovascular operations in india. and can you show change his condition has improved like i labored, breathing is gone. i really thank god for the improvement done. what for the organization says it wants to do more, but success is limited and those who need help our committee was struggling to treat come on elements like malaria. many poor families looked to organizations like the ticket for the co help, but it took several months to raise enough funds to take one child on many occasions helped him to late for some children. how many read alexandra? so you tell arg hello again, the headlines and i'll just 0. speaking from the united arab emirates i've gone.


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