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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, now jazeera ever ah trap between the taliban and uncertainty desperate afghans wait and hope for the chance to be lifted out of the country. i made the decision. the buck stops with me . i. u. s. president. his question of his administration's handling of the afghan has done withdrawal, and pledges to evacuate all afghans who work alongside us forces.
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ah, hello i mariam, new jersey in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program on the front line of media freedom, increasing concern over the safety of journalists in afghanistan, resort hospital struggle to treat the wounded, also another devastating earthquake in haiti. and we're looking at the complex where the illegal fishing in the gulf of california, where a kilo endangered fish could be worth more than a kilo of cocaine. ah, welcome to the program. more gunfire has been hired and stung grenades used to push back huge crowds, gathering their cobbles at port for a 5th day. now, thousands of people of their daily hoping to flee. afghanistan on the taliban rule,
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the us and nato pledged to accelerate the number of evacuations. but many afghans is still facing major obstacles from taliban roadblocks to problems with paperwork . charlotte balice now reports circling in front of carbo international airport. the gates are closed. the taliban with a common did us weapons and vehicles run security? no one can get through. even filming on the street is not allowed. the taliban has dispersed crowds of people. they know wait for the down airport road. this is my father certificate. it's there. we meet is to la. his father worked as a god for to us contractors. your father is hi. hi, i didn't hire. he comes here every day to plead his father's case for evacuation. i don't want to go out on the gate. i am scared but what can i do? the taliban run after us. they chase and they beat us. i saw women under people's feet in a stamp and i saw
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a dead body taken from the airport and put in the car and we have no other option when i don't know what the, the telephone is in charge of securing the ip port and protecting us forces and evacuation from being overrun, they a full full in their crowd control, relying on gunfire and beatings to disperse. the thousands who gather us forces can be seen around the perimeter. just meters from taliban patrols. people played their k through evacuation raising paperwork to the tower, but they are asked to move on. afghans complain, americans have fired towards them also. not even scared of bringing our documents with us every day. we're here because we want to do something must be done. them favors a now we're left here with our future. what i give a day every day. the numbers vaskins looking for an exit swells. hundreds gather outside the british, french and canadian embassies. hope spruce. but rumors spread faster. most wisdom embassies have closed,
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but they don't know that $20000.00 applicants have applied for us special immigrant, baez's, including their families. they estimated $70000.00 to eligible for that. you ation . there were thousands more foreign nationals and africans who worked with other nations, also waiting for flight out. more than 800000 people have been evacuated since the town of on the on sunday. and still the us is expanding its eligibility criteria and doubling the number of evacuation flights and this weekend. yet many people tell us they are too scared to come to the airport because it would mean passing tell a bunch of points for those that do attempt to they brace for crowds and gunfire, and the disappointment that they would likely be left behind charlotte bellis ultra 0 cobble. well, he was saying earlier, the u. s. president has spoken about that being significant progress in lifting
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citizens in the vulnerable out of the african capital campbell. there at least 5000 us troops that cobble airports with that number expected to rise. joe biden said the past week has been heartbreaking, and the mission remains dangerous. make no mistake, this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolves risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. and as an american, i offer my gratitude to the brave men and women of the us armed forces are carrying out this mission. are incredible. as we continue to work, the logistics of evacuation were in constant contact with the taliban. working to ensure civilians have safe passage to the airport. well, my encounter is following all of this joined us now from the white house. and so mike,
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a great deal of those remark focused on the operational details of those evaluation efforts. but did we learn any more about the way in which the binding administration responded to warnings about that being a rapid taliban takeover of the country? well, president biden repeated his assertion, which he has made in recent days that nobody could have predicted the speed with which the taliban advanced got and away. he said as well in justification that the us had for a period of time being pre positioning, all sorts of equipment, to be able to respond quickly. once a withdraw got away. he said as well that the, this is operating well, he says now that the evacuation process is well underway, saying that in the past 6 days alone, some, 13000 people have been evacuated. but notable as well in this news conference was again,
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a new commitment to american citizens that everybody who wants to get out of candy stone will be able to as well as to those afghans who have worked with american forces or worked with various n g o or american companies vibe and making a commitment to them as well that they will be able to come out whether that is translated into action on the ground. that's another question. another very interesting point that was made in that news conference. marianne was the president revealing that to us forces had, as he put it, gone over the fence to bring over some 160 americans into couple international airport. this is a 1st indication we've had that us troops have an effect deployed beyond that port perimeter. so some interesting details provided there by the president, as he continues to defend, not only his decision to go ahead with the withdrawal from a con east on, but also the manner in which it has been conducted. right. and so did we hear
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anything about the possibility of further support to i've asked on, particularly as we now see mounting humanitarian crisis in the country. well, he did make it clear that negotiations or discussions are ongoing with the taliban in terms of conducting this evacuation. as well, but he also said that he, along with the allied governments, will be keeping a lot of pressure on the taliban in terms of resources of what kind of deals may be made in the future. he said this is all conditional as how the taliban behave while they are now in power. so president biden asserting that the u. s. and others will be using pressure to try and keep the taliban maintaining some vestige of human rights within that country. now that they are in complete control, but in terms of details as to exactly where the u. s. afghan relationship is going
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to go as far as the details of that president biden making kid that at this particular stage, he's focusing purely on the safe vaccination of all of those who need to be got out of the country saying as well that now it's not the time for criticism, there will be plenty of time down the line to discuss all these matters, but that's going to be as soon as next week, marian, when congress returns from its recess. they are going to be a lot of questions off with abide in administration, and they have already been a lot of demands for briefings from biden administration. officials, accounting for what has happened over the past 10 days. thank you very much. my can live at the white house. thanks, mike. well, in all the developments, nato members have been holding emergency talks on how back to help those in need. these sector, general young stolen bug told al jazeera that in that q a. she might need to continue into september. we have communicated clearly to it's all a bomb that they should provides
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a safe passage for everyone who wants to leave the country. and especially when enable them to go to the airport. so many darlise and especially in the states have had well, di will called abrasion will tactical compact with, with all the bomb to make sure that that happens. we have seen some progress, but still it is a very difficult situation outside of the airport. it's very unpredictable. it's not actually one of the reasons it was important to have the meeting today to address these to get that 3rd law and also listen to do not did states on all the laws who are on the ground, the cobble airport or in other development. we're also following in the country gentle broadcast, deutsche says that a family member of one of its journalists was shot dead during a house such or growing fears for the safety of i've gone histones journalists with coal system to be evacuated. the committee to protect journalists is wanting that
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women are particularly at risk. it says the taliban took power. it fits the talent to take about 2 prominent female journalists have been borrowed from their jobs. homes of media workers have also been rated and others were attacked by covering protests in july about but we cannot speak to san jose need chief executive and founder of movie media. good. the largest media company in afghanistan, which earns taller news, joins me live now from london. and we have seen this really inspiring commitment on the part of africa journalists who demonstrated really an incredible bravery and continuing to report the news. you must fear for the safety of your journalist now, especially women. yes, of course, because there's a disconnect between what the leadership saying and what you see on the ground. you don't have this conventional military, the sort of standard talib on police force on the streets of cobble. every area is controlled by different militia. you know, there's a tall,
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one group from boss sean and where we are. and then next door, there's a group from host and they look different, active friends, they address dress different and they may even have different demands or expectations. so the journalists are actually really fearful, and they just confused as to how to view the situation on the ground. and just the contacts in the women were really completely invisible in public political life in afghanistan, prior to 2001 and then one. and then while kind of, i'm part of the 990 those this extreme suppression of media freedom amongst other things as well. tolo news is continued broadcasting. has it in diary and passionate all across the country. do you, do you expect is to continue? would you think the the company will even be able to, to exist? i have no idea because what they say today or even what they do in terms of coming in for interviews may not last. this is
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a very strange period of the taliban because they're trying to consolidate their rule over the country. they're trying to win hearts and minds. they're trying to entice political opposition figures to join them. so i don't think they're going to shake things up too much. i wouldn't get to this less affair thing could be a short term thing. we have to wait for them to come up with a media policies meet it commissioned a religious commission and so forth. will probably issue all sorts of decrees and directives for both the media and women's role at the workplace. educational facilities are and so forth. so you know, we have to be patient, wait and see. i mean, it's looking back at what they did in the nineties and also what they're doing today. you can't be too optimistic, but we'll have to wait and see. and you mentioned that they've been carrying out quite the public templates recently to reassure the international community. i know
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there's a lot of uncertainty and chaos right now, and you say, you know what the media policy will be, but can you, could you envisage a situation where, perhaps foreign journalists, there is this divergence between foreign journalists being allowed a bit more space under certain conditions and then domestic media having to operate under a completely different set of rules. i think that's exactly right. i mean they understand that they need to engage of the world. they need money from the international community. they can, they cannot survive enough. they're just sort of the did the sort of isolation has taught one of the 1990s, so they're much more charming with the international community and international media. but for the ask, and i think for now they're very patient, but i'm not sure how long the last for you say that they need money from the international community set to receive nearly half a 1000000000 dollars for me. i am asked, but that's how am i going to be able to touch any of that? can they? can they govern if they don't have any money?
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no, because the african population is growing probably by 50 percent. excuse the, the, the noise in the background. but the population has grown expectations are much higher than they used to be. there's a middle class now that didn't exist in the 1900 ninety's. you have a young aspirational population majority of which under the, under the age of 20. so that's what people protesting, yes they just because of the flag of their women protesting because of their rights . this is a totally different. i've got a son to the 1900 ninety's in speaking about the, the economy being under pressure and the challenges facing taliban rule. now, because the economy, the economy was struggling before the latest developments. and now we see the atm running out of cash. the currency is last. value is a rapid pace. how is this going to affect people's businesses, their livelihoods? i mean, this is, you know,
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we've got 700000 and took internally displaced people all over the country. we expect one and a half to 2000000 afghans to flee the country. according to the u. n, the economy is growing at the other. no one or 2 percent, but the population is growing a 3 percent for us just to get the poverty. it has to grow 10 percent plus for like 10 years. so the countries, benson going downwards anyway, but this is just going to accelerating this, this, this downward spiral, which i, which we fear will, will really, really hurt the majority of africans. and so we've got the political crises, we're seeing this economic crises. and there is a human humanitarian crises around the corner. thank you very much for joining us with any appreciate it. thank you. and watching al jazeera life from london, much more had on the program has been 3 prime ministers now in 3 years. there's another major change in malaysian politics.
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ah, ah, hello there, it's still a story of hot and dry weather for the southern parts of europe in the days to come . but in the north it is looking wet and windy if we look to the northwest for the british isles and got some heavy rain to come in the coming days, particularly across those central areas of the u. k. and as we go into sunday, that will push across into belgium, the netherlands, and germany really sharp and thunder. downpours expected for the check republic. we could see some flooding here, but further north it does look fina and dryer for much of scandinavia. that wet and windy weather has pushed off towards finland and to western russia. now it is looking cooler and wet for grief. over the next few days, we are going to see some showers kicking in and temperatures dipped down slightly and across the black sea region, we've got
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a few showers continuing here. but further south, it is looking hotter and dryer for cyprus. we've got the heat coming through with nick a see a coming in at 41 degrees celsius. and it's a similar story for the iberian peninsula. we are going to see the heat continue, temperature climb, and quarter by is going to see the temperature reach up to 40 degrees as we go into the weekend. but by the time we go into the mid of next week, it is going to dip down and things will feel slightly cooler, but they'll be sunshine. ah, how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms rate parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. be the hero world needs right.
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ah, washer. in the news the me a come back watching al jazeera life from london to look at the main story. now. it's been more gunfire and stung grenades in afghanistan. they've been used to push back huge crowds gathering the cobbles, apple for a 5th day. the u. s. a. nato pledge to accelerate the number of evacuations. he was president joe biden has been speaking about, thinks he's speaking about the situation. he has to evacuate all afghan to work alongside us forces. he says significant progress has been made in the so far but
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also growing fear for the safety of afghan. john, less german broadcast to deutsche about. i says, family member, one of its journalists, was shocked at the developments in haiti and the operators of southern haiti's only medical oxygen plants are appealing to help . after with severely damaged and last saturdays of quake, facility supply several hospitals, demand for oxygen has sold this month, driven by the cove in 1900 pandemic and casualties from the earthquake, which kills more than 2000 people. thousands more though are seriously injured. john hallman has this report now from a hospital and just a warning that view as might find some of these images here, disturbing the came across sun whose men the immaculate conception hospital in la k. his toes and sco were fractured. he's one more than 10000 people who were injured in saturday's earthquake and haiti idea such. i ran out to try and open the
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gate, but a cement block fell off the roof of the neighbor's house and onto my head a foot long week stuff at local hospitals struggling with that huge influx even as many deal with their own life changing problems. my mom, my house has collapsed. we are sleeping in the street on saturday when i got here, i saw how many people were in need. and so i decided to work, and i've been here every day. many of the patient sustain outside for fear the hospitals themselves could collapse me off the shots. some have cracks ready, but the doctors and nurses have managed to keep order in this hospital immaculate conception what they're telling us into this shortened saw medicine equipment, but they're just about coping with the flow of people coming in. but the chronic lack of medical equipment is serious. the thing that really means it's thing that or about auto video, like i said,
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like like they different when you kind of stuff that we need to say the same. they desperately need more materials to treat fractures and broken bones. without them, the hospital's a little more than waiting rooms for the seriously you before they can be airlifted to pull to prince for their or hold up. getting supplies in, says timothy ward, the us thought to come to help. we have a lot of different facilities or different organizations that are trying to bring in with supplies, but they are having a hard time getting him on site. so there's a lot of a little bit of work for stuff as far as they get through customs and everything and which i understand they don't just want things putting it without checking. there's also problems in getting get personnel to the disaster zone, even once it's in the country. that's because the stretch of the only road from the capital lik high is being fought over by gangs from corporate to here. it's kind of 8 our 3,
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the u. n. is also taking part of that. they are seeing how they can send convoys that the 1st day in saturday from to today. sorry. it's been a huge problem how to coordinate the combo. and the quake was almost a week ago. but the need to deal with the consequences remains. john homan al jazeera, like i better the us government's humanitarian agency says the aid work as an easier as to why region a close to running out of food to distribute us a cheap samantha bower accused ethiopian government of deliberately obstructing humanitarian a millions of people in the war tone region has food supplies will one out within a week. when out in malaysia, the country has a new prime minister. it's 3rd. in his many years, a small sabri yucca was appointed after receiving support from a majority of and peace is succeed in way dean. yes. seen who resigned when his handling of the pandemic lost him support florence louis reports on this. now from
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qual, empire. is maya sabri, i hope, is malaysia's 9th prime minister, he was appointed by the constitutional monarch to turn up de la salton after shop, after securing backing from a 114 members of parliament in a 222 seat lower house. his appointment means the new ruling alliance is made up of the same parties as the previous administration led by mood in yes, and he resigned on monday, after losing the support of 15 am piece. the transition means the united malays national organization or um no will be in an even stronger position because it's miles sabri is the parties vice president. i'm not, you know, the driver of the ruling correlation. a position which has been competing for the last one and a half years. been it came back to government again. i'm no rule the country for more than 60 years before it was voted out in 2018 because of
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a corruption scandal current precedent. i much i have a midi and former premier, not your browser, are fighting corruption cases in court and deny charges against the the party returned to power last year when several m. p 's including we didn't, who are part of a new reform is government that had room for less than 2 years. switched sides. analysts say they don't expect much policy to change. it's going to be a very experienced politician. but perhaps not the most inspiring one. you want that's actually the, based off the last government because he was giving the daily briefings on and then the combat efforts and san malaysia is tackling its worst wave of corona virus with one of the highest number of daily new infections and deaths in the region. a state of emergency and a lockdown have been ineffective in curbing rise in cases and public anger has
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grown. at the time of the announcement of is mild subways, appointment, nearly 350000 malaysians had signed an online petition to protest against his leadership. the king has said, any new prime minister must demonstrate majority support by holding a vote of confidence in parliament, which is set to reconvene next month. but with is miles sabri holding the same level of support as we had in jackson when he came into power last year. some analysts say a new administration does not necessarily mean a more stable government. florence li, al jazeera quality port to amuse from uganda. now the government there is shut down thousands of non governmental organizations, 50 full groups, including charities, and religious organizations. not operations suspended for not complying with regulations such as the band non political involvement. president was 70 governments has ended up in the past. he's charities of backing the opposition,
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but his opponents say this is part of a long running campaign to silence critics and black market demand for an exotic fish found in mexico is endangering a rare species. fishermen blame the crisis on the government's mismanagement of environmental policies, money raffle, our ports fishing his hard business in sun phillipe it aside from the punishing heat. tougher fishing restrictions have force many here to tighten their belts. load in. so garcia of the local fisheries association says fishermen are being collectively punished for criminal activity in the protected waters of the upper gulf of california. exam was good to fill up with killer. we know there is illegal fishing, but we've been fighting for 30 years to keep our fishing permits and maintain our cooperative. it isn't fair that we're being lumped in with those who do not respect the 0 tolerance policy. the no fishing boundaries along with a band on gil nets were put in place to protect
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a rare porpoise that lives only in these waters. it's known in mexico as the vector . but many believe the laws aimed at protecting ducky does have failed to stop illegal fishing. spurred by a high demand for another rare species. dubois other boys, the fish that has us gallbladder, which has been split balloon that allows the fish to move up and down into water that has a very high value in china through illegal trafficking. so people are fishing, but by using governance, killing becky does to traffic to extract the bladder and traffic gets to china through a native states to, to other gallbladder, have become so sought after even drug cartels are said to be in on the action. these specimens are quite small, but we're told that a single, full grown to of a swim bladder can be worth more than a kilo of cocaine. in an effort to disrupt the,
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to 2 of the black market. trade conservationists are betting on to do about forming the well intentioned summary. these efforts may not be enough to save the endangered vector and its local fishermen who seem to be paying the price. it's important to recognize that that legal fishing is important for many communities and mexico and the upper golf form. yes. that there are alternatives for legal fishing that we need to support local legal fishermen in the area and, and economy called tentative for them. and i would express our concern because of the decrease in budgets, the from the federal government for environmental institutions and mexico that we've been seeing since 6 or 7 years back. experts agree. the problem requires action by the governments of mexico,
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the u. s. and china to crack down on the trafficking of endangered species in the upper gulf of california. many hope whatever the solution may be. it will strike a balance between conservation and the livelihood sufficient communities. manuel rap, hello al jazeera san felipe and mexico. father story to bring you toko, scaling down events, leading up to the power taxes. japan extends current of ours emergency measures that a small flame gathering summit ceremony was held behind closed doors ahead of the event. beginning on tuesday. like new lympics, the sports will mostly happen without spectators. at 12 confirmed cases of coven 19 have been confirmed among pardon pick athletes? ah! i'll main story to shower more gun fires been heard and stung grenades used to push back huge crowds, gathering the cobbles at port for


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