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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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sees in the upper gulf of california, many hope whatever the solution may be. it will strike a balance between conservation and the livelihoods of fishing communities. manuel rap, hello al. jazeera san felipe and mexico father story to bring you toko, scaling down events leading up to the power lim taxes. japan extends current of ours emergency measures that a small flame gathering summit ceremony was held behind closed doors ahead of the event beginning on tuesday. like new lympics, the sports will mostly happen without spectators. at 12 confirmed cases of coven 19 have been confirmed among pardon pick athletes? ah! i'll main story this hour. more gun fires been heard and stung grenades used to push back huge crowds, gathering the cobbles at port for a 5th day. thousands of people are that daily hoping to flee. afghanistan on the
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taliban rule. more than $18000.00 been lifted so far, but tens of thousands are left in the country who could still be eligible. the us nato pledged to accelerate the number of violations. but many afghans are facing major obstacles from the roadblocks by the taliban to problems with paperwork. there's also a growing concern for the safety of journalists there with coal to some of them to be evacuated as well. german constitute shanella, says a family member of one of its jealous was shot dead during a house search. the committee to protect journalists is warning that women are particularly at risk. meanwhile, us president joe biden says significant progress has been made, lifting citizens and the vulnerable our have combo. these. there are at least 5000 us troops at campbell airport, though that number is expected to climb. make no mistake, this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolves risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise with the final outcome
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will be what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. and as an american, i offer my gratitude to the brave men and women of the us armed forces are carrying out this mission. are incredible. as we continue to work the logistics of evacuation were in constant contact on italy, bon working to ensure civilians have safe passage to the airport. and the operators of southern hastings only medical auction plans are appealing to help offer was damaged and last saturdays of quake. facility supplies, several hospitals, and demand for oxygen is rising, driven by the pandemic and casualties from the earthquake, which killed more than 2000 people. thousands more are seriously injured. ron everything in about 25 minutes time. i'll see you then the stream is the program coming up. next news.
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news. news. ah, ah. hi, i'm rachelle kerry filling in for me. ok, welcome to the bonus edition of the stream. we'll retake you behind the scenes of our broadcast this week. a special feature on afghanistan will take you back in time to some of the conversations that were happening before this week. 2019 and discussion with some of afghanistan's leading female politicians and activists about women's rights as the us. let's negotiate a peace agreement with the taliban all the way up until this week when the taliban over through the government. first, let's revisit an interview from spring 2021. when the stream covered the precarious
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situation of the more than $300000.00 and ask and who have worked for the us government since 2001 over the years and many receive special immigrant thesis. but before the events of the past week, petitioners were facing delays and experts were predicting a crisis mad seller whose life was saved by as ask an interpreter back in 2008 during the stream in april to sound the alarm of the immediate need to evacuate as many people as possible, we locked the doors in iraq and afghanistan in terms of being able to achieve the objectives that we started out to achieve. right. and afghan standard was to leave behind the country. that was absent of the taliban. they survived. they let us, they outlasted us and they're going to likely inherit an afghanistan after we depart. the reality that is that the people who befriended us, the people who partnered with us are going to be murdered by the very people that we ask them to help fight against if we don't do something right now to evacuate them. the way that i describe it is there is
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a train crash coming. we all can see it. the train is about to derail off of the tracks. is going to hit the village. we can't save the people on the train, they're likely going to die, but we might be able to evacuate the village if we start right now. and that's what q and i have done. we've written reporter, to help the by the ministration begin. the immediate evacuation of our afghan war time allies from afghanistan starting today to begin the processing of these individuals to get to the united states and if necessary to move them to another part of the world outside of the united states where they can reside there until we can figure out their visa situation because the reality is when collapse comes in afghanistan, it is likely going to happen faster than washington can react to it. and these people will be our last priority when it comes time to evacuate. the words are to the atkins in the rockies watching. this is going to ever be an american to say
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that's all. i'm sorry. we let you down. we're letting you down right now, but please know some of us haven't forgotten you and are going to keep fighting until we get all of you home to safety. i mean, this is that i wish the vital ministration would, would do the right thing here. they've got all the right people in place to actually enact the right policies. they just need to have the courage and conviction to do the right thing. president biden can call me anytime and i will show up and call to whatever i have to do to help them get this going. we can't wait, we can't wait. we need our congressional representatives to hear this. we need american citizens to call their congressional representatives. and make them aware of this problem. we need immediate action without delay. my c, i cannot hear it, but i'm not necessarily seeing it on the ground. yeah, no,
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it's not happening on the ground. so what needs to happen is this. we are report, thankfully is getting some of the wonderful folks at the truman national security project and veterans for american ideals over at human rights. first our can help us try and get it to the right folks in government and, and maybe see if we can't get it inactive and get it into into place on the reality is this, we've done that creation like this. not twice. we did it in 1975. we took 800000 vietnamese. they happen to be on boats, but we brought them to guam. and then they spend a couple of months in guam while we process their visas and move them to the united states in 1996, be airlifted thousands of kurdish fighters out of northern iraq as saddam's army. bear down on them because they had assisted us during the 1st gulf war. we moved them to guam where they last for another 6 months until we process their visas and got him here. we need to begin that airlift now in afghanistan,
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and we need to reconstitute or program for our rocky allies. we've, we've betrayed them and we need to figure out a way to get them to safety. american friendships should not me to death them. i'm going to say that over and over and over again, because that's how i was raised. we're supposed to depot the people who keep their word and do the right thing. that's what i believed when i joined to serve my country and i'm going to fight to ensure that my country lives up to that ideal. a reminder. and that conversation was more than 4 months ago. following the taliban take over this week, thousands of afghans who work for the u. s. government over the past 2 decades have been left stranded. another group of afghans who safety is now in peril. are women with the return of the taliban? many believe that the hard fought gains for women over the past 20 years are now being completely derailed. but on tuesday, in their 1st press conference at taliban spokespersons said women would be active in society within the framework of char, yet the world will be watching. now in 2019 discussed how far women's rights had
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advanced in afghanistan, haven't listened. what are guessed, high profile women representing both the afghan government and women's rights initiative had to say to you, i would say something to you clearly to the women have gone to the woman around the work, made our thinking we are going and taking a day or job to patients that patients power and there's a, it's fair enough garnished on among men. it doesn't matter. there man, in the government or county side or driving like they don't like. this is what time talking from my own experience. but when it comes to women, empowerment, and despite of the women are educated or not, they are living in the city or the villages. they are capital and they
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have enough power to raise what exactly they want. i don't like any circle to be wall by anyone to do. women are going to say ok guys can go and you can just be any cation or you can work. know who they are, that they like control for as a circle or a frame. what should i do and what i should think i'm seeking for equality, men and women, according to the law. i would like the constitution as i had the order to draft the constitution. and i know how hard a i travel more than 16, proven myself. before village, but did message what exactly the same different language, different sentence, but at the end, would you say meaning a peaceful long term doesn't mean that one political coup or another political
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group will leave the country. he's full of me, respect and implement the justice. i want to actually bring the attention that why are we asking for inclusion, be human rights argument is divide till one that we are half of the population. so what is the question of us being left a type, but it's about like, what do we bring to the table? having been, i behind the council, i my experience shows that every time that we brought in, you know, the political leaders day and the faction, the warlord. we women talked about what happened to that school which was bumped, which is called what happened to the clinic that is not being used by the community . why people are not being able to get any access to the local government. why don't we have an attorney general's office in this province in there has been time
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that i've been told that, you know, you, women are so problematic because you bring the whole problem of the community. i never ask for my own right that i want to be the minister of this and i want to be the minister of that. know, i keep bringing the issues of the community in bio and inclusion. we have actually opened the door for other minority, you know, it didn't, but the reason i'm full concerned about is that i don't want us to be another civil war. what is some conflict? you said started from 2000 once a 17 year, but it's, i hold as myself, it's actually going to be 40 years of conflict. we have had the warlord going to saudi arabia. and i remember vividly finding actually putting their hands on the holy book on or on saying that we will get together the moment they came because this there was no reconciliation. it fell apart. so what i'm worried about is that colleagues are b, u. s. negotiate is talking with these, you know,
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it's part of one leaders sitting in the 5 star hotel. but then when they come back to us on a sunday, find out the whole new structure. you know, you have all these young combatants fighting on the ground. you have a new generation, any penny. if somebody was 20 years of age and that the parlor bond now that parkland is actually turkey. 8th, he has gone to school. he has gone to university, he has a social media axis and he has a voice. the same goes to the young women. so the talking about are going to actually face a whole new kind of treat, which they are not ready to accept. and then this is what i'm more interested to bring in. it's not just about women that because i'm a woman, i'm only talking about women know either as a part of the society. i want to know what happens to be this armament. we have so many armed men in the society and to talk about would be an addition to that. like
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how, how do we do disarmament? what happened to the reconciliation? we have a lot of, you know, national grievances, how do we get along with each other? so we're not really let me just ask you this because you're missing with some really important issues that you would like to be discuss. i'm just looking here at out 0 dot com us taliban talks resuming after 2 day break. you can see the makeup of people at the discussion table. are you telling me that those issues that you said of so important to the community? are they not being discussed? we are not at the paper and when we are in that 5 star hotel menu that they have all to the east and also, you know, the, we are not being deal. nobody is talking about the end of bloodshed. we had 10 pow, did 2000000000 casualties in this just 2018. we have 45000 of our thumb, this forces off of on and on who have been and you know, a victim of this more. we have given so much all sacrifice in this war,
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and at the end of the day it's the us and the parliament who have been living and could talk in behind the market. and they don't know what's, what's kind of on a sun. they are actually going to see after 20 year boston road. they're speaking to us more than 2 years ago. she is now living in exile because of death threats from the taliban and our twitter account has been taken down. finally, let's talk about the town ban takeover recently on the stream. i stuff with pushed on it dirani and threat bruin, about the west control and the chaos that has since ensued after the show we continue the conversation and i asked them to respond to an opinion submitted to the show by the former us deputy and bastard to afghanistan, have a listen. can there be an effective relationship with the new government, the new taliban government, and to get agreement with partners and rivals around the world as to what basic commitments should be made by the taliban government?
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if they want to be recognized with others, if they want to have international assistance, financial assistance in the, in the very short term and development assistance going forward. and they're very much going to need that. the previous government was dependent on the international community for 80 percent of its funding. so this is an important need of a new government. so brett, if, if what the master thing is right, that the taliban and means things from, from the international community. if they're going to make this work, it's not about whether or not they have a change of heart that's really irrelevant. but it just, for just, just from a matter of practicality, what i'm trying to say that they need to behave a certain way to get certain things from international community. does that ring true to you? well, you know, i know investor wayne very well, lot of respect for him, but i would respectfully disagree. the tele bon survived for several
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years without any international recognition and international aid. i think we're seeing the through a western lens in order to have legitimacy. you know, order to operate like we would consider a normal government to function. they're going to need all of our programs. i don't know that that's their calculus. and at the end of the day, they are going to make judgements based on what's in the interest of their own survival. and all of this a, perhaps with the exception of china, which is another issue we can get into, comes with a lot of strains. and so they are going to shoot those kinds of constrains. and i would expect that countries like china, even russia, are going to provide them with enough aid to be able to survive and say in power. it's an interesting point that you may press on that a lot of times we do think and see things through a western lens. i'll admit, as
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a journalist, sometimes i, i will by default position is to ask a question from a western perspective. but what brett is saying is that the taliban isn't thinking like that. the. he's right about that nice. you know, you have to understand back to it. and the group is pretty much not back. make a group with a one that could have been living within that could be literally financed by china to show whatever country is coming like to get the food. but then it's the people who are a dependent and who would be abandoned the want to be having any service delivery be, want be having any like, you know, educational access or like, you know, healthcare access, all these things matter and back to that even back. 80 percent of that eighty's needed for right. even if it went into the corrupt pocket of the leader that we had in the past. but right now we need that each for the civilians. not that i live on . right. and the taliban is a small group and they can be financed by china or whatever country you take. you
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have to understand back from this perspective, civilians are going to have or not them by at the same time, the need legitimacy, the need ricky commission, right. and for back, all these countries can pressure on them to recognize all these right except the 50 percent off on us, except that all the civilians asked on incense and then moving forward. we can see that ok, maybe we forward and push on. i'm curious, your reaction to president joe biden saying, basically that the, the ask and army didn't want to fight what's, what's your take on that babylon. i was asked to stand by the one that i was told to stand by. and they were not to fight, not to engage because it is that the still has been like, you know, has been a pc and they couldn't be fighting. go on, check that account, ask them be they would tell you that saying this coming this from
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a one leader. i would expect this on the taliban but not from job. right. and it's not something that she should be doing because he listed in back to me, the people invested in that me all your text years, all there. 6, there's need for that on me. and now you think the people didn't fight, they wanted to fight. they were asked to stand by because it is a p. c. brett, i would point to the $60000.00 have con soldiers that gave their lives and tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands who were injured in the line of duty. so questioning the bravery crap questioning the will to fight, i think, is quite frankly, a dishonorable thing for the president to do. and clearly the white house, the administration are looking for who can we point the finger at? i think it is really frustrating for those of us who worked in those holes in the
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situation room to watch an administration that refuses to acknowledge the errors. fine. we all understand joe biden wanted out of afghanistan, but there are, there are ways of doing it that don't create this kind of chaos, these kinds of consequences that have just been catastrophic. i think, let me ask you the same question. sure question though, i just want to a clear yes or no. are you saying that the u. s. should remain in afghanistan? obviously that's off the table. but is that what you're saying should have happened that the us should not be withdrawing. right right 1st and then for i'm sorry, pressed on a bus on a go for it. it will tell me what do you think? i don't think you will see would make any difference or seem be right. it's not like the word come in and fight again. and all that, let's look at practical solution practical solution right now at the moment is legitimacy for the governor much needed as the taliban government that could be
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done without the us seeing that this would also have been that way everyone, every young person wants to run by the fact that they're going to kill incidence back, going to cut it out, right? it won't be mean for those in the 1st place to kill, right? so you have to understand the narrative that people are more boost every time they're told we will be attacking lucy, but i can show you the messages that i just got, where they have said that people work with the us. let's burn them. i live, let's burn their houses. all right, this is the many days back. she felt go away, right. you have to understand us. thing was not a solution. us. they could mazing the taliban leveraging data so many to measure tim. i think that the hobby that was the problem and now we can pressure them into not have using the p but all right, bret. i completely agree and i would just say that the us should have done this differently. we should have insured,
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and i've worked on political transitions across africa, ivory coast, liberia. any where we handle this a heck of a lot better. there's a way of doing this. it least would have given the african a military, the african government, a fighting chance. but you know, we quite literally, from one day to the next abandoned barbara airbase didn't even bother to leave the lights on, or the generator they are. i mean, this was a reckless retreat. it is one that will go down in the street as a case study. i don't know how to handle this. what about those who say, you know, i'm obviously not a foreign policy expert, but what about those who said there was no easy way to do this? because if you tip your hand that you're leaving, then that will, there is no way to not trigger chaos. what do you say to that? what i think we have plenty of examples of where we have, we have withdrawn and chaos at least chaos on this scale. has not ensued
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so the binding administration is trying to spin it, saying, you know, it was a choice between a or b. know there were plenty of options in between. i wrote a piece in us day to day this week suggesting that bite in he's a fire, he's a national security advisor, re form the national security process because it has found him and he's failed in. not just on this issue on several, the refugee issue, the border issue, dealings with cuba in israel. what we need to address going forward here is how are we going to contain some of the accesses of the taliban? and that is what i think the international community and especially the american administration, needs to look at. we need to look at how do we leverage air power? how do we leverage a military presence, perhaps an ongoing military presence on that airfield. you cobble to ensure that we are still relevant, that the taliban feels our presence and feels the potential consequences. if they
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choose to go down the path where they were before throwing it back to the people right now, who want to leave afghanistan and push on. you made a really good point. everybody doesn't necessarily want to leave afghanistan. everybody shouldn't have to leave their home. but there are thousands of people that do want to leave. i want to play something from a fellow from the truman center for national policy. camille math are talking about the fact that there's are still efforts being made to get people out of afghanistan . let's listen to that. what afghans need to know is that right now we haven't given up here in the united states. we are still fighting to push the bite in ministration as we have in for the last several months, post them to have accurate as many people as possible and to honor our promise to as many africans as possible who worked and fight alongside us. the last 20 years and when they do arrive here in the united states, we're working hard with our resettlement agencies to make sure that they have the resources that they need because they were really depleted during the previous administration. and we're working hard to make sure that they have the resources
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that they will need to ensure a welcome and to have all of our allies start the new lives here in the us when they get here. thank you. what is the calculation that somebody has to make to leave their country to go to a place they don't know or there's people they don't know what? how do you decide to do that? i mean, like for once, let's say that let's get the 5 where you have to make that calculation because all you know you've been coming for them and they're taking that rick off leaving right . and be like, clean lead forward. can be anything that's running from the running the fact that the administration clean that they're trying to do so much to get their people out. you're only trying to get people out of cobble. they're 30 c
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other for ones this year. a lot of people in those, so in this work with institution who have been us, her life, what about those people? where do they go? how to be free, right? all those questions are still in place and there is no answer for that. it's just an exclusive program for people in college who could access the ad on thursday, but all the 34 inches they are still bending. people cannot be people cannot reach the airport. and at the same time, you have to understand that the calculation of leaving and then at the same time, the practical practicality of getting on back land and good luck to this thing. and they're not happening at the moment. a dire situation for many afghans hoping to leave the country afghan stand as a story we will continue to watch closely and the coming weeks. that is our show for today. thanks for watching. see you next time. ah.
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because that's all of our economy can be of the financial crisis that the u. s. blogs. access black fans with the billions of $1.00 and $7000000000.00 lawsuit against the mining giant. behind brazil, dead list environmental dissolved, counting the cost on al jazeera for ramirez and molina families. the pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat with neighbors and family members. and they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister by the me to do, you know, said the armed forces were obliged to defend that country from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated.
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i think i'll just 0. when i hello i mariam mazda in london, el main story, this hour. more gunfire has been heard and stung grenades used to push back huge crowds, gathering near cobbles airport for a 5th day. thousands of people are there daily hoping to flee. afghanistan on the taliban rule. more than 18000 have so far been allocated, but tens of thousands left in the country could still be eligible for us, and nato pledge to accelerate the number of evacuations. but many afghans still faced major obstacles from taliban roadblock to probably.


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