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parties are much more like the british 40. now there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are own a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and i see and that's the bottom line. ah, me. the trap between the taliban and uncertainty desperate afghans wait and hope for the chance to be lifted out of the country. i cannot promise. the final outcome will be what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. president biden wants the evacuation effort is risky, while promising every effort to bring us citizens and afghan allies home, i
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had them say, this is agitated, alive from the whole. so coming up poorly equip hospital struggle to treat people off to the earthquake in haiti. was high profile accusations involving tech giant alibaba and a pop star bring renewed attention to china's me to movement. ah hello, the u. s. president is promising to make every effort to evacuate. all americans and afghan allies safely as thousands of people struggled to get past tal upon checkpoints to make it to cobble airport. joe biden says the evacuations are among the most difficult lives in history warning. he could not predict the final outcome . the nato chief is describing the situation outside cobble airport, as very dire and difficult. it says any future government must allow unhindered
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humanitarian access and safe and orderly evacuations. the committee to protect journalists is warning that women are particularly at risk of taliban persecution. it says since they took power to prominent fema jim, this had been bought from their jobs. and friday prayers were held across the country. the 1st. since the taliban took control fighters joined civilians in mosques there will cause for unity and no enforced dress code. my can, has more on the us reaction with this or for from washington. beyond the grim scenes round couple, airport us is continuing to ramp puppets efforts to evacuated citizens. it's also send more state department officials to kuwait and cutter to process special immigrant. these as president biden has reiterated his commitment to safely evacuate every american citizen who wants to leave along with thousands of guns who
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worked with the us. he's also described the last week as heartbreaking, and warns the mission remains dangerous. make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. it didn't take long for the politics of the afghan crisis to come into play. republican representative, my grudges issued a statement accusing vital enough once again ignoring reality on a gun is done, he continues. there are thousands of americans and taliban controlled territories around the country. and the biden harris administration cannot provide an accurate accounting of how many americans are left. a pentagon spokesman confirm that some
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un troops with still on their way to help secure coupled airport. the total number is slightly rise to more than $6000.00. the main focus is on security at the airport and making sure that as the general said, that that air operations resume and continue as unimpeded as possible. but clearly we will be prepared and postured if, if we had to do something additional. but i won't speculate right now, but still no indication as to hall free passage will be guaranteed. well, those were not able to get through the taliban cordon around the airport. president biden has cancelled a plan trip to his home in wilmington and his staying on that the white house through the weekend to continue to monitor the situation. thank you very, very much. and also perhaps to prepare members of his administration for the grilling they are likely to face when congress reconvenes to be brief. next week,
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my kind of jazeera washington. well, afghans are facing major obstacles as they try to leave the country, including taliban road blocks and problems with paperwork shot bellis reports from cobble circling in front of cargo international airport. the gates are closed. the taliban with a common did us weapons and vehicles run security? no one can get through. even filming on the street is not allowed. the taliban has dispersed crowds of people. they know wait for the down airport road. this is my father certificate. it's there. we meet is toola. his father worked his god for to us contractors. your father is high higher than i. he comes here every day to plead his father's case for evacuation. and i don't want to go out on the gate. i am scared but what can i do? the taliban run after us. they chase and they beat us and i saw women under
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people's feet in a stamp and i saw a dead body taken from the airport and put in a car. then we have no other option when i don't know what the, the telephone is in charge of securing the airport and protecting us forces and evacuation from being overrun. they a forceful in their crowd control, relying on gunfire and beatings to disperse. the thousands who gather us forces can be seen around the perimeter. just meters from taliban patrols. people played their k through evacuation raising paperwork to the tower, but they are asked to move on. afghans complain, americans have fired towards them, also. not what the others were even scared to bring their documents with us every day they were here because we want them to do something for us because we've done them favors and now we're left here without a future day or every day. the numbers vaskins looking for an exit swells. hundreds gather outside the british,
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french and canadian embassies. hope spruce. but rumors spread faster. most wisdom besieged have close, but they don't know that. $20000.00 applicants have applied for us special immigrant visas, including their families. they measured $70000.00 to eligible for evacuation. there were thousands more for a national and africans who worked with other nations, also waiting for flight out. more than a 100000 people have been evacuated with how of, on the on sunday. and still the us is expanding its eligibility criteria and doubling the number of evacuation flights and this weekend. yet many people tell us they are too scared to come to the airport because it would mean passing tele bon checkpoints. for those that do attempt it, they brace for crowds and gunfire, and the disappointment that they will likely be left behind. charlotte bellis ultra 0, cobble, or nato has held that emergency meeting on the crisis in afghanistan. it says
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lessons must be learned about the speed with which the taliban took over the country sector, general jens thoughts and been told i just need a some nato allies express the need to stay beyond the august 31st deadline to get people out. we have been able to evacuate the thousands of people over the last days and the situation at the airport is so much better now and on and also on in the beginning of the week about we really recognized a huge, tall sca that remains to be done and that was the main issue discussed at the meeting it today. the reality is, i've actually, we are many allies for offer to host to receive afghans. people coming out from i've gone on, we have many planes enough calling this on the cobbler airport or in the region. the main challenge was to get people to the airport on into the airport. so we have communicated clearly to all of us that they should provides
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a safe passage for everyone who wants to leave the country. and especially when enable them to go to the airport. so many dollars and especially in the states they have had, well, di will called operational tactical compacts with, with all the bonds to make sure that that happens. we have seen some progress, but still it is a very difficult situation outside the airport. it's very unpredictable at the meeting today. many allies express the need to extend the deadline to the timeline beyond the 20 and 31st of august. and that's because they see that with the current pace, we will not be able to get all the people who want to get out by the end of that timeline. i'm concerned about the i've seen the last weeks, including the very rapid collapse of the african security forces on the political
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leadership. when we made a decision to end, then they thought us us and they to persons in gone this on. we were aware of the risks of all the bomb returning back to the very rock, the false collapse over over all the political leadership and the security forces that was not anticipated. and that of course has created some additional problems. so the problem is we are faced with today. then i think it's extremely important to remember that the reason why we went into afghanistan was to prevent of gone from being a safe haven national, terraced, after the type of tax organized from up on the, on against not the states and 91120014 trent the prevented any attacks on the need to other countries organize from of gone the storm. and now it is simple to do what we can to preserve those gains. are the u. s. president. thank cutters, emir in a call for the country supporting,
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getting people out of afghanistan. katara is among 13 countries that have temporarily agreed to host evacuees. the u. s. as a dozen more have agreed to serve as transit points. those evacuated to corporate include more than $300.00, mostly female students, and $200.00 media plus now, more flights are being planned for the coming days. and american air base in germany is being used as a temporary transit point for afghan evacuees. hundreds of them arrived at ram, steam the air base from cost more. planes are expected over the next few days as the base, as the capacity the house up to 5000 people. germany has also been sending its own planes to evacuate citizens stuck in afghanistan. the death toll from saturdays earthquake in haiti has risen to nearly 2200 people. the quite damaged number of buildings, housing critical services among them. southern haiti's only medical oxygen plant.
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that's res. fears of a worsening humanitarian crisis is the country's struggles to contain an increase in koran a virus cases. the organization of american states has held a virtual meeting to discuss the situation. and haiti's prime minister ariel only address the media for the 1st time since the quick as you see it, as john home has more from puerto prince. and she was the only international tv crew that we got to ask him a couple of questions which was useful after spending most of this week in the disasters. and the 1st thing that i asked him, he mentioned last year, which is a part of haiti in the south west. it's really just been absolutely destroyed. it's a chain of villages going along a road. and as you go kilometer off the kilometer, the flattened, the village have 9 said 9 to 8 percent of the buildings in for on his town have been destroyed. so i asked him why has an aide reached regions like this in towns like this. you yourself sites have been completely destroyed. he did not want to
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answer that question. he just handed the mike on to his head of civil protection. who said that they're trying to get the a different department. they're having problems and logistical security. and from there, they'll get them on to the more remote villages, but they are arriving. but actually the heb 9. when we went to that village said he did actually phone the prime minister personally. and the prime minister said, you need to wait. so that's the situation with one of the thing that i asked him was something that he and his government have wanted to talk about that much. it's been a big elephant in the room. and that's the fact the along the only road from pull to prints where we are the capital woods. the disasters are in the south west. there's a stretch of it that to going to battling over. and it's very hard and very risky to get anything through. and as a result, most of the aid has to be lifted into that region. so i asked him, what is your government trying to do to make sure that that road is secure and that the problems that he said the road is better now that they will, they do have
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a security plan that they couldn't tell us in the press conference but the things that already approved a still head on i just, you know, we delve into the science behind the india and the world's best dna cobra, 1900 vaccine. why catholic centurylink are still demanding justice for the victims of the 2019 east. the bombings ah ah, it's time for the journey with sponsored by kettle airways. hello there severely. wet weather has dominated this story across east asia recently. and there's more rain to come over the weekend. you can see the heavy cloud cover behind me in that satellite image. we are going to see some torrential downpours across the korean peninsula on saturday. if we take a closer look,
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we've got a weather system moving from east china, across the yellow sea and into south and north korea. korea. we are likely to see some flooding rains on possible mud slides with that system. and as we go into sunday, it's moving pretty quickly to the north east of china. so it's going to be g lang and the owning provinces that are likely to see flooding from that system. and also the far east of russia now was moved to south east asia. we have seen flooding in malaysia. that's off the waterfall serge, thanks to heavy rain while the rain has eased as we go into saturday, it does pick up though, for the philippines we are expecting some shock. thunderstorms in manila, by the time we get into next week and for south asia, the wet weather has shifted west. it's new delhi that continues to see those really heavy down port and funder storms. not only here though, to the central and western areas, see the wet weather to sponsored call cut on
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airways, bulgaria, the poorest nation. the european union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in a most our ruling class was to get the 1st 3 repeal money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from here. go guerria at the crossroads on a oh, a hello again, you're watching. i just did a reminder of our top stories this out us president joe biden is promising to make
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every effort to evacuate. all americans in afghan allies safely, vidal says the evacuations have been among the most difficult lives in history. gunfire was used to push back huge crowds gathering near cobbles the committee to protect joan. this is warning that women are particularly at risk of taliban persecution. it says since they took power, 2 prominent female journalists have been borrowed from their jobs. death toll from the earthquake in haiti on saturday has risen to nearly 2200 people. and with southern haiti's only medical oxygen plant damage, hospitals are struggling to treat the growing number of corona vars. patients by india has approved. what it says is the world's 1st dna vaccine against corona virus for emergency use. the vaccine maker dealer health care claims the job has 67
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percent efficacy to prevent cove in 1900 symptoms and will be administered in 3 doses without the needle for people over 12 years old. previous dna vaccines have worked well in animals, but not in humans or dr. jerome kim is director general of the international vaccine institute. he joins us via skype now from sole in south korea. thanks very much for being with us. so what do you make of this new vaccine as, as far as what we know about it, how effective this can this be in tackling covered 900, particularly in india? yes, so it's important for 2 reasons. the 1st reason is that really like are in a backseat and ad navarro vector based vaccines. it's really cool, good and response to vaccine development in response to cover that is allowed the testing and now approval for emergency use of a dna vaccine,
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an entirely new class of vaccines through which we have no previous examples. so this opens up new opportunities for vaccines in general, as well as a potential preventive measure for code. the 2nd reason, the reason it's important is that like them brought holding activity vaccine. this vaccine was developed in india by the indian scientist in an indian company. and could contribute 100000000 or 200000000 doses of vaccine to fight against co, with 900. now hopefully that amount will increase and this is being rolled out for emergency use because you know, india is a country that doesn't have a lot of time on its hands today. and as far as how badly it's been hit with with cove in 1900. so how does that factor into all it's one of the potential pitfalls of that. it's a great observation. you know, in fact,
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most countries have very little time to deal with with the cobra, 1900 and the vaccination problem. so i think that this will contribute to india's internal response to cope with their. the number of coated cases in india has had dropped off steadily since its peak in the early summer. but i think that, you know, like many things, we have to be very careful india's vaccinated at least the single dose in roughly 50 percent of its population. but far fewer have received full doses. so again, i think it's going to be very important for india to begin to use this vaccine to complete that nation of the population. i think the one potential downside is that it requires 3 doses, which are spaced out over a period of time. and, you know, but the other potential here is that this actually could be used in mix and match priming and boosting. and again, we don't know yet whether that's possible or whether it's advisable,
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but it opens up a new possibility. but we do know from previous work on dna vaccine, just often they work well in combination with other vaccines. and in terms of the, the practicality, the practical advantages of a d, n, a vaccine, and they can, that you don't need, it doesn't need injections. you mentioned there that this particular one is done in 3 doses, which, which is, you know, not, not particularly efficient perhaps, but a lot of people will welcome the fact that they can get a vaccine without an injection. yes, the, the gen injector technology again, is something that we don't routinely use in the kinds of math vaccination programs that are used globally. so this is an important, again, potential step forward makes it a bit easier for people to take. the other part of this is that, you know, the, the dna vaccine technology has a tremendous advantage. it can be made very quickly. so if a new very, or to come up within a few weeks, companies like, like that is,
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can below or other dna companies like, you know, you could come up with a sequence, test the vaccine and animals and then rapidly begin to roll out the new barrett vaccine, so again, dnas fast technology, it has some advantages as you pointed out for global health, and that it's storage capabilities are 2 to 8 degree. so refrigerator temperature which is very useful and then also the fact that it's needed free. so there are some interesting advantages, and i hope that we'll see more of this section made and we'll get important information on how it works outside of a clinical trial. you know, in a clinical trial, we control everything. when you introduce hvac seen into the real world, you really need to collect information about how that vaccine is working against the most important things, severe infection, hospitalization, and death. we call that effectiveness and impact, and that's what all vaccines for covert should have. well, be interesting to see just how effective this is going to be over the next few
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weeks. talk to jerome kim, thanks very much. told me it was. thank you. now, catholics in sri lanka, hoisting black flags above their homes, to demand justice for the victims of the 2019 easter bombings, many angry over what they call the government. incomplete. a non transparent investigation into the attacks that killed more than 260 people from on this. let's go live to michelle fernandez in a gumbo for us. so me know what more we hearing about these the catholic church taking forward it's fight basically unhappy with the way this government has done the investigations they've had over a year in office. the came to power promising to rest. so not just national security and the intelligence sectors which essentially would the feelings that
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allowed this massive attack on churches and hotels on easter sunday, 2019 to take place, killing more than $269.00 people. but basically what the church is angry now at is the fact that those promises given by this government. in fact, it was one of the pillars of the election campaign to bring the pub addressed to justice. the catholic church says that has not been done over my shoulder, is the cut to be the church in the gumble. that was one of the churches where the 2nd suicide bomber detonated himself in a pack congregation on easter sunday. and it was one of the biggest single locations where the largest number of lives were lost because this ada, this neighborhood is very much a capital neighborhood. i mean, literally don't every street you do see flags outside houses. the archbishop of colombo, cardinal runjun, had asked not just the catholic community,
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he reached out his hand to communities across re lanka, to stand up with the catholics and the christians here to fight for justice. now one of the banner says, let's unite to fight for the truth of what happened behind this big political conspiracy to cover up what happened in the isa bombings. and that's very much the sort of underlying, of sort of theme of this black flag campaign. the catholic church pushing it has been fighting over the last 28 months, essentially to get justice true for those victims families to ensure that everybody knows why their loved one died on that sunday. went out for them to how to high profile accusations of sexual assault have brought china's me to movement. back into the spotlight. chinese canadian, a pop star chris wu,
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is under investigation. after being accused of right, the follows an outcry over an alleged rape at the tech giant alibaba. katrina, you reports from beijing. video of a woman protesting in her workplace canteen reviewed hundreds of millions of times in chinese social media. the employee of tech giant alibaba had been silenced after accusing her boss of raping her during business trip last month. security cameras recorded her supervisor entering her tell her several times. the women took to social media after management failed to act. alibaba, human resources team were slow and indifferent. they didn't take it seriously. i was shocked at because alibaba is such a big, famous company, but i'm also used to it because these incidents happen again and again. one public outrage around the case prompted a police investigation. alibaba fired the many question, and also several executives for miss handling her complaint. the incident came the
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week after the arrest of chinese canadian celebrity chris lou, the pop singer, actor and variety showed judge has been accused of luring under age women for sex. more than a dozen brands, including louis the tall and portia have severed ties with ruth, and there have been cause for him to be deported. both incidents have turned to spotlight on cases of sexual assault and misconduct in chinese workplaces. is also given a bruce to the countries me to movement, which has been stifled by for she's in recent years. she's the concerns of sparking social unrest. the might. so it wouldn't, rights activist who is detained in 2015 for protesting about sexual harassment on public transport. she says women working for chinese companies often suffer harassment and food to drink during business events. alibaba has a serious problem. i would say there's a culture of hunting women or using women as sexual resources. this phenomenon also
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exists in many of the big companies state enterprises and even n g o c d 's. in recent years, china has introduced laws dealing with domestic violence and sexual misconduct. but activists say that poorly defined and difficult to enforce. police are often reluctant to interfere with what are traditionally seen as private matters. alibaba says it's reviewing company guidelines and has set up an emergency hotline for employees. right. group say they hope the alibaba and chris were scandals will encourage more victims to come forward and for employers to change their work cultures. katrina, you all to 0, dating the u. k and united states have imposed sanctions on several russian officials and entities on the 1st anniversary of lexi nevada. these poisoning the opposition figures suffered from a near fatal nerve agent attack a year ago. western intelligence agencies believe russians, secret service officers poison the valley. he was treated in germany and flew back
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to russia in january where he was arrested. a german cha, flagler merkel, has used her final official visit to russia to ask president vladimir putin to free na valley from prison. the russian leader refused the request saying his jailing was not political valid. these poisoning strained relations between the 2 countries . the need is also discussed the situation in ukraine to his oh, of course we also talked about the distressing situation of alexi, nevada, the from our perspective centers to a penal colony on the basis of an earlier verdict, which the european court of human rights has classified as manifestly disproportionate for us is unacceptable. and i once again called on the russian president to release a lexi nevada. and i've also made it clear that we will stay on the case on face if you would like us for the person of interest. you mentioned,
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he wasn't sentenced for his political activity, but for the criminal offense regarding foreign partners. as for political activity, no one should hide behind it for carrying out business project. moreover, in violation of the law, ah, it says that it's going to round up the top stories us president joe biden is promising to make every effort to evacuate. all americans and african allies safely . biden says evacuations have been among the most difficult lifts in history. gunfire has been used to push back huge crowds gathering near cobbles airport. make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and it's been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be.


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