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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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on record, high temperatures triggered extensive melting across the island. loss of ice was 7 times above the average for the middle of august, scientists say it's a worrying sign of accelerating climate change. that station was erected in 1989 and so in a factor in the summer time and no one there had seen rain until until this past week we have atmosphere data. you know that kind of we can infer conditions and that indicates no rain rain since those records begin in 1950. so it's a, in our records, it's a unique situation. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories so far. the taliban co founder has not arrived and cobbled for talks to form a new government molar. abdul ghani barracuda led the greeks negotiations in doha.
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the taliban says a future government will be inclusive. charlotte bellis has more from cobble. i'd hope to some tele by members. the other day and they said it's still very much in flux. negotiations are ongoing. mulberry came in from door. ha, he's the political chief. he landed in can earlier this week and has a high level delegation to cobble as part of forming this new government negotiating, even with former government leaders. the us president jo biden's, promising to evacuate all remaining americans and allies stranded inside afghanistan. he described the operation as quotes one of the largest and most difficult air lists in history. mr. biden is being criticized more and more, but he says significant progress has been made and the us forces are on track to complete the withdrawal by the end of the months they are. the case of the taliban is 12. people have been killed in and around the airport.
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in the news, my lazy as the prime minister was sworn in today. it's male, sorry, a cold was formerly appointed after the resignation of me get in the scene. he'll be malays, his 3rd new premier in less than 4 years. australia has reported a new daily record, only 900 cases of corona virus. the surgeon being blamed on the delta variant, tougher restrictions have introduced. and they triggered protest. police broke up an anti locked on demonstration in sydney. i reckon grace has now made landfall and mexico. the category 3 storm is sitting the oil production state of better crews and central mexico. with strong winds and heavy rain, it's threatening to bring significant flooding to low lying coastal areas. those are your headlines up next is rewind, long use on this channel in under 30 minutes of the very soon the taliban has taken
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control of afghanistan, 20 years. also, it was supposed from power the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact the people on falls in the world react day with the latest news and analysis promaxima dot org? ah me. i know that i'm laura kyle. know if you've seen rewind before, you'll know that where revisiting some most memorable documentary taking a fresh look at what's changed since they 1st add a back in 2011. a witness series took us into the lives of mexican newspaper journalists,
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who were covering stories from the front lines of that countries violent drug war. later we'll hear from some of the reports is featured in the episode to find out how things have changed in the years since. but 1st, here's the phone, the deadliest beats. mm. mm. oh, i look at it. so i'm just doing a little said maybe send me india killable. look at the way. yeah. give me and we'll never be into mchale in the port. the yellow support. it may not be she normally she normally do want me for me to be in the morning my number that i will not have
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a photos over amelia potato info saturday. was trying to see about his or the plan out of the report. yes. what about is he lives in connecticut? he should potentially mean is local, but they're not going to pay to least remedial compressors. electronic was interested in, come up with their country qualities. and what are some of the metro can newborn while we eat, emily? and i was silent, my, my little, none of the closing the deal. i guarantee that i couldn't really get it in 2006, mexico's president declared war and his nation is drug cartels. a war that has claimed more than 35000 lives in the state of sinaloa, photographers and journalists covering this carnage face the outcome of this brutality. with every story they cover, the the snapshot of 2 days, 2 different newspapers shed light on the difficult and dangerous reality. these
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journalists must face every day on this the deadliest beat me. ah ah ah ah ah you'll you'll let me say to them bill isn't just telling the lot in clinical a few gentlemen in the motorcycle not in
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the company will not come out even though yes. yes, and i don't want to visit they mr. room looked at me maybe when you follow now, banana because it goes on yet or what are the what is better with a little middle of those. i don't know that i left a lot better and this is quite that order and i live will that up here? well, i'm going to jump to joe. i listen, get in. and if you notice, what was the one that will last appeal is ellen? who's on the left side of the last few that i know it's better but in the
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classroom and thought that the employee. oh okay. i put in the end of the month, but on the, on the was up in the, in the island, the federal government, somebody loanable. and i'm going to go take i want to go out and i think what they think of what they say,
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what do we pick up? what if you want me to give it the moon was
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gone but i got not a 100 aluminum but he went
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to the little russell, but america for a little time with him. okay. and then who else? is there someone for picking up in the little ah ah, the water pheromone bolted and they could not get them but call me when you want,
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but it also 1130. ok. you don't have to look at so you don't you don't wanna see me. the media, but i can look at it here. i'm not at all. well, also another on me and some williams. yes. look it up. but i meant that if that's what i will be and then again, i don't work in needed some food or something along the roses and i really love really that says and some more than we will that out because i don't the me okay, never been and i've been in the new one, worked on the market. nobody in the
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09 in the valley, something of my last e and isn't the most i sang and was the new most uneasy without my notice night on the hill finance. i don't, but in the morning 9 in this town in seattle with the parsonage south new, you can call me at your dial men and i
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need to get away with the the evidence guidance you one moment. good morning miss pearson. when i'm here to lift this up. um yeah, we will need to get okay, got it. can you get this? we get it and this is i can go back and ask them what it's a lot. and i yankee
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woman on the for the, on the phone, but a little boy by leading him over to me and looking up the report. she won't be there before i put in law where i can use all the the me
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the the the, the the ah, the the the, the oh,
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the ticket in for me that you know, the game i'm going to do is just go morning guardian. have you in dublin docket for monday? the 15th this sounds good to know who would call me back. yeah, no. we will let him know to finish and get that going and not the one that will be going on
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a little after 6. let me take a look a little quicker that i can take a look at the simple things handle in a couple of medical. and also i will start on the test sheet. the woman that i have it can be and then gimme
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a 15 and i let industry morgan kin manda d entered into comment is important thing in the muslim k my own point, you sort of thought again what i put in this this process. you saw that you can see on the left what actually see like give the most and she will but as soon as she she was looking for k much. what on what to say we had missed or think might say it was this one of the sick and she will as close as i can present. it must
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have been here and it is when when are this was going on or the him i don't any move to easter seals where we are getting less than that. a book on an article focused on the home and the extended mantle is a record of the child. can you also see now some scribble in the course of the building medical mentally as he carries you some channels or, and travel the game. and it's like getting them when it's going to cause going this giddeons holiday land ticket, but i will have one in with me another one. and then we'll say no more better. when you go to the new middles you'll,
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you'll provide us with the best benefits on ah, they don't look at us lucel's and couple shadows me who do me your lows just eat little you, i don't comalla z a z s. england. i don't know where the book is. it was was those elementary and then i guess a role food through their stuff. my name again, my name is a young with the name of a, you know, even a political for me, what they knew, not the and we will not if it's a new one, i grant the and i will give you the new, the new, the not by me and i used to live in the water is it is not up, any of them could listen able. yeah. long. yeah, yeah. give me
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a buzz. you could look in little quickly and see what a book and says, are you in less than a month, and therefore it will be in medical by examining medical mo, nothing is able to remodel at the, the lady who is it legal? this is what this will usually, but i'm, i can tell him my number is the dental guy. but it said you're, you're also getting the money. and one of them was on the bus and but the way that i book and then we'll get to the end of the name of the medical plan and their mothers information manually. yeah. in any medical that's equal they have but it here is movies.
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it is a little kid lisa, nicole holder know, and this is in diesel law, but a it will be as close as initial medical for in st. louis where she get my i sell it and told me they contended this castle auto month in mr. coleman as well. mm. ah, order to input into that into this out of interest in claiming that if there was a and then the mean the she had the practicum in the face and you know this was the k e e is thomas a b and recovery vehicle is in the in, in, in which will get caught up and she put me on
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a job for the food lab that said i was wondering if she knew more. she's getting it all the way me and just come to listen a lot. he gets his dollars handle out in this to the you know, a lot. lincoln mental suspension earlier. i was in the meanwhile image and then was assisted living with the mingle with the medical the interface in mail. if you remember who i spoke to you soon and that must work for me. oh yes. um you don't need care which way? mental enough guy,
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you put them in both of them and when i left that and does the young by the law. i me see, you know, he's still not listening and nobody that when we get up as a matter of plates on the capital is on the was one battle figures around or
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if it will see on this not infancy that because i mean they don't flip. 0, one of the competitors on web in glue. so we said kind of a system and i knew from a human symptom i will give, let me start with the needle since that if that a little bit all over at all it's listed. i got it. but i was, if i land level i don't think you don't get your the little mental de la, marina mont and mexico. most of the fact that i don't think it in different kinds of cities when
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when i was the copy data that's on the screen, listen for attachment when it was getting them into the list. i didn't look at the mental gilpen up, but i used to actually mean straight down in that ca, that goes to your coffee order. the if you look i will and the i don't think we will, but it's up with the rest of the fellow. nothing along the scene again, he was feeling feeling annoyed in front of his concern as well as you'll find out if he went on with it. i felt better for a respite. it's not going to modify. you see the rough, rough,
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but it's not a complete one. repeat, don't benefit the phone. oh okay, ah, i put on the the what was the worse ah,
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me more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question. is there a 1000000 lost at home in the us who held responsible? i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you lloyd . the man who still worked on al jazeera, she does very glamorous. it's part of our job to, to our very, very, especially occasion and for that people who spend money,
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everything you see on the wall, they do it is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and turn things around my, my on, i do their me with the taliban top political leader in afghanistan to begin talks to form a new governments. we will be prepared and postured if, if we had to do something additional. but i won't speculate right now. the pentagon avoids questions on free passage out of kabul as president biden promises to evacuate every american from afghanistan. ah.


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