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nation up, he struggles to provide for them because he has no work and no prospects. let them run and we wish we can leave the country and migrate. my sister mirror wants to go to school everyday. she asks me either put me in school like the rest of the kids will take me outside of iraq. the whole day, the family is searching for their parents orphans born twice and are being raised by strangers and thousands of iraq. the and syrian children are growing up without future prospects in a world which seems to have ignored the suffering some of and without the 0, the hook, northern iraq. ah, let's update your talk stories for you. i forgot to half past the hour. the televisions co founder has arrived and cobble for talks to form a new government smaller abdul gone, he bought it up that the groups negotiations in doha. the taliban says a future government will be inclusive. charlotte bennett has more now from cobble i
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talked to some of our members the other day and they said it's still very much in flux negotiations or ongoing moliere at all. came in from ha, he's the political chief. he landed in canada earlier this week and has bought a high level delegation to cobble as part of forming this new government negotiating even with form of government leaders. us president jo biden's, promising to evacuate all remaining americans and allies stranded in afghanistan. he described the operation as one of the largest and most difficult list in history was the bible says us forces are on trying to complete that was role by the end of the month. national make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolves risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances . i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. in other news,
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my lazy prime minister has been sworn in. he is ismael supper a young call. he was appointed following the resignation of mill, yet in yet seen who was forced to step down. because coalition in fighting and criticism of his handling of the corona virus and demick, australia has reported a daily record of many, 900 corona virus cases. tougher restrictions have been introduced and they triggered protests. catholics minstrel, anchor putting out black flags to demand justice for the victims with the 2019 eastern bombings, many angry of what they call the governments incompletes. a non transparent investigation into the attacks that kills more than 260 people. rain has fallen at the summits of greenland ice sheets the 1st time on record high temperatures caused extensive melting across the island. those are your headlines up next is counting the cost. holla has the news for you from 10 g, i will see you very soon. how many nukes there's too many new america has in many
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ways driven the arms rate parties are much more like the british parties. now there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is counting the cost on al jazeera and the world of business and economics this week. the taliban economy off the decades of running a power of administration can be averted crisis that the u. s. breezes gamma stand billions in brazil deadliest manmade environmental disaster. 5 years on and tens of thousands are yet to be compensated. but a $7000000000.00 lawsuit against the anglo australian binding giant heading back to
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london court room and the gambia lifts, covey restrictions of the west african country could be a long way from recovery, with no control over off it economy. ah, when cobble fell, it did so without the shot being fired, the tiny bon walked into power as the country's president should have plenty fled the country and legit the with millions stuffed inside suitcases. the tardy bon has the keys to the presidential palace, but they don't have access to all the leaves of power, including billions of dollars held overseas. in fact, the tiny bon inherit, the world 7th forest country, international aid accounts for 75 percent of the government's budget. and according to the world bank, about 43 percent of the economy. last year about 47 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line. according to the asian development bank and
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poverty could accelerate after the united states froze $9500000000.00 in international reserves held by afghan, the stand central bank. it also stopped the shipment of dollars to the country before the government's fall. without the greenbacks, the economy may collapse dollars and needed to pay government salaries, keep the financial system afloat and pay for imports. as the country runs a trade deficit. without it, the currency will continue to depreciate, causing inflation, and food prices are likely to rise. the international monetary fund is withholding $460000000.00 it was supposed to send to afghan the stan as part of its covered relief program. washington could use that as leverage to make sure the taliban forms and inclusive government doesn't become a haven from groups. but that may be easier said than done. the taliban have existed outside before banking facts for the last 2 decades. they've relied on
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taxing trade routes with drugs only forming a small part of their revenue stream. that's according to u. k. think tank overseas development institute. an example would be the south western province of nym ruse, which borders pakistan and iran. the toddler bomb collects $54000000.00 in revenue every year. that breaks down as follows. $17000000.00 as a levy on fuel $23000000.00 as a tax on goods entering from iran and transiting through the province and $5000000.00 collected from the drugs industry. right, let's get some analysis now with jonah blank. he's a lecture at the national university of singapore and the senior political scientist and the rand corporation. good to have you with us. so without the international military spending without the international aid, what do you think is going to happen to the afghan economy? well, it will certainly be jury severely hurt. the economy is founded
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on relies on international app. it relies on the spending all united states military and of other militaries that are there. so this will really be a hard hit. but i think the biggest problem is going to be how the tama bomb managed to reorient. not only the economy, but society of the morning science i think are not, are, are really quite worrisome. and on top of that, you think the u. s. is going to use us kind of stands reserves, and the flow of dollars in the country can use that to kind of influence the political landscape there. it will try, but i'm not sure that it will succeed. the ton of on has proven in the past that it's interested in money, but money is not really as powerful tool as some outsiders might take,
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is long as it has enough funding to fulfill its basic duties. as it is, then i think it's not really going to care whether an extra 1000000000 to 1000000000. are there come into the treasury? it needs enough money to get by and it, quite frankly, is going to have that just from customer's revenue of illegal narcotics and various other flows that are not dependent on the international economy. what about china and russia? do you think they can fill some of the vacuum of the void there and can they benefit from the departure of washington? i would say highly unlikely. there's a lot of discussion about china in particular filling the gap. and i just don't see that happen. i think china has had 20 years in which it had a free hand to do any business you want it. it has explored rarer it has explored
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copper mining. there has been talk of a pipeline that never went anywhere. if china didn't do these things with the united states providing the security environment for free, it's hard to see why they would do it when they would have to pick up the security costs. as for russia, they just don't have the money. they don't really have the. 2 interest in doing this and they, they've had the experience and i've kind of stuff. 1 i don't think they're really going to want to get back in that you know, a really significant way. so given what you've just said, them, one assumes that all the talk about the taliban sitting on one trillion dollars of mineral wealth, they're not going to be able to access that very easily. now, not at all, even if it's true. that one trillion figure goes back to a pentagon study or something like 10 years ago, and it never has amounted to anything. it's all really based on
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a lot of speculative numbers. what would happen if these rare earth and other mineral wealth were in fact present and able to be brought to the world market at prevailing prices. and every element of that. a analysis is at best questionable. all right, so given everything putting everything you said into context, will the taliban simply fall back into the sort of mode they've been used to dealing with, which is running a state shadow state, a shadow economy and relying on the sort of revenue streams it has developed over the last 2 decades. that's what the science looked like. we've seen a lot of indications of tele, bon actions, not lining up with telephone rhetoric. and we have to deal with the basic fact that the tele bond is not really a cohesive top down organization. it is a lot of different plans groups, tribes,
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all with their own separate agendas and a couple will have a really difficult time imposing any real order. we have to remember that every ask on government going back centuries, probably going back forever. has been a very decentralized regime just 20 year experiment in centralized rule from cobble has been the 1st time that this is really been tried. and i would say that a lot of the dysfunctions that we've seen in the off gone government have stemmed exactly from this trying to impose centralized rule on a country that has never really accepted centralized rule. the top will find the same thing. reading the initial science though from the international community, particularly the u. s. do you think there is the desire to see a stabilize death kind of stand as long as the taliban does not allow the country
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to become a place where groups gathered to attack other countries? yes, with the asterisk that the international community, you would also need to see a regime that has basic respect for human rights. there's a lot of fussiness there, obviously. but i think said you're for regime we're stable, but we're a flagrant abuse or of human rights. it would be difficult for a lot of nations, not all, but a lot of nations to establish a diplomatic representation. i think however, that we're going to see both sides of that equation really cold into question, and probably sooner rather than later. how important is it for the afghan economy, the, the stance that will be taken by some of afghanistan's major trading neighbors, pakistan, iran, so on very important. and of course, pakistan and iran have rather different interests in afghanistan. i think that
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we're going to see, as we saw in the ninety's, i've got a son being a in arena of competition among its neighbors rather than a ground for of, for cooperation. right. been good talking to thanks so much for your thoughts. jonah. thank you. the controversial changes to hong kong immigration law came into effect this month. critic say it will give the government sweeping powers to stop people from coming in around. but thousands had been leaving before it came into force. and as adrian brown reports from hong kong, that figure is growing. hong kong international airport is a quiet place these days. except here, the check in area for flights to london. these people are not going away for business or pleasure though. they're leaving for good feeling, a mixture of anger,
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guilt, and defense. they're being forced out. this is our home. why do we need to leave? i mean, i have been living here for more than 30 years already and it's my home. so it's really sad to leave the home and you see that everything is she's a finance worker and has no job to go to like others who sacrifice careers often for the sake of their children. bolivia. so for many years we have our korean, we have family. yes. i so it's been upset, but for the, for the future of my children, i think we need to do with the sex scenes and now being played out daily. as more people join a growing exodus from the territory where communist party rule is being tightened. in the past year, an estimated $36000.00 people have left for britain under a special visa scheme. many supported over parts of the anti government protest
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movement, like dark su now in birmingham with his family. he says the change to the immigration law will encourage more people to go. i think the hong kong government speeds up the immigration plan for many home comments. for us, we did not plan to leave hong kong at the beginning, even after the protests in $29.00 team, like many others, he says he's unlikely to return to hong kong as city that still regard itself as asia's finest. the government denies the law gives it unlimited powers to stop people entering or leaving hong kong, insisting the amendment is aimed at screening illegal immigration at source, amid a backlog of a silent claims. and that people's right to free movement will not be affected. those who go to the u. k. have opted for a new life in a country where koby 19 rates, a soaring and job prospects scares. yet that seems preferable to remaining here.
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back in 2015 the fun day. oh damn, collapse. releasing almost 40000000 cubic meters of mining waste in the rio dodge basin. it was the biggest environmental disaster ever in brazil. it killed 19 people wiped out the villages as the waste swept down the river to the atlantic ocean. molden 650 kilometers away. the dam was owned by the some arco venture between b, h, p, and brazilian iron or mining giant vale. 5 years later, some 200000 people are still seeking compensation related to the disaster. in july of this year, a london court of appeals agreed to reopen the 7000000000 dollar lawsuit against anglo australian mining giant b h p. while to get to the state laws of had to overturn decisions that have on the gangs claimants. joining me now from london fellows all about the fun day. oh, damn, litigation cases, petro martin's pedro is a partner at law. firm p g m b,
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m. and the lead lawyer. in the case representing the brazilian claimants. good to have us. first of all, why do you think the court of appeal agreed to reopen the case? well, the judge is in the point of view, believe that you have the real prospect of success. they have right le, highlighted the sexual nature of the case and said that the claim itself is of exception importance. both because of the number of claimants and important to them of obtaining such compensation as they may prove to be entitled to. they have agreed that a judges in previous decisions, had actually a regional origin and he failed to address essential points that go to the heart of the issues that need to be discussed in order to allow our clients to finally get compensation won't give us an example of the sort of claims being made. so we were
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present over 200000 claimants. they are divided in different categories, represent municipalities were present, legal persons deliberately represent legal entities as well. i can give you 2 examples that for me are very descriptive of how bad the x did was the 1st one our individual clients have lost. busy memorabilia, so basically we're talking about very vulnerable people in very vulnerable rural areas. so. busy by them or ability, i mean pictures of their families. they kept these memories in pictures, not digital pictures, not uploaded to a computer, but actually, of photographs. and the muds basically took every day when he passed, destroyed their houses, and destroyed also their memories. in a sense, no other one that it's quite descriptive of how disastrous this was is the claims
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made by the granite indigenous communities. the river in the credit tradition actually represents their a god for them almost like their mother. i've called walk to this, how they call. busy the rubric so basically when the wave off. busy docs it much destroyed the river, it killed part of, of their, of their culture. now, you know, the issue concerns, brazil, brazil has courts. you got asked the question, why is this being heard in the u. k. court basically be judge b h b e a u k based company. they are domiciled here. and all claimants be that are born appeal will be able to stablish jurisdiction in english against the h. b. we argued that the redress that allegedly being given in brazil it's completely inadequate. and b h p has largely protected itself from the legal consequences. busy today and our clients, we are,
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you have the right to pursue this case where they are let mister barish p as i'm sure you know, claims is going to pay compensation. i think $360000000.00 in financial assistance this year alone that slightly they say to rise almost a $1000000000.00. is it necessary to go to court at all? our clients do not feel that they have adequate justice in brazil either to the settlement scheme foundation that was created by by d h b and is controlled by d h b and on this, please don't, don't take just my word for it. the united nations have been damning on the h. b. the un special reports or backwards to cock, had argued that those responsible for the disaster, including of course, p h. b, had failed to effectively support or compensate the victims. he specifically,
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by the way, highlights the inadequacies of the renewal of foundation. this settlement foundation that was created. so it's not, it's not about whether what the h p is offering is enough. it's some serious doubts about whether any of these promises are going to come true. well effect, i think it's, it's both simon, the amounts of compensation that are being offered in terms of settlement in brazil are far from being adequate to fully compensate these victims. and the damage they have that they have suffered beach be arguing the case should only be held in brazil. why do you think that is? well, i think beach be so far has managed by means of using very expensive lawyers and using some procedural intricacies of the brazilian legal system to be able to avoid its liability to be able to avoid. busy the fact that it
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should be held accountable in, in, in its entirety for the damage the day that they have cause i don't. busy know, i don't think that they want this case to come to the international scenario. there's huge pressures, pressures in europe, much, much larger than they are in brazil for the h p and their shareholders. all right, thank you so much for talking to us. yeah, thank you. business activities may be slowly returning to the gambia, off the curve at 19 restrictions have been lifted, but to the countries important economic sectors, diaspora, remittances and tourism continue to flounder. the 2 sectors constant use about half the countries g, d, p, and experts, a warning unless they recover fast. the future of the economy could be in trouble admitted race reports from ben jewel or the port of the jewel. a few ships dock waiting for goes. shipping activity may not be near what the government
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expects after covered 900 disruptions. but for model, i mean who runs a seafood export company. it's an encouraging sign for businesses like history, main afloat. they need to support products. i mean get help from government like this is sort of a lot of our grant. you'll be able to put a lot of space and be able to put the understanding that locally within the region on the still waters of oyster creek. dozens of boats anchored are waiting for tourist, but only a few of them came in. let me content you hoping to convince some of them right in his boat. when we arrived, he was happy to show us the creek and the river gambia, the waterways. he says, what happened, bustling with tories. now hope is the only thing left for the industry. we have
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thousands of employees who are not late and then at home. so basically most of the places are also closed due to maybe a rent issues or finance issues. so completely it is, it is, it is, it is completely a difficult citizen. at the moment, gambia lost $40000000.00 in torres revenue. introduce $24.00 small economy that there were staging. the senate can be a cortez, one of the best places to assess the help of the campaign economy. on a normal day, this area in the heart of the countries tourism industry will be filled with tories and those who cater for them. now that number has significantly reduced business leaders. you can make it to it is maybe resuming slowly, but recovery is still far off. it has not ended, but there's some progress and recently, and please the sandy chamber was that the st. try got into national of the 2 years
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. he says one out of 3 businesses, he and the gambia may not survive the pandemic in one out of 6 businesses that do survive. i expected to face long term cash flow problems. that could mean more job losses or outright closures for some was a business in europe and asia. i beginning to recover from covered 90 disruptions. remington still living abroad accounting for with 20 percent of the g. d. p is expected to return to its pre covered 90 levels. that means more uncertainties for families and the economy of the gambia. the united nations is warning climate change is on the brink of becoming irreversible. that's pushing people to find new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. one company in july is turning to insects . our latin america editor, lucy, and newman has the story from the city of chalka. they feed night and day ever
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staggering speed. one kilo of black soldier fly eggs, eat 25 tons of la ganeth residue in just one week. could he still impartially the co founder and general manager of food for the future? a julian startup that transforms food waste and fly larva into a super food in almost a blink of the eye there why we chose the fly specific, the black soldier fly. it's because the tremendous ability they have to process a lot of food waste and a lot of different types of food waste in, in a short period of time. and also the ability they have to apply technology to scale this from an industrial point of every year the world produces more than 1000000000 tons of residue from food. this wasted along with the resources used to make it but more impactful than that is that would that food star, the,
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the composing methane methane is submitted because of the decomposition and missing gus, the greenhouse gas. that is $23.00 times more done than c o 2. so food waste alone is one of the highest c o 2 meters in the world. scientists are leaving little doubt that reducing greenhouse gases, finding sustainable sources of food, and accelerating the transition to a circular corner. we cannot wait if i species and survive on our planet. this larva absorbs tons of waste without emitting any gases. then it's turned into highly nutritious fly flour, which is made into pellet feeding fish chickens, pigs and dogs to most people. these little crunchy critters don't look or smell
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very appetizing, but they were in fact packed with protein. and they also produce and oil kind of butter, which in the not too distant future, we could be supporting on our toast or using in our face cream because its properties are so beneficial. like coconut oil and breastmilk. it's high in laura acid. m hard concede that flies still have a bad name, and in most western cultures eating insects is still hard to swallow. but perhaps more important is what these flies eat. using black fly larva to absorb and up cycle or organic waste before it becomes the thing gas could potentially turn this still young industry into a much needed game changer and show for this wave. but remember this more for you online the valve? is there a dot com flash, c p. c? that'll take you straight to the page, which has the pirate as you can shop on, sammy's
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a than from counting the call. thanks for joining us. news and algebra. ah . bo guerria, the poorest nation, the european union rock by allegations of corruption, seemingly linked to the upper echelons of the countries political in the aim of our earlier class was to get the repeal money to europe in front of people in power investigation where the country goes from the carrier at the crossroads on a challenge in the brazilian dictatorship, the democratically run football team. the team has changed the course of the nation . the center was a revolutionary football, known to locals. as the dr. football rebels concludes with the celebration of life
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and legacy of socrates and the corinthians, democracy movements on al jazeera me the news. this is al jazeera. ah, how am i doing? this is the, i'll just, the reviews are coming to life forms are coming up in the next 60 minutes told to form a transitional government in afghanistan get under way as the taliban felt political leads or advice in kabul. why are they not getting a sooner to send the houses.


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