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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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to evacuated experts, they only will be the 1st hurricanes make landfall in that region. in more than 30 years. while the approaching storm cut short a concert in new york, celebrating the cities imagines from the west of the global pandemic. the, the south show was stopped in the middle of barry manilow sets people were told to cover after lightning strikes were reported a few kilometers away from the venue. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. thousands of people in afghanistan are still struggling to get out. the u. k. military says 70 people have been crushed to death at campbell airport is describing conditions as extremely challenging. rub, mcbride has more from carbon. that still seems to be the same levels of k us, the,
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the, the, for this very difficult to see just what the end today is going to be. it's still wronged by people outside the airport. many of them saying that they have legitimate documents, they are eligible to get on in the vacuum and flight. but just trying to process those people amongst all the chaos and trying to see how they're going to get on flight through the gates through the taliban checkpoint. it's very difficult and then of course there are hundreds if not thousands of other people really just trying their luck. just going to the apple staying at the airport on the off chance that they might, might get something. israel has carried out and strikes in the gaza strip off to protest at the border security forces injured, at least $41.00 palestinian demonstrators. israel said, protested, threw rocks and explosives of the board offense. one soldier was injured. lebanon's governments increasing the price of gasoline by 66 percent. the partial reduction in fuel subsidies is meant to ease a to be a fuel shortage of this month. the central bank sets it cannot fund fuel imports of
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subsidized exchange rates. we call from haiti's devastating earthquake survivors are facing severe shortages of aid and shelter. the government is facing mounting condemnation of its responds more than 2000 people were killed. thousands of parents and teachers and peru have rallied to call on the government to reopen schools. they were shot in march of last year because of the pandemic. australia's most popular states has reported another record high in corona, virus infections, new south wales, recorded 830 locally acquired cases of the highly contagious delta variant. re hurricanes approaching the northeast coast of the u. s. on re will be the 1st hurricane mcglenn for there in 30 years, is expected to hit long island in new york state in the coming hours up next football rebels. we will see you very soon for the moment, bye bye. as a resurgent taliban retakes of female activists,
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journalists and even school goals under threats. 11 east investigate the fight for it's kind of stones women on algebra. ah, i guess i'm going to get some people a month on the docs in the community because of the by the jew body divide by the mean the i i
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just tell you what you can show the passage is due to police die on battle. botches be democracy, montgomery boot. i'm pretty chica. i mean, definitely. should he got all issues have back. anybody seen it? don't come in touch me say buck ok. so put all this will be this. he did a city buried report democracy. so got this. then i see this our, the gordon johnson. so got it. you put it in my god, plenty of money. yeah. my god bless. need at least the story of the thought going to
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do a little according to law. the federal laws want this big a. he didn't i don't want to have the focus almost all got doors from the book still no, not a fleet. good. the to the soccer. for when it's in a 2 month, you'll see that was socrates for my order got door. they started according chance, julia know, 40000000000 from new york or the kid. i let you start, i feel is on the zones. so i got to know my so sockets for you,
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mice already she now got daughter. they started good interest. feel free to catch me and if you need me to glen, you compare, can you see me or you just called me. ok. he said if you ask for a talk about the project guy. yes, he and even bill talking to you. so guess you, michael didn't do it for you. ball in august, harvard, you follow you for your ball. she had the school that the local mover and mo, vehicle, moodle music, whether chicago and other kind of thing is good. can you fall out of a then whatever i was, yes. but oh, there's the vehicle. we are more that we put that secure, easy kelly being as the lawyer, what does it can we can provide for the little imagine what could she do? a rush come in just like a stone,
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but it doesn't symbolic damage. i imagine daily way margin shake about it. i imagine the best time she got the music sound. can we talk to later? do more. hale more big on this one says alive, which plays with photo to this table to show nice janos how much was able to show now my this is janice, janice put it in for entire bala, bait democracy when general if he saw them. okay. he according chiana, was respond,
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keep it as he later them. okay. when you on a hipaa into football, where was the football? well, was the sport, you know, lute appeal. i hate him. okay. sound advice. he supported the we'll be back back and i was just can i was working at the percentage of football and it's gonna take you via them. okay. i see, according jana, go group who actually rooms i see that you have a new group and quality just good to me. of course it's up to me, of course the asia, the sales very this was the biggest stories. you don't see, no,
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quoting, just put this as it was less as i started magical g book out there for italy. it was the symbol commercial. got the sockets who lack you've had belgy. deeds are not yours. shamar because i got an inch. got below. do you want me as reject appealed, could you just put it as a proportion to my domain? yeah, yeah, because i get edge also. yes. we got or near grew c c. c. move got the ot juma sharma of lead. you me if you so sure. all of those adjustable. well, chemo. jenny, you must be the answer. comb would you, they told you, put your ball. you just read your sonya football. good inches because on friday, no fake. no c, global will go ahead to my no way this project. see what i mean?
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no assay, no echo shelton. he thought you know where going to consume, i'd do. it was cool that it was just cool because you not remember him. you might have no clue. but if you said you did, you watch causal? godaddy's uses godaddy's don't ravages. know some of these roots who socket stop on our use one if you fall, the key is, or the midship was yes, course i don't know. now do it all day so i don't know about them. i, if you do need to get a cell phone call, my son will be too much. it's just too much into yachts. if you're going to go into come, i don't want to come my phone call there will be will be the video was 5 years or so read for j from us there. so they feel so i was just the
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oil and then also i need to for this young man my mohawk dental. just don't know coding just to get it moving. i did just learn occluded. know and i saw was, are glad i was told the will. bull. my says used the beer to magical if he but it, but i do physical you dead or thought to steal judy the what? yes. so much does what it cooper, valencia said josie swollen tobacco do naughty. i know this will come when i bought this good or heavy to benjie get me down, but it will put all the,
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all the names on the need to that and we're going to see any nice of this movement. no. so most when we squeeze. so how does that bone shuttle but we will think our this photo vi caesar devona my squire 2 is going to excel it wouldn't be though i should go with it because i guarantee that by showing that the number of other daily nava for that please give them a said no more of a partial and add to that. no,
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you will die. ok to get the low. what was the got them sugar was doubtful. i could get taken phase of what the local movers so they'll, they'll double move. my says used a magical whole barrel. yeah, you guys are going to vote of fig. who soccer? so i know a big old bob. ok and will meant to when it could be that did it up. i sure that i put going to premier, but he no, he thinks he got, but get them into the mill soon as you talking. there's some of so know that i think she got i wanted to know. i think it was done a boy i saw you jack, hold on the phones of you know, the little bit, but i by the little but as this is what the ball. i don't you don't. so that's what it is. a visual one of the spot ivr, but you'll be here. they see who could get if we would knock that
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out february, it was for the car so so you know, the human interest was feeling squeaking. was it you could just go with one group with the student or problems gave us proper as imp, quota seek after putting a biological group that are flagged as you go much there. key for this. this was you could appear that our pupil on vegetation. the g drop over to do is just a boy. you see this nasty stuff, saburd double pressure pound. millions are completely torn in song, right? i'm going to get your dad to on going to pin toward i'm going to just master. but of course that you suck is coming. come time to click on a t. m. we to, you know, do mean room white. the brown
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one who was asian ones. i'm going to have them in to discuss it is going to be in for this because i would really think a lot of the german feel broken by the facts. so i wonder why they do what is there. but he said that it was my home either the we need to do the elected, the my really big equity to going to compete. luckily, you're going to tell the liquid to go back to liquidity for the guy was
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a nice never seen gene has only said couple fuzzy this movie man to go up to the go towards him with doesn't want to participate in pre princess balise. he but as he later quarters you move him in boy and i get all my not a key or hold the wall. of course, you know, i can hear you at all. but if you come, when you get in, we're going to see a clinton and of which your ball, my, you know, at a saw football going to see, according to my tv, i was, oh, you got them does. but as he did his bill a deal by the just do it. it's love all to there's a space that this if you want to go with the with do ask and then we'll go see jennifer with him. demit. you've got to let's level now go woof. woof! woof!
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go need to be forgiven. ski. know worst of that. they will see f l m l can i use a we use? i use a few because it might not know it's not he was with a team by door. does your daughter your screws? don't skin which could interest good to see this call and thing can can be we can change it to sankey. yeah. of course according to dad was n d l again saying he swore luckily mozilla, get into this in the mac, ms. absolute majors. i gotta know my music. and while listening to my g total for
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me, she died, you put down a gym, which is you don't need to do what your rooms can know what the damsel no sub you see placebo majors decided he was that easy. watch vote day on tapers all got daughters, those do, but i get home give it, don't know until those eating it or do you think you met him with the ball and see what you want me to paying for? i want you to golf. i end up with him, i don't nice by use a copy code. he says that you bought that he was given volume probably up by the play store to really film prebble. then i don't, i don't know, but as you jackie told the deal what that went to my sense of what the mice
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fast you said the hook that i just had would yet each party fuzzies to roman the us would be me poor kid, to zip a painting getting special mich that was improper. you think to the vic who you thought? my 5 look at us. you couldn't. jenna. don't watch. yes. you, she fis. your lateral can we put here. so my, so far we're catch up with that but don't stop seeing potentially pace somehow. do you mean it's been a gradual suv? you this is tabs reschedule. that is a position where i i i think bella
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mid to like a democracy. i mean, just got windows dicking me miss that a bundle that are most usually made up on job instead of the so portal i think they're moving company job quite a bit. saw us come up blacker. these in the guy in the bed in my sample, then we're going to see if the group tries on the score blue football. but as a little look, if you have a 0, should you cheer in the court, arching jean, try and move rog. this is jacob, they're not my fresh going out of their, their, my simply call them, we're going to see it from success for my loses whenever lubrication of hong kong class. i did a quite a fashion there e soon as you do more be lisa and will be lisa poplar. somebody later he does it at the head you pleases most who jubal, which he desired causing them?
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i was what we're going to band and then then they're going to not use like you report don't you? and i put and put put the values. yes. you can. you know? i think they do them. ok here. pretty jennifer computer what i'm used to them. ok. shipping, you saying the daily team in and out, you know, we're not gonna be in a place where there was another visit. anyone was i can use a question for you all who, but as you did, if it was, i've been this move him internet. but as he did do my, it was good for us and she put there, but they can keep we not consensus or some political the pool that isn't it. oh yeah.
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you know i it won't do much you fast up your money, you soccer sheer. got. oh, he can she g permit the judge julia as soon as i cannot pass, it does either of you see who can get us. russell, now proven as it is, we could add to it, you know, years are going to dallas because he was the he was, you know, what i'm really going to see is boston washing dodger was a sham. well, it took me, you look as it, it was your boss or you can or you think you bought that are not there that you lose a kill black guy. ok. it was. what got daughter keep i associate
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a suicide. the faith only man that cause you to so now. yeah, the way you might could ensure that if the update was g s p 2 planes, you go to ball. phyllis companies in the energy most enjoy a doyce m. i said us no matter who you are, all democracy according to the answer to sockets and tele, when norm benjamin asked, hoping sockets his b, w did with the
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news the cheap bill, which won't be complete until you get into the moods major company us knowing the so free seems with any gay being sadly since without of tomorrow. and i'll get back to see that in the school year was started you football budget and was that didn't work, but she was going to be a perfect for you both the new g a g a do but as you know danger. but as
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gordon joe, what do you see just yo walk through the portal to network key, football, all kind of foul money just a source, go to ice jelly edge a warm or near will say no. has a thought i did it, is it was you t say morning june you said i will soccer really school you full of the soccer. nice. who is the what is h according john kelly moore,
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who would you like yeah, yeah. so i should be able to see liz was doing, she miss frequent door and grants, seal bonita will add, going to the wood, which is the queen just yet you must have fought too, but to get in for me of the g towards most could jones things you know, they're getting when decreased almost smokers colonies basically the issue and you have to
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be i when emily to see them on this to me kind of the sort of the me on the disability them. i can be just for the inca on any more in the field. for the dia, washer. it was just was yellow because y'all so preaching to so ca, to be i
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the taliban has reclaimed. but us withdraw began news earlier in 2013 and 14 witness followed a unit of the afghan national army as they commenced the onerous part of confronting with taliban without native support of a trail of young men fighting for their country. while knowing each day could be their last, i've got to stand own battles on a, just a tale of 2 president venezuelan military defectors, me american math, and reese, ah, and to bizarre daisha attempt at regime change
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in the ball is arion republic of venezuela. people empower the bay of pigs on al jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the world. you actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report on the big events going on, but we also tell the story that people generally don't have a voice. i'm in one of the child that you never be afraid to put up. not a question. and i think that's what they were really does. we all the questions for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. i'm the like of us in the south of india to find out call me back in this cave brought any good tempered mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects. and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam,
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we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife ca ride on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello from hello. with the just the written, you're coming up for you in the next 60 minutes, calles at the airports a semblance of normality on the streets of kabul. you take a look at life under the taliban in afghanistan. is there the fighter jets targets hamas positions and gaza after a flare up of violence on the border?
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plus the children and parents in peru demand schools reopen 18 months us to in person call.


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