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to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife. rise on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello from market with the just the written user coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. cale airport's a semblance of normality on the streets of kabul. you take a look at life under the taliban in afghanistan. is there the fighter jets target hamas positions and gaza after a flare up of violence on the border?
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plus the children and parents in peru demand schools reopen 18 months in person crosses were suspended due to the pandemic. conservationists raised the same sierra, the 9th insurance from the growing threats of illegal logging message gone on football. rivals are taken advantage of. how much was action from barcelona late this not without the super soft coach says opponents are no longer scared of his side. ah, feeble enough ganna standard still scrambling to get out of the country a week counts a couple fell to the taliban. the british military says 7 people have been crushed to death at campbell air force describing conditions as extremely challenging. telephone finances have been manning,
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checkpoints around the airport and blocking people with i don't claimants from entering the complex. so let's get more and i from both mcbride's she joins us live from cobble, and those scenes coming from the airports are still very, very distressing. but the taliban are quite keen to lay the blame for the squarely at the american stores. what's happening down there? that's right. the taliban say that the americans fault because they are inside the terminal. they have control of the operating area and also the airport itself. they say that, you know, they would just let people get access to, to the apple itself. it might alleviate things. i'm sure there's going to be a lot of blame going back and forth between the us and the taliban in this really strange dynamic that you have to us and its allies, principally from the soldiers, from the u. k. on the inside. and then all of the taliban surrounding the perimeter on the outside. and as we go through this sunday, the full main gates of the airport remained us tentatively closed,
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but at different times will open to allow through. we understand people who have specifically being told to report that. so that's what the american embassy is saying. it's warning it citizens and anybody else who has proved to be eligible to get a seat on an evacuation flight, only to go to the airport when they're specifically told to do so. to have all that documents ready to be at a particular gate at a particular time to get through and then can they get through with some degree of safety. so it does remain a very volatile situation and it's made worse now by some security analysts assessment. that's a bit i so low the islamic state could be planning attacks on the port. now i still has been active here and i've got a couple of years ago. it came under considerable pressure from the africa and government backed up by the us military. 3 that really depleted id numbers, but it still does operate to us in small groups and have carried out some really
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quite a nasty, audacious attacks hearing cobble. and there is a fear that it might try for whatever reason to attack the fort itself. it does. we know, attend to thrive on chaos and disorder, and you would say that there is enough of that already at the apple, but that, that is the fear that they might plan to carry out some kind of attack just briefly . another thing that is adding to the chaos there is we know that there are some people taken advantage of the people who are setting up with laptops and printers and for a few dollars. they will create an email change for you. that authentically says that you are allowed to get on a flight to the united states or wherever i'd even print off documents. all these documents are circulating, which just to encourage is it seems more people to think that they are going to get through on a plane. meanwhile rove the taliban are focused on what they're calling this political transition was happening with that. we're just the country stand right now, and is everyone on board with what's happening? that's right, but all of that continues to pay hearing, cobble. it's all behind
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a little bit behind closed doors. and i suppose that does, with all of the chaos that we see at the apple that does offer a white full within the hopes that with a stable smooth transition, we are going to get some sort of resemblance of order here. but most about a die he is a senior official is hearing cobble. he is expected to meet with me because i a full president to those. so i've done that. i've done that. he was a very senior figure in the outgoing administration, who's still very influential about the way forward for a transition, for a new government they haven't met yet, but those 2 figures cause i know they have the meeting with other taliban officials . we do know from the taliban that, that reaching out now beyond cobble that's in the next few days. they want to meet with former governors and also government officials in about around 20 of afghanistan's 34 provinces with the same message of reassurance that there's no
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need to flee. there's no need to, to run or to be afraid. it will be an inclusive government. all aimed at trying to reassure what is still what we call a very skittish nervous population. ok, but mcbride, i live 1st in kabul. well, thank you very much for that updates. well, let's stay with the situation in afghanistan and the political situation, especially of interest. we can bring in, i had a, a tulip pack team, he's a university lecturer and political science, and a political analyst in afghanistan joins us by skype from kabul. straits have you with us, own the user you were treated last night that kind of fun. enjoy complete physical security under the taliban. the how does that explain the scenes that we're seeing then down at the airports and of course the 1st rush for the exits, if this security, which has been brought it under the taliban. thank you. when we
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get this done, will basically completely physical security. dear is no, any big happen and back to the airport, the question they have some reason the back to some are going by by the media and some of us that i've got to stand no, not secure place for that. again, people everyone try to achieve by good life and then again, people like to be some problems economy problems on employment forward and i see but did the bar. but then there will be a reason to a lot of people know, go to the airport and baby in the areas of a lot of rush and other people report thing that their telephone fighters are going door to door checking, who's in the house this and checking who works with the foreign forces. that's not propaganda. that's what afghans are telling us. a good thing my when and that is
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not true because before the taliban in the summer it's happened and i've done some people misuse from taliban mamms on the enter the house and people are the target some people but after entered, followed by the by the situation will become good, but it is not and not because the one that you wish and it is now with also the police and taliban, a fighter already before the security of again to send people. another important thing about the food that is a lot of the 75 percent people didn't have any document part of the foreign countries. they went to the one to leave. i got a son that is a some important issue and i've got a son on the rise reason of the rest of the year. okay,
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well let's leave that to one side view. you are clued into these negotiations that are happening with the taliban. where do you see these negotiations going right now? what kind of political situation is likely to emerge from this because the taliban of say it is not going to be a democracy. so what kind of government system are we expecting to see at the end of these discussions? and again, it's done now. situation is anthia bar or the public people because they don't know what will happen, what kind of government will happen and i've gone john, that is the big problem i've been considering on the bar. busy or against the people, but in my opinion, i'm gonna send people is a pop sufficient government because i've done is done is i've got to make up a from different ethnicity be that the future government should
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be the picture of all the all group up again to stand people project hours, but that do if you make such a government richer, it does not relate to what kind of the government, but we need to the government to who it is the produce all of the people that i was but, but in my opinion, it happen like this kind of government will be a awareness to support and will be acceptable for again, people on that international community. well, the proof of that will be in the future. we'll have to wait and see what kind of government comes side of all of this. but for now, how to get to the part seen joining us some koppel. thank you. well i can see fled there, whom rounds have spoken of the despair of leaving love, ones behind and the uncertainty about what happens next, hundreds of vacuum. these are being temporarily hosted in cuts are all arrangements are made for travel to a 3rd country. one woman said she'd never thought of leaving us got a son before,
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but the taliban takeover left her with no choice at this point as well as visually for those who are working with before and how expensive working with people who used to be in my country i love my country, i was and was very excited to work with the people or bill over to the people in my country. but unfortunately, like all of us, i don't find a choice i was supposed to be or because it was a child. stratford has been at the holiday, the air base here in carter, and he gave us an update on what's happening with the africa and evacuation there. well, hello, died there by the american advice here in culture. want to numerous holding centers in the go west thousands of afghans that, that's played off can,
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it's down to being lucky enough to get on flights. are being looked off. so being held before they are flown on 2 countries. we've seen hundreds today being processed. we believe having come from some of the hangers in which they've been staying and being processed by the country. i saw one group on its way to mexico. would you believe we spoke to a family in that group? family of 6? they said they were very relieved to go out of afghanistan, very afraid of the kind of future that the taliban, the what they see the taliban is offering them. but of course we're very unsure about the future. at the same time. ringback people here that we saw grouping very grateful to the countries for their help happening reports of exceptionally cramped conditions and problems that the, the countries always have been placing in processing these refugees. but as i say, i think that can be pretty much expected, considering the numbers people to be very grateful that we've spoken to. and as i
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say, we are expecting more flights today. i'm looking at at least 5 strokes, 6 c, 17 country air force carriers planes were expecting more people for gans to arrive here in casa throughout the day. in the coming days ahead, we understand that the vast majority of these people are relatives of the thousands of people that over the years have worked for either nato forces or western media. i mean, there are reports that just the amount of people that have worked for the us media . over the years, afghans amounts to literally thousands of people. we understand that, you know, your organizations are doing as much as they can. not only get those media workers out, but course as many of their families, there are concerns about that level of desperation. and some of the measures that
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these people are taking to try and get all explains, is talk of paperwork, big used, fake visas being sold even. so yeah, you can imagine the kind of tool that these people have faced. and indeed, the great relief that many of them feel it being in places like hearing in cultural adela day. but incredible, i'm certain say going forward. it's just bizarre, frankly, to think that a week ago these families that we spoke to were in afghanistan now here, and they all the way to mexico to start a new life. i mean, it doesn't get stranger than that. and obviously a graph just how tool which isaac this experience is be and continues to be thousands. tens of thousands of that gets plans for marcella had only use are including making waves in the black sea, a series of military incidences, increasing tension between nato and russia. and frustration over lack of food and
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adequate shelter report from a make ship camp in haiti a week after a devastating earthquake. many of the best friends from one of the world players will have all the support for lisa in our ah, israeli, or strikes of again painted the besieged garza strict israeli security forces, se, hama sites were targeted overnight. they include weapons, storage, and manufacturing facilities. israel has deployed more troops to the cancer border fence related to the escalation follows cross for the gunfire. earlier on saturday, the 41 palestinians and this really soldier for introducing a process near the border. 13 year old palestinian boy was shot in the heads. this
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critically injured was speak now to the outside. she is low for his in gaza. you know, what's happening there? this are yes tyler. so as you mentioned last night, there were israeli raised spectra carried in several palestinian resistance sites in different parts or several parts. in regards the strip this came as the retaliation, according to israeli spokesman. it is in retaliation or response to the fiery that was shot that sorry, the israeli soldier that was shot on the borders the in yesterday's riots as they were very violent. where 41 palestinians were also injured. 2 of them in very critical condition. one of them was a 13 year old boy in the head. well,
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today the policy instructions held a press conference to respond to these air strikes, saying that they would send a message, a clear message to the israeli forces, the government that their popular activities are going to start taking place in the gaza strip from today. according to a certain plan and vision that, that policy inspections have agreed on. and they have invited the palestinians to widely participate in these activities. they said that these activities will keep going on until the reconstruction of the gaza strip is implemented. and this theory is fully listed on gods and that they will not. they will not allow the eas railey army to continue its aggression on an armed civilians. like what happens in the violent trial yesterday on his side, minstrel,
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necessarily bad as a prime minister of israel said that the will hold any person who is going to be threatened to the forces or settlements accountable for any kind of violence. erecting from the gods. the strip. okay, you, me the outside there lie for as in gods. the thank you, you know, tension going between russia and nato in europe. after a series of incidents between the military forces. oscar says nato spy planes stepped off, attempts to gather intelligence in the black sea region. andrew 7 spent the day with british royal air force pilot stations in the romanian course or 50 of constantia. ah, they call them q r a's quick reaction alerts from the physical sprint to the thrust of take all
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within minutes. these nato fighter jets can intercept or track russian warplanes is the latest incident, the top left of the cockpit or russian fighter jet, intercepted of the romanian coastline. it's close with no room for mistakes. tens of meters would seem quite close to $21.00 that's on initiated since a relative procedures. it's totally normal. it's been set to in that range. but raffles, commanders, there's nothing normal about what's happening. probably in my senior since then we've had, i think anytime you fly inside a flight, information region of another country, not following the norms without flight plan, then i think it's not the sorts of behavior we'd like to see in the special community in the air. there on standby 247, and when the alert comes fast moving is an understatement. when this plane gets airborne, it could fly it up to 28 kilometers a minute. the nearest russian air base is less than 280 kilometers away. it's in
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crimea, which was legally annexed by russia in 2014. that's the main reason for added tension in the black c. j your broader. those about what somebody in june british naval maneuvers and related to nato, led to a confrontation with russian forces. partition warship tell her story. i will continue to follow the we recognize the reason we're calling and less than a week ago, a russian military commander, set nato surveillance, including spy planes, had navy triple since 2019. russia sees what nato calls in homestead policing neighboring states as an escalating threats. romania is buying u. s. built at 16 to upgrade samples remaining for the growing and the big process of modernization. and we will not finish with the 16 we continue to
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develop and to upgrade the many net force that says brinkman ship appears to increase alongside it. then the danger of one small mistake causing more hostility, even from complex simmons, which is 0 constant remaining will family foot. he is a strategy fit, rasmussen, global join society by skype, through santander in spain. why do you think we're seeing these additional patrols and this additional military activity between the designs? well, i think there are 2 things. the one these days, a general pattern of, of escalation, especially coming from russian forces. and this since 2014 seems like you've done that. he's mentioned the when russia next crimea. however, it's true that over the last few months and especially this summer, you see
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a particularly hot summer. and i think this is because there are some political events looming ahead which russia does not like. on monday, the crimea platform, which is a summit conveyed by the ukranian president with western heads of states to assert ukraine's right on the crimea on peninsula the next day. ukraine would also be celebrating its independence day. and then finally, in default, you will have elections, general elections in russia. and if you look at the past 20 years of, of putting rule every time you have some elections looming ahead, he likes to do a beat up saber. busy rattling he likes to increase the pressure to wave the nationalistic flag. so i think this is what we are seeing now. and what was the risk of it getting worse than because a lot of planes flying in there as a nationalistic saber, rattling if someone makes
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a mistake. is there an appetite to take this any further? i could be creative days and not be tied days to clear the deputy to keep the pressure on from the russian forces on nato forces. this is what we have seen with the british war ship crossing international water. and this is what we're seeing or so with the civilians across taking off from from romania. and i think russia will keep under pressure will keep on being defiant, and often crossing the line of what she's accepted and even of the rules in international behavior. just to kind of make a point that this is all domain, this is all new r l responsibility. but i think natal just has to keep on doing what he's doing, which is to assert its presence peacefully but, but they clearly both to show it can defend its allies,
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including turkey and romania and many other castile countries as well as the supporting countries like ukraine but they say, and they tell us doing what it's doing, but this rational feel in bold. and given that what we're seeing enough canister with the retreats of the u. s. and the nato forces, i mean, the press in china and russia had a field day with this. the retreat told the west, if this thing to russia confidence in the area, knowing that the seeing the to in the west being bitches out of a country. and that gives them more and more appetite to keep doing what they're doing. when i, when i read to literally the propaganda headlines coming from big and most cool because the reality is the us we've jo was and natal withdrawal from our getting some mean practically that then nato will be able to spend much more. it's focus on the real challenge ahead, which is both russia and china. so if i way more school, i would not welcome that withdrawal because it's going to free up some bandwidth
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both in washington but also in europe. and kathy comes to really put the, the resources and the political focus on where the trouble is, which she's like were mentioning today, black sea and many other regions where russia and china are pushing the rules and sometimes breaking ok. families policy a great to get your thoughts. thank you so much for joining us from santander in spain. we appreciate it. are we calling from hays? he's devastating earthquake and survivors are facing severe shortages of age and shelter. the government says being criticized for its response to the disaster. our team does it make shift cam of survivors and fines of polling conditions. john holeman has more from the case like high football stadium has turned into a rough camp for those left homeless by saturdays, earthquake, and a symbol of the lack of help that getting schools of families is struggling in this
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muddy field. there's no water boiler or effective shelter, a piece of plastic to cover your family is a luxury here. value is when it rains, we get wet. when you lay down, you get whit. we don't have a top poland. we have nothing but problems. when we visited them, they've been there almost a week, but nobody from the government had come to hell. and options are even worse, or i can lead to and others we talked to told us that the materials that do arrive a being taken by thugs or even law enforcement officers. you have a good luck for me to know when, when the police come to provide security, they take the 8 away. i mean, never comes back. when we get to the police station, we see them taking it to they cause corruption has long been woven into haitian political life. but right now with the president recently assassinated, she organizational capacity also seems depleted the he,
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you see the result. mud hungry people will be exposed to the elements. what really strikes you when you come in here is that these are even 10 that just blanket of plastic that it held together on 6. so we're right in the middle of haiti's rainy season right now. and a decent storm, it's just gonna knock all of this out. limited reach moon is cooking for others, trying to enough to herself and her 4 children to survive. and maybe even get out real quick if i want to get a place to live with my children, because i can't spend all my life here. imagine it was raining last night. i couldn't sleep. i had to give my mattress to my children and i sat on a bucket late. some people were leaving, as we filmed, constant flights of food and shelter warned them down. but they told us they're only going through another abandoned lot. there's no safe place,
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no help for them anyway, right now, john, home and i was just like i so head on al jazeera, the fear all this has tyria that has taken place as unfounded thinks. and the member of the taliban to learn about the groups comes to the country and taking another big achievement in her strike and pick champion dashes to the 2nd often times ever more later in sports. ah. hello there. there's a lot of hot, dry weather across southern parts of europe on sunday, but things are going to cool down over the next few days and they already have up in the north and for more central air is got a weather system that's pulled away from the british isles,
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and that's going to leave more settled weather and sunshine for much of the u. k. but it means we are seeing torrential downpours and some heavy thunderstorms across the netherlands into the belgian and germany and the outer region. and we've gotten a lot out, a red alert for heavy rain on funding for eastern parts of germany. we were ready for severe flooding here last month and we could see more of that. but does it go into monday? it's going to be poland, and austria that see some really heavy falls. we could see flooding here. now for the south of this, we're seeing some sharp thunderstorms across northern parts of italy, but it is looking dry as we go more south. we've got a change in the wind coming in that's going to push temperatures down a little bit across these areas. in particular, for the iberian peninsula, we are going to see some wet weather come in, as well as those temperatures. dip down. if we look at the 3 day 4, barcelona will be below average with some wet weather. by the time we get to choose day that weather update
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the the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north and she said, that's how the article should start 60 as own we revisit the report is still risking their lives being another outbreak. violence of more versus rewind, the deadly beat on al jazeera. when the new great come about taking a handful of border crossing and that's kind of sounds nor where with exclusive entities. and in that proport nice and ball way is full of hope it had on the ground. there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more award winning documentaries and light needs on air
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