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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm AST

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need into your own. ah, ah, i'm hello, my hitting a joe hall with a headlines on al jazeera, thousands of people in afghanistan, they're still struggling to get eyes, and they tell official, posted by voices says 20 people are now known to have died in and around couples airport. in the past 7 days, the british military is describing conditions as extremely challenging. well, mcbride is in the afghan capital. he has the latest on the political discussions taking place there. while about a di, he is a very senior tyler by an official. he is here meeting with his own taliban officials and he is expected in the coming days to meet with with how many cars i a former president here and dr. beller dollars,
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very senior figure from this last administration really to hammer out what this new government is going to look at in the meantime. cause i and i have been meeting with other taliban officials really to smooth away to try to allow this government transition to take place. meanwhile, the taliban is reaching out to some of the provinces. really trying to expand beyond cobble itself with the same message i tried to dispel people's uneasiness, of which there is a lot here still one week on hundreds of keys. so i'm gonna start arriving in cost are many are making their way to a 3rd country. the u. s. 17000 people and the phone i had over can, has done so far, which i'll stratford says be not the database here in doha. he gave us an update on what's happening with the african evacuees there. where aloe died. by the american advice here in culture, want to numerous holding centers in the go west thousands of afghans that,
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that's played off can it's down to be lucky enough to get on flights of being looked off. so being held before they are flown on 2 countries. we've seen hundreds today being processed. we believe having come from some of the hangers in which they've been staying and being processed by the country. so are one group on its way to mexico. would you believe we spoke to a family in that group? family of 6, they said that was very relieved to got out of afghanistan, very afraid of the kind of future that the taliban, the what they see the taliban is offering them. but of course we're very unsure about the future. at the same time, the people here that we saw grouping very grateful to the countries for their help have been reports of exceptionally cramped conditions and problems that the countries always have been placing in processing these refugees. but as i say,
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i think that could be pretty much expected considering the number of people that be very grateful that we've spoken to. and as i say, we are expecting more flights today. i'm looking at least 5 strokes, 6 c, 17 country air force carriers planes were expecting more people for gans to arrive here in casa throughout the day. and in the coming days ahead, israel has carried out air strikes in the cancer straits after protest that the border security forces enter at least 41 palestinian demonstrators. israel said for testers through rocks and explosives on the border fence. hurricane grace was killed at least 8 people along mexico's east coast. it's one of the most powerful storms to hit the region in years. it wins about 200 kilometers per hour. cars and flooding and power cuts. millions of people on the east coast of the united states
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are bracing for the arrival of tropical storm on re it's expected to make landfall and woo diamonds. coastal communities are being evacuated. it's really, as most popular states has reported another record high in coon, of arms infections as it struggles to control a surgeon i break, you says well supported 830 locally acquired cases of the highly contagious delta variance 5 of the parents and teachers of riley's in peru, calling on their government to reopen schools in person, crosses were suspended in december 2019 and the government calls all educated facilities to the panoramic. and those are the headlines to stay with us here on al jazeera. i'll just say the world is next. ah, me
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ah ah, ah boucher here to good afternoon lucia here. good luck. i charge card my collection and then i data on that cut me to put them in the hunt. you some i should call them the giving you that only just a human shape. well
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mom, this is the on the she the i shide on it. so boston i was lar, lar, lar johnson, last year, lag on the news, the young man because somebody about school can go on the part of that actually to do it. you know, the oh to
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ah, i ah said over i get some shots and doesn't talk to me on some i took shots here. almost some of them are shot almost lose
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the bus shoe john suddenly the know maybe it gets a little time will that is there yet? they didn't, it didn't, it didn't say as on the i did in the ticket to see that family. do they tend to miss this just isn't mental illnesses. this is susan. thank you. on it. i've been chucked them all. there was one that was fine. do the sam shots and so they may have watched them the
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news. ah, so much of this and i can always somehow get fitted these items. she's really thinking it then only if son loves it. you know that somebody's shock live in them. foster the crucial that's not a whole lot of us to them the the me ah, the sun
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is pretty clicking on the i stumbled on the some room on the left. so if you can let him know to come out, so i give you the ordinance. the figures are also on the bus from the bus because because of the regular rush ah. ringback ready my citi attribute say kaiser or song really believe it is
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true hush for the fun. yeah. sometimes we'll give it to our 100 tech woods and look at it. let's go back to the high. you shock you sound good. i me my son law firm. i'm here and this isn't, this isn't his which is no longer your convenience on your cell phone. so how long should it is that much as i
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get the remaining from the car here? sure. let me have some other, i've been calculated family that the classic was a good family. other family helped them be parcher. i wish to be made on the campus. it's new guidance. and i know that when i should lead to the issue
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like her that i did, the issue shayla shannon guardian stimulated trucks has committed though i swung them in it for forever and i, buck them is. i want to talk more because i'm the crew to clear trucks which can be considered clear that come out one day look at today the archive bare leg sunroof soup. his breast could be there. leaning back by that adept charter, i'm back on them. i guess make your says any mac, mac, i that, jacoby present mosquito. yeah. yeah. this year, this truck, me, him, guiding me in best, the cadillac repair at, you know, there can go on medicare in it or top, let me check in there either beauty, kootenai and all that good. and it was made possible to get one on him at a family dennis class. i wanted to kinda close to my case or keep leaving each in
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their mission guy and we sent him this and then look back viagra. ah, i oh i i, i prefer my kids in the queue coordinate or any of them in the falling purport. and i get on file yodeling and looking at gosh, $220.00 shard, the glitter, glitter know dylan is an app ah, to ms. young to to, to,
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to be in dodge or, or i'll give it another uncle. you know, that i sent a library and if they're moving a codex again a be mish alma miss albany, sean mueller. you know, the nicole, michelle's long shot down sort of closure the dylan ernest each and b i l e d i. hey, ashley, almost getting his emotion that did not get charlie de been in shock at our d. m. yeah. to beat him. could you do me the, him, the cornish alarm. b. e can begin, can gave him the children left blank on slumber. the, we're going to say live in even there, letting all these took on the bus. she daughter became b, make it a q and let you know be or small the this, the brush could be man, they get the corners lumber, the lease they know side or small the on the sure. but yeah, all smiley, i'm abuse or smile, direct ocean. yeah. and i did to katie, i oh yes,
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i mean all the own basin, do you feel the to be role models like her to the she was the talk bus in the middle, the pics year last harley in the music loud on that it was it the middle of the mr . dick, take our la must 5, a larger guy on the, to the old. there mom it to the minute on my thoughts on it to be buddhist. what are the muslim be depletion more slop, mizzi, balkan musically. beside have been, they get the ball. i good. the not shark larva, la, do you know movie to the fight up mizzi? they deem his music to be the balkan. but on the launch the product, balkan marsh lay your will, will be to music. yeah. the other we can talk. we'll let you know if i miss upon too far, but control creation ethnic music lecture of model leach and it be don't forget you
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to be thought to see the us was talk lou, hip, i'm shar collection there. if they will be ideal to be non initiative, i'm a, a net done to be a talk chart. so let me, let me conclude this up from 0 to then i said a lot the be, to me goes, come on. so c o a bullet. so daniel alleged to be the best it would be best because it's my level like and then a mighty to that would be goes below from $90.00 to chit and i renewed i renewed it in today that says audio goes to
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make them they got me didn't long as he is, i will them if they let you know who i d. d or can no longer be on delays at bullet middle the la jolla. schmidt is on that. so i know my dentist denise me. she says that i know so best that i missed the middle of the will. the last visit or the lazy down is stumbled. they didn't fall in the stumble. the key park took foreclosure to laden. marcella, it all talk bitter. come sharp color of our little miss elijah cannady. i'm shocked cuz the mess out to just of our room just of our let the know so watch jani. the think which includes lab which are if you took same name me i
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the i i b, b o the me just am in a silver too severe. i mean i salute too busy. you said, look the, the little trinkets go me the sun, us in the air on a solid, the car that it a kiss. seated a odd non side room, none choke parallel, leak little bins. i only get a wash had each to death. i'm bill about dr. old will give it to
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billable talk, nor food can do with kissing. and my jacqueline says scenario imaged to charlotte or shoot or july kid or now. so i wonder what or francis nodded the trinket, juliet didn't mistake in a vehicle to saw music in the jeff arched him, a little nice shade even it's to be a book you get, admittedly to music, living chuck aqua, bobby b to be in a truck. and that is issue for you want to okay, john, that we need to make this ad hoc machine is because you're consist of the crystal that godaddy. oh, i me make sure you let it be sooner than by school. it's gender or the social on the on to last. shy alarms
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is all done. your own. she luckily she knew how to legal and miss. i mean, you know it sad john shock let us saw just in guy, not near lag in order to get it. shanice had alarms lousy gives him shark a little miss. sheila is the gift during the bush on the policy guys serrato's in jaga miles. isn't roman little shark. little the dash. oh sure. oh. who yeah. ah ah, in you know, thank you. yeah . in the family to the demography gibson, the shed it probably the shed it room like the last on lab we are i in some that
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she gives us on the room alone ramadan gang him. she wouldn't hardly wish to study room them. she was on all night level can didn't be part of the argue that can be till she get to choose ah ah, the music was from the judge that a member of you to be got can learn by the did and what the on the music said you see him on them if you can been a shopping versus very live that in india and on that one in the to do in this,
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it will give you channels july the on the some of the room that the her took her to go to live and dale and there, there was, the unit is done. dan dukes, all of us will get cars a little bit. it was and be good to know. well, angela and just look at your was leather is room, my hon. i live in the plan of the, the whole, the music up on group last drop this off in the, the for look, listen synonym on them in the music channels. and you can watch a little bit of shows almost of the lazy la that someone that the music grew to him . because jaylish there is going to quiet that initial letter that the number was the messiah bit ticklish. on the 3rd, to declare the room missing. and then you learn standard and then she had shock
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letter up here, but our via my g e still missing a a the the key or more. yeah. huh. he, she goes by the lake. oh, there. because somebody to kid, the dorm music today, look at the united stand, a bit of getting that this little let him me, killer, the humans, the most lila is all the danish and get her music to do all the bit cost and the is the significance on that and that led in s a complaint on the unless let in the nuclear let them be to music to, to, to do a little bit of korea to,
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to says the inc. we will learn think is a lot of old joke. unity group on the him. i can genius because classical, vertical shark a little not just as their jasa. so we're says that the cut us the good will not trying to shall glove the because of the so play to see us on which to will shall global that on the julia julia, the museum cleaner is nearly stumbled. thank you so much. a load on the machine still need music. and this is the true to us from the and us us know, dulaney stand room stumble museum right. sung as a d v for look at his vision,
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a car. and i wish ah, is it looked skated, getting just to be a truck, best buy from live on that then? yeah, we'll do that. then i said i'd be going to share it into the classic most again and be stuff like that. the high. yeah, we're busy. yeah. who do? i know amanda, can i go in it just and it can be much more grand near the bus because in that area in the classic mostly florida nikosa das order, i'd be mention. yeah. and it was, i'm on monday to be a day come out to lunch around the eventually and never to, to get the fuck is a diesel trip chair or one missouri that i can get off the show here in
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a truck or she she'd be the me the grim consequences, mexico, bloody drug watch the people around you. mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalist, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north me. she said, that's how the article should start 60 years on we revisit the report is still risking their lives in late may bring another outbreak violence of more versus with you on the rewind, the deadly beat on algebra on revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on algebra.
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the taliban has reclaimed. i've done this done. but us withdraw began years earlier in 2013 and 14 witness followed a unit of the afghan national army as they commenced the onerous part of confronting with taliban without native support of a trail of young men fighting for their country. while knowing each day could be their last, i've got to stand on battle on a jersey the native named as it breaks the hallway here in the north and they're doing the best job they can. we've seen one water to teen at wells far further with detailed coverage. the government to taliban is relying on human shields and losing people shot them home from around the world. the price tag, toko games have officially felt $15000000000.00 that already the most expensive summit games ever stage.
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the i'm helena, he didn't do how the headlines on al jazeera and thousands of people in afghanistan are still struggling to get tight, and they still official quarter voices since 20 people are now known to have died in underground campbell's airport. in the past 7 days, the british military is describing conditions as extremely challenging for the brides in the afghan capital. he has the latest and i want the elliptical discussions taking place there. well, about a di he is a very senior.


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