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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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coaching like other such bosses can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with. ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to the parts of many people's lives, at least in the short term. whatever, calling the way they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up ah, chaos, i fear porch, an assembly of normality on the streets of capital. we take a look at the transition in afghanistan under the taliban. ah, he's in and they sees al jazeera life and doha also coming up. it's really funny to jeff. so i get how much positions in goza flare up with violence from the board and
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the children and parents in peru, amman schools reopen 18 months in person process. were suspended due to the pandemic and conservationists race to see here really owns mentions from the growing threat of illegal looking ah, people in afghanistan has to go scrambling to get the week after campbell fell to the taliban. at least 20 people are reported to be killed in the chaos at complex ports over the past week. the british military is describing conditions as extremely challenging tunneled on faces of men and checkpoints around the airport. walking people without documents for mentoring, shall stratford landed at couple airports a short while ago and has this update. we are on the side of the apple.
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i'm seeing huge lines of people. these people have, haven't already had the papers process. we're running about an hour ago, long lines of afghans climbing on to military, off, off around the world. i could play related to south africa play. we know the straight in italy flights earlier today there is a sense of a call shouldn't be in the location. we are, but as you can imagine, a lot of tension, your case will come put in this unity. we speculate that these are wanting shots. it's being reported at least that things have been a little bit more orderly today. certainly capacity to, to, to change. we've seen in the last few days we've been speaking to
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people who i've been queueing up some of the things that i've said, judy made a pretty big one guy. you've worked with western media. many is very articulate. say like, this is being a brains, right. he said he was an incredibly sad time for, for, for afghan stuff. but he said that he wasn't prepared to give probably the benefit but bright as also in the african capital. he has the latest on the political discussions taking place. then in kabul city itself, the political negotiations go a pace, and there are expectations that in the coming week we will hopefully see some kind of breakthrough where the cheap one of the senior taliban officials molar. but he is here with his core group in cobble. we know that in the coming days he will likely meet with me because i a former president and also a dollar dollar. he is
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a very influential figure from this last administration. now before those talks happen, which presumably will lead to the setting up of this new government both cause i end up dollar dollar meeting with other taliban officials here in cobble that it was all very young here. it is all very nice. it seems behind the scenes there seems to be paving the way for this new government to take take power here. nearby taliban are also saying that they are reaching out beyond cobble to some of the 20 or so of afghanistan's $34.00 provinces to former governors, to bureaucrats. government officials, really with the same message, trying to ease, trying to ease tensions. ease. fee is here which do exist still across the country $1.00 week, one weekend, telling officials that you don't have to pledge allegiance to the taliban. we're not going to demand that. you do that if you want to leave the country. so they say you can do that all aimed at trying to repeat these messages about the
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inclusiveness of this new government acceptance. but of course, you know, we keep saying a lot has to be matched with actions. and there are a lot of a lot of very skeptical people here, and i've got this done right now. well, let's get the reaction i'd over us now with heidi joe castro and washington d. c. heidi just give us an update on the situation from the us perspective. how are those evacuations progressing? and is there a plan to get more people in the short about a time that remains shore secretary lincoln speaking with fox news, who the, he's a secretary of state said that over the last 24 hours, there were $8000.00 more evacuations. from cobble. this is as the as the, the defense department has activated the civilian reserve air fleet. c which common dears, in a sense, 18 commercial air craft to assist in this operation. those commercial
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aircraft coming from united american and several other carriers will not be flying to cobble. rather, they will be taking evacuation on the 2nd leg of their journey if you will, taking them out of the bases and the other staging areas in cutter and other surrounding places where they have escaped to now wide off. and the secretary of defense was on a b c. news this morning saying that the u. s. is looking at quote, creative ways to reach trapped us citizens and to get them to the airport in cobble. he reference the flights that helicopters military helicopters, evacuating some $370.00 americans, passed taliban lions yesterday, taking them those final steps, inches of safety of the cobble international airport. and he said that as the end of the month deadline approaches for all us troops to withdraw that he,
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the defense department would be making a recommendation to the president. whether or not to extend that deadline. and how you're speaking of the president's job. martin is expected to speak again later this evening. i will sort of thing are we expecting him to say? while the last time he spoke on this was friday and he struck a defensive tone. he said the us was committed to getting out all americans and afghan allies. however, he said this was not an open ended mission, and he's been taking a lot of criticism here in the us from even his members of his own party, as well as from international allies. now with 17000 americans and allies and afghan allies haven't evacuated from cobble since the of the fall of the city about a week ago. and as a security situation further deteriorates around the,
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the airport. the u. s. embassy in cobble has issued warnings to us citizens not to approach the airport sighting upon a potential threat from ices. and this is coming as devastating reports of the violence surrounding that airport, including at least 7 deaths of afghan civilians who were trapped in that mob. one former us interpreter telling the new york times that among those dead is her 2 year old daughter who was trampled. ok, heidi joe, can sure they're giving us that low volt, saved from washington d. c. thank you, heidi g. 7 leaders will discuss the africa and crisis on tuesday in a virtual summers. british prime minister boris johnson announced the meeting in a tweets. he said, it is vital that the international community works together to ensure a safe evacuations prevent
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a humanitarian crisis and supports the afghan people to secure the gains of the last 20 years of former british prime minister, tony blair has criticized the u. s. military withdraw saying it's not in the interest of ghana, son, or the west lawyer sent troops there 20 years ago after the 911 attacks. i support a lot of what president biden has done since becoming president. i mean, i have a great respect and admiration for him as a person, and i understand he inherited disagreement of february 2020 which, which was very difficult. and i also understand if you're a political leader, you're under political pressure. people. people want the engagement to end, but we've got to realize we were in a situation where our engagement was grammatically different from where it was. 10 years ago you never mind 20 years ago. and where we could have managed the situation and the problem with what, what's happened now, and this is, this is my worry is it's not just about the african people and our obligation to them. and another see, you feel, i mean,
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distressed when you see where you see people realizing what they're going to lose as a result of the taliban coming back into power. it's not just about the african people, it's about us now. security is really strikes and again painted the besieged counsel strength. mother. she says i'm a sites would talk to overnight include weapon story, john's manufacturing facilities. israel has deployed more troops to the garza puerto fence. lisa says really excavation for cost for gum. far earlier on saturday . the 41 palestinians and industry soon as you were injured during the process near the border, 13 year old palestinian boy was shot in the heads and his critically injured. he was here in the outside with the laser, some fateful garza, today, the policy infections held a press conference to respond to these air strikes, saying that they would send a message, a clear message to the israeli forces in government that their popular
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activities are going to start taking place in the gaza strip from today, according to a certain plan and vision that the policy instructions have agreed on and they have invited the policy is to widely participate in these activities. they said that these activities will keep going on until the reconstruction of the gaza strip is implemented. and this seat is fully listed on gods. and they will not. they will not allow what they really are me to continue. it's aggression on an arm pavilions like what happens in the violent trial yesterday on his side ministry. not till the benefits. prime minister of israel said that the will hold any person who is going to be threatened to the forces or
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settlements accountable for any kind of violence erecting from the gaza strip. and israeli government commission has started hearings and so fatal stampedes that jewish pilgrimage site. in april 45 people were killed at monk moran during the leg palmer holiday. natasha good name has more from west jerusalem. this has been described as the deadliest civilian disaster in israel's history. 45 men and boys were suffocated and trampled in a narrow tunnel during an offer orthodox jewish pilgrimage. on sunday, a state commission began a hearing into the death and to make sense of whether or not the death could have been prevented. for years, tens of thousands of worshippers flocked to mount marin in northern israel. a police commander testified that over the last 30 years there had been no attempts
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made at limiting the crowd size. and if there had been, it might have caused a bigger disaster. and yet for years and it's really government watchdog had deemed mount marin dangerous. there had been accusations that former prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to curb the crowd size due to pressure from ultra orthodox leaders. this hearing is open to the public. it will involve calling numerous witnesses upon completion. the state commission will present its findings to the government. if there is evidence, a crime has been committed, those findings will be passed on to the israeli attorney general. so heads on al jazeera, making waves in the black sea, a series of military incidences, increasing tension between nato, russia, and frustration over lack of food and adequate shelter. we report from a makeshift camp in haiti after a week capture
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a major earthquake. ah hello. let's have a look at the weather in south asia and to india. we've seen some very heavy rain effect northern areas for new delhi. we saw the highest daily rain in august in 13 years that fell on saturday, but it didn't break a record set in 1961, but the thunderstorms and showers continue until tuesday. we've got an amber alert out for tara conned state. now that's going to kick in on monday, but on tuesday it switches across to the northeast. we are expecting some heavy falls across nepal, wooten, and bangladesh. we could see some flooding here. now as we move to east asia, we're expecting exceptional amounts of rain to fall across central parts of china
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and the korean peninsula. we've got tropical storm o mice that's coming up. it's not very powerful, but it's joining up with a may you front to dump exception months of rain on the korean peninsula and ahead of that system. we have gotten the look out for those central areas of china. the highest a look for flooding in he now province where we saw those severe floods a month ago. and we could see up to 400 millimeters of rainfall in the coming days . and that usually means severe flooding. so we are going to keep an eye on that, that to weather update. the news, the, the grim consequences of mexico, bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalists, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north and she said, that's how the article should start 60 years on we revisit the report is still
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risking their lives being another outbreak. violence of more versus with the on the rewind, the deadly beat on out there. a oh, the me, this is just a real quick line to all the top stories for, you know, thousands of people in afghanistan is still struggling to get out of the country. and age 20 people and i know and to have died in and around the airport in the past 7 days. the british military is describing conditions as extremely challenging british prime minister bars. johnson has announced the virtual summits of g 7
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leaders on tuesday to discuss the african crisis. this is the international community, most school freights to ensure safe evacuations. and israel has carried out airstrikes and the pastor protests at the border. security forces injures, at least $41.00 palestinian protectors, and she'll be protest just books and exposes the board offense. tension is going between russia and nato in europe. after a series of incidents between their military forces or school says nato spy planes of stepped up attempts to gather intelligence in the black sea region. andrew simon spent a day with british royal air force pilots stations in the romanian coastal city of constantia. as they call them, q r a's quick reaction alerts from the physical sprint to the thrust of take all within minutes. these nato fighter jets can intercept or track russian warplanes is
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the latest incident. the top left of the cockpit, or russian fighter jet, intercepted of the romanian coastline. it's close with no room for mistakes. pens of meters would seem quite close to $21.00 on initiated since relative procedures. it's totally normal. it's been step 2 in that range. but raffles, commanders, there's nothing normal about what's happening probably in my senior since then we've had, i think anytime you fly inside a flight, information region of another country, not following the norms without flight plan, then i think it's not the sort of behavior we'd like to see in the international community in the, at their own stand by 247. and when the alert comes fast moving is an understatement. when this plane gets airborne, it could fly up to 20 kilometers a minute. the nearest russian air base is less than 280 kilometers away. it's in crimea, which was illegally annexed by russia in 2014. that's the main reason for added
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tension in the black c, j your or those about what? somebody in june, british naval maneuvers and related to nato, led to a confrontation with russian forces. washington tells the story. i will continue to follow the international americanized 3 and less than a week ago, a russian military commander, set nato surveillance, including spy planes, had nearly triple since 2019. russia sees what nato calls him, homestead policing neighboring states as an escalating threat. romania is buying u. s. built at 16 to up graded samples room and and for start growing and the big process of modernization. and we will not finish with the 16. we will continue to develop and to upgrade the many net force that says brinkman's ship appears to
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increase alongside it. then the danger of one small mistake causing more hostility, even from complex simmons. i was constantly reminding me necessarily as most popular states has reported another record high in corona, virus infections as it struggles to control a searching outbreak. the site wells recorded 813 local court cases. all the highly contagious delta variance wise comes despite strict locked measures for men's just got. morrison has defended the locks and strategy. he says it will stay in place until at least 70 percent of the population vaccinated. lessons of parents and teachers in peru have joined rallies, pushing for schools to reopen was children of no been in class and smart last year
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when the government closed all education facilities due to the pandemic. marianna sanchez has been at one demonstration in lima. the children, parents and teachers marching together, demanding the government, opens up schools. children said they're fed up studying online since march of last year. we want to go back to school. we don't want to see traps at home behind a screen. we want to go back. there and say homeschooling is taking it's toll. children are not learning enough. you're suffering as a result. yeah. but they know how to, where mosques, i'm more concerned about their mental health. they've been locked up for too long. the pandemic hit nearly 40 percent of schools had infrastructure problems, some lack healthy environments without sewage or even running water. now these protestors say more than 60000 schools are ready to receive students at the government prefers to favor the economy before education is not, not, no,
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i guess there's no balance in their policies. i go to a mall and there are thousands of people walking around the same unconcerned about coded according to our recent eunice study it who is one of 8 countries who schools have remained fully closed up until now. more than 10 percent of schools have partially open most labor. yes. seals for children are most affected by homeschooling, 12 year olds and small brother. yes, cecilia share the only cell phone, the family own to study and it doesn't always work in a mess and it's difficult sometimes we lose the signal. other times we don't have electricity to charge it. it's very difficult. while many families are afraid, their children may get cold in school. or recent opinion poll says nearly 70 percent of parents, one schools reopen. experts say that decision is a risky balancing act and will not see the risks are very high either way. if we go back to school, there's the risk of contagion. if we don't,
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the cost will be enormous for children future. on friday, the government declared a state of emergency or its education system. the government considers can still do risk and all the children back to school, not only for them, for the next 50 percent of them received the vaccine. official said the 3rd wave of corona virus is just beginning and thousands of people to die. that's why they see fully reopening schools now is simply out of the question. again essentially i just see the enough a do a week on from ac is devastating earthquake survivors to face and severe shortages of age and shelter. the government has been criticized for its response to the disaster or team visited a makeshift cam paul survivors and find a polling conditions. john holman, has more from the k, the lic high football stadium has turned into a rough camp for those left homeless by saturdays earthquake,
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and the symbol of the lack of help that getting schools of families is struggling in this muddy field. there's no water boiler or effective shelter, a piece of plastic to cover your family is a luxury here. value is when it rains we get wet. when you lay down, you get wet, we don't have a top, allan. we have nothing but problems. when we visited them, they've been there almost a week, but nobody from the government had come to hell, doesn't enough. she's even worse, or i can lead to. and others, we talked to told us that the materials that do arrive of being taken by thugs or even law enforcement officers, you want to have it for media. and when the police come to provide security, they take it away and he never comes back. when we go to the police station, we see them taking it to the cause. corruption has long been woven into haitian political life. but right now with the president recently assassinated sheer
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organizational capacity also seems depleted. the he, you see the result. mud hungry people will be exposed to the elements. what really strikes you when you come in here is that these are even 10. they're just blank of plastic that it held together on 6. so we're right in the middle of haiti's rainy season right now. and a decent storm is just going to knock all of this out. the limited reach moon is cooking for others, trying to enough to herself and for children to survive. and maybe even get them to look like if i want to get a place to live with my children, because i can't spend all my life here. imagine it was raining last night. i couldn't sleep, i had to give my mattress to my children and i sat on a bucket late. some people were leaving, as we filmed, constant flights of food and shelter warned them down. but they told us they're
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only going to another abandoned law. there's no safe place, no help for them anyway, right now, john, home and i was, is it a lick i rescued? true sir. mexico have joined the search for survivors. i'm bodies in haiti. they say the chances finding people are long as unlikely and so possible. well, the 2 sons and people are confirmed, as in more than 3 hundreds are missing. hurricane grace is killed at the state. people along mexico's east coast. it's one of the most powerful stones to hit the region in years. the winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, damage and buildings, and cars and flooding and power. outage is a powerful storm, has been graded from a hurricane, as it bears di, and on the east coast of the united states. tropical storm already is threatening to bring heavy rain and flooding. millions of people, the more and to stay in doors is one of the worst storms seen in the region. in decades,
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lebanon's government is increasing the price of fuel by 66 percent. it's reducing fuel subsidies to ease of fuel shortage. earlier this month, the central bank said it cannot fund fuel imports, subsidized exchange rates. the higher prices will further hurt lebanese people already suffering and unprecedented economic crisis. the world bank says it's the world worse in 150 years, conservation as sincerely in a reason to save the largest known concentration on endangered species of chimpanzee. they want to plant millions of trees with the help of the governments to reforest the animals the times in the northeast and low mountain range. but as the race reports, it may be too little too late, was clearings and now taking over what used to be pissed in forest, where giant trees one stood, tall and tempered, he roamed on conservation to say the area swarming with illegal timber lockers and
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porches and it's becoming increasingly difficult to stop them like this more bechtel being one of the because if you go across the country everywhere, there's a lot of logging going on. one of the serious mistake we made was to kind of open the lift the ban on the logging in the timber trail. 4 years ago, the government in theory, leon eased the ban on the timber trade. selling of wood piled up since the bad. but that decision only opened a floodgate of uncontrolled illegal logging in the shadows of the loom, a mountain home to 1500 western gym with ease. the month sonya community once hunted, the animals down. try to make amends. they want to plant thousands of trees. they helped cut down that is ivory. when he'd been able to eat the health of the forest means to health and safety about people. it's the source of our medicinal herbs
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which are also disappearing. logging and perching of also led to the shrinking of our rivers and streams. the government says it also wants to plant $5000000.00 trees to reforest lost areas. but conservation is said, the effort may be too late for endangered animals like the western busy la, sustainable. because you're talking about blanking new trees. we still need to stop the county that is going on with the existing. we could that this, we are the problem. if you cannot wait and lose that, to build new stuff, it's not going to sierra leone is home to more than 5000 was, did chimpanzees more than 1500 of them. i found them the normal mountain range alone, and they're far from safe. scientific data collected in parts of africa show for every often camping v. 8 to 10 adults may have been killed, suddenly owns normal mountain areas home to the endangered western species. conservation is under pressure to save them. after the resumption of lugging on the
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return of porters. as a trees are cut down, while chimpanzees lose their habit it. often chimpanzees had been sent to centuries . like the tech will go my chimpanzee sanctuary for protection. but even he ex, let's say porches, loggers and powerful individuals hungry for land i, encouraging on the last secure habitat for these primate. how many trees i did you see that one sonia and all these serial young? ah, this is al jazeera and these, all the headlines, functions of people in ghana phone are still struggling against any of the country . and so officials as 20 people and i known to have died in and around the airport in the past 7 days. the british military is describing conditions as extremely.


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