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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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different corner, every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not the one but several time program. that is when you're not punitive, you today on algebra. ah, me the chaos at the airport, but a semblance of normality on the streets of cobble. we look at the transition in afghanistan under the taliban. ah, on hasn't saker, this is edge. is it alive from the also coming up? the worst civilian disaster in israel's history hearing opens into a stampede. they killed 45 men and boys in april,
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making ways in the black sea tension in europe. over a series of incidents between nato and russian forces the conflict of ancestral land in brazil. indigenous people are preparing to march on the capital. ah, hello, it has been a week since cobble fell to the taliban, and people are still scrambling to leave afghanistan. at least 20 people are reported to have been killed in the chaos at the airport. over the past week. the british military is calling conditions. extremely challenging. caught up on fighters have been manning, checkpoints around cobble airport, and blocking people without documents from entering. of us says, 17000 people, including afghans, americans and other nationals have been flown out, but many are still stranded. american commercial airlines have been ordered to
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provide planes to help speed up evacuation efforts. the 18 aircraft won't go to cobble, but will instead transport afghans who've already been flown out to their final destinations. char stratford landed a cobble airport in the past few hours and said this update. we are on the side of the pool. i'm seeing huge lines of people. these people have, haven't already had the papers processed. we run about an hour ago, long lines of guns climbing on to military call me to, to call around the world. i could play related to south africa play with the straight in italy like earlier today. there is a sense of a call shouldn't be location we are, but as you can imagine, a lot of tension occasional come heard in the,
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near the sanity. we speculate that these are warning shots, it's being reported at least that things have been a little bit more orderly today, certainly compassion to, to, to with exchange. we've seen in the last few days we've been speaking to people who i've been queueing up some of the things that i've said. trudy made a pretty big one guy. you've worked with western media. many is very articulate. say like this is being a brain, right? because he was an incredibly sad time for, for, for afghan stuff. but he just that he wasn't prepared to give it probably bomb benefits out. many of those who've managed to get out of afghanistan are at the us in our day, the airbase here in carter jamal is therefore jamal has been described as the biggest air lift evacuation. what more can you tell us about that?
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well, we're expecting another aircraft thrilled with refugees to land any minutes now at the base. this is behind me where the aircraft saw taxi. this one is a military base between the military and the us military. there have been some 7000 refugees who have been both african national have been brought to and then will then be process to go elsewhere. the country force itself has been able to lift several hundreds and as we heard from charles, the challenges don't just pertain to the feasibility of physically being able to fly people out of a kind of somebody. it's about getting through the airports itself. and that has been really taking a leading role in ensuring the safe passage. so there were reports of the bus that are in afghanistan was physically participating in car convoys that was taking
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people mainly there looking up students, women, and those that are seem to be more vulnerable, possibly to any potential threats, all it all despite the fact that obviously there has been several assurances verbal assurances given by the taliban. the new router is on the ground there that there is an amnesty for anybody who worked in the state that they would not be going off to anybody. but obviously there are those who wish to take the chances, leave the process then from here is still a marathon one because processing that people see which countries there will be going to finding enough space for them to live. the american base here has found difficulty and find the get condition space and better than things like basic facilities, necessities like point, if and so forth, that being fed up the coming under criticism and some of the media outlets. faith said that they've put in orders for more portable toilets and make things a lot easier. so it is what has been, as you say, described as the biggest,
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earlier evacuation in history. it's ongoing, we're expecting, as i say, and other crops or land any moments and there's another course, one that will arrive on monday, how long this will go on for we're not quite sure, but definitely it if a massive logistical and security operation to say that he's dramatic, thank you. jim alice shale at the base in copper forest after the u. s. now, heidi ho, castro is in washington force. heidi what, how is washington reacting then to all of these developments has i'm president biden met with his national security team this morning. as, as advisors push back on criticism, calling this u. s. withdrawal a disaster. jake sullivan, the national security advisor was on nbc saying that yes, the taliban is in control on the ground. but he says that us forces are in daily communication with taliban fighters to assure that us citizens are given safe
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passage through the checkpoints. he said that it was up to the us military though to get those people the final few meters to the airport itself. this happening admit reports of deteriorating security around cobbles, international airport. yesterday we saw military helicopters taking those americans the final few meters as reports of now, as you said 20 some afghan civilians, including a toddler among those who have died outside the crowd. now a total evacuation numbers of why house saying 25000 americans and afghan allies have been evacuated from us. can a stand since august 14th the day before cobble fell and in the last 24 hours, 8000 individual, they'll either flights not only from the us military, but also from coalition countries. and now there will be more plains added to the
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mix with the president, activating the civilian reserve, air fleet, 18 aircraft from commercial airlines in the us that will be used. they will not be going to cobble. rather, they will be taking evacuation from cutter and other areas that have been serving as a safe staging area before transporting those evacuees to their final destinations . has them hardy, thanks for the hot jo, castro in washington. one week after the taliban took over kabul, the our group is busy trying to form a new government. senior taliban leaders are in talks with their commanders, former government figures and religious scholars. charlotte bellis reports from cobble for the united states. call him a global terrorist and off is a $5000000.00 reward for his capture. yet, one week after the taliban took control leila from man. had connie moves freely around kabul. the taliban lead his schedule is full of meetings with afghan leaders
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. that we're going to collect every group and political groups, all the groups and united them and work together to build a better afghan, astonished and defended. senior taliban leaders have spent the week in negotiations . they say they won't and inclusive government. hello. hey, connie is a leader and connie network and remain on terra watch lists and under un sanctions . but now here in carville up to one week, he's acting as a diplomat. connie even slipped at the home of hash met ghani, brother of the former president ushers. connie ms accepted the government but very frankly, i've been telling them over and over and they do understand they know how to bring security. they are lacking totally when it comes to finances. and as far as having educated people that can come by and run the country,
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part of the us telephone agreement, signed last year, was that the us will continue to provide funding to we're going to stop during and after it's withdrawal. but since the tele bonds take over, the us has 4, is it more than $9000000000.00? and as can central bank reserves. and the international monetary fund says, as going to son can no longer access, it's lending the consequences. severe. and i have talked to the leadership of abundance over and over actually every night, almost the hour of the morning. you never touch in any sunshine. look at it. the rich, the powerful will survive. it's the common people that it's going to get hurt off the years and hiding that head. connie has publicized they returned to cobble, who lives in charge of the capital security. his nephew, enough, smith, the former president hubbard, cause i and ceo of dealer of dealer this week taliban deputy leader surgery dean connie also visited with the money to a our,
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our issue was with the occupation. there was a superpower that came from the outside. and it divided us, they forced a war on us. we don't have any hostility towards any one level. and the taliban says it will not announce who is in the government and its structure until foreign troops have left the country. in september. charlotte bellis al jazeera kabul fell ahead on ag 0. battling down the hatches, powerful storms, thoughts lashing the ne in united states will have a live up in a hello there. let's look at the weather across the middle east and levant, and it's hot. it's dry and it is pretty quiet temperatures all where we expect them to be for much of the region apart from oman. we are seeing the temperature down
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slightly in moscow. that's thanks to southern winds that a kicking in over the next 2 days. but it will pick up from wednesday for the wet weather, we have to move to western areas of yemen within showers, with the odd storm. and those join up with heavy funder storms across that central belt of africa. and this was the scene in, in north eastern areas of the democratic republic of congo. cuba province saw those torrential rains lead to flash flooding. and some of those floods edged into the border of uganda. we could see more of those floods, but in the west as the rain for heavily here come tuesday. now for southern areas of africa, much of the wet weather has eased on that eastern coast. but we are seeing some showers across las sue to mr. we're coming in at 18 degrees celsius, but there's plenty of sunshine elsewhere. cape town at $22.00 degrees, but the temperature is going to dip down and the wet weather is going to arrive by the time we get into tuesday and natural weather update.
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the news from frank assessments, by way it is again freedom, suppress informed opinions what you saw happening get from market it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate here. it's not between cooler and any other great companies here that 4 years running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh, the me
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again, you're watching. i just, you know, reminder of our top stories, thousands of people in afghanistan are still struggling to get out. the nature official says 20 people have died in and around the airport in the past 7 days. the british military is describing the conditions as extremely challenging one week after the taliban took over cobble. the group is busy trying to form a new government. senior taliban leaders are in talks with that commanders, former government figures and religious scholars. israeli and strikes have again pounded the besieged garza strip israeli security forces saying homicides were targeted over night. include weapons, storage and manufacturing facilities. israel is deployed more troops to the garza border fence over the latest israeli escalation hall as cross border gunfire earlier on saturday. at least 41 palestinians and israelis soldier were injured
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during a protest near the border. 13 year old palestinian boy was shot in the head and is critically injured. you say it's sent this update from god. today, the policy infections held a press conference to respond to these air strikes, saying that they would send a message earlier message, good israeli forces in government that their popular activities are going to try taking place in the gaza strip from today, according to a certain plan and vision that the policy instructions have agreed on, and they have invited the palestinians to widely participate in these activities. they said that these activities will keep going on until the reconstruction of the god, the strip is implemented. and the siege is fully listed on gods and that they will not. they will not allow what they use railey army to
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continue its aggression on an armed pavilion like what happens in the violent trial yesterday on his side, minstrel, necessarily bent as prime minister of israel said that the will hold any person who is going to be threatened to the forces or settlements accountable for any kind of violence. reacting from the gaza strip and israeli government commission has started hearings into a fatal stampede at a jewish pilgrimage site. in april 45 people were killed at mount maryland during the lag bowman holiday natasha name has more from west to reason. this has been described as the deadliest civilian disaster in israel's history. 45 men and boys were suffocated and trampled in
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a narrow tunnel during an ultra orthodox jewish pilgrimage. on sunday, a state commission began a hearing into the death and to make sense of whether or not the death could have been prevented for years. tens of thousands of worshippers flocked to mount marin in northern israel. a police commander testified that over the last 30 years there had been no attempts made at limiting the crowd size and if there had been, it might have caused a bigger disaster. and yet for years and is really government watchdog had deemed mount marin dangerous. there had been accusations that former prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to curb the crowd size due to pressure from ultra orthodox leaders. this hearing is open to the public. it will involve calling numerous witnesses upon completion. the state commission will present its findings to the government. if there is evidence
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a crime has been committed. those findings will be passed on to the israeli attorney general. of the number of people killed by a powerful earthquake in haiti has risen to more than 2200 search for survivors. and bodies continues with rescue crews from mexico joining the operation. they said the chance of finding people alive is unlikely. government is been criticized 1st response and asked them or hearken already has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's made land for on rhode island in the north eastern coast of the united states. but still packing strong wins and torrential rain. millions of people are bracing for flooding. falling trees and power cuts must bring in john henry, who is a little further north in montauk low island in new york. for sir john, what's the situation that for the will to die
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down here on long island in show has the heavy rains. now you can see behind me the high serve which a couple of hours ago. busy we could hardly see because the wind and rain was so heavy now that that has largely moved on to rhode island where it's made land fall . and those surrounding bands are hitting the neighboring state of connecticut. it has moved on from here and made a direct landfall. we expect that to include heavy rain and water. the concern there is, is overwhelming waters washing into the sure with high serve. and that could cause serious problems the winds could cause power problems. connecticut is one that hundreds and thousands of people could be out of power. this was a storm that initially had 15000000 people in its path that's about 6 of the united states. but as it died down from a category one hurricane to
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a tropical storm, that risk went down. and now the concern is that as it slows down when it goes inland into rhode island in connecticut and other states, that it will carry those heavy rains in linger because as it slows down, it doesn't make it less dangerous. in some cases, it makes it more dangerous. there is the threat of wind, but there is also the heavy threat of lane. and that's what happened in hurricane sandy, which took our left hook in 2012 and went directly into the state of new jersey. and caused a lot of damage with a heavy waters here. normally hurricanes, don't hit the northeast coast, is much as they do the south east. and that's because the winds tend to drive them out in the ocean. but here the water has already been felt in the state of new jersey, which was not directly in the past of this storm. i drove through there over night and watched cars get swept off the road. you could only see
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a few meters in front of you, and that's the kind of outer band problems you have. well, the inter bands are going to be much heavier as they go into rhode island and beyond. so we're waiting to find out what happens there, but she run long island. it seems to have been largely spared. and there was that here on montauk, jutting out into the atlantic, that there could be significant damage and significant range here, but already are starting to see people go outside. there are people walking on the beaches. they feel spared, but that storm is moved on. and it could be hours before we find out just what devastation it might require, and it's expected to sweep on up the coast of the united states through tuesday. john, thanks that john henry live 1st. there in montauk new york, and apologies for my early geographical area. there are the long island is of
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course, south of rhode island in new york. as i said earlier, a staying in the u. s. and 10 people have been killed and dozens are missing. as heavy rains hid the state of tennessee, the town of mchugh and just west of nashville had record breaking rainfall, the sweat, the way homes and flooding streets. a search is underway for 30 people who are still missing. a power cuts caused by the storm have hampered rescue efforts. a china has evac to activated its emergency flood response. as heavy rains continue to batter several regions in situ one province. almost 19000 people are affected by the storms which have caused mud slides and cut off highways. a wildfires are burning through 200000 heck there's a protected land. in bolivia, the area is twice the size of london and his home to an isolated indigenous communities near the border with brazil. local authorities say the fires, a threatening conservation zones and re animals. indigenous leaders from across
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brazil are preparing to march on the capital brazilian. it's a head of a major supreme court ruling that could lead to the boundaries of their protected land. being reviewed monica janik, you have reports from potty time seems to have stood still in the colonial city of paris. she 250 kilometers south of rio de janeiro, but upon the hills. a conflict as brewing, indigenous leader knew that the car is fighting to reclaim what she says or what ne ancestor lands in. she's so frail. we are constantly being invaded. even during the day we surprised men with knives and somebody set fire to our bathroom. we're having a village meeting. you know, the father, the village chieftain bought a hector's of land in 1998. and then 32 people have settled here, most of them women and children. until recently,
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the village got along with the neighbors. not anymore. you know, they don't pay attention cleared. when they went on, he asked the government to dev market their lands and brazil's national engine foundation for ny said the tribe had the right twin area 300 times larger than their plot that i wanted you. those me just search in 2017. when i officially recognized that 2370 hector's were indigenous lands. the next step should have been to decide what lands, if any, should have been demarcated. but the process a stonewall when jericho sonata was elected president the following year. neil, the neighbor salia works as the cleaning lady in a chalet nearby since her family and others feel betrayed. they've grown up in but she and fear that if the area becomes an indigenous reservation, they'll lose their homes. i want a bucket clean, cut them up, bass. why did indians once so much land? why can't they be happy with what they bought? the traditional system will decide who has the right to watch,
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but we'll know that these days money decides all. if the dimmer cation happens, that what a needs will take over this whole valley. a place were farmers and fishermen, but also well known actors and foreigners have invested time and money and which president jade wilson out. the tourism industry should further exploit contributing to the rising tension. since last year, a military police car has been patrolling the indigenous village up there 3 times a day, 7 times a week. the patrols were requested by rio de janeiro program by protecting human rights defenders. those who knows but they are connected. the automation is to keep north her alive, so she can pursue her legal battles up. but the mayor of better she has taken sides and has asked for the dimmer cation process to be a no. what did ia feel? my dear, it's one thing to have a team,
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a cation process going on in the amazon or national park. but here with is a local population that's been established and there's bound to be conflict for noise and decision to rule one way or the other has only made things worse by this land conflict is only one of the 100 still pending and growing while thousands of indigenous people wait for the supreme court to decide their faith. monica not give, i'll just 0. but she vietnam has reported its highest daily death toll from the corona viruses. the pandemic began health authorities analysis, 737 deaths and 11000 new infections. more than 8000 people have now died from covey . 19 in vietnam, hutchins city will begin 2 weeks of strict restrictions from monday. more than 10000000 people have been warned to stay indoors. australia, as most popular states has reported another record high in corona, virus infections as its struggles to control and outbreak. their new south wales
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recorded 830 locally transmitted cases of the highly contagious delta vary and the rise comes to spite strict lockdown measures attention growing between russia and nato in europe. after a series of incidents between the military forces, moscow says nato spy planes have stepped up, attempts to gather intelligence in the black sea region. andrew simmons spent a day with british royal air force pilots stationed in the romanian coastal city of constant. ah, they call them q r a's quick reaction alerts from the physical sprint to the thrust of take off. within minutes, these nato fighter jets can intercept or trek russian. warplanes is the latest incident, the top left of the cockpit, russian fighter jack intercepted of the romanian coastline. it's close with no room for mistakes. 10 meters would seem quite close to $21.00 on initiated since
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relative procedures is totally normal. it's been set to in that range. but raffles commanders, there's nothing normal about what's happening. probably my center since then we've had, i think anytime you fly inside a flight information region of another country, not following the normal without flight plan, then i think it's not the sort of behavior we'd like to see in the special community in the, at their own stand by 247, and when the alert comes fast moving is an understatement. when this plane gets airborne, it could fly it up to 20 kilometers a minute. the nearest russian airbase is less than 280 kilometers away. it's in crimea, which was illegally annexed by russia in 2014. that's the main reason for added tension in the black, c, j, your, or those somebody in june,
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british naval maneuvers unrelated to night. so that's a confrontation with russian forces. partition warship tell her story. i will continue to follow the we recognized $39.00 and less than a week ago, a russian military commander said nate, so surveillance, including spy planes, had nearly triple since 2019. russia sees what nato calls in their policing neighboring states as an escalating threat. romania is buying u. s. built at 16 to up graded samples, remaining for start growing and the big process of modernization. and we will not finish with the 16. we will continue to develop and to upgrade the remaining net force that says brinkman's ship appears to increase a long sonnet, then the danger of one small mistake causing more hostility. even open complex
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systems, just 0 constant remaining. a german chancellor angle merkel has soul to reassure ukraine that it will not be affected by the construction of rushes, nor stream to pipeline. on a visit to key, she told the cranium president that germany will not allow russia to use the pipeline as a weapon. under a new deal between the u. s. in europe, the pipeline will carry grass from russia to the ear without passing through ukraine. president vladimir zaleski says the agreement is a threat to his country and the region. ah, all right, around up the top stories on thousands of people in afghanistan are still struggling to get out. a nato official says 20 people have died in and around the airport in the past 7 days. the british military is calling the conditions extremely challenging.


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