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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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0 is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and mrs. ease brought together in this one nice organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on. and that's a key strength of answer here. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm hasn't seen this is the news out live from the coming up in the next 60 minutes . chaos at the airport, but a semblance of normality on the streets of cobble. we look at the transition in afghanistan under the taliban, bending down the hatches as a powerful storm makes landfall in the north eastern united states. the worst
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civilian disaster and israel's history. a hearing opens into a stampede that killed 45 men and boys and i and making waves in the black sea tension in europe over a series of incidents between nato and russian forces. and we harding with sports manchester united equal the premier league record for consecutive away matches unbeaten. and chelsea remain perfect, leaving arsenal with more headaches. plenty more on that action coming up later in the news. our me we begin in afghanistan where people are still scrambling to leave a week off the cobble fell to the tunnel on at least 20 people are reported to been killed in the chaos at the airport. over the past week to british military is calling conditions, extremely challenging. tolerable fighters have been manning, checkpoints around cobble and blocking people without documents from entering. the
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u. s. says 17000 people including afghans, americans and other nationals have been flown out. but many a still stranded american commercial airlines have been ordered to provide planes to help speed up evacuation efforts. the 18 aircraft won't go to cobble, but will instead transport afghans who will already been flown out to their final destinations. charles stratford landed a cobble airport earlier and sent this update. we are on the side of the boat. i'm seeing huge lines of people. these people have, haven't already had the papers process. we wanted about an hour ago, long lines of afghans climbing on to call me to call around the world. i could play related to south africa flavin. now the australia lights earlier today, there is a sense of
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a call shouldn't be in the location we are. but as you can imagine, a lot of tension occasional come put in the mid this unity. we speculate that these are wanting shots, it's being reported at least that things have been a little bit more orderly today. certainly capacity to, to, to change. we've seen in the last few days we've been speaking to people who i've been hearing up. some of the things that i've said, judy made a pretty big one guy. you've worked with western media. many is very articulate. say like, this is being a brains, right? because he was an incredibly sad time for, for, for afghan stuff. but he just that he wasn't prepared to give it probably bomb benefits without when many of those who manage to get out of afghanistan are at the
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us in our data base here in copper demolish is therefore such a man. we know there's been reports, the u. s. space has been struggling to accommodate such large numbers. how the conditions now what has it's been a huge influx of civilian thing. i've done a landing here or they over the past few days and the people we've been speaking through as well as obviously the media reports have been coming out. i've indicated that the base was not equipped or ready for such a large number of civilians coming here. they were initially being placed in one of the bunkers that us just off the runway here. that's all we did have air condition, was very weak air conditioning units. that was no one you're capable to do any difference in the summer of proper to the some 6700 guns who are being house. and
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it's, thankfully, they've now be moved to another location roughly 15 minutes away from where we're standing, where there are more portable pilots, the more or better living conditions, so to speak. just in the past. our has been since we last spoke. i thought the military plane, the 3rd of its kind to land touch down here over a 100. i've done civilians on board. we saw a very elderly friends. we saw younger ones. even babies being helped by their parents were told the majority of their crop were students who are being escorted out of the country. and that's being facilitated by the countries. there is a 4th 34th carpet will be landing on monday with a similar amount of people now has really been leading the way in both helping what has been described as the largest humanitarian era recreation in modern times, as well as in participating itself to the point that its envoy from baset or
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incredible was present among some of the motorway motor chromeboys that were taking people through the streets to couple airports. obviously we heard from charles there how difficult it has been for those who wish to leave to get to the airport to go through the process and come somewhere. but obviously you've got to think about how large of trying to sign is the remote areas and how much more difficult to fit for people there. one thing that's not locked on, everybody, obviously, that while there has been a renewed push for outcomes to leave the country over the past week, this is a country to war phone. it's been destroyed for, for the past 20 years by war that wasn't necessarily left by the band. and while there was a lot of focus be put on this latest wave for refugees. for many, it is a chance to leave a country that they haven't seen more anything less than constant death and destruction and the momma. it's not permission to try and facilitate those people here. and i thought it has been something that has really force
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a lot of corporation between catherine this allies and it's one that looks to be ongoing for several days if not week to come to man, thanks for that. you might be in all day database in a couple or tell us now how do you know castro is in washington for so hardy? what's been the reaction there to the latest developments, particularly given that all of the criticism that the administration there has come under because of the way they've handled all this sure has him. the white house earlier today release its updated evacuation number's saying that 25000 people have been evacuated from us can stand since august 14th the day before cobble fell on. now these are people who are evacuated both on us military planes and coalition flights. and the u. s. saying that in the last 24 hours, there has been an escalation in the piece of these evacuation with 8000 people being taken out of the country. the president met with his national security team
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this morning that was just after he activated the civilian reserve air fleet. these are 18 commercial planes that have been now commanded by the pentagon to assist in this evacuation. now they're coming from 6 different commercial airliners in the united states. and while these planes will not be flying directly to or from cobble, they will help in that 2nd leg of these evacuees journey, which is from the staging areas like in culture and other places. and then on to their next destination. now, me while the president's advisors have been talking to the u. s. press trying to defend the u. s. actions was defense secretary lloyd austin saying that no one could have predicted the afghan government could fall in 11 days. saying that now the u. s. military would use, in his words, creative ways to reach those trapped americans who remain jake sullivan,
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the national security adviser saying that acknowledging while the taliban is in control on the ground in cobble that they are in daily communication between american commandos and the taliban fighters. there to see that americans are given safe passage through the taliban checkpoints, while acknowledging the deterioration and security as we've heard about surrounding cobbles airport. yesterday to there were several helicopters operated by the us military, the to some 350 americans. those last few meters into the airport itself. that was after reports of potential threats from isis. and of course, from the devastating humanitarian scenes we've seen outside of the airport. with some 20 afghans now reported dead in the crowd, including a toddler who was crushed to death. these are horrify images as certainly the american public are taking in as well and the latest pulling from n b. c. news shows that 60 percent of americans disapprove of the way president
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biden has handled the situation. and he is set to address americans this evening on the situation in afghanistan. alright, hardy. thanks for that. hardy jo. castro, in washington force. a former u. k. prime minister, tony blair has criticized the u. s. military withdrawal saying it is not in the interests of afghanistan or the west of blair sent troops that 20 years ago after the 911 attacks. i support a lot of what president biden has done since becoming president. i mean, i have a great respect and admiration for him as a person, and i understand he inherited disagreement of february 2020 which, which was very difficult. and i also understand if you are a political leader, you're under political pressure, people, people want the engagement to end. but we've got to realize we were in a situation where our engagement was dramatically different from where it was 10 years ago. never mind 20 years ago. and where we could have managed the situation
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and the problem with what, what's happened now, and this is, this is my worry is it's not just about the african people and our obligation to them. and, and obviously you feel that mean distress when you see where you see people realizing what they're going to lose as a result of the taliban coming back into power. it's all just about the how can people it's about us and how security, how the current u. k prime minister force johnson has called an emergency g 7 meeting to discuss the crisis in afghanistan in a tweet. he said, it is vital that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations, prevent the humanitarian crisis, and support the african people to secure the gaines of the last 20 years. let speak now to poor brennan, who is life worse in what were in london. so poor, hard not to see in those diplomatic comments from the british prime minister, the little indication of the frustration that's being felt among america's partners
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with a lack of communication. yes it's, it's a very delicate balancing act that the allies and g 7, the nato nations have to have in order to deal with the united states who are the primary sort of participants. i suppose in the evacuation of cobble and of afghanistan. that said, that has been quite extensive and widespread, and deep rooted criticism of the way the white house has gone about this. this whole operation, this whole drawing down of american troops. the fact that boris johnson, the u. k. prime minister has called tuesday as the day for a virtual g. 7 summit was expected, frankly, because we knew that when biden and johnson spoke last tuesday, they had said that they would be a g 7. someone we just didn't know when. so now at least we have a time and a date, but the statements to administrations put out did look a little bit different, frankly, as far as johnson statements said,
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it's vital that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations. the implication that reading between the lines that they haven't been working together very well. the bottom administration, jen, saki put out a statement over an hour later, saying the leaders will, will discuss continuing close coordination. so a very different spin being put on the white, honest by the white house. but we heard from tiny black, former prime minister, the u. k. have been other voices, frankly, all through the weekend. concerned that the united states has been going about sorting out its own priorities and leaving the priorities on the needs and the necessity of evacuation for other allies. robert, secondary in the considerations. little rickets is a former u. k. national security advisor said it's been a humiliating period for the u. k. i'm afraid we've learned that joe biden put us politics ahead of aligns solidarity. and britain hasn't counted for much in decision. and tony black in a different part of the statement that he gave in
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a risk of relegation to the 2nd division of global powers for britain. our greatest allies giving us little or no consultation. and we've got some serious reflection to do. i just finally, if i some of the, even the european union is concerned about this. joseph beretta, who is the european union's foreign policy chief. he spoke to, i have pay on saturday. i mean, it was critical of the bottom and administration saying that the way that the american military, heroic further efforts to get their own people out. they were putting such type constraints around capital that bought it was actually creating problem for other european nations to get that after our lives and thereafter in separate is out. so, you know, the united united states have been rather focused on their own needs. the expensive themes of the allies and collaborators. well, thanks for that pull brennan in london. one week after the taliban took over
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cobble the on group is busy trying to form a new government. senior taliban leaders are in talks with their commanders, former government figures and religious scholars. charlotte balance reports from couple for the united states. call him a global terrorist and off is the $5000000.00 reward for his capture. yet one week after the taliban took control leila from man. had connie moves freely around kabul . the taliban lead his schedule is full of meetings with afghan leaders. that we're going to collect every group and political groups, all the groups and unite them and work together to build a better. i've got to stop and defend you. taliban leaders have spent the week in negotiations. they say they won't and inclusive government. hello. hey, connie is a leader and connie network and remain on terra watch lists and under you in sanctions. but now you're in carville after one week. he's acting as a diplomat. hey, connie even slipped at the home of hash met ghani,
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brother of the former president ushers. connie accepted the government but very frankly, i've been telling them over and over and they do understand they know how to bring security. they are lacking totally when it comes in to finances. and as far as having educated people that can come by and run the country. part of the us taliban agreement signed last year was at the us will continue to provide funding to we're going to stop during and after it's withdrawl. but since the tele bonds take over the us has for, is it more than $9000000000.00 and asked central bank reserves and the international monetary fund says, as going to son can no longer access. it's lending the consequences. severe. and i have talked to the leadership of taliban over and over actually every night, almost at the hour of the morning. you never touch in any sunshine. look at it. the
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rich, the powerful will survive. it's the common people that it's going to get hurt. off the years and hiding that, had connie's have publicize, they returned to cobble, who lives in charge of the capital security. his nephew, enough, smith, the former president hubbard, cause i and ceo of dillard de la this week taliban deputy leader surgery dean. had connie also visited with the money to a our how issue was with the occupation. there was a super power that came from the outside and it divided us. they forced a war on us. we don't have any hostility towards any one level. and the taliban says it will not announce who is in the government and its structure and to foreign troops have left the country in september. charlotte bellis al jazeera kabul. plenty more. ahead on this news out the, the conflict over and says strong land in brazil,
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indigenous people are preparing to march on the capital. plus the government says children will not go back to school this year. but some think that's the wrong decision. and could this be the final bout the boxing legend? many pack out 42 year olds return to the ring ends in defeat. the news i mean while hearken already has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's made land full on rhode island. on the northeast and coast of the united states, they still packing strong wings until renshaw rain, millions of people are bracing for flooding, falling trees and power cars. let's bring in john henderson in montauk on long
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island. so john, what is the latest your getting there? on re walla drove the island with winds of 90 kilometers an hour. that is well below the $120.00 or so that is hurricane level. but it did send soaring waves, crashing on the still on the shore of the tiniest state in the us. now here on long island, which is the eastern most point, and where i am now is mon talk, the eastern most point on long island. the storm is largely passed by, but that doesn't mean that the damage is over in new jersey, the outer bands of that storm sent cars reeling off the new jersey turnpike. we witnessed that overnight as we drove through there. and then up here, there have been just hours and hours and hours of rains and that can cause flooding
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. there was concern, there would be flooding in new york city that seems to have largely been averted. the east river did not overflow its banks there. so for new york, although president biden did declare a state of emergency for this entire state, the worst seems to have been averted. but there's still the concern about the heavy waters, not just here, not just in new jersey that are still building up from all of those range, but also once it hits rhode island, connecticut around it. the concern is that the storm will slow down as it goes inland and when it slows down, that means more and more water continues to poor. and that causes flooding, which causes a lot of the damage that happens in these tropical storms. and there's also the risk of those high when they're not as high as the hurricane level, but they are still causing transformers to go out snapping trees, which then fall on power lines. that is one of the things that. ready cause massive problems in these storm, so bright,
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now much of the worst has been averted. this is an unusual storm in the sense that usually hurricanes tend to hit the south eastern coast of the united states. this is different because instead of pushing the wind in this storm outside this time, it's come into new england 1st time that has happened with a landfall in 30 years. so the last time this, we had a major storm hit. this part of the country, the mid atlantic was when hurricane sandy, in 2012 went up the coast and then just took a hard left turn into this state of new jersey. lots of when lots of rain caused tremendous damage there and that is the big concern here. some storms cause high winds and it is the winds that cause a lot of damage. in this case, the concern is that it would be flooding high waters. and that's what we're looking for in rhode island and in connecticut, and even further to the channels here where there could be flooding and other water
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problems that come up later their hours to go in this storm. it is not expected to end until today, and right now is in the afternoon on monday, here in the united states, plenty of storm power left and plenty of range yet to come. john henderson in montauk new york, thank you. are staying in the u. s. and 10 people have been killed and dozens are missing. as heavy rains hit, the state of tennessee, the town of mchugh and just west of nashville, have record breaking lane for that swept away homes and flooded streets. a search is under way for 30 people who are still missing. our cuts caused by the storm have hampered rescue efforts. john is activated its emergency flood response. as heavy wayne's continued to batter several regions in situ on the province almost $900000.00 people are affected by the storms, which have caused much slides and cut off highways. of the number of people killed
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by a powerful earthquake in haiti has risen to more than 2200 search for survivors and bodies continued with rescue cruise from mexico joining the operation. they say the chance of finding people alive is unlikely. the government has been criticized for the response to the disaster indigenous leaders from across brazil preparing to march on the capital, brazilian. it is the head of a major supreme court ruling the could lead to the boundaries of their protected land. being reviewed monica janik, you have reports from poverty time seems to have stood still in the colonial city of baghdad. she 250 kilometers south of rio de janeiro, but upon the hills. a conflict is brewing. indigenous leader nils becca is fighting to reclaim what she says or what any unsettle lambs i was in. she also fail. we are constantly being invaded, even during the day we surprised men with knives and somebody set fire to our
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bathroom while we're having a village meeting. you know, the father, the village chieftain bought a hector's of land in 1998. and then 32 people have settled here, most of them women and children. until recently, the village got along with the neighbors, not anymore. no pension cleared when they went on, he asked the government to denmark in their lands and brazil national indian foundation for 9 said the tribe had the right twin area 300 times larger than their plots. one of those majors i said in 2017, when i officially recognized that 2370 hector's were indigenous lands. the next step should have been to decide what lands if any, should have been demarcated, but the processes stonewall when jack both sonata was elected president the following year. mister neal, the neighbor said yeah, works as a cleaning lady in a chalet nearby. says her family,
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another's feel betrayed. they've grown up in but she and fear that if the area becomes an indigenous reservation, they'll lose their homes. i want a fucking cup a bad. why did indians want so much land? why can't they be happy with what they bought? the traditional system will decide who has the right to watch, but we'll know that these days money besides all, if the dimmer cation happens that what a nice will take over this whole valley. a place where farmers and fishermen, but also well known actors and foreigners have invested time and money and which president jayden wilson says the tourism industry should further exploit contributing to the rising tension. since last year, a military police car has been patrolling the indigenous village up there 3 times a day, 7 times a week. the patrols were requested by rio due to nero's program by retaining human
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rights, defenders. who knows, but they are connected. the automation is to keep nor soccer alive, so she can put you her legal battles up, the, the mayor of, but she has taken sides and has asked for the dimmer cation process to be a no. what did ia feel? my dear, it's one thing to have a team cation process going on in the amazon or national park. but here with is a local population that's been established. there's bound to be conflict for noise and decision to rule one way or the other has only made things worse by this land conflict is only one of the 100 still pending and growing. while thousands of indigenous people wait for the supreme court to decide their faith. monica, you know, i'll just 0, but she's going to head on israeli fight to get target. how much positions in gaza, palestinian protest on the portland constellation is race to safe?
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sierra leone is mounting chimps when the growing threat of illegal logging and in sport harry kane returns for known as the 1st make it to from to in the premier league. ah. hello there. let's look at the weather across the middle east and levant, and it's hot, it's dry and it is pretty quiet. temperatures are where we expect them to be for much of the region. apart from oman, we are seeing the temperature down slightly in moscow. that's thanks to southerly winds that a kicking in over the next 2 days, but it will pick up from wednesday for the wet weather we have to move to western areas of yemen within showers, with the odd storm and those join up with heavy a thunder storms across that central belt of africa, and this was the scene in,
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in north east scenario of the democratic republic of congo. cuba province saw those torrential rains lead to flash flooding. and some of those floods edged into the border of uganda. we could see more of those floods, but in the west as the rain for heavily here come tuesday. now for southern areas of africa, much of the wet weather has eased on that eastern coast. but we are seeing some showers across las sue to mr. we're coming in at 18 degrees celsius, but there's plenty of sunshine elsewhere. cape town at $22.00 degrees, but the temperature is going to dip down and the wet weather is going to arrive by the time we get into tuesday and natural weather update. the news more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company's now bankrupt our
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economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question 1000000 lost at home. the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank the man who sold the world on al jazeera when the new break, the bond has taken a handful of border crossings and that's kind of some north way with exclusive entities. and in depth report, my son ball way is full of hope. on the ground, there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more award winning documentaries and live on air and go 9 o
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a. again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories. thousands of people in afghanistan are still struggling to get out and they, to official says 20 people have died in and around the airport. in the past 7 days, the british military is describing conditions as extremely challenging. one week off of tyler bond took over cobble. the group is busy trying to form a new government. senior taliban leaders are in talks with that command as former government biggest and religious scholars. victoria fontaine is a professor of peace studies at the american university in afghanistan. she says, with a new government framework and national reconciliation is possible. the reason understanding that an insurgence.


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