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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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now more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy a world for you. everyone. ah . the chaos at the airport but a semblance of normality on the streets of combo. we look at the transition in afghanistan under the taliban. ah, no, i'm sorry. i'm in london, you're watching al jazeera coming up in the program. strong winds back to the northeast and us coastline as tropical storm on remake land full bringing lashing rain and the risk of flooding and power outages. centuries old festival goes ahead,
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ensure lying and despite rising cova death locked down mean. so crowd conservation is the writing safe. garrity on mountain channels from the growing threat of illegal logging. ah, it's been a week since the afghan capital combo fell to the taliban, and tens of thousands of people is still scrambling to board evacuation flights from the fifty's airport. the at least 20 people are reported to have been killed in the chaos that cobble appleton recent days. almost 6000 us and foreign troops of guarding the field. and there is increasing concern about security threads. taliban fighters have been manning checkpoints, and blocking people without documents from entering the airport. meanwhile,
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the us says almost 28000 people, including afghans, americans, and all the nationals have been flown out. that many are still stranded 18 us commercial airlines of in order to provide planes help speed up evacuation efforts . the aircraft won't go to cobble, but will instead transport afghans you've already been flown out to that final destinations or us president joe biden has addressed his nation as he faces more pressure over the evacuation efforts and called, but he again defended the withdraw timeline. so for the tale bond has not taken action against us forces so far they have by and large followed through what they said in terms of allowing americans to pass through in the like, i'm sure they don't control all the forces. it's a rag tag force, and so we'll see. we'll see whether or not what they say turns out to be true. but the bottom line is this folks look at the end of the day. if we didn't
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leave afghanistan now, when do we leave? another 10 years, another 5 years years. i'm not about to send your son or your daughter to fight napkins to be to fill a vouch in washington filled with we hear any more from the president, tom, at the efforts to expedite the evacuation of vulnerable afghans. yeah, i mean, he spoke about 2 different aspects of this festival that he said, the big priority was getting americans and legal permanent residents out. that's the main focus of the americans. but he was also talking about getting those refugees are getting those out who have worked with the americans over the years. we understand that over the last 30 hours, they've evacuated some 11000. that's a mixture of americans and refugees. because we've seen obviously those, those scenes at the airport with so many people, a clamoring not just to get on planes,
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but to get inside the airport. he said that what's gonna happen is he is actually in vote, an emergency actor and emergency law which compels us airlines to effectively land their planes to help transport these refugees out. no, he said it was voluntary. some commentators have described it as compulsory, but basically it says to the likes of american airlines and united airlines and delta and hawaii. look guys, just stop what you're doing and help us out. send us some of your planes, send us some of your stuff and let's get these people out. now these planes will not go to afghanistan. they will go to the bases where these refugees being taken to be processed. places like doha, like germany, like write a number of us basis. and then the idea is that they will bring them eventually to the united states once they secure those special immigrant pieces. so that's the plot. and then when they get here, the plan is for the to be a large processing site setup and dulles airport, which is the main international airport just outside here in washington,
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d. c. and then on there, they will go to various places including a large 10 city which is currently being set up somewhere in new jersey. but as i say, the main focus for the americans is to get their own people out in the problem that they've got is they don't actually know how many americans in afghanistan, many of them register when they arrive, but then they have failed to de registered when they left and many have also been told not to go anywhere near the airport because of that threats to the safety of those people trying to get into the ford. although president biden has said that the taliban are giving safe passage to americans and to those who want to leave, who worked with the americans, the accounts on the ground site that is anything but the case. marian, thank you from washington. phil laval taliban is trying to form a new government with hopes of a possible breakthrough in the coming week. group senior leaders are in talks with their commanders, former government figures and religious scholars. charlotte ballad has more
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phenomena. the united states calls him a global terrorist and off is a $5000000.00 reward for his capture. yet, one week after the taliban took control leila from man had connie moves freely around kabul. the taliban lead his schedule is full of meetings with afghan leaders . that we're going to collect every group of political groups, all the groups, and unites them and work together to build a better afghan. astonished and defended senior taliban leaders who spend the week in negotiations. they say they won't and inclusive government. hello. economy is a leader and connie network and remain on terra watch lists and under un sanctions . but now here in carville up to one week, he's acting as a diplomat. connie even slipped at the home of hash met ghani, brother of the former president ushers. connie accepted the government but
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very frankly, i've been telling them over and over and they do understand they know how to bring security. they are lacking totally when it comes to finances. and as far as having educated people that can come by and run the country. part of the us telephone agreement, signed last year, was at the us will continue to provide funding to ask on a stone during and after it's withdrawal. but since the tele bonds take over the us has for, is it more than $9000000000.00 and asked central bank reserves. and the international monetary fund says, as going to son can no longer access, it's lending the consequences. severe. and i have talked to the leadership of taliban over and over actually every night, almost the hour of the morning. you never touch in any sunshine. look at it. the rich, the powerful will survive. it's the common people that it's going to get hurt. off
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the years and hiding that connie has publicized, they returned to cobble who lives in charge of the capital security. his nephew, enough, smith, the former president hubbard, cause i and ceo of dealer of de la this week taliban deputy leader surgery dean. connie also visited with this money to a our, our issue was with the occupation. there was a superpower that came from the outside and it divided us, they forced a war on us. we don't have any hostility towards any one level. and the taliban says it will not announce who is in the government and its structure until foreign troops have left the country in september. charlotte bellis al jazeera kabul. well, the country government is hosting thousands of african evacuees until they can enter a country jamal. a shell is at the american, our data base in katara. and since it's not the date, this is the 3rd or 4th aircraft to fly. you refugees,
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what i've done. it's done over a 100 passengers, civilians, mainly students were on board this flight from travel early on sunday. it's not arrived here at the base. are they on board many students. so i thought i have said that the government had been able to evacuate several 100 afghans in total. this has been described as one of the largest humanitarian earliest operations in the, in the history more than 7000 blown out in recent days. the 1st, the 1st on the fact that military is when it's allies in the us airport here. i don't know, they had been huge because the influx of refugees coming in has been far greater than the capacity to house them. there was issues with where they were, the air conditioning and the really harsh from are here for you. that's and so
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point that has somewhat been resolved with some of the authorities here from the american. i think i've been able to reno case several 100 of these up to cation roughly 15 minutes from where we are standing. there was another plane expected to arrive a property military one that was arrived again on monday, having more refugees has been held by the national communities for it, for us and ensuring the safe passage of these refugees is logistical nightmare is one official described to me in the company i'm baset are and i've got a son has himself been present physically from a b one for you to ensure a safe passage way for those who have chosen to live up to one couple ah,
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tropical storm on re is battering a stretch of the northeast and coast of the us just hours after being downgraded from a heart can, more than 100000 people in new england are without power. millions of people along the coast have been told to prepare for violent winds and the possibility of days without electricity, even before making landfall the storms out of bands brought rack or rainfall to new york city on saturday evening. john henry brings us more now from the stones path and montague, new york. well, the storm has swept past mon talk and long island here in new york. it is largely gone from the mid atlantic, but rolled in with a fury in new england rolling with 90 kilometer in our winds. rank injure, rhode island. it snapped trees like twigs it toppled and crashed,
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boats against the shore and aggressively rolled through that town. the 1st time a tropical storm has done that in 30 years, in the small estate, in the u. s. and all the way from new jersey to the south to connecticut in rhode island in the north it his left floods and damage. there have been power lines that have gone down trees over them, and over a 100000 people so far have lost power and it could be a good deal more than that before the storm rolls as high as possibly main before going out to the sea again but some of the people who have been in its path is that it could have been a lot worse. they were surprised at how little damage it did in some places. now, here on long island, it was supposed to take a direct hit. but in fact, what happened was, it's skirted new york entirely, that is the eastern most point over there on long island in the state of new york.
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and rolled straight into rhode island and connecticut making a direct hit on rhode island. watching algebra live from london still ahead on the program, making waves in the black sea, how it varies of military incidents, is increasing tension between nato and russia. an ancient tribes thinking more than de settlement brazil's indigenous people wait on a land claim court. ah . hello there. let's start in australia and things are looking cooler across southern and south eastern areas. thanks to a cold front that swept across the bike and is now bringing a lot of the wet weather to new south wales. we could see some setting as well in parts of victoria. we have got some
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a lot thought that we are seeing some really windy conditions come into play on tuesday, particularly in those coastal areas. and we are looking at some rough seas now for perth. it has cleared up the sunshine, come through and we see those temperatures edge up, but it is going to be a different story in sydney, we sing a lot of the heat knocked out about a drop of 10 degrees. the more as the wet weather comes in, it's looking rather unsettled. now it's looking unsettled as well for the south island in new zealand, and there is more wet weather to come. pick a for those west and the areas that remains dryer in the east and for the north island. a little bit of cloud cover. but plenty of sunshine coming through on tuesday though, that where the system sweeps in, bringing a really strong winds and heavy rain to the south island. now we are expecting exceptional amounts of rain across a central parts of china, and we have got the highest flood warning out for he 9 province will keep an eye on that
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with the venezuela columbia address has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all and his wayland columbia. on al jazeera. oh, i
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back our main story now. been a week since the capital felt the taliban and tens of thousands of people are still scrambling to 40 evacuation fights from the fifty's app or at least 20 people reported to have been killed in the cale at combo ap or in recent days or the political negotiations concerning a new government and i've got to stop continuing with hope that might be a breakthrough this week. how about officials have been meeting for president? how many cars i am chief negotiator after after law. and tropical storm. henri is battering a strike, trevino, eastern coast of the us, just hours after being downgraded from a hurricane. more than 100000 people in new england has been left without power. in all the developments, at least 22 people have been killed and dozens and missing as heavy rains hit the u . s. state of tennessee, the town of mchugh and just west of nashville experience reco, breaking rainfall that swept away homes and flooded streets. searches on the way
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for up to 51 people who were still missing. but the power cuts caused by the storm have hampered rescue acids. china is activated its own emergency for responses heavy rains that continue to batter several regions in fish, one province, almost 900000. people are affected by the storms, which of cause mud slides, and costs off highways. rescue is use the cable wire and rather boats to help get several villages out from mountainous areas. well, israel has bombed parts of the gaza strip and an overnight as strike. it says it targeted him my sights on saturday and had a weapon storage facility. the attack was in retaliation for cross or the clashes earlier in the day, which left and his writing board or the police officer seriously injured. and his writing police are bracing for little violence at the border with cause or author policy. and teenager was also wounded on sat today. it was the group protesting of the board defense fund. gunfire erupted 41 other palestinians,
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also injured. israel has sent troops to the area a centuries old, put his festival, go ahead and shrank. i despite a 10 day national lockdown, the crowds and all that, but hundreds of performers and show animals and taking part as they've done for generations. now fernando sent us this report from the city of candy feast to the senses and the spirit this majestic crossed us elephant stepped out of the sacred temple of the 2 intra lunk of his capital candy. on his back, a casket housing rarely said to be the tooth of the founder of buddhism delta. no good. there is a big cause in so long, it may be that religion and maybe will if they think that these are the festivals like debate, i haven't done to bliss. look on the blessed people of the country and blessings is
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what the country desperately needs as covert 19 spreads rapidly. daily deaths have reached almost 200 new infection more than 4000 a day. after month, warnings were medical experts. the government has imposed a 10 day lockdown nationwide, but the festival is going ahead, as it is centuries ago, having been written about by the chinese pilgrim for him in the 5th century. the only thing missing the thousands of people who usually flocked the parade route every year. this time, 55 elephant isle, taking part in the pin day to read. to honor the sacred 2. hundreds of reformers, don says jugglers, musicians, and 5 readers will also take bought. many have done to for generation like sarah ignite at the money, how they can go amongst i put in me because i do this task happily. and i really
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enjoy taking part in the festival. the joy i had being involved is a 12 year old. i still have today. how do you send me the sunday marks, the final stage of the festival known as the up arrow, as it draws to a close. many hope that it's brought some respite from the misery of corbett. 19 fernandez, just the ra candy. as growing tension between russia and nato in europe, posture, a series of incidents between military forces. moscow says nato's 5 planes have stepped up, attempts to gather intelligence in the black sea region. andrew semen spend a day with british royal air force pilots stationed in the remaining coastal city of constantia, as they call them q r. a's quick reaction alerts from the physical sprint to the thrust of take all within minutes. these nato fighter jets can intercept or track russian warplanes is
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the latest incident, the top left of this cockpit, or russian fighter jets intercepted of the romanian coastline. it's close with no room for mistakes. tens of meters would seem quite close to $21.00 that's on initiated in terms of relative procedures is totally normal. it's been set to in that range. but raffles, commanders, there's nothing normal about what's happening. probably in my senior since then we've had, i think anytime you fly inside a flight, information region of another country, not following the norms without flight plan, then i think it's not the sorts of behavior we'd like to see in the special community in the, at their own stand by 247, and when the alert comes fast moving is an understatement. when this plane gets airborne, it could fly it up to 28 kilometers a minute. the nearest russian air base is less than 280 kilometers away. it's in crimea, which was illegally annexed by russia in 2014. that's the main reason for added
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tension in the black c. j your broader. those in june, british naval maneuvers and related to nato, led to a confrontation with russian forces partition warship tell her story. i will continue to follow the internationally recognized regional and less than a week ago, a russian military commander said nato surveillance, including spy planes, have nearly tripled since 2019. russia sees what nato calls in homestead policing neighboring states as an escalating press. romania is buying u. s. built at 16 to upgrade samples remaining for start growing and the big process of modernization. and though we will not finish with the 16, we continue to develop and to upgrade the remaining force that says brinkman ship
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appears to increase alongside it. then the danger of one small mistake causing more hostility or even open conflicts. andrew simmons, which is 0 constant in remaining well, the german chancellor, anglo merkel has sought to reassure ukraine. and it won't be affected by the construction of rushes, nor stream to pipeline on a visit to kia. she told the ukrainian president that germany will not allow russia to use the pipeline as a weapon under a new deal between the western europe. the pipeline will carry gas from russia to the e. u. without passing through the ukraine. present regime, as lensky says, the agreement is a threat to his country and the region will illegal battle over ancestral lands is brewing. in brazil, the supreme court will decide whether additional land should be given to native tribes. this is that the indigenous groups on a collision course with residents, farmers, mining companies, and foreign investors on
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a can give reports now from part she, the time seems to have stood still in the colonial city of butter cheat. 250 kilometers south of rio de janeiro. but upon the hills, a conflict is brewing. indigenous leader near the back of his fighting to reclaim what she says or what any unsettle lambs i was in, she also fail. we are constantly being invaded, even during the day we surprised men with knives and somebody set fire to our bathroom. we're having a village meeting. you know the father, the village chieftain, but it hector's of land in 1998. since then, 32 people have settled here, most of them women and children. until recently, the village got along with the neighbors, not anymore. you know, they don't pay attention cleared. when they went on, he asked the government did market their lands and brazil's national engine
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foundation for ny said the tribe had the right twin area $300.00 times larger than their plot. one of those majors i said in 2017, when i officially recognized that 2370 hector's were indigenous lands. the next step should have been to decide what lands, if any, should have been demarcated. but the process stonewall when jericho sonata was elect the president the following year. mister neal, the neighbor said yeah, works as the cleaning lady in a chalet nearby that her family and others feel betrayed. they've grown up in but she and fear that if the area becomes an indigenous reservation, they'll lose their homes. i want a bucket cleaned up a bad. why did indians one so much land? why can't they be happy with what they bought? the traditional system will decide who has the right to watch, but we'll know that these days money decides all. if the dimmer cation happens, the what a nice will take over this whole valley. a place where farmers and fishermen,
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but also well known actors and foreigners have invested time and money and which president jade wilson at the tourism industry should further exploit contributing to the rising tension. since last year, a military police car has been patrolling the indigenous village up there 3 times a day, 7 times a week. the patrols were requested by rio, deja nero's program protecting human rights defenders or not, but they were canister. the automation is to keep nor soccer alive, so she can pursue her legal battles, the mayor of better, she has taken sides and has asked for the dimmer cation process to be a no. what did ia feel? my dear? it's one thing to have a team cation process going on in the amazon or national park. but here with is a local population that's been established and there's bound to be conflict for
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noise and decision to rule one way or the other has only made things worse. by this land conflict is only one of the 100 still pending and growing, while thousands of indigenous people wait for the supreme court to decide their faith. monica, you know, i'll just 0. she, conservationists in sierra leone, a racing to say the largest non concentration of an endangered species of chimpanzee puts that further risk by illegal logging. communities want to plant millions of trees with the help of the government to reforest the habitat in the northeast. in loma mountain range, but as an interest reports it might be too little too late. was clearings and now taking over what used to be priest in forest where giant trees one stood tall and chimpanzees roamed conservation to say they areas swarming with illegal timber lockers and porches. and it's becoming increasingly difficult to stop them like
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this more bechtel being one of the because if you go across the country everywhere, there's a lot of logging going on. one of the serious mistake we made was to kind of open the lift the ban on the logging in the timber trail. 4 years ago, the government in theory, leon eased the ban on the timber trade. selling of wood piled up since the bad. but that decision only opened a flood gate of uncontrolled illegal logging in the shadows of the loom, a mountain home to 1500 western tim busy the months tonia community once hunted, the animals down. try to make amend. they want to plant thousands of trees, they helped cut down. that is i've only when he'd been able to eat the health of the forest means to health and safety about people. it's the source of medicinal heard which are also disappearing. logging and purging of also lead to the shrinking of our rivers and streams. the government says it also wants to plant
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$5000000.00 trees to reforest last areas. but conservation is said, the effort may be too late for endangered animals like the western busy la, sustainable. because you're talking about blanking new trees. we still need to stop the county if that is going on with the existing to we could that this, we are the problem. if you cannot wait and lose that, to build new stuff, it's not going to sierra leone is home to more than 5000 wasted too busy. more than 1500 of them. i found them the normal mountain rangel, and they're far from safe. scientific data collected in parts of africa show for every often chimpanzee. 8 to 10 others may have been killed, suddenly owns the mountain area home to the endangered western species. conservation is under pressure to save them. after the resumption of logging on the return of porters. as a trees are cut down,
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while chimpanzees lose their habit it often chimpanzees had been sent to centuries . like the tech who got my chin princes century for protection. might even he ex, but say butcher's luggage and powerful individuals hungry for land i, encouraging on the last secure hybrid for these primate how many degrees algebra one sonia and all these serial yawn. ah, look at the main stories now. it's been a week since the african capital cobble fell to the taliban, and tens of thousands of people is still scrambling to board evacuation flights from the city's airport. at least 20 people reported to been killed in the kale at the airport in recent days. almost 6000 us and foreign troops guarding the field and there's more and more concern about security threat.


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