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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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crimes, everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again to ranch. now together that feeling their way forward into the new reality. ah, i have some stories. herron al jazeera and joe biden says the us lead evacuation of americans and vulnerable afghans has accelerated bite and says more than 11000 people have been lifted from capella for just this weekend. it's not clear. this number includes non us evacuation flights. he's been under 5 for the pull out of us troops coincided with the taliban. taken almost all the country full of l is in washington, d. c. this is a huge domestic issue and you look at the polls today here in the u. s. he's down,
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his approval ratings down to 50 percent in one po. at another poll it's down 8 points on last month because the broad consensus among americans is they do approve if they're withdrawal. they just don't approve of the way that the president is handling it. so he was really concentrating in this press conference on the place of getting americans back when he said that is the focus. they don't know how many americans are in afghanistan because many have registered, but then they've not de registered when they've left cuz you have to register when you arrive. and they've been told not to go to the airport so many. i just kind of, you know, there are where they are, that are still left or if they're back home in the u. s. g o button is also said the test button. and so if i kept his word on allowing access to cooper that port me release 20 people have died in the chaos, trying to leave the african capital in recent days. really, 6000 u. s. and foreign troops all protecting the airport tropical storm. henry is battering a stretch of the northeast and coast of the united states,
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after being downgraded from hurricane. more than 100000 people knew in linda without power. fishermen and business owners be making last minute preparations, securing boats and 40 up shop fronts. at least 22 people being killed after record breaking at rains and flood was surging in central tennessee. among those who died, 2 young children rescued cruises still searching for dozens missing. but the power outages are hampering efforts. criminal gangs in haiti have offered a truce for a major earthquake last week, which aid groups hope will allow relief efforts to accelerate the death from the august, the 14th earthquake has risen to more than 2200. more than 340 people are still missing. relief efforts have been hampered by a trucks being hijacked by the headlines. more news coming up right after algebra world continues. as the sun go down,
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fairly challenging place to work from as a journalist, they're always pushing boundaries. part of the sample must always under love. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where auto media goes, goes, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. who's who's who's
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with me ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, lydia, he doesn't get in the sheet music loud. we are a, b, b, i the talk bains. i'm b r b r. yeah, be audible. so you know what?
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dicky markham, la, johnny, the markham. he think you mark on. i know this be, are the book you for move? the mom ish, the bhaskar, the libby, shark, buster creatures shark gloria stumble. be too little. be listed on be. she's the bus, cooper sheet or john some other one is in the she is the following. yeah. they don't just sign it because she is part of the shock, or john sung in a to check tongue allowed us to july, florida large. when you have anthem. com with the word is that he job mccaul with the young own b to b. b. lation massage. it may be the month flamenco, much to, to shop car wash, jani, why the wash? hershey wash, the lazy, la hon band stumble. it will cost. so stumble lolia have system williams and i many decision in the early city last room based digital miss yields rather
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than the last irish to meaning to be good july bush, mac lavish. this is leanne, a stumbled on a little bird or small laverne and with the hat gives what look in thought on her kid a chick their high kid be learning kids in reply. chelsea. i was only there looking back to the start complex that come with me at least you can see on johnny moody the to to do you know the religion like it fits what are you from the desire? what nationality tell you this? i'm trying to shine. be danny. then to come. i know. let me didn't you wash? i
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was one of them going on. tiny. on the sure. bush, i'm going to make sure that on kind of cool that more she did the museum booker party. interesting. yeah. anytime he got a mother clear, did he, michelle, was that like it talk to them between starting the car, shall they may, the near family likes and soften the shy and then be the up a lot of complex making the job the life looked like i was like i back there, jeremy, right. on how many of them that oh no. basically i made this josh. be there is showing them every boy you get this message and they pick your wash. and battleship . i think the binders who measured. hi, this is kind of my head to the stick. the jones shall not characters up, but it can neglect and and, and most bit pick a lab slash i be ticket of trillion each in their boss. what other bush and that
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was foolish. i'm had to do like a pick a luggage to your mind with our back. i don't know. i'm a friday, but you said most of the has the money on the letter either be that i took me in the the i mean, if you're the more severe in calamity of tidy inequality and on than color, mira dish has been made in its uni, be hum leer for the dance,
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bashed on secure. can watch them us as kids and i'll declare them in their kinda chord declaring the benign i met in the because she to fish and the top from the brush. could be sure why the animal party to do what again, was the yeah. the, you know, the large to be genovese kids. will the cook top clarebrook mr. brewer thought, let mr. nick, really because the because the i o or to put you in
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a coma or lose is so oh yes. oh oh, i love that room. let's go to the to conscious allow you more to go to this the your bush and the trick you're by is good to go to culture. that was the vehicle. want to get to the let the vehicle should ok. someone car dish dick equal. she goes, i want to, i'm going to be, she optimism someone's to necessary. the most stamped crew to reach out to my late to redeem chunk clog took design b. this where they are, the b chombo and often that they could get a little again, slack shades on digging
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a lot. mazda present the dog is today, or the last died is immune as on sharks. villages i remind italian partially done this. all the baggage related to london is on, but it is tomorrow and i could, i should have thought that the keys on the guitar name nick mitchell online, the online dot com. like if you go to the i should them shit for letter. the comic it is it. coma took a fleet myself luggage, a leather cook dish. if you give a shit to let you go, the other that often the delicious. i'm over in a delicious musk, isn't lilian? they'll be thought on the accord the know the the, they don't, they said i shall say. dick dick ah,
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if you manage to be guided, i will be football. i should pay the articles on that because i have to be urged to bite on said i'm not that hard to getting the committee if you know, let me to bend in a little bit, you know, a little bit him on the know this. now i get my sub she like moved on. my son, me now. go to so and it out of my solo thing go soda, e. see over vertical race. look at it. let us read my. let me see. my name is annette. i said that the little houses time if and there was tell him, i mean they knew bergen trash number that you john read the ever so can fill it up to land. a common unit up. good beer. drive me back in about half a minute or half of the oxide i that i get you on the in there or about my exam.
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okay. like they did. they learned denila sh yamisha here earlier talking are letters are less gwinnett each and that you are parallel yoke, your executive officer. and then we didn't assembly a clear terms here. a long long was a lot. i was a long way for me. oh yeah. oh, i oh yeah, that as much can which will thing and be sure i did you. i'm sure any movie told
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them i mr. mom, you could if you do the beautiful you still need to meet her to. yeah, it shouldn't be that the other a was him say be monday, be she told because in the cold. ah, she had to fill out which apartment i room with little but you need to be noble card bulk, all knitted up a card is to miss debbie. i mean to be hung while mother liked to look up on the own list and then mother football wide the room behind them on the car. she thought after talk, save the miss heidi my the i know with mr. mom hung up on the florida with a young madame rochell wide. could you shake energy that bulk with much card keeping? it's hard to get there, but by service are closer to me. how it gets cut on now. so to separate slightly, alicia that took me tissue comb with dish it they,
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they took you to describe the lisa, how can i get i get might emily believe? how can i get them by them? then i believe it's been awful. the i think it in jeannie believes that this regina believes yacht, a lot of fumble the old i b. jake shaleigh, the mariani bush go be the good m as in the money. i ha mm i oh, i mean is that you because i buy soon as the kid, as i like and i can deal with all the top this kid you'll be on medicine and to be seen in a pilot ship. some of the city door is on the militia to the over who's really appeal though i appeal,
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but i read him bending. this is m as in the be look with alerts. lucas references is in there. be sure marsha had top rock pan. gilliard. a name is i should was top radically or tell me good. yes she was. was it out lashing best you can message the top like that so i will top it on bud. and that didn't image a question was, will taught him top, brown brown, cut him, connor and cook on mash. and can they be no, because a louis it'll be allowed to. but here it is. our products are they are brushing to get you a good, easy to contribute mish post medina to have our stablish to case the deal that the dynamic that it gets your son i get called christian beginning because of that. nig,
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it's years old news, but the less just do useless rebuttal and listener ali acellus mutter lisman alice since my detail analysis, but nearly as soon as you logging in on the chance you'll let him or jack hon. lindsey jack, old rooms, amount the media, any old room is old, john was a zan nips shame the judge will number all not than a good amount of be. hi she in is an alternate crate. get you a copy. just stumbled most and again, a liquidation stumble joke because more probably to exert she had can with us the cool job because all my a bush, the 2 numbers olympic similar to me on my, on the, on the low. how can you stumble again? my see liquor to lead the you stumble, the letter to less square brush the the i
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had a couple of them and i a couple of them. i get you through that. you live at. i bet it is you clear homeless is just a been injure family shows sure. the humble that were made in the industry, jake box and the good to jake, mirror, fumbler. com. other than com? i bet you're there or not, but your call is campbell and make another part of it today. also funding all my music in cash. all the good through a lot of business isn't on the sion choking which is some of the truck you should be okay. did you make it push the kid some yeah. could i? could you make it with somebody there? if i go on the up, could it be to make it early but oh my god,
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the to family. my partner. somewhere in between. it came on the tray. i was over there might be on the park here. look, forgot. i'll be there more than you get your i do try to call the station. i cannot be sure technology be there for next year. say youngish the did there there do. yeah, i wouldn't cash it under the thumb below your colder should here to keep it back. i think beginning fumbling jani, because our color will blush me of the shade me flush the color bullet. but i'll be in the music problem. you get to the bush, but he gave you a woman bush unless you live. so she'll be sure. let me be the man. i'm only hydrogen. they took on a bullet glass when we get to the unit b. talk lush, mother wash cookie biggest. and i didn't even get to the problem,
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but the video card i called i chose the lemme get took out the percent from dominican disability. mr. problem that it began need to have a new problem that you got to rejected on then i video to there's a glenette before my blush. brandon really choke, talk to him. we're all i as good. you're good. i don't i have the best music dog. sorry. i'm i bare with me either time. can you try to get good to me on that? i kind of either. right or i didn't go to pure. sure. yeah. and our base others soon they are up missy. it's good. and they all teach shalon, batch of wash, louder, or the alarm be music when i started go to church, you is getting their 2nd back. my they kyla chrysler because they're divided the credit occasionally. i bet it again, the entropy guy did a moment to the on us, on a vehicle to be fair on done by and you can if you learn car,
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they're pissed. the mom slammed the truck at the ha return chart. i believe mostly to let my mother starting verified it, but then i brought in and you took all the unit visit each in for that book and he's in a busy meal. she says alexson on was shim devonne archive all anya, let him without laughing or shak lynn with shannon on the pinch, some on him, but yeah, and only the one that will be stuck in this is shirley shed bucket badge and riskiness cup cut them damage. cool. project here, be this early g, b, you too well a lot h. i'm one of the sites. i
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me either him is any better cache or carter, sir killer? 6. and then sorta. but the, that you jack how to stick with samples. i called the sample a gallon on high it on on the high autumn, the girl dim anger. yes sometimes. and it will be me mighty jewish door is our shop . it will not be the show me the grammy. don't talk us. she's the beginning to get more than she dixon will not get to jake. we are sometimes called me jack to turkey . dish rhonda auto like brass, curtis or hook has hay and money. and in given there be a big issue up, the navy, us and this family will be
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a part of my shannon is this let it run dilemma level that kerio which day could be new? i might be tough. spend any time after wrapping us on that on a pallet didn't act and they're going to make game that monday, which is sort of any of them which i'm sure you know to reject your cache kinda i totally, i had exam me ah ah, ah, yeah, back of the lucy shoot pocket shock,
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because i use a shock, lush. so last week from been groomed against resend. that's been all lower than mine if you ok steam. is that the article or some ski big on that every parcher. which fact in the old me, i in, in a c sharp khalilah be listed the me on the hot light would be good. and it shows music. saw dan, cuz today has to be cookies or stores that are. and in yama benji could alicia music. you'll love jack, the musket motors on a bush bush the get rejected. her sheet music. how can i room darcy? i'm only going to be available to be each done because dan, be a tanya and maybe tight over via and music. gotcha. and you said you love solar density surely do shock let's just leave the shaft must shut them as soon as shops. it may be
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funny. even even the room who is the oh i'm in the me. ah, i i
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i me, i i a story of known life and death, an israeli spelling operating on the deep cover in syria. knowing that discovery would mean certain death. algae, 0 well health gripping story markets by l. e. calling operated on the cover in syria,
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in the $960.00 notation career that ended in public execution. l eco and most at agents 18 on al jazeera me, ah, ah, ah, the latest news breaks north again, doing the best job. you can, we've seen one water to teen at wells far further with depot covering government. since the taliban is relying on human shield and losing people, shots and home from around the world, the price tag to the toko games have officially felt $15000000000.00 that already the most expensive summit games ever stage.
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ah. hello, they were expecting severe weather in parts of north america. thanks to hurricane on re now that's going to affect north eastern states in the u. s. and this was the scene in new york city ahead of its landfill. a constant was called off due to thunderstorms and lightning strikes. now it's expecting to make land for a cross long island in this area hasn't seen a hurricane in 36 years. we are expecting up to 250 millimeters of rain. so that means quite a lot of flooding expected and winds of up to a 150 kilometers per hour. system damaging winds. with that now we've had a state of emergency declared in new york, but it is likely to affect much of southern new england up into massachusetts. and it's got a bit of an unpredictable part. but it's expected to swing round into eastern canada, taking the wet and windy weather with it. now elsewhere, we are seeing some extreme severe thunderstorms rolling across the mid west,
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up into the canadian plains. so very wet weather on the way for the dakotas for minnesota. and for indianapolis, now elsewhere it is looking rather fine and dry across western areas. but we are going to see a lot more rain effect the florida panhandle. that's your update. the challenge of the brazilian dictatorship with the democratic run football team. the team has changed the course of the nation. the center was a revolutionary football, known to locals, as the football rebels concludes with the celebration of life and legacy of socrates and the corinthians, democracy movements on al jazeera as
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a resurgent taliban retakes of female activist journalists. and even school goes on to threats. one on one east investigate the fight for it's kind of stones women on al jazeera. oh, we have a long way to go. a lot could still go wrong. turbine says evacuation of us citizens and vulnerable africans being stepped up, but warns of hurdles ahead. carols continues it. port at least 20 people have di trying to leave afghanistan a recent days on clark, this is our 0 life. and that coming up strong winds back to the northeast in us
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