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that see some of the heavy downpours that you whether update the sponsored power cut on airways. oh, be the hero, the world needs right. ah, washer. in the this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm how am i? he's in width and user life and coming up in the next 60 minutes, taliban says it will not accept the extension of the august. 31 deadline for western forces to withdraw from of janice, done. and on desk man is killed a couple airports during the firefights involving western forces will have an update of air stone lashes. the northeast region of the united states flooding
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moves and leading thousands of fights for their right in victory. the people prepared to take on the mining moving to protect their lands. and i'm fine. how much was a memorable moment for one of europe's pop football club by munich salut, their legendary goals score. their native sa striker help sets another record me we begin in afghanistan, who are a taliban spokesman sense. the group will not extend the deadline for the withdrawal of western forces. your own group is one of consequences if us and allied forces withdrawal by the august 31st deadline, thousands of troops on deployed in kabul to evacuate their citizens and vulnerable
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off guns that have been chaotic and desperate scenes at the airport over the last week. and at least 20 people have been killed. the president says the piece of evacuations is accelerating. he hopes not to extend the deadline, but he hasn't ruled heights and does attention focus is only evacuation efforts. health organization is warning of a wider humanitarian crisis. it's a 500 tons of critical medical supplies are stuck in the u. v because of the hold up cobble airports. meanwhile, on the grounds, the taliban says it has sent fighters japan sheer to cancer resistance fighters. charlotte bellis begins coverage with this report on the situation at the campbell airport brought the north gate cobble international airport. this is where most people are asked to come to and in recent days has been closed because of what the us says is security threat from isolate. but the most people here,
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the biggest threat is dehydration is a stand page and it's constant gunfire. to actually get to this point, they have to run the gauntlet. first, we move through television, special forces, they know, and as the battery 313, and they control the perimeter of the tools. if you can get past them and convince them that you deserve to be able to get to the point and get on the fly out one of these evacuation flights, then you in the zone which is held by asking for some of the last campuses in the country, they're called the are ones and twos, they are funded by the ti i a and they have come to this area as a bridge between the telephone and the american. they are also doing checks and holding security. and essentially what is a no man's land? once you get past them, you end up where we are now, which has no security forces around. and it's just thousands of people gathering weighting and being overlooked by width and security forces with actually hold the
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key to the gate. and we'll decide whether these people leave the country. we have to correspondence reporting on the tension over a possible extension of the deadline to withdraw nasal forces that involved will have the case response on that from london. but 1st of all, mcbride's in the afghan capital role to give him that taliban announcements that it's not going to extend the deadline for western forces. what sort of thing can we expect to see in the coming days? it's difficult to say what the taliban might do. i will be expected to do. i mean, if this deadline you have to ask the question, whose deadline is there anyway? and who has the right to extend it or not? the deadline, the for the withdrawal of us and nato forces, it's something of a movable feature. many was originally fettered may the 1st under the original p steel between the trump administration of the taliban last year than in april of this year, joe biden extended it to the symbolically important date of september 11th in july
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. he then brought it forward again to august the 31st, so he is the one who has set this date. in theory, at least he can be the one who can unset. now the taliban doesn't like it. it has complained before and it is threatened that this breaks the agreements that they had in doha to which the us has responded that they broke the agreement 1st by not talking with the original african government at the time. but in any case, it's difficult to see what the taliban will do. they've made threats before. they haven't carried them out. and i think at this stage they probably have a lot of other more serious concerns. they have a country to run the country that they are taking over with all the various problems that they face. i think continuing to scrap with the americans comes pretty low down on that list. i think they would like to see the americans leave if they go over by a few days then so be it. they would really like to see it. and i think to the chaos at the airport as every other actor here,
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i'm sure would also be one of the more serious incident that we've had this monday as the chaos that has continued has been the shooting about which the details are still vague. the details were 1st revealed by the german military who have soldiers that the port, it says that soldiers, us soldiers were involved in the shooting. there was a one death and several injured amongst what it calls the african security forces which could be taken to meet. although we're not sure could be military units from the afghan forces, who, helping with the perimeter to secure the perimeter of the understanding. that was the last of the evacuation planes leave. they will have some of the last seats on it, but it remains some the details of it remain vague. we still don't know exactly who the gun men were, who carried out the shooting and rob. this also being some noise about a resistance movements that's coming up. certainly in the palm sheer region just
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explained. so here is what yeah, the pan shit valley is an area north of cobble that is traditionally been the home of resistance to the taliban. it was 25 years ago when the taliban at 1st emerged. sharma soon the line of pan share. he is a considered a hero here of the resistance, especially by the community now his son was involved in the more recent collapse. so the government needed trying to organize the resistance, so he's there in the punch it, but it remains very unclear about exactly what strength is. resistance force might be some estimates put it as low as 200-2500 soldiers. they had said that they are committed to resist, willing to resist. they are arms and ready for a fight. they say. but to the taliban has sent forces to meet them. they say they wanted to go see a, but if they have to fight,
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they will. and they have this time as they did not do 20 years ago when it was a base of resistance. they have surrounded the pantry valley pretty much so it remains really unclear at this stage if they want to have a fight. if they want to have some sort of resistance, just how far they would get. ok, rob night, right. there is the very latest form carpool road. thank you very much in deeds. well, the u. k. defense secretary ben wallace says plus his troops will leave afghanistan alongside us forces. he says it's unrealistic for them stay any longer. g 7 leaders . a meeting on tuesday to discuss coordination on the evacuation process. 19 bava is lifers in london and 18 the u. k. then saying it will leave alone finds the americans. does that mean the on august 31st 1st, who it says that they are working towards as well? well, it's hard to tell, but that message is we can't do it without the americans being that, but we'd love them to give,
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give us some more time. the case armed forces minister james, he p in the last 2 hours he said, but in a 24 hour period, the u. k. evacuated over 1800 people. and in one week they've got 6000. in fact, more than 6000 people out of afghanistan, and he says that names are being added all the time to the relocation list. he says that the focus of the u. k. right now is on getting around 1800 u. k. possible holders out of the country as well as 2275 people who are already on that relocation scheme. he does say that it can't be done without the americans, and he says, but persuading president biden of to try to push for an extension will be what prime minister boys johnson does on that virtual g 7 meeting on tuesday. that's a point reiterated by the case defense minister in the last few hours. i don't think there is any likelihood on staying on off to the united states. if that time
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table extends even by dale to then that will give us a day or 2 more to evacuate people because we already done 2 hours, 9 weeks. and we have to make sure we exploit every minute to get people that well. the u. k. says it's still hopes to get thousands more people out of afghanistan in the next few days, but it's also made clear that the taliban will effectively get what better. one is called a vote and any extension. and already on monday, the u. k. press is reporting a telephone spokesperson is saying, if the us or the u. k. were to seek additional time to continue evacuations. the answer is no, or there would be consequences. so it doesn't look hopeful. and new demon terms of public opinion. back in the united kingdom, where does that lie? right? because certainly the u. k. they've committed quite heavily to have gone the stuff
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over the past 20 years or so over 450 service personnel from the united kingdom have lost their lives there. where does public opinion stands and all of this? i g, the british people feel the government's handling this well, to be honest, i haven't seen opinion polling as we have seen out of the us, where the signs are the. so the majority of respondents think the bad news ministration has handled the withdraw badly, even though they support the idea of bringing all military forces out of afghanistan. here in the u. k. i know many people who have been involved in afghanistan, either a journalists or working with non governmental organizations who are being bombarded with appeals from africa and context to try to help them get out of the country. many of them have arrived at the perimeter of cub airport, with the guarantee that they will be on a flight with a visa,
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and they're not actually making it into the airport. so they're desperate reports coming out. but people are trying to get into the hands of these government ministers here in britain. there is a big push in the why the public, the, the, the debate is to how many actual refugees from afghanistan will be allowed either to enter britain or what will happen to those who are already here waiting for an answer. the recall is from some quarters for them to be given directly right now the right to remain in the u. k. in recent months and years people have been told it's safe to go back to cobble. well, i think that is very disputable, even from the government side right now. as far as public opinion on whether troops should remain in the country. i think that's, that's hard to say right now. ok, and teen bob. but their brilliance if you from london, the james, thank you very much. indeed. let's stay with african. it's done. but focus on the
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resistance to the telephone stake over in the north of the country. we can bring in an answer to a hockey ball. he's a writer and political analysts, i'm chilling, says no form kabul. it's good to have you with us on the news or the figure we hear . being mentions in connection with this resistance is not mine. so can you just explain to our viewers or perhaps not as familiar with the politics of the region? what sort of figure is he have importance? is he in afghanistan right now? well, thank you for having me. might be our v was know my food, he's on off how much, how much food, one of the military and political leader off of on the time that he had been killed, a 2001 before coming off. you need to force it into the sun and he was leading the war against the thought of body maintenance to 6 up to 2000
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when he was he has had been killed. now i'm a my food fun of how much i'm a food is a youth around 33 years old and he had a padded at the time universe and he had not at all previous ministration, either cause or didn't stop after the collapse of president sharp money administration, he was an issue and announced that he is going to resist against the taliban movement and he will not surrender to the tyler bond. now he is gathering dues. who are, i guess the thought of on an opponent of the taliban and he invites been to come to shoot into resist the thought of on. okay. but at the same time, our every force and we do hear from the local sources and then come in and share that talk between taliban representative and my suit. and they are in consultation
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. how to solve this problem in this competition based fully? well, this is the same thing if i could just jump in and ask you about that because deal leaking in the goosey ation is very, very important in the military context in afghanistan. is it not the fact that the taliban, i've said we want to negotiate rather than fights and even must to themselves have said look, we want to negotiate as well. what exactly are they going to the c 8 over? are they going to the go see over a way to co exists or to coordinate weights in the goofy h over potentially forming a government? how do you see those negotiations? putting both of those points are involved in the negotiation between taliban leadership and my food and his deputies intent to the
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1st one. busy is that my food, we had some information from the personal clues to muscle that he suggested and asked the pallet bond when he joined the taliban. and here they are working. busy and go to the local authorities from the valley should be chosen and taken from the valley and not from the other provinces to be brought to punish it and to run the government. and this is the 1st option. the 2nd is that that coming and newly farming government of the taliban should be. ready a tape for the most who has a support and also one of them that he made is that he is trying to find a government that is not basically atlantic and he wants to make a democratic government that is. ready acceptable and did that demand off
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of long as he sees in the international community. and he doesn't want to abundant fund, be isolated and not to get why international community. but one thing to remember that i should evaluate already and cleaned by the taliban forces from 4 sides put on by the shar, from babylon. 5 in some couple copies from either side. it is and clear of the taliban and it is very hard for my food and his support to defend as, as the father did, and 99 to 2001. okay. that situation and now is a little bit different and it is hard to be resisted with what it is. it's a tricky situation. indeed. he mentioned he's, he's a man and he's 30, he's still quite a young figure. we don't know how many forces he has a mass. if these negotiations fail,
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what do you think the the most probable i come would be? are we likely to see some kind of civil war rear on the thing with this led by this man in his thirties? or do you think that the resistance is perhaps built up to be something more than it actually is? well, one as a whole of tired of the war, no one wants war and no one is keen to involved in the war either from unsure valley or. ready other risks off upon us as we have seen the collapse of oblong government with 350000, any and ordinary forces and with your forces in money support from the international communities when it could not defend against the bonds. so it is difficult for that. how much food forces to. ready bond and defend and also defy
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the bond movement and it will cause the bloodshed more than more and from both sides. okay. and some of the people told me in a valley that some of the elders and inflation and 5th and tried to best to solve this problem diplomatically or politically not by word. but if it happens, i think, and i predict that. busy decided by will succeed and they will capture a they have done the rest of one is found within a month. okay, we'll have to see that protection then. great to get your thoughts. thank you so much. not to lock about joining us from cobble. we appreciate your analysis. china says it's closely following developments in afghanistan. it's paging is saying most chinese nationals safely returned home and it's prepared to work with the taliban up to june cape on bowl. we hope it's going to stay and conform and inclusive and
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open government, which adopts a phone and domestic policy that's prudent and moderate, where we hope elected the will of the people in an international community. russian president vladimir putin is warning about the threats of iso and ghana, son. he spoke to central asian leaders that a virtual summer sans expressed concern that the group was still active and could gain a foothold. leaders agree to coordinates and secure their borders. iran science it welcomes a peaceful transfer of power in ghana, son, the foreign ministry spokesman cold. so the formation of an inclusive national government. but the occupation was not as solution. tough guy, stones problems. the only solution is to negotiate between all parties to achieve a comprehensive piece in afghanistan, we call for respecting the rights of all nationalities and women, and the preservation of historical places. we welcome the peaceful transfer of power in afghanistan and the formation of
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a comprehensive national government representing all african parties. the taliban is considered a part of the future of afghanistan. ah, a city, atrocious, threatening. more than 12000000 people in syria and iraq, 30 and humanitarian group say urgent action is needed. this people lose access to food, water, and electricity. water shortages and rise and temperature are causing and i break of water born diseases. the war in syria has already created a humanitarian crisis, this displace millions of people. let's take a closer look at this issue. a recent report reveals more than 5000000 people in syria who depend on river water are directly affected by the crisis. and at least 400 square kilometers of agricultural land risk total drives, while to dams in the northern parts of the country face in an inclusion that means
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nearly $3000000.00 people are likely to lose access to electricity. in iran creek production is expected to fall by 70 percent in it's in the very province shares a border with syria or some families who live inland with little access to the river could spend up to 80 dollars a month on water. well, summer her deeds is ahead of advocacy for the middle east stance norwegian refugee council. she says the effects of climate change have exacerbated the crisis. this problem facing both iraq and syria is matter. both countries facing the worst route in modern history. and this unfolding crisis, which threatened 1000000 losing access to water today, tricity and to production of well, is largely cold by climate change by rick or low rainfall. but of course, both countries the heavily reliant on water supply from neighboring countries,
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especially water supply through euphrates river, which originate in turkey. and we have seen over the past month, a severe reduction in that water flow from the freight and also the tigris group that flows through iraq. and we really urge the international community to raise the alarm about this issue, which is largely being on notice at the moment. we need also turkey and tardies in the region to find a solution to sharing water results within quantities of sustainable and way that millions of people don't lose access to water in the future. and we need countries in the region to ramp up to capital climate change, which is already being a problem and cause they huge impact. millions in the middle east use the lens is
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extended, its nationwide locked down until friday. i'm in a surgery center order, and this is more certainty is required. now, as the country struggles to contain the spread over delta variance, she says it's unlikely you zealand has reached the peak over height break. 107 infections have been recorded since the 1st case. so identified on tuesday. the delta has changed the rules of the game, but we've changed our approach to with hot and dilute levels. why didn't our contact tracing require more? my squaring, and we are testing more people. it is absolutely possible to get on top of this. we just need to keep it up and ensure that we not and restrictions any longer than we need to be. in denisia single, the italy of new coven infections has fallen to its lowest level in more than 2 months. the country had just under 17400 new cases on sunday. that's down from high,
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if nearly 50000 daily infections in july. it's a hopeful sign for one of asia's hardest hit countries. it's time for the weather. here's kara. hello there. let's start in south america and why conditions and strong winds of healing wild fires in easton bolivia. now, many of these are burning in santa cruz states that from the border with brazil, and we have got some strong wind still there on monday, but a few showers will kick in. things are going to turn wetter as well across the pots of paraguay, thanks to a weather system that's intensifying across the uruguayan, stretching up into the north west. we've seen exceptional heat for a sun, sean. now the temperature is going to dip as we get into tuesday. by about 10 degrees celsius, it will start to feel cooler. now, it is going to start fitting warmer in southern parts of argentina. as weather systems push, push out to see, but it is going to get more wind, teresa, southern parts of chile, as weather systems move in there. now as we move across to northern areas of south
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america, we are seeing some heavy showers around coastal areas of columbia simply and hands down pools, while 4 pots of panama and costa rica and the very wet weather can be found in the west of mexico. and thanks to the remnants of hurricane graced by the time we get to choose day, it'll be those eastern areas that see some of the heavy downpours that sure weather update. still ahead on just a room. we speak to some afghan women who managed to escape after the taliban takeover. healing a social explosion. anger is rising in lebanon at the price of gasoline source. we have the leases on the ground. and the torch really takes a short cut with just the day to the so much of the tokyo carolyn takes and have more of it's found out later in sports. ah,
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book she does with it. very glamorous. it's part of our whole job to, to our very, very special occasion. and for that people who spend money, everything you see on the wall they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and come things around my, my, on our do their the grim consequences of mexico, bloody drug. watch the people around you, mr. governor, you've got people who are with the narco, through the eyes of the journalists, determined to report the truth. your government is full of north and she said, that's how the article should start 60 as own we revisit the report is still risking their lives there being another outbreak. violence of more versus with you on the rewind, the deadly beat on out there
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a oh, a this is our quick trying to over top stories. this are the taliban says that will not extend the deadline for western forces to leave. afghan, astonish us president joe biden. is under pressure to keep the american troops on the grounds beyond august 31st to continue evacuation efforts. china f, as as closely following developments in afghanistan. it's foreign ministry is calling for the formation of an inclusive government aging fence. it's prepared to work with the taliban. the wells health organization for 500 tons of medical supplies for afghanistan are stuck in the us. because of the cale at the campbell
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airport. it says critical supplies will one in 10 days. casara has airlifted thousands of people from afghanistan and just costing them before they moved to other countries. many of the vacuum use are being housed here in tow. huh. they've been talking to alter series. laura burton manley, about everything that they've left behind. if they come on, the killed you or maybe injure new, what will be happened for our family speaking from the vacuum compound in doha that her asked for high density to be disguised, fearing taliban reprisals against her family? my mom had sick. i was take care of her because he hud operation. oh, he's alone with my sister. my father brauders. you're worry about your such mission. this compound has been built to football. walk up
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2022. but now it's filled with about $500.00 african refugees view. expect to the taliban takeover of a kind of son to be so rapid. when the armed group took the country, cut out in the u. s. military organized evacuation flights from couples. as soon as the next fly, thrice we would have 800 evacuee evacuated through this process. most of them i should say, are female students or kids or families. in addition to journalists. now for those we have this accommodation we're in can, i mean currently it's almost maximum capacity currently taught around $500.00 plus . and we're currently preparing an over compound that can accommodate even a bigger number. kentoria authorities have set up a cobit 19 testing center and organized truckloads to supplies 3 of the key. we
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also had special arrangements to support the children. i was led to the temporary home the.


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