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all told 26 countries on 4 continents are contributing to this effort. one of the largest air lives in history, a massive military diplomatic security, humanitarian undertaking, a testament to the power and purpose of the united states and our allies. i want to provide an update on american citizens. we've helped thousands of americans leave cobble already. we contacted americans still in afghan, a stand by email, by phone, by text to give them specific instructions. we have developed a method to safely and efficiently transfer groups of american citizens onto the field for operational reasons. i'm not going to go into further detail on this. many people have asked reasonably why we cannot provide a precise number of american citizens still in countries. let me explain. when americans have come to f, ganeth stand over the years, we asked them to register with the embassy many of left without d,
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registering. others never register at all. that is their right, of course. and it's our responsibility to find them which we are now doing our, by our, in the days remaining, we believe we have the wherewithal to get out the american citizens who want to leave copy. this operation is complex, it is dangerous. it is fraught with challenges. operational, logistical human and it's produced, searing images of pain and desperation. but no operation like this, no evacuation from a capital that has fallen into civil war could unfold without those images. the question is, are we on track to fulfill our objectives of this operation? to bring out our people, so many of those afghans who helped us. and so many of those afghans are risk. and we believe we are. as we conduct these operations, we are sustaining the highest level of vigilance for an attack against the airport
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by isis k or another terrorist group, or commanders on the ground have taken every step they can to prepare for such an attack. our president has authorized every capability that those commanders have asked for to protect the field against such an attack. we remain in close touch with allies and partners to coordinate the evacuation of their own citizens and their priority personnel, as well as to respond to the ongoing political and security situation in afghanistan. the president has spoken twice. now with the british prime minister. he has spoken with the german chancellor, the french president, the spanish president, the italian prime minister, the amir of cutter, and the crown prince of the us. tomorrow he will participate in the g 7 leaders meeting. i can't stand to ensure the world's leading democracies are aligned and united on the way forward. we are working with partners to address the accused, humanitarian needs of the afghan people. and we will remain persistently vigilant
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against the terrorism threat in afghanistan and in multiple other theaters. we have proven and other places that we can suppress terrorism without a permanent military presence on the ground. and we will do the same and african finally, we are deeply moved by the out pouring of support from so many americans. so many of the veterans to help the afghan evacuees, those afghans at risk or afghan allies settle here in the united states. this is the best to the american spirit, and we look forward to working with them in the days, weeks, and months ahead. and with that, i would be happy to take your questions and tell them that it would be a red line or us treat august 31st deadline, or you engage in talk on over extending that deadline. and how are those talks go? we are in talks with the taliban on
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a daily basis through the political and security channels. i'm not going to get into the details of those discussions here to protect those discussions which are covering a wide range of issues. we are also consulting closely with our allies and partners on the issue of the evacuation and its progress. in fact, the president just got off the phone with the british prime minister a short time ago. we are taking this day by day. we believe we are making enormous progress and taking a step back a week ago. i don't think almost any one in this briefing room would have thought we'd be standing here today with 37000 people already evacuated from the country. we believe we're making progress. we're going to keep making progress and the president was to make his decision about the precise shape and scope of the operator has the president decided whether he is going to need more time, yawned august, 31st, to get the ball personnel and afghan people out of the country, as i said, the president believes we are making substantial progress. dozens of flights,
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thousands, now tens of thousands of people evacuated from the country. we believe today will be an efficient and effective day and tomorrow and the next day as well. and as i said, he is taking this day by day and will make his determination as we go. yeah. i think that they need power gone agreement to extend beyond august 31st. as i said, we are engaging with the taller bod, consulting with the taller bon, on every aspect of what's happening in cobble right now on what's happening at the airport on how we need to ensure that there is facilitated passage to the airport for american citizens. s i d, 's, 3rd country, nationals, and so forth. we'll continue those conversations with them. ultimately, it will be the president's decision. how this proceed. no one else's. you said you, we have the wherewithal to get americans out, but you didn't get me if i think a quote. right. so in your statement you didn't say we have the ability to get them
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out. he didn't put a timeframe by august 31st. so is that, as i've said before, as the president has said before, we believe that we have time between now and the 31st to get out any american wants to get out. yes, yes. i want to ask you said that the multiple times that you did not leave afghanistan without the key be no matter when you left, that would happen. i guess my question is, why did the administration prepare the american public and the american public? there are going to be very chaotic seen. you are going to be, it's going to be rough, rough couple weeks before the happening. you have the president saying, don't worry, we're not going to be back you waiting ambassadors or, or diplomat from the embassy. don't worry about that. why, if you knew that there would be chaos, did the administration that prepare the american public for the case?
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so 1st, i'm glad you asked this question and i want to take a step back and address the nature of an evacuation and circumstance like this. and then i'll come to your specific point on messaging whether cobble fell in august or september, or december or next august. the fact is whenever it fell, there were going to be american citizens and cobble who needed to be evacuated. there were going to be 3rd country nationals in cobble who were going to be evacuated, have to be evacuated. there were going to be afghans still in the fight. who had supported the us war effort over the last 20 years, who were going to have to be evacuated. so when evacuation operation in a dangerous situation was going to have to happen at some point. and when you run an operation like that, when you are trying to position assets to go in and secure an air field in a city that has been taken by opposing forces with a government that's collapsed,
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your contingency plan is going to hit head on with reality and there are going to be complexities and challenges and difficulties, and you work through them, you make adjustments, and you ultimately get an operation going. that is moving out thousands, if not tens of thousands of people daily. that is what we have accomplished over the course of the week. it has not been without its immense difficulties and we are very mindful with those difficulties. we are clear right about this stuff copied. but that is how we have watched the last week on for why the president didn't walk out and say, let me explain to you exactly what is going to unfold and you know, in all along the president has been clear that the united states was not going to enter a 3rd decade of american military deployment in the middle of another country civil war. and in his speech in april, and in his speech in july and in comments he has made since then, he has been clear that that could mean difficult times in afghanistan. we have been clear eyed about this from the start. but what we were not prepared to do with the
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president was not prepared to do was to say that for that reason we need to keep american men and women fighting and dying in the civil war. yes. yes. whether it's august 31st, or shortly thereafter, it's clear that all the eligible afghans who work for us forces and the u. s. government are not going to be able to get out for those watching. what do you say to them? what advice should they try to get to a 3rd country on there? all? sure they wait for some diplomatic solution. so 1st we're in touch with the atkins at risk eligible for special immigrant visas and other categories of support from the us government. we are trying to get as many to them to the airport as quickly as possible to get them on flight home. and as i said yesterday in comments on the sunday shows, we will continue to get atkins at risk out of the country,
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even as us military forces have left us. the president has criticized his predecessor, he's per site for all of their failures. one group that he hadn't seemed to criticize like is the pallet and why is that? and then also, why does the president continue to say that the taliban is facing an existential question? how would all be viewed on the world stage? they're going door to door going after the families of these translators, don't they already know who they are? so 1st the president has been very clear about his views of the taliban. you've asked him repeatedly, do you trust these guys? and he's told you repeatedly. no, i do not, of course he does not. of course, none of us do because we've seen the heretic images from the last time we are in power. because we've seen the way that they've conducted this war. because we've seen the fact that they have been responsible for the deaths of american men and women through 2 decades of war war, the president was not prepared to continue for
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a 3rd decade. so we have no illusions about the top off. and from our perspective, what we need to do right now is focus on our task at hand. and our task is to get thousands and thousands of people out of the country as safely, efficiently as possible. that is what we are doing and what we believe that we can achieve. so friday the president said that we got rid about sunday, the secretary of state said there is outside. so are you presenting the president with the full picture or is he just mit applying the intelligence when he makes the public statement? the president was referring to kite as capability to attack the united states, which the intelligence community tells us today is not present in afghanistan, but today it is not present enough against and what is president an afghan? a stan right now to our forces at the airport is
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a serious threat for mice k which will try to deal with. and of course, there's the possibility that al qaeda could reconstitute an external plotting capability and guess, and that's why you've heard from the president repeatedly about the need for an over the horizon capability that will allow the united states working with partners to continue to suppress the terrorists and threaten f canister from al qaeda or isis k or anyone else. just as we work to suppress the terrorism threat from al qaeda. and i says in yemen, in syria, in somalia, in the islamic margret in many other countries. and let me just finish by saying the president has been clear that from his perspective american counterterrorism capabilities have evolved to the point where we can suppress that terrorism threat without keeping thousands or tens of thousands of troops on the ground in the country. we have proven that out and other countries, and that isn't exactly what we intend to do and i can't stand in the president has spoken about the terrorism issue. and i can't stand repeatedly on multiple occasions for
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a grad not moving her to the back way more after work. so again, i'm very glad you asked that question to read. this refers to the special immigrant visa program. special immigrant visa program has been around for a significant number of years, and it was never designed, as conceived by congress for a mass evacuation circumstance, your individual applicant for a special immigrant visa, typically talk under the law the way that it was applied by the various agencies in the u. s. government through multiple administrations 18 to 24 months per person to get through the various vetting and other requirements to get their visa sometimes longer. sometimes multiple years, when we took office in january, the trump administration had not processed a single special immigrant visa since march of 2020, in nearly a year. so what we did when we came in with move as rapidly as possible to process
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as many applications as possible as fast as possible. trimming months and months and months off of that process, working with congress to get them to actually change the law over the summer to relax the requirements so we could move people forward. even then we put in place and evacuation operation using charter aircraft, starting in july to begin moving s i d 's and their families out. now, as i said the last time i was at this podium, we did contemplate a big grey tale move of afghans and others in the july or early august timeframe. we made the determination not to do so because not just afghan government officials, but supporters of the afghan government in afghanistan, including many of the people who want to come out. now said that doing so would trigger a complete crisis of confidence in the government as it turns out. not taking out the vacuum is not doing that. evacuation didn't exactly save the african government . we acknowledge that, but that was a consider judgment at the time. once we faced a circumstance in which we needed to move rapidly to secure the airfield,
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to help get those folks out, that's precisely what we did. and that is precisely what we're doing now. the intent to fire reassigned or after the resignation of any white house for hours ministration. this will handle the situation. i have not heard him say so it's of course your job to ask those kinds of questions. if my job just to keep doing what we're doing, which is every day try to get as many people out as possible. what do i get americans of african allies out of the country by august 31st. but what happens then? it says the are not really too much that you are going to provide by your red line . so i'm not going to take this on as i have had a question. what i'm going to say is what i said at the outset, which is we're in touch with the tall a bon daily. we're in touch with our allies and partners. we're reviewing our progress in this particular operation, which we feel has been substantial over the past few days, and the president will make his own determination,
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a proximately number, or satisfies the number of the nasty we use that are american citizens thus far. and then secondly, i know you want to get the top ration details of the president. make clear that the area around the airport has been an expansion in the state zone. does that mean american troops are operating outside the perimeter of the airport? american troops are not operating outside the perimeter of the airport. what has happened is through these military channels of communication with the taller but they have extended the perimeter from the point of view of their checkpoints to allow americans through to out 3rd country nationals through to allow s i v holders through that. what is happening now, not right at the gate, but rather a substantial distance away from the gate. and i'm not going to get into the precise details of those distances, but that is what he was referring to with respect to the extension of the perimeter . on the question of relative ratios,
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the significant majority of those coming out are afghan evacuation because the total number of americans in country was a relatively limited number of folks. so in terms of percentages of the 37000, the substantial bulk of them are african evacuated. but there are also have been a few 1000 americans who have already been evacuated and we are working on the rest . now, a few people travel with the other kind of documentation. is that why you can't answer that question more specifically? are they not traveling? so again, the reason why we can't give you a precise number is because not every american who comes into afghanistan goes and puts themselves in a database at the u. s. embassy that they don't have too many of them choose not to . so it's our responsibility to put out the call to every means we know how try to work through to get in contact with them and ultimately build as credible list as we can folks who are holding those passports so that we can bring the number of
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americans who are said we didn't get out. how many americans have you so far? oh, i see. we can get you the precise number on to the one patient you had said that you would get all americans in couple who want to get out out. did you mean cover or did you mean the entire country? and in 2nd, one of the things that you all cracked about over the weekend was the rapidity with which you guys negotiated over the last several days with 3rd countries. the ability to bring flight in to, you know, to expand the number of places throughout europe. and why wasn't that done months of, i mean, you yourself have just said you do exactly to just chaos was go or up at some point . why would there be the need to negotiate on the fly with the countries here that have been done? so i'll take your 2nd question 1st. i have to tell you i bristle with saying we bragged ok, i haven't bragged about anything. i'm trying to give you the straight dope from
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here, the good and the bad, and that means a lot to me. secondly, it is certainly the case that we've had to add to countries and try to add capacity in places. we did spend months negotiating transit centers to set up as part of our contingency planning and both the gulf and in europe. as it turns out, we have been able to produce a throughput that exceeded even our optimistic expectations in terms of the number of folks who could get out. so the fact is we are actually over performing in terms of the evacuation numbers and therefore we need a higher ceiling in terms of the number of beds and other facilities that transit centers. so we're simply adding capacity, but you can't go from a standing start. you can't go from 0 to yes. in 24 hours. this is something that we have prepared. preposition engaged with allies and partners on over the course of time. so that when we pick up the phone and call, they don't say what are you talking about?
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they know what we're talking about. they know that the ask is gone from a 5000 cap 281-0000 cap. they adjust accordingly and that flex the work of painstaking diplomacy over the course of many months. yeah. probably about. oh, i see. yes, we are trying to get americans out wherever they may be, and i'm sorry, probably these are being part stage. is there a goal for how many you tend to bring to the stage? what's their long term plan? an upside of adding a permit to dedication. what else is this and ministration doing? expedite the process of getting out of afghanistan? we're not putting a precise number on it. the program doesn't put a precise number on it. there isn't some cap on the number of sight. these are some target. so we are working to get as many out as we possibly can. if you think about the fact that there has been 20 years of conflict and i can't stand the sheer number of afghans who in one way or another have worked for the united states. i'm
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not going to put a precise number on it. i'm not going to put an ester, my, i'm only going to put a principal on it. and the principal is we are working to get out as many ask in allies as we possibly this a job by august 31st deadline. did you make that out in the call and what we talked about either today or tomorrow? i'm not going to speak for prime minister johnson. read out the precise details of the call. all i'm going to say is that the president continues to consult with the prime minister and our other allies on how this evacuation she should proceed from here. and he'll ultimately make the, did you not know when this is not the better? the report is going to happen? so i'm, i'm not going to preview what the president will say in the g 7 meeting tomorrow. at the moment. he's focused on private conversations with foreign leaders. he will have the opportunity to have that engagement in that private session with the g 7 leaders tomorrow. and i'm not from the podium going to read out. what are sensitive
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conversations among leaders between the united states and how the ministration, who is still left? what americans are still left in the watch? one or not? because as you said, there's some people who did not do you register with the embassy? how is the administration tried to determine who they. ready are not sure. so what we have done is we have put out through multiple different means, telephone e mail, text and publicly unready o online. through every possible both broadcast and targeted means possible to americans who may potentially be in afghanistan. please respond, please contact us. please tell us your location. please tell us if you'd like to leave. please tell us how many there are with here. so we've gone through that process and then we done a series of calls through all of the folks who responded to then have a refined conversation with each of them. we have tried to take that and then match
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it up against a plan to, as i said before, put americans into groups to officially transfer them on to the airfield. but of course, when you're trying to ultimately determined a precise fixed number that is a dynamic and ongoing process, the time going today, it will be ongoing tomorrow. and i'm just going to take one more question. i don't want to go back to the way to make sure they're not capacity or, or captured or something like that for those who didn't respond or you matching it up to make sure they're not the so we have gone. we have gone through our list of everyone who we believe is in country and reached out and try to communicate with them in every way we know how and as far as we're concerned, there's 2 universe is one universe is the people who did register. we've gotten in touch with all of those people or reached out to all of those people. the 2nd list is folks who responded to the all call which doesn't necessarily match that 1st
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with that is a different group of people, some of whom never registered. the 1st place and were negotiating negotiating. we're discussing with them the best way to get them to the, to the airport if in fact they want to come to the thank so much to question communication to be president by the cedar. he became, we're the leaders all caliber and the 2nd question president bite seems to be keeping the america policy on. okay, good. how can you say the americans on the lower stage after this scene? how do you think the world is looking at the united states around so on the 2nd question, you look at the seems that the cobble airport and what i see is the united states securing an air field at the risk of several 1000 american troops to facilitate not just the evacuation of americans, but to facilitate the evacuation. 3rd country, nationals from fat, friends, and foes alike. and to facilitate the evacuation of tens and thousands of people
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who for humanitarian reasons want to leave afghanistan. this is an enormous logistical diplomatic security humanitarian undertaking. there is no other country in the world who could pull something like this off bar 9. so that's what i say to the 2nd question with respect to whether or not the united president biden is likely to speak with the leadership of the taliban. that is not in contemplation at this time. thank you. thanks everybody. we believe we have time between now and the 31st of all was to get out and the american who wants to get out the woods, that state department spokesperson james sullivan. he went on to say that they believe that they are on track with evacuation and responding to a question about whether or not the us president letter will decide to extend the evacuation and departure deadline by the 31st of august. he said the president was
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taking this day by day and we'll make decisions as we go. he said that we are in talks of the dark tommy bomb on a daily basis. both the bipartisan deal and build that better agenda. my russian president vladimir putin, his warning about the front of iceland afghan. stan, he spoke to central asian leaders that a virtual summits and express concerned. the group was still active and could gain a foothold. the lead is agreed to coordinate and secure their borders. miran says it welcomes a peaceful transfer of power. enough chemist on the foreign ministry spokesman called for the formation of an inclusive national government. but the occupation was not a solution. tough guy, stones problems, or the only solution is to negotiate between all parties to achieve a comprehensive piece in afghanistan, we called for respecting the rights of all nationalities and women,
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and the preservation of historical places. we welcome the peaceful transfer of power in afghanistan and the formation of the comprehensive national government representing all africa and parties. the taliban is considered a part of the future of afghanistan. well, that brings us to the end of this news. our, my colleague, mariam num ozzy will be back at the top of the alf london with another full bullet of the day's news. no doubt she will be picking up with some of the latest lines we've been hearing on the scanner. stan, we've just heard from the state department spokesperson jake sullivan saying he believes the u. s. is on track to make the evacuations of americans complete by the 31st of august. this coming, of course, after the taliban has been warning today that it was foreign forces out without any extension to that 30. first of all, the deadline we leave you with these pictures. we'll see you back at the say with
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us here on out just a news news, news, news that amber and morocco records would be impacted with 19 the country posted parliamentary elections that will shape the future. while the listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover, and the reason why the 911 attacked over the world 20 years on the war that followed. finally ended and i've gone to sun. but that's what caught,
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examined whether corporations are colonizing internet, like america and power of big techs on a jazzy ah, meaning eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah the taliban, the red line. foreign forces must leave afghanistan by the end of the month. but it cobbles add port chaos and desperation. this is where most people are asked to come to and in recent days has been closed because of what the us is is security threats from isolate. but for most people here, the biggest threat is dehydration is a stand page and it's constant gunfire. ah.


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