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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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are truly recovered since then. today, gaza is home to a little more than 2000000 people, but only those with permits are allowed to travel beyond its borders. inside there are limited options for cultural experiences. so families try to enjoy stones at home. but the cinema bus offers a welcome change in my head here, the cinema is really nice. i wish we had a big cinema like this one. so we could always go to it because we don't have access to things like this. it's the 1st time i've watched a movie in a cinema like this, a movie about love and caring about yourself, a message designed to reach everyone along the gaza strip, join wolf all to 0. ah, this is al serra, these, your top stories. us president joe biden is expected to decide in the next 24 hours whether to extend a deadline to withdraw us and allied forces from afghanistan. the thought about
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says there will be consequences if the august 31st deadline is pushed back. john henry has the latest or hearing the final deadline for the u. s. a. leave afghanistan might not be so final, after all, that president biden will decide by the end of tuesday, whether to unilaterally extend that deadline. and he wants to do that in order to give the pentagon time to prepare for whatever happens then. and that could be significant challenge in his said that deadline is a red line and the u. s. cross is it only at its own peril? couples airport dive remains in a state of chaos. they all reportedly 14000 people waiting there with at least 10000 more outside. to get in. taliban fighters have reached the outskirts of pantry valley. the last and only region in afghanistan, not under the on groups control opposition. leaders and former government troops
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have created a resistance group. in recent weeks. on monday the taliban we took 3 districts near pantry that have been seized by opposition forces the u. s. medicines regulator has fully approved the father cove at 19 vaccine for people age 16 and over its been emergency use since december. now the pentagon has made jobs compulsory for all members of the u. s. military. a powerful earthquake that had hated earlier this month is farther hampering the country's vaccine. rollouts only around $20000.00 jobs have been administered. eighty's outbreak has been relatively small. severe drought is threatening more than 12000000 people in syria and iraq, military and group say urgent action is needed for people losing access to food, water, electricity, okay. as you had lost, these continues and out of there often risking it all the how
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many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. i i use use
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um, ah, ben is whaler a country in crisis. hyperinflation, political instability, severe debt and chronic food and medicine shortages once the wealthiest country in the region finished whaler is much and the worst economic crisis in its history. almost exclusively dependent on oil revenues. venezuela, silent with severe economic recession after oil prices dropped in 2014. the
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economy contracted by over a 3rd between 20132017. inflation increased by more than 1000000 percent. the cost of basic commodities like flour and milk skyrocketed. some venezuelans turn to the trafficking of fuel to make a living. they found a good source of accomplices and buyers here in neighboring columbia fuel costs $1.00 cent per liter in venezuela. its re sold for more than 30 times its original price and columbia. a real opportunity for traffic is the colombian village of wine for you. lives near the venezuelan columbia border. here, the smuggling of the trade passed from generation to generation condos and his cousin, 20 years old. every day they pick the same route through patty field, just
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a few kilometers away by crossing had they can reach the venezuela buddha while waiting to leave me call me carlos and his cousin are meeting the venezuelan accomplices. you will be arriving with containers filled with fuel laws and also if you haven't those kind of a light bill similarly is
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carlos to film from a distance. he's worried he hasn't told the other traffickers that we are with him . he also just found out that there are soldiers patrolling the area using gestures. he explains that the police could shoot at us once we arrive at the meeting point, carlos worries that it was a mistake to bring us with like one of the cinema. i guess, you know, but what i me
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i what we side in the bushes, but we don't have to wait long. 20 minutes later, a few silhouettes appear at the edge of the cliff. first 5, then 10, then 20, then 30. all these men nervous and exhausted, they've taken huge risk to deliver this fuel. oh yes, i'm out of the denial. yeah, leon,
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this is the only thing i want to make. you know, the only question. well i, well, i mean when someone is yes someone will is going to plan until the leader of the venezuela traffickers arrived. he does not believe that we are going to have to go, you know, mean here was was, you know, what are you looking? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i oh, the, they just got out of the traffic is crowd around us to stop us from leaving
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the off to 2 hours of arguing. we managed to come the traffic is down. they finally understand that we're not here to turn them into the authorities. oh, i don't. i don't. c want it, i was gonna go and i got about the death threats of forgotten. the traffic has continue their march each carrying almost 50 liters on his back in just a few moments. a ton and a half a few illegally crosses over from venezuela columbia. mom
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right now the. 7 although there is still another field to cross, the group is now out of the soldiers range. the venezuela traffic has begin to transfer the fuel to the columbia county the, you know, the some individuals weren't even able to afford plastic containers carried the bundle about it. but somehow you didn't and i, you know, i got yes
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yes, yes, i thought i had honest, i don't believe that the carry of and $11.00 per trip of food in today's venezuela does for me i'm but am i how about i'm i'm like, oh no no, no. oh my god, it's oh, you know, you know, call me later medical mom. i'm only in dropbox who say yeah, you know, the, the food, the crisis brew counts in venezuela. all of these young people had a bright future source anymore. but you did that allows us to hi dan and i still have my little now the only thing with learning
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is resourcefulness. and it's not without risk yet that's coming up and going to and then from there. but i would pop up on, you know, what a medical and i hope i look at getting a loan up on me down a little while these traffic is carry the fuel on their backs. some have found more elaborate ways at the foot of the mountain between columbia and venezuela is a small village. it lies on what has been described as one of the most high risk borders in latin america. quest is tita village, where fuel containers left side side with the estimated 4000 inhabitants that everywhere. tons of petrol. soda legally on most roadside
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the per se luis has a faster way to transport his contraband model. if it then, then i'm not at all way locality area. and then what, what, what what is all about? well, i wasn't, i don't know low yet and they will not allow. maybe you know that if y'all him at the bottom that it's a lot of ways out a little up. it's like there's a lot a lot with all the, the he's leaving to collect 4000 liters of fuel in
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venezuela in they've got another government almost in the morning. they will not allow guardians on what they want to get up on it. it's got all that got. they got it in a ok. gonna allow the founder and bundle that's
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it'll feel the same. the we've arrived at the border to collect the load of contraband fuel waiting for him. unfortunately, at least everywhere, he takes a side road. this route is much safer. it's here that traffic, that's a place to look out. and then we get our, i think of the name of what that i can do. the only thing i love you. i love you
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by doing this, jose luis risk a 7 year prison sentence and the confiscation of your vehicle was almost $5600.00. what i got up that way and i'll go some for lemme get that. i got one of the lookouts is missing post carefully moving forward, jose luis or another. he wants them to police a patrol in the area where i live in and cause they louise turns back. he's not willing to take the risk the the
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minute i was in minnesota, yes. men and women are part of the family as time traffickers, family, they don't understand why the police are jeopardizing their business to them. this is the only way i living that i've only been built by for seen so little. i don't know why don't i said i want to know what i don't know who still rules. so someone can go there. must y'all get on the bus on monday for so most all of the are going i'm going to like manage those things for me with some in the not acted so it's not a problem. they've been here all morning. the group
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of police officers and soldiers began their operation at dawn. this river was turned into a makeshift border crossing. it separates venezuela from columbia to sing or follow me? look or some other. i'm going to some moment just a few hours ago, a small stretch of rocks linked to the 2 short together. because this passage, every day, the money i'm going to switch up can most commonly let something entirely consistent with wrong. well, i do want you to listen solomon and i never got a lot from
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the year to do that. but i wonder if we don't get i know what the the poconos and say the contraband of choices fuel 25 year old and the rest traffic's gas across the border. andrea doesn't know which
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side of the border he comes from. he's nick named laurel. the parrot because he is very talkative. loda is an experienced traffic, a young fellow for the last. got cnu that up at all. yeah, forget about it. they went to look at those anyway in the us. the other one is that the hardy, is he go, marlo gaze, yet these are joining the roger every day laura and his accomplices make the round trip to venezuela. but today there is a problem that just wanted some men in uniform on the opposite shore. when it went in soldiers loaded colds. one of these accomplices on the other side of the border
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where we went over to be ended by now, but i got it on a lease, but the team of smugglers a worried along with the usual soldiers. they're the man they don't recognize as senior officer, the man on the left with a red scarf venue. but normally the traffic has offered the soldiers a bribe in order to cross over the presence of an off. so who they don't know complicates things. but i'll have that come in as well if i that's not what i this year. me, those gentlemen docklands scar island st. guidelines on
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the opposite shore. nose a complex indicate that the coast is now clear. the soldiers are gone. no, no, it's free to go and collect his gas bottles from venezuela. the smugglers also take this opportunity to cross some of them carrying unexpected goods like this car engine. many things have now become hard to get and venezuela, even chicken poetry trafficking can become lucrative. but it's not always easy about this man drives nearly
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a 100 chicken per day across the border. he and almost $170.00 for a minute calculus. i didn't give him a minute to look it up wasn't but your list. and i got to say, when you get a minute call me and also also the the, the, this more trafficking business allows a dozen people to earn a living he left just 2 hours ago. but laurel is already back with his gas bottles. he's exhausted. i very yoga was sitting there
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and i'm like me for them. like when you have a love where you where they are. you see i don't are you press ok, but i don't what is a rank them in business? 9 dollars and he sells them for double that price. go to the profit will allow him to support his wife and then you will baby he says who stuff will get you. they will miracle you lam, you ok your gay, but i so i got press or e base case all our our new by kilo gotten it, then i will give us all of them. they're going to be completely fine.
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nino, a last because of the nino router, you pop on loaded on meal. the were the he's assistance main job is to push the motorcycle. i know i right now. i didn't know i needed the water. katie. where were you know? i
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don't i didn't really know then it will give me almost all of the inhabitants of the villages along the border have turned to trafficking work is scarce in this region and unemployment overwhelming. they see no better options, but to smuggle for
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this month, at least, laura will be able to feed his family. one of the last remaining ancient forests, in se asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah, we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo risk and get all borneo on al jazeera and government. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised result in 5 days. but it's been a year examining, the headline. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts?
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voice is from different corner. every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not just one, but several time program that has been your i to you today on algebra or to the loo, you're putting in a kidney. so not so much hutch or the yeah, that might be, you know, a rich and diverse culture explored to music and songs of the city are now to 0. ah,
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al jazeera ever structure. ah, joe thought to decide whether to extend the gun. this done withdrawal deadlines, the taliban is morning of consequences if there was a delay where the clock ticking down we look at the head of people are facing to try to get a flight of coupled ah, hello, money site. this is al jazeera life and how they're coming up for this kind of nice
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