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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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options for cultural experiences. so families try to enjoy stones at home. but the cinema boss offers a welcome change. in my head, the cinema is really nice. i wish we had a big cinema like this one. so we could always go to it because we don't have access to things like this. it's the 1st time i've watched a movie and cinema like this, a movie about love and caring about yourself. a message designed to reach everyone along the gaza strip, chill and wolf, i'll da 0. ah, your children there with me, the whole run the reminder volatile stories us president joe biden is expected to decide in the next 24 hours. whether to extend the deadline to pull his forces out of august on the taliban says i'll be consequences if the august 31st deadline is pushed back. charles dropped that has moved from cobble it was scenes of panic. if you like, a lot of weapons. a lot of taliban fighters doing their best to maintain order,
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but as you say this, this deadline is now fast approaching and there seems to be increasing pressure on the by did ministration to extend it. we're going to be saying a g 7 virtual summit later today. we expect the germans, the french and the british to ask for an extension. bear in mind that we've seen this deadline change twice already by the us administration. israel has been part of gaza strip in an overnight test strike. it's military says it's talk did a hammer site after the launch of what it calls in century balloons. palestinians are expected to rally at the board offense later on tuesday. trinity, as president of extended the suspension of parliament until further notice nearly a month after take non emergency powers. at the same time, the leader of the largest political party and other and dissolved its executive committee, new zealand has reported its biggest increase in cave at 19 infections. since april
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last year, 41 new cases were recorded on tuesday. the country's been in a strict, nationwide locked downs is not break of the delta very into week ago. philippine president bigger detective has accepted his party's endorsement to run as vice president in 20. 22. is that a 6 year term in office will end in june of the same year. he cannot legally runs office again, but opponent say his bid for the vice presidency is an attempt to cling on to power . despite international criticism, disparity remains popular amongst philippine voters and hundreds of indigenous protest. as in brazil have camped out in the capital, they rally the head of a supreme court decision. many fear will take away the ancestral lands in favor of mining and logging companies will cost you for all of these stories on our website is updated throughout the day. i'll just 0 dot come back with more news in half now . next, it's inside story to stay with us. september on our 0 as morocco record would be
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impacted with 19 the country vote and parliamentary elections that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media. how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacked also the world 20 years on the war that followed has finally ended, and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on african, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and visionary filmmakers. germany goes to the poles and elections of the anglo merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what will the result mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera, the german chancellor has warned russia not to use a new pipeline as a potential weapon. no stream to is near completion. it'll bring more gas from russia to germany. will this give moscow too much power over europe and its future? this is incisive.
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ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm has him seek the politics of energy back under the spotlight in europe. a new natural gas pipeline that will double the supply. russia sends to germany is nearly complete. but the nord stream to pipeline avoids ukraine, which is where a large portion of rustling, natural gas passes through before making its way to europe. this means the ukrainian government could lose a huge portion of the income and earns through transit fees. united states in some u member states are also concerned. they say further reliance on russia for europe's energy needs could be risky. but germany's outgoing chance langler marco says there will be rules in place to protect ukraine security. he's
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a follow on. we have made it clear that we will seek further sanctions within the european framework if the suspicion that the pipeline is being used as a weapon is confirmed. and we have made it clear that we as well as graph walter, see who will be our special envoy are starting negotiations about the possibility of extending the contract from 2024th. so ukraine can have security on this level as well. oh, yeah, let me check this just said, i still believe that this is a witness to believe that it's possible to ignore the threat to not only for ukraine, but also for europe. i mean, i don't think it's possible to ignore that. it's a weapon. ukraine will not talk about nordstrom to from the economic point of view . you can see control gas prices in europe now and how they rise. it must be on your way. we are willing to continue transiting gaster ukraine even after 2024. but we must understand and what timeframe and what quantities. for this we must receive an answer from our european partners. how long are they willing to continue buying
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from us? this is an obvious thing. we can't sign a transit contract if we don't have a contract for delivery to our customers in europe. taking in mind the green agenda that is already being realized in europe. we are asking ourselves, will our gas even be bought? all brain, i guess in a moment, the 1st let's take a closer look at this project. the nord stream to pipeline runs onto the baltic sea alongside and already existing pipeline completed in 2011. both pipelines allow russia to avoid ukraine when supplying gas to europe. you pipeline is expected to transport nearly 55000000000 cubic meters of natural gas every year, doubling russia's current supply to germany. european union already imports about 40 percent of all its natural gas from russia. that's why they are growing fears that the new pipeline could increase the ease dependence on russia. the. so let's bring in our guess now in moscow we have
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a puzzle fell going. how are he is a russian foreign policy analyst and columnist at nevada is yet up in sydney, british columbia. we have michael berserk, you author and global affairs analyst. he's also the former spokesman for the organization, for security and cooperation in europe and in berlin. tony k godaddy, a senior fellow at the international institute for strategic studies. good to have you with a gentleman, don't a k? if i could start with you ukraine, fears for its security on the basis that this gas pipeline will tighten moscow's grip over over the regions energy supply and strengthen its, its influence. all those fee is well founded. yes, i think the spheres are well found it because moscow has a long tradition of using energy and especially gas supplies, as a political or political tool. we have seen the same previous case concerning
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ukraine, but not only ukraine. most of the central european or eastern european countries have faced rational policies regarding the energy supply. so this is a matter of politics, most of europe, ian countries and the cooling, the european union, which is also important. brussels also considered that the new pipeline northeastern, too, is a political tool in the hands of russia. and basically on the germany, germany, social position is that these political pressures can be avoided. but most of the countries, including those who are in the neighborhood, i'm in poland. all states can be countries and the european union, as i said, and even trends we usually france is not very aggressively russian. but regarding
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this, this project particular project there, most of the countries are against it and considered that it will increase rushes, a geopolitical role in the european continent. and i'm not talking about the u. s. maybe we'll come later to discuss the american position on this issue. sure, we will, we will get to that at some point, michael, but sir q is europe risking, becoming too dependent on russian gas? oh, absolutely. and you know, the outlines of the so called agreement is very vague. what does actually constant to constitute an energy weapon and when are sanctions triggered? so for example, if russia does abruptly raise gas prices to europe or constrict supply, does that constitute using the pipeline as an energy weapon? i think there's ukraine has very, is very, very right right now to feel very kind of threatened and vulnerable because there
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is no real consensus on how russia, how he's, how these sections executed can be triggered. and i think it's really incumbent upon people like cancer merkel before she leaves office to tighten this agreement up. we've, as the previous guest indicated that russia has a long record in terms of you know, aggression in terms of probing weaknesses in terms of finding out how it can leverage its geopolitical advantage. energy to, to harm others and to gain its own object. and so it doesn't look good on all sides . i think come quickly, i think that ukraine feels very again, very vulnerable and very alone right now, because it feels it doesn't have strong backing from europe any longer. let's get to puzzle. so can house take on a lot of c as being expressed here, about this perceived over dependence on, on, on russian energy and russia using that as a weapon. what do you say to that?
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well, your opinion be very much dependent is increasingly dependent on russia. natural gas. right now we are kind of rush of the present before, even without the nor stream to going operation hours affecting your muscles. say russia right now is cut the supply of physical supply of gas to a europe and to cover its contract obligations is extract and gas from underground reservoirs in europe. and so that means that the former right and formal terms rushing, complying with the contrast long term contract got trauma is, but in terms that means that so when summers in the winter is coming and the european gas reserve on that there use as
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a buffer during the cold winter are right now very much the week. it's in times where you can physically won't be impossible, won't be possible to fill them up before winter comes. and so as a result, the spot price of gas in europe has skyrocketed almost to the levels of east asia. and europe is not getting enough liquefied gas on tankers, because most of it is going to the stage where there's the so called the asian premium one price. so russia is flexing its muscles and showing that they can regulate the price of gas, the price of the supply of gas than europe, though it has just over a 3rd of the supply is ration still. anyway. so then with the new platform rush, you will have more flexibility in doing that 20 k. well, where does what's at stake here for,
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for the united states and their position on all of this the united states were very critical about this project from them, from the very beginning. even if the position of the previous american president, donald trump was not always consistent, he, he was criticizing the project, but at the same time he tried it. he tried to veto the congress resolution to augment pressure on the, on the project. the americans were against the nurse into also because at least for the president trump, it was a logical to for, for germany and for you to claim at the same time that the russia was threatening them militarily, politically. and at the same time providing money for gospel,
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which as we know is, is, is a main resource provider for the russian russian budget. and may be the case, a specific case of the president trump. it was also to, to help american companies that are exporting liquified guess to the they, they are expectations to the, to europe. but the things have changed. we saw the last summer, the meetings between the, the president biden and the chancellor miracle and later meeting by then, joe biden, with the letting me in, in geneva. and the americans decided to wave the most of sanctions and punitive measures that united states of adopted against the companies were involved in the construction of nor stream to. and the americans justify the change
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by the fact that the united a wants want a better relations with, with europeans and the major player in europe is germany. and at the same time, they tried to manage and to explain this decision thing that together germany and the united states will will increase, i sure will establish sanctions if russia uses north stream as a job political tool. as my colleague from kind of the said, this is something very difficult to assess because of course, russia is the champion of hybrid measures and who will determine when the political aspect intervenes in this. and this issue. unless russia
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invites directly with their tanks or military forces, you great, in order for me to be in countries there, it could be always be at the base about is it political? is it your political or not? so this is something that doesn't really give the credit to the both had. so for government and states, when they claim that russia will pay the price. all right? if they use it, you know, let's get, let's get pebbles, reaction to, to some of that. and what is it state care essentially for russia beyond the, the, the economic benefits lot should be understood. the more stream to is only one pipeline in the network, a pipeline the by russian. it's, there's the north stream, one, the 1st pipeline which is fully operational for a long time. and then there's the pipeline built to turkey and from turkey into the balkans,
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the south kinds of fruit now it's called the turkish root. so this is the entire network rush invested a lot of money. i mean, not only the pipelines themselves under water, but also the infrastructure to bring the gas from the area to the back seat to the baltic sea and then send it to europe at the north and through the south. and this is the mattress. and last month, most likely was hope that there would be foreign finances involved. but because of sanctions, they were not. so russia paid a guy from paid out of his own pocket to build it and they will be investment and placed on paper will never be returned because they're going to be got from bikes with gas, from gas and assigned them. so they're kind of paying the transit fee to themselves, and as a result, they're paying very well fees to say that this is much more rig economy. but the thing is that the answer says she's,
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they'll never return the investment. so this is of course, the combination of political and commercial interest selected often happens in today's russia. russia has both wants to be in some control of the european market, aren't waste on pricing there and others and supplies. but of course, also gas from its time to the european market, the gas from does not really produce done that song much at all. 5. yeah, that means it's can send it to other places, pipelines and their time. you are. so europe is tied to russia, russia by europe, basically before moscow. that's also not that bad because there's this so bad idea that russia should build bridges, europe as try and push the american. now do something from monday to do and establish time with germany and primarily,
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but with all the other european countries. that's kind of very close partnership. that's not very working. yeah. but then the commercial part of it. and then of course, the problem of your brain, which right now finds itself in a position where moscow at will if it wishes to continue to supply gas to europe with contract that brigade. sions, but not sending much or at all to ukraine. and that's for sure. let's, let's talk a little bit more about ukraine's options here, michael. but the acute, if ukraine continues to feel that europe in the united states are not looking out for them on this issue, does that risk join them closer to china's or bit as has been suggested by some? yeah, absolutely. i think the feeling in ukraine is i've recently returned from there is that it's been thrown under the bus. the bought it administration, which by the way, has very few foreign policy wins, has chosen to improve relations with germany. it has chosen to do some kind of
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research with relations with russia and in return. and as i said earlier, creighton feels very vulnerable. it doesn't have many options. but yes, one of them is actually improving relations with china. in fact, president the long sky recently had 1st a conversation, what shooting thing over the telephone. and they was a very good call from both sides. and the landscape said that it pretty much to the fact that ukraine has no better friend than china right now. at least an economic partner, and i think this was done in part to kind of put pressure on washington to look again at relations with ukraine and to help it more. but the other thing i have to say is that with the debacle in couple and with the united states now the scene is not a credible partner to guarantee security. whether you're taiwan or ukraine, or whoever is that, you know, a lot of these countries are real valued,
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a re evaluating those security guarantees and looking for other partnerships. and, you know, ukraine might even look, be looking, for example, even more to the gulf countries to see what kind of new type can be formed there. if i could say one other thing here, and this goes more to the kind of technicalities of the pipelines that the other problem ukraine has. and it's not talked about very much at the moment, is with this realignment of gas transit i gas pressure in ukraine has the potential to fall very, very much. so what that means, practically, during the winter time outlying or bloss through outlying villages may not get the required gas that it needs because it's really upset. it has the potential to upset the whole infrastructure. there is so a lot of different vulnerabilities that ukraine feels right now. so we shouldn't be surprised that looking elsewhere for better partnerships. tony. okay, what's your view on that? and then there's this idea that america's credibility is taking a real hit in recent days. you know, because, you know,
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michael mentioned afghanistan and their position with, with, with this now, would that, would that force your opinion partners to, to kind of look elsewhere to shore up their own alliances. yes, unfortunately. busy the u. s. role and even credibility is suffering already for several years. it has started earlier than just a few weeks or few days ago. we also remember the 1st attempt of research between the american ah, and ministration, obama administration and, and put in russia just after the war in georgia. and they were numerous attempts for normalization of relations between the us and russia always coming from from the american. we also remember the disastrous experience in syria,
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where the americans abandoned their own red lines and their lot russia to intervene on the sides of the president bashar last and all the tragic consequences that, that happen there. so many eastern europeans, especially are very vulnerable because of their geographical proximity with russia are extremely worried. and to come back to the options that ukraine has. why would that also one another option that is now improving and getting closer relations with turkey, which is and the cooperation between the ukraine and turkey around the black sea, including corporation and military and military industry. between these 2 countries . don't forget that. busy turkey was quite critical about the crime is
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annexation by russia because gray, me are primarily local populate, i'll talk to population is turkey speaking population. so there are these, these douglas are looking for options. somehow, a crane try to negotiate a better options about nature memberships, in terms of you know, with, with germany. again, germany and france where the main countries, a blocking ukraine, enjoyed succession to nature from 2008. so that ukrainian tried to, to, to negotiate these, not 3 to an issue with the repertoire possible rec, respond with nature, but i don't see any serious changes in this in this issue. so yeah, for this country, increasingly they got the stand that they have to rely on their own resources and
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to be more multi vector row and to see partners everywhere and also to improve relations between them. between this is the new in countries with paul, with baltic states, etc, etc. pebble, falcon, how i want to ask you about the another announcement that was made in these meetings, and that was anglo merkel, promising to provide more than a $1000000000.00 to help expand ukraine's renewable energy sector. how much might that soften the blow for ukraine if it was to lose those transit fees from russia and in 3 years time? well, to some extent, most likely yes there, but there's also other problems, not just simply money. there's not just the fees, there's the gas that goes through ukraine. basically, also your brain buys part of that gas bank, legally speaking by from out in poland or like yeah,
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but physically the grass is just simply taken from the fact that as it goes through your grade, and if it's not functioning, guys is not coming out where will you create a gift to gather this right now, buying in the west, if there's the technicalities there that could do have very disastrous effect, said already that the oppression the gas entire system of ukraine may begin to fall . and that would be catastrophic getting gas from the west. they have to reverse this. i mean there's, there's so many problems there. just bowers doing through green energy won't good, but it won't solve those problems. i'm afraid. ok, i just want to put the what's probably going to be the final question in a minute or so that we've got left to to, to michael. how do you see this playing out? if i mean merkel has said that they could,
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they could apply more sanctions on russia if it doesn't play ball, but russia's already been sanctioned, almost to their limit already. so i mean, how much, how much more sort of 5, how do they have really exactly, how much more pain can you inflict on russia which is already sanctioned to the health. as you already pointed out, i think the only thing the west to really has the only leverage is the nuclear ox from which i call it. and that is to at least temporarily remove russia from the international financial system. the payment system would really get them where it hurts. i can tell you that again, just coming from the region looking, put 10 is making very threatening signals. he did a long term depth space recently claiming that ukrainians and russians are all the same people. to me, this is code for we have more ambitions for ukraine, get ready for it, get more for, get ready for more aggression and quickly don't forget that they did leave a lot of military hardware, a lot of manpower close by when they did the recent military exercises so again,
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plenty, plenty, and plenty of reason for your brain to feel very vulnerable right now. all right, we're going to leave it there. thank you to all 3 of you pebble falcon. how i'm michael. but sir q and tony k. dad say thanks so much for being on inside story and thank you. as always for watching, remember, you can see this program again anytime by visiting our website, i just need to talk. com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com. forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is at a j inside story for me has the entire team here by can choose more than 10 years after the global financial crisis. you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i
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have a very casey question. this is their 1000000 lost their home, the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for us. thank you. lord. the man who still worked on al jazeera with more than 200000000 cases because of 19 worldwide governments about going to fight fresh wave of the virus and newberry. and there has been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from the human coast to political and economic. i'll just bring to the latest on the pandemic. this'll have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers. people on home testing because they think that there is the risk to democracy, special coverage, and i'll just there she does with it. very glamorous. it's part of our culture to our very, very special occasion. and for that people who spend money,
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everything on the wall. they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and tell me things alone. my my on out there. ah, ah . desperate to get thousands of guns are still waiting a cobble airport as the deadline to withdraw. the western forces draws near. i'm certainly of the view that we maintain the military presence as long as it's necessary voices within the us democratic party urging the president to push back the troops draw down in i've got his phone. ah.


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