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[000:00:00;00] ah, here when ever you ah ah! hello, i'm mariam mossey and london l. main story taliban has warn people against traveling to cobbles at fort to leave afghanistan. the group strongly opposes any extension to foreign evacuation flights must be complete by the end of the month. the group spokesman promised that thousands of people currently at the airport can safely return to their homes. he said that security will be guaranteed by the other one. ok here. we will not allow an extension of beyond august 31st. so the u. s. should
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remove and evacuate all personnel by the deadline. all their contractors must leave, but we are not happy to extend the deadline. and after that we will have a separate stance and position following the deadlines. these lumnick number just trying to encourage people to go home. but the americans are inviting people to the airport. their 1st policy is continuing to board people on the plains. the airport access route has been close to avoid stampedes. will the us president is due to speak on the situation and afghan is done in the coming hour. will bring that to you when it happens earlier on. the attended virtual g 7 meeting saying that the mission will end in the countries objectives are achieved. the british prime minister, or as johnson is saying, the taliban will need to offer people a safe way out of the country after the deadline. the number one condition was
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sitting as g 7 is that they've got to guarantee right the way through. through august the 31st and beyond a safe passage safe passage for those who who want to come out and someone will say that they don't accept that and some of them i hope i will see the sense of that because the g 7 has very considerable the bridge economic, diplomatic, and political well, united nations human rights chief, has accused the taliban of serious rights violations. michelle postulates that there are credible reports of summary executions of civilians and called on the you and human rights council to closely monitor the actions of the taliban. we have also received credible reports or seated violation of international military law and human rights abuses taking place in many areas under effective taliban control . they include among others, summary executions of civilians and all the combat. members of the gun national
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security forces restrictions on the rights of women, including the right to move around freely and girls, right to attend school. again, he stands diverse, ethnic and religious minorities are also at risk of violence and refreshment. zamiah's new present tack a day had she lamer has been sworn in a ceremony in the capital a soccer countries. 7th elected the countries 7th elected president, one landslide election victory. earlier this month at his inauguration of business, been vowed to ton around zombies, flagging economy, harmon casters following the story. he's just the floor and in and the me at the stadium was you for lots of them be and have very high expectations. president, day and age. lemme grew up in rural them via he'd been got a scholarship to study accounting from bay. he didn't win into business and he's now a prominent business man, and then, but he owns quite a bit of property, quite
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a bit of land. in fact, he's a big commercial capital rod. so i the mini, they went into politics and he tried a few times to become president. he finally won after his 6th attempt, some that'd been some and the hope that is pro business policy will encourage investment, encourage jobs in the country. and they say the reason why he won this time round after 6 attempts is because lottery young people in zambia, frustrated by the economy, he managed to rally them and managed to get them to support him. and he's promising to change on the ground. and charlie was the drama for the rolling stones as died at the age of 80. publicist said he was surrounded by his family. what join the stones in 1963, and helped anger one of rocks, gracious rhythm section for more than 50 years. in april he withdrew from the groups tor, because of an undisclosed health issue. i'll be back with more news later. alger is there. a world starts now.
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use i use the social window. but she gave me little halting the ne aneesha marked at the people when the summer kick molding on the lower halting the left. even the duck, she'll go. yes. and if you don't know that it's been a good level or no human flip, tom ma'am, must be a lot of fun. but if
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a show of him who took kish a lead to go yes. and the lawyer, the team met social on the team. p as we are so clearly a awesome at so show me or my team a on the low on your luck, you'd actually be when a size they're going to say was the soil a gum. my was subsidy you, can you load that? yes. shay album meter same shaney movie now? same. holding me o. l. e. cohen. coat. name agent. 88. works for the israeli intelligence service most . and while his story goes back 50 years,
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many key details are only emerging out most that has never spoken publicly about any course. but simeon, the sources have now shed new light on the case. cohen was recruited as in his railing spy. but then the sent undercover in south america using an alias to prepare for his eventual deployment to syria. mistakes could not have been hired as the man, the israelis called a super spine, would ultimately discover to cost the. it's a story that begins with politics. in 1950 gives a gyptian president gammel. nasa signed a treaty with syria to form what was known as the united arab republic. israel viewed the new state with concerns. serial was a big mystery to israel, really in the whole world because it was going through
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a state of flux. in part, that's because general nasser down in egypt wanted to create a pan arab league or nation and syria would be part of it. the me lisa life of $5000000000.00 milch a lot of our last time a collection dumb. she was ny and i should be sleep by the us near me tunnel. i see them with dean shirley coin viewed to the famous dream of 2. i can get them, it's a limb, dwelling with the machine to my can. gumbo thumbs. the money please call. she may
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be in law boiler be it may mother dylan while boil p a i love learning about it would require some highly placed agents and that meant l. e. o and the eco. and was born in the egyptian coastal city of alexandria in 1924. his parents had moved to egypt from a leper in syria. in 1957 cohen moved to israel ah, 3 years later, his language skills and background caught the attention of his military intelligence. chamonix we see me, william the old name mun. one. william o. d a shall
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a schumann but colonel chil noise suit was short keyshawn. she's the most shalean of sybil. because you've been showing such daily kid or in a v lawyer. thompson should initial term glue. we are thought law amid the blame alarm, it's him in the militia the shipment or what he said the huffman on door, if it delivered shallow no dis. so d, no, we are those tell me so far of the to the commerce a foot mode villa we are mod into the again, t j. shelly mode, the smoke only corn shell between 2 village and so each mode let me see machine anemic,
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usually for hort machine show mega limb dog vane. mission. man. rob, when i get at the motion clinical is it yet? if you, if you look to you because told, told share cohen was recruited after the most of the director general spotted his name among the files of rejected candidates. he was given the fate of assyrian businessmen come el top in israel had the training camp set out for spies. that's where he went to get his identity. that's where he went to what his spike craft was there. that is handler help shape the cover identity that they were creating for him to operate in syria, l eco and needed to talk like syria. a specialist is really linguistic training
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section. unit 131 set about changing his accent. they also created a cover story for the new agent at the the must, the more the dollar. i'd love the way that y'all, i don't know, i should put on out of the island. i mean, this yes, if you will use all we don't get the family on the on that i leave leg and the under the jesuits, lot of by the bill. she's a loony loose. really. i'm cool. are you out of the fact that definitely it is almost a mean my about almost, i mean want to build a credible back story, most time. vincent cohen by then known as come out target to watch and tina
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again. tina a key la, shall go. linda ma sky me, came lucian, and we are talk, was the cashier who miss enough shambly the whole list. i will call it the village beard. i never saw most of the value of the holy bear my last 2 months. he looked down cornel guarantee, and i will be 50 pork official. kesha sir, came the holy vish, a muscle with the seal. ma, what the little bell she will will shift. we live domestic. you will leave dorcas shortly such. um so let me, let me said that they had the 15 years for all woman. how was your why
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why did you know through hung? no, i did on nadia out of that address either story and feel that the shower story is my little of the for the fission easiest from a lot of them and i was young people lot of the last session but the majority of the above the will be what i wish. sure you got to see. i was given my ha, the good always left them enough though so human had been dudley but what he thought he was on your part that of non show you the avenue from out of fission. 11 . i love the video michelle from the how you smoke emory. among
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me. meanwhile, nasa is egypt, syrian lyons fell apart, left the house. the mom had the fish model and i had the candidate in a common landa. hannah has emphasized kind of long but the moment and he can get information on who you want to do but does not get a meal. half oldman must go under that gun puddle. mother yelled him through fun who read after you, but must have noticed the ideal. i'm bad to see. i don't you don't get mad. hide you from a lot of scary. yeah. yeah, i mean know how face, who would later become syrian president was sent to watch and tina as military attaching. but did he meet eli cohen there any co, in lesser way? yes,
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i had the navy steam or the higher had me living in the how you look good going to through your head sleeping of my why this p. now your mill, i played mirage. l option for hulu. do the value i had received the number in the coin building in the, in the could deliver specific book. if we shall be fed well, the soft. oh goose it. if tell me what you she the hut, i mean the huff is numb monopoly of the building in tina, but leave a key me. i mean a half is ok. surely ot sure. i mean the huff is bisman show. yeah. it the plug, the code, and the call is it a be taught by a half? it's been me time live in sewer. we are. who are dyna baker here?
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not to show them i say gummy tough is it. i sat down with me and half in order to continue show shall militia hall by the mushroom. i mean, how come has all sylvia to mil to la. holla, gillis sharma, l hook to bill. we're going to increase one going well, it's my fish. while my old low mother loma, i will not i may, i don't even have as much time to look to move in late december 1961. cohen's deployment to syria was ready to begin. he stopped off at the italian port city of genoa. there he met another spy measured, she allowed an inform for the si fi, genoa study shots measure shift. i mean,
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she will run now to best of luck. lucia noah. lot of a full knew how the net to know guy me. i mean, it, i mean, and not to but you know, the last already. yeah. but now with sad that that can be a man, no major ship a lot, all the way sure is off with jani. white like the sort of, you know, all must on doddle job se jada this him magistrate for i don't want bill and he had his he the hello coffee and read us little not even have to this would mean danny. follow the muscular mass video with the managed chart finish my say your bill, measure all the can be and i'll do the story. you
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know the we did. you have both bustle mall along. are you on the on this i shouted manny, why the man you can do on the bus to do a bachelor shelf the horses that they are route measure her day to allow me far for her going and i'm enough for being one me a little her doing and a bare room or j, i show my say this is alone. chris lay out more now. do you may wanna sierra or co hain mo? had doing nothing. do you want me?
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me can be honest by just check arrives in damascus in january 1960 to eli colon or comment talbot set about establishing himself in the upper echelons of serbian society. he settled in the up market. romano, district, home to several ambassadors and leading politicians. hey, what a man not going to do unless he was to find out about my set laska. yes. cobra let the can and that he at the on motion with multiple me and how much how yeah,
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you had 40 ross. i'm going to cushion walk up salary was you how well do that come out and was done the more that ever saudi camel, i mean sad to fulfill that dollar moral data for william. i say keith law, me spell it. and the shame sham. seattle to be me, stuff and call me stuff. i'm latasha, but i'm a little concerned that they're little bit of domestic so illegally domestic m. o. bob's the film looks on it hard. me and my stuff should have been all a lot different hush in the who killed a little like a little him or don't cute little 1st of all, it young shale alma called okay. must have been
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around the same time as eli cohen arrived in syria. the world was watching the verdict of the dramatic trial of idols. iceland. iceland was one of the architects of the nazi holocaust. when between 5 and 6000000 jews were exterminated during world war 2. he was captured in argentina by more side agents, tried and then subsequently executed in israel following isolated capture and execution. israel turned its attention to his assistant, always bruna list they're not so on. the non you had a bill, it was a small letters from the george fin, showed fighter shirking your odd who will shop on many, danny, or shove. saudi is my father if you much up or grand. we started to actually had you saw last year,
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but it gives you figure the fact that i one of cohen's 1st tasks was the truck dump lois. but his role in sending europe in jews to nazi concentration camps with him to see you again. it's always 3 major for your and yet are off. i wish there was sad. i have my shad 8th month left. her estimate from the john t and and none of the new story. i know that the father lucian, but i now know all i'm up to 5 if i live but the burden, i'm sure hot. hot hot wife. my the rough very said the new bought all our my fun. but you little
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john do you much? yeah. and you must law years took a rough, i had a lot of it out. the new guy from now mister george ford should know about the soul call him cetera. that, that the much the low coyote yeah. he's almost the same. having spent several months in the syria colon was ready to return to israel to be debriefed by his most i'd handles i don't want to at the local death facility and what i want to call a minute, me a minute about my trash kitty. i'm. i don't want to ask you how you can go in can data for it's like to read and out of the what are the do it went up a little tyler made up a little tyler, my how with his dad,
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alaska. does she know that can multiple come out of this? one might weigh a lot. a i hope all is well, i think it was stuck, but mom did the ministry the larger bad soul do much and jani had had the circus. not enough that i used to have got oscar mature for the smart man. gonna bring this up to me. but. but hubbard, non enough that down you order to show if this ma ha, on a lot of will ask already come on the show on the will
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not him know done not if you saw the rest of my some must have medical side of the matter of medical supply, the i love the thought for you, but as you have money oh, in part to the net gradually causes in on more side agents, 88, all september honor to sera as morocco records would be impacted with 19 the country potent parliamentary elections that will shape the future, while the listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover, and the reasons why the 911 attacks that the world 20 years on the war that
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followed. that's finally ended and i've got a son. but that's what caught this a didn't real office, a unique, attractive on afghan, happy in history, through the eyes of a fearless and visionary. to make it germany goes to the poles and elections the the i'm going to merkel replace. after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera jealousy. she does with very glamorous, it's part of our whole job to, to our very, very special occasion. and for that, people who spend money, everything you see on the wall, they do it is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and tell me things around my, my on i do there. ah,
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they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weapon. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of ending war because there's always a small car. most people for really, really good live in athens. we in the united states, have privatized the ultimate public function. war shadow on al jazeera, the conflict between the government and the regional take great people. the duration fund has skills 1000 and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because transitions have improved back home. they say to grants, continue to be targeted because of and many properties are being reported and
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becomes taking refuge conditions. here are some ideas. me be the hero, the world needs right now. i was ah ah, hello, i'm marianne murphy in london. now main story. this our taliban has warn people against traveling to cobbles, ad for it to try and leave afghanistan. the group strongly opposes any extension to foreign evacuation flights. same must be complete. by the end of the month, the group spokesman promised that thousands of people currently at the airport can


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