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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2021 5:00am-5:27am AST

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feed an emerging fuel trafficking market, we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all and israel and columbia on al jazeera. oh i we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 31st. the sooner we can finish the better joe biden fix the going down withdrawal deadline, but says the timeline can be adjusted if necessary. ah. hello, i am emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough. also coming up the will bank suspends a to afghanistan after the taliban takeover raising hundreds of millions in funding,
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vulnerable and too young to be vaccinated. escape rise in child cove. 19 cases has doctors in the us pleading for more americans to get the job plus the family of josh out a former bolivian and president janine and yes, her health is further deteriorating. she tried to take her own life. ah, us president joe biden says he eve speaking to the august 31 deadline for the withdrawal of all us troops from afghanistan. but he added that the us lead evacuation mission of americans and vulnerable africans depends on it. achieving its objectives. biden's remarks followed an emergency virtual meeting of g 7 nations. the us president has asked the pentagon and state department to prepare
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contingency plans in case the withdrawal timeline that needs to be extended earlier . the taliban insisted will not allow western troops to more to remain beyond the august deadline. that means the evacuation of thousands of foreign nationals and at risk afghans scrambling to get out must happen before that date. g 7 ladies have called on the taliban to guarantee safe passage out of afghanistan. once the withdrawal deadline passes, charles stratford begins out coverage from the african capital. the us president says the august the 31st deadline still stairs. we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 31st, the sooner we can finish the better each day of operations brings at risk to our troops. but the completion bog is 31st depends upon the tale bon, continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport. for those who are trans,
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we're transporting out no disruption to our operations. military aircraft continue to take off from cobble airport. it's a 24 hour operation on board, some of the 10s of thousands of people who have been evacuated since italy bomb seized power on august the 15th. but it's estimated tens of thousands more are desperate to leave. despite pressure from governments around the world, and before the us president made his statement, the taliban reiterated there would be no extension of the august, the 31st deadline for the remaining 2 soldiers in afghanistan to get out. the other one here that we will not allow an extension beyond august 31st. so the us to remove and evacuate all personnel by the deadline. was you had said the taliban is stopping afghans from going to the airport. islamic emory is trying to encourage people to go home on the american for inviting people to go to the apple adverse
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policy of continuing to board the plane. the a port axis route has been closed to avoid stamp the the u. n. t talk, human rights official told an emergency session at the un human rights council. she has received credible reports of the child about committing serious violations, including summary executions of civilians and restrictions on women. if on dement, the red line will be the taliban statement of women and girls and respect for their rights, liberty, field, movement, education, self expression and employment. i did the international if you will read norms in particular issue next to quality secondary education for girls will be an essential indicators of commitment. human right. to talking about spokesman said women should, for the time being, stay at home. because taliban fighters will not be trained on how to behave as we need to have a procedure and a plan in place, security forces, not operational,
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they are not trained to deal with women. that's why we're stopping women from going to work. we asked women to stay home and their salaries will be resuming and come back to work when we have a system in place. with no extension of the august the 31st deadline, there are mounting concerns for tens of thousands of afghans that want to leave this country. that's all about says they have nothing to fear and that there will be no reprisals against people who have worked with nato foreign organizations or the media in the past. the trusting the taliban on the basis of their words alone is something that many afghans and the international community find it very difficult to do. cha, stratford al jazeera cobble. he is alan fish now with the lightest from washington d. c. when joe biden spoke, he was really sending a message to the taliban as well as to the american people to the american people. we've got this. we can get this done by august 31st to the taliban. we've got this
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. we can get this done by august the 31st, as long as you don't gum us up and get in the way that they're taking off the flight or taking off every 45 minutes or so. they've already evacuated 70000 people since august, the 14th. he thinks that they're on schedule to make this by august the 31st, but he's making it very clear getting away cause problems, stop people getting to the airport. and then there is a difficulty vasa had from jim saki to day saying, look, we want to get the americans or allies out an american and the african allies that helped us during the war. but we can get everyone and the know that there are thousands of people who've no connection to the american forces going to the airport as well, the priority americans, africa, and allies, and need to allies. and they think they can get this done by august. the 31st one fly in the ointment, there was a security briefing on capitol hill in the last few hours. it was confidential, but many of the people who were in that meeting walked out, seeing they don't think that the bite administration is going to hit this deadline
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. colon clark is there a senior research fellow at the certain center and non partisan strategy center focused on global security issues. he joins us live now via skype from pittsburgh. hello there, call. and it certainly is a dynamic situation at the moment. what's your raid from a security perspective? well, i think, you know, one thing is obvious, and that's that the administration is clearly very concerned about a potential terrorist attack from ice. ok. this long state's afghan affiliate, they've been very clear, transparent, and repeated the threat level. so i think that's at the top of the minds of the administration, and it's probably driving a lot of what we see with respect to the deadline. and in relation to there was a secret meeting between the se i, director and defective. taliban laid it before washington's confirmation of this august 31 deadline. if you are flying the was what was likely discussed then.
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great question and not so secret of a meeting for here discussing it, right. but i think it was likely something along the lines of if i had to guess that august, 31 would be very difficult for the united states to meet that deadline. and would there be any wiggle room or flexibility on the part of the television? and extending that deadline beyond august 31st and potentially not having that be a public thing, you know, having a full size, allowing both sides face saving measures if you will. so what's likely to happen, post august 31 and you don't have a crystal ball, but what is your rate on the situation? it's really touching, go it's, it's hard to say, i think, you know, the administration is attempting to do its best to facilitate this process. they're clearly attempting to tout the numbers of africans that they've moved out of the country in recent days. but, you know,
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a lot of what we're hearing from on the ground is still chaos and anarchy on a lot of issues with respect to getting people to the gate through the gate, out of the country. and so i think this is going to be unfortunately something that we're monitoring day to day until we reach that deadline is certainly going to be an interesting 7 days. we appreciate your time and in science calling clock fair as senior research fellow at the event center. the world bank has suspended aid to have ghana, stan siding, deep concerns about the situation. it's provided $5300000000.00 to the country since 2002 and has $27.00 ongoing projects there. last week, the i m f also blocked the delivery of payments. and since the televisions take over, the u. s. has frozen 9 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of afghan government reserves in american banks. alex's id and is the founder of capital peak strategies and served as the us treasury department financial, a tashay in cobble. he says the move is
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a huge blow to the taliban. revenue, i commend the world bank on this decision. i think it was absolutely the right decision in following the, the work of the i m f in the us treasury apartment and other partners to deny the tall bon access to revenue. international assistance to the afghan government, the previous afghan government was about 50 percent of a civilian budget and almost 100 percent of the security budgets that totaled at least about 40 percent of overall g d, p for the country. this is a huge amount of money, and so while it remains to be seen what the actions will be taken by china by russia, this, this part of this current position by the world bank, by the math, by the us and international partners, is a major blow to taller bond revenue, they were great as an insurgency. they could raise money through the drug trade. they can get engage in other forms of taxation, smuggling, and, and other ways in foreign donation. but now they own the afghan government,
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and they need to provide social services and provide all the other parts the normal government would provide. and so that, that isn't the same revenue they had as an insurgency. still ahead on al jazeera zambia as newly elected president who sworn in on a pledge to repair the economy and indigenous people camp outside brazil supreme court ahead of a crucial ruling on the protection of a last i i, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hello, thank you for tuning in our summer rains across india. we're getting a bit of a breather in particular toward the northwest. so that includes new delhi $37.00 degrees. but i want to take you where all the action is. and we do have some
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weather alerts we got to talk about for these indian state. so let's get rate to what's impacted here. so we've got a b, her sick son, and are not sure pradesh all in the line of fire. seen some of these heavy pockets of rain that energy shopping up toward the himalayas. and so this will also impact nepal and pretend we have seen flooding across tomorrow for about a 1000 people impacted there. but we're getting into some dry spells on wednesday. same goes across java jakarta, $33.00 degrees actually for the next few days. you've got a mix of sun in cloud, take it to china right now, and we are watching the batch of what weather, what stuff will hon along the gang see river valley that will continue watch carefully. but otherwise, fairly dry between the yellow river valley and yang see river valley on wednesday. next stop japan and i froze in the shots right here because these are the leftovers of what was tropical depression or mice, really taking a met northern areas of honshu, we press play, see where it goes, the bulk of it out toward the pacific, but it is going to fling what, whether back into whole kado on wednesday sponsored call
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cut on airways. i'm a like of us in the south of india and find out call me back. and this kid brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects. and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife earth right on algebra. ah, ah ah,
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i know you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily angry. reminder of our stories is alum turbine and said the u. s. e 's on track to complete evacuations from cobble by the over 31 deadline. but he's asked the pentagon and states department to repair contingency plans in case it needs to be extended early. the taliban said they will not allow western trades to remain beyond that august 31st deadline. the group also said it's now stopping afghan from going to cobbles, airports will bank, meanwhile, has ascended to kinda some siding, deep concerns about the situation. it has $27.00 ongoing projects there. last week b i m f also blocked the delivery of payments. earlier the situation in afghanistan was discussed and a virtual summative g 7 late is our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk. it has more on that under pressure following an emergency meeting
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of g 7 leaders to discuss extending the afghanistan withdraw date us president joe biden with adamant us troops will be out by august 31st. the sooner we can finish the better he each day of operations brings at risk to our troops. still us withdraw from afghanistan, relies on taliban cooperation to ensure couples airport remains open. if not by and says, he's directed the pentagon to draw up contingency plans. more than 75000 people have been evacuated since mid july, thousands more afghan and us civilians still surround harman cars. they international hoping to board, one of the dozens of us flights out of the country, but escape chances are diminishing. what house intelligence committee member said bluntly, not all who want to leave, will make biden's deadline. we have to get american citizens out and we have to get our african partners and allies out. the american people support it and their
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representatives in this house supported that can't be accomplished between now and the end of the month. the pentagon says its increased its pay. the planes of evacuees taking off approximately every 45 minutes. the rescue effort is being done with a sense of urgency. well taliban commanders are currently communicating with us forces . there is no guarantee that will continue ghana standards. it is a dangerous place right now, which is why we're trying to move as many americans as we can as fast as we can on monday by then dispatch his top spy, ca, director william burns to meet with taliban officials about a possible deadline extension. the proposal was rejected. the firm august 31st half ganeth stan withdrawl has led to bi partisan and global criticism of the us president. we need at least a couple more weeks 3 to 4 more weeks. i find a hard believe that the taliban will not give in. on this point. they're making
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statements to the contrary, but they're going to be in need of financial assistance. and the critical issue of recognition following discussions with nato b, u n e u, and she, 7 leaders biden says the international community is committed to ensuring the taliban keeps his word and won't allow afghan a sound to once again become a training ground for attacks on the united states or its allies, we agree that none of those are going to take the tale bonds, word for it will judge them by their actions. the u. s. military could begin withdrawing some of the 6000 currently securing the cobble airport by the end of the week. but the broader evacuations are still ongoing, and the white house says that will continue right up until the end of the month. kimberly healthcare al jazeera, the white house to the rest of the days. news in the us supreme court has ordered the binding administration to rein state a controversial program for asylum sake. is it rule that ending the so called
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remain in mexico program violated federal law. and trump era policy requires asylum sake as to why to mexico, all their applications are processed for the backlogs. mean that many people are stuck living in camps and months. the head of a runs prison authority has issued a aware apology. after lake video is revealed how detainees are being this treated so violence footage, linked by a hacker group shows, guys baking, dragging and kicking inmates inside tie runs, evan, prison. it has as political prisoners and jewel nationals. and the government has the use dismiss, delegations of human rights abuses around state tv, says the judiciary has ordered an investigation. dam is a new president, has taken office hockey in day he g. lemme is promising an economic turnaround, but he's got a challenge on his hands. a nation is saddled with debt as roo matessa report.
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after 5 previous failed to tim. i kinda he to lemme becomes ambia. democratically elected president. he defeated, formerly the edgarland go in a landslide election victory earlier this month. the business man has promised to turn around the economy. and tonight, zambian is a profit we will create. it says no budget. no one will be in such an environment where we can we can sit coleman coleman budget from deposit home development. it doesn't leave much much where he is now in charge of a country that owes more than $12000000000.00 to external companies. and linda and last, yes, it came the 1st african state to default on its bit during the code, the 19th and in the same cost to really hit households recently and under president
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linda that believe from 36 to a 110 percent of g d. p and i really think that president his dilemma, we'll really we'll, we'll have to address those issues that are really hurting household pocket to limit campaign appeal to many young voters, many of them unemployed. he's told them he's going to quickly create job, bring in investors and capital corruption than being with the youth is potations. wait to see if the new president would deliver on those promises. how do we are out there? oh, jerry is cutting diplomatic ties with morocco. after months of hide intentions between the 2 nations failed, jerry and foreign minister accused his neighbour of hostile actions. he cited a list of grievances including morocco's recent recognition of its round for decades. relations have also been strained over the disputed territory of western
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sahara. diplomatic ties will be severed as of tuesday, but consulate will remain open for me, oblivion president, jeanine and yes, easy in the stable condition after trying to take her own life in prison. she's in custody accused of genocide over the ledge. killings of protest is in 2019. her families say she's not being treated fairly and i fear her health is to tear ranking theresa blow explain. she was bolivia precedent for almost a year. but now the family of jenny, nadia says she's struggling in prison and he has been under preventive detention for 5 months. on saturday, she had to be rushed to hospital after an attempt to take her own life. i knew son, rita had been spending most of his days outside the me to flow to the prison, where she is currently being detained. he says he's concerned about his mother's health. wherever she is very depressed and sad to see
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a suffering. she says that you discovery is being handled by the current administration, and that's why she is so sad. all of the abuses that are happening is what has caused her to collapse. date of kills and violence took over the streets of bolivia in 2019. when president abel morales was asked to resigned by the armed forces after a controversial reelection, vague, the news was sworn in his precedence, but morally for porters took to the street to demand his return. at least 20 people were killed in confrontations with security forces. prosecutors blame and years for authorizing the armed forces to fire against the unarmed protesters and accused of genocide. political prosecutor's office presented an accusation at the supreme court of justice against that citizen jeanine. and yes, chavez for the events that are now being provisionally referred to as genocide with
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serious and mild injury and injuries followed by death. you live. i news, he's now stable. but according to us were present in the country. she's physically weekend and people emotionally affected members of the opposition. i'm calling for her release and say, she's a victim of political persecution by the administration of lease heresy. who belongs to abel morales, mass party, human rights groups, claim, journeyman. you may not stand a chance to a fair trial yet in bolivia has a fundamental tronic problem. it's the lack of independence of the judiciary. it's a situation that very complicated because it makes it very difficult to have independent and impartial investigations over human rights abuses. bolivia have had a period of social instability and serious abuses were committed, including during the government shaning. i'm as the relatives of those killed during the protest in 2019 desperately hoping for justice. but human rights groups
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claim there needs to be a due process, and the judiciary should not be used as a tool for revenge. that is, i will. and the fetus yoke has its 1st female governor. kathy who show has taken her all of office in a brief private ceremony. she replaced andrew cuomo, who resigned to sexual harassment allegations. women now had the government in 9 us brazil supreme court is expected to deliver a landmark ruling on tribal lands. on wednesday, thousands of indigenous people have set up approaches. camp in the capital brazilian. the ruling could reopen past cases that have allowed commercial farming and mining. in the amazon rainforest, it could eventually lead to the return of land to indigenous people. monica yanna kit has more from brazil. yeah. this is the largest gathering of indigenous people
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in the capital brazilian and 988 when the democratic constitution was approved. if the same constitution that gave the indigenous people the rights to claim their ancestral land. and now they're afraid that these rights will be curt tail. that's why they're holding a vigil here. right in front of the supreme court. the supreme court will decide on wednesday a case which will set jurisprudence for $800.00 other pending cases of indigenous people, claiming their ancestral land. and this case will determine whether there will be cut off date or not. the former lobby present tre, both or not. and so the miners and the loggers, they want a time limit. they want to bar any land claims that were made by indigenous people who are not living in that specific land in 1988. so they have been a belt before that which has been the case of many here,
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then they would no longer have a right to claim their land. now the indigenous people, they say that's in constitutional. so what everybody wants is for a decision to be made fast because the longer this take, the more tense, the situation grows. next year, there will be presidential election in brazil. presidents will sonata is up for reelection. he has said he does not want to demo our case, another millimeter of indigenous land. and well, if he couldn't, if he's re elected, he'll probably maintain this policy. if not, it may change. doctors in the us are worried, hospitals may run out of space to take trait children with coven 19 as search. and pediatric case, it says he knew pandemic records. the vaccine is authorized for kids age 12 and up in the us, leaving young children particularly vulnerable. a warning some of the video
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featured in this story and i just had some view is hydrogen, castro reports the 1st aurora cannon is 3 and battling cove. it inside in oklahoma hospital, her mother is a nurse who says she likely pass the virus to her daughter from an unvaccinated patient. the mother posted these videos on social media to show the world the price her young child is paying. writing. if you choose not to be vaccinated, you've made a choice for my daughter to your choice led to my innocent child being hospitalized . pediatric intensive care units across the southern us are filling with children, diagnosed with cove it who were too young to be vaccinated themselves. these patients sometimes can't breathe.


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