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curse and set to rise on the tokyo paralegic when i went to investigate japan problem history of caring for people with disability on now does 0 me be the hero, the world needs right now. a washer. ah ah . desperate to get out of afghanistan evacuations, pick up pay, says country scramble to fly out troops and civilians before this month's deadline . the sooner we can finish the better the race to leave comes as us president joe biden refuses to delay the withdrawal saying that the risk of attacks against foreign soldiers.
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ah robin, this is out there in life and death coming up in the next half hour, trying to hit sound at a see a report in the cave in 1900 pandemic saying the american investigation is driven by politics and not science. football gere, cuts ties with morocco, blaming hostile actions about says the move is unjustified and the legal battles are indigenous people in brazil and what is the mean for other tribes and that that's true. let me look into the private western powers. a rushing to slam their citizens unbundle black guns from cobbler airport britain science lead every hour up to the august 31st deadlines, a foreign troop withdrawal front says its mission. they finish as early as thursday on tuesday. us present, joe biden refused request by g 7 eyes for an extension to that deadline. insisting
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that forces must pull out to prevent risk of attacks. the taliban take over the problem to the world bang to freeze its age payments. i've got a son. it says the arm groups, new position will impact development, especially for women. the well food program says a combination of drought conflicts and the coven. 19 pandemic means millions of africans could soon say salvation. if global leaders don't act quickly. well, we have several correspondence covering these developments. our white house correspondent can be how kit in washington d. c. she'll have more on the pressure that bite and is facing that he barba is in london. will bring us the latest on the u. kay's evacuation efforts in that of the european counterparts. but 1st let's go to charles stratford, who's in the afghan capital and charles, you know, we have been focusing on this deadline. the 8, the time is ticking away, tension is increasing and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better for those people who really want to get out of the country. know if anything,
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for many of them it's going to get a lot worse. certainly the evidence that we've seen or team of ours have seen outside the airport today. they went to the eastern gate and sorry they went to the southern gate. let's be precise here and what they witness was scenes of also chaos. they describe tyler bond having to fire their weapons in the air to keep the crowd back. they were using chair gas as well, a water hose. despite these comments be made by the americans that the thought about are actually cooperating very well with them thus far. in trying to keep the crowds back from the board, it shows you how difficult that mission is. it's all about yesterday. let's not forget said that they were going to stop people from going to the airport. we now know that they set up a check point on the northern gate, around 5 kilometers back from that gate. in fact, this was the area where we saw all those huge crowds in the last few days and the
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incidents of violence down in that area. now it's all about have taken control of a check point 5 was just back and then not allowing anyone through that checkpoint without the requisites either a foreign passport, a visa or some sort of official invitation. and it's a similar scenario. the eastern gates as well, a checkpoint set up there. so it's all about seemingly sticking to their words in trying to keep people back from that area. but certainly on the southern gate is our team. so earlier today's proving to be a very difficult challenge indeed because it's all about trying to juggle quite a few balls. and the one of them is how to finance that potential government. when you have independent agencies like the international monetary fund and the world bank saying, you know, we're going to hold funds for the moment until we know exactly what your policies as a government that's right. let's not forget,
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this country was a terrible financial economic crisis way before this crises started. it's been a dismal state of affairs for years now. round 50 percent of the population living under the poverty line. and now these lines coming from western institutions and governments, as you say from the i m f, from the world bank, refusing any more money for the time being because of what they say, all the human rights abuses, the fears that they have about the child ban coming to power and of course, $99.00 and a half $1000000000.00 seen being held us banks also, of course use the people here that are going to suffer is one thing to tell about trying to rule. and they're very canes or c, legitimized themselves on the international stage. but it's the people here who are suffering the most and when you talk to them, many of them use the words betrayal, and suffering what they describe as collective punishment. the crimes that they did
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not commit for the update. thanks so much jer, charles struck their force in cobble. well, germany has pledged to help us gans who were quit its forces to leave beyond the deadline at the end of this month. but earlier the u. k. foreign secretary dominic rob said that it's al, it will continue right up to the last minutes of august the 31st. let's get more on this one of the bob who's in our london broadcast center and the team really the u . k. foreign minister obviously saying it's going to go right down to the wire. the nail biting starts for the many thousands of people still waiting to get onto about you ation flights. it certainly is a very terrifying time right now you're, you're correct. dominic robin, the foreign secretary in the u. k said, but he doesn't know how many people will be left behind out of thousands who are on lists, for example, repatriation lists for people who work with british forces. the british media are
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quoting defense sources are saying there are 2000 interpreters and other african individuals who worked with u. k. troops still waiting to be evacuated and that's on top of an unspecified number of so called special cases, including human rights activists. will dominate, rob says that it all depends on how many people will manage to evacuate on those royal air force planes in the coming days, but also on the time window available. because what you referenced with mr. rob saying that it will go right up to next tuesday. he's talking about the, the flights in general. but he specified that it's still up to the military to say how long they need to get troops and equipment out. and then countries will need to work backwards. so some countries are admitting that there are only a matter of a few days left rather than in next week. poland had stopped all a bit of occupation flights as of wednesday starting safety fears the french
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government hinting they could end their flights on thursday in germany that were reports in the national broadcast that the government was considering wednesday as it cut off dates for actual flights for civilians getting out, i'm going to merkel address parliament and did not specify anything like that, but she didn't assist that her country would do everything practically possible between now and next week to get as many people out as possible. is that the premiums are we will continue the evacuation operation for as long as possible in order to also make it possible for our guns who worked with us for security freedom, the rule of law development to leave the country. so angular marco has been saying the next tuesday must not be the end of efforts by the international community to facilitate people who need to get out of africa. and so on doing so. she's talked about intent discussions going on with taliban officials in terms of allowing
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flights to resume from a civilian operated airport. and she's also called for greater help for people in afghanistan, humanitarian assistance, but also more support for the neighboring countries, such as iran and pakistan in terms of receiving refugees. the baba, thanks very much for the update that speak to our white house correspondent kimberly house get jose, you know, from washington d. c. and kimberly we need the pressure has never really been off the united states these past 2 decades. but none also is the focus than this last, you might say 14 days, and certainly now as the clock ticks away on president biden pressure at home and abroad. that's right, and well the us felt the pressure as the u. s. president spoke with g 7 leaders just yesterday today. much of that pressure that is growing on this white house is
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coming from the u. s. congress. and it's not just the expected republican critics, but members of the president's own democratic party. in fact, there was one prominent democrat as well as a republican that made a secret overnight trip to afghanistan in order to, as they say, conduct oversight on the administration and this evacuation, which they've been sharply critical out, been arguing that the white house ignore the intelligence and that this has been nothing short of a debacle. they argue that american as well as potentially african lives, could be lost as a result of this very rushed evacuation. and they continue to argue that there should be an extension. now i can tell you that the white house has been sharply critical of these 2 members of congress saying that this was reckless. that what they did was take a seat away from somebody who is looking to be evacuated, may not be able to now, but again, they argue that there is
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a necessity of congress to conduct oversight on the executive branch, the white house. and as a result, given the fact that they believe that this was not conducted properly, they want to conduct their own investigation in order to ensure this type of thing never happens again. but as for the deadline, the white house sticking to the end of the month, august 31st. even as these members of congress increasingly argue that that deadline should be extended. kimberly, he'll get thanks very much. all white house correspondent that tens of thousands vascos displaced by the recent fighting between the government and the taliban has still been given proper shelters. now that task will likely fall to the taliban. as robert bride reports from cobble they came here to escape the horrors of war, but now the fighting is largely done. the future does not look any less bleak. this 110 to shed by 4 families from afghanistan's northern province of to have like
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marry him, a widowed mother of 6 who says she had to sell possessions to move here and escape the conflict. got on of comic acid. another then forgot. no one helped us when we came here, we sold a tv and a carpet and had been economizing like eating less. but the money ran out 3 days ago were not in good shape by the located on the outskirts of cobble. this open piece of land was overrun with displaced people, as the taliban closed in on the capital. and just the government attempted to move them to more organized camps. with the collapse of that government has come, the end of any official help adding to cobbles, growing crisis of people displaced by war. that journeys began from places where the conflict has raged around afghanistan in recent months. and the taliban victory has brought a degree of stability. but for many, still, no clear idea of where to go next. on the other side of the shed tent,
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hulu has it right, wants to take his family of 9 back to their home. but he doesn't know if the house he is still paying rent on his even standing vehicle. them will be more normal. that was we don't have any money left to go back and set up again in our own. if the government can look after us, that's better. right now that government doesn't exist yet. when it does, it will be up to the taliban to provide support and tackle the many other crises facing us kind of down. robert bride al jazeera couple will still had his knowledge, is there a south africa ended up with the world, the highest unemployment rate and why recovery remains that distance prospect also talks that relationship, we look at how organized crime groups of 10 remaining into europe's dumping grounds . to stay with a fair amount of ah
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hello, thank you for joining in nice to see. here's an update on that summer range across india and some parts we're going to take our foot off the pedal. this includes the what the northwest. so delhi were getting into some sunshine, but for the western gets those rains picking up again, go right down through to connect to the car and careless states. now also it's for the northwest, we're going to see some heavy falls here. so we have amber alerts in play across these indian states just for the potential to see birth of rain so or can be hard sick as them and also natural pradesh on thursday. but this energy shopping out against the foothills of the himalayas, so impacting the paul and baton as well. leftovers of what was tropical depression . oh, my said, pushed out toward the pacific after impacting horseshoe and whole cargo. it is dry across mostly dry cross the korean peninsula, but that changes on friday. so let me give you
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a snapshot. it all has to do with our plum rains across the yangtze river valley, shooting out toward the chinese sea and ploughing right into the korean peninsula. impacting south korea after just some spots picked up 600 millimeters of rain quite wide across indo china, particularly toward the northeast in vietnam where we have seen deadly landslides and we are drying out across java island. so mix of sun in cloud for jakarta. the news on air or online be part of the debate or people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when know how they get off the table? it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f d like symptom. jump into this dream and julian, uh, global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era,
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ah ah, look about kill watching out there with me. the whole rama reminder of stories. the u. k says it will need every remaining hour until the end of this month to complete evacuation. almost understand, sir, said sallie to home trying to meet the august 31st deadline on friend says mission because and early thursday, germany has pledged to help us come to work with his forces to leave beyond the deadline of the end of this month, the chancellor anglo merkel also urged the international community to maintain the dialogue with the taliban. vidalia president, joe by refusing, refused request from us allies to delay troop withdrawal. they asked him to keep
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american forces that comp level to allow more time for vacation, but by miss concerned that extension could put soldiers at risk of attacks. in australia, state of new south wales has set a new highs a day recovered 19 cases. while talent death toll from the virus cross 10000, the vast majority coming in the last 4 months. the surge comes in vietnam receives a vaccine out from the us. anti one starts using its own job for the virus. so hi la has roundup from bangkok. more than half of australia is 25000000 people are in lockdown. hospitals in its largest city, sydney, are under severe pressure as its home state of new south wales set. a new daily covered 1900 infection record of 900. and 19 this after 2 months of locked down, health officials emphasizing the way to counter the search is through vaccination.
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the solution easy now. and i urge everyone in those local government areas who have access to that vaccine to fuel those appointment vacancies and get a vaccine if we get those high levels. the modeling shows, we will change the reflective and we will see a decline in cases neighboring state. queensland has paused arrivals from declared hotspots including new south wales, official se quarantine hotels are full across the tasman new zealand has reported the highest number of cases in its delta outbreak. most cases are in auckland, but the entire country isn't locked down. it's stepping up. what's been criticized as a slow vaccination roll out. nobody wants to be locked down. and the beast way that we can return to enjoying the freedoms that we have head for much of the last year is to get very high levels of vaccination. the hospitals in japan are also struggling with a search of new infections brought on by the highly transmissible self. the
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variance 90 percent of tokyo's, critical care beds are occupied. the country has expanded its state of emergency to 8 more prefix, or is making a 21 in total. that'll cover nearly half of all japan's prefix years. and despite restricting movement in vietnam's largest city hotel, men in july covered 1900 infections have continued to climb. soldiers have been deployed to enforce harsher curbs implemented this week. hope him in has accounted for half a vietnam's total covered $900.00 cases and about 80 percent of the depths on her visit to hanoi. on wednesday, us vice president common harris announced the united states will be donating $1000000.00 doses of the pfizer vaccine. only 1.8 percent of people in vietnam are fully vaccinated in taiwan this week, present sign when launched the role of a domestically developed cove at 1900 vaccine. she received her 1st dose of the method in jap, that was given emergency approval by regulators last month. it uses a piece of cupboard 19 to trigger the body into mounting and immune response. the
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move prophet strong opposition within the medical and scientific community because large scale and long term studies were bypassed. for the 1st time since may know new domestic cases were reported in taiwan. on wednesday, 40 percent of the islands population has received at least one dose of a cove in 1900 vaccine. scott either al jazeera bangkok, facing as a case washington of politicizing efforts to trace the origin of co. 5th 19 of the white house is preparing a declassified version of a report by us intelligence agencies, the public release. it said to be inconclusive in part, due to the lack of information from china. katrina, you has more basing. we don't have any details as to what's inside the c i a report but all ready majoring is on the defense and working to discredit the report before its findings are made public. today on wednesday, china's foreign ministry held a special media briefing, and during that briefing the foreign ministry, spokes,
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person, food song, accused the us of politicizing, the investigation into the origin of the core of ours. it said that washington was simply trying to shift the blame and point fingers add pages to distract from the u . s. as or failed handling of the pandemic. now, ton of foreign ministry, spokes person and chinese officials have also been taking the opportunity to promote their or infringe theory as to the origin of the virus saying that it could have originated in a u. s. lab one that's called fort detrick's in the state of maryland. now during this briefing, food song, the spokesperson himself admitted that this was an unlikely possibility. and that, bating was only pushing this because of the u. s. itself pushing its own assertions, south africa unemployment rate as hit record high of 34 percent with more than 7800000 people. jobless, that ever concerns the level of unemployment to let me get worse with africa as
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economy severely affected by the current virus pandemic. for me to build as more from johannesburg, despite being africa, most industrialized economy. so africa has had an unemployment rate of moving 20 percent for the last 2 decades. and now it's at its worst at the 24.4 percent. so africa lost more than half a 1000000 more jobs in the 2nd quarter of this year, taking the total number of unemployed to $7800000.00 people. and they are concerned that that's unemployment grateful only worse than as the continues. so africans, now it's $500.00, they all of a national lockdown because of the coven. 19 pandemic. many businesses have been badly affected, and more jobs have been lost. economists are concerned about the slow pace of recovery, and they say that it's a job creation most likely won't have an impact in the short term. as south africa
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continues to battle a shrinking economy. so africa, economies are really shrunk by at least 7 percent. adding to south africa's bose is large scale corruption according to estimate it costs the country at least $50000000000.00. it's severely impacted. state owned enterprises, the economy, as well as invest the confidence. this is alexandra township in the north of johanna. and it's in communities like this one poor community where the high number of job losses of the most in july they were riots and looting in alexandra and other places in the provinces of halting and was going to tell and be economic impact was devastating. many people lost their job. there are stalls on the streets which remain close. people here, shop owners trying to rebuild, but it will take some time, informal traders outside saying that their business has been there for mated.
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they're now making less than half of what they made before, and they're struggling to make a living. they say they don't know when it will improve its estimate, so that south africa last at least $3000000000.00 due to that, andre. and while economists say they are signs of economic recovery, its wall certainly take some time. * before people in communities like this, feel the benefit of that well because foreign ministry is calling on jerry's decision to cut diplomatic ties completely unjustified. well, jerry and foreign minister accuse rebut of hostile actions and listed a number of grievances including morocco's recent recognition of israel relations have been strained for decades over the dispute, the territory of western sahara, youself born. the l is the professor of political science and international relations that control university. he says the decision to cut ties was inevitable . any serious observable of no public affairs of julian unwelcome suppose was not
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replaced by this particular decision. even dom in the fallen minister of the kingdom of milan was what he didn't need with the decision. but it was the expect. it was expected, obviously to 2 countries have a longer, hastily, all the disagreement. the links between medical and state obviously have not been very well appreciated, but you're actually in the general shape for the mean. you still of the visa, foreign minister of is like when he came to medical and he made the statement comparing julia to iran and say in the what countries, what isn't a threat to pick us is spying on gillian, leadership and leaderships. and i would expect sultan come to the southern
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countries, maybe to get involved in some sort of reconciliation between the $2.00 to $2.00 to $2.00 countries. but as far as i can tell, i don't expect walls to start between the 2 countries. but this is a continuous into a long process of disagreements between the 2 countries. it takes most globally and engagement by my local that it would not interfere in our julian 1st and leave. the issue of the western side are to do lots of nations the venezuela government, his father report with the international criminal court thing. you sanctions represent crimes against humanity. it says the restrictions have blocked money to purchase kevin 1900 vaccines. the u. s. as in post sanctions to fully as to pressurize present nicholas the dirt to leave office. washington argues his 2018 election victory was fraudulent. and staying in the country, at least 15 people have died in mud and rock slides in the western mountainous
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region. a river also burst its banks of 2 hours of heavy rain swamping the district of tovar. the government says downpours across the country have destroyed 8000 homes and 3 states are on high alert. while father started a week ago in the us state of california and destroyed hundreds of homes is moving closer towards lake tahoe in the sierra nevada mountains and 9 percent of the circle council fire has been contained by fighters are still battling that. and many other wildfires in california and nevada and thousands of people have been told to leave their homes. brazil halls, world's largest water reserves and less than to be drawing out. a study found that in the past 30 years, 15 percent of water had been lost from rivers, lakes, and wetland. that's around $3000000.00 hector's, which is about the same size as belgium, expert, se, damn, the climate change on deforestation of the main causes. now romania has become may dumping grounds a large quantities of legal waste from across europe. government officials of told
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al jazeera, the criminal organizations within the country have made it a big business. andrew sevens reports not from be caressed. this site was registered as a recycling center, yet it became a mountain of waste mixed with building rubble ignored by local authorities for more than 10 years. until now, i think a lot of plastic domestic waste may be induced to waste. in that part, the new head of romania is national environment agency, octavian. but chombo knew nothing about it until sewage pipes beneath the tip collapsed a few weeks ago, flooding a suburb of bucharest, aside from the acrid stench and the colossal scale of its tip and others like it. romania now has an even bigger problem with illegal waste. go east to the black sea port of cause time to and rubbish is
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a criminal commodity with millions of dollars. and a determined prosecutor here is taking on the car, sells the model for problem of illegal waste trafficking is compatible with the drug trafficking to you don't. it's faces overwhelming challenge, but he did smash one or daisha plan to import a shipment of toxic waste from italy, so called business men were involved and they attempted to bribe local officials. whales from other european consignments like these sho, recycling sentences destinations. but instead they go to basic consideration sites all landfill dumps, pollution on a big scale. this is part of one consignment from the u. k. host of cop 26, the u. n. global warming summit due in november need. so says the u. k is incorporating enough on getting prosecutions. i wish to have a more collaboration of from the part of the british authorities were fighting
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against and the crimes. and then the crimes regard, not romania and not going to be in my opinion. it's a problem for all the planet, october on, but sean, who says his investigation team is poorly paid, and it faces intimidation from criminals. the boys in your family, your life. it's a problem. it's a big put on the mound. but john, who's besides symbolizes a different era of ways, crime now to war by matthew cartels, bribery, corruption, here and overseas. and there's pollution never seen before, coupled with inaction and apparent indifference in other european states. andrew simmons al jazeera, bucharest, ah, challenges there with me. so rom, the reminder, volatile stories,
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the case as it lead every remaining hour until the end of the month to complete evacuations from august on the us says i lived on.


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