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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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the world of difference determination. i'm coming down where we are moving the freedom. we saw the 16 people corruption and compassion, the 0 world selection of the best films from across our network of channels, the race to leave afghanistan evacuations, pickup paces, countries scrambles, have fly out troops and civilians by tuesday, the sooner we can finish, the better us president biden has refused to delay the withdrawal, saying there is a risk of attacks against foreign soldiers. ah,
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hello there, i'm paying this is out of their life. and also coming up, china hits out of the ca, report into the crib in 1910 to next saying the american investigation is driven by politics and not science. algeria cuts ties with morocco, blaming hostile actions for bob says the move is unjustified. and the legal battle for indigenous people in brazil and what it could mean for other tribes around me. western powers are rushing to fly out there. citizens and vulnerable afghans from couple at fort britain is saying it will need every hour up until that august. 31st deadline for foreign troop withdraw. mother from so it's mission may finish as early as thursday. now, on tuesday, the us president joe biden refused requests by g 7 allies for an extension of that
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deadline. insisting forces must pull out to prevent the risk of attacks. the taliban take her, but takeover has prompted the well bank as well to freeze its aid payments to afghanistan. it says the group's new position will impact development, especially for women and welfare program says a combination of drought conflict and coded 19 means millions of afghans could soon faced elevation. if global leaders don't act quickly. charles thompson has relations. now from couple the closer we get to this august, the 31st deadline is more chaotic, seemingly becomes around the airport. we had a team down on the southern gate earlier today and come back and describe scenes of a panic and chaos. they said that the taliban were having to fire in the air to keep people back. they were using tear gas. they spoke to one woman who said that she had all the necessary papers. she had a western visa in her passport. and she said that she was terrified,
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but was prepared to take the risk of a bullet. if it made her getting on a plane. she said that things were complicated by the fact that there were a lot of people in and around that southern gate who didn't have the requisite paperwork. the taliban say that people can cross, but they have to have a visa or a western passport or some sort of official invitation from another country in order to pass those checkpoints with respects to other areas around the airport. the tale bond seem to be acting on what they promised last night, which was to try at least to prevent people going to the airport. and they set up checkpoint, a checkpoint around 5 kilometers back from the northern gate. that gate is the scene. we've seen those huge crowds in recent days and sporadic violence. it's a similar situation on the eastern gate as well. well, by now more than 80000 people have been flown out of afghanistan since the taliban
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takeover. so the bel air has been talking to africans trying to leave outside couples international airport. the count on its own as the us and foreign forces. now you have until tuesday to get out. and with that means the end of evacuation, like from here outside the airport, there is people rush, see if they can get on a flight. we understand the you with and the hell of on have a deal that the telephone are only allowed to make. people have foreign passport and you have paid didn't was it going to have? and i'm here without documents because a lot of people that went to the us on evacuation flights were civilians. so i thought if civilians are going and i served in the army, i should be eligible to go to think i got an offer on the thought about. everybody's going so i'm going to my house, they won't leave me alone. my wife says get down there. why you so lazy? i leave the house every day. so my wife stopped hastily in
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a way to control the crowd and tried to figure this out. they've been looking for the paperwork at different locations around and then putting them on the boxes that these people are actually about to be on the slide. and they are prioritize to get through. and in the meantime, they are trying to control the crowds and keep people back from swamping to the fossil can come through. doing that by shooting guns in the air, by using water cannons and by beating people to push them back to the close of the gate. 3 times, but because of gunshots and shouting, it makes everyone scared. since i'm a woman, i don't have the courage to push past them. i'll do my best to get out. even if i get shot, i will continue trying to get inside the airport. that's now the tele bomb se, but anybody who wants to get through and wants to leave and has the paperwork that would allow them on the flight can do so. but they also tell us they hurt people. they say that these people, many of them who are highly skilled,
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would be an asset to the country going forward. and that they, that they say. but in the meantime, with only 6 days left over the flight at the end. and we know that the numbers, the number of flights will decrease in the day it's going for that, that the crunches on and a lot of these people are trying to get through into the airport today. british foreign secretary, dominic rob says those evacuations will continue right up until the last minute of august. 31st and even baba is in london and says, the government isn't sure just how many people will be left behind. beyond that deadline is just an indication of how many people thousands of people there are still desperately trying to get out of afghanistan, who are on british lists of people do to be repatriated. and the british media are quoting defense sources. a saying that there are 2000 afghans who worked as interpreters or as in other roles, working with british forces. i'm not going to still,
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i'm still waiting to be evacuated on top of an on no number of other so called special cases. who would you to be taken out of the country, including human rights activists, members of the l, g b, t, community judges, and so on. and this is just a reminder of how much pressure there is on dominic rob to do everything he can. well, he has said he doesn't know how many people will be left behind effectively. he said, it depends on how many, how many people they get out right now and also what kind of time window they have . it's still not clear because his reference to going up to the wire to next tuesday. that does not mean that will be military planes. blowing into britons while therefore it's flying next tuesday. it means that that's the deadline for the military to have packed up and the civilian flights will have to have finished. well, before that, there are quotes in the british media from defense sources as saying that the maximum extension from wednesday for any civilian flights would be 36 hours or that
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means they will end by this coming friday. i'll meanwhile, hundreds of afghans are trying to enter pakistan at the top of border crossing. but with no profit documents, many of them are unable to get through. some of the debate has this report for us from the pakistan afghanistan border from 3rd, from atlanta to sun. i've just entered the door on the box is fine. if i, this is the main border crossing between the 2 countries for trade and for people. as you can see, taliban fighters are manning all the border posts across the country with neighboring countries, including central agents, states, market fun and iran. and these fighters have been telling us that they are allowing everyone to cross the border. now the problem here, as you can see, hundreds of people have been gathering every day since double came through the control of the taliban. on august the 15th. and these people have been trying to get inside pockets on the funny authority say that they will only allow people who
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have the right documentation to make sure that no extremist element, no terrorist groups are no infiltration of budget funds. and dick need, they said my family and kids are crossing package, john and we have been waiting at this border crossing for one week and will be here until were allowed to go on the truck to go back and forth, trying to earn a living in this area for humanitarian reasons, the soldiers have not been stopping them, but they've been carrying cigarettes and other things that they've been trying to smuggle across the border and make a quick buck. people have been thing the desperate not just to cross into august on for safety, but because they have tribal ties on either side of the line which divided the country. and they want to visit their family. they want to go and meet people who ride the 2nd, who passed away, but so far, if they don't have the right documentation, they're not going to be allowed inside bucket. well, thousands of african refugees abroad are saying they're facing even more uncertainty now after the taliban takeover. me miss. i met some of them in new
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delhi. we're outside the united nations high commission for refugees. and it's the are in use any more than a 1000? i've gone national group and living in new delhi have been on hunger side. they've been here protesting for today's day and night demanding the refugee agencies foster asylum claim reset, and then i also guarantee them security. i get up going to some people in afghanistan may die one day because of the we refugees in india feel like we die every day. it's like being imprisoned. was my job. i'm out of the month. we'll stay here until life a fill out a mind. even if it takes months, just like the indian farmers have been protesting, we to will keep sitting here. a protest has been growing up. does not exist. i mentioned north side of the country on the un or event.
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now this was not very nice, but the limited opportunity funding. why even now moving on and palestinians in gauze, protesting right now at the border with israel. it follows the killing of a 32 year will tell us the new man by israeli forces on the weekend. one israeli police officer was also injured, amass, and other groups and gaza, trying to renew pressure on israel to break it seeds on the region where we can now speak to human side. she's there on the ground for us in gaza with all the laces. as we've been saying, the tensions been building, we've been seeing some tear gas there today. can you talk us through what you can see? yes, and this is the 2nd process to take place this week. and this comes out, ah, the implementing of the popular activity is that the policy in faction has talked
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about and set that they will start implementing through a strict and plan, envision, and to pressure israel to lift the siege and the goddess trip, and to implement the understanding that have been done before with, through the education mediators. and things were actually very much expected to erupt here today. but it seems that it gyptian pressure has led to the non escalation of the situation here. until now we have at least 10 injuries, which is very much lower than prior. what happened this week where at least 4 to one palestinians were injured to in critical and one died this morning of his sustained injuries. today we have 3 people, at least by live ammunition,
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while the rest of the injuries, where rubber bullets and through and doesn't of course, by gas counts. so the israeli of forces has, have really, let's say, held themselves today and not really use excessive force with the palestinian protest years despite what we have heard in the, in, by media or israeli media that they will use the most excessive force that they could to prevent any palestinian from approaching the sun, also ha mas as part of de escalate. think deploy dozens of the meat of security members to prevent the palestinian protestors from approaching very much close to the fence or reaching the sense itself either on the ground for us with all the latest from gaza. thank you so much. him well still
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ahead for you here on a toxic relationship and we look at how organized crime groups can romania into europe dumping ground. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello. thank you for joining in nice to see you. here's an update on the summer rains across india and some parts we're going to take our foot off the pedal. this includes the what the northwest. so delhi were getting into some sunshine. but for the western gets those rains picking up again, go right down through to connect to the cart and careless states. now also it's for the northwest. we're going to see some heavy falls here. so we have amber alerts in play across these indian states just for the potential to see birth of rain. so was there a can be har sick? and also a natural dash on thursday,
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but this energy is shipping out against the foothills of the himalayas. so impacting paul and baton as well. leftovers of what was tropical depression. oh, my said, pushed out toward the pacific after impacting honshu and hook kado. it is dry across mostly dry across the korean peninsula that changes on friday. so let me give you a snapshot. it all has to do with our plum rains across the yangtze river valley, shooting out toward the china sea and ploughing right into the korean peninsula, impacting south korea after just some spots picked up $600.00 millimeters of rain quite way across. indo china, particularly toward the northeast in vietnam, where we have seen deadly landslides and we are drying out across java island. so mix of sun in cloud for jakarta, sponsored pay cut on airways. the venezuela columbia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal
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passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we followed the perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all fenders wayland, columbia on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah. hello again. on the south, your hands are home that remind you about top stories here, the salad, the u. k. it says it will need every remaining hour until the end of this month to complete evacuations from the scanner. the u. s. as it's left is on track to meet the august 31st deadline walk from says it's mission could and as early as on
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earlier presents or biden refuse requests from us allies, but delayed through withdrawal from afghanistan in order to allow more time for evacuation. huge crowds of desperate afghans have continued to gather outside couple pallets. indians and gaza are again protesting at the border with israel and follows the killing of a 32 year old palestinian man by israeli forces as the weekend. a mouse and other groups in gaza trying to renew pressure on israel to break the siege on the region . to the pandemic now, and beijing has accused washington of politicizing efforts to trace the origin of quivered 19. the white house is preparing a declassified version of a report by us intelligence agencies for public release. it is said to be inconclusive in part, due to a lack of information from china. katrina,
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you has more now from beijing. we don't have any details as to what's inside the c i a report, but already beijing is on the defense and working to discredit the report before its findings on the public. to day on wednesday, china's foreign ministry held a special media briefing, and during that briefing the foreign ministry, spokes, person, food song, accused the us of politicizing, the investigation into the origin of the court of ours. it said that washington was simply trying to shift the blame and point fingers add pages to distract from the u . s. as or, and failed handling of the pandemic. now a ton of foreign ministry spokesperson and chinese officials have also been taking the opportunity to promote their or infringe theory as to the origin of the virus saying that it could have originated in a u. s. lab one that's called fort detrick's in the state of maryland. now during this briefing, foot song, the spokesperson himself admitted that this was an unlikely possibility. and that
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paging was only pushing this because of the us itself, pushing its own assertions on me about a strange state of new south wales has set a new high said daily cove. 19 cases and thailand's death toll from the virus has crossed 10000. last, the vast majority of that coming just in the last 4 months. the 3rd comes as a vietnam receives some vaccine help from the u. s. and taiwan is starting to use its own job for the virus. scott, hi la. has a look at the region from bangkok. more than half of australia is 20. 5000000 people are in lockdown. hospitals in its largest city sydney, are under severe pressure as its home state of new south wales sets. a new daily covered 1900 infection record of 900. and 19 this after 2 months of lockdown, health officials emphasizing that, the way to counter the search is through vaccination solution, easy now had, and i urge everyone in those local government areas who have access to that vaccine
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to feel those appointment vacancies and get a vaccine if we get those high levels, the modeling shows, we will change the, our, affective, and we will see a decline in cases neighboring state. queensland has paused arrivals from declared hotspots including new south wales. i think so se quarantine hotels are full across the tasman new zealand has reported the highest number of cases in its delta outbreak. most cases are in auckland, but the entire country isn't locked down. it's stepping up what's been criticized as a slow vaccination rollout. nobody wants to be in lockdown, and the beast way that we can return to enjoying the freedoms that we have head for much of the last year is to get very high levels of vaccination. the hospitals in japan are also struggling with a search of new infections brought on by the highly transmissible self. the various 90 percent of tokyo's critical care beds are occupied. the country has expanded its
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state of emergency to 8 more prefecture, is making a 21 in total. that'll cover nearly half of all japan's prefix years. and despite restricting movement in vietnam's largest city hotel min, in july covered 1900 infections have continued to climb. soldiers have been deployed to enforce harsher curbs implemented this week. hope human has accounted for half a vietnam's total cove in 1900 cases and about 80 percent of the depths on her visit to hanoi on wednesday, us vice president common harris announced the united states will be donating 1000000 doses of the pfizer vaccine. only 1.8 percent of people in vietnam are fully vaccinated in taiwan this week president sine when launched the role of a domestically developed cove at 1900 vaccine. she received her 1st dose of the method in jap, that was given emergency approval by regulators last month. it uses a piece of covered 19 to trigger the body into mounting and immune response. the move prophet strong opposition within the medical and scientific community because large scale and long term studies were bypassed. for the 1st time since may,
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no new domestic cases were reported in taiwan. on wednesday, 40 percent of the islands population has received at least one dose of a covered 1. 900 vaccine. got either al jazeera, bangkok, moving on and morocco is foreign ministry is calling. algeria is decision to cut the dramatic ties completely unjustified. the algerian foreign minister accused robots of hostile actions, and as to the number of grievances, including morocco's recent recognition of israel relations have been strained for decades over the dispute territory of western hora uses $1.00 a professor of political science and international relations at castle university he says this decision to cup ties was inevitable. any serious observable of not looking up, those of julian unwelcome suppose was not replaced by this particular decision. even them in the fallen minister of the kingdom of milan was what he didn't
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need with the decision. but it was the expect, it was expected obviously to 2 countries have a longer hastily old for disagreement. the links between medical and state obviously have not been very well appreciated, but actually in the general shape for the menu still of the visa, foreign minister is like when he came to medical and he made the statement comparing julia to iran and saying that what countries what isn't a threat to pick us is spying on gillian, leadership and leaderships. and i would expect sultan come to the southern countries maybe to get involved in some sort of reconciliation between the $2.00 to $2.00 to $2.00 countries. but as far as i can tell, i don't expect walls. busy to start between the 2 countries, but this is
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a continuous, into a long process of disagreements between the 2 countries. it takes most globally and engagement by my local that it would not interfere in our julian 1st and see if the issue of the western side are to do not nations. well, romania has become a dumping ground for large quantities of illegal waste from europe. government officials have told us that criminal organizations within the country have made it a big business and re simmons reports. now from bucharest. this site was registered as a recycling center. yet it became a mountain of waste mixed with building rubble ignored by local authorities for more than 10 years. until now, let's take a lot of plastic. domestic waste may be induced to other ways in that part. the new head of romania is national environment agency, octavian. but chombo knew nothing about it until sewage pipes beneath the tip
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collapsed a few weeks ago, flooding a suburb of bucharest, aside from the acrid stench, and the colossal scale of its tip and others like it. romania now has an even bigger problem with illegal waste. go east to the black sea port of cassandra and rubbish is a criminal commodity worth millions of dollars. and a determined prosecutor here is taking on the cartels. the model for the problem of illegal waste trafficking is compatible with the drug trafficking to you don't. it's faces an overwhelming challenge, but he did smash one or day should plan to import a shipment of toxic waste from italy, so called business men were involved and they attempted to bribe local officials, whales from other european consignments, like these sho, recycling centers as destinations. but instead they go to basic consideration sites
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all landfill dumps, pollution on a big scale. this is part of one consignment from the u. k. host of cop 26, the u. n. global warming summit due in november, need sa says the u. k is incorporating enough on getting prosecutions. i was to have more collaboration of, of, from the part of british authorities where fighting against the crimes. and then the crimes regards not romania and not going to beat them. in my opinion. it's a huge problem for all the product. october on baton who says his investigation team is poorly paid and it faces intimidation from criminals, exposing your family, your life. it's a problem, it's a big hit on the mound. but child who stands beside symbolizes a different era of waste crime. you know, dwarf by matthew cartels, bribery, corruption here and overseas. and there's pollution never seen before,
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coupled with inaction and apparent indifference in other european states. andrew simmons al jazeera, bucharest wildfire that started a week ago in the us state of california and destroyed hundreds of homes is now moving closer towards lake tahoe. in the sierra, nevada mountains, only 9 percent of the so called, called a fire has actually been contained, firefighters are still busing. that as well as many other wildfires and california and nevada, thousands of people have been told to leave their homes. brazil holds the world's largest water reserves, and they said to be drying out a study found that in the past 30 is 15 percent of water has been lost from rivers, lakes, and wetland. that's around $3000000.00 hectic, which is about the same size as belgium expense. a dams, climate change and deforestation the main causes
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well, meanwhile brazil supreme court is expected to deliver a landmark ruling on tribal lands. later on wednesday, thousands of indigenous people have set out the protest camp in the capital, brazil. yeah. the ruling could reopen past cases that have allowed commercial farming and mining and the amazon rain forest and eventually lead to the return of land to indigenous people. one handicap has more from the capital, live come from all over the country, wearing the beads and feathers of 170 different indigenous groups. more than half of those in brazil chanting and praying, each in their own language. in the hope the supreme court will hear their voices. it's the largest indigenous gathering in the capital brazilian since 1988. that's when the country's democratic constitution was approved. giving native brazilians the right to reclaim in several lands. but they are back again, fearing those rights will be curtailed. this week,
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the supreme court is expected to make its ruling law. would at least it's alarmed dispute between the shock, like people who claim their territories and the southern state of santa katerina, and big law, who say they have no rights because they weren't buying those loans in 1088. when the constitution was approved, it will set a jurisprudence for hundreds of defendant cases when he got the shock, lin chieftain says, setting a time limit is unconstitutional. and unfair to my part. we were living in our lands in 1988 because had we said there would have been exterminate, were been hunted down by the land owners. so they put a price on us. they pay people to kill us and ask them to bring our ears as proof of brazil's indigenous groups have forever been at risk from land grabs, illegal mining and logging,
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and they say attacks have increase in strain. well, so now to became president with him, promising to stop creating reservation and further exploit the amazon rain forest there, hoping the supreme court ruling will protect them. it's a race against time. mean, well, in congress, the powerful form, lobby and prison tradable so now to himself are pushing bill that will allow commercial agriculture and mining and protected kitchen. it's monetary and i'll just sarah resilience john ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the u. k. it says it will need every remaining hour until the end of the month to complete evacuations
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from a scanner on the u. s. as it's left is on track to meet the august 31st deadline. meanwhile, from so this mission could end as early as on thursday earlier present, joe biden refused request from us allies to delay that troop withdrawal from afghanistan to allow more time for evacuation. huge crowds.


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