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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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p in union september on al jazeera, with the cushion sit to rise on the cookie paralytic. i want, i want you to investigate japan problem history of caring for people with disabilities on how do 0 ah, the chaos continues that cobbler, florida thousands try to force their way onto evacuation flights after the taliban takeover. and in the meantime, they tried to control the crowds and doing that by shooting guns in the air by using both accounts and by beating people to push them back a they're watching all their life from a headquarters and they'll hi me. danny novel,
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also ahead. thousands of indigenous people protest in brazil as the supreme court case threatens to limit their rights and festival land palestinians and gaza. resume protests that the border with israel days after a deadly clash with israeli forces. ah, hello was less than a weeks ago before the deadline to complete evacuations that capital airport panic is growing among the thousands trying to access flights before next tuesday. the massive evacuation effort has picked up pace. the u. s. and allied forces have flown out more than a 1000 people from i've done this done since the taliban takeover. but some foreign troops have already started to leave as the operation enters its final phase, sharla bellis reports from couple. the current donna is on as the us and foreign
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courses now have until tuesday to get out and what that means. the end of evacuation lie from here outside the airport. there is people rush, see if they can get on a flight. we understand the you with and the telephone have a deal that the telephone are only allowed to make people who have torn past pieces and you have paid didn't. was it going to have an i'm here without documents because a lot of people that went to the u. s. on evacuation flights were civilians. so i thought of civilians are going and i served in the army. i should be eligible to go to got to get an offer on the thought of everybody's going. so i'm going to my house that won't leave me alone. my wife says get down there. why are you so lazy? i leave the house every day. so my wife stopped hastily in a way to control the crowd and try to figure this out. they've been looking for people's paperwork at different locations around and then putting them on the boxes
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. these people are actually about to be on the slide and they have prioritize to get through. and in the meantime, they are trying to control the crowds and keep people back from wanting to the bosses can come through doing that by shooting guns in the air by using water cannons and by beating people to push them back to the front of them. close to the gate 3 times, but because of gunshots and shouting, it makes everyone scared. since i'm a woman, i don't have the courage to push past them. i'll do my best to get out. even if i get shot, i will continue trying to get inside the airport. that's now the telephone. say that anybody who wants to get through and wants to leave and has the paperwork that would allow them on the flight can do so. but they also tell us they hurt people. they say that these people, many of them who are highly skilled, would be an asset to the country going forward. and that they hope that they say. but in the meantime, with only 6 days left over the flight at the end, and we know that the number is,
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the number like will be crazy. going because that the countries on and a lot of these people are trying to get through into the airport. well, the u. s. sectors that anthony lincoln says about 1500 americans may still be awaiting evacuation from gun a son. he insist diplomatic efforts will continue beyond august 31st, blink, and added that america remains engaged with the child bon. despite not recognizing the group as the legitimate political leadership in the country, the taliban, whether we like it or not, is in control, largely in control. the country certainly control is the city of trouble. and it's been important to work with them to try to facilitate mature the departure of all those who want to leap. and that has actually been something that we've been been focused on for from the beginning of this operation. because as
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a practical matter, it advances our interests. the 2nd. we've been engaged with the taliban for some time, diplomatically going back. years and effort says, you know, to try to advance a peaceful settlement of, of the conflict in afghan. stan allan versus earning us from washington d. c. tell us more about what blanket had to say. what was the take away message? is the reality of the situation that the taliban are in control and cabal, and their control of the airport. if the americans want to do absolutely, and the thing and avoid getting involved in any sort of battle with the taliban, they have to negotiate. they have to sit down and talk. and we knew from reports here in the united states that the head of the ca has sat down with the head of the taliban to discuss what happens over the next 6 days. tony blink and is also making the point to the taliban. look, 114 countries across the world have said to the taliban,
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you have made given assurances both publicly and privately about this evacuation effort. and you have to continue to do that. certainly we know that the taliban are keen to have more international recognition than they did the last time. they were a power in afghanistan 20 years ago. remember then only 3 governments in the world recognize the taliban government. they would like to see a lot more and 20 blanket. know is that the united states, a lot of the allies, the g 7 nato. they have a lot of leverage. so they want to make sure that the taliban are aware of that as well. no. anthony blinking says that there are 1500 americans in the united in afghanistan as best they know. because many people don't automatically register with the embassy. they're in contact with 500 of them, and they're hoping to be in touch with more. they are offering him the opportunity to leave the country. now they also want to support the taliban allies as solely
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the american allies that stood against the taliban and the king to get them out of the country as well. but the point they have made on several occasions is that this isn't a free pass for anyone who just doesn't want to spend their time. and i've got a son under the taliban. the has to be a connection with the us or the have to be what's considered a vulnerable group. now you remember that on tuesday, joe biden said he wanted to see contingency plans for what happens if the united states can get everyone out by august. the 31st he was presented with those plans at some point on wednesday. they will keep those plans under review because the situation continues to be very fluid and get this done and your bite and is still very keen to meet that deadline. ok, thank you so much, allen for ser reporting from washington d. c. l 0 senior political analyst model and shot us policy failures towards of dentist on extend far beyond just the biden administration. there is
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a lot of blame to be set at the doorstep of job by them at least operationally and in terms of timing, clearly he did not. he did not read well. certainly the, his c, i a did not give him the rights report, but what would happen once the us forces start start to withdrawal. finally, from getting started. this has been a long time coming 1020 years. in fact, one could say that this whole operation, this whole war, started on the wrong footing. this was a revenge war. the united states wanted to venge the 911 attacks and it carried this war against against town. and within less than 2 years, declaring mission accomplished. but it did not the trunk negotiated with a thought with the taliban without eating the public government getting involved with that the regional countries getting involved. so trump recognize basically the pilot and surrender afghan is afghanistan to the finally been so bite. and
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basically it's been walking, he hits put in his footsteps because he wants to end the war. and clearly in the united states, if it's going to deal with against the future, we'll have to deal with the taliban. yes, the united states will continue to talk to target by, but yes, everything else will be conditional, meaning the next 7 days will be probably the longest, 7 days in the and the last time of job i didn't was i think now 70 plus years. well, the un secretary general says all steps are being taken to keep operations running as have gone to san faces amounting humanitarian crisis. the agency has air lifted, some staff from cobble to kazakhstan, where a temporary office has been set up. my county has more from the united nations viewing, says a 3rd of its international staff have now been relocated from oregon east on to its temporary base in context on in addition, it says a number of gun nationals have also been brought out of the country though there
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are no specifics as to the exact number. the staff had been told to work from home, unless it's necessary for them to go into you and offices to complete their work. the secretary general held what is called as a virtual town hall with un stop in the course of the day he is said to reassure them that the un is doing everything it can to protect their safety. but he also says that it's necessary for us to carry on its activities. enough gone is done with a view to the mounting humanitarian crisis. the un spokesman confirms that they will be a substantial staff in country, but would not be drawn on the exact number that is needed for the us to be able to continue its operations. all of that is still being worked out right. we are ongoing with a number of programs that we've talked about. debris of p units,
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f u n h c r w h ho. obviously, as the situation stabilizes or we will have a better idea of what we're able to do with the humanitarian needs are. and what the staffing is, will be that we need to run those programs. and most importantly, the funding that we will need to earn those programs that being a number of reports about discontent among us staff, about the lack of action in terms of protecting their safety. the un spokesman refuses to comment on the specific allegations, but he did confirm that a number of letters had been received from various unions which are being considered by the secretariat of some afghan nationals of arrived in uganda under a deal arranged by the united states. official save the evacuation, we'll say new guns up for a short while before being resettled in other countries. the group of 51 men,
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women and children were subjected to security screening uncovered 1900 quarantine procedures. uganda has agreed to request from the us to temporarily taken 2000 and afghans fleeing the country. turkey has begun evacuating its military personnel from capital airport. the taliban has reportedly asked for a technical help from anchorage to run the airport. but once its troops out of the country before the august 31st deadline, turkey has been part of the nato as mission and i've got a son and has hundreds of troops station there. hundreds of afghans are trying to enter pakistan at the busy to count border crossing, but without proper documents, many are unable to get through some job aid reports in the pakistan. afghanistan border from the from atlanta son i've just entered the door on the box is fine. if i, this is the main border crossing between the 2 countries for trade and for people. as you can see, taliban fighters are manning all the border posts across the country with
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neighboring countries, including central agents, states, market fun and iran. and these fighters have been telling us that they are allowing everyone to cross the border. now the problem here, as you can see, hundreds of people have been gathering every day since double came to the control of the taliban. on august the 15th. and these people have been trying to get inside pockets on the, by the funny authorities. they that they will only allow people who have the right documentation to make sure that no extremist elements, no terrorist groups or no infiltration of august on can take place. wednesday, my family and kids are crossing pakistan and we have been waiting at the sport of crossing for one week and will be here until we are allowed to go of the truck to go back and forth, trying to earn a living in this area for humanitarian reasons, the soldiers have not been stopping them, but they've been carrying cigarettes and other things that they've been trying to smuggle across the border and make a quick buck. and people have been seeing the desperate not just to cross into focus on for safety,
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but because they have tribal ties on either side of the line. which device is the 2 countries. and they want to visit their families. they want to go and meet people who ride the 2nd, who passed away, but so far, if they don't have the right documentation, they're not going to be allowed inside bucket still has an alta 0 fuel those appointment vacancies and get a vaccine. australians are urged to get vaccinated again. covered 19 is the government struggles to contain an outbreak and a toxic relationship. we look at how organized crime groups have turned romania into europe. something grown. ah the hello. good to see you here. you're headlines for the america and we're starting in venezuela where we have had some deadly landslides toward the venezuelan alps. and it is because of continuous rain in this region. and we still
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see it falling on 3rd states ward that northeast corner of the country. but further south for keeping tabs on this cold front cutting across now into areas of argentina, southern brazil. keep an eye on sell paulo. 34 degrees wash. what happens when his cold front swings through now? yep. you're down to 21 on friday breezy condition. and we've got some heavy pulses of brain to move through. heavy rain, a run of heavy rain through jamaica, impacting kingston on thursday with a height of 31 degrees and persistent continuous frame for costa rica and panama. and you know, we have this tropical trouble out toward the pacific coast of mexico, but it's bearing toward the northwest not looking to make a landfall now for the eastern portion of canada, toronto, 30 degrees, but with a heat index. feeling in the forty's, we've got storms for the dakotas pushing into the midwest. different story for western canada. we had a cold front cut across. so cool weather here and wet for the northern central and south coast of british columbia spilling onto the other side of the rockies and
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alberta. that sure weather update. thanks for tuning in the venezuela, columbia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking it all sent his wayland columbia on al jazeera. oh,
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the other we got the categories on our western countries or racing to evacuate people from a gun, a son with less than a week to go until all foreign troops leave the taliban have urged guns to stay while saying those with permission to leave will be allowed to depart once commercial flights were soon secretary state, anthony lincoln says about 1500 americans are awaiting evacuation from verizon. lincoln insists efforts will continue beyond august 31st and says the u. s. remains engage with the taliban, but does not recognize it as in the gym at government. indigenous activists in brazil are waiting for the supreme court to make a crystal ruling on rights to their ancestral lands. members of a 170 groups are in the capital of brazil, yet to hear the decision rights group appealed against the states view that tribes
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can only claim land if they lived there or made their claim before a law came in and came in 30 years ago. but indigenous people say many of their communities were expelled from their land decades before monica was outside. the supreme court in brazil you it's been a very, very long day. there was a screen set up. 8 here behind me, where they were listening to the supreme court justices vote, but instead of voting on the indigenous issue, which is which should have been addressed today. early in the afternoon, they started talking about the central bank and a proposal to make it independent from the government. and so during the whole afternoon, you had all these different indigenous people. just camp out here listening to this, to this wrong session in received. but they were chanting, they were praying, they're waiting for it to end because next in line comes the decision on, on their,
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their, their issue which is who have the right to claim indigenous land. only those that have that were there until 988. so what happens to those that were expelled from the land before that? there's land is trying to also be environment because by allowing a commercial agriculture or illegal mining by making it easier for land grabbers, it also contributes to deforestation. also, even if people don't occupy the indigenous lands, they're encroaching these reservations and they're poisoning like the water. the fish are no longer the can no longer eat their staple food, which was fish because it's poisoned with mercury. so they're all these different issues which are dressed as really soldiers of fire tear gas and live ammunition to disperse. palestinian professor is at garza's border. at least 14 people have been
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injured during demonstrations against israel. blockade of the gaza strip. the protested place just hours after the death of summer holiday. the g. a 32 year old who was shot by is really forces during your protest on saturday, a 13 year old palestinian boy is a critical condition in hospital, as well as and is really officer in the say it has more from gaza. things we're actually very much expected to erupt here today, but it seems that it just shouldn't pressure has led to the non escalation of the situation here until now. we have at least 10 injuries, which is very much lower than prior. what happened this week where at least 4 to one palestinians were injured to in critical and one died this morning of his
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sustained injuries. today we have 3 people, at least by live ammunition, while the rest of the injuries, where rubber bullets and through and doesn't of course, by gas counts. so the israeli forces have had really, let's say, held themselves today and not really use excessive force with the palestinian protest years despite what we have heard in the, in, by media or use really media that they will use the most excessive force that they could to prevent any palestinian from approaching. 2 the fund also hamas as a part of de escalate think has deploy, doesn't of the need of security team members to prevent the palestinian protesters from approaching very much close to the fence or reaching the sense
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itself is really prime minister enough? tele bennett says in washington, d. c. for his 1st state visit overseas. he's meeting with the secretary of defense on state top of bennett agenda, stopping us efforts to restore a nuclear deal with iran. he'll meet the us president biden at the white house on thursday. iraq, parliament has approved all but one of the new president is 19 cabinet picks and he is rejected his choice for the education portfolio. and the president will have to put forward another candidate ac, who's considered a conservative hardliner at one elections in june with a low voter turnout. he's inheriting a severe economic crisis made worse by the code 1900 and the police. and the times in the end commercial capital daughter salaam have killed a gunman who shot dead, 3 officers and a security worker. 6 other people were injured in the attack outside the gates of the french embassy for the se, they're trying to identify the attacker and his motive. in
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beijing, his, his washington of politicizing efforts to trace the origins of covered 19 the white house is preparing a de classified version of a report by us intelligence agencies for public release. it's set to be inconclusive, in part, due to a lack of information from china. australia state of new south wales has set a new high for a daily cobra, 1900 cases. while ty, lines dest toll from the virus cross 10000. the vast majority in the last 4 months . the surge comes as vietnam received some vaccine help from the u. s. and taiwan start using its own job for the virus. scott hiler as this look at the region from bangkok. more than half of australia is 25000000 people are in lockdown. hospitals in its largest city sydney, are under severe pressure as its home state of new south wales set. a new daily
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covered 1900 infection record of 900. and 19 this after 2 months of lockdown, health officials emphasizing that, the way to counter the search is through vaccination dissolution. easy now. and i urge everyone in those local government areas who have access to that vaccine to feel those appointment vacancies and get a vaccine. if we get those high levels. the modeling shows we will change the our, affective, and we will see a decline in cases neighboring state. queensland has paused arrivals from declared hotspots including new south wales. i think so se quarantine hotels are full across the tasman new zealand has reported the highest number of cases in its delta outbreak. most cases are in auckland, but the entire country isn't locked down. it's stepping up what's been criticized as a slow vaccination rollout. nobody wants to be in lockdown, and the beast way that we can return to enjoying the freedoms that we have head for
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much of the last year is to get very high levels of vaccination. the hospitals in japan are also struggling with a search of new infections brought on by the highly transmissible self. the varian 90 percent of tokyo's, critical care beds are occupied. the country has expanded its state of emergency to 8 more prefix, or is making a 21 in total. that'll cover nearly half of all japan's prefix years. and despite restricting movement in vietnam's largest city hotel, men in july covered 1900 infections have continued to climb. soldiers have been deployed to enforce harsher curbs implemented this week. hope human has accounted for half a vietnam's total covered 1900 cases and about 80 percent of the depths on her visit to hanoi. on wednesday, us vice president common harris announced the united states will be donating $1000000.00 doses of the pfizer vaccine. only 1.8 percent of people in vietnam are fully vaccinated in taiwan this week, present sign when launched the role of
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a domestically developed cove at 1900 vaccine. she received her 1st dose of the medicine jap that was given emergency approval by regulators last month. it uses a piece of covered 19 to trigger the body into mounting an immune response. the move prophet strong opposition within the medical and scientific community because large scale and long term studies were bypassed. for the 1st time since may, no new domestic cases were reported in taiwan. on wednesday, 40 percent of the islands population has received at least one dose of a covered 1900 vaccine. scott, either al jazeera, bangkok, cuban children age between 3 and 18, are taking part in clinical trials. if a locally made with 1900 vaccine. they're now receiving their 3rd dose of civil run . it's one of 3 vaccines developed in cuba. the only cut and country and latin america to have its own. china is the only nation so far. it's a lot of vaccinations for children as young as 3. a, i mean, you can also,
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there are children who have reached critical stages and some have unfortunately died. the after effects left by the disease lead us to want to protect children and prevent them from reaching serious forms of the disease. it threatens the quality of life and above all death preventing death is very important. at least 16 people are now known to have died in mud and rock slides in a mountainous region of northwestern venezuela. an emergency has been declared in the state of marita reverse of also burst their banks for districts are without electricity or phone service and thousands of phones have been destroyed. romania has become a dumping ground for most of europe's illegal waste government officials. i told al jazeera that criminal organizations within the country have made it a big business, and your simmons reports from bucharest. this site was registered as a recycling center. yet it became a mountain of waste mixed with building rubble ignored by local authorities for more than 10 years until now, a stick,
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a lot of plastic domestic waste may be induced to other ways in that part. the new head of romania is national environment agency, octavian. but chombo knew nothing about it until sewage pipes beneath the tip collapsed a few weeks ago, flooding a suburb of bucharest, aside from the acrid stench, and the colossal scale of its tip and others like it. romania now has an even bigger problem with illegal waste. go east to the black sea port of cause time to and rubbish is a criminal commodity with millions of dollars. and a determined prosecutor here is taking on the car, sells the model for problem of illegal waste trafficking is compatible with the drug trafficking to you don't. it's faces overwhelming challenge, but he did smash warner daisha plan to import a shipment of toxic waste from italy. so called business men were involved and they
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attempted to bribe local officials, way bills from other european consignments, like these show recycling sentences destinations. but instead they go to basic consideration sites all landfill dumps. pollution on a big scale. this is part of one consignment from the u. k. host of cop 26, the u. n. global warming summit due in november need. so says the u. k is incorporating enough on getting prosecutions. i wish to have a more collaboration of from the part of british authorities were fighting against any crimes and any crimes regarding not romania and not going to beat them. in my opinion, it's a problem for all the planet october on. but sean, who says his investigation team is poorly paid and it faces intimidation from criminals, exposing your family, your life. it's
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a problem to be put on the mound, put you on to stay, besides symbolizes a different era of ways. crime. now to war by matthew cartels, bribery, corruption, here and overseas. and there's pollution never seen before, coupled with inaction and apparent indifference in other european states. andrew simmons al jazeera, bucharest, ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera western countries are racing to evacuate people from going to start with less than a week to go until all foreign troops leave. the taliban have shotguns to stay while saying those with permission to leave will be allowed to depart. once commercial flights. resume your sector state anthony blinking says about 1500 americans are awaiting evacuation from a gun to sun life.


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