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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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and so many other we go to the, you make the effort. we care ah ah! watching on his ever me said robin endeavour, reminder of our top stories, thousands of people hoping to leave. i've got this done before the august 31st deadline. i think told not to go to cobb lab port the us and its allies have warned about a possible attack child bella times the latest from the capitol. we had heard of the potential isis attack earlier in the week, but no one really took it seriously. it came from the us is just a possibility because of how fluid it was around the airport. how many people were crowding around and how hot it was to look after the security within those crowds. but now, many nations coming out saying that this is
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a credible threat. i talked to the taliban about it this morning. thank you. she had any more lights on any intelligence of what you're hearing. and i said to me that they understand i fully plan and car bombings in and around the airport for maximum damage. several countries have already been wrapping up their evacuations. partly because of the security concerns hungry. the netherlands, belgium, and poland halting flights front says it will stop by lifting people from cobble on friday evening. in other news, japan has suspended 1600000 doses of the mate, the vaccine at the reports of contamination in japan. and madonna said no safety o efficacy issues had been identified on the move was just a precaution. the delta variance has been blamed for rise in cave in 1900 cases in australia and new zealand. australia is reported the daily record of more than 1000 new infections. new zealand has seen more than 270 cases since not break began last week. australian airline contests has reported an annual loss of more than
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$1000000000.00 caused by cave in 1900 travel restrictions. but the carrier is planning on turning around what it called a diabolical year in december. when the country will reopen to international travel . also a 24 hour care has been reinstated in central nigeria after gunman killed at least $36.00 people on wednesday, it happened in the region of jose north, during a raid on a mainly christian community. now people police the say 10 suspects have been arrested. come to the authorities of sees more than 1.2 tons of cocaine from a distant armed group. they say to photos on the colombian, we're transporting it on a boat headed toward central america. the group allegedly responsible is not the shoot of the fog gorilla organization. those were the headlines. hey, on. i'll just be back with the needs are just and a half now. we returned to witness to stay with us. ah. ah,
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ah ah, ah, ah ah. the key yes. it's like a new reform shipple and the liquid really no way for you. why you could you for the little green, or could you barely stone a poly stations with by i shook up probably my last year we thought they gave me the new me need. you are the who are now a lot of
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a similar you little human. well, i love to do, you know, the whole as a call on you know, we're doing more. got it, but i'm really but i didn't know and i look, we put it on a city college. i can get is a what kinds of lima forgot alone be one of us and i did it over again. yeah. yeah. really corny as gaudy. why linda? no. william, but nobody really. my leaves come. i really won't be my 0 now what, what year was that was the again, i do me. yeah. what was the one on in the role models?
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i those are the little houses we lived there. and those little things, you see that doris and things, those are door openings, there is no door, no screams. you can imagine the 1st night sleeping there. you've just travelled across a plane with all these wild animals. and now you're living in a house that has no door trimmed at night. come go back and you want to sleep and you can't sleep for a couple days. the child coming to life. if you're not really watching one single sun, they're going over by some mckinney korea because she can't come from work. the scale was because they make such a noise. i was so happy to see us didn't know how to take that noise. you know,
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whether it's joy or madness or whatever. oh my hold on to i was going to believe that in the local middle growing quail for next year. again, i would i would mom on up and bringing my repetitious oak. or do i say to me, i the way the walk, the jump into the room was and they marching. yeah. and you can hear the ground practically. no moving oh my siberia had been darkness and cold and marked by death and deprivation. africa was heat and color and life tongue mika is where human a meaning failing in the wilderness. and since that's how the refugee children were
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growing up, they were the most adaptive doing that i was the 1st modern refugee camps in africa were for white europeans, 40000 polish women, and children spirit and 2 dozen villages across 6 countries. for the post children growing up there where they would later call africa with less of a geography than a shared experience. something like this to see you know, i don't know. it's hard to believe to people who didn't seem to advertise . i don't know. i don't know what's up sank in my mind and in my name is ida. i mean,
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well, even need anybody from africa, leg 18. you know, because you, your memory takes you back. this is the glass. no windows, no doors. it was just the roof. and as you can see here, some wolf, my direct wasn't cover because there was no glass being in africa. it was a quiet place far away from war. we were saved from bombardments. let us say from the disaster of war. so the 6 years we were in a quiet place when he came out of africa, we were ready to face the work for
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the british authorities. the poll status is white. refugees created problems. they were european. but they lived in traditional huts, not colonial houses. and the polls broke, the british impose rules like not socializing, with the indigenous population. the children, especially, were growing up, immersed in other cultures. if they were being raised to be polish, they were also becoming something else will. ooh, we'll bring in there. for now, share of do not go with the when you in de la. i got your message. when you still go to that 3 there. and we swam, we jump from the big, big rock and that one was high. so we could jump from then we could dice was very adventurous, but we used to do that local, well, for me getting me well, she's not going anywhere you want. we are going to the new
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if you goal and if it start, you know, they start to see you that you are open to them like they are to you next day they come and they ask you to come to their house, come and see what they will let in, do you better for us? i was on how quick when i got my my number like i knew why do i do want to more not go up over the oh you the what the home africa. no, never to me, never, never. i because it was nice there it was lot so far and i had lots of french med because i was sick. so and with malaria. to me,
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i couldn't tell you when we found that we can leave go to england for me. it was, you know, not fast enough. i started with malaria, they said that was and i will see them. i was in the hospital put away. so and very often practically, once a month i used to fame in school and they used to send me to hospital who had the one the ambulance in the can. where was the hospital? it's on the hill near the orphanage. go up the hill. and i mean to look from the bottom down the hill, it looks good for me. i
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grew up here in the 10th and you and i did the poland the whole is, hadn't just been a refugee camp, but a full polish town, 5000 people. i tried finding people would remember my grandmother, but there was little of the polls and nothing of her. the round hats were all torn down and the refugee camp had been turned into a college. the only place i could connect to was the camp hospital where she almost died several times for malaria. all my camera kept pulling me towards shot. it was like i felt her presence as it part of her might still be here. cotton time. all
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the refugees who survive, like my grandmother expected to go home and rebuild that same country. but while europe was celebrating the end of the conflict, the refugees and camps across africa were finding out that they wouldn't be going on me. oh. or the 1st shot, of course, was that when the war ended, they can go home because fallen had been given to the so essentially controlled by moscow. very few people who had gone through the good leg had any desire to go back to a country that was ruled essentially by the soviets, by reference. in the 5th days i got into just the church of multi volume history of the 2nd world war versus
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when my heart broke, because it was way back then through churches own writing that i realized how incredibly badly poland was treated was like a greek tragedy. because you know, in a greek tragedy, you can see the final and come in and you know that it's reversible, nothing comes down. but so you sort of steps on the trail coming, and of course it did. ah, the 1st push refugees returned to poland after the war. quickly figured out we're
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going home would mean, suspicion questioning, in some cases, re deportation to siberia. tens of thousands of citizens in refugee camps across africa, and the middle east by did their time and tried to figure out what would happen next. not only did the western allies now have to determine where the state was people belonged. but also how to explain the situation. ah, during the war tradition, american newsreel said that poland was a victim of nazis. but if the poles in africa had been victims of nazis and the nazis had been defeated, why weren't they going home? after 6 years of a war that started was pulling, being invaded, unoccupied. it still wasn't free. it was fully occupied by one of the 2 countries that had invaded it in 1939, the soviet union,
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while the post refugees, prince, african were eventually we settled in england, australia, canada, and other countries. they were left off, the posts were monuments and slowly, over time, the story was quietly swept away. where you're born used to be. poland. now it's not as russia. russia it's bearers. so are you pose? yes, we are polish. yeah, your part a shout from loveland. listen. to some polar and it was all we have a cool and everything and don't think we have directions or something. no, we are pure polish. so she spend your whole life overseas. where does, where is your pollution? how can you be? oh, it will be polish. have our church just have our musicians and they say all my children
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and they went to the school. busy and they were young in canada, so they, oh, cd auto except to my grandchildren. they don't speak parties, they understand, but they don't, you know, i'm here. i'm going to pull up them for their yes, but why you feel for me is, well, not in so many of you english, sam for both of them. i don't feel like this in canada. no, i don't like how it is. i think that not the bill to come in in denver. yes, i am polish from indian from but i am canadian 100 percent. 2 0 no, i throw the stories connecting poland and tend to new. i was one of those
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raised with an understanding where we were from. oh, my grandmother was among hundreds of refugees from east africa. you'd ended up in montreal on the 1950s. ah, i grew up in a country from people carrying ghosts from other places. it was only when i started asking questions about her own that i began swimming her recording would only existed in her stories and only shown there a few times before she died unexpectedly. mm. i, after her death boxes for photos and documents, were handed to me from among her belongings. there were images of things that she never told me about. maybe she'd forgotten about them,
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or maybe she just wanted to keep some for herself ah . without a voice to guide me through them, they were the faces of strangers. ah, i saw a photograph of my grandfather he'd been taken to a nazi concentration camp as a slave labor with this one photo and the name of the camp. i could tell his story more easily than hers, even though he died before i was born. when the war had started, or families had rushed to bury the deeds, the land under one of the buildings. i thought of how many families done the same thing. and of all the things that i never sought to ask and of everything they would stay buried forever. ah.
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when her voice is gone, the connection to my own history for gone as well. so i put everything away for 2 years. i promise 200 years. for 2 world wars and a half a century of communism, these buildings had survived. and now, only 2 years after i had foreseen them, i was watching the last pieces in my family's connection to this place, being taken apart and carted away. who in the next time i came here,
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there been nothing the forest i finally understood when my grandmother had been haunted by everything that was no longer there, but which her eyes still drew on to landscape. ooh, ah, ah. you know, i went many times to dollars. when i went back this time, i went to the spot in the woods with hose what they will to find something from from there. so the relief. oh my
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oh oh, it gave me your lamp that can got it in there. okay. yeah, that will be from a place where there was 2 or the things i think because and then prior places there was a very big yes, they remember all of them. you know, there's not much left there, but you know, pieces there are for me to find out in the would. it reminds me of all the stories that my grandmother told me that you told me something from you 1st that my well, i'm in the world. i've been here 50 years. this didn't i have now been. it's from $9.00 to $6.00 to $6.00. and the think much or after enough fair, but i will come here to this house. so more than 50 years now. i'm
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here. so that's my problem. that's my lamp. bellotta was my home. my home really home. ah, it was 8 years after i 1st interviewed my grandmother and i found her history laid out as bare facts. i had been looking as long as she'd been a refugee ah 800000 of these pages. plato, the life details of polish refugees arriving in east africa after surviving siberia . there was a page for there by my grandmother intends india. in september 1943 as a 13 year old child refugee.
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ah, i thought a bit, my professor who had questioned history because he hadn't read it in his paper carry more weight than what she told me. oh, the. i know when i got home to material, i got an email from the archive saying that they had uncovered footage from the refugee camp in 10th, near unseen since the war. i opened the video in images that had spent a lifetime dreaming of started playing in front of me. oh, only a few 1000 women and children made it from siberia to this refugee camp in africa. of them, only a few dozen made it into this rejected newsreel footage and
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the exact same place. i looked for her 5 years earlier. i saw my grandmother's face walking in front of a refugee camp hospital, young malarial, 3 years after being deported to siberia. far from home and smiling. i thought that they've been nothing left of her. when a student ruth intends near. it's only looking at this for these though, that i understood i. it was a marriage between the children of 2 polish refugees and the towns that our parents and grandparents were from, were no longer in the country than been born, and according to coming to poland. the people in this room didn't exist. but there they were. forgotten wonders would sing to me and polish farsi and to healy.
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they spoke of poland, his focus, iberia, and he spoke of africa. it was a room with monuments and no one truth or official book to turn to. and through stories told from others the children and grandmothers to grandchildren, they were keeping their history alive. and it was a lifetime act of defiance. ah, ah, this isn't my story. it's the story of my friend, jesus i'm. she told us that she didn't want to be here. she didn't want to live anymore, was too hard. a survivor dedicates her life to educating and saving others from
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suicide. we are the ones that are dying, where the ones that are losing our friends and therefore we have to be the ones that will stand up and solve it because no one else is going to. where there is a witness documentary on a just, you know, i got one of the fastest growing nations in the i want a contract needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east and trade. and one is still filling us out, 3 key areas up to about filling up front of connecting the, connecting the future. got to gateway to whoa trade.
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ah, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hi there, hope you're doing well. here's your weather. headlines for the americas, we've got some tropical trouble to talk about the 1st. this disturbance in the caribbean. see, it's thrown cascading brain for jamaica. it's going to clipped the western portion of cuba. let me put this into motion now as it moves into those warm gulf of mexico waters likely to intensify taking aim at the us state of louisiana. and we know places like new orleans low line. so any impact from this will be major after the pacific coast of mexico and this disturbance we've got here or is throwing what, whether it's ward acapulco, we'll put this one into motion as well as it closes in on the baja peninsula, could very likely become a hurricane, we know the very popular to its destination of copper, san lucas could be in the cross hairs here for the western us, a new wildfire has erupt just outside of los angeles, more than
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a 1000 people force from their homes. and more than a dozen buildings destroyed, complicating the firefight at times, has been brisk whence whether across western canada, this is what they're desperately hoping for across california and toward the east. the heat has broke in toronto, 24 degrees and storms across the midwest into the great lakes, and that what weather continues across the amazon basin, including for venezuela on friday. see you soon. ah, sponsored pay cut on airways? ah. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello robin. you're watching the news on like my headquarters here in the hall, coming up in the next 60 minutes, photos, and got us on desperate to fly out of order not to show up. put com, blackboard,
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western nations, a warning of a possible icily attack several countries including canada.


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