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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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by doing that, what was also interesting is he said the threat has gone away that they're still aware that there will almost certainly be other attacks. no, they talked about how they could prevent rocket attacks. how would they have the ability to try and repair morters attacking the international airport? but they said they don't have the ability to try and walk something such as a truck bomb or another suicide bomb. and that has become abundantly clear in the last couple of hours. the threat is there, it remains and something that the americans have to work with. but general mackenzie also believe that he will get the job done on august the 31st. he was asked to d. think the taliban help let this attack happen. just to be clear, general mackenzie, very clearly blaming. i saw k for this attack. he was asked that he think the taliban let this happen. and he pointed out that the taliban actually have an
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incentive to let this operation continue at the pace. it has been going because they want all foreign fighters out of the country by august the 31st. and the way that is going to happen is not through attacking us forces, hammet, cause i internationally a port and on that matter of information sharing with the taliban very significant . as you point out, alan and the fact that these evacuation the evacuation operations will continue, he was very adamant about that. does that mean deepening us taliban involvement? well we know that have been in contact. we know that the director, the ca has been talking to the head of the taliban almost on a daily basis. we understand that many people object to that idea, but the reality the real politic is that the taliban are controlled across afghanistan in kill bill. and at the airport as well. and so the us, if they want to get this operation done with the figures and the numbers that they
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have on the ground, they have no other option but to deal with the taliban. and so we are in the bizarre situation where they are no sharing information and sharing intelligence. the general said obviously they don't get the full picture, but they're still working with the taliban to make sure that august the 31st well happen. know joe biden said that deadline remember he'd set to initially as september the 11th, but realizing the political and emotional sensitivity of that date, he moved it to august the 31st. this is a self imposed deadline. i know joe biden has got to what with that, certainly we know that he asked for contingency plans if the way that the u. s. was operating had to change it by extending the date or perhaps even bringing forward those contingency plans were presented to joe biden. on wednesday, you could almost certainly guarantee that across the potomac, at the pentagon, they are working on those contingency plans at the moment because of the events of
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the last few hours. thank you very much. alan. alan fisher. washington. well, our white house correspondent. kimberly how can joined us live and kimberly, of course, the, the pentagon in general, take the orders from the white house and it would have been president, jo biden's decision to have that reduced force of us troops. not just in kabul itself, but to secure the airport. what further reaction has that been from his administration to all this? well, not. the 1st person we've heard really officially in the capacity is the general, the just rate that we took in its entirety. in fact, what we're waiting for some sort of clarification or indication that the us president may in fact speak to the american public and we have not had that clarification. in fact, instead what we've had are delays or cancellations of the president's schedule as
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he has been brief to on and off throughout the day at times in the situation room. a classified intelligence setting. in order to monitor respond in real time to the events on the ground in the coordinate with the commanders on the ground, is that cancellation has included for today at least the meeting with you really prime minister enough tele bennett. we also know that a meeting with governors who were to discuss with the president today, a virtual meeting about taking in africa that have fled, that they, that has also been cancelled for now or postpone the white house press secretary and also post funding. we've not yet had to reschedule if you're hearing that noise . got a bit of a thunder storm going on behind be it is free and he condition which is not unusual for washington dc, but it certainly does express the mood of this white house right now. not only somber because of the death,
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but the tough decision on jo biden's hands as commander in chief of the us military because he's been under enormous pressure to extend the deadline of august 31st in order to get all americans and others who wish to be evacuated out, what we've had are the latest as the president, a whole firm on that date are the latest number from the us state department saying in fact, that of the 1500 remaining americans at the airport are standing by to go to the airport 500 of those have been evacuated, 1000 or potentially are in contact and are preparing to leave. or in fact are choosing not to leave for the if i said 101002 give us that 1500 numbers. so we've heard that the u. s. continues that evacuation mission but certainly this apologies, guys. a little bit of an electrical storm. no,
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that's okay. you know what, you know, what really off it's not exactly say no, no, no, that's fine. why don't you head off? thank you very much for now. can we help get with all the lights from the white house? but of course we've had confirmation pentagon that 12 us servicemen were killed, dozens of afghans, the health ministry thing, 60 afghans killed in this attack. children also among the casualties. but let's just a closer look at the location we're talking about now. the. the airport in cobble lives just 5 kilometers from central cobble. despite warnings of an attack, crowds of people with visas to evacuate was still gathered outside trying to get on a flight out of afghanistan to suicide bombers targeted abbey gate and the nearby barren hotel which british officials have been using to process afghans, hoping to leave the country witnesses have been describing what they saw when the explosions went off, one of them and it was time for the evening prayer. when an explosion happened, i saw about 70 vehicles carried around 150,
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injured to the hospital. i gave them my people were standing at the airport gauge for tuition when the blood happened. my cousin was also wounded on his leg, so he brought him to the hospital. well, this is the reaction we've had from account a man and they've condemned the bloss, that spokesman is tweeted, the islamic emerald, strongly condemned the bombing of civilians at campbell airport, which took place in an area where us forces are responsible for security. so that is the latest from the taliban, condemning the attack. and so rama bride is actually following developments as well . he is in the afghan capital campbell, it's been several hours. i think over 5 hours since these attacks took place. what's been happening that made a devastating attack a late thursday afternoon, this double explosion. and it's interesting hearing the general that talking about
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the complexities of trying to put a perimeter around the airport is this evacuation continues about the the day to day dealings with the taliban. but as, as he explained that the problems of tried to keep a potential attackers a way when you have to, at some point try to process people that could close proximity to get them on to the airport. talking about the cooperation with the taliban, that they liaise with them, which we know about in the taliban here. you know, confirmed that they say they do talk to the americans, but also about the problems of trying to screen people. because there are literally thousands of people in a different gateways around the airport. the, the, the kind of security that's in place does differ. so the main terminal building, we've seen a real tightening of the security this thursday with the taliban bringing in buses across the entrance, forcing people really very far back from the gate, the fences and the gates of the,
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at the main terminal building. that's why we've seen, you know, really chaotic scenes of the taliban firing volleys shot to try to force people back. and so this was after all of the warnings of minutes attack, which we saw this thursday, but then there were, there are these other gateways. and that's what we've seen at the gate, which is where these attacks took place. there are different routes to get there is not just the main road from that, from the city to the airport, which they taliban has roadblocks. there. they're all these other ways that you can get in, and that seems to be how the, the to bama suicide bomb. it's got in, but then this was what they describe as a complex attack. so is it a number of different parts? it was a tube of bombs going off, but then also opening up with gunfire on the us marines. and in the midst of all this, obviously we do know now that school is a people of civilians were also injured and a number of them in double figures have been killed. have we've been seeing some
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awful pictures have been arriving a here, reaching us of the, the where these bottoms took place. i really devastation bums. a month amongst a very crowded gatherings of people. i leave you a lot of people dead and also seen from hospitals which have been dealing with the injured lots of people being fairy to various clinics and hospitals. and he remains a very volatile of extremely tense situation this thursday night. we're getting it right into just after midnight thursday, local time. as we came on that we heard a big thud again coming from the direction of the apple. we don't know what that is . it could be another explosion that had been burst of automatic gunfire. again, coming from the direction of the airport and just outside of our hotel here about 5 or 10 minutes ago, there was a big commotion. there's a lot of shouting, we know that a vehicle to was, was brought in and that a lot of gunfire. and it does seem as though they potentially have been trying to
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clear people away. i think that this attack at the airport has made the taliban around kabul, which has remained relatively calm for what the best part of 2 weeks since and took control. it made them extremely nervous. now i think about keeping control and about potential for more isis attacks or by the islamic state. and so they are looking at areas of other potential attack, protect other potential targets which are some of the hotels or pick up points for where people tend to gather to go to be processed to be put on evacuation flights. and they get taken off in buses. to those points quite quickly would spreads around the city of where these pick up points are and you do tend to get large congregations of people gathering at these places. and this hotel and the number of other hotels are those potential places. so you do get the sense this thursday night friday morning that the taliban is moving around and trying to deal with
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those those targets. because before that they become real targets and for attacks by isis bomber. i mean, ro visit was reflecting on how much courage it would have taken for afghan civilians to make that journey just to get to the airport where we saw thousands having to endure in, in humane conditions just for a chance to get on one of these flights if and when the gates open all we like to see the airport swarming with people. again that that's a really big question. that is a real concern. let me just say that we, we heard this explosion a few minutes ago as we came on colleagues on al jazeera, our, they call in are confirming that that is another big explosion across at the airport . when we started to get all of these warnings throughout the past 24 hours,
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36 hours and it came from multiple sources. it was different from different countries from that intelligence services, from military. and also from the taliban themselves, they were getting the same warnings about an imminent attack. in fact, we spoke to one in tell him one security operative a security source earlier this thursday. and he said he's never seen anything like that in cobble to get all of these different sources confirming the inevitable lety of this attack. and it did make everybody think about the going to the airport. all of the media organizations are own included. we normally go that to the airport once a day, different parts of the airport ourselves. and i know other media works night organizations stay away from that. it doesn't stop civilians going that they, despite the warnings at the united states and its allies have been worn and good citizens to stay away and largely they have, they tried to find other ways of congregating going in mass in say for convoys or
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bus on buses or in some cases being, being chopped in by helicopters from the pre determined rendezvous points for the civilians or the older people of cobble who are desperate to get out. that doesn't seem to stop them. so sadly, we have had people congregating still going to the airport. come, what may, and it does beg the question of what happens if you start approaching this deadline to the 31st of august as the different countries wind up their evacuations that we've seen that from the canadians hungry, poland, belgium, netherlands. all of these organizations upset their wrapping up. does that make people drift away thinking there's no chance of getting on a flight or does it make them more desperate to go and get on the few remaining flights that there are. thank you from the fried and combo well, the islamic state group is saying that it was behind the attack which took place
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outside campbell airport. this is reported on from the groups mac news agency, cited on a telegram channel. of course that had already been confirmed just now by the pentagon, and they said that the attacks were carried up by 2. i s suicide bombers from the ice in afghanistan group. so let's now speak to eileen mccarthy from the norwegian refugee council, she was allocated out of called the last week and joins is live now from durham, north carolina via skype. so you must have, i mean, he will be very familiar with the situation in and around the, the airport. if this is a journey that you made yourself, can you help us understand how, how this could have happened, or is it the process that you went through in order to, in order to, to leave the airport in terms of checks and security?
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yeah, thanks for having me. i think the scenes that we have seen from call today and in recent weeks have really been heartbreaking and the desperate situation that so many africans have found themselves is really worrying. i think as the norwegian refugee council, we have reduced our ex patriot presence, but are very committed to staying and delivering the humanitarian assistance that's needed across the country. i think as we focused on the situation at the airport and the kind of desperation that we've seen from people there, we are also very conscious of the nearly 40000000 afghans who will be staying in the country, about half of whom are in need of humanitarian assistance and once those other pathways through the airport or evacuations are reduced. being able to monitor what displacement looks like within the country and across to neighboring borders. i think will be really important for us to be able to actually be able to respond to, to those humanitarian needs of afghans. how vulnerable
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what the afghans called camp in today's explosions. i think what we've seen is a massive humanitarian crisis across the country, even before the escalation of recent weeks. even before the last few weeks, when the authorities changed, there was conflict across the country. there is an ongoing drought in afghanistan and the impacts of the coven, 1900. pandemic had just decimated the economy and peoples resources. so what we were seeing, even before the change of events in recent weeks, is a dire humanitarian situation. where people don't necessarily have the resources to put food on the table to send their children to school, to be able to go to work on a daily basis and earn money for their families. so i think what we are seeing now in these scenes at the airport is that desperation coming to fruition and a real uncertainty about what the situation has in hand for the afghans who will
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remain even after the next few weeks. and the real need for the international community to be able to respond to those people who will, who will be left behind and who will be in need of ongoing humanitarian assistance and need to be given that the gates have been closed. for now, what are the options facing many thousands, if not millions of africans we might be trying to leave the country. can you tell me which particular locations are border crossings you're watching closely now? yeah, i mean, i think the options are limited. we've seen borders mostly clothes in recent weeks, but neighboring countries like iran and pakistan hosts about 90 percent of the african refugees who are outside the country. and we're monitoring quite closely those border crossings, as well as the irregular roots, the afghans take to seek international protection and asylum in other countries. so what we would like to see is those borders open and a commitment from the international community to enable afghans to seek protection
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and asylum, and not be in fear that they might be forced to return to the country in its current situation. so you in communication then with bordering countries, whether it be iran and pakistan, although i'm not sure how many are able to get through this point. but in terms of making contingency plans and provisions for meeting the basic needs of afghans that might end up crossing into those countries, or if they end up in a situation where they're sort of congregating and stuck on the border. yeah, so as the norwegian refugee council, in an operational organization, we are anticipating and trying to plan for what those movements might look like and what the needs of afghans will be. both in afghanistan and across the region. and as a joint, as an interagency humanitarian community working together with you and agencies and other humanitarian partners being able to engage with those member states to advocate for that safety and protection for africans no matter where they are.
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right. so one of them the most pressing needs right now, are you focused on the internally displaced in cobble or do you have anything a you alteration or a tool outside of the capital in any of the provinces? yes. so prior to recent weeks, the norwegian refugee council was operational across about half of afghanistan provinces. so we have currently suspended most of our programming as we see how the situation plays out and in order to ensure the safety and well being of our staff as well as those people that we are aiming to serve. but we are very focused on the more than half a 1000000 afghans who have been displaced by conflict this year as well as the 3000000 who were previously displaced. we have worked in government and non government controlled areas for years and are really seeking to be able to continue
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to deliver that really critical assistance in line with the principles that we have operated under in terms of the independence and impartiality and neutrality. that's really critical. for enabling our work, we also work in neighboring countries, as well as other parts of the world where we are very focus both on the immediate needs for protection and humanitarian assistance for africans as well. that advocacy to make sure they have that space to seek international protection, an asylum on the coffee from the wage enough refugee council. thank you very much. thanks for having returned to rob mcbride, he's out, corresponded to the african capital campbell joins us now. and obviously roby was speaking about the, the multiple explosions at campbell apple earlier, but you will also citing further instability in the capital itself with some gunfire. do you have any more detail on that?
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yeah, it's a, it remains extremely volatile here both at the airport, which is a few kilometers away from us and also on the, the streets around cobble and you, you kind of get to know what noise is coming from the airport, judging by the distance and also the, the, the, the volume of the sound by the time it reaches here, and what's happening in the streets, especially, obviously nearby. but we have heard an explosion about 20 minutes half an hour ago . and it was a very loud blast effect on camera person here. i saw a flash from it now it could well be another type of attack, but we are also getting reports from other colleagues that this might be some actions being taken by one of the units for helping the the united states to god the airport. this is one of the afghans special forces units where there are
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a few special forces units that when the africa military surrendered, they did want to give up their arms. they went over and allied themselves with the us forces now help getting the protection of the perimeter of the airport on the understanding that with the last evacuation flights, they will have some of the law seats on those planes to be taken out to cobble. now it could be a code is one of our colleagues, some, some way of them destroying some of the, some of their equipment, this destroying something that might have intelligence value. we simply don't know . it has to be said. i remember that when cobble fell on the sunday, the 15th of august, which seems like an awfully long time ago. now we had, we did have something similar. they were all sorts of how they come to movement, taking off from the us, the u. s. embassy compound, taking people to the airport, our occasional shops ringing out, and then we did her here, a few large explosions and everybody got very excited. the fact it turned out to be
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rather monday, this is just a us military destroying guy. sensitive files, computer files, other equipment that had intelligence value. so we're not quite sure what the latest explosions are coming from the airport a, b, b, but some sort of attack, it may be something more mundane than just a military that destroying something that has intelligence value. meanwhile, there are still the occasional shots you have being fired on the streets and you do get a sense that everybody's extremely nervous. it is a very, very nerve jangling thursday night and now into friday boarding local time here in cobb already what's been going on at the airport, i think has set everybody on edge. and we're in for quite a quite a long night and waiting to see what tomorrow friday also brings here given the warnings of potential further attacks. and it's worth noting that we've heard from
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the us general there about the potential for bigger attacks, not just a suicide. bomber but also maybe a car bomb being used and that's something we've also heard from the taliban. they told us on thursday that they had intelligence that potential car bombs could also be used. so we're in for a long night and a long day friday. thank you very much, appreciate it. rob mcbride in the afghan capital campbell, because we've been hearing from the united states depends again saying that those evacuation efforts will continue beyond the u. s. on the western powers, particularly the countries. european allies are also in a rush to evacuate thousands of their nationals and afghans deemed at risk of reprisals. now been hearing from you k from mr. bar johnson. it says that operations to evacuate british nationals and eligible afghans will continue despite these explosions. were able to continue with the program in, in the way that we, we been running it according to the, the time table that we've got. and that's what we're going to do. because the
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overwhelming majority of those who are eligible have not been extracted from afghanistan. and we're going to work flat out the, the military, the, the phone office teams, the, the home office depot for teams that getting people through as fast as they can still. and we're going to keep going up until the last moment. charlie angela joins me now. is more on the reaction here in the u. k, but also perhaps more generally how have these attacks affected the u. k and european evacuation efforts. while you had that it won't affect the u. k. time table 11 flights scheduled to take place on says day to leave couple and that's because ministers were really expecting the tax and they had planned around them are still about a 1000. i scout interpreters who eligible for relocation to the u. k. still stuck in our chemist on it and the government is very keen to get them out. this has been
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a humiliating and hasty exit of the mission. but the attacks have also brought forward the evacuation from other countries a little bit earlier than planned. canada belgium, the netherland denmark, poland hungry. have all ended that evacuation flights and germany's last flight took off very soon after those attacks. although they have said that they are willing to return with the medical evacuation flight to take any of those who were wounded in the attacks. norway pulled out immediately after those attacks as well. saying it's probably had to leave some norwegian citizen behind, but there was nothing that they could do. they couldn't get them through the gates of the apple. and that is the situation for number of countries from to saying it's going to continue flight until friday. it has 20 buses outside gates and they're doing their best that kids could. thank you. thank you, charlie,
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very much going to be back with more coverage of this story in just a couple of minutes. we know that president joe biden will be addressing the nation in an hour time to stay with us. i will see you shortly. ah, we understand the differences of cultures, the cost to move with the news and kind of that master to you. joy africa line to trade and investment in south africa in african traits that gives you access to more than 1000. $100.00 exhibitors and $10000.00 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and governments come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boots to you by the african export import back at the premium partners. the atl 2020 was transforming africa as
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a research and taliban retakes going on. female activists, journalists and even school goes on to threats. one on one he investigates the fight for it's going to stones women on al jazeera. this is polly despite being in germany, 2nd tier of football, and without a single major trophy to its name, it has become one of the world's most iconic teams. and it's all down to their fans . but for them some poly transcends sports. for then football is about politics, protests and music. these fancy themselves in the vanguard of a global struggle against and a phobia inequality, and racism with over $500.00 supporters clubs outside germany. they're able to spread their message far beyond their handbook home. but some police history is far
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from innocence. the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the f d. nazis and fascists have no place in san poly today. ah, mariam was watching algebra live from london without ongoing continuing coverage of breaking news from afghanistan, where as many as 60 people are reported to have died after a double bomb attack outside campbell airport, where thousands were still gathered, hoping to escape the country among those a number of children were also killed, they are among the casualties. also confirmation in the past. now that 12 us service personnel died in these attacks. but the u. s. u k. on continuing to alex,
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people out several other countries though, i've stopped that evacuations early.


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