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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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message far beyond their hamburg home. but some police history is far from innocent . the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the f d. nazis and fascists have no place in san poly today. ah . and i am was watching algebra live from london without ongoing continuing coverage of breaking news from afghanistan. where as many as 60 people are reported to have died after a double bomb attack outside combo airport, where the thousands was still gathered, hoping to escape the country. among those a number of children were also killed. they are among the casualties. also confirmation in the past that 12 us service personnel died in these attacks. but
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the us and u. k are continuing to alice people out. several other countries have stopped evacuations early on or keeping the focus on afghanistan. we've been hearing from the pentagon over the past hour, but also a taliban said that at least 13 people were killed in 2 explosions outside the international airport. medical sources i've told al jazeera, as many as 60 people have been killed in the attack. the pentagon also confirming that 12 us service personnel were killed 15 others were injured. a number of children are also thought to have died. people were massed outside the force of course, where they've been for the past week, desperately hoping for a flight out of cobble despite the u. s. u. k. in australia, wanting them to stay away because of an imminent threat from an iso affiliate and
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a passed out of the reuters news agency report that the group has claimed responsibility. they have claimed responsibility themselves for this attack. the us and u. k. continuing to use the airport to evacuate the citizens troops and afghan allies, but germany, denmark, belgium, and canada of now ended their evacuations. we continue to focus on the protection of our forces in the evacuees. as the evacuation contains, let me be clear while were saddened by the loss of life. both us and afghan were continued to execute the mission. our mission is to evacuate us citizens, 3rd country nationals, special immigrant visa holders, u. s embassy staff, and afghans at risk. despite this attack, we are continuing the mission, the evacuation at best speed. and as of today, we have approximately 5000 evacuees on the ramp at h, kyle, awaiting earlier. well, the airport lies just 5 kilometers from central combo. and despite warnings of an
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attack, crowds of people with visas had gathered to evacuate and they were trying to get on a flight out of the country. i've been seeing the scenes the past week past 10 days, one of the bombs talking to the airports abbey, gave us military says the working assumption is a suicide bomb. was trying to get through the checking process with american personnel to get into the base. the other device was designated at the nearby barren hotel, which has recently been used by british officials to process afghans, hoping to leave the country. witnesses have been describing what they saw when the explosions went off. one of them i got it was time for the evening prayer. when an explosion happened, i saw about 70 vehicles carried around 150, injured to the hospital and i gave them my people were standing at the airport gauge for tuition when the blood happened. my cousin was also wounded on his leg, so he brought him to the hospital or taliban as reacted to this, condemning the blast. as spokesman, tweeting be islamic m,
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are strongly condemned. the bombing of civilians at campbell airport, which took place in an area where us forces are responsible for security, or rob mcbride joins us live now from combo. so 1st of all, rob tell us want news from there because i've been reports of gunfire and, and perhaps signs of, of, of the ongoing instability that what have you been hearing? yeah, i mean the, this continues to be a very volatile, uneasy night, thursday night now into friday morning here. local time over the past few hours or so, we continue to hear all sorts of bangs and bits of automatic gunfire coming from the direction of the airport, single shot being fired in the streets around us. we know that in the streets around us, there has been a real increase in the number of checkpoints in roadblocks being set up by the taliban. that we've sort of sense over the past day or so. but really felt that
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since the hours of darkness and especially since this attack, the level of tension here is really increased the sense that from the taliban themselves, the everybody here is extremely skittish. enervy as we go through the night. but a lot of the more activity we've been hearing coming from the direction of the airport and about half an hour or so ago, a very large thought to very large bang. in fact, our camera person is sort of flash coming from that direction. we don't know at this stage whether it was some sort of another attack, another explosion going off, or whether it was something more mundane. it was possibly a military unit destroying some equipment or something of intelligence value in preparation for that's part of the ongoing evacuation. we simply don't know if we heard about 2 hours ago, a similar explosion and stud and normally here, if you don't hear anything within half an hour, an hour of something happening,
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then you can take it that he probably wasn't to think reportable. it wasn't an actual attack. so waiting to see whether this latest explosion actually turns out to be an attack. but as we've heard from the us military, they are expecting more attacks. their intelligence tells them, and that's been corroborated by taliban intelligence, said that they could possibly expect from ices, some sort of vehicle attack. so far. we've seen suicide vests being used by the to suicide bombers. but there is a danger of course, that they may have some other more serious attack being planned. so it remains extremely nearby here. but the, the attack late thursday at the airport was extremely devastating in terms of loss of life. this was 2 bombs set off in very crowded situations with lots of crowds of people desperate to get on to planes, but also trying to target to the u. s. military. and it is what we call that the
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old they call a complex attack. so it was an attack in different parts coordinated, so 2 bombs, one after each other, and then automatic gunfire by coding to the u. s. military. isis fight is targeting u. s. military, we know from images reaching us here with us the devastation at the seed of these explosions. as you could imagine, a lot of bodies on the ground. and from the scenes that have been reaching us video of different clinics and hospitals, really at the a wave of injured being brought to hospitals around cobble to be treated. so it remains, it extremely volatile situation here as we go through thursday now into friday to see what friday will bring. but friday is the day that the basically most of the other countries that have been evacuating that people. they appear now to have pretty much wound up their operations in parts in response to this threat,
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which has been realized this thursday night with an attack. they wanted to finish off things as quickly as possible and it pretty much by midnight friday we'll leave the united states as the country that is solely evacuating its people. still carrying on with its evacuation operation from the apple. and rob, interesting that the taliban in their reaction are really trying to emphasize that this explosion that these attacks took place in the area where the us forces responsible for security. but if this is the start of a new wave of attacks and violence across cobble and possibly elsewhere, what questions is going to raise about their ability to govern, to enforce law and order, and to prevent afghanistan from being used as a base to possibly a stage attacks elsewhere in the world. i mean that the
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taliban relationship with organizations like a islamic state is a slightly complicated one. a national level, the taliban say that they have nothing to do with i so they do not. they do not tolerate. i still in fact they, if that's one of the assurances they've given into the international community that they will be no safe haven for groups like i so who me to do harm to countries western countries in particular, they've given that assurance. so the taliban regards iso lives arrival. it wants nothing to do with it. and yet a local level in some of the provinces, there is a suspicion that it is not as cut and dry does that. but there is some sort of crossover that maybe the res, kind of collaboration at local level that the taliban will argue that all of these attacks happen because they have targets here. you go to the airport and you have us military, you have the military of other countries who have been the,
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the enemies of that organizations like islamic state for decades now. so as long as they remain there at the airport, then the implication is, or the, the implied blame by the taliban is on foreign governments for having full city. so they would be looking to at a time, maybe the 31st of august, which is the deadline. that's been set for the end of these evacuations and for forces to be withdrawn as the time when we may think we may see things settled that the last of the forces are removed. and so there are less targets for organizations like isis to go for that it remains just what kind of a relationship the taliban will have with ice as if it remains here in afghanistan . will it be allowed to find some sort of haven or will the taliban go after it as the previous government? it tried to force it. i'm going to stand it i system islamic state is kind of grown
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up here as atlantic states has been pushed back and pushed out of other parts particular the middle east. so it's remains to be seen just what the relationship will be. but for the moment, the taliban seem to blame the united states, which it does very readily in any case, but a particularly blames united states for the chaos and the violence that we're seeing at present. they say that they're just taking orders from the united states and trying to guard the perimeter that if it, they had their way, they would allow people into the terminal that might ease the tension. and so you wouldn't have all of this violence and chaos that we've seen on the outside of the perimeter. so the, the, the taliban are very ready to blame the us for the chaos that we have been seeing at the apple. thank you very much from the pride in combo for us. let's go to alan fisher than he is live in washington. so alan,
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what do we know about talks between the taliban and the united states in terms of preventing attacks like this and improving security around the apple? it's well, we know that they're in discussions which seems slightly surreal. if you've covered or read about afghanistan over the last 20 years, you'll be aware that since the attacks on $911.00, the u. s. has targeted the taliban by bombing them and know here the odd is the boat to leave with just less than a week left that actually discussing with the taliban higher american forces can be protected and they're discussing the security in the area around the airport. it is very surreal, but what we do know is that there were 12 us service been killed. i'm led to believe it's 11 marines and one medic. 15 have been injured. certainly the us that believe that this was a threat that was coming. they understood that the airport was a soft target. they did everything they possibly could to prevent it. but the
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reality is that they were searching people by high and there's the, appeared at the airport before they were load onto the airport itself. and certainly on to any planes that were taking afghans out of the country. according to frank mckenzie, the, the general, who gave the briefing in the last hour, he said this is close up war. you can feel the breath of the person that you're checking and it appears that it was at that gate where a suicide bomber decided to detonate the 1st device. there was a 2nd device at a nearby hotel, as people left the gate run away from there. that is when the 2nd device was exploded, certainly the americans at this point, not sure whether or not that was a suicide bomber, even though all indications seem to be that. but they're aware that there are more threats coming. there is a threat thread and the see that this is something that they have been aware of. in fact, just over 24 hours ago, the u. s. embassy and bill told americans not to go to the airport to stay away
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from the general area. because the threat was so great, and so the general has said that if we can find out who was behind this, then we will go after them, clearly targeting iso and something that the us is said the, even after the leave of can it's done if that is on august the 31st or a few days after that that they will continue to launch what they describe is anti terror organized operations in afghanistan. if they perceive there to be a threat, they call this over the horizon. they will do it from nearby countries, they will do it from air bases that they have in the region, and they will do it if they think there is a threat that has to be stuffed. so we're going to hear from joe biden in about 45 minutes. this certainly one of the darkest days for the us military in recent years, and certainly one of the darkest days of the biking presidency. right,
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so what about the prospect off there must be discussions behind the scenes. this despite the fact that obviously the, the white house has health. so family to the withdrawal from afghanistan and even these evacuation efforts in the wake of these explosions. if we do see apps, a new phase or a new chapter of internal violence, whether it be between different factions of the taliban, the talent on other groups. and it should, that pose a threat to, you know, should that affect counter terrorism efforts, which is a pledge that's been made by the taliban to the u. s. is there the possibility that u. s. strategy policy could change on this? the having contingency plans drawn up just in case that the u. s. needs to stay beyond august the 31st and those plans have been presented to jo bite. know the
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thing about contingency plans is you need to consider every possible contingency. and clearly this will mean a redrafting of any plans. will this delay the us? well, they certainly believe that jack august, the 31st is a realistic date. the point to the fight. and just over a week, they lifted more than 104000 people 55000 of them. united states, 5000 of them, the united states presidents, more than 60000 of them on us flights. they believe that there's just over a 1000 americans, still an afghan has done that in contact with more than 500 of them. they think they should be able to reach them very soon. but there might be a change in standard operating procedure. now they are no longer going to search people at the gates. they will tell people who have been pre cleared, or they have been in touch with us embassy officials that perhaps they have to gather at a certain point. and then a helicopter will be sent to try and bring them to the air base. certainly the u. s . and germany have done that in the past. that might become the way that the u. s.
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tries to get through this immediate crisis of dealing with the security around the air base, but it's general. mackenzie said this whole system was designed to operate under stress. they did not go into afghanistan and campbell and set up a plan to withdraw by august. the 31st by thinking, well, it's going to be plain sailing. no one's going to take any port shorts at this will be ok. they were aware of the threat from isis. joe biden talked about it just 48 hours ago on tuesday. the aware that i saw with c killing americans as being a big win for them. and certainly with 12 us servicemen dead that would be considered very much a victory for, for i saw k, which is trying to establish a foothold in afghan don is as rob was explaining, i still kin and the taliban are not bedfellows. they do not get on, and so this would be considered a big tree for them. what the united states is trying to do in the final few days
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before the intend to pull out is not give. i saw any more victories. now general mackenzie was asked, do you think the taliban a load this to happen? he said no, because he believes the taliban have a vested interest in the united states meeting the self imposed deadline of the 31st of august. and he says, that's why they are talking about security with them. and he fully intends to meet the mission, which is to be out of the country by the 31st of august with all americans who want to leave back heading towards the united states. thank you very much. alan fisher with all the latest from washington. thank you. alan, just want to update you on one of the story that we've been following over the past half hour or so hearing from our correspondence in cobbler, rob mcbride mentioning that there was gunfire loud sounds of explosions in the afghan capital. not far from the airport after those multiple attacks which
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took place about 6 hours ago. and now we have the reuters news agency citing member of the taliban saying that actually this was a control explosion carried out by the u. s. in order to destroy i munition, they say so the large explosion that was heard in campbell. just in the last 3040 minutes. it's the, the us military destroying munition. and so that's obviously caused a bit of panic and concern because it happened not far from the airport, just 3 to 4 kilometers from the airport, where the i s in afghanistan group carried out multiple explosions earlier today. well, now international reaction has continued coming in as the european countries and western powers are in to evacuate their own citizens as well as vulnerable afghans from the country. been hearing from the french president, emanuel micron. vantage continue working with the united states to try to evacuate those fleeing the country. if you don't let the multiple,
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it is obvious that the tension is increasing greatly. so we have all known the risks at the beginning, considering the confusion, cobble, and potential that has been there since the beginning of the military airport. the next i was, will remain extremely dangerous and cobble and of the airport. it is, the security situation is not under control. so we will keep with our allies in particular, our american allies, and then the discussion which has been developing about the airports. we will do everything we can to evacuate french nationals and some africans going on. you k palmer, subarus, johnson has also been responding to these developments, saying that operations to evacuate british nationals and eligible afghans will continue despite the explosions at compo apple. and we're able to continue with the program in, in the way that we, we've been running it according to the, the time table that we've got. and that's what we're going to do. because the
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overwhelming majority of those who are eligible have not been extracted from afghanistan. and we're going to work flat out the, the military, the, the phone office teams, the, the home office depot force teams about getting people through as fast as they can still. and we're going to keep going up until the last moment. auditor is charlotte balice is in cobble and added for the airport. soon after the attack, she describes what she saw way initially. her decisions explosion around $540.00 p. m. we headed towards the scene and there was chaos. as you can imagine, adams, a lot of gunfire. taliban tried to push people away and control the scene. we tried to move closer towards the abbey gate. we heard another explosion there with more heavy gun fly. there was hundreds of people running towards us and there was heavy smoke in the air. we had the sirens coming from the pool and it held on fine to
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god that southgate were where we had arrived. were pushing everyone back quite frantically. they were panic themselves. a few ambulances, george passed us and, and we've stayed there for about half an hour, and he begun fi continued throughout. we've tried to talk to us military forces over this time, but they are keeping quite quiet about the operations. and i was just on the earlier this week at this exact location at abbey gate. and the tele bonded you film around the airport perimeter. so i use my phone to so me and catch some of what was happening, the one hundreds of people around at the gates. this was just a couple of days ago. they would tell a bon checkpoints around there. and then there's a, there's a post with 3 americans in it at that time. that was overlooking the scene at the top of about a 3 meter high concrete surrounded by barbed wire. and they were looking the hundreds of people trying to get through people. the lloyd and were waving pieces
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of paper saying, no, i deserve to get on some of these flights to ticket from working with the americans and what have you. and they had the gate closed at that time, just overlooking the saying, we heard of it. i called earlier this week, it didn't seem to deter anybody but being, it was only coming from the us and it was quite vague. over the last 24 hours or so . they were more traits issued by various countries talking about this. this ice will create, i contacted the taliban this morning to to ask if they knew any more details about have any more intelligence on it. they said from what we understand isolated planning, some type of car bombing in and around the airport. and that they looking for maximum damage after we received that, we decided to stay clear of the airport today as to the other media networks who we had been going down there all of us every day. but today, most people stayed clear because there was the threats label and then the amount of
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information we were getting was getting more credible and coming from more sources . and it was more kind of watch. and while i do have to say my producer drop down the briefly just to have a quick look from a distance and you see do a thought, you will people down the today that the telephone were incredibly teams. and that saying something because they've been awake. but very much pushing people back, trying to keep them at a distance from the airport and were quite agitated when he got down there. and they told him to leave immediately. so everyone was on the list today, but it appears that they had been crowd forming and that they hadn't managed this. and when this explosion occurred, was you mentioned earlier, the reuters news agency is reporting that i still claim responsibility for these attacks. so it was then just say he look at me information we do have about the i still affiliate, known as islamic state. what i saw, no, i said, ok. well, the group was formed in 2014 by breakaway fighters of the pakistani taliban and
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fighters from gun astonish page legions too late. i salita buckroe by godaddy. what i saw on is a historic region which comprised parts of iran, afghanistan, and pakistan. i feel k has been responsible for some of the worst attacks and i've got a son and pocket done in recent is killing people most public squares. and even in hospitals, including a rampage, a maternity ward in combo. they're also adversary's of the taliban with different teachings of strict funny beliefs. i still has been highly critical of any cooperation between the taliban and washington, including deals, withdrawal foreign troops accusing the taliban of being a post states. well, reseller me chose a president of emergency, which is a medical and joe, treating victims of the blast and combo says our organization is prepared to treat more patients are seeing these are these after war. we have received more than
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60 patients. now, 6 at that in the right or so. the last to be huge. all of them city then and there keep coming. we don't know exactly how we'd be the number of patients we were there seems 22 years and we have 6 math couch. if you do have plans, we do have extra bad, the hospital was 80 percent to learn about. we opting. 5 on top of what we already had, then of course, once we do the try, we will keep more severe cases, the life threatening conditions. and we try to be less of a cases even though there are not so many hospitals fully working in and couple and unfortunately it did not say, i mean our mission criteria to like open to real traffic accidents,
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even trauma because we started to receive in the last couple of weeks reduce number of war, wounds or injuries. but generally speaking, we have been keeping both pre the 3 hospitals and for 2 cleanings or was up and running. our stuff is coming, both male and female has been able to talk. so we look to be going to work in the future like to but that's not true to, to get trade. what we will try to google. i'm in the house because being there for very long time and 15 everybody regardless of is trying to be in our insurance. well, i think the very beginning and so far with respect to what we do when we hear about these kind of threats, to try and understand how to get ready inside to be got to receive the must have
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been patient as we are saying today, we have been in contact to you and i'll let you know probably today in, in couple of. 5 the hospital and had class meeting to to do that before. 5 that so far, you didn't have any confusion or any special request. we have been able to keep on doing that job regularly as we did before. no one, none of that as being taken to our hospital because we take everybody's lives. busy so come back and feel at the moment. a as far as we know, patients who says to our house because our to be to some other because i think that there are more than my my i've been taken to other facilities. they're very complex injuries because shall they go
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that they could use multiple injuries. so we received people with multiple co, my next face on the particular you saw the vascular increase or they can not very sudden, that's the moment it's very important to try and go to try to go on and on. the patients have to be evaluated. so it's definitely a stressful moment for the hospital stuff watching out a 0 live from london. i'm marian was and we're going to have continuing coverage of the story in afghanistan after multiple explosions. cobble apples have resulted in the death of 60 afghans, children among those casualties. and we now confirmation that 12 us service personnel also died in those attacks. more a bit. stay with us. i
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. it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello there, hope you're doing well. let's pick up your weather story right here, right now with asia pacific and right off the bat, har plumb rains, picking up through the inks, the river valley outside the east china sea and steering rate into south korea. which of course does not need this rain. after tropical depression, no mice pass through dropping hundreds of millimeters of rank further toward the east. it's a story of heat across japan, so alerts and play for chicago cou, q shoe, and horseshoe. and tokyo is included in this with a heat index. it's filling in the low to mid forties, while they're view the plum rains on saturdays start to migrate further toward the north along the yellow river valley. still out toward the east, trying to see in a bit of a breather for the korean peninsula on saturday. thousands of people have been impass.


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