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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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we tell your story. we are your voice. ah, your new york net back out here. oh, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm marianna mazda, welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. as many as 60 reported dead officer, a double bomb attack outside car outside cobble apple, where thousands was still gathered, hoping to escape the country among those killed a number of children and 12 americans service us now. but the us and u. k are continuing to alice people out. several other countries have stopped their
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evacuation early. ah. hello and welcome to the program. well, medical sources, enough canister of told algebra that as many as 60 people were killed in 2 explosions outside cobbled international airport. the pentagon is saying the attack was carried out by 2 suicide bombers and killed at 12 us service personnel. a number of children are also thought to have died, and taliban has condemned the attacks, which came hours after the u. s. u. k. and australia warned people to stay away from the airport because of an imminent threat from an i feel affiliate hours after the attack for group time responsibility. and the cause i international airport in cobble is where thousands of people have been gathering, hoping to flee afghanistan on western countries have been using the ad for to evacuate their citizens troops, an afghan allies. the u. s. and
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u. k. are continuing their evacuation flights until that august 31st deadline to withdraw all foreign troops. but germany, denmark, belgium, and canada have now ended verifications, and france says its last plane will leave on friday. charles traffic reports now from campbell. you will not be lindsey's rush through the streets to collect the wounded bodies are lifted on to stretches. the 2 attacks by suicide bombers happened close to the abbey gate entrance of cobble airport. the baron hotel. now he was a sudden explosion. we climbed out and saw that there were many people effective people were held everywhere, their brains with scattered. there were also foreign forces who were fallen. i saw at least 4 or 500 people there. the explosion was really powerful, half held into the water, others on the ground outside. we carried the wounded here on stretches and my
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clothes completely bloody. i know the power hotel is controlled by the u. k and they 2 forces. it is one of the places where tens of thousands of afghans have been gathering after the taliban took control of cobble on august, the 15th. they've been going there to have their papers processed before being evacuated out of the country. western government security expertise cobble would be warning about potential attacks around the airport. but days the taliban told al jazeera it had intelligence about potential car bombs in the area. and also people stay away. an increasing number of nato countries have already announced a halt to their evacuation operations. and these attacks jeopardize remaining flights. meaning many afghans who want to leave their country and they have all the necessary documents to do so, could be left behind. it's all about have condemned the attacks and violence to
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bring the perpetrators to justice, the suicide bombings like these not dissimilar to those that the tolerable, unused against what is often described as foreign invaders. show just the kind of security challenges the movement faces. charles, rafa al jazeera cobble, or mcbride, joins us live from campbell, and obviously it's been an incredibly difficult day role. but that was followed by reports of another explosion. but to give us latest information on that and what's been happening in the ask on capitol since the air force attacks. yeah, it has been an incredibly tense thursday night going through into what is now friday morning here local time, but really has raised the attention level, the sense of unease. i really that the hold of cobble now on edge we seeing a lot more checkpoints around cobble with the taliban stuffing vehicles. different
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to street corners, etc. we've heard the occasional gunshots in the streets. you do get a sense that the taliban really sort of a heightened awareness of now would be that the security situation are quite skittish about what's going on across from the apple. we can still hear the occasional volley of gunfire. automatic gunfire. i think i saw earlier on a bit of tracer going up into the night sky, and then the occasional start and crump, we put a couple of explosions. now. it's not clear exactly what these explosions have been . it's understood that if they have been further attacks, we would have had more details about what kind of attacks they were. we haven't had those yet. so it could well be that this is simply military units. either us forces coalition forces, or possibly some of the african special forces allies who are also out there at the airport, offering protection of the perimeter,
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possibly destroying equipment or something of. and that has an intelligence value in preparation for the ultimate evacuation. we've been hearing other noises during the evening all the way through thursday night and friday morning. overhead we hear military jets, presumably, american military jet, circling, then also the low rumble of aircraft, of transport aircraft taking off from how many cars i international airport as this evacuation continues a pace weight. they do them constantly taking off either c, 17 or c $130.00 different types of transport aircraft. we know that with the uptake him violence and all the warnings of isis attacks that has prompted a number of countries such as hungry, poland, belgium, the netherlands, all to draw their evacuations too close sometimes prematurely. but having
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got most of the, the nationals out not really leaves the united states is the main stakeholder if you like. and they say vacuum should exercise, still evacuating its people. but after the, the attacks that we've seen thursday night, really having to address just how it goes about continuing with that exercise, whether it brings forward it's, it's closing of the evacuation operation or whether it extends it beyond that. we heard from the u. s. military before about whether it brings in more forces or tries to extend the perimeter further out to try to prevent more attacks like this . and we heard from the us military that there were no plans at the moment to put more boots on the ground, bringing more us personnel. but it does remain to be seen just how they're going to try and deal with this, the deteriorating security situation. the increased threat from organizations like islamic state here in afghanistan as they continue to try to finish
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their operation by the 31st of august. that is midnight tuesday you know, raw, it's worth mentioning that even before the us withdrawal from afghanistan and indeed the taliban take for the takeover of the country. this was not at. campbell had seen increasing violence and instability actually over a number of years talking about campaign of his fascinations against civil society activists and john list and others. and then arithmetic explosion, the maternity hospital and a school at a school for has our goals. is there a sense now that the, the presence of i s in afghanistan is, is growing that it's becoming stronger. that i guess he's going to be the worry, you know,
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the previous administration of ash rough, gaudy, when it was backed by the us forces, especially with its power. it really did take on islamic state. that was a real concern. that is, the logic state was being pounded in parts of the middle east. it was being shrunk in syria and iraq, that it was a sending fighters, or it was starting to lay down roots in afghanistan, and in particular, in eastern afghanistan at around 20182019 the, the, the government, the government kind of stand supported by us forces and in particular, us power really did target them and really pounded them in the strongholds in the east of the country. and it was thought at one point that they pretty much been defeated islamic state apart from a few pockets of resistance. but you know, that was at a time where you had a stronger, more confidence afghan government backed up. of course, by far more americans,
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american military might. all of that has now gone. you have a, a taliban that is feeling its way into this government that it suddenly found itself inheriting. it has a country to run. it has married problems of job, just a governing the country. regardless of trying to maintain security. security is one of its the, one of its priorities. it is said that from the start it has to secure the country the situation around the country. it has been doing that. we've seen that in cobble with all of its checkpoints in roadblocks, tried to disarm different groups or militias, etc. that so that it remains the, the sole power of the soul military force in the country. but it does have, of course, rivals like islamic state and it does as i'm a state, has managed to reestablish itself somewhat and remains to be seen just what kind of a relationship the taliban is going to strike with this organization. because on
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the one hand, it was nothing to do with islamic state, it said that it regard that as a rival. but at the other, on the other hand, in some of the provinces local level, there is some indication that it isn't this clear cutters that the taliban small taliban unit may have been working with islamic state. so it remains to be seen just how the taliban asserts it, or it's or 30 and how it deals with islamic state. the organization itself, isis. it, probably the suspicion would be that it's going to have to keep a low profile. it knows that it's in a tricky situation with the taliban, that if he wants to maintain its operations and not become a target for, for the taliban to be swept out of africa, stand immediately that it is going to have to going to have to contain some of its operations that attacks having said that,
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with the operations that are going on at the international airport, just a few kilometers away with the presence of international forces of american soldiers who it is sworn to attack wherever and whenever it can. it seems like it was, it has been and is to go to target for isis to miss it was bound almost to launch this attack. and the fear is that it's going to launch more of these attacks. we had earlier this week, warnings that isis could be planning something. and in the last 20 for 36 hours, we had repeated warnings from multiple sources, different governments, their intelligence agencies, military's, and from the taliban themselves. all of them were saying the same story that isis was planning attacks against the airport, which is a very vulnerable targets because of the confusion there. the chaos. you have
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thousands of people milling around the full perimeter, all dressed in civilian clothes, old carrying bags. it's the perfect cover for suicide bombers to mingle in that the taliban has said, we said it had made efforts to try to stop this kind of attack the, the us military and the press briefing thursday night to corroborate it that they said that they, the taliban has set up roadblocks, it has tried to search people, but it is patchy and people will get it will get through and that's what we've seen and the, the danger is that because it was because the predictions of this attack were so widespread and so universal there is also concern of future attacks and we're hearing for example, both from the us intelligence and the taliban. that there's the possibility of bigger attacks involving car bombs, which is obviously of a serious concern not only for us forces and its coalition partners at the airport,
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but also for the taliban. not only there but also at other potential targets. now looking around the city of cobble itself, thank you for now from the pride bring us all the latest from the afghan capital kabul. thank you, rome. well, the pentagon has warned, the more attacks are expected to take place has vowed to go off to isolate following these explosions, which it says will not deter the evacuation effort. we continue to focus on the protection of our forces in the evacuees. as the evacuation continues, let me be clear while were saddened by the loss of life. both us and afghan were continued to execute the mission. our mission is to evacuate us citizens, 3rd country nationals, special immigrant visa holders, u. s embassy, staff, and afghans at risk. despite this attack, we are continuing the mission, the evacuation at best speed, and as of today, we have approximately 5000 evacuees on the ramp at h. kyle,
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awaiting early life to gabriel elizondo in washington. and of course we hired in that pentagon briefing that more attacks are expected. what further measures are likely to be taken by pentagon officials and of course us central command to avoid further loss of life around the airport? well, there's general kenneth mackenzie, who's the head of central command that you just heard from there was asked specifically that question, what measures now are going to be put in place? and he basically said that they are reevaluating everything that they're seeing what potentially went wrong. that allowed for this to take place. but what was very interesting was he said that they would continue to collaborate if you were, if you will. those are my words, not exactly his with the taliban because he said that the taliban is working very closely with the u. s. in terms of providing an exterior perimeter security
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around the airport. and he said that that has been pretty successful. so far. he said that he thinks that that could have potentially have stopped many previous attempts, tax against civilians and u. s. interest there at the airport. so essentially what he was saying was that the exterior rim of the, of the airport is, isn't, is, but is it is in charge with the taliban. and he says they're working with the taliban to say what roads they want now closed? what roads they want open, and they're saying that they might want to push that perimeter out as much as they can. because he says, by the time that people get up to the gate, that is where u. s. military personnel have to get very close to individuals in order to search them as they're brought in to the airport grounds. he said simply, there's no other way for this type of screening to be done until large groups of
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people get right up to the airport gate. and that's why when he was asked, why were so many troops in such a tight packed, placed it? obviously, so many were killed and injured. he said that simply there's simply no other way to screen people other than to be very close to them. he said clearly that and normally that when they're, when they reached the gates of the airport, they've already been screened by hello bon security officials. he said clearly this slip through the cracks, if you will. and they're gonna now reevaluate how to see if this could not happen, how they can rent it from happening in the future. but he said they're very concerned about potential truck bombs or car bombs being driven onto the airport grounds. he said that has been a concern as well as a potential rockets being launched into the airport grounds. but he said they think that they're well secure on that front. he said the issue is simply suicide bombers, if you will, people that strap themselves to explosive. those are the ones that are very hard to
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stop. he said simply because you can't really ascertain that threat until it's right in front of you as we saw on thursday with this incident. and that was one thing that hasn't been made, claire or that people want to get clarity from us present when he speaks in a few moments, is that we did hear from general mckenzie in that briefing. as you say, mentioning that the taliban is responsible for the outer perimeters of the airport, suggesting that nothing substitutes for us personnel on the ground conducting security and checks. but then of course the taliban in their response. emphasizing that the attacks competed an area in which the u. s. is responsible for security. so that point appears to be contentious. it is and i guess it depends how you look at it. i mean a taliban, as you correctly mentioned,
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they're saying that a this happened right at a u. s. checkpoint, which in theory that's true, but the us looks at it in general. they're just the central command says, but we're only in charge of that security. we're not in charge of the outer security rim if you will. so, i mean, it's a little bit of a point of contention there. i guess it's how you look at it. but the bottom line and what was very interesting about this briefing was as you really got a sense of how closely the u. s. and taliban are working together. and i mean that they're talking to each other and they seem to be collaborating in one way, shape or form on the security because it benefits both parties. the taliban clearly want the us out as soon as possible and are doing everything they can to cooperate to make that happen as soon as possible. the u. s. a needs the taliban to provide security outside of the airport grounds because the u. s. has no control over that area. so it's really remarkable if you will. it's my colleague alan fisher was
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pointing out previously. remarkable to hear us central command leader, the head of the us forces in afghanistan at this very moment, talking about needing the taliban to help protect us troops right now. incredibly remarkable. i will say another anecdote in history here. this was the deadliest attack on us forces since when, since august, 6th, 2011. that's when a chinook helicopter was shot down that killed 30 americans and 8 afghans. where did that happen in afghanistan? who shot it down? the taliban. so that was 10 years ago, so you can see how this is all. this is just, it's how remarkable it is. now, 10 years later, the u. s. natal bond working together in some some ways here. thank you. thank you very much. gabriel is under an washer and we can now speak to school or drawn. she
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was the ask you for our preventative you and in 2020 joins us live from cobbled via skype. 60 afghans were killed in these attacks and there has been, i mean, we know that men, women, and children died as a result of this has been some very explicit footage of the aftermath of this blast . can you tell me? can you tell me your thoughts? what is your reaction? thank you very much for having me. phone this long ago, public. go for foreigners on taking over of probably by all of on and says incidents happen in the airport. meanwhile, catastrophe is created by 2 plus today and problem. all of these incidents have a traumatized as so much or since last few days is this vibrant. people are sad and in a state of shock and disbelief. majority of people are of the preferred to stay at
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home, specifically when it comes to women. and i think all of you set of incidence are and it's an indication that one has actually abandoned the nation. we've been covering developments from washington over the past couple of hours. and we the argument we often hear is that attacks like this, a very difficult to prevent. do you feel as though this is a tragedy that could have been avoided? of course, of course, the sudden an unconditional the united states troops was to, to lee. i'm was decision and now we are seeing the consequences of that decision. and let me tell you that a one people are actually suffering from the consequences of that decisions. but
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still, it's not too late. i think there is still a who charms and the unity to take the control of the entire situation. when all of them came to college, there was a hope between the only positive thing about everything happening around us was that we would like we would like the what is over. but unfortunately, it seems like a new chapter of war is about to begin. and upon a time which might be the war between eyes and thought of on, unfortunately, innocent one will suffer from this war. tell me about the how events in the past 10 days has affected the afghan people. you spoke about that the suffering of the afghan people and how a new phase in conflict between different factions of the taliban or the taliban. an ios is going to affect the afghan people as everyone is witnessing
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that a large number of bright and intelligent youth is leaving of one a son, which is actually blamed and, and it's very sad and it's very alarming for the future up on a sun. meanwhile, a large number of youth who are still living within a on a sunday are facing and a very unclear future. a large number of them are unemployed and they are totally hopeless. i'm this the new chapter that might happen between ice ice and tyler bond. i strongly believe that it will affect people, it will affect as the, are already living in a political vacuum. there is no needed law and order and system. this will affect only one people and it might as to each further humans that us to be. and i strongly believe that international community should,
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should come further and they should mediate the situation. they should take the control of the situation in order to avoid the consequences. i mean, i school is that drawn. thank you, son launch. we will, i would love to continue our conversation. i really appreciate your time. just going to take it in washington. now president, dr. white and speaking, see new movies, you know, cares attacked. and we've been talking about worried about that intelligence community has assessed, has undertaken attack by a group known as isis k took the lives of americans service members standing guard at the airport and moon it several other seriously. it
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also wanted a number of civilians and civilians were killed as well. i've been engaged all day constant contact with military commanders here and more. she's in the pentagon as well as i can stand and and my command is here in washing in the field. have been on this was great detail and you've had a chance to speak to some so far the situation of the ground is still evolving and i'm constantly being updated these american service members who gave their lives so over use word, but it's totally appropriate. here were heroes, heroes been engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission. to save the lives of others are part of an air levered
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and evacuation ever don't like any seen in history. with more than 100000 american citizens, american partners, afghans who helped us and others taking the safety in the last 11 days. this last 12 hours or so another $7000.00 have gotten out. there are part of the bravest most capable, the most selfless military in the face of the earth. and they're part of simply what i call the backbone of america. they're the spine of america. the best the country has to offer jill, why? hearts ache. like i'm sure all of you do as well for all those afghan families who lost loved ones including small children or been wounded fishes attack
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and were outraged, as well as heartbroken. being the father of a army major surf year in iraq can before that was in kosovo the u. s. attorney for better part of 6 months in the middle of a war when he came home after a year and in iraq was diagnosed like many, many coming home was an aggressive lethal cancer. the brain we lost. we have some sense, like many of you do. what the families of these brave hairs are feeling today. you get this feeling like you're being sucked into a black hole. the miller chest. there's no way out.
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hard actually. and i know this. we have a continue navigation sacred obligation to all of you families of those heroes. that obligation is not temporary last forever. the lies we lost their lives given in the service of liberty. the services security, the service of others in the service of america. like their fellow brothers and sisters in arms who died defending our vision and our values in the struggle against terrorism of the fall on this day, or part of a great noble company of american heroes. to those who carried out this attack. as well as anyone wishes america harm,
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no. this we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay how defend our interest in our people with every measure at my command over the past few weeks. know your many of you probably tired to hear me say we've been made aware our intelligence community that the isis k and arch enemy, the tale bombs. people who are friedman, both those prisons are opened. has been planning a complex set of attacks in the united states personnel.


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