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i 80 or 2020 was transforming africa. me be the hero. the world needs right now. i was. ah, ah, me. this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news, our life from headquarters, and i'm telling you navigate, coming up in the next 60 minute. we will hunt you down to make you pay the rest president joe biden warren, those behind the attacks outside cavil airport and vows to get all americans out of i've gone on the ice on it behind the 2 explosions
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in trouble that killed at least 60 people including 12 american military personnel . the u. s. u k are continuing to airlift people out, but several other countries have stopped their evacuations early. a headache for social media giants will be college and embrace is twitter. while the former us president is bad. ah, it's just gone past 2300 hours gmc, that's 3 30 am in the afternoon capital that witness to explosions on thursday. the west president is threatening to strike back in response to the attacks outside cobbles, international airport. as many as 60 people, including 12 american military personnel have been killed. now the armed group, i so has claimed responsibility for the attacks. joe biden called the u. s. service
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personnel killed and he attacked heroes. and vowed to make those responsible pay bite and said his os, his military commanders, to draw plans to strike back at the group we will not be deterred by cherished will not let them stop our mission. we will continue the evacuation of also or to my commander, develop operational plans. a strike case is k assets, leadership and facilities. we will respond with force of precision at our time at the place we choose in a moment of our choosing. here's what you need to know. these isis tears will not win. we will rescue the americans. we will get our afghan allies and our mission will go on. now the taliban has condemned the attacks earlier, the group spokesman told al jazeera, the area in which the attack happened, falls under the responsibility of the foreign forces.
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there's this attack, but then there's also the situation around the airport. the gatherings of tens of thousands of people around couple airports is a suitable location for these attackers. this is, in fact a security mishandling, a big error from their part and a big mistake. we've warned the foreign forces several times of the repercussions of large gathering around the airport. well, how many cares i international airport is where thousands of people have been gathering desperately hoping to flee of contest on western countries, have been using that particular airport to evacuate their citizens. troops and afghan allies will get the latest on the ground from robin wright in the afghan capital capital. and we'll also get more on what president biden had to say from gabriel is onto in washington dc. and just a moment. but 1st, charles stratford begins, our coverage must be lindsey's rush through the streets to collect the wounded bodies are lifted on to stretches. the 2 attacks by suicide bombers happened close
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to the abbey gate entrance seat of cobble airport. yet neither baron hotel he was a sudden explosion. we climbed out and saw that there were many people effected. people were held everywhere their brains with scattered. there were also foreign forces who were form. i saw at least 4 or 500 people there. the explosion was really powerful, half withheld into the water, others on the ground outside. we carried the wounded here on stretches, and here my clothes are completely bloody. the bower hotel is controlled by the u. k and they 2 forces. it is one of the places where tens of thousands of afghans have been gathering after the taliban took control of cobble on august, the 15th. they've been going there to have their papers processed before being evacuated out of the country. western governments and security experts in cobble had be warning about a potential attacks around the airport for days. the taliban told al jazeera,
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it had intelligence about potential car bombs in the area, and also people to stay away. an increasing number of nato countries have already announced a halt to their evacuation operations. and these attacks jeopardize remaining flights. meaning many afghans who want to leave their country and they have all the necessary documents to do so, could be left behind. it's all about have condemned the attacks and violence to bring the perpetrators to justice with suicide bombings like these not dissimilar to those that the tolerable, unused against what is often described as foreign invaders. show just the kind of security challenges the movement faces. charles, rafa al jazeera cobble. well let's get an update now from robert bride who's joining us from trouble. so we're into friday morning rob. it's been a tension deadly few hours. what's the situation like now?
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i mean the devastating attack on thursday night and we still failed the effects of it now and really has raised the tension level here across the whole of cobble thursday into friday morning. we're seeing a much more pronounced presence of taliban on the streets that are more checkpoints around. we're hearing throughout the, the hours of doc, this occasional gunshots going off the taliban seem a lot more jittery. it seems wary of any crowds gathering wary of any potential attacks inside the city itself. in fact, early earlier on wednesday evening, there were gunshots, fired down the street below us here. so there's an awful lot of tension in the city and from the direction of the airport itself. we've been hearing all sorts of continuing gunfire, sometimes automatic gunfire, and occasional sumps and explosions. now we're not quite sure what these have been
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. we can take it by now that these are probably not more attacks, but it could well be military units, such as african special forces, who we know i've been helping the perimeter to protect the perimeter alongside the united states forces, possibly destroying the equipment or sensitive, sensitive material that might have an intelligence value ahead of their own evacuation, but it certainly increased attention level. we've also been hearing above us the circling of american war planes for example, and throughout wednesday and so sorry, throughout the thursday night and into friday morning. the continuing low rumble of these transport aircraft all taking off from the international airport as the evacuation continues pace, but it has been a devastating attack. images that have been reaching us have been shown the, the, the devastation of the scenes of these double explosions,
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a lot of bodies lying around. and of course, also image is coming from clinics and hospitals of the wave, the surge of injury being taken to those places to be treated so scores of casualties. both people killed both people injured and warnings from multiple sources that that could be more attacks ahead with the possibility that we're hearing from the taliban and also from the us. joe biden, for example, talking about more serious attacks involving car bombs. yes. so rob, with these warnings been in place now. does this mean that this could jeopardize any of the further evacuations that are meant to take place? it has put it in sharp relief, just a lot of focus on the whole evacuation program. how does that proceed? we know from, from certain countries such as belgium, netherlands, poland, hungry,
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it has meant that it's put pressure on those. they have brought an early end to those evacuation programs. it seems for the u. s. program that continues, and in fact, joe biden. and his address that we spoke about in the days that remain before the deadline of the 31st of august may be using different means to get people inside the airport. so they don't have to run the gauntlet of this dangerous perimeter. with the possibility of bore attack. so using buses or helicopters to take people in but also hinting at a possibly continuing this evacuation program after long after the u. s. have left and that's a far trickier proposition because it involves possibly people who do legitimate they have the right to enter the u. s. applying for a passport, for example, from the afghan government. so it's going to require cooperation of the government and that means the taliban. so this is likely to be
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a follow delicate proposition. bumbled low key below the radar exercise. so as not to exacerbate the situation, to allow the taliban to, to allow this to take place so that the us can continue long. gov to its military have left here, continue to try to get people who it believes can validly move to the us and have these special visas to get them out of afghanistan. but that's going to be a far trickier way forward. after august the 31st. thank you so much, rob mcbride, for that reporting from cobble. while the head of the us central command said that they're coordinating with the taliban on security for the airports. we believe that there are about 1000, probably a little more than a 1000 american citizens left. and dana said at this point, we're doing everything we can in concert with our department state partners to reach out to them and to help them. li,
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if they want to leave and remember not everybody wants to late. yesterday we brought in over 500 american citizens. it would be difficult to overestimate the number of unusual challenges in competing demands that are forces on the ground face. the threat to our forces, particularly from isis k is very real, as we have seen today. last are bringing him early on the he's running some washington dc. gabriel. i'd like to get to that very important point about the coordination between the u. s. and the taliban. but before i do, let me ask you about the president because he spoke a short while ago biden's saying that the attack will not deter the us. and what else did he have to say about the events of the past few hours? yeah, it was clear that joe biden felt that he must speak out publicly to the american people and to the broader world, quite frankly, after this very dark day here and know it in us history, quite frankly. and it's only getting worse. so i want to bring you latest information that just came in. the death toll has risen to 13,
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the number of us service personnel that were killed by the attack. it was 12, but the department of defense just confirming in the last few minutes that one of the wounded soldiers has died from their injuries. so now the death toll at 13 in his speech, if you will, or his press conference, joe biden was very clear that this attack would not deter the united states from completing its mission. a mission that the administration says will go on until august 31st, to bring out as many us citizens and afghan partners as they can. there was speculation that this attack could lead to the u. s. pulling out more rapidly before august 31st. joe biden. clearly making the case that that will not happen, they will, the u. s. will stay in till august 31st as jo, bye, and has said all along at cobble airport leading this evacuation process. he
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also a key point of his speech was he also pointed the finger directly at i saw k, there's offshoot of i saw in afghanistan. he said that intelligence officials had pointed out that the day this group was responsible. and joe biden, very clearly saying that he plans to hold them accountable. listen to a little bit more of what the president had to say to those who carried out this attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm. no. this we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay how defend our interest in our people would every measure might command for gabriel. as you're saying, the president pretty adamant that the u. s. is going to pull out by the august 31st
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deadline, but coordination with the taliban seems to be key is we heard from general mckenzie a short while ago. so will this us cooperation continue after august 31st? well, that's the big question that a lot of people are asking right now. and the administration is basically being non committal. they are saying and joe, by an even set it in his speech, he said, we do not trust the taliban, but we both have mutual self interest in this both of us, meaning the united states and the taliban. listen. it is quite remarkable that the u. s. is relying on the taliban to provide security outside of the airport perimeter. esentially, the u. s. is soldiers. safety in a lot of ways is in the hands of taliban security personnel. this is just the way it is because the taliban controls the entire area outside of the airport as we all
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know. so there has been open communication lines as thursday. after this attack, the u. s. has been coordinating with the taliban on what roads they want blocked, how they want screening to take place in the outer perimeter area. and this is remarkable cooperation. will it continue after august 31st. the administration isn't really saying they're just saying we need to get to august 31st. we need to get through this immediate crisis if you will. but they say we at some point will probably have to continue some sort of coordination with the taliban after august 31st. if there are more americans that want to come out of afghanistan after the u . s. has left the airport joe biden saying the taliban has self interest because they want to keep the airport open after the u. s. leaves. they might need some help with the u. s. with that for that. the taliban clearly wants the u. s. out
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sooner rather than later, the u. s. want out sooner rather than later. so there's a lot of mutual interest here that the u. s. and joe by saying we don't trust the taliban, but for now we at least will work with them. gabriel. this is one of those very sort of difficult days for us. presidents were 13 service, military personnel have been killed. how is all of this playing out in the us for the president? and what was the reaction to the comments he made just a short time ago? well, after joe biden speech, actually admiral william fallon was on al jazeera to give an interview over the phone, william foul and his retired admiral from the marine corps. but he's not just any retired admiral. he is the former head of central command, and he told us that he did not agree with the donald trump's former president
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donald trump's agreement with the taliban to leave afghanistan. and he also said he did not agree with the way that joe biden is pulling out of afghanistan. either. this gives you, and i mentioned this because this gives you an idea of how there is a lot of worry in the united states by some quarters on how this is all playing out . quite frankly, there's a lot of people in america. the polls indicate that most americans feel that we should not, we, meaning the united states that this country should not be in afghanistan, and they support anymore. and they support the pull out of us troops from afghanistan. but then you ask, do you like how it's being done? and a lot americans are saying, we're not particularly comfortable with how it's being done. that was before thursday. now that 13 us service members have been killed. another 14 to 15 wounded. not to mention dozens of afghans killed and hundreds wounded. let's not forget them. of course. now there's even more worry in the united states that
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this is taking a toll. and this is not easy. and that this is a very messy in the words of some administration officials, way to exit this 20 year occupation of afghanistan listed. this is still very much a crisis here in washington. what's going on afghan stand not to mention what's going on there and cobble and elsewhere. the bottom line is we might not get a fuller picture on how this will affect joe biden, how it will affect his presidency, and how will and what americans think of this, for perhaps another days or weeks into it all is over. but right now, clearly, millions of americans have been watching the news very closely and are clearly not pleased for the most part to see these horrible scenes out of afghanistan and with the, with the deaths of these
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u. s. service members. it's only gonna make jo biden's job, even that much harder to sell this pull out of us troops from the capital to the american people that much harder. okay, thank you so much. gabrielle is on the reporting from washington d. c. so let's take a look at what more we know about the i still affiliate, known as i feel her son, which has claimed responsibility for the attack. the group was formed in 2014 by breakaway fighters or the pakistani taliban. well as fighters from of gotten a son who pledged allegiance to the late ices leader of a bucklin bucket that the put us on is a historic region which comprised parts of iran. i've gone on on pockets, done ice okay. has been responsible for some of the worst attacks. enough gun is done on pakistan in recent years, killing people at moscow, public squares, and even hospitals, including a rampage at a maternity ward in cobbled. they're also adversary's of the taliban with different teachings of strict slamming beliefs. iso has been highly critical of any
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cooperation between the taliban in washington, including deals to withdraw foreign troops accusing the taliban of being a pos states a speak to p. j. crowley. he's a former us assistant secretary of state for public affairs. also the former us national security council spokesperson. he's joining us from alexandra virginia via skype. thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera before we talk about eyesore and how strong they are. and i've gone to son just gimme a reaction to the events of the past few hours and the, the heroic bombings we saw take place. well, it's obviously very tragic. it was something that was feared. this is not so much an intelligence failure, but it is just underscores how, how messy to use your terminology earlier. how messy this is. this has been and i think what, what's most significant, what the president said is that clearly, you know, the effort through the 31st of august will fall short in terms of american citizens
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allied citizens, your afghan friends. and so some effort is going to have to be constructed over the longer term to continue to, you know, help evacuate those who are vulnerable and still in afghanistan. well, what do you make of what the president had to say in regards to the group and, and striking the group because he specifically said that his order plans to strike leadership and facilities of eyesore and we will respond with force and precision at our a time at the place we choose what is not going to look like. well, this is not a group. that is, is necessarily completely a stranger to the united states. you know, the truck administration launched a massive bombing of, of isis. your target should have galveston during its tenure. you know,
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so i think we, we have some information about who they are, where they are, you know, but obviously the, the challenges, you know, that there will be an intelligence drop off your after august 30. first. you're intelligent sources, a much better when you're on the ground. you rely much more on technology when you're looking at this from over the horizon. right, so how do you assess the threat if i still in the country? is there a sense that the, the presence of the group is going to grow stronger? i don't think it's necessarily going to go stronger, but it's an indication that you know, for the taller bon it's much easier to lead an insurgency than it is to run a country. the islamic state is going to be one of a number of rival networks. they'll be buying for power and also money. you know, they're situated close to the drug trade, you know, in afghanistan, you know,
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they want, you know, they're kind of the action. so, you know, this will be a test for the tall about in terms of, of how much control of the countryside is, is able to maintain, you know, how it's going to govern, you know, will it be able to sustain the support of a vast majority of of afghan citizens, you know, these nomic state contingent that can extend it is not large. but by the same token clearly today, it showed an ability to, at least, you know, make itself known. you know, to the taller bond, you know, and to the nice, strict, the president, as you heard, is pretty adamant at the idea of us troops pulling out by august 31st. but what's a little bit unclear now is the coordination between the u. s. and the taliban, we know that it's going on right now because that's something that general mackenzie spoke of. but what will happen after august 30?
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first, are we likely to see a deepening relationship between the taliban and the united states in order to prevent groups like iso from gaining a stronghold, a foothold in the country? i think, as the president said, you know, both sides are guard, guided by common interest at the present time. you know, the united states is going to need tolerable cooperation, both to continue to evacuate vulnerable people from the country and is going to need your cooperation. the taller bond, you know, to, to deal a blow to the islamic state in light of today's attack. you know, the united states will probably find a way to attack the islamic state through air power. but it might ask the taller bond to attack the islamic state through ground forces. i think the taller bond would like to see this relationship continue. at some point, they'd like to see the united states reopen, it's embassy in cobble. and so this will be a test, this will be, at least,
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you know, to avenues through which you can build cooperation and then see how far dose, well, how much pressure do you think is a taliban under right now to make sure that they can take back control off the country in terms of security. well, i mean, obviously this is an embarrassment to the united states is also an embarrassment to the taller bon lomberg state is, is a rival their arrival with itala on their arrival with al qaeda. they would like to re grow their movement from where it was in 2013, and 2014. so i think that the tall bond is going to have to find a way to make this shift from a successful insurgency, to effective governance. it's not going to be easy going to be interesting to watch . you know, how inclusive will that government be? to what extent are they able to pull in your resources those who are perhaps
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previously served in the afghan government? you know, other, you know, tribes who have their own interest here. this is going to be a, a major political, you know, test for the taller bond. we'll see how effective they are. thank you so much. pg, currently for speaking to us from virginia. you're welcome. so as the taliban becomes the government of ghana stun, that's presenting one very modern problem. social media. some platforms have banned them while others are scrambling to figure out what to do. phil laval, reports for presidents to pop stars to princes. social media is the mouthpiece of choice. now the taliban once into the group has changed a whole lot. 20 years ago, they've been the internet now. you can't get them off it. they have been embracing
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social media to an extraordinary degree. in kabul, the digital revolution becoming clear. selfies with fighters taliban wearing smart watches as they try to project a more modern approach. or we may have the same rights. they're going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us in a country that has changed so much. what is the payoff strategy here? like, what is it the taliban is trying to achieve? how are they doing it? have they thought it out? you think it's very sophisticated, they are trying to message internally and externally they have been apparently lying in wait, ready to do this. there have been accounts that were on sites where they are supposed to be banned, that have sprung up immediately. the conundrum here is pretty clear. allow the taliban on social media, but then give them a platform, give them legitimacy or remove them. but then you're effectively banning and it's high a government. this is a real headache. the social media companies, the tyler bonds officially been banned from facebook for years designated a dangerous organisation, tick tock to it says it considers the group a quote,
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terrorist organization and youtube because it's on the us. sanctions list messaging apps like whatsapp signal and telegram a private and encrypted that makes them more complicated. switzer meanwhile, well the taliban spokesman a pay is to be on there. for now. he's got 300000 followers, although no verified. blue. take a speaking of twitter that brings us to this place, the u. s. capital, remember what happened? hey, back in january, the man, some accused of inciting, this was kicked off twitter and facebook leading to questions and conversations about freedom of speech. and now we find ourselves in the situation where the how plan is treating away. and yet a former us president is banned. that's going to be controversial, right? yes, it is controversial. i mean, it is such a difficult argument to make these social media networks have not really figured out what is one standard you only commonality has been if you're inciting violence,
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then there is some grounds to ban you from the site. only 11 percent of off janice done had internet access at last count. that is 11 percent more than 2001. but suggests that a lot of what the tell about putting on line is not the afghans. it's for an international audience. unfortunately, the power has been able to master the use of social media, not just in terms of projecting and messages and propaganda, but also it is, it is use social media, it is exploited. social media for purposes of recruitment as well. and so taliban 2 point. oh grows, it's reach online and on the ground. some sites now offering tools for afghans to lock their profiles instantly in case they put them at risk. the taliban site no need. they've changed almost. i hate to say it like a rebranding. many don't believe them. they will have to convince the tech companies as well as the rest of the world. phil laval al jazeera washington. phil ahead on the altar and his own. i'm so interested too in the future to serve my
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people. they left stuff gone a song just before the taliban took over, find out what the young assigned says, the thing about their country, future 11 on health of them on life support medicine, the border leaving the most vulnerable for the treatment. ah hi. there are a lot of ground to cover, get you up to speed with some tropical trouble that we're tracking. so 1st outsourcing mexico's pacific coast. we've got this disturbance throwing what, whether it's word acapulco, let's press play, see where it goes. this could strengthen into a hurricane as it eyes the baja peninsula. of course, a popular tourist destination there of couples and lucas, next award, the caribbean sea. and we have seen cascading brain for.


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