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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 7:30am-8:01am AST

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gillian, communist party members and increasingly, leaders in the private sector. but as the world becomes more globalized and the exchange of ideas more free, the chinese government hopes these changes to its education system. will encourage young people to turn in woods for guidance and not to the west or elsewhere. katrina, you, i'll just 0 dating. ah, this is all, these are the top stories us president joe biden says, service personnel killed and the attacks have couple airport. our heroes is vying to make those responsible pay by and insist the evacuation of americans and africans will continue to those who carried out just attack as well as anyone wishes america harm. no. this we will not forgive.
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we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay how defend our interest in our people with every measure at my command, the on group ice ok has claimed responsibility for the blasts. at least 16 people have been killed, including 13 members of the american military. the taliban has condemned the attacks. peruse, new president, pedal kasteel is facing his toughest tent testing yet. congress is debating a vote of confidence in his cabinet. around 2000 pro and anti custodial demonstrations have been gathering outside the building. brazil supreme court has started debating a landlocked case that will determine the land rights of indigenous people around $6000.00 protesters and in brasilia to demand judges, protect them from land grabbers illegal minors, logos and farmers at least 20 people who are not known to have died in flooding and western venezuela, heavy rain caused landslides in rivers overflowed and married
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a state. authorities say more than 1200 homes have been destroyed and 17 people and missing hundreds of thousands of people in the u. s. could be evicted from their homes after the supreme court ended monitoring them, imposed during the pandemic. it had been extended until october, but a coalition of landlords in real estate groups requested the court lift. the ban of white house says it's disappointed by the decision zealand is extending its nationwide locked on until tuesday after reporting 17 new cases of corona virus. the country's largest city, oakland will remain locked down for another 2 weeks. and 347 cases in new zealand. those are the headlines. the nice is going to continue here on. i'll just see the about half an hour after the stream. goodbye. is the country about to collapse before the kinds of reform you're talking about can take place. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in?
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why are we not in the best situation? why has that money been responded? how did that happen? counting the cost on al jazeera ah hi, anthony ok. as western forces leave afghanistan, we are looking beyond the headlines of today and into the future. what we're gonna look like on the taliban rule, again that we navigate this conversation. we're joined by a sun by charlotte's and camille. good to have all 3 of you with us. let me introduce you to international audience. s and so good to have you here today. please. every tell everybody who you are. what you do. thank you very much. my name is my mother that i'm from a gun, a son, and i'm a researcher. and today's my is that i'm in canada. thank you so much
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for spending time with us. charlotte. we've been watching your reporting for the last few days on our dcea. we wanna audience who you are. i am a correspondence based in capital. nice to have you come here, welcome to the stream, introduce yourself to our international viewers. i'm clear, i'm a senior visiting fellow and immigration at the gym and center for national policy and i run an organization. we've been part of a coalition advocating for the evacuation of our african allies since that was calling out spent earlier this year. we anything from history right now. i know you have an opinion on this for us. so if you're on youtube right now, the comment section is here. you can be in the youtube comment section right now, and i will do my best to get your thoughts, your questions or experiences into the show today. charlotte, let's go back to the afternoon local time incapable in afghanistan to
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explosions. what difference does that make now? to people, enough gallery than thinking about the future if they are trying to get out of the country. what difference does that make? well, we had the 1st explosion. it was at $540.00 local time and then we went down to the airport and all i hope to be gone. a fire was marked in the street. there were hundreds of people running towards us trying to get away. the telephone will panic . they were shooting in the air, trying to push people back. there were ambulances rushing, pasta, i it was, it was really devastating to see, especially because we had fortunate having to abby gauge had been down there earlier this week. and i, i am seeing the people down via us forces overlooking the wall there and had been holding up the papers saying i will put the americans i'm into for these are my papers. let me through the americans seem we helpless saying go to another gate and
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we just see the desperation. they mean to think that this explosion happened today and i am, yeah, i've seen the same, those same type of people with the same place this a few days ago and had these, but they were and it's very hard to tell what will happen next when we strike, i'm sitting here now i can hear flights in the i can hear planes. but how many who are and how many more people they'll be able to back to 8 with this. she said line at s, and there is a picture that's behind me, a big protocol behind me. and this, this is a picture of people on a plane being taken out of afghanistan and taking to canada. i'm will see this in just a moment. so you can see how uncomfortable that journey has been, and you made that journey with your family. can you speak us to, for briefly that process of leaving your country, how fast you had to do it and what you had to do. thank you. the
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my case in my evacuation from i've gone on, it was before the fell down off coupled to the top. it was very fast. i started on 299, 9 of july and ended by the end of august by date of august and under the weather it off. ok. everything was very smart, very manageable. everything was on time. and the, the emails, the forms every day can very soon and very but after the, the finished goals. when the column fell down to the carnival on, i had some colleagues and friends that applied to the same to the same program that i came here on. based on that, the explain it to me very difficult. this is,
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it takes days that they receive one a me sometimes it doesn't receive reply from me from there. but was, it was the, they took us to compound. it took us to secure, come another compound or a tower and all the the route with the places or the cars that they use for our carrying from other one. moved to another place, they use our cars. and one day when they took us to the to the airport, they also use the arm car when there was a big airplane and a chart darted for us. the airplane had the capacity for our 3 to 4 passengers 100 passenger. but we were 150 passengers. you wouldn't you, what was your wife and your 3 children? what did that feel like? because it gives us a sense of we, we keep seeing so many people, hundreds,
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thousands of people trying to leave. what did that feel like as you were leaving on that time? it was okay, but when i arrived here and look at the pictures in the used in the, at the airport a comedy report. i sometimes got that we are not there. how like, how i come to my children to the airport? not because when we, when i was in call, i told my wife one we will walk into. we had to walk on the street to know what children were with us. and i told her she of the civil or how, who should i pick 1st? which under and i see law or no one. yeah. it was difficult for me. then i thought that we lived, i blessed others you've been left behind. at the moment. i want to go to camille. i would love to have a listen to my li, her huck. she's very critical of this exit process from afghanistan. have
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a listen to the comment that she sent was a little bit earlier and then come immediately of the back of it with your own self divided ministration has a moral and ethical responsibility to make sure that any us citizens, their families and their allies, and to leave are able to leave the city safely and quickly. we've been working around the clock with our clients and their families to make sure that they're able to get inside the airport safely. and once inside that they're able to find a flight to leave the city. the august 31st deadline that the administration has said that they will stick to is causing a lot of desperation and station and the deadline needs to be extended. if not everybody who needs to get out is able to get out before then. i think that's exactly right. my 1st reaction that i want to say is the august 31st deadline that the by didn't administration has agreed to not our deadline. we
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didn't agree to that. we, you know, we've been fighting since the since april, since the withdrawal announcement to make sure that we, that the us evacuate our allies with the tree. that the, the u. s. evacuate or allies, as they were withdrawn the troops that we withdraw with dignity and bring those who helped us to safety along with our troops. and when that didn't happen, we started working on the civilian side to try to get as many people as possible when people fell and the government has gone to stan chow government control. we, we just up those efforts has been incredible to watch civilians coming together to get charter flights to get manifest to get as many military working with civilian issues. they ex, military, working with civilians to get them onto flight, to the, to the airport gates and onto planes. and we're not going to stop. we're going to, we're not going to stop pushing the u. s. government to continue to ensure that all of our allies and all of the honorable afghans who are now still the country are
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brought to safety. we're not going to stop pushing for the deadline to be push back for the number of individuals to continue to grow. that are evacuating, and we're just going to keep looking for new ways to get as many people out of the country as possible because that's a commit that we made. and that's a commitment that we intend to honor. and we also intend to remind the u. s. government out, that's what we expect that as well. charlotte, there's some conversation online. i'm going to share it with you. dara. off on the chief, thank you for being part of this discussion. so these are off on youtube. what, what will be the future of afghanistan onto the taliban? that is a huge question. right. but then i'm wondering about since august the 15th, when the taliban moved into a ball, what life has change and what that change has been like earlier we sport to nidia and he gave us a sense of how life had changed. listen to the dear and then give us your tape.
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again, it's beyond put 35000000 people living in this country. and after this sudden and unpredictable change of power, we are about to face as humanitarian crisis. people do not have jobs. they are running out of money. the banks are closed and the price of food is rising every day. my message, the world is pete on abandoned afghan at this hour of need to ask that people really need you. and your support and african lies do matter. yeah, i totally agree with that. i'd say to the weston media and the rest of the world. the story be me that what the majority about the afghans being the economy and what does this mean? where do we get money from the world bank, the i'm, if the you way has,
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has frozen. there was a bank fund. irene, economically be using money as leverage against the telephone to say, play bull human rights or you don't get anything. and the problem is that, well, they might be doing that and it might be effective, try to manipulate the telephone and to doing what they want. the people that are getting people on the ground. and i mean, i can say from living here and having, being here on and off for the last few years that life had very how dos reopening. seeing women on the streets, ministry 3 stuffing. but the economy is a big problem. points, i mean, trying to get money out, you can argue that $400.00 and no one really knows how the going to pay government salaries. that type of thing. this a lot of questions and very much there's
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a lot of questions about when will be in special community who were supporting the previous administration, paying all the teachers and the nurses and hospitals. when they come back to the policy, will they be satisfied with the taliban? enough to stop giving them money and aid and pay for these people. as i've gotten questions here on youtube for you, i hope you won't mind answering them. does the on the says, in reality, what percentage of people, enough galveston are actually glad that the taliban is a rule again. so honestly, i traveled in 33 province several and a son from watching 1021 pro mark 2000 and no, i mean from february 2011 to mars 2021. i visit all the progress of you know, are people that they want. the color was given the country, but the people that he was leaving under the control of when he can find
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a man, they didn't want it. most of them to didn't want it nice survey it nice of research to ask people what percentage of people want the top bunk of the country. but from what i understand few days ago, i had number of interviews, a different problem to, to look at the situation. and i was, i wrote an article about that they are optimistic about the future. but at the same time, there are treating that the things that they are saying and their words will not be in an action. they said with respect to you, my board with respect one member, we respect the freedom of speech and media. but i heard number of video grew up, our journalists were beaten by thought, one income and past few days. and also the restriction for what was the working and
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government offices. they said you should be at home. so the time that we set up a good cover that we work on our leader on or on, on our president, introduce our president to the new government, introduce the new government. these are things that makes me to think about it, but they need time then international community needs to help them. the thought of i need to change them. so i remember the time that i was primarily student at 996. i over there, go platinum and then and what the, the rule was on dot com have that rule is implemented with a new government. i'm sure international government will not support them. i'm sure people will be threatening and i'm sure we won't lose all that cheese that we haven't been was 20 years so. so it's really interesting that you should say that i
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said, because charlotte has been having conversations with the taliban over the last couple of days. i, she asked a question that we do. we asked the question, and then we'll immediately get to play the answer. because it was a particular question about women's rights, but i will audience the he that question. go ahead. i will, i, i ask them at, this is chris conference if they're going to respect women and goes right. so kind of assurances they could give that they would do that. and here's the response. i had the stomach, emory is committed to the right of women within the framework of sharia are we may have the same rights that going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. we want to assure the international community there will be no this combination, guys, women. but of course we think of a religious framework. charlotte, what i've been seeing is genuine fear from some people in afghanistan about what taliban. this new taliban may well bring from you interaction. what have you
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seen? what do you predict? well, i mean, i can say from my perspective that i've been treated very well, i to thinking, i know i bridge ask and woman and i have methods of recourse if anything happens to me or i can only take my picture, which is quite an error. what i have see to the conversation since that great conference because there's a lot of really positive things stacy, we want to respect warren's rights. go right to want them to go to school. we want to proceed. minority. it was a lot of great things that they said, and i think to them afterwards, like i'm really version for you. i hope you can pull this off. i hope you follow your word and, and execute on a lot of these things and they see the okay, great, thank you. i mean, with the, press all the international media into a room yesterday and said to us, is there anything we could do?
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we want you to critique us. we want to improve, have you had any issues and can we fix them and improve? so there's a lot of things that they are doing that are promising, but, and i'm sure they have a pedal is going to to, to this, it's a watch and wait. the crews will they follow through? well, ahold of a time and her running, running the government. i mean, are they on a more progressive end of the scale, or are they on the more conservative in the scale and we're still waiting to see that id. and i think that there's a big part of the conversation, which is we are not going to know until that time, but the 1st, right. or even beyond that. can we go ahead? i'm sorry, i think also that we've been, you know, we've been fielding a lot of calls, a lot of our coalition members. i mean my something feet are getting messages on every social media channel emails from calls, people connected by partners and there's real panic amongst afghan people to,
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to leave. and i think we've seen that right in the, in the seen that by the airport and individuals. but the message is that we're getting are devastating. and they're just people who just don't believe that not just that they can't live in and they can't stand that will continue to sort of care for them in a country where government care for them, but that their lives are truly in danger. and we've received photos of the child and searching door to door for certain individuals and not just those who worked as interpreters for the us treated anybody rate restaurant owners who cater to to western customers and our others, women and girls who spoke out academics who spoke about, you know, western democracy and the panic is, is real and it is heartbreaking. and it is terrifying to see i want to bring in has rena, because has renamed talking about some of the practicalities of being a refugee from afghanistan. but i'm going to go via my laptop because it is really
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interesting to see the countries that accepted african refugees in 2020 right out here on the list pakistan iran somewhere behind a germany look where the u. s. it's right down here almost at the bottom, just over just over 1500 refugees. they accepted from afghanistan, canada. whoa. where estin is sitting right now. they said to just over 2000 refugees. so let's go to kathrina talking about the reality. the practicalities of the people who would like to leave the country and the problems that they are going to face. the car is gone, his son crisis is unfolding at the time in the world is also facing increasing amount of that guy, refugee, anti immigrant and big sentiment. the vast majority of our guns who can lea probably will end up in pockets on which already has one point. 4000000 refugees to iran and turkey. attention needs to be paid to how these 3 countries are going to
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respond to that refugee crisis and attention also needs to be to the large numbers of intern done the displace guards will remain within. i've got a son and have their own very specific challenges to deal with in this deal environment. i said, oh can kimberly go fast and ethan go 2nd, go ahead. are you going to say i was going to say it's a well known fact that the vast majority of refugees and internally are in displaced person around the world are taken in by developing nations. and that the countries with the most resources often take the smallest numbers and obviously in the united states, the previous administration in the white house you know, took in virtually no refugees and really dismantled not just the immigration systems, but the refugee system. i do want to say an american citizen and somebody who work votes, you know, for these, for the that i could leave or is that this is our responsibility. and we are
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a country that can absolutely have the resources to take in all of these individuals. we, our economy needs and our, you know, our culture, our society, the very fabric of what this country is based on, almost requires it. and at the end of the day, we made this, we created the situation and it is on us to make sure that nobody suffers. and that certainly that nobody loses their life over it because we didn't live up for obligations. our obligations remain to make sure that the afghan people who believed and that they wouldn't believe in the promise that we made our progress. and people are going to stand that we honor the protections that we promised them and honor the, you know, the, the promises we made to them. and if we are not i, as an american, as the american people. and i think you've seen that over the last 2 weeks and the reactions to what has been happening, we aren't going to forget that and we aren't going to let our government elected officials forget it either. and i mean, if you look at our military community or veterans community, they are absolutely devastated by what they are seeing happen. and the idea that
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they laughed and that they left allies behind is absolutely getting to them. so i'm sorry i just, i had to react that way because it's been a really tough 6 months and 2 weeks for us and they cannot imagine a sun what this must feel like are you and your family here and back home? like i son have nori at flight from afghanistan. he's now in france. this is what he told us a few hours ago about why he left his own country. why did they call because i and my family are not feeling safe. when they're taught him on over the country, you know, the freedom of speech and the life of the journalists are in danger. that's why you call, and i think my country is a very challenging and difficult time, and people don't really know the future. there is no government anymore
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on have some restrictions on place already, and i'm sure it's going to enhance in the future when they take over and they go in and when they have their systems set up at an a so many how many thoughts on on you cheve toe is that the us chicken doubt from the taliban? what an embarrassment people ask about her monetary and aid. and then one big question is coming from our audience. and i wonder if you can help us just close our conversation. what are your hopes for afghanistan? you have resettled in canada, you have left. what are your hopes for your home? so let's be hold on it. the situation that's going gone. it's not good now. i have a few minutes ago i heard from my friend i had a phone conversation to get my so for this interview, he said now the time i want to start asking people,
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especially the people that do work for spanish and for for india and for police and they are asking them and they are knocking their doors and they make problem for them. another thing we have to big exclusion is today at the airport of onset that spoke mind. so thought about said that that the area that is moving on our can i and now i hope we will come back to us and thank you so much. and camille and charlotte, and everybody and youtube really appreciate you being part of today's program, i found your story is not over yet. we will come back and revisit it. take everybody. thanks for watching. ah. the news.
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news. news. news. news. with me. there is no coverage you'd like we do is scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. it's something we want to know. how do these
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things affect people? we revisit places day even when they're no international headline houses. they're really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist. oh, stories that need to be tow. find away and demand to be heard, the opening the window into another light and challenging perfection and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases, inspiring documentary change. the one on al jazeera. ah morning al jazeera. where ever you the know with the cushion sit to rise on the cookie. how loopy
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one, i want you to investigate japan. problem history of caring for people with disabilities on i'll do 0. ah, we will hunt you down to make you pay us president joe biden. ones of retaliation against those behind the attacks outside cobble airport is vying to get all americans out of gas. ah, i'm about this and this is ally from doha. also coming up the iso says it's behind the 2 explosions in couple of killed. busy at least 60 people including.


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